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Precure Thread

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Nice hat.


In Precure Go, was there a boy named Tanaka? I'm guessing he's just a minor character but I wonder which episode he appears in. If anyone can answer this I'm always here, please respond.



>the hat lines up this year

Too bad we're still floating dead though.

Cute hat.

I haven't been on /pc/ in weeks, do we have any leeks for next season yet?

What's going on in Maho?

I want to fuck Riko

What is wrong with the subs in this episode?




Maho killed the fanbase, the livewatch is like 12 posts, nobody discuss it anymore, fansubbers dont fucking care. I really hope this shit ends so we can have a proper season in a couple of months.

No leaks. Only new semen demon villain and a few things in recent episodes.

Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!


New show by the director of Doki!

MiraRiko is a miracle of the Precureverse

Yesterday only two people waved to Bukki. I wonder how much longer until nobody does.

Just let us die my man

I only just noticed the other day that one of the girls in Macross Delta looks like Bukki.

I should watch that.

>He will make the tomboy girl cuck the MC like the original Digimon

The world without subs
writen by Imagination Station

Published by Doremi.

Cred Forums is final boss

>implying next season will be better
Wee lad. That's the same thing people did with GoPri. Never assume.

Edited by Naisho.

>17 IPs
This is how I imagine death of the universe in the far future.

>Maho killed the fanbase
'Hurr durr'
>the livewatch is like 12 posts
The stream links are scarce and have being generally shit for months now.
>nobody discuss it anymore
Nobody is discussing it because there are no new subbed episodes to discuss about for weeks you fucking idiot. If Doremi had give up GoPri last year, or HaCha the year before last, the same fucking thing would've happened.
>Hurr durr there are no subs because >fansubbers dont fucking care
Just fuck off.

>28 posts / 17 IPs
Are you fucking stupid?

dumb mahoposter

>'Hurr durr'
>muh hypotheticals
>durr hurr

This is how Mahotards argue.

Two weeks ago the stream was nice. And I remember that some anons from /pc/ with subbing in past seasons. Admit it, your show is shit Mahotard.

Don't be rude on me. I am actually rare user because of that Mahoshit.

*helped with subbing..

Is it strange that I'm liking Splash Star more than Futari Wa?Maybe it cause when I saw Futari Wa I wasn't use to this type of franchise?

Still 18 episodes to go so as long as nothing goes wrong I'll say I put Splash Star slightly ahead of Futari Wa and way ahead of Max Heart.

Also just got to say,the Karou and Michiru episodes in particular this season were great.

I watched MaxHeart recently and it was pretty good. Then again, the other alternaitve was Maho so my opinion doesn't really count.

What? Tomboy girl is the heroine, but she isn't the love interest. The blonde is the love interest. It's like Tamers with Rika being the heroine but Juri being the love interest.

t. goprick
>muh hypotheticals
We all had been living in a comfort bubble for years because Doremi diligently released subbed episodes weekly and we took it for granted. Now retards are blaming the current year for the disinterest when the real issue is that there are no new episodes, no new content to keep the threads alive. Aside from a few anons who speak the language, the majority has really nothing to contribute.
A thread isn't kept alive with Pixiv and 'which Cure butt would you sniff' posts alone.



>Aside from a few anons who speak the language
Because we all know they contribute to these threads.

Ah yes, the threads are only dead because there's no subs, that's it! When Maho was getting subbed there was SO MUCH discussion going on, because it's such a great show! And subbers only dropped it because anons are self-entitled MEANIES who took them for granted! You've convinced me, I'm voting for Hillary now!


What's this? Looks kind of like Nichijou?

Any reason why you crosslinked that thread or are you just retarded?ū

Clay figurines that existed around the time when horses were still alive.

And this is what a goprick looks like, everyone.

lurk more. (or watch FRESH! FRESH! FRESH!)


>around the time when horses were still alive.

These threads are getting too deep for me.

You're acting as if discussion was kept these threads alive.

>Goprick acting haughty when Kirara porn accounted for 60% of gopri threads
The gopricks are getting dumber by the day


And Haruka's legs


>when Kirara porn accounted for 60% of gopri threads
I see nothing wrong there.

The subbing situation only became a problem at episode 19. Prior to that interest in Maho was mostly the same as it is now (read: non-existent). It's just a bad season no one wants to discuss because it offers nothing to discuss. We've actually had better discussions about how hard Toei fucked up than about the show itself.

Fuck off.

Fuck on, dubs user.

You fuck back on too, even though your digits are not as interesting.

pretty sure tanaka is the director of go princess precure.


for fucks sake, have we really fallen that low?

what do the little-girl friends think of maho in japan?

take it to your blog please

One time, on Cred Forums, I posted and the last three digits were all threes.

Fuck off.

Just kill me.

I'd like to think they just had standards enough not to post in that abortion of a thread.

take the hint and stop posting memshit.

Why are you here?

Maho killed pc.

>Can't even wave to Bukki anymore

Better than talking about nothing like with maho. When will you fuck off. This shitty goprick forced maymay is even worse than mahotard

>talking shit about Bukki

>Discussion is blogging now
Fuck the FUCK off.

What happened to that user who said he was going to do some Maho? Guess he never bothered, huh?

Maybe he killed himself because the script was so shit.

We're gonna have to take you in for excessive foul language.


>both Tiger Mask W and Appmon look better than Maho
Pack it up, Toei stopped giving a shit.

What if Bukki stops waving

that's not funny user

You won't catch me coppers!

Since you've stopped giving a shit too, why don't you leave?
Are your existence so pathetic you feel the need to linger in here all day just fishing for (you)s?

>Precure Go

>Toei stopped giving a shit.
We've known this for months.

(You) are projecting pretty hard there, m8.

Towa a Go-est!

post yfw maho gets 2nd season

/pc/ is nothing but animosity these days, these threads are deserts of indifference and hate.

Even the Cures themselves would cry if they saw the state of these little girls' hearts, blackened beyond repair.

In the end, we've become the very things magical girls are supposed to fight against.

fuck off blogcuck

It really is. Everyone gets angry far too easily but I guess that just reflects and says something about what kind of people they are and what made them like that.

I wish this place were more pleasant, but that will never happen since it's always the same people here.

>feels meme

fuck off back to Cred Forums

What did you hope to gain by attaching "le feels man" to your post?

They're used to express our emotions and how we feel. Same as Pepe. They're both Cred Forums mascots.

Pepe is racist, nazi trash and you should kill yourself for posting it in a precuire thread.

Cures with vehicles is fun.



As if /pc/ wasn't bad enough now we've got feels and frogposters.

Can't we just burn this place down?

Leave Precure to me

What's so wrong with those single uses of them? It's no like it's common or anything. You should stop being so angry and hateful all the time. Learn to accept other things.

You should learn to accept a bullet into your brain.

How about we burn your house down with your whole family inside

it's seen worse days, kid

Yes, the day I dreamed of is comming. Finally everyone will hate each other and make lots of posts.

I miss militant /u/ posters

What is your problem? It's just a picture.


Is there anything this girl can't do?

Marry me. She can't marry me.

Come back in my life as the lead of a new series.


But I can't be sad all the time, I have to move on.
That's what Mana would have done.



The lighting at this point of the ED got really weird. Or at least I assume that's the lighting.



Stop posting that fat fuck.

What do people in the community want most?

Free money.

What is the point of this post?


Mad puss

To become precure.

Basically get teleported to the 2D world and start dating their favorite flat chested middle schooler.


less shitpost

She's so cute. I want to feed her a yogurt.


Is that a boy?


it has a skirt

Yeesh, the streams are awful tonight.

No. But this is.


bear it mofu


This desu.

>100% again
fucking keener


Holy shit that girlboy is so hot i am gonna jerk off to that slutty face


There many seito kaichous but one true king of seito kaichous


>Nao and Reika


Sorta seems like he should be the counterpoint to Kouchou.


Who is that dwarf?


She's so fucking genki I kind of want to punch her in the tit.

thank god every stream freezed when she was on



Why they just don't use magic to fake votes?


Holy shit, this looks adorable.


Haa-chan please. Listen to your parents.

Is it just me or do they go out of the way to make sure the villains have no QUALITY frames?


Shit, isn't that the Chiaki face?

no, do it yourself

"How the FUCK did the pencil get all wavy like that?!"


Why do proper team henshins have to be such a rare thing?


>suspiciously long focus shot of Mofurun
I guess this is the setup for the bearnapping episode/arc.


I can almost hear the WAKU WAKU SURU~


How can Precures compete?




Where does he think he's looking?


One day elections in usa will be like this.




Now that's a tiny Mirai.

How am I supposed to fap with Mofurun staring at me like that?


>'Have you heard? I'm the top #1 mahou /pc/ wants to fuck'

Next episode looks pretty hype



I want to lick Satan's salty eyebrows

Hey guys what's going on in this thre-

Mofurun a cute

It's a great chance to put up some actual content for their relationship. It could definitely be fun.

>Head as big as her body
Did Mirai have some kind of deformity as a baby?

Mufurun stop humping little girls heads

She still does.

Let it enjoy itself. After all, at the and of the maho it becomes dead thing again.

>I've never seen pics of fetuses or newborns

Do you even English user?

It doesn't came out as I wanted to.

Really makes you think.

keep in mind that there are many spics around here

Explains why these threads are so shit.



I am sorry, gringo.


Are Maho subs out yet? Literally the only reason I visit these threads anymore.
College is hard

Check the archive.

>He wants to fuck Riko

Who doesn't?




Mana does look good in everything

because she is a strong woman who needs no man



I wanna suck on Riko's perfectly flat chest!

I for one welcome our new PreCure overlords.

>yfw the actual line in that panel is "that feels so good"

Yes, but does she mean the wind, or the rimjob?


Top left bear is cuter than Mofushit.

All the bears in this pic are Mofurun you aho

>shit streams
>no subs

It's like the universe doesn't want me to watch Maho.




I know right.
I know.




What did he mean by this?

How was the episode?


Minami is my wife!

Get off the internet, Flipper.


I want to kiss that navel.

I want to kiss Minami everywhere!

I wanna hump this erodoge

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

>Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

Take this shit meme somewhere else.





Yeah, this is gonna be a good episode. I can feel it.


So good.


I am also watching 55, dude!

We should fuck!

Seekun is cute.

But I'm not ready to have babies!

Then don't talk to me or my son ever again!


This guy is way too scary for Precure. He also basically admitted to abusing animals. Like what the fuck, Toei.


Good evening /pc/-sama-tachi. How may these lovely cats serve you today?

I want to die.

Stop leaving half eaten mouse at the door.

Can somebody post gloomy Tsubomi sitting on a bed and comment on it?



B-but she was supposed to be my wife.

Can someone help an user out? I know this is probably isn't the right place, but I don't know where else to ask aside from /pc/. Spoiler for blogshit, of course.

I'm going to study abroad in Japan starting next week, and I've been wondering if it's safe to torrent shit while I'm there. I saw quite a few cases of people being arrested for uploading stuff, but not for dowloading, but I still want to be better safe than sorry.

Paper and styrofoam platess and bowls are in aisle 24, all the way down past the pharmacy. On the right hand side, top shelf.

Don't torrent it dummy, just watch anime on tely.

If Mana was American would she be called Dixie Normous?

>Dixie Normous
what is that?

It's a pun. Because Mana's dick's enormous.

She doesn't have a dick tho. She has universal reproductive organ that makes both genders pregnant.

It will probably be fine if you use a good VPN. It would probably also be safer to use western sites if you want to torrent since it's has a lower chance of them monitoring them.

Shut aint halve bad either.
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and... Bassdrum?
The artist should have put Brahm portrait instead of Mozart's and the joke would be perfect...

>discussing an episode gets you fucked off because blogshit
>actual blogshit is fine

I hate this place.


I want to bad touch Haa.


>safer to use western sites
Is nyaa safe enough?

>The Jump

You will probably have to do some research yourself, but after looking at the wiki page for nyaa it dooesn't appear to be as safe as would want it to be. Probably bacause it is the largest torrent site for eastern content and that it is used by japanese people as well.

It is also the third most used torrenting site by alexa ranking.

Where can I get the raws for the Maho manga?

>open door
>see this

What do?

Where can I get subs for the Maho anime?

Thanks for the direction, user. I'll stop posting and do researches myself now.

Kill yourself.

Is this a cute sunday morning mahou shoujo or a lewd late night mahou shoujo?


It's the latest Madoka wannabe.

Violent grimdark mahou shoujo.

>into the trash

Is there anywhere I can get DVD episode rips of Max Heart? I've tried looking but all I'm finding are dead links and torrents. Help.

Close door.

... ?

I'm talking about a raw not a hard-coded release.

This is your mom tonight.

Oh great, another one joins the lewdposting.

Fuck off.


What have you got against lewdposting?

This is your mom tonight.

oh your an elitist faggot?

sorry, I didn't realise.

Yes, but is it any good?

is that precure? no

fuck off with that shit blogfaggots.

Suck my duck.

You're a stupid faggot, fuck off.

So this is a new buzzword here?

>user trying to enforce general rules

Nothing in the first episode smells like a flash of brilliance, though the fact that it's been completely up-front about its premise is a nice change. Maybe not feeling like they have to outsmart its audience means they'll put their efforts into telling the story well. But it's a LN adaptation anyhow.

Also, Kirara makes me erect.

>The last big friend
>During Maho period, dumb /u/poster from /u/ is sent to /pc/ to contribute precure yuri pics. /pc/ is willing to accept /u/poster since they struggle keeping threads alive. During /u/ posting /u/poster is captured by big friends. They teach him true ancient /pc/ culture and traditions. /u/poster stops being dumb /u/poster and becomes a big friend who fights for old ways of /pc/.

No. I just want to get them as I don't want to have to encode the DVD raws myself. Anyone?

knpk musume


let it go

Do people ever leave /pc/ completely?

i wish

Ignore and it will go.


I think lots of people left. I remember times when there was like ten or more KONO ATO SUGU's. Now it's just two or three.

Does anyone else ever notice how subs are incorrect sometimes?


>Does anyone else ever notice subs sometimes?

Which le show do they mean?


Did they say melon in English or are the translators just that dumb?


They said mikan.

That's not incorrect subs but fucked up magic.

It ain't magic.

*maho TM

TM Revolution in Precure when?

The Revolution was canceled.

Then how about a different kind of TM?

Got that in a Jigglypuff?

Is this the first time the endings been changed to be Halloween themed? That was cute.

I want to impregnate her and then suckle on her tits and gorge myself on her oppai milk. Repeatedly.

Maho against evil German Empire when?

>evil German Empire
They're Germanian, not German.

Does that mean melon?

It means lurk more you stupid newfag.

Its Not!Germany

Melon is japanese bread. Example: melonpan = sweet bread

Can't you just answer the question without being a dick? Seems was right. You're all just angry fucks here.

If you weren't a retard there wouldn't be a problem.

Since when not knowing melon in japanese means you are retard?


>Melon is japanese bread

Is Futari Wa still the best Precure?

Hasn't been since Fresh.

It looks like an epidemic, spreading from one artist to another. I suppose we're lucky that Kagami Chihiro and what few others are not catching the "bug".
I liked that artist for not whoring out his girl. I still like his stuff, but this is still a little saddening.

After you.

Is Fresh really better?

I'd rather they go lewd than completely disappear.

Come back nanamelon. Please. I promise I won't bitch about you only drawing Shion.

>I'd rather they go lewd than completely disappear.
Except there's no need for them to lewd it up to avoid "disappearing".
If an artist draws for the love of drawing, he/she will continue to rock, period. If an artist draws for the lewds, it will show and it will suck.


I have no problem with lewds as long as the character isn't getting fucked by a group of men.

>talking about Precure in a Precure thread is considered blogging and not acceptable

>getting triggered at artists (who have drawn a grand total of 0 Precure images) for drawing content you personally do not like is totally on-topic and not blogging

Stop taking those idiots seriously.

fuck off blogfag

>getting triggered by idiots and not posting any Precure content of any kind is totally on-topic and not blogging
Here's your (You), along with an on-topic image.

How accurate is this?

>sweet smelling armpits
>adorable feces

Well Honoka is an expert on that topic.

Yeah, she is.

If Precure is going to do romance I want a genuinely ikemen love interest. Seiji, Blue and Kanata all look like huge dorks. Nuts is the most handsome Precure love interest.

Precure IKEMEN ranking:

Nuts > Soular > Dune > Coffre > Kumojacky > Coco >,Ira > Westar = Cobraja > FujiP > Syrup > Kanata > Ouji > Seiji > Souta > Blue

This is your Pretty Cure to babysit.

Desperaia: redeemed but dies anyway
Dune: redeemed, then he dies? It isn't very clear.
Noise: redeemed
Proto-Selfish: MURDERED
Red: redeemed
Dyspear: MURDERED, Close: kinda, somewhat redeemed

This looks okay, doesn't it?

Shyamalan you've done it again!

Is that a pantyliner on Haa-chan?

Minami is my wife!

Before Cred Forums dies forever I just want you to know I hate all of you almost as much as I hate myself.


so is 32 still not subbed or am I looking in the wrong places?

When will someone step in to stop the menace known as the Precure?


Still no subs. Maybe next month.

Nope. nosubs

These are the moments I'm glad I'm learning moon. And that I still have fun with Maho.

>dirty pair
Get that meme anime out of here. Even Evangelion is a step up.

Forbidden love.


Does anyone have the most updated chart of unfortunate Aono?

Welcome to nu-/pc/

pls dont bully the mktn


I used to have a /pc/ tab open in my browser at all. Now I only go to this place when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep. Leaks fucking when?

1 month of suffering left

>Leaks will be so bad we'll wish for maho
Oh how sweet that despair will be

I just hope there's more precure next year and Maho didn't kill the franchise for good.

>"eyyyyy honk we gota get prism stoned pretey soon ere"
>"ffffhsshshh, ayy nags we past the rock musiyum 3 r 5 hours ago"
>"shieeeeeeeeeeeeeet, ouchi ni kaeramos"

I'll just continue wishing for Kirara.

>We'll wish for maho


>Haa's retard face.

Yes, Dune dies.

Proto-Selfish is sort of redeemed too but also dies.

Why a month? Why not tomorrow?

It's kinda early for that, considering it only airs next february.

Probably around the end of October we'll know what next season is called.

Careful user. You might trigger someone with that spoiler.

>wahhh muh Cred Forums meanies

Fuck off. If people are gonna get shitposted for liking maho it's because retards like you exist.


Run Lala. Run far away. This place has been abandoned by God. An angel like you will only be easy pickings for these meanies.






Hey. CDJapan has something called the Go! Princess Precure Setting Book Definitive Edition up for preorder. I'm guessing it's a reprint of another book so can anyone tell me what exsctky to expect from it? It's over 400 pages so it cdnt all be art.

Fuck off.


what cdtn stands for?

Probably "couldn't."


What the fuck.


Been here since Smile and this is honestly the first year I'm actually really looking forward to leaks. I know people will complain about the leaks anyway, but they're never really that indicative of the quality of the season. Anything to put this horrendous season behind us and forget about it.

Nagisa is a strong girl.

I found Kirara!

This thread is fucking awful and you should all be ashamed.

The best thing to come out of Maho

I want Iona to fart on me.




please go cancerfag



Setsuna tried to redeem Mobius but he went suicide bomb on them. It was his fault.
Despariah stuck in the close dimension thing I think.

True, that season was more about redemption also, with more than just Setsuna. I think it's interesting that Precure seasons aren't very consistent on this point. It's fun though, keeps it fresh.

Bring back the MURDER. Maho has been pretty BRUTAL.

ugly nerd

Riko having the realization that she still doesn't know what she wants to do even as student council president and paralleling it with her magician woes was pretty nice. I would say they managed to have a good, but not great, episode this week. But at the same time, Yuuto embodies so much more of the connection theme than Mirai and Riko that he'd be a better MC at this point. It made me think that they should've had every VotW have some sort of problem with connecting with other people. That might get tiring, but it would at least help the overall theme.

On the other hand, even sexy general didn't give a fuck about being defeated, and after all her cockiness about how she could just overpower them. She doesn't have any personality at all, and again they continue to show that the cures don't care that they exist and are wreaking havoc.



Thoughts on this Nagisa?

Desperately needs to have those chest tumors removed.

Yeah, also needs the FW version of her costume.

>Update on Maho: work on 32 has begun. Real life is still very much a thing.

What about dem legs?


I don't understand why someone would commit to subbing a weekly show without having the time to handle it.

you should replace flags with condoms


fuck you faggot, you're getting it for free.

enjoy your one more week delay.

now shit the fuck up or we'll stop altogether.


The rest is pretty great actually, just the bags of sand and the midriff covering.

Woouldn't bother me any. I already watch the raws and don't actually care about Maho in the first place. I'm just curious how someone can have such poor time management to pick up a weekly show when they barely have enough time to sub one episode a month.

Also, according to Doremi the only reason they're not subbing Maho is because IS picked it up. So without IS trying to do a thing subs would have actually been out within the week.

While I dislike waiting the subbers real life stuff has to come before the subs. I don't mind getting the show in small batches.

Doremi is still alive? I thought she died. Someone told me she did Sgt Frog but the name in the brackets doesn't match up.


>all dat porn being made

Will the leak being something like Precure 2017 being called "Star Idol Pretty Cure" bring /pc/ back to life?

>Star Idol Pretty Cure

fuck off blogshitter.

Too simple:
"Spotlight! Starshine Idol Angel Pretty Cure"


I'm betting everything on a geology themed season this year.

Pop music slut idol Precure when?

>tfw no matter what it is Gopricks will call it shit and continue to jack off their shirt season

Idols won't save precure, bring back tomboys and spats.

What do Iona's farts smell like?



It's called Aikatsu Stars, dude.

Was Akane the last tomboy?

I want to find out.

>Star Templar Twinkle

I think the HaChas all had some tomboyish aspects to them. There were multiple sports episodes too.




But since you didn't include Nao I assume you meant "tomboy" in the meme definition of "ugly short haired girl who plays sports".

>ugly short haired girl who plays sports
Is idoling a sports?

The only reason Close didn't die was because despair can't be killed, they would have killed him if that took despair as well.

What happened?

I'm just now realizing Shamour was voiced by NANI SORE...

Tomboy doesn't mean just playing sports and having short hair. Personality and appearance is also included.

Embarrassed about being so lewd.

They came to visit /pc/.

I hope you're also just now watching GoPri for the first time.

No, I'm rewatching it. I watched it as it aired and I didn't notice because I'm slow.

>yaoi hands
double the WHY

I'd like to nyani her sore.


A cat is fine too.



Finish that damn cookie

We're going to need more than cute little girls to stop these things.

This cookie should be able to solve the hunger problem in the entire African continent.
But Hime decided to keep it for herself.

What is this expression trying to convey?

fuck off


No, I don't think that's right.

Pleasure of being proposed.

Akane is good girl.


What does Minamin's hair taste like?

A cool sea breeze.

salt water


Salty gello



fuck off to your blog


Translate it please


I don't like this meme.

Well don't meme it then, silly.

Hikari is lost. Help her out, will you?