She's looking right at you! Say something already, user!

She's looking right at you! Say something already, user!

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Why do you have an egg on your hair.

im goin in dry

same reason she has a party hat on her hair

Why can't I have an imouto like her? Life just ain't fair

Sorry, but Hanekawa will and always will be best girl.


But she's all wet already

Sorry for cumming inside.


>say something
>not kiss here

Why is her brother allowed to do that?

He should have put his dick in her instead.


Happy Birthday Cred Forums, another year without moot. I won't forget.
Good on you bulldogs, fucking ace grand final. It was a ripper.

Happy Birthday ummm Karen

Where can I find your sister?

Open your mouth, you look dehydrated.


She was mirin so it's basically a do whatever he wants card.

Karen's better!

said no one ever

Karen is more obedient because she's borderline retarded but that's the only possible plus she could have over Tsukihi.

want to fuck?

You're a closet homo

Karen is for Kanbaru

Tsukihi has no pluses

shouldn't even be in the show

Karen's better!

at being a taller dyke maybe

>Tsukihi is still in denial that she wants AraraD

Th-thanks f-for coming to m-my birthday p-party...


I d-d-didn't mean c-coming l-l-like that!!!


Do-Does it hurt?

nice partyhat

Does what hurt?

You're retard with shit taste

Because she wants him to. Araragi's 10/10 physique coupled with his vampire charm means he can get any pussy that spends enough time with him (20 minutes)


Keep brushing your ugly incestious girafe, koyomin.

She does plenty of relevant things outside her arc that was dedicated to her and she's a generally good support for her older brother. Plus she's cute, feminine, and is good at banter.

Thought Karen had four arms for a moment

I've seen her being called lots of things, but a giraffe?

the only correct way is to choose both imoutos

She is pretty freakishly tall for a Japanese woman. She doesn't seem lanky though, so it's not much of an issue if you have any semblance of self-confidence.

she isn't in denial

Oh that, I thought it was something about her neck. Still, she's not the tallest monogatari girl.


Sounds a lot like a Harem MC

funny, in thread full of raragi incest
tasteless manlet

don't sexualize the bird

>ywn live in a house where your 2 imoutos walk around half naked
It ain't fair user

I'm pretty sure she is by highschool. Kiss-Shot is 182cm tall with heels on and Karen is 180 without. Kiss-Shot is also from a race where her height isn't an outlier.

her butt

Pictured: how to get Tsukihi to calm down.
Further instructions: Calmly but firmly tell her that she needs to calm the fuck down.

u wan sum fuk babe?

I also don't buy that she's taller than monkey

Nice tits.


you are cuter than your sister

monkey is fucking short

She's just shy of 5'11" which is a full head taller than the Japanese average.

I love you, just let it be

monkey is fucking best

Karen is taller than Kanbaru though

>Yells at him for squeezing her boob
>Wants to make out with him after he gives her a full-body hand-washing.

TO be fair, you can walk around half naked too.

u made me hard already.

I love Karen.

You look HOT


Today I am going to make you a mother.

why does vofan + shaft combo produce the best character designs in the industry?

>you will never be her

happy birbday animay gril!

How are you on Cred Forums and never watched Monogatari?

W-why are you naked?

you are raping her! say something already, user!

B-back that ass up

Bird is cute to observe, but I wouldn't want to actually interact with the crazy bitch.



Cause I don't watch shit shows.

My love for you, is like a truck.

I'd forcefully eat her bowl of eggs, if you know what I mean.

tsukihi can't lay eggs even though she is a bird

>Sounds a lot like a Harem MC

The fact that he gets a girlfriend by the second arc is one of the greatest gags of the series.

ey bb u wan sum fuq?

Do you want to making fuck?

>That get


>wanting bird in rl

I can't imagine a worse fate to wish on someone

She's actually a blood related sister while Skeehee is some kind of fake aberration shenanigans. That counts for a lot.


bird is garbage I hate her

You think she ovulates more because she's bird?


Guts is stronger than Satan himself.

Mama Araragi fanservice when?

You just posted it

She's a bitch.


you are beautiful

so is your mother faggot

>bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark

She looks like Ononoki at the end there.

Ararararararagi-san your manlet complex is showing.

Tsukihi only has her squishy body going for her, in every other way Karen is superior.

That's what always got me kinda tricked. I haven't watched that arc in a while but isn't she basically like Arararagi in that she can heal quickly and she will live forever (or at least significantly longer) than everyone else?

Mom goes home after not showing up for a long time.
She enters the house and stands near the door.
She's a fish out of the water. Mouth flaps. Flap flap flap flap flap.
She turns around and leave. Not sure if she will come back.

What I meant by fanservice is that I want to see her lusting after her son's Arara D. She needs her own toothbrush scene.

Heal yes, but she will age normally.
Just be reborn into another person when she dies. But her memories will not carry over.

user if she starts lusting after Araragi it will ruin her sex appeal.
Please don't ask for unnecessary things.

The harem is not complete unless it contains both the imoutos and the kaa-san.



quick, I use a bucket water!

What does she think about her adolescent children bathing and masturbating together?

I chose to let my dick do the talking.

Tsukihi is also blood related, but she's also a bird spirit. It's complex. Imagine Tsukihi is a computer and then you took out the motherboard and replaced it with a parrot that does everything a motherbird does, but it's still a parrot. No one can tell from the outside the computer is run by a parrot though, and even the computer itself doesn't realize. That's basically Tsukihi

>everything a motherbird does

I meant "Does everything a motherboard does"

It's better that way.

Makes her nostalgic for her teenage years with her brother/husband.

>Imagine Tsukihi is a computer and then you took out the motherboard and replaced it with a parrot that does everything a motherbird does, but it's still a parrot. No one can tell from the outside the computer is run by a parrot though, and even the computer itself doesn't realize. That's basically Tsukihi
This may be the best (and funniest) explanation ever on this subject.

Now i just need to find a photo of a parrot in a computer case.

Well thanks google, that took no time at all.


>everytime it boots up BIOS plays platinum disco

I love Hana for the convos with Araragi and the hardcore deflowering of monkey on screen at the end

>Imagine Tsukihi is a computer and then you took out the motherboard and replaced it with a parrot that does everything a motherbird does
God dammit Nisio

So what's wrong with this Bird?


Nice party hat.

don't worry i'll pull out maybe

>pulling out
You're terrible, Onii-chan!


This was from phenix arc? How do I not remember this?

>he doesn't like tall girls

What kind of ultimate pleb

>It's a safe day, right?



user you ask too much
you're flying too close to the sun

>Wanting it to be a safe day instead of an unsafe day
Shit onii-san, 0/10


This. I dropped Bake after episode 5, but I really like the image dumps.

kill yourself

dam u sure showed him and his opinion

>u sure showded him xDDD
Kill yourself


Who else here ships kaiki with depression and loneliness




>The doll I won
The doll that killed her with the Star Finger her.

So that's why he's with Senjougahara!
She's like a milf version of her! Same demeanor. And given the fact on how incestuous the Araragi family is, really makes you think what he sees in her his own mother.

She already started off with the "Haircut to short = character development", grew it long, then got another "symbolic character development" again.
This has got to be the show with the most haircut developed cast of all time.

I actually really like Tsukihi.


lmao i'm glad i stopped watching this softcore porno garbage halfway through nise so i wouldn't ruin bake with it

You are missing out on a lot of good stuff just to avoid a few seconds of fans service here and there.

Look at this conniving homosexual

So why did you watch the softcore porno garbage that was bake?

Yeah, because Bake didn't shove tits and ass in your face every single episode.

I tried watching Bake but got bored around Snake arc, was thinking about picking it up again but Im a lazy fuck, however, the webms here have convinced me

I didn't even make it through Bake

Tsukihi is made for going balls deep and shooting your load directly into her womb

I don't know

Is this legal?

not him, but i stopped after Bake, and went a little into Nise.

Why would it not be?

That's it, the day has finally come when I'm getting boner from feet. Put me out of misery. Please.


You must not have watched a lot of Shaft series or you've held out for a long time.

Don't you know?

If this is some "bird is the word" shit you'd better stop.

Could Araragi seduce Mamararagi?

Will Tsukihi and Karen inherit that ass

Too late. It's already in your head.


they both have her hips

>Araragi starts trying to do the whole incest act on his mom
>gets his shit slapped the fuck out
We already have two foils for Araragi's MC-always-being-the-savior attitude, Mamaragi could be the foil to his sexual predator parts.

End yourself

>Mom beating the crap out of Araragi

I think he'd like that too much.

I didn't make it




Wait, you aren't Karen

>this thread

I don't know how you could make that mistake. Pushing down Karen would probably result in broken bones.

Go back to drawing manga of Araragi coming in dry, Snek.

I'm pretty sure that even Snake is over it. Tsukihi is being the best friend she's ever had and helping out with that manga.

imoutos belong to oniichans

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

Please be my imouto.

She looks pretty buff.

I know what you mean.
The premise deader than the dinosaurs.

worst girl

best OP

>why are you running


I just find it sad that she doesn't get that much fanart anymore. My waifu is the cutest! She deserves more than that!

best girl

bester op

I feel bad; your parents must not have fed you well for you to grow up with such shit taste.

How do you grow up and never figure out that instant recover from all injuries is not normal for humans? Is she retarded? Is everyone in their family retarded?

It's okay, it takes a developed tongue to appreciate snek,

I have a feeling that Tsukihi has some magical brainwashing going on from her kaii.

I thought the power point meme was just that but these webms really are nothing but slides with very little movement.

he squeezed too hard, she's still in middle school, her breasts are a delicate

>he squeezed too hard, she's still in middle school, her breasts are a delicate

>sexed up angles and exaggerated boob bounce
I can guarantee if you were actually to do this irl it wouldn't be THAT weird unless you made it that weird.

An expression like that?
>Hey, are you alright?
Depending on reaction, hug and pat her head.

I think you posted the wrong picture.




That's actually enough.

I'm going in dry.

Grab some lube man. It'll make things better for the both of you.

This show honestly just screams pretentious.

Is it anything other than "artsy" shots and long drawn out dialogue between two faggots?

There's also plenty of panty shots.



Caw caw motherfuckers.



This is a totally solemn and serious pledge of loyalty. It's definitely not something Kiss-Shot made up on the spot.