Fairy Tail

They both think their waifus are dead.

This is like Naruto/Sasuke except straight.

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So I'm not sure how I should feel about YonkouProductions. I mean he loves nothing more than getting his dick sucked but he's posting early chapters.

I bet my left nut that Gray and Natsu are already gonna be leaking bitch tears all over the place by the time Lucy and Juvia come to snap them outta of it.

Why don't just Gray kill END after END kill zeref.

Too blinded by rage to think rationally.

Niggersteam gon be mad.

why does Gray suddenly hate END again?

It's only me or Yonko's cleaning is better of Mangastream's one?

All his suffering directly relates to the demons of zeref's book.

So will Wendy fetch the Shota?

The Age gap was lessened by 7 years after all.

Yes, but the demon E.N.D had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Can someone tell this yonkou guy to translate Nanatsu as well?

He uses digital raws which he somehow gets a week before release. MS actually steals the physical magazine and scans it.

So how is possible that Mira is still alive?

Brandish will never do anything nor will she ever get animated.

Next anime season was already announced months ago by Mashima in his twitter

Ok read the chapter. Natsu feels like Naruto back in part 1 when he released a tail of Kyuubi and Gray like Saske with his demon mark on. I don't even.

>I don't even.

>Thinks she's dead
>Doesn't check her pulse
END came about through Natsu being a literal retard.


She's not Simon.


Right now he is too mad to think rationally, using dark magic that corrupts minds doesn't help.




So next year this will be animated.
I can't wait.

Can't he do that for Nanatsu? Or at least post the raws?

he posted spoiler of nanatsu in the past weeks so probably yes, you can ask him at his tumblr.

> this will be animated

Good joke.

I'm satisfy of the screamings

wasn't that grandma blind?

Finished it a bit after the previous thread died.

He can, he just doesnt.

Fucking goat, but I dont like this particles and magic sparkles effect. Gives a cheap disney cartoon for children vibe, not suits Dimaria or Jojo style.


>lifts up a huge hunk of tit meat


Why does this fight between Natsu and Gray feel like Hiro watched BvS?

he checked her on stopped time

>based Mashima blowing up fujo dreams

Literally as gay as Nurutu.

They're both blinded by rage for their waifus

Literally the opposite of the whole homoerotic naruto plot

This entire fight is pretty dumb desu. I can't tell who has worst justifications, Gray or Natsu.

One had a dead waifu that got revived by BestGirl.

The other checked on his waifu while the time was stopped.

They are both being stupid

Is Gray fucking retarded? He should be teaming up with Natsu, not fighting him to the death. I know this is Fairy Tail, but this whole thing is just forced drama.

Will she even make next season?


>Gray thinks Natsu is taken over by his demon or something
>really Natsu is just blinded by rage at zeref over his waifu dying, wants zeref dead
>both too retarded to see straight anymore, and for some reason Gray wants to fight about it

Gray blaming Natsu for everything just because he's a demon is high tier retarded though, he knows it's not his fault st all.

That's Brandish not Mira

I know, the point is if the damage remain after the resize how can Mira survive at her wound?



just watch, fight will be interrupted by Lucy/juvia with a friendship speech or something like that

Bitch please, Wendy is a lesbian, she'll go with Chelia

>I can't let you pass because you are END and I wanna kill ya!
>doesn't just let Natsu kill Zeref, which would kill Natsu anyway since he was created by Zeref
Gray is beyond retarded.

The fact they even have the time to fight between themselves when they're supposed to be facing an "overwhelmingly stronger army" is even more stupid. As expected the 10.000 storm troopers doesn't matters.

Are they nakamized now?

Dimaria still need to get spanked by Brandish.

>END's first fight and he's struggling against fucking Gray
Well, that hype died pretty fucking fast.

Gray just stomped Zeref's right hand.

You. I like the way you think

Because he probably did? He's a big fan of western TV shows and movies.

So is Brandish going to tell lesbitch off?

Unlike Gray, Natsu isn't being retarded. He doesn't want to fight or hurt Gray, he's just being driven to seek out Zeref. As such he's been holding back as much as he can so far.


I want to fuck Natsu.

>As such he's been holding back as much as he can so far.

During the time Natsu checked Lucy, time was stopped, he didn't know or was suppose to move in first place.

Correction Deliora messed up his life by killing his parents and while still a kid indirectly got his own mentor killed off.

>my suffering is from zeff and his demons
>the only one who can kill zeff is natsu
>let me go kill natsu first despite him doing nothing to me.
FT logic is retarded as ever.

or just meaning that he won't hold back even if they are friends?



>doesn't just let Natsu kill Zeref, which would kill Natsu anyway since he was created by Zeref
I know Fairy Tail is shit and all that jazz but Grey doesn't know that stop being retarded

Yeah I don't think he's fighting Gray with the same intensity he fought Dimaria.

where can I read the chapter


Well he thought that Dimaria killed his waifu so yeah. I'm surprised she is still alive

>he's just being driven to seek out Zeref.

That's what Gray thinks is happening. Really Natsu is just feeling the same thing Gray felt a few chapters back, where he must avenge dead waifu, and Gray is standing in his way for some reason. He can't stop, can't think, until he kills Zeref. Because this war has cost him too much.

Natsu is shown to be lucid enough

>Tumblr Fujos mad they just started fighting with no MUH FEELINGS


So will Gray turn into emotionless bastard after using too much of his devil slayer power. Nah, Hiro has no balls at all to do this. He can't even kill irrelevant shitty characters (juvia, gajeel, mira etc).

All of this shit is happening because some death god cockblocked Zeref from fucking Marvis.

Please, the manga is a fairy tale. Spoiler : everyone will be alive, will be with their soulmate, will have a lot of children (yes, even Wendy and Chelia, shut up it's magic) and will live happily ever after.

This entire arc is about cockblock rage

Isn't Chelia much older than Wendy now?

Chelia is like 2 years older

No Chelia is like 2-3 years older, it could be a lot when you're in school, in a class with people of your age only but when you're in a guild with a lot of adult around, it's almost as if you're the same age

She isn't because they met after the 7 years gap timeskip. Which just means she was originally 5 years younger than Wendy before.

> 16 years old middle/big titted Chelia with 23 years old forever flat Wendy

I'd be okay with that.

Depending on when birthdays are, Sherria's 16-17 now. Wendy's 14-15.

Wait, my mistake, Wendy's 13-14 now.

In the wiki, its says that Chelia is 15 and Wendy is 12, so plus the 1 year skip it means 13 and 16


That's why I said depending on when their birthdays are. The wikia is going by their guild cards, which don't list birthdays, and don't get updated as time passes during the series.

So for example Sherria was 15 at the GMG, but if her birthday is close to her cousin Sherry's birthday (who turned 17 between the Galuna Island arc and the Oracion Seis arc) then Sherria would have turned 16 a couple months after the GMG, which would make her 17 at present.

What about the whole third origins thing?

Ultear made her magic "aged" not her body

That would be making a lot of assumption

>she literally says meme

How is grey even going to stand a chance ?

Slayer advantage, but even that won't help him much once Natsu gets as serious as he did against Dimaria.

Calling it now Gray will do something dumb to piss Natsu off even more.

Okay, so the MC turns out to be a demon and his demon-hating best friend really happens to hate them (basically being racist against their entire kind). They both get into an intense fight and talk about their waifus. Where has this happened before? Oh yeah that's right, Nanatsu no Taizai which happens to be in the same magazine. This entire situation is a more retarded version of Ban vs Meliodas in the Liones arc.

I've been saying this for awhile and it's only getting more and more obvious. Hiro is copying Nakaba Suzuki and Nanatsu no Taizai because his manga is no longer the most popular in the magazine. It's so blatant too since these plot lines/twist come directly after it's done in Nanatsu no Taizai.

Meliodas is revealed to be a demon? Natsu is revealed to be demon.

Meliodas has two brothers? Zeref is now Natsu's brother (dumb twist by the way) and now some other random guy we've never heard about has their last name. Hiro couldn't stop with one, he had to give Natsu two siblings because Nakaba did. Whoever denies it at this point is in-denial.

Hiro bites off multiple manga.

Zeref being Natsu's brother was something likely decided way the hell back. At the very least it was decided when Zeref was introduced back in chapter 200.

Well I prefer Sasuke to Gray but hope Gray wins against natsufaggot

Typical Gray fag edgelord.


Nothing implied that they were brothers, just that they knew each other. Well, then again nothing implied that they weren't brothers. So Hiro could've or could not have pulled it from his ass. Still, the other cases is him copying Nanatsu no Taizai, I mean, just read this chapter and the chapters where Meliodas is fighting Ban. Grey almost seems exactly like Ban in this chapter, only difference is that Ban had a legit reason for fighting Meliodas and he clearly didn't want to kill him deep inside.

Grey is ultra retarded.
Natsu/End did nothing bad to him or his close ones.
Hell Deliora did not even claim to work on Ends demands.
The demons were just make shift copies using techniques Zeref used to revive his lil bro and aside from that do not even have a real correlation with him.
So how can Grey blame everything on End.

He's blinded by rage and his devil slaying magic makes him racist as fuck against demons. Still dumb though and I'm gonna laugh if he fails and just fucks things up even more.

Gray's future son marrying a cute demon girl when?

Wonder how ass blasted he'd be if it's Natsu's daughter.

Grey would probably try to kill Natsu


Lel gray and natsu's kids actually get along.

>This is like Naruto/Sasuke except straight
Ok I laugh

i don't give a shit about these 2
give me lewd shit instead

The fact Gray being and acting retarded like natsu would it's out of his character, but again it's been stated that for some reason Devil Slayer magic can corrupt the User. So there's that.

>Gray daughter gets natsu jr'd
His face when

>Tumblr Fujos mad
How do you know this?

Except Natsu has never gone this retarded like ever. And it's usually for gag moments as well.

No, but nethier has gray acted this retarded until now only gay around Juvia but you would expect it from someone who acts like retard from time to time, instead from someone who's rather rational most of the time.

>devil slayer magic can corrupt the user
That's literally the only valid excuse.

Yeah, but still not convincing since gray hasn't gone full edgelord yet.

They're both pretty dumb, but it's mostly gag moments like I said.

Take that away and he's literally fighting his best friend, because his misinformed dead dad told him too do so.

Is this shit worth picking up again? I dropped it after the time skip.

Depends, on what are your fetish.

Dubs and checked.

Someone save and post this if it does happen.

>Thinks Lucy is dead
>Realizes he never acted on the 347 chances he had to tap that and now never will

Truly the rage of a man with nothing left to lose.

Stopped reading when they went to the new continent, is it still shit?

reading fairy doesnt require you to think. Just basic elementary monkey school can get you to understand anything about it.

The forced drama is beyond astronomical level.

Natsu thinks Lucy is dead without checking the pulse
Natsu wants to kill Zeref.
Gray's misery was caused by demons of the book of Zeref.
SOLUTION: KILL NATSU (not just let him go kill Zeref and then kill the weakened survivor)

is this real?

Her time was stopped when he went to check on her so there probably wasn't a pulse

It means "even" in french

I stopped reading long time ago because this manga is shit. So Gray and Natsu hate each other now?

Will Natsu and Gray lose arms too?


No they're mad at something else and just happens to be in each other's path.

Also both thinks their waifus are ded.

How is possible that you thought someone would die in this manga?

Ok cool. And Natsu is really the strongest good guy around now, i hope? One of the thing i hated the more, there's a stronger guy than him around, but he's still the one kicking the ass of the boss every single arc. Remember when Laxius made his glorious come back to fight a "family" ennemy? And all he did is give his power to Natsu? Worst asspull ever.

This duo never had the slightest chemestry. Literally every other duo in the manga has better interaction between them.

Being superfriends all the time isn't interesting at all.

You really want to watch it, paired with FT terrible overall animation.

What book is this?

The censorship will be too much hilarious

Unfortunately, the FT anime tends to be a bit toned down compared to the manga.

What we're getting now is probably the best version of it.

No, because they will something even more worse. Their waifu


The chances of this happening are approximately 0%.

This isn't friendship.


you're being far to generous. Remember that she's a protagonist in a shonen manga

Well Mashima did say that Natsu and Lucy will have a baby together

These two fighting feels so forced. It feels like he's doing it for no reason other than because Naruto and Sasuke did it, and it's awful and lacks all tension as a result. In a series where people actually died their anger right now would make sense. Lucy was fully still breathing for the sake of God, and Juvia was wounded sure but there are no less than a small handful of people running around the battlefield with magic healing powers. You've seen people take worse hits and be fine. Get over it.

Pic related- its Wendy's perky ass, and one of two reasons why I continue to follow this garbage

Wow really? That's different than that Kubo-like answer Mashima gave about them being 'less than lovers, but more than friends' I read last month.

I like it, besides the sparkles does were added because I saw some pics of The World having them. Still have a transparent background version either way.

He is just trying to ease the tension between the fans, like he said on twitter.

And it's true, they're more than friends but they're not lovers yet. Give it some time


user, Fairy Tail threads are full of autists and power-level-fags, but you are a hero.

How about this?

I wanna rape her into submission so bad.

If natsu kills zeref, he dies too.

Is it Madoka and Homura?

Oh my Goddess. I fucking love you

Dimaria and Brandish fucking WHEN

When Lucy joins them. We all know they want that Lucy just as much they want each other.

Add Flare and you have a legendary doujin
That will never happen

Foursome in which Lucy doms Brandish, Brandish doms Flare, Flare doms Lucy and Dimaria doms everyone

yfw in the anime these scenes are even more splatter

And when it's finished Brandish and Dimaria fall asleep cuddling

Invel left that part out.

>reading it in any other language than English or Japanese

Are you so retarded you still can't read English like it's your first language, Pierre? iirc all the second rate languages translations are typically simply translated from whatever mangastream spewed forth.
The exception of other eastern languages like Korean, Chink, where most teams have a good grasp of Japanese.

So you're like reading a doubly butchered text which is a pretty retarded thing to do.

I read the english version when it comes out ( the french translators post the english version first ) then they translate it and replace the english version with the french version. I just stay on the website out of habit

You are retarded.

You could just type yonkou productioin on google. Fuck, bookmark it if you're that lazy.

No, he didn't say they'd have a baby together. A few years ago he was at some convention in Spain, and during an interview he was asked if Natsu and Lucy hypothetically had a kid, what would it's name be. He hadn't thought about it, but came up with a name on the spot anyways. Crazy Nalu fans turned him being asked about a hypothetical into "Mashima said Natsu and Lucy are going to have a baby together". It's just them seeing what they want to see. It's kind of like how the Nalu fans ignore that the Stone Age omake was inspired by the Stone Age twitter sketches, which weren't quite so favorable for Nalu.

My dick instantly exploded with the force of a thousand suns, so good job

The twitter sketches were just for fun yes, but the special is not very subtle

Who is best girl?

It wasn't especially with what Mavis said at the end.

Lucy. Juvia.

From a scale from 1 to 10
How hard did he do her?

Mavis, the rest can just ''drop'' dead

This one.

> dicks reacts
> it's about love

Not like Mavis would have said "that's because it's mating season".

11 it's confirmed Natsu has a huge dick erza even blushed thinking about it.

6 or 7 just check your posts

I have pretty could feelings that she knows from past experiences

Could feelings but wouldn't feeling.

They just met the opposite sex and never had a erection before.

Not possible.

I'd wager that's a more function of his editors recommending he pander to the Nalu fans a bit more with the omake version than him being unsubtle. Mashima being unsubtle is one of the light novels (which Mashima provides the illustrations for) featuring Gajeel and Levy's kids from the future.

So how is grey even going to stand a chance here? Natsu just one shotted a fucking time god.

Grey one shotted Zeref's right hand who is on the same level as the time god.

He has +15 resistance to demonic attack, +10 damage to demon, and he just killed a boss and leveled up so he is full life and full mana

Roll for initiative!

He is still against The demon that is supposed to kill Zeref, and who thinks he just lost his waifu

Too late I saw it.

I wasn't sure of the grammar of that sentence

I'd wager Mashima wanted to do it himself, and it had little to do with what the editors wanted. The guy ain't subtle about the pairings he likes.

I wouldn't call beating the shit out of someone before defeating him with a new attack a one shot.

What would you call it?

A normal fight

iow boring

>left it paused on 392
Well better start.

^this people like to call any fight that ends in a flashy attack a one shot.

Nah skip it.

Which waifu will show up first?

No waifus.

Probably Lucy, she isn't wounded

They showed what adult Wendy would look like, no way in hell that can be called 'flat'

Lucy? More like loose.

It's a Wendy from another universe

That was bad kill yourself pls

I don't see no pictures.

Lucy is bad.

>Probably Lucy
Yup, so she can try and stop them both which natsu would stop but gray will keep going for a bit until Juvia arrives.

Nice theory.

You're an idiot.


So there would be a resurrection plotline after a forced tear jerker (during which I would have had a glimmer of hope, that the character had actually died and the writing would have to step up).

Have a feeling it ain't gonna end well.

Oh we know that for a fact.


Don't know moon. Could someone enlighten me as to what Mashima said in that post?

Figured the baby thing was too quick a change from that last interview to be recent. Thanks for clearing that up.

You came to the wrong place.

He asked the fans to stop insulting each other for pairing

Basically said to stop fighting over pairings and to not take it too seriously. Think this was after the whole juvia voice actor fiasco.

And yet here we are.

It isn't going to stop no matter how pointless and retarded it is.

The otakus are fucking crazy man

Indeed. I don't think people will ever change in regards to shipping.

>juvia voice actor fiasco.
Sounds amusing, I'm guessing she said something to grind the gears of at least one other pairing faction.

I don't understand this meme

Erza of course

What chapter is this? I tried all sorts of saucing

I know a group Better than Ezra.

It's the third tweet in this set of tweets. Basically one of the DVD extras for the Tartaros arc was Lucy's Japanese VA chatting with some of the other VAs. The subject of romance came up and Lucy's VA said she'd asked Mashima about romance for Nalu, and he'd said he definitely wouldn't draw it.

Despite second hand nature of the statement, and the lack of context, Nalu fans got up in arms at this report that Nalu wouldn't happen, and Mashima had to clarify on twitter that his statement had been specific to the Tartaros arc and nothing was set in stone.

This was back in May, a few months before he wrote the omake afterword where he mentioned that he hadn't planned to write a romantic relationship for Natsu and Lucy, and that he was currently writing them as more than friends, less than lovers.

That doesn't prove anything.

2bh I'd try and kill Natsu for no reason too if I thought this was dead

About what? He just wrote what happened you fucking autist.

I Just want Gray and Natsu so overwhelmed with rage that only a waifu kisu can pull them out of it. It's been years; I'm ready, and no other shounen actually develops that aspect.

Need more like this.

Muh dick

I need to get This!


Can you get the full pic Cred Forums?

This Bitches.

Lets hope Gray fucking destroys natsu

I doubt it.


I recall seeing those tweet posts when 'less than lovers' subject came up last month; so thanks for informing me on how Mashima ended up saying that.

And I guess, it must feel pretty bad for shippers who've followed a pairing for so long, only to learn that all those shipping moments before this arc, didn't really mean, what they thought it meant.

Its Lucy a true semen demon?

Doesn't really hurt the pairing all that much. There's nothing opposing in it in the story like in Bleach.

No but she does eat a lot of demon semen if you catch my drift.

True. But it makes me wonder if Mashima intended to do something else for them in the end since he didn't consider it himself until recently.

Probably just remain friends, hell none of the pairings were established when that omake came out. And fairy tail was originally going to run for just 10 volumes

Eat in her "another" mouth

he's a faggot, through and through. seeing he gets digital raws, I wonder what will happen when he or his chinese compatriot get caught and thrown in copyright jail

>eat it her other mouth

Nothing we would still get spoilers and early chapters.

>implying that would be better than them kissing each other

Hetfaggotry is old and busted. Gray + Natsu OTP is the endgame this deserves.

That's fucking gay
perfect for fairy tail

>t. Fujoshit

I'm not exactly in this for riveting storytelling.

Wet Girl

Does anyone else think Erza is legit high-functioning autism?

>has trouble relating to others
>has trouble understanding normal social mores
>hyper-focused on her own interests
>no concept of boundaries
>strong attachments to strange objects


Yes. It's obvious.

I want to CUM inside Wendy's pussy.

>tfw you will never press your dick against the inside of her bellybutton.

Why live at all?

Hello Mest.

Please don't make me look for fairy tail doujins, i know non of them is good.

>Not Warren
>Not Announcer
>Not Truly Evil Jiggle-Butts


For what purpose?

A cat is fine too user.

>File: proxy.jpg (281 KB, 902x1300)
dear god, I'm glad i stopped after the Magic Games arc. She was always a bitch but now a slut to wtf happened hiro.

>Not liking Anthro-Charle

What, are you gay?

I don't say i donk like her, but seems kinda pointless for me.

>And fairy tail was originally going to run for just 10 volumes
Heh. I remember reading about that years ago. If I recall FT was supposed to end with Erza's death in ToH waking her up from a Dream.

It's weird hearing Aya Hirano voice Lucy in English

Don't even sound human at all.

Her English is surprisingly good. Her inflection and cadance are atrocious. You can definitely hear that it is not her native tounge.

He probably didn't intend any romance originally. He had no way of knowing how popular Fairy Tail would be, or how long he'd be willing to continue it, so at the start he just set a 10 volume goal for himself and went from there.

So my guess would be the romances just kind of developed as he went along. Only when he tried to take things in a direction other than Nalu, Nalu fans freaked out, sent in a bunch of hatemail, and he responded by shelving any romance plans for Natsu or Lucy. Only for the lack of competition to convince Nalu fans that a Nalu romance was what he was going for.

She learned transformation magic and got a human form so she'd be able to fight fodder. And by that cover page, she also discovered that guys found her human form attractive.

Not quite, it was never something that was 'supposed' to happen. The guild and such being a dream of Erza's was something Mashima considered while planning that arc, but he discarded the idea early on because he figured the readers would hate it.

How the fuck is it that Porlyusica was reluctant to help anyone at the fist half of the series, but now she's the insert doctor for everything after Wendy's talk?

Is there any more nakedness abound? It doesn't have to be Juvia necessarily.


>That picture

This softcore hentai you underages call a manga could be art design for one of those mobile RPG collect games and no one would be able to tell the difference.

>lacrima smartphones

You'll only get it if you browse Cred Forums

Who do you ship?


>Not catering to my ErzaxLucy ship

Well you can fuck off and die Mashima you piece of shit. Just release that trove of FT porn you have stashed before you die

Naruto got smartphones and shit in the epilogue



This is up for debate, most of girls have their own quality's. Its a matter of preference. Its obviously Levy but Cred Forums will never admit that.