Kawaii female shadow the hedgehog

kawaii female shadow the hedgehog.

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She's more of a Blaze the cat

She's more of a Yogi the Bear

I want to fuck Ryuko until I pass out from exhaustion

Do the fibers that make up her body absorb semen?
If so can she concentrate the absorption so she can take endless creampies and not get preggo?

I still can't decide which is best girl

rainbow mom is best girl

Not even close

Satsuki = Ryuko > Nonon > Mako > Hakodate > Nui > Ragyo > Hououmaru

does ryoko like boys or girls?


Ragyo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone

Both, obviously.

fuck off with this meme, Ryuko isnt an edgelord

most girls like both to some extent, there are comparatively few "pure" straight women to the same degree of straightness that straight men usually are

/u/ please go home.

He's right though, girls are much more likely to have homosexual experiences than men.


why would you want to cum inside ryuuko and NOT get her pregnant?

>wanting kids

it's the truth bruh, the "college lesbian" meme has been around for decades longer than /u/.

most girls aren't bi enough to actually want to fuck girls, but most are bi to the degree of "yeah I'd totally make out with another girl if I'm drunk and if there are hot guys watching"

it's apparently very frustrating for the lesbian community, because most self-identifying "lesbians" go back to the cock on the regular, which the /u/ community feels is fraudulent self-identifying

On the other hand, there are few actual dykes, who don't like dick at all

It's fine if it's ryuuko's kids

not that I would take responsibility anyways

>entire climax mirrored SA2 final boss
Love it when memes come together

>On the other hand, there are few actual dykes, who don't like dick at all
Parent issues.

the show became mediocre at the exact moment that Ragyo was introduced. Before that it was great.


Ragyo wasn't a great villain, but the show was still good
At some points the climax felt a bit redundant though, I had Kubo flashbacks with that whole
>we beat you
>"no this wasn't even my final keikaku"
Repeated several times.

show suffered immensely from the change in tone after the Nui/Ryuuko fight
>before: everything done intentionally over-the-top, meant to be treated as a joke, a parody
>after: pls take our story seriously guys pls
the setting just wasn't designed for a serious plot with serious drama

I think that we can ALL agree that Nui had the best theme


>not Sayageyama

Thank you. Almost thought I wouldn't see this post here.

I thought that the dub for this show was pretty good

>cut the butt-whipping
>cut the fingering

they removed those in the dub? fucking hell

I meant in terms of the VAs, not the cut content

Ryuuko is my cute girlfriend.

Ryuuko belongs with Mikisugi

No, she belongs to her oneesan

>lesbian incest

I generally agree but nui's reveal and then her john cena-ing ryuko the episode after was pretty radical

I'd say it's the school trip that made the show damaged goods.

why do the japanese have such a collective hardon for Germany?

the dub didn't remove it, the TV broadcast did, they are not one and the same

the school trip was the last really good moment of the show

Episode 4 was the best desu.

All episodes with Nonon were the best

>liking Nonon
nice meme


I miss the hype of this show.

I must know the answer to this


the entire show was one big meme

like pottery

>You'll never get to relive the 5 months when this was airing.
Why live? Nothing will ever replace it.

Senpai you're making me feel even worse for not being in these threads at the time
Has any other show produced the same amount of hype on Cred Forums?

Nothing. Only similar events were Geass, E8 & maybe Madoka.

Will we really never get anything like this again?
Maybe FLCL reboot and 3.0+1.0 but it'll never come out
Time to kill myself

>that cursor

I thought that Cred Forums hated Madoka

i guess the mad fags left or went into hibernation

Ryƫko isn't cute though. Canonically she's described as average to slightly below average.

It could possibly happen again; that's the beauty of anime originals.

If SnK 2 does end up diverging from the manga, that could also plenty of rage.

Now, mostly yeah, thanks to the threads nowadays and Rebellion.

Back then, not much outside of the vocal minority.

Where is she described as such though?

what's wrong with Rebellion? I thought that it was neat

Isn't their fanbase pure, unadulterated cancer, though?
I watched the anime but never went into the threads

I did as well, but that ending still does sit well with a lot of people (mean-spirited, sequel b8, etc.)

I was thinking more about the influx of cross-boarders.


Ryuko literally belongs to Senketsu.

So you weren't here for Panty & Stocking?

What was the hype like? I finished the show yesterday
How did Cred Forums react to Ryuko and Satsuki being sisters? What memes were spammed by shitposters?

I actually wasn't. Had to take a break from Cred Forums during that fall.

Her inner desire being a bride at a traditional wedding suggests it's either boys or both.

Her inner desire was to marry a life fiber man. And she dumps him for a life fiber man

What kind of normie scum are you anyway?

Senketsu is dead, though

She's alive in her kokoro, user.

But she's wearing him in her heart. I.E. the world where she's a bride.

This is one case of all girls are best girls.

Will they do SA1 next?

Is there even the faintest glimmer of hope for a third cour or something like that? Or a movie?

Except Hououmaru.

>With glasses
I agree
>Without glasses
Meh, you are still right.

We can all agree that the OST is fucking great

Nui wasn't very good either but I can understand how she could be some user's favorite

Probably one of the most hype OST ever made. It's right up there with Shiro Sagisu's work for Eva.

Don't lose your weight.




Double the THICC it is.


Well, she already lost her way to the scale, so that shouldn't be hard to do.

Fuck you, I think Ryuuko looks really cute and there's nothing you can do about my feelings for her.


>look mom, i posted it again