2D tiddies back then

>2D tiddies back then
What the fuck happened?

I liked the bounce and elasticity of them too. While I do like today's anime breasts there's something not as magical about them.

This is an OVA. Not your run-of-the-mill TV Anime.

There, full series.

I like breasts with gravity. The kind of lumpy breasticle nature that feels heavy. The kind of weight that you can feel could obstruct your breathing- heavy enough to press against your airways and stop you from breathing. Like being bludgeoned by newton

Japan slowly turned into a country of pedophiles and now they only want to watch little girls.

Being suffocated by a large pair of luscious breasts is one of the many ways I hope to die. Also alien titties are great too.

why do they have refund gaps

They actually saw real tiddays to back in the day.

meanwhile Cred Forums is also infested by disgusting flat chest fags that think they arent mentally ill.


go back to your loli reddit faggot. Only healthy men that support boobs are allowed on Cred Forums.

Like the old man was saying, todays animators are not inspred by real life and are not interested in replicating it. I think there is also some kind of contest going on, when one girl gets a lot of attention for her big tits, the only chance for another girl is to get even bigger tits. Maybe todays animators are too lazy to create a sexy character through other means and simply put cowtits on anything and the audience doesn't care.

What if he likes both? Check fucking mate, blind man.

Obective improvement.


how can you like something that isnt there

I'd like you if you weren't here.

Well shit just fucking told you.

Google gives me nothing

Why is she so perfect?

Ichigo something iirc

Bitch on the right needs to eat a fucking sandwich. Left may have man shoulders but at least she's got some meat on her bones.

Hatsukoi Limited

> what happened

Nips paid for moeshit, so they made more of it.


but they're so big and round now, i just wanna squeeze them.

Japanese men as a whole have slowly forgotten what real tits look like because nobody there fucks anymore, I guess.


why are americans so infantile

I wonder how much Nabiki would charge me to see her tits?

Probably about 3000 yen, she's pretty reasonable really.

You can go to a strip club and get a beer and a lap dance for less than that user! And those prices aren't reasonable which is why they need naked girls to convince you in the first place!!

who is this semen demon



I want to fuck her until her laugh becomes indistinguishable from her orgasmic moans.

The tits aren't nearly as impressive as the hair.


>ohohoho oh oh oh uhhh uhii, giihhii, iguuuuh~~

Truly the best part of Ojous
They need to be laughing with your penis not at it

Looks like Cowboy Bepoop.

>not recognizing faye

son, youre too young

left is a very passable MTF, impressive

See, the problem with strip clubs is that youre paying to NOT have sex, its a bad investment, youre paying to get blueballed.

fucking this, most nowadays female anime characters who supposed to be "sexy" but they are no more than uguu archetypes with cow tits, they doesn't have even a little of the sexiness of goddesses from older animes.


Was there any good titty shows this year?
With an uncensored release preferably.

Pero si esta hecha mierda Harry.

Fuck off.

Probably because the people back in the day actually knew what a pair of tits felt and looked like.


Chupáme la pija, colorado.

Why are europoors so easy to irritate?

Amerifats have that affect

That's because actual sexiness makes Japanese basement-dwellers feel threatened.

People like you is why this continent is dying.

All the European genes

Anime tiddies !