Post your favorite fox, user

Post your favorite fox, user.

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But you just did it for me, user.



I already have pic related as one of my icons in my desktop

she's that worthy

you already posted her.


Shame I lost the HDD with the rest of my pics of this and my MGQ folder.


[X] Touch fluffy tail

apparently someone made a whole song about this. I think its the same guy that made a song out of that angry navy seal copypasta.




Shiro a cute, but her sister is kind of a cunt. I want to see all the endings, but I'm not motivated to finish her route.

you already posted her

Yao > every other fox

for a long time I thought this was a boy, I was glad to find out it was a girl.

>er sister is kind of a cunt.
how so?



"It's just a prank bro." Plus constant catty remarks and just not respecting the MC in general. It's nothing too terrible, but notably worse than the purity that is Shiro.


>just not respecting the MC in general.
and why should she?

Basic decency? Especially when she wants to be in a relationship with the guy.

>big meaty paws


I couldn not be in a relationship with a girl that respects me.

Didn't she turn out to be the heroine after all due to some reincarnation bullshit(not that I'm complaining)

I've never actually watched tokyo ravens to be honest

>waifu for things you don't even have

Meant to say watched

Does Cred Forums Still like this game?

make way for new hotness


I put off the novels for way too long in vain hope for s3 and missed all the discussion

No she's basically a sealed version of one of Yakuo's familiars. She powers up later on and she grows up.

Well, I know that bit, but I thought I read something about late in the LNs that Natsume died after she fused her soul to the dragon familiar and was sent back in time or something to be Kon.



Yeah but that's because there are no girls that respect you user.

Well yeah
Amy girl showing respect probably has ulterior motives

adult form is better

God fucking damn it I wanna touch that tail

That is one of the saddest things I have ever read. Homie season 3 is never going to happen.

She's so proud of herself for putting on that sock

>Homie season 3 is never going to happen.

Today is Cred Forums birthday.
Wow. Never knew that.

there now people browsing Cred Forums younger than Cred Forums.