Sailor Jupiter was my favourite as a kid and when I tell people they tell her she was forgettable or a butch

Sailor Jupiter was my favourite as a kid and when I tell people they tell her she was forgettable or a butch.

Can we have a Sailor Jupiter appreciation thread.

>best talents
>good cook
>tall enough to dunk on you
>nice legs
>first waifu
Jupiter a best.

she was my first waifu as well!!!

Where do these shit opinions come from? Because she's tall and physically the strongest? She's also loves cute things, has the girliest of interests, and has massive PLOT. Literally a best.

Venusfags, or even worse Marsfags.

My friend told me he likes Mars the best.

My mom used to think I was gay when I watched sailor moon. She felt like it was to female oriented. LoL

I don't think these people know what the word means.

It's a very androgynous show, enjoyable for both genders. It was my favourite when I was 5 and Sailor Jupiter was my first crush.

she's the best!!!



>she was my first waifu as well!!!
>she was my first waifu
>she was my first

She is best girl.

To be fair it's primary demographic is girls, it just doesn't mean boys couldn't enjoy it.
We've had these in the west too, stuff like Totally Spies or Kim Possible are very action oriented "girl's cartoons" and have audience from both genders.
sweet lord

>not saying

They later realize that the cute girls were the main reason we watched such shows. Still did not help we wasted our time watching cartoons/anime for little girls.

My first anime crush 2bh

Yeah, but so what if that cartoon/anime for little girls was good?

She was dethroned by Satsuki many years later.

That is some primo shit taste right there

>Not wanting to be called a pig in human's clothing and then be completed dominated and trampled by he heels.

fuck off faggot.

user, you are just talking to people with shit taste.

I guess my best friends suck

Jupiter with best girl

PGSM Jupiter


venus is the most forgettable.

She's bigger than the other girls. But the show did go out of their way to have her be the first to get her shit kicked in and ignore her on the slice of life parts. She's the Worf of Sailor Moon.

Jupiter was always tied for my favorite with Mercury.

She had the coolest powers and her dub voice was one of the most memorable.

I want to hug her


actual best girl

Also biggest tits.

i've always wondered, is there an official BWH chart for the senshi?

Anorexia is a serious disease user.

No. But I know the outer senshi are bigger than the inner senshi. Except Saturn of course. Pluto is the biggest of all the girls.

I just recall an episode where they were putting on a play of Cinderella or some shit and she insisted she should play the lead because she had the biggest breasts.

They changed that over into a line about having the most talent in the dub. Green's my favorite color, I enjoy brunettes over blondes, those legs, and brb gotta fap.

I always thought it was a man that changed gender when transforming.
Child's mind is a strange one.

>Pluto is the biggest of all the girls.

Kind of ironic.

She's the best. You have the best taste, user.

That's your fault for watching the dub.

You took what you could get back in the day.

In my country's dub they said biggest breasts.

I got into Sailor Moon with the dub. Recognized it was trash and started looking for alternate options. Found the show subbed through a fansub group online (back in the days when you had to order physical VHS copies).

After about 2000, people had no excuses since they could get it online.

Also, posting best girl.

best girl, she started me down the rabbit hole of fapping to anime thanks to pic related. No anime girl comes close to the number of times she's gotten me off.

Haruka is butch, not Makoto

I grew up in the 80s/mid 90s, poorfag. Dub sucked, but I was too ignorant to have even seen something subbed aside from Ninja Scroll and MD Geist at the local Blockbuster.

I do not understand. You are a guy watching a show full of hot girls. How come is that gay?

Sailor Moon is aimed at females. But its obvious why just as many (or more) guys got into it. A bunch of cute girls running around in short skirts and fighting sentai monsters. As well as their obsession with men in the slice of life segments. The show was almost made for men first.

The manga, not so much.

This is what happened in some dubs, like the French one for instance

Obviously watching a show full of attractive girls in tiny miniskirts fight monster is straight as fuck. Parents don't see it that way though, they just see a girly show for girls so you're gay if you watch it.

well that was unexpected.

I thought they had pulled a Ga-Rei Zero on me but for some reason everyone is daijobu in the preview.

Also what's with the recent increase of chinese cartoons taking place in...well, China. First Outcast and now this.

its more like western perceptions that men only want to watch movies with male protagonists. And women want to watch movies with females. And anything bright and colorful is only for girls or small children.

Japan of course has the exact opposite view in everything. And that's why tons of people keep gravitating towards anime. Because western TV doesn't provide them with an alternate choice, aside from a handful of cartoons (which are imitating anime anyway).

I have like two chibi sailor jupiter figmas on my cubical desk at work.

Don't kid yourself, even in Japan anime is for weeb losers

Not really. Live action is still more popular and there's certainly people who have a negative perception about anime (mostly the older generation which is dying off). But there's more people in Japan that like animation than pretty much any other country. And of course Manga is the most purchased product in Japan next to food. And even their food packaging has little anime mascots on it.

Anime is pretty much pervasive over all of Japanese culture. Hence why it got just as much focus as the athletes in the preview for the Tokyo Olympics.

Do you even know what a weeaboo is?

You're thinking about the harcore nerds.
Average anime consumer is someone who catches a show or few on tv and it's just good fun for them.
They won't buy the BDs or merchandise, but they are consumers all the same.

I remember my dad specifically asked me if I watched the show for the plot or for the cute girls.

My answer was "both"

pretty sure jupiter is everyone's favorite here on Cred Forums, at least that's what i've seen in other sailor moon threads

mars is still my girl

Nah, I always lied Venus the best

Jupiter makes the best funny faces

And her Crystal Dub voice isn't bad either

>that bunny mako
That art is crazy good, go fuck yourself.

>pretty sure jupiter is everyone's favorite here on Cred Forums
A couple guys spamming Makoto doesn't make her the favorite. You have just as many people spamming Ami, Minako and Rei.

Pointless anyway since Usagi and Naru are the best. Minako comes in second place for being Usagi 2.0.

Her dub voice is sexy and rough

What a top-notch girl Makoto or Jupiter is, lemme tell ya.

Just started R and the art direction and animation took a huge turn for the worse, is it like this for all of R or will it shape up?

Like any show, some episodes have a higher budget than others. R has some episodes that are even higher budget than the first season. Especially when Chibi Usa shows up.

She's pretty hot. They all are, really.

Of course, I'm the best.

I regret opening this thread to see such bad taste

One of the rare shows where all the girls are best. Except maybe Usagi.

Makoto is a miracle of the universe!

That said, the black dog, mogudan and other artists have made it impossible for me to waifu her anymore. Every time I see her I want to fap till my dick hurts.


>Black Dog, Mogudan
Abysmal taste.

>KLK is bad

fuck off faggot.

I had an awkward dream about her recently. Then again, I have a bad habit of crushing on the androgynous or lesbian ones

anyone have nice pics of sailor jupiter?

I sure wish they reddubed the original anime (and dubbed Crystal while at it) and put it on Netflix or something here in my country.

>Jupiter forgettable
Tell them to go eat a planet and explode, Jupiter is beautiful, and next is Venus

Jupiter definitely was my favorite. I loved that she could be both tough and girly, since so many other shows I watched as a kid had seemed to treat the two as mutually exclusive and I wanted to be both

I like Jupiter, she's a nice girl, but Mars will forever be my waifu.

What's her appeal?

Not trying to start shit. I mean, what do you like about her?

My order was always Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Moon

bad taste

Wonderful things happen when girls' shows are produced by men

Certain men anyway. But it is quite amazing at how many manga with female authors seem to be improved by men in the anime adaptation.

>utter bitch to her fellow senshi
>actively attempts to steal her friend's boyfriend
>mistreats the only man fool enough to fall for her
>fire powers don't do shit outside her spotlight episodes

She sucks.