How skinny is too skinny?

How skinny is too skinny?

Anything less then this is disgusting

thick thread?




>Eyebrows over hair

I heard of people fapping to the skeleton girl from Dragon Commander, so I figure there might not be such a thing as too skinny.

I honestly don't know how people like Raita. He somehow managed to combine Anorexic, saggy breasts and torpedo tits and it's disgusting.

Any skinnier than kuroko


>ribs not visible
Disgusting fat pigs 2bh

Visible ribs is where it gets too skinny. Anything above is A-OK.

one piece girls
their fucking waistlines jesus christ


No that's just right. Pic related was too skinny.

That's the good part.

I'd say this is about the limit of fuckability. Anything thinner is too damn bony.

I can only assume it's a very acquired taste.
Maybe after many decades of fapping to various stuff one starts to like it.


I´m ok with this

Please that bitch is so fat she got stuck in a fairly large vent.