Best waifu, claim ur waifu


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She's mine as always





And Yayoi.

this is always so satisfying

I'm cheating on my waifu with Rem right now don't tell her


You're waifu is a terrible frenchman

I don't want to fuck her I just want to hold her rocket hand

no, she's an eldritch abomination


Yeah it'd be kinda hard to fuck her with that screw in the way anyways

Chino is literally my wife.

I'm sorry for having sex with your wife


You didn't. Chino is my wife and she would never have sex with anyone else. Maybe you were dreaming, user. Or maybe you just called whoever you had sex with Chino.


>having sex with a jpg

>he doesn't have a 2D gateway
you're missing out

>implying Chino isn't real


I hope one day science will make her real.

Dibs on horo

I only count 6 apples, which means the 7th one must be in her ass


It's in her belly

There's a difference?

My wife Chino is so cute.

Chino's a slut!

>he doesnt have a daki of his waifu
explain yourselves

no one would have claimed her but me, anyway.

>he doesn't have 2 figures (third one coming)

I have two dakis and four figures of her so far.

But she has no good figures.


One does not "claim" their waifu

Actually it's literally only you that doesn't. Or rather, she's not even your waifu since you don't even want to be with her


I am with her. In spirit, in soul, in service.