What went right?

What went right?

Nothing, it's mediocre.

It was decent before the director turned it into a soapbox to preach his anti-abortion views.


I want to have emotionless sex with abelia

Most things. While it was heavy-handed I appreciate that it talked about subjects we don't see much in chinese cartoons.

did Ushio find a new waifu or something?

>People are finally seeing this for what it actually is

A few years ago if you said it wasn't that good then people treated you like a moron.

I hope the same happens with NGE in a few years.

I feel like it lacked a dialogue and world-building.

>Girl gets kidnapped to the future
>Gets raped
>Gets impregnated
>MC talks her out of abortion
>Decides to stay in dystopian future to raise rape-baby and orphans instead of returning home to family and friends
Didn't really sit well with me.


Any show's discussion that's only about waifus was never that great to begin with. I still feel like this was better than NGE over-all

>I hope the same happens with NGE in a few years.
Considering how many shit-eating new fans are flooding into the medium for derivative empowerment fantasies, the argument-lacking viewpoint that NGE is somehow not a masterpiece will probably become the consensus belief in another 5-10 years.

>NGE threads
>only about waifus
Nice delusion. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

NGE was always a wish-fulfilment harem show. Pretending it had any nuance and blaming 'newer' fans is a delusion in and of itself. So you've no right calling others delusional.

But I see you never wanted to have an actual discussion on this and just wanted to post smug anime girls, in which case, go ahead, just don't expect me to take you seriously, as that's the image you're giving of.

Pretty much, I think it's worth a watch but it definitely isn't amazing.

There is no need to pretend. The internet is full of interpretations/analysis explaining its nuances and thematic richness using actual arguments to back up their claims.

>NGE was always a wish-fulfilment harem show
You either don't know what the words you are using mean or you're just bullshitting. But feel free to try justifying your assertion.

But lets get back to the point. If you really believe all discussion about NGE is waifuposting you are, by definition, deluding yourself.

I'll post a smug guy this time since girls bother you for some reason.

Being a deconstruction of Isekai before the genre even exist.

Well, it's purpose was to trigger depression in it's viewers, which it did on me

>What went right?
All women in wasteland are raped. The blonde girl suppose be the real MC but was raped and the princess hired this guy

MC is a retard in case you missed the obvious.

>MC talks her out of
No, her caretaker did.

>NGE is deep I swear because the internet said so
It's cheap harem wish fulfilment bait.

NGE is deep because the internet, unlike your underage ass, made a strong argument for it.

Seems like you misunderstood NGE. I urge you to rewatch it.