Bloodivores - 01 is out and its surprise AOTS.

Its chinese+japanese adaptation by Tensent of Chinese manga. Animation quality is shit as expected from chinese, but the deal is - the source material is legit great and better than anything else this season.

A bit like Deadman Wonderland except doesnt turn to shit, well worth watching.

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It was alright, Don't know why they did the ending when they showed them alive in the preview.

>Fucked over his bro for some slut.


>it's that chink shill again

>01 is out and its surprise AOTS
You're not even trying

>literally titling it bloodivores

The CR description of it sounds like it was written by a Chink.

Anyways it's easy to identify chink shit, your ears start bleeding when you hear their names.

>Another series about homosexual vampires

When will it be over?

Violence. Edgy MC. Tweests. Violence. Sex. Violence. Rape. Violence.


Absolutely wrong. Watch first ep.

Its Deadman Wonderland meets Death Note.

They can atleast change the names

Best boy is good.


>and its surprise AOTS

Just how chinky is it?

He is a rich spoiled kid, who`s father actually leads the agency that hunts vampires. He`s full retard, and what happened is a price he pays - he did the robbery just for fun thinking his daddy will protect him.

The show will break him in many ways until he becomes "good".

Shit animation. Good story.

Well omawari-sans are not very nippon in their behaviour.



This has a good suspence/detective Death Note like story, as well survival/death game one and you didnt seen 1/10th of tweests in ep1 yet: it just starts.

>People unironically liked this episode.
Literally failed DMC with vampires featuring the ultimate beta version of Nero

You obviously never watched the episode nor read the compic, otherwise woudnt use such off point bait

>was slightly interested

watch the episode, and to the end

For a comically bad show, it sure has attracted a lot of defensive fans

It's the PRC internet brigades.


nigga they named it bloodivores because its like carnivores but they eat blood nigga hahahahahaha LOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD

There's one autist on Cred Forums who will defend chinkshit to his grave.

Shit was boring af.

Oh, I remember listing trough chapter of this manhua. Or more like color comic really. Looked surprisingly interesting.

I'm absolutely not watching something called fucking "Bloodivores".

Nigga please I ain't watched this shit yet
Even though it's downloaded

Whatever nigga it's the 1st saturday of the month

I kind of expected worse. The bank robbery thing was sort of dumb but judging by preview, things will get more fun next episode.

>chink shit
No wonder it's shit.

>Goes crazy over the fact a kid saw his face
>They use their real names during the heist but that isn't a concern

Bloodivore sounds like somthing they'd watch on BoTW.

The episode was great especially the part during the ending. But next episode announcement ruined everything.

Booty of the west?

The season has barely started and you're already claiming AOTS?
Fuck off shill.

>going 300
>somehow police cars are able to catch up
>switching into 2nd gear didn't kill the engin
Not even /o/ but that shit was horrible.

There's probably like 50 people with the same name around.
I had forgotten what names are like in china/korea.



King Bongduck and Kim Bongdeuk would like to thank King Bongdick and Kim Bongdoek for their contributions to Bloodivores.

I fucking hate chinese people, jesus christ.

>When will it be over?
Never. Homo love is the purest form of love.

Surprisingly good. Though its not like theres actual writing in anime this season to compete with it.

except there is no homo in this series and vampire thing is just to explaini the powers akin to Tokyo Ghoul

>Cred Forums hating on best anime since Death Note

Chines names is such clusterfuck and there's so much people having exactly the same name, that using nicknames would expose them more than anything. Though It's useless anyway because with such "disguise" they might as well walk without masks as well. Or they all magical girls.

Why does Tencent put their logo before shows?
I might have had a more neutral beginning into the series if it didn't immediately remind me of Hitori no Shita.

Because they have money. Also its not Tensent to blame for poor quality animation of Hitori and This, but the studio.

Tensent also pay for good looking shows

>It's another thread about chink calling every bootleg chink shit AOTS
Just let it go

>that grammar
So how's China this time of year?

>watching chink shit
Why did you do this to yourself, my man?

China and Chinese animation is the future you japanese or weaboo dog.

>good looking shows
Is this nigga serious?

I remember this chink who posting and shilling this shitfest. His thread got deleted pretty fast. Shitposting when you can, guys.

Looks better than any shit with zero budged and flapping mouths airing this season and shits on Ufotable

Are you just pretend or something? i refuse to believe there are human this delusional.

fuck off frognigger

>59 posts
>27 ips
>thread full of shitposting
Also, OP your posting style is too obvious. Anyone can guess what you are, fucking stupid chink

So how good is this show actually? I'd prefer an opinion from someone who's not an ESL.


>60 years ago, a strange case of insomnia struck the population, forcing them to stay awake for more than a full week. The victims, completely sleep deprived, all went mad. To cure this illness, a new medicine was produced, but the side effects turned the patients into vampires. Humanity went to war against this new species and triumphed, but some of the vampires managed to survive. Born from a Human and a Vampire, the main character Mi Liu, “The Child of Hope”, is to represent the new hope that will connect the two species. Ringleader of a bank robbery, Mi Liu is arrested and transferred to a special prison of the National Defense Agency that monitors Vampires. Trying to break free with Anji, Mi Liu is attacked by strange monsters and he finds out that the prison location corresponds to the birthplace of Vampires, the old capital “Blue Town." Why are Vampires trapped in Blue Town? What are those strange monsters attacking them? Our heroes must fight to solve those mysteries

What do you think, chink?

This is just painful to read. Even shitfinity stranus clone has better plot than this

Story is shit.

>Also, OP your posting style is too obvious. Anyone can guess what you are, fucking stupid chink
Ever tried looking in the mirror?

Trying too hard. This show actually have plot - a mystery, a suspence, plot twists and resolutions that are not complete shit.

Same cant be said about 99% other airing anime which is copy paste of generic tropes.

>OP is a chink
I didn't know so many chinks use Cred Forums.


I try to have an open mind.
Thunderbolt Fantasy was great but I guess that's because it's the better China.

Our population is more than 1 billion. You think a shit island of rapist wont be surpassed by Chinese animation?

There are two chink threads and two gook webtoon threads got deleted yesterday.
You forgot TF is written by a jap, design by jap and OST by jap

>MC and his group get executed by a firing squad at the end of the first episode
Perfect anime.
Now if only there weren't anymore episodes

I didn't read this shit past the gay fight at the prison, does this qt really die?

i-i don't know how to say

>rules say gook and chink shit are not allowed on Cred Forums
>still posting these crap on Cred Forums even when no one like them
They're like parasite

>Bloodivores - 01 is out and its surprise AOTS
>Chinese manga
>surprise AOTS

Fuck of chinese shit

You are an idiot.


Stop using crossboard image macros unless you want to get vanned.

Chink and gook are the parasite of anime & manga. Seriously, just make your own shit instead of ripping off everything from nip whenever they shit out something and no one will complain at all

AOTS? More like shitposting of the season

Crist, that was fucking awful. Why did I watch the whole episode?

Generic copy/pasted tedium is better than this garbage. That's exactly why those things get copied.

Jap are the parasite of cartoons. Seriously, just make your own shit instead of ripping off everything from Disney whenever they shit out something and no one will complain at all.

Just because they got nuked a decade ago doesn't give them the right.

Aside from a birthfact of being an idiot,
1) Hiroyuki confirmed Manhwa/Manhua/Webcomic/korean and chinese anime belong to Cred Forums
2) This is a Chinese and Japanese co-production airing in Japan on japanese language. The only difference from say Freezing and Kurokami in this case, that studio producing here is Chinese (which in effect according to title screen is no different from Japanese since they both outsource they work to Koreans)

It was better than I expected but still somewhere in the "meh" tier. It needs more shine in art since shit looks kinda bland. Plot so far is better than those Taboo Tattoo or Deadman WL we had before. I'll give it a 3 eps rule to decide.

>Hiroyuki confirmed Manhwa/Manhua/Webcomic/korean and chinese anime belong to Cred Forums

>china comes to Cred Forums to shill their cartoon

>just make your own shit
Yeah, they make their own shit it call anime. Your turn, chink
>iroyuki confirmed Manhwa/Manhua/Webcomic/korean and chinese anime belong to Cred Forums
Do you have anything to back up this hot shit?

>image macro
I see no text on those frogmen. Look at you though, trying to fit in.

>Hiroyuki confirmed Manhwa/Manhua/Webcomic/korean and chinese anime belong to /a
go to hell newfag that Hiroyuki guy cant decide the rules just cause some redditor said so

>he believe these new rules shitposting thread
This is fucking hilarious

>go to hell newfag that Hiroyuki guy cant decide the rules just cause some redditor said so

Do you mean these spams thread on Cred Forums few weeks ago? Jesus christ, are you for real, my man?

go to hell chink

I ask you when does Hiro said chink and gook shit allow on Cred Forums, no need to when full retard.

How much do you get paid to shill all these chink anime, OP?

>Hiroyuki confirmed Manhwa/Manhua/Webcomic/korean and chinese anime belong to Cred Forums
And Astro boy is of Chinese descent

>this chink is actually believe everything he seen on Cred Forums
I know communism is bad, but holy shit

Don't worry, Hiroshima never said that.

Guys just let chink shit threads be the chink containment threads

>chink thought chink can fool Cred Forums by lying about Cred Forums

>asian thirdwolder man calling other idiot while lying through his teeth

You say it like anime is any better when you have "Hero enters heroine room and sees her naked so her challenges him to a duel" 10 times a year and much worse plots than what you posted.

This is what I hate about Cred Forums, hypocrites.

Go away, parasite No one care

And I hate chinks copypasta-ing their replies to threads so they can shill more efficiently.
Fuck off.

You're getting desperate, chink


This is just embarrassing

>Hiroyuki confirmed Manhwa/Manhua/Webcomic/korean and chinese anime belong to Cred Forums
Hiro never confirmed anything about it you fucking pathetic inbreed

so is it that bad?

Below mediocre

>Ctrl+F Bloody Whores
Come on, it was such an obvious pun.

Put your glasses on, Velma

>editing an image just to make it look like you're not getting BTFO

Come on, dude.

>this denial

with a competent animation studio it could have been even good, but QUALITY everywhere. Also OST is pretty bad

Plot wise episode 1 is just fine

My god, these faggots are so delusional. Well at least, we know the name of floppest of the season

>Nippon overlord please notice us
Chinks are so pathetic.


Why did that retard not check the bathrooms? Why did that retard flip his visor up?
Why are they working with that retard in the first place?

Pretty huge plot holes to be filled.

Crawling in my skin these blood they will not heal aaaaaaaaaaaaa

You asking too much for chink bootlegfest

It felt pretty chink. I think I heard some Chinese in there when the chick said to run for the doors. And then there's obviously the names.

Who puts out edgier, grimderpier shit? The chinks or the koreans?

Are the VA's amateurs or something? They don't sound too hot.

The chink love power levels edge while the gook love lonely bullied family problem i'm all alone got cuck own the edge. So i guess the chink because their power levels is unbelievable retard

Because they're doing no name obscured chink shit. No one will be happy about it

>so i just voice this and voice that because some chinese man from leage of legend company pays me some shekels to voice this and voice that


What site is this?

This has vampires? Off to watch the first episode then.


The description made me want to not even try, but in the last minute I decided to watch the first episode and it seemed decent. Not AOTS but I think I'll watch it to the end

>doesn't turn to
Deadman Wonderland was garbage from the start

How the fuck are you hot when voicing chink bootleg?

Yeah i never seen this post before



...Why does it sound like some sort of cheesy 80's toy line?

dumb frogposter

I didn't think the first episode was that bad. I've seen worse, but that preview for the next episode doesn't seem very promising. Looks like some weird hunger games shit.