Moral of Mob Psycho: If you're born with amazing talents then you should handicap yourself so you don't rock the boat

Moral of Mob Psycho: If you're born with amazing talents then you should handicap yourself so you don't rock the boat.

Teru was good at sports, got good grades and was popular but because he didn't do it the 'right' way he had to stop.

If Mob really took what Reigen said about psychic powers just being another skill to heart then he wouldn't be afraid to use his talent every chance he gets, Reigen never misses a chance to use his charisma to get out of a problem, instead Mob purposely cripples himself and tries to do everything the hard way.

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Yeah I don't get the message it tries to convey. Seems contradictory. Also was too straight forward with preaching it's theme. Lacked suitability. Reigen carried it. But supporting cast was bland and done to death.

>If you're born with amazing talents then you should handicap yourself so you don't rock the boat.

Japanese society in a nutshell.

I took it more as "you need to be more than your talents"
As in you shouldn't base your entire identity on what you can do well. You should try to be a well rounded person with many interests and (most importantly) human relationships. The real world equivalent of Teru would be, say, a world famous actor that blows off all his friends from childhood and only indulges in drugs, money, and women to keep himself happy. He is propelled to success by his talent, but has little humanity.
Mob is meant to be the ideal of a talented person, being someone who uses their talents when necessary but also cultivates relationships with his friends and family, not based on how powerful his psychic abilities are but who he is as a person.

>Westernfags missing the point as usual.

how autistic do you have to be to not understand the message? It's just a "hurr durr hard work" theme exactly like opm.

Moral of Mob Psycho: Spend 10 episodes dicking around doing nothing, only to shove 3 episodes of "btw there's this mega evil corporation or something, gotta stop them!" down our throats.

>people who abuse their talents to make themselves seem superior to others
>dont realise that they're all human in the end and are all the same no matter the talent
>they should work hard at cultivating other things they're not good at because everyone is good at something and bad at something, being good at one thing doesnt mean you get to lord it all over everyone else no matter what your talent is
>build human relationships and see that life is more than just abusing your talent

I wouldn't make an effort reading much into a mediocre ONE plot, which is just a carrier for some humour and fun character designs here and there

It's this. How is this so difficult to comprehend?

I see it more that if you are born with amazing supernatural powers you shouldn't use it to cheat and torment people.

Also that just because you can knock over a building with your mind you shouldn't make light of other peoples skills.

The moral is that no amount of talent or skill can compensate for being a good, respectful human.
Hence, all the antagonists are anti-social freaks that never grew up.

Reigen is a good guy not because he's charismatic (his talent), but because he uses it to improve people's lives. He's a con-artist who's good at lying, but uses that skill to help people.

It's not that Teru stopped those things to stop 'rocking the boat'. The reason that he did those things wasn't because he was interested in them. He was just trying to be special. Trying to make himself out to be better than everyone else. When he realized this was a hollow pursuit, he didn't have any interest in that any more.

The moral of the story is that Teru a shit and Regen a best boy. That's all it needs to know

Cred Forums is a big dummy

It's not exactly like OPM but it's similar. Mob just takes the theme and actually expands on it rather than making it a huge gag.

>If Mob really took what Reigen said about psychic powers just being another skill to heart then he wouldn't be afraid to use his talent every chance he gets
He said not to use it on people. Its a tool like a knife. You wouldn't use a knife on a person. The reason he's afraid to use it is not because of Reigen. Its because of what he did to his little brother. Plus the girl he likes is not impressed by it.

>Teru a shit
Teru did nothing wrong

We live in a world where a person can become a multimillionaire and have felonies swept under the rug because they can run fast. Where you can become rich and millions of fans just because you were born with good looks. Why shouldn't a psychic use their powers for personal gain?

Because you get fucked by the police.

I have psychic powers I rule world.
Here comes the police fuccboi.
What now terrorist?

did you even see mob psycho? His power is completely useless regarding his dreams. He wants to stop being a faggot, work out, and get the girl of his dreams on the girl's own terms.

The moral is that this show is shit and thank god we're getting an S2 for One's superior work soon.

Mob Psycho is a better opm though.

They're both great.

it has the same shit moral as sakurasou
if you have talents, you're golden, if not, get fucked

Now that's the kind of twisted logic Nietzsche fought against. Fuck off with that slave morality.

People who are mediocre or inferior have this ressentiment to those who are better than them.

It's like sheep proclaiming divine judgment to the glorious birds of prey.

>Abusing your talents?
That's funny. I call that restricting oneself because society deems strength and capability as sin.

I know someone's going to bring up the results of taking Nietzsche's philosophy too seriously. Before anyone does, WWII was an example of someone MISINTERPRETING Nietzsche's argument.

>People who are mediocre or inferior
You sound like a fun person to be around, user. I bet you think you are more intelligent than most people and browse Cred Forums

I don't consider myself to be the smartest. When I meet someone smarter than me- someone who knows more. I try to learn from them and try to be better than I already am instead of developing some kind of resentiment towards them.

What's wrong with striving to be the best you can be?

And Cred Forums is stupid.

The All Lies were the true Nietzscheans of WW2.

Not him, but do you actually believe all people are equal? All the various talents they have, equal? The effort they put into using those talents, equal?

He used an edgy word but you didn't refute his point.

Honestly I'm tired of anons being anti intellectuals and posting fedora tipping instead actually thinking about the content of the argument theyre replying to and formulating a proper counter-argument.

tl;dr you don't know about nietzsche's work? don't fucking reply to someone talking about nietzsche's work.

This site is 18+

Considering all the bullshit psychic powers are capable of why can't Mob do something as simple as use his psychic powers to work out his muscles? He could easily give himself perfect muscles that way.

You guy are all idiots. Reigen was right. Claw got fucked by the police in the end. So much for their supernatural abilities. One fucking bomb and their done.

You can't beat the system with your talents.

>Not him, but do you actually believe all people are equal? All the various talents they have, equal?
You are your own protagonist user. Well I sure hope you are at least. Some "valuable" talents for some people are absolutely stupid and pointless for other people.

Read the mango. Muscles trained the right way > muscles from psychic power.

So since you never read it you're what, twelve?

Oh and let me guess, you're another one of those misinterpreting him to actually advocate for nihilism thus appealing to edgy teenagers. What he really does is build on top of nihilism and says its something we need to outgrow, which is something you would agree with apparently, and advocates existentialism.

tl;dr you're proving my point, i'm not even mad.

You should probably finish your AP Lit paper on Gay Science for Monday, instead of posting.

Mob's just a kid, jeeze user.

He'll figure that out eventually.

There's no "singular moral" to Mob. It differs per arc/character

In terms of the claw fucks, don't blame the society for your problems if you forsake it without even trying to integrate to it. Also, stop acting like someone with a heavy case of Chuunibyou

in terms of Teru, The world doesn't exist to lick your ass. Feel free to use your gifts, but don't do it to belittle others.

For Ritsu, the end doesn't always justify the means, in Onigawara's case.

For Mob, God given talent is not a card in life. You need to put in the effort, ygreenada yada. And also, it's fine to run away and rely on your friends, mentor, etc. And he's not done.

It's funny how Digibro immediately got the message and shat on all the retards in this thread.

You're completely wrong.

The whole theme of MP100 is about society and interactions of people. It has nothing to do with talents.

You can use your talents to climb to the top of the system. Most of the elite would give their left arm to have a powerful psychic as a attack dog, if you reach that point you can basically live like a god and never have to worry about law or the rat race, those problems are for the peons.

That dodges the question though. There are some talents or qualities that, as a society, we value.

But regardless, the point I've been trying to make using Nietzsche is that it is not the responsibility of the individual to limit themselves strictly out of consideration of other people's insecurities.

That's not to say being insecure about something is wrong. It happens. We all feel that we aren't meeting our expectations about something.

It's how people react to this feeling that is wrong. We shouldn't hold others back due to our insecurities. We shouldn't hate individuals who are better than us.

Instead we should use it as an opportunity to learn and develop ourselves NOT have resentiment towards others.

There's nothing wrong with trying to be the best you can be.

What are you even saying, user? May you clarify?

Yeah and training like Rocky will give you better muscles than training in a gym.
>Read the mango
No thanks, not a fan of arbitrary bullshit.

Trips confirm

The theme is just because youre good at something doesn't mean you're better than everyone else

>The theme is just because youre good at something doesn't mean you're better than everyone else

But that does make me better than everyone else, idiot, and I have the right to demonstrate that discrepancy in my every aspect in my life.

That's the very idea of being "better." Christ, Nietzsche is turning in his grave.

>That dodges the question though. There are some talents or qualities that, as a society, we value.
Are you implying that there is only one society with only one point of view? Even in America, do you think that there is only one "society" in America?

The moral of Mob Psycho is grow up and don't be a dipshit.

It only makes you better at that one thing. And that one thing could be viewed as pointless by other people. What would you do, then. Use your talent to impose your will on other people? Such a bother.

What is the psychic attack dog gonna do when you get nuked?
Police/Military > YOU

Satan spoke

Digi's you have to work hard and no one owes you anything analysis is right on target, but there's way more to mob psycho than just that

>shonen character becoming more mature

You're talking to a high-schooler that cites Nietzsche, after he's been thorougly whipped and refuted by his contemporaries and modern philosophers, even by the memelord Zizek.

He'll grow out of it, like we all did.

I'm not saying you aren't right to a degree, I'm just saying "that's the theme of mob psycho" retard

Where do the Police/Military get their orders?

>Spend 10 episodes

7. Claw is introduced in Episode 8.

Also how is that a bad thing? If Claw was introduced in Episode 1, that would mean that the whole story is about stopping Claw.

No there are multiple sub-cultures or groups. But that doesn't matter. There will always be groups of people who share similar values. It's this fact that the discussion of humility or pride or resentiment is stemmed from.

From ourselves. We don't follow shit leader who wants to destroy the world. Don't compare real military from retard who got recruited forcefully.

>Yeah I don't get the message it tries to convey.

The protruding nail gets hammered in.

Being the best at something means standing out, and no good Japanese should ever willingly stand out.

Congratulations. You missed the point entirely, and you're the exact type of individual that the show criticizes.

That's nearly the opposite of the point mob psycho tries to make.

I swear to god are you fucking retarded? It isn't THAT hard to understand. How stupid do you have to be to be outsmarted by a fucking anime show for teenagers.

You aren't providing a counter-argument.

There's a lot about Nietzsche's philosophy that I certainly don't agree with. But there's a lot that I believe he got right.

But that's because existentialism, as a philosophy, if more complicating than how you are reducing it to.

Read Kierkegaard too if you want to learn more about these perspectives.

Mob doesn't even try to hide that he's an Esper though. He showed it to Reigen as a kid with no care, he doesn't care to disguise it on exorcising missions to normal people, he doesn't care to hide it from the telepathy club, body improvement club, or even the annoying reporter chick.

He just doesn't act like cunt, unlike a lot of people with psychic powers.

Why would you ever want to read something about philosophy?

I think that trying to be a better person is something you have to do on your own.
Reading philosophy is like watching walkthrough of videogames on youtube or using a cheatcode.

What's the fucking point?

The moral is that even if you're gifted with some superpower, you're still emotionally vulnerable and susceptible to poor life decisions like every other human. And you can't avoid that shit no matter how talented you are.


You aren't just supposed to accept what you read as true and complete. It is a perspective you add to your own.

That's japanese society for ya, if you study a bit of Japan, you will see not even subtle mindset behind this story, be happy and enjoy your miserable life, and if something goes wrong, it's definetly your fault, because you didn't work hard enough!

What are you even saying.

I'm not arguing that you have to read philosophy i order to be a better person.

I used Nietzsche as a reference because the thematic interpretation of Mob Psycho in this thread is relevant to his work.

I'm just saying that a lot of ideas presented in this thread align with the concept of resentiment that Nietzsche spoke of.

And I think it's wrong to limit oneself due to some kind of indoctrination that demands a kind of self loathing humility.

>yfw Mob is more mature the 20+ year olds on a mongolian image board

That was not the message. The message was that even thoug you have some sort of talent that puts you above other people, that does not make you more important or superior to those people. It just makes you talented at something. Regardless how talented you are, you are still just a person, and you shouldn't look down on others because of it. How did you not get this?

Nothing you can't get by reflecting about things on your own.

It just accelerates the processus. And honestly, I only saw people claiming that they have read philosophy to do some namedrop in front of their friends or love interests.

When I ask those people to explain their point without using any name, they rarely manage to get their argument across.

You're the fucking idiot here

say you are the best actor/politician in the world. Ok thats good, you have those talents and you made them the very best. But people still need to rely on each other, so while you're the best at being an actor/politician you're probably shit at being a doctor or cooking

Just because you're amazing at something doesn't mean you're better then others... try to act all smug when you get fucked in an accident and have to rely on a doctor to patch your ass

>and if something goes wrong, it's definetly your fault, because you didn't work hard enough!

The japanese mentality is more about "something bad happened to you? Yeah, deal with it you little bitch instead of bothering other people with your faggotery".
That's the most anti-tumblr shit you can get.

Of course all people are equal under the law, our whole civilazation depends on this notion. Thats all what is meant by that phrase. Of course there are tasks and qualitys some people excel at and some others who seem to be below average in everything. That still doesnt mean that those people arent equal to you as a human being and dont deserve respect and dignity.

>20+ year olds
But we're all little girls here, user.

You built a strawman and are now attacking it for no reason whatsoever. Who told you that you have to limit yourself? Where did you get that idea from?

He's literal autistic retard, he can't even form his own opinion.
If he used his power properly most of problems he has faced never would exist to begin with.
>refuses to bitchslap Teru and then cries out when he was unable to handle his "true" power
>thought that obviously fake love letter is real therefore creating this whole situation to begin with
>actually think some slut will love him because he will be able to run fast or grow some muscles
>could onepunch claw members and not allow dangerous situation where everyone could be killed because his idiot of a "teacher" to run like a little girl.
Real mature, yeah.
He just a fucking idiot, he and his brother reminds of whiney spoiled brats who cries about how their lives are so shit, because they are uncapable to understand how lucky they are.

Then stop talking about nietzsche and just use his arguments to make a point. Telling people to read something up just to get what you are saying is just asking them to prove themself wrong. Um Gottes willen.

I will grant you that people frequently just namedrop instead of actually making arguments (regardless whose argument it is).

However I absolutely disagree with your basic premise that one EVER thinks "on their own". Everything you know is contingent on humanity's collective knowledge and all you can really claim is you can learn about philosophy without reading philosophy books, but you still need to be taught language in the first place, then you need to interact with other people and learn the rest through conversation.

I get the point you're trying to get across, I am also mostly a layman that didn't read much actual philosophy. You're just framing it wrong. Academic philosophy might not be necessary but collaborating with other people and using their thoughts absolutely is. Even thinking about "who" is thinking is going the wrong direction, an argument stands on its own merits.

OP was exclaiming how that was the message of Mob Psycho. "to handicap yourself"

I never exclaimed anyone to read Nietzsche.

I referenced him.

I agree but I make the distinction between "equal" and "equivalent". We shouldn't dehumanize humans, duh. Doesn't mean all humans are equal.

>something bad happened to you? Yeah, deal with it you little bitch instead of bothering other people with your faggotery
That's something an edgy kid would say, just like bringing tumblr/sjw or whatever popular internet maymays out of nowhere.

Whew user, aren't you insecure and triggered. Mob is immature but at least he established his morals properly and has a guide to help him. He'll get out of where he is right now and won't turn to Cred Forums or in his case 2ch or 2chan, which ever works, because he has reigen with him.

>all those philistines ITT

How do you misunderstand the point of MP100 this hard. It fucking beats you over the head with its message. Or are you disagreeing with the idea that being born with psychic powers doesn't mean you should style yourself as a god?

I did say that people who want to criticize nietzsche should read him first, or alternatively refrain from making judgements one way or the other. Of course if you cite an argument from nietzsche the other person can respond directly to that argument, but I was telling the above to someone misrepresenting nietzsche in general rather than giving a specific counter argument.

Agree, we are equal but we are also not. I guess if we were the world would be a way more boring place. I mean Humans came to be, what we are through specializing in different areas. No one can be the best in everything.

You should ask the Nietzsche guy. He knows how much of a superior being he is. You can see how he keeps pressing enter for every line he makes.

Then you're not making any kind of point, and saying useless babble. Of course each and every human is different. Saying that being better at a thing makes you a superior human being (which by the way runs counter to your distinction of equal and equivalent) betrays a serious lack of comprehension of the human condition, AT BEST.

>hating on master that gives autistic esper with uncontrollable power good advice


Get rid of those shoulderpads and grow up.

Being the best you can be =/= oppressing others supposedly weaker than you.

That's an important distinction.

My claim is that viewing merit or strength as insulting is also wrong.

This goes back to OP's: If you're born with amazing talents then you should handicap yourself so you don't rock the boat.

I am not for oppression. I am also not for ressentiment.

>But people still need to rely on each other,
People are not relying on each other, they use each other, for their own benefit, and there's always someone who's more useful then you and have more benefit from society then you, they don't rely on others, others rely on them.

I think the characters were too straight forward with their intention. It could have been more subtle.

Nietzsche said that you cannot consider yourself better than others unless a civilization could be composed solely of people like you.

That disqualifies anybody who has an obsession with being the strongest because they would all kill each other.

Everyone relies on someone, even if they don't know it. If all the garbage collectors in the city just up and decided to quit tomorrow, your society would turn to shit as garbage collects everywhere
this is exactly whats happened in Italy. Be a big shot politician all you want... if the lower class refuses to do anything then you get fucked

I interpreted it as a person being more than the sum of their parts, and even if you've got some kind of amazing talent in something that doesn't mean you should stop working on improving yourself in other ways, especially the ways that you are deficient in. Also, try to live a life in line with your values.

If a human being stops trying, stops being challenged, and stops making themselves better at things they can become stunted, fall into a rut, or develop some kind of complex. This isn't far from what has happened to Mob, though it is combined with a significant emotional trauma.

It isn't about never using your talents, it is about using your talents where they are appropriate.

Example: Have you ever noticed that some people who are really good at something will only ever try to talk about it and often change the subject to it even when it is obvious the person they're talking to isn't interested. Those people often get frustrated and sometimes even hostile in these situations.

Conclusion: They have stunted social skills because they expect that their competence in their field will always get them over with other people.

The easy solution to this problem is "never be in a situation where your skills aren't useful". This is bullshit because those situations will occur with alarming regularity.

Maybe I'm expecting too much from Cred Forums. I haven't known many people that frequent here to be well rounded and emotionally developed.

>waahh wahhh please notice how intellectually superior I am
What exactly are you trying to prove in Cred Forums of all places user? Aren't you supposed to be attending your college boy?

No there's a difference between something that is subjective and something that doesn't exist at all. You need a frame of reference to claim superiority but that doesn't mean superiority doesn't exist (btw I'm not the other guy that said superiority in the first place).

He should've expanded on master-slave morality. If we take the frame of money, capitalism is master morality and communism is slave morality. Capitalism lets people win and become rich if they deserve it (within the system's rules, not like objectively), communism brings everyone down to the lowest common denominator. Communists hate rich people, capitalists admire rich people.

I also disagree with the other nietzsche-poster that Mob Psycho IS advocating slave morality. I think Reigen is just saying that we shouldn't dehumanize other people even if we're stronger or smarter than them, and the only thing I disagree with him is claiming everyone has some talents. No, some people suck at everything, but they shouldn't be dehumanized either. They shouldn't be given jobs they're unqualified for, they shouldn't be celebrated, but they shouldn't be hated or mistreated.

I have no Saturday classes. Is it wrong to discuss things on Cred Forums? I'm not trying to prove anything other than my point.

What do you want on Cred Forums instead of this? Shitposting?

Of course the brilliant mathematician doesnt rely on anyone. He build his house on his own, knows how to knit his clothes. Can speak fluently every language there is to trade things with other people and by the way grows his own crops and slaughters his own cattle.
No you fucking idiot, you rely on people and hopefully you develop a skill so people can rely on you too. Our whole pension system works exactly through this foundation.

Good point about Mob Psycho. I haven't considered that.

I retract my claim that Mob Psycho advocates slave morality.

>aren't you insecure and triggered.
By founding mob story/morals to be incredibly stupid and hypocrite? I guuess.
>he established his morals properly
He didn't establish anything, he is simply doing what others told him to do, he didn't come up to any of his morals on his own.
>He'll get out of where he is right now and won't turn to Cred Forums or in his case 2ch 2chan
He's getting nowhere, just like all those delusional beta cuks who desperately trying to fit in.
>because he has reigen with him.
Reigen is a 29 years fraud, whose only friend is highschool boy with esper powers, which he told to no use his powers only because he wanted to protect himself from mob if he find out that he's a fraud.
Yeah, this guys know's what's up.

Also Mob clearly admires Reigen, his brother, the body improvement club etc. I see very little resentment by non-villains.

There's a thin line between decent discussion and making discussion bent on jacking yourself off. And you've pretty much crossed it. Putting less airs would be much preferable especially when you're referencing Nietzsche. Because to me, you seem like a stupid fedora tipping kid drunk with his own ego because he read a few philosophy books.

Well a Human being that is not mentally diabled or disabled in some other way. Has the potential to become anything he wants to through hardwork and a bit of luck.

Using others=/=relying on others.
Because one can easily replace his pawns, and others don't.

>he is simply doing what others told him to do, he didn't come up to any of his morals on his own
Neither did you, neither did everyone since the beginning of time. You are always born into something and then try to give it your own personal touch. Some give it a greater touch than others but still.

>he didn't come up to any of his morals on his own.
Welcome to the human race I guess.

>If all the garbage collectors in the city just up and decided to quit tomorrow
They won't, because they need whatever shit of a job they have right now, otherwise they won't be doing this job to begin with.
Or even if they do quiet, somebody will replace them.

Doesnt matter what pedantic terminology you are using, the smart guy would be dead or couldnt waste all of his life studying, if he had to do all this shit on his own. Call it, he relys on other people or whatever you want, if it makes you feel superior. Just wanted to tell that you arent.

Everyone was using their psychic powers as a crutch, and refusing to grow as people, except for Mob who refused to rely on his psychic powers and only wants to better himself as a person. You see other characters switch to this mentality as the show continues, with "matured" characters focusing on self growth and improvement.
The entire moral is to constantly improve yourself. Psychic powers can do everything, and if you use them for everything then every other aspect of you is going to be neglected and worthless. You will be nothing more than your psychic talents.

There's never going to be a human being only relied on by others and who never need to rely on someone else. Eventually we'll all end up old and needing someone to change our diapers.

That's not true user.
Mob is able to use his psychic power all he wants as long as he doesn't hurt anyone, use it to cheat and doesn't get a big head about it.
You shouldn't try to use your psychic powers on people because there are generally better ways to get out of a situation.

I even gave you a real world example you dumb ass


>bu-bu-but muhhhh super special philosophy

>he didn't establish anything, he is simply doing what others told him to do, he didn't come up to any of his morals on his own.
I don't know how you exactly define morals but he did have morals of his own even though it was from other people. He stood by it even at the cost of himself. It even allowed him to join the body improvement club to show that he makes a distinction between a good decision or not.

>He's getting nowhere, just like all those delusional beta cuks who desperately trying to fit in.
He is trying to fit in but he has good peers (body improvement club, teru, reigen, family, etc.) and those would easily guide him to a better life. Sure, he won't be a hit with the ladies but he'll be a healthy adult in the future because he's surrounded by good people.

>Reigen is a 29 years fraud, whose only friend is highschool boy with esper powers, which he told to no use his powers only because he wanted to protect himself from mob if he find out that he's a fraud.
Reigen is a fraud and a shitty person in general. But he's a good person with a good set of principles despite his occupations. You see, when you have a kid who's capable of harming other people with his powers, you prevent that. It isn't to protect himself or some other shit. Because in the first place, if he wanted to really lead Mob in the wrong way, he would've used him in different means that will trouble other people especially when he was still an impressionable kid.

>Teru was good at sports, got good grades and was popular but because he didn't do it the 'right' way he had to stop

He doesn't though. He's still smart, fit, and popular. He just stopped acting like a kid with chuunibyou.

What model is this? I think it's a Lexus

>Neither did you, neither did everyone since the beginning of time
Maybe if you are literal imbecile who is uncapable of coming to certain conclusions of your own, humans came up with ideas even if they never heard of those before, even if those ideas or morals existed long before they even born.
Besides, even if you just follows someone else ideas without coming with those on your own, it's still something you decide for yourself, whenever you agree with those or not.

Teru wasn't good at those things, he was a fraud. He used his powers to appear better than others.

The value of self-improvement never developed in these mongs. Why do you think they spell all their time watching chinese cartoons?

Aren't you special then? Pray tell me, how our morals differ from the middle ages?

>didn't even watch the show

And we are talking about the scenerio where no one is replacing this Job and you have to pick up your shit on your own. You rely on these people to function properly. Thats how our society works and will do so forever.


I take issue with the word "talent" because in most cases it is a result of a lot of effort not mere luck. However humans are not born as blank slates, this is scientifically proven. We are variously susceptible to addiction, we have different IQs, we have different physical potential. We can all improve and be pretty fucking awesome, but 1. for whatever reason most will not put in that effort and 2. the upper limit of our potential is not the same both due to genetics and external factors like place of birth and people we interact with.

It is logistically impossible to replace all garbage collectors in a city fast enough to prevent the city from becoming a dump, the sheer amount of trash produced by a single modern household is too high. Garbage strikes are almost always successful, second in impact only to emergency service worker strikes.

The Christmas Strike of '81 is proof that nobody can stand more than 2 months with nobody to move their crap, and that even the most hardline municipal government will give in eventually.

If you're not going to say anything above shitposting-tier, stop commenting.

If psychics existed they would rule the world.

What's the matter faggot? Maybe you should to reddit instead.

Plus it's not like he just stopped being popular. Even though he cut all ties with the delinquents in his school he still got his street cred and the girls still want his D.

Weak bait.

>t. Ishiguro

>marriage isn't for political gain
>death sentence is frowned upon
>all about the individual rather than serving a feudal lord
>lynchings are bad
>letting your progeny be happy and fullfilled is better than them living a safe life taking care of the family farm after you die
>dead people on the streets warrants a response
To be clear, I'm talking about first-world countries. Third-World countries are basically medieval and Second-World are just barely struggling to stay above it.

>ITT: people wearing shoulderpads


The thing is for now with our scientific understanding, cant make out what makes someone successful or a genius. If we had two babies and said that both of them would be brought in the same way. Then the upper limit, the potentail so to pseak, is unknown and will only be known if the kids really tried to come close to it. Thats why i think that in theory everyone from birth has the potential to become anything. Is it likely? No, but one should still try.

>What's the matter faggot?
The problem is that literally nothing you have said this entire thread has conveyed anything even remotely resembling an intelligent or coherent thought. You've just attacked the one guy ceaselessly for "being intellectual" or some shit even though he isn't carrying himself in a particularly haughty way or acting outstandingly snobby at all.
Your comments amount to literally nothing, they accomplish zilch, they don't benefit yourself or others in any conceivable way, and they waste board space. Reevaluate your life.

What are you even talking about?

Condescending miser.

Mob can't get what he wants with his powers. He's a socially awkward, physically weak individual who wants to better himself. His only talent is in psychic power which the girl he likes isn't interested in. She likes big muscles and confidence, so Mob joins the body improvement club to obtain those two qualities. If he relied on his powers for everything, he wouldn't improve as a person. He even says that the reason he has no physical strength is that he used his psychic powers for everything.

The villan espers in the story used their powers for everything, and it's soon made abundantly clear how painfully weak and immature they are when they lose their one advantage over normal people.

You can be as talented as you want, but it means precisely jack shit without personal effort.

Trash collectors are allowed to do this, if not, they will not even think about such possibility, not to mention that eventually they still will return to their job or somebody will replace them.
It's nothing more then an illusion of freedom, a distraction, they think if they do something like that they have power to do something, but in the end, they are pawns, if somebody with guns decided that they don't need those peasants, they are fucked, politics don't give two shits about any of that, it will not change their own personal lifestyle, it's only affect other average people.
Do you understand? or is it too hard to comprehend?

>Reevaluate your life
I totally will now! I appreciate your words.

>user supporting your argument

As technology advances the rich rely less and less on the poor. Soon robots will be able to perform most menial tasks.
Only the plebeians have to work together because they are weak.

They are still human. So they are still prone to all the things that fuck normal humans up like Love, Greed and Jealousy being one of the biggest. Also if it was possible to become a psychic, facilities like the one in Claw would be state funded everywhere. I actually am suprised that the government in Mob Psycho didnt try to take him away yet. Akira style.

>I'm super special because I have a gun
>implying others can't just get guns
>implying your special status a noble protects you from the eventual rioting
>implying your military 'pawn's you call them wont just do a coup` and then over throw you too

No one is special, but you're too stupid to understand this

I think a talent is just a skill that people have figured out the trick of significantly faster than their peers and worked on with that higher level of understanding as an anchoring point.

Like some people with a talent for drawing put in a shitload of effort just like everyone else, but early on they happened to turn on (often accidentally) the big switch in their brain that allowed them to “see” things with that spatial process of the brain that allows them to accurately recreate things on paper.

If that person were to stop trying to hone their skill, their peers (classmates in a drawing class for example) would eventually reach the same level and surpass them. It might take weeks, it might take years. Most people who try to learn how to draw give up before they learn how to “see” properly.

Another example is the “talent” of boxing, as in the skill of fundamentally understanding the distance of your opponent and judging intent from the movement of their entire body from that of their upper torso and head (never look down when boxing).

Smells like pol spirit.

what do the rich do when all the engineers and robot builders decide to revolt?

again this getting back to the point that no matter how rich and powerful you are, you can't be good at everything and will need others to do what you cannot.

You still only build on something that has been there before, what influence did you have on your culture, can i google you? Funny guy. Especially you nowadays, so much influence from the TV and Internet. None of your thoughts are special, you choose to follow certain ones that are already well established. Also why get so angry.

Smells like someone too dumb to understand words and instead relies on who is using them.

The problem with that statement is that the poor would probably cease to exist.

Then you will be left with "the rich" and the robots.

At which case they cease to be "the rich" and just become lazy understimulated fuckers that don't do anything, which a lot of them already are.

>My claim is that viewing merit or strength as insulting is also wrong.
Reigen never, ever does that, nor does he ever advocate for killing one's own potential: in episode 5 he clearly states that being proud of what you are is fine as long you don't get conceited, and in episode 6 he explains to Mob that "suppressing himself" and gives examples of how his psychic powers can be (and already are) used for good.
Similarly he doesn't call out the Scar guys for being gifted or making use of their gift: he calls them out for being manchildren who hide behind their gifts to run away from reality and oppress those they deem to be below them.

You still rely on some fucking person to pick up your trash. You still rely on other people. You still need other people. You cant even function without other people. You would go insane if you had no one to talk to and no source of information.

>Love, Greed and Jealousy

Glad to discover that I am a super human.

I bet he doesn't understand how deeply people rely on each other to function in modern society. Unless you literally live in isolation on a farm, you can't talk shit.

ITT: autist arguing about chinese cartoon

user, people don't need others to do most of the shit they do, it's just easier this way, and useful for those who like to exploit others.

t. subhuman sociopath

Engineers and robots will never riot. They are cucks.

>LMAO I can't belive you guys discuss themes in ur hobby
>what a bunch of fgts amirite? LOL

I agree and I made the same point previously - basically pure originality doesn't exist. What I would like to add is that there is a difference between different kinds of persuasion. We can differentiate between advice, manipulation, coercion and plainly putting information out there and finding it by accident. Reigen is in a position to manipulate Mob but it seems to me what he's teaching him is his truly held beliefs so I think it counts as advice.

Doubt it, less people means more resources for the elite. Just as planned.

Not everyone live in first world country where everyone is helpless babies who can't do shit without others.

Yeah, until communism 2.0 comes along.


>people don't need others to do most of the shit they do
If by "most" you mean satisfying your most basic needs then I can agree. Otherwise most of the shit you do or own wouldn't exist if it weren't for the fact that at some point in time people got together and formed societies.

If you want to live in a civilized nation and waste your time on Cred Forums while your food is cooking in the microwave you better bet your ass you need other people. What foolish drivel is this. You cant do shit without other people. We humans are strong BECAUSE we rely on other people and get a good feeling when other people rely on us. I am talking about everything you use on the daily basis. I think you cant build a car on your own even if you learned how to do it for 10 years.

everyone has things they are good at; be it psychic powers, being popular, being good at talking to others, being strong, etc.

being good at one thing does not make your strength better than another person's, as we're all equipped to handle different situations that someone with a different skill may not be as well equipped to handle and vice versa.

basically nobody is better than someone else just because they have a different strength, the meaning of what power is can vary depending on the situation.

>red hair
>blue eyes
>green jacket
oh man

If you use any services that require the use of human labor, you're relying on people. It isn't about whether or not you can wipe your ass by yourself.

Reigen's moralfaggotry is extremely retarded and author constantly tries to push the idea that being good at something in this life is bad, you just should live a boring, gray, mediocre life among other mediocrities and forget about any form of ambition you have. Stopped reading manga when i understood this and hasn't touched it since.

Not even that if he didnt have the knowledge from people that came before him. Satisfying his basic needs would have taken everything he had if he was on his own.

You people completely misunderstood what I'm talking about.
There's a things that you come up on your own, through your own life experience, this can be similar to someone else experience, those who lived before and right now, you can find that there's idea that you also come up with, by going through certain experience, not because you heard about it once and it's changes you perspective.
People hardly associate with something they didn't experienced themselves, so to follow someone else's morals or ideas, you need your own reasons to follow them, unless you are mindless sheep who just do whatever people told you to do.

The moral is that you shouldn't let your talents dictate who you are, and they aren't a free ticket to being a better person.

You didn't grow that corn you bought from the marketplace, Pedro. You're a motor mechanic, not a farmer.

>people don't need others to do most of the shit they do
I would really prefer not to be a subsistence farmer with dysentery, but if that's the kind of life you want go ahead dude.

As I said at first, I do get the point you're trying to make. I remember when I first figured out some philosophical concepts then later found out other people already thought about it the same way. It felt more rewarding to come to my own conclusion and have it coincide with something a great mind of the past thought, as opposed to having the concept explained to me by others.

What I disagree with is firstly that you're starting from the middle not the beginning. There are underlying reasons why you think the specific way you think and come to the conclusions you do. You acquired these mental tools and these principles from your past interactions with other people.

Secondly it is not necessarily sheepish to accept what other people tell you. It is possibly egotistical to refuse what other people tell you simply because they're not You. The first thing I said is one should not simply accept what they read in a [philosophy] book, you do need to think for yourself. However once you confirm that something makes sense to you it is irrelevant to the something's truth who came up with it or how you came about to learn it (an argument stands on its own merits). The only real difference is you may internalize and remember something you develop by yourself rather than memorize from a book, as well as feeling good about yourself, but it doesn't make it any more true than what someone else can tell you.

>new chapter releases
>people would rather argue about what they think the story wants to teach you
Dimple is really good at manipulation man, he gives Mob exactly what he wants now.

welcome to capitalism, where your day at work pays for tens of thousands of people to do a little bit of work for you

your typical mcdonalds burger is a testament to the amount of cooperation people are capable of. this is the most popular video of someone actually going through the process of making something from scratch.

there probably isn't a single human with the expertise to put together a no.2 pencil from raw resources, not to mention the computer you're looking at.

Claw isn't even that important to the story, it's just one arc of it.

Hell the manga just got done with the arc where all of Claw is taken out for good and the series is still going.

2 arcs, and the currect arc is the direct result of the finale from the second one

>Claw isn't even that important to the story, it's just one arc of it.
That's not true.

Mob should learn how to use his power and gain some benefit from it, or at least try to make world a bit better place, it would make some sense if he mob was bored with his power so he wanted to do things hard way, to feel like he's actually acheive something on his own, not because he "cheated".
But instead he's just an idiot who can't realize what he can really do, even in OPM, Saitama brag about how boring it is being strongest living being on the planet, yet he don't even try to find some good use for his power other than just beating the shit out of monsters or bad guys.
This is what really japanese people are these days, zero ambitions and imagination, why bothering to change things for best? why trying reaching the top? it's better just to find a girlfriend and some job.

Let me ask you a hypothetical question.

Would you rather have your decision making abilities improved by some percentage (any - irrelevant) OR would you want an AI device that tells you what is the perfect decision (imagine such a thing exists)?

The point is to ask whether you value the quality of the decision or the source of the decision. I would gladly defer my own judgement to something that could do the job better, at least for all important decisions I might still think about irrelevant stuff for myself. Of course in reality completely relying on someone or something else to think for you is incredibly dangerous, so this is just a hypothetical.

the moral of the story is if you are talented at something dont put yourself above others. become a person that trives to be a better person in multiple facets in life and dont be an autist

>or at least try to make world a bit better place
That's exactly what Dimple is doing now in the manga, and personally I wouldn't want to live in this world.

That's the fucking point. It shouldn't be okay for people to get away that shit just because they have a particular talent

Very ableist of you.


Truth of the Devil, truth from the depths of hell.

Don't what manga you guys have been reading. Reigen literally says in episode 6/chapter 20 that Mob's powers aren't a bad thing and that he shouldn't run away from them.
Hell, accepting that Mob's powers can be used to help people "to live" is the whole point of Courage. Clearly suppressing one's talent isn't what ONE is advocating.

money can buy you a lot in life, but it doesn't help with personal relationships. it will get you access to a different group of people, but it won't make those people your friends, it's not going to make your crush fall in love with you, and after a certain amount, money doesn't make you any happier.

a rich kid could totally buy his grades instead of studying, buy groupies instead of learning to connect with people, etc. but eventually you get bored of getting new sports cars or want to talk to someone who isn't a yes man, then what? cocaine

You're giving him too much credit. He's just doing what he's always been trying to do i.e. becoming a God. It's just that Shigeo has now become part of his plans because he had the chance to witness all the potential this kid has (my guess would be that there's also a part of him that really did warm up to Mob and he truly has no desire to fight him).

Reigen uses Mob's power for his own benefit, he's not teaching him anything, he just gain profit and telling Mob not to use powers against other people only because he don't want Mob to be a treat for him, not to mention that Mob can use his power without hurting anyone, instead it's retarded stuff about how killing is bad cuz it's bad, as if Mob using his power only means kill and destroy.
Don't forget that manga is also ironic, Reigen is kinda parody of those mentors who teach protags good things, but in reality he's not really a person Mob should look at as example.

Reigen will say anything to keep Mob nearby, he needs him to not get exposed for a pathetic con man he is. His core philosophy is not changed by this in any way.

Oh you haven't read the manga? You didn't read the Reigen arc? Then shut the fuck up fucking retarded fag.

Here's my take on it. What Mob said to him at the beginning of the arc really affected him.
Back when Dimple was introduced, he had no idea what to do once he becomes god.
Mob asks Dimple why he is always trying to do evil things, and instead of a comedic reaction we get a stonefaced dimple that just leaves.
The following chapters all the people that get brainwashed tell Mob how great it is, because they're finally peaceful.
It's objectivly a better world, but the price is your freedom. Dimple can control you any way he wants and he forces happiness.
He already tried to do it before with his cult, but this is a whole another level of it. The thing about Dimple is, he is really good at giving people what they want. Remember Shigeo? Now look at the current chapter 96.7.

I wonder how Dimple was alike when he was alive and why he was such a powerful spirit. When Mob rekts him he is undeniably strong, just not strong enough for Mob.

His powers aren't useless, he just an autist who don't know what to do with those powers.
Hell even Deimple said that straight, it's not like Mob is a saint to begin with, he just want some slut to fall for him, there's no difference between her falling for him because he has psychic powers or because he's "FAST", so Mob working out is not noble cause, it's just about dumb kid who can't think about more simple ways to reach the girl, even without psychic powers.

Watch the very end of the ED, everything is in black&white for Reigen until he meets up with Mob when his world suddenly becomes full of color. It's not impossible to be a con man and good mentor.

> he doesn't read the manga

Reigen is not a con man. He's a strong esper in the past and because he's too strong he sealed his powers. He doesn't want Mob to be like him and melt everyone around him when he uses powers.

Reigen arc just prove that he is pathethic man who rely on highschooler to gain profit, he didn't care about mob's life whatsoever, which is shown in moments when Mob was doing something outside of his part time duty, like joining the club, hanging out with friends or telling Mob thet it's immpossible for him to "get a clue".
Even without that, telling mob not to use his power against the others is retarded regardless, just like that shit about "not killing" from Trigun.

He is not a simple con man. He makes his client happy. He cheats them in a good way. He doesn't profit from the hardship of his clients, he helps them.

He is just a strange psychologist, not a con man.

But Teru has friends, girls, good grades, etc.

Meanwhile, Mob sucks at EVERYTHING. Without his powers Mob would be the most boring MC ever.

He's benefitting from people being stupid.
He could just tell people that their problems are not a work of a ghost or curse, but instead he used them for his own gain, and that's what a con man is.

Teru didn't have real friends they pointed this out, in contrast to the fitness bros

>As in you shouldn't base your entire identity on what you can do well.
So I guess all well known scientists, musicans, artists etc where not living their life correctly.

>imbecile doesn't even understand what he's watching, even if it's a simple show like Mob
>t-the show is shit!
Wow, what a surprise. Just retire yourself from any and all discussion on this board, for the rest of time. Kay Thx.

Chronologically, mob suchs at everything BECAUSE of his powers. He had that ??? accident and decided to become autistic to prevent it in the future (overcompensating). Teru never had any trauma from his powers so he developed normally - well until he met Mob which was a little traumatic but he also got advice how to resolve it.

"It is easier to manipulate people than convince them they are being manipulated"
-Mark Twain, probably

Surprisingly relevant. Point being, have you ever successfully convinced someone to abandon their superstitions?

Except he actually charges less than an actual massage session.

You aren't self sufficient, and if we're were a self sufficient hermit living only on the things you personally invented and learned on your own you wouldn't survive very long. I hate people usually and try to avoid human contact but even I can acknowledge that I would not have been able to raise my standard of living to what it currently is on my own.

Teru looked down on everyone because he had his powers, his cheating to make his life better wasn't the issue. He put himself above the human race.

Teru's life relied on one thing and one thing only. His only good point was his psychic abilities, everything else about his being was pretty shit. Mob showed him how to become more well rounded. As a result Teru won't grow into the same kind of megalomaniac as the most of the Claw upper eschelon.

>make a story about people with superpowers and make them constantly fight
>while telling that using superpowers is boring/pointless don't really give you anything
Why even bother? nobody watched or read Mob/OPM for it's "engaging story" or morals, people literally follow those for plain as day action and violence, neither mob or opm would reach their popularity if they didn't have any of those.

lol, if you only watched the anime. he doesn't blindly follow Reigen, he even knows he's a fake but doesn't care because he's a good person who gives sound advice.

That one thing gave him everything he could ever only dream about, while mob barely managing just to keep up with muscle bros.
What's wrong with that? it's like saying someone who is a good at singing shouldn't sing and make his life good because of that.

>nobody watched or read Mob/OPM for it's "engaging story" or morals
I did, go fuck yourself. The Keiji Mogami Arc is one of my favorite parts in manga in general, and not because of the action or humor.

In Mob's case, the manga has shit action and it became wildly popular nonetheless. Enough to make an anime adaptation

Don't talk shit if you know jack shit, worthless cunt. Off yourself.

Mogami and Reigen arcs are fan favorites and there's little fighting involved in the former and absolutely none in the latter.

>Kay Thx
Retire yourself to Reddit, or whatever fucking garbage heap you crawled out from.

I followed Mob when it was not even translated.
Reigen is a con man, Mob is a naive social retard, of course he would follow Reigan because con man knows how to manipulate people, let alone dumb kids who trust others way too much.

Your English is fucking atrocious. Please don't try to sound profound when you can barely speak this board's language.

Trying to make the world better means you'll end up like Mogami.

>I did
Sure you did, just like everyone else, they all did.
>become wildly popular
It wasn't popular on west outside of small part of people, like few threads on Cred Forums for fan translation, and in Japan it's popular because fujoshi.
Without any of that, no one would care about it's "deep story and characters", they enjoy their favorite gimmicks.

You're just viewing his advice from the most cynical angle, user. There's more nuance to Reigen than just the self-serving conartist we see on the surface level, otherwise he wouldn't be willing to sacrifice himself in the 7th Branch arc to preserve Mob's mental integrity, nor would he charge his clients for such low prices he barely has enough to make a living and give his 14 year old assistant some pocket money (on top of regularly treating him to lunch/dinner).

And like I said, in the page I linked Reigen literally spells out that Mob's powers aren't a bad thing and that he shouldn't try to "suppress himself". Encouraging his pupil to find value in what he is isn't bad advice in my books.

Alright then user.

Every single person who likes mob before the anime is a fujoshi. Yep.

>deep story and characters


It's not even Deep. It's pretty fucking straight forward as coming-of-age stories go.

But whatever the fuck you say I guess. People only like this shit because of the gimmicks yep. Nothing else.

Fucking cunt.

It's true, you can't prove otherwise.

Well, of course there were a few deepfags who try to pretend that this shounen is meaningful and mature, but it's 99% fujoshit.

Blame the mobile platform. How about you actually attempt to argue instead of shitposting.

Off yourself, cancer.

He's not singing to make his life good, he's making other's lives worse to make his life good, and concealing the true nature of his abilities in the process.

Who is more powerful between:

100% murderous intent Mobile
1000% Reigen

Good argument you edgy teenager. How about you get off that computer you didn't personally invent and build and go get your daily water from the nearest river. Hurry now or you won't get the hunting done before sunset.

That should be Mob. Not mobile
Thanks auto correct

ONE said in an interview:

Reigen(before he sealed his power) > serious Saitama > Reigen 1000% > ???% > 100% Boss > 100% Mob

le citation le needed le le

You might be on to something there. It does seem like Dimple has reflected on Mob's words and is trying to enforce a system in which him becoming a God doesn't come into conflict with the concept of a world where peacefulness and positivity thrive. In his mind, he's giving Mob everything he aspires to on a silver platter and does so in the most non-violent way possible, so what's there to complain about, really?
It also seems like he really wishes Mob would join and rule the world with him, which (along with his apparent effort to try and find an answer to Mob's complaints) does give credence to the idea that he did develop some kind of attachement for him over the course of the story. I'm really curious to see how this first encounter is gonna go down: I hope it doesn't get resolved to quickly.

>I wonder how Dimple was alike when he was alive and why he was such a powerful spirit. When Mob rekts him he is undeniably strong, just not strong enough for Mob.
Iirc Mogami already exorcised him once, so he might have been even stronger than what we saw of him during the (LOL) cult chapters.

How strong was Dimple (before mob melted him) compared to other espers like teru and claw members?

the message is don't be an asshole, asshole

The important question is whether or not they're going to point out WHY controlling people is wrong, or if they're just gonna glaze over it like most things do.

The issue with talent is it is not something that can be really measured as not all talents are equal and talent can be expressed in different ways.
In essence, there are about four basic types of talent when it comes to stuff that can have to be achieved through effort: high floor, fast starting comprehension, high ceiling and fast late comprehension.
The first is generally genetic, expressing in how people are naturally good at something without training, such as having a good sense of rhythm, quick reactions and such. They start out already at an advantage because they were born that way and are the "naturals".
The second is predisposition to acquiring certain skills, allowing the person to acquire proficiency at a much faster rate early on. These are the "prodigies"
The third and fourth are the kind of talents that are the hardest to measure because they can't be detected without a huge amount of effort being put in first.
The third is how high a level a person can reach in his skill as all people have their own limits. It can be the case that someone who displayed no initial talent eventually came to stand head and shoulders above his formerly recognized peers because they hit their bottlenecks earlier.
The fourth is usually less a talent and more the case of something "clicking" in the brain. Simply put, it's when all the accumulated base knowledge suddenly comes to make sense to a person, making it easy for him to progress quickly where other would be stumped.

It's honestly not wrong to assume that ALL people are talented at something, simply because and how many ways a talent can manifest and how most people probably never discover their talents.

Cant know for sure: only account on Dimple's power we got is from Dimple himself, and he always either ended up fighting against powerhouses or in a significantly weakened state.

This Op gets it.

Because it makes you an unhappy manchild piece of shit.
The espers who are controlling people are the examples of why it's wrong.

That's not why.

It looks like the current arc is going to cover exactly that question, even though it should be clear to anyone that trampling over other people's freedom for your own personal gain is morally fucked up on top of being absolutely illegal when it involves criminal activities such as kidnapping and terrorist attacks. Or maybe we should ask ourselves why what ISIS is doing is wrong too?

But most people don't know the logic behind it, and having a dogmatic approach to anything makes you liable to be manipulated.

No, it's not about being good at stuff. It's about ability vs character.
Teru was only liked for what he could do. He didn't have a single genuine friend who interacted with him outside of his social status as being book-smart and good at sports. He gets better later on and vows the become an Esper who can use two techniques at once and tries to be a better person while embracing his powers
Mob, on the other hand has friends who don't even know or care that he's a psychic. The difference is in interacting with people vs being used.
Its the difference between people talking to you once they see you have gum and never outside of that moment vs people hanging out with you because they like your company.
Mob was in a very particular situation since his powers are linked to his emotions. To prevent an accident, he has to bring down his emotions and, as a result, becomes disconnected from people. His goal is both self-improvement in his willpower via the Body Improvement Club as well as becoming more emotionally mature via Reigen
Teri and Ritsu are meant to be parallel characters to Mob to show how his powers are perceived and handled by other individuals. Mob isn't the pillar of morality and themes in this show like Saitama. He's still developing so coming to a healthy relationship with his psychic powers is part of his development later in the series too

The core of it is that he sat at the top as a king, where people spent time with him as a way of leeching off of his superiority.
But social interactions in the modern era are about more than your social standing: they're not about what you can do but about who you are.

It's classic Light Novel Protagonist syndrome: not interesting or especially pleasant to be around? Don't worry, people will still hang out with you if you're powerful because they can use you.

Mob actually has a similar issue with Reigen but Reigen genuinely cares for Mob and goes out of his way at various points to help him
In Japan, brown-nosing to the smartest and strongest is extremely common.

Mob wanted to be something else, not just always to rely on his physic powers, he wanted to find a way to improve himself and to become a better person, because if he will throw away his powers he would be nothing but commoner and if he gathers people around him by using his powers and influence only he will instantly lose them if those powers will gone(for example he recieves some fatal brain damage). Moral was that you should not just abuse your "gift" to gain profit while remaining hollow inside. It reminds me of those rich kids that have everything from the moment of their birth and mock everyone around them for not being this lucky.

He did survive the poison jar, and even after eating all those other spirits he was still a shrimp. He must have gathered a fuckload of power before Mob blew him up.

I think that the moral is not about supressing your talents or being mediocre but more about not being your talent, not making your talent the only think that matters in your life. Think about the smartass guy in your old school who has high grades and thinks to be better than the others just because of it or rich people thinking to be superior because of their wealth. Blonde Marge Simpson in fact was a shitty brat who relied on his powers to submit the other and he got upset when Mob told him that inside they are the same hollow useless shits. So by not measuring people just talent you learn to respect the others

you are a resentful idiot who will live a semi fulfilling life. Good for you, you'll achieve what you call happiness and will never regret your decisions.