First episode airs today. Fellow part-timers and wageslaves, get in here!

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Only 15 minutes to go
I can't believe a show I actually like is getting what essentially amounts to a fourth season. It's all very exciting

Does this count as a spin-off or a fourth season? Because if it's a spin-off I'm hoping we can get 3 seasons of this as well.

Sucks that its more a spin-off than an actual continuation

Its a spin-off of a web comic i believe

As if there won't be plenty of cameos. No Poplar is a little disappointing, but Poplar's story ended and there really wasn't anything more to do with the original cast.

I'm blurring the line and calling it both because why not. I was surprised enough that Working got three seasons as it was, this is just gravy

Does anyone have the link to the stream?

This is adaptation of the original Working! (web)manga. If anything, serialized version is a spin-off.

It's happening!

>passing by Takanashi

nice touch

>winter with actual snow
Good to know this is set in one of the good prefectures.

>Fellow part-timers and wageslaves, get in here!
But New Game already ended

Help, I'm already liking these characters more.

Well, the OP is certainly not SOMEONE WAN WAN, but the characters made way more of a positive impression on me than Working's original cast.

OP: dailymotion.com/video/x4vkz5i

I love it already.


Why all the chocolate?
Also genki Inami is cute CUTE!

Working OP are always GOAT.


Alright so I went to a job interview and they was like What are your good qualities?

and I be like I AINT GOT NONE lol

Why do you want this job? IDK I got money already I'm just bored because its in between anime seasons.

Then I went and bought a meal and ate half of it.

Is this a full anime or a short?



35 mins

Raw is out.


I'm curious to know what Taneda's version of her would have been like.

Would you?


Will she punch me?

Probably cute

Yes. Very yes

Are NEETs allowed?

So whats the trick here, she works on a family restaurant but can't cook for shit or something?

Not a fan of the OP. Also confused why it has so much chocolate in it when this is about a family restaurant.

Nice first ep picked up.

Too bad no tane chan... sanada asami is a perfectly good voice actress too so cant complain

>[HorribleSubs] WWW.Working!! - 01 [720p].mkv


Is this good? I feel like this is good but I don't know

it doesn't mean shit but people use #working because they're actually working.

Wow, Working is my favourite comedy anime but I didn't know it was poplar



These characters are even more stupid than the other cast

My initial impression is that I like this cast more.

is there a Yamada in this shit?

>the fluffy one is a MILF



oh yeah Kyoko is taken you guys can just fuck right off


so this is AOTY then. cool

Now I really don't know who best girl is.

Whats with their eyes

There was a drama cd with that same cast except Taneda was in it.

Really? Well time to look for it then, thanks for the heads up.

What happened to the main cast?
Or is this just another branch of Wagnaria?

Love and Peace.

Another branch

Poor host club-kun

Wow, I was unsure about this because of the new cast, but it was actually very good.

Really feels like the same shit as Working but with enough personality to set itself apart.

This cast is way better than the other.


Both casts are full of big names. It's only your preferences.
Though I also prefer Nakamura as MC.

It's Ai yo

muranushi and NANA are already best girls

still it feels like there are too many characters

>40yo or something
>can't completly provide for his family with full time job
Is japland this expensive?

>Working! sequel
>except with a different cast
>except at a different wagnaria

That would be like making another servant x service but with a different bureaucracy and in a different office.

I'll give it a try and hope for the best, though.



This is the cast from the original web manga.

So these casts are actually the prototypes of Working?

So are the guys in the kitchen gay for eachother?

They as gay as you and your dad

This cast DID come first, after all. The cast we're used to was specifically made for the serialized manga version of the series so the mangaka could continue the web version.

More like me and your dad.

No matter how many times this is reiterated, people will still be retarded.

This has worse boys but better girls.

Its happening

Not necessarily- The mangaka continued the web version all throughout the serialized manga's run, so they were essentially written at the same time.
I think this version might be even longer than the serialized one.

Host club and Daisuke are pretty good
We need to wait to see how Adachi turns out

MC has obvious beta faggot design. i'll skip.

All these girls are fucking ugly.

This. The guys in this show are just boring Fujo bait.

I really love the eyes.

It's actually shorter. The tankoubon only 4 vol. (vol.4 is still coming soon), while the normal working reach 12 vol.

Well that was fast

I only watched third season recently, I'm glad I didn't have to wait years again to watch more Working.

Big restaurants have more employees.

All japanese looks the same, user. Don't be stupid.

>punch girl wins again
Starting to think these are cries for help.

Hes a cool guy

That's just the printed version, though. They only recently started publishing the web version in tankoubon format. It's actually been going longer than the serialized version.

Why would they make a sequel to Working? Everything in the original series was resolved.

who subs this?

Yamada is in this spin-off? Yass

Read the thread already.

I hate it

Which one, Cred Forums?

He hates it

because some people just want the shows they like to keep going, no matter how shitty said show can become by making it go longer than it needs.

New guy is chill

Do I need to watch original to understand/enjoy this?

I'm hoping Higashida would have something weird going on too, instead of just being the straight man

Takanashi has a weird personality and fits the Wagnaria theme better than the second MC. Daisuke is just a straight up tsukkomi. Nothing special.

What the fuck is this

>literally the first thing that happens is a reminder of a better series
y-you too


No,but you should


it's only been one episode so far i can't really make a solid choice yet.

>everyone gets a husbando from the original cast except popular

She really does belong to the audience

Can someone spoil me who's this guy that's with Muranushi?

Analogically, will it spoil anything about original?



This word doesn't mean what you think it means.

>master and dog

how lewd


The source material for this series came FIRST, and was written simultaneously with the serialized manga that the other three seasons were adapted from.

As a matter of fact, would there be any immense benefit in prior viewing of original show?

Prefer the old crew, only new main girl is cute

No, you're annoying.

You'd be watching a good show instead of a shit one.

Sato is still the best boy out of all series.

>working got not two, not three, but FOUR seasons

Sometimes good things happen, Cred Forums.

That's from Working:Re-Order, a sequel, not from the web series that this adapts.

>Not Souma the banter master

>tfw you will never be Kyouko's dog

Ok, so the characters in the previous Wagnaria had one or two traits each.
In this one I could tell rich girl resolves everything with money, blond guy is wretched, silver haired is cray cray, fluffy blond girl has a superiority complex? and miyakoshi likes punching. No idea about MC or the rest of the cast.

it's alright

>A cuck who's spend most of the time taking secret photos of his crush.
Sato deservedly cucked him.


>le cuck meme

Go back to Cred Forums.

According to the manga, Higashide is actually not the tsukkomi character, just always annoyed dude. But he also the guy who can do proper comeback to most of the cast.

Nice bait

I wish working in a restaurant was this fun.

It was confirmed that he had crush on Yachiyo but he stepped down voluntarily when he found out that Sato was also in love with her.

fucking this

>yfw it'll probably going to get two more seasons

>no cute girls

For what purpose?

>no baby
Maybe next episode?

I count at least four.

Was this in the manga?
because i don't remember that from the show.

Can you point them out?

Can someone one one make a webm of the part with the all the cast dancing in the new opening?

>having no standards

Worst girl spotted

I think they alluded it in the anime, on the last season if I'm not mistaken.

I havnt watched any of the other workings and this www.working is the first one ill see

im 10mins in and normally i drop SoL's with male casts but this is kinda alright

idk am i fag?

Spoilers man

I dunno, I seem to recall Kouno being a total bro. But also a retard.

Will Normal-chan be in?

>new cast > old cast

The OP is great, it gave me the same impact of the first OP 6 years ago.
Calling white Best girl.

Fluffy MILF
Violent bitch

All cuter than every girl in the original except for Poplar and S3 Inami.

They are all ugly though.

>normally i drop SoL's with male casts
Yes, fag confirmed.

Yes, you are a fag, but not because of that


Here are your pairings

She just needs love man

Working with no Popura?
Don't give a shit, what is the fucking point?

Who is the best person to self insert as?


Will there be a meme character like Yamada?

Did you even watch the episode? Because you got an astounding amount of things wrong, especially considering only one episode has even aired yet.

>bottom left is just this guy with long hair
>middle top is a genki version of inami

man, they've ruined the joke for the sake of pairing

So you can pretend this spin-off is a sequel.

it can't even compete

>implying that not going to be the opening next week.

Yeah they should've at least added that last panel after the OP

They probably just run out of time and will address it next week on the cold opening.

It's shit.

>That last panel

MC is stone cold killa.

I miss her.

>implying it will

That is what I'm saying, yes.

>cast from both series make an appearance
This is quite neat. Would be better if it got an adaptation too. Or maybe few shorts would be enough.

Takanashi family was real fun, the Higashides just boring.

Saving it for next episode would definitely make it a lot better. Hopefully they don't fuck that up.


When is that baby showing up, she's adorable.

>silver haired is cray cray
Not quite. She can see ghosts, but doesn't realize they're ghosts. Remember the scene about what happened when she left for college exams?

I miss the sisters.

Because Poplar was a really boring character.

No, this is better. I don't want even more of the same jokes.

I hope to see some inami as the series goes on.


Only two of them were good though.

I would kindly request of you to take that back.

You mean only Nazuna, right?

best onee-chan

Nope. See
Re-Order is a sequel to both this series and the other series where the two casts come together.

Also, WWW.WORKING!! isn't a spinoff, because the two manga series were written at the same time. One online, and one serialized.

Is she Poplar yet?

For a while now.

Do I need to watch the other Working seasons for this? The main love interest got too fucking unbearable so I dropped it somewhere during season 2


ah so now we know how she got those titties

Nope. This series has a different cast.

Also, Inami gets more bearable. She actually stops punching eventually. Give it time, Season 3 resolves everything. If you still don't give a shit, though, you can just watch this series.

My sides

I came expecting nothing and still being disappointed but it turned out that new cast is quite likeable too. It's a bit blander, especially the boys but the girls are great.

It's great to watch Working ongoing again.

I thought it's supposed to look like chocolate.

She's cute as fuck.

That was some top tier bullying

Is this season in 1080p like the last one?

>Yoko Hikasa
It's not that tough of a call. She was also best sister in Working.

Takanashi was a jerk. Daisuke may be beta but at least he's not a complete dick to everybody.

Yeah. Ghost girl is great too and fluffy smoking one is fine.
I don't like the rich girl though, she's too much of a cunt for my cute wagnaria, hope she gets better.

Only his family. Righteously

the girls look even more generic than the working anime.

What the fuck. She's just like Inami, not only in physical appearance.

This one got bigger tits and is a cute tomboy.

She's nothing like Inami you retard.

She's worse, she doesn't even have androphobia and still punches dudes.

She hit him because he's a retard who should've learned by now.

It seems mangaka gets turned on by inept doormat managers who get easily abused by women and should get a clue already.

Except she isn't afraid of men and that manager actually deserves it.

Oh shit I totally missed this. Is it subbed yet?

She's worse, she doesn't even have a reason to hit him other than being a violent bitch.

I miss the girl with the sword.

I like how this series follows both the original and Servant X Service by giving a brief 'you got the job' segment then diving right into the job so that for more than half the first episode the MC is more of a regular than a total rookie.

A show that makes wageslavery seem way more fun than it is.

It really depends on your co-workers. Good co-workers put off the idea of eating a bullet when your shift is over.


Calm down, men getting hit is funny

You don't even remember her name, how rude

This definitely felt like a downgrade from the original anime, might drop this after episode 2.

Nah, without a good story to back it up a punch is just boring.



At least she has tits now

Your a downgrade from your father.


I thought we were over this shit years ago.

Does she have shitty personality and muh androphobia like that shitty girl with the same hair style from the original series?

She was shit, the only girl worse than her was the manager.

And this one is a female version of Satou

Except Satou was actually working hard and despite delinquent look wasn't a delinquent at all, his relationship with Todoroki was built around the fact that he's a pussy.

Yes, shes the same character

Your, the same character

Then I wouldn't bother to watch this. Fuck that girl. That show was bearable because poplar-senpai, if she wasn't there it would be unbearable to watch.

There will be some mutual bullying so it's fair game

Pretty good start I look forwards to spent the next 12 weeks with you

Get for hurting my waifu's feelings.

Takanashi cures Inami's manhating at the end of the original. Stop hating on her.

Old cast > New Cast

Fight me faggots.

Don't be stupid, she's absolutely nothing like Inami.

This thread is pretty awful, though.

I am not sure if it's trolling or people are actually too dense to understand differences between original cast and new cast.

How is she the same?the only think alike is the punching part and that was one time and deserved it

do I have to watch the original to enjoy this spinoff


Why the best girl is used goods?

Then time to watch it. Thanks user.

She also smokes.

No, but you should.

>short hair
>punches dudes


Because 2D used goods are still good. I mean look at the baby it's fucking adorable.

Can't wait to watch this. I've been craving a series with Tomato as a lead heroine since she played Kariu in reLife recently

>eat my chocolate

Is that a euphemism?

I hope that manager is not rising his wife's son.

>is a genki tomboy
>able to act cute on purpose

>trolling or people are actually too dense
I'd say it's the latter. Plenty of anons are surprisingly dense.

I would break her nanomachines

Pretty sure that's why he took the chocolate.

well I'm only really in it for the cute brunette girl
I'll watch the original if I enjoy the spinoff enough

>genki rather than shy
>punches people out of a genuine dislike of them rather than because of fear
>forceful and tomboyish

In what way is she remotely similar other than in design and literally one of her quirks?

>scarred into androphobia by her father
Oh wait no she wasn't.
Also Inami doesn't have a "Genki" additude.

More a death sentence.

You forgot the most important part user PERSONALITY
Which is very different from Inami

I don't know why but the theme song gets super driver stuck in my head.

She is genki but is she also baka like in the PV for Working s2?

I know she isnt the same, i was just messing around with the dude asking

how about
new girls>old girls
old boys>new boys
feels like every dude is just too plain this time

MC a faggot

The new opening is catchy as fuck

Not sure if the www.Guy can compete.

My exact opinion, Yamada was the only good girl in the original cast aside from Inami in the last season.

The boys carried that show.

So, who would win in a fight? punch girl or punch girl?

Mc is a fucking beta compared to Takanashi. And it's not even an exaggeration

Maybe it'll grow on me, but I don't like it as much as previous ones. Yet.

Actually, I don't remember it all, hopefully, yet.

Agree, but poplar-senpai is the cutest.

I liked it. I don't like the new cast quite as much as the old one, but it's just the first episode so it's too soon to judge. Muranushi best girl.

Also I'm glad they're not using the generic A-1 style like they did in S3, the only thing I disliked about it.

You have to punch the retarded away.

Ghost girl.


>She's just like Inami
Not really, Inami felt bad about punching others, but people never gave her any credit for that anyways.

Inami was unironically a well written character with good character development.

Well, even the OP said so.

Why is she so aggressive and bland as a character? Inami is better than her by leaps and bounds through her personality alone.

She confessed in the first episode, how long did it take for Inami?

They haven't sunk into their personalities yet. Daisuke needs to get his trademark chill going and Hana hasn't quite gone full aho yet.

>She has a problem
>Problem gets stretched out as source of gags for 3 seasons
>Problem is solved with help of a boy
I mean, the fact that it's nothing new doesn't mean much, but the fact that it was stretched out for so long can be a problem.

>Why is this new character with only one episode of screentime worse than this other character with three seasons of character development
Gee user i dunno

>implying that she'll go for anyone that calls her cute

Okay sure.

Literally only the first episode is out.
How much of Inami's personality did you know by the end of the first episode of the original?

I feel the same. Granted I don't think anything will ever live up to SOMEONE WAN WAN to me.

Inami was insufferable at her intro. All of her worst traits came out strongest early on. About the only trait that registered was her bashfulness which are way better displayed in Sugiura Ayano, another Saki Fujita character who is better in every sense of the word.

There's nothing wrong with her problem, but having it played out so many times (especially in S1) making me sick of it.

So she's confirmed a slut with no standards?

>Re-Order is a sequel to both this series and the other series where the two casts come togethe
How does this even work? Are there 2 Wagnaria Branches?

I am NOW!!! GAMBLE kind of guy

Well it makes sense that only an inept manager would hire the misfits that work in the restaurant.

I'm here before someone edits 'aho' to say 'shit.'

Nah, Inami wasn't two-faced like Miyakoshi is.

Inami was cancer

she is great

MC is filler

Watch your f*cking mouth mate, you are being very rude right now

>Not coolish walk
pam pam pam> everything else

Wagnaria is a chain, not just an individual family owned business or something.

How dare you.

I liked more the fake PV design

shit forgot pic

I ain't sparking you up, senpai.

At least she has a personality. From the first episode of Wagnaria!!, I have learnt that Inami is an androphobic, has decent amount of strength, and she is shy around others. And what about the new girl? "Muh chocolates, u must eat or die" and punches managers for no apparent reason.

>Wanting the generic A-1 style again
No thanks. This one's better

Inami is great. Go fuck yourself.

>no apparent reason.
He's a fucking retard, that's all reason she needs.


Honestly this one looks a lot more generic than the other.

Why should I? You have a problem with it?

Looks very bad

>And what about the new girl?
Hard working, bad at cooking (not out of maliciousness), acts cute to get her way, punches people she deems incompetent/a nuisance in the workplace

spotted the retard who gets hit for being dumb in this thread.

you get a slipper to the head almost daily for doing something dumb don't ya?

And the current artstyle looks even worse

The current one doesnt have potato faces

I better choose some no personality characters than shitty personality character like Inami.

No, just your generic A1-trying-to-draw-moe faces

>being this buttblasted

Mate, you're being disrespectful. You should learn to understand other people's opinions instead of living in your small bubble.

Nah, the old design look a bit bland.

From the first episode you learned shit because Inami only appears at the last minute

This took them long enough.

And that doesn't look bland to you?

Ghost-chan a cute, I hope she has a husbando.

Please tell me you're kidding. I beg you.

Why is the art style so ugly?

no no no no


>There is no Yamada replacement

It's like why even?

Compared to the old one? Nope.

>From the first episode of Wagnaria!!, I have learnt that Inami is an androphobic, has decent amount of strength, and she is shy around others.
She just punched Takanashi in that episode. It was literally explained on the next episode.

I liked this more than the last season of Working which became really stale. Seems good so far.

See She's going to end up with the kitchen guy

Yamada herself appeared only after like half season was done.


user, I..


Just put a space between the A and the H and you're golden.

Is this native 1080p like last season?

Best girl so far.

>tfw never had a job in my life yet working!! is my favorite anime

Everyone has weird pupils
But i like it

The last 5 mins of her appearance gave me the first impression I needed for her character. Whereas the new girl takes up an entire episode and still managed to be more bland than Inami.

Nah, it's a failed attempt to manipulate the male-lead.

After reading the manga I was prepared to hate this, but I like Miyakoshi's voice so I guess I'll stick with it.

Why is the music in this show so groovy?

Cant find the screenshot but Miyakoshi has some fantastic, kissable lips god damn.

If next episode didn't tell you shit, you wouldn't have understood shit.

You have a very werid concept about what's bland

It was in the OP when she was eating pudding.

I imagine it's hard to get anything from a show when you're too busy flailing your arms around and whining that it's not exactly the same as a different show instead of actually paying attention.

Oh wow. So she's a calculative woman? Those are the worst kind.

Makes for good entertainment though.

But she's an idiot. Calculative means she would have to be smart

Here ya go, I noticed that too.

It was a gag played for like 3 seconds.
She's trying to force MC to eat her chocolate, and so when he uses the excuse of "Don't you have someone other than me you'd rather give it to? Someone you care about more?" she says This. She fails immediately because she's a moron and MC is legitimately intelligent. This becomes the one thing that the MC is constantly able to hold over her head. See

Let's not forget that for some reason this show has gotten four seasons already.

Life is yet worth living it seems.

>love and piss

why would you delete your post?

Do I need to have seen the other series to understand the interactions in this one?


See? Look at that.
Imagine kissing those lips, imagine getting a bj from those.
Say anything you want about her but she is a complete semen demon.

I fixed some slightly confusing phrasing. Is it really all that worth bringing up?

Very much like every other SoL romcoms, lore is rich in this one.

To get sic trips.

Is it me or this season is generally less funny than the other threes?

Holy shit you're right. She's made for being a semen demon.

Its funnier and better because no annoying Yamada

You've seen one episode compared to the 40-ish episodes of the previous series. On top of that, it's an entirely new cast that you aren't endeared to yet. Of course it's not going to be as funny.

Yes, it is. Is it really thst worth deleting it instead of just correcting yourself with another post, or not correcting yourself at all? Let me answer for you, no, it's not.

Is it just me or you are comparing an entire season to one episode?


Because there's no Yamada obviously.

Now photoshop penis.


those lips are average at most.

We're not used to the characters yet, just wait two more episodes and it may get funnier, or just worse.

I hope a "new" Yamada will be introduced in the middle of the season.

>Is it really thst worth deleting

Yeah, he really wasted his time there. Shut up autist.

I enjoyed this first episode more than the first one of the original series desu

The new show confirmed to have Yamada

No it doesn't.

Just looking at the OP, there are 3 main characters we haven't met yet, so may as well hope for the best.

I miss Popura.

I miss Asumin.

>smefagging this hard

And you have the balls to call other people autist.


Literally who

cant find a good cum template, i just photoshoped a censored penis.

If you're talking about the season, it's only been one episode so there's no way to tell, if you're talking about just the first episodes of every season, then yes.

Hey, fuck you.

It's funnier than S1 at least.


Nah, not really.

Nah, that's Re-Order a sequel/crossover for both www and the other working!. Of course, if this goes on for long enough we might get there.

You know what, I think I'll enjoy this.

It's still funny, but it's less funny and less cute because there is no Yamada.

Working is nothing like real work

Why are the men in series by this author pushovers

Not even. I'm but not . I didn't call anyone an autist, the guy who supported my argument (for some reason) did.

I was just going to let it go because this conversation is pointless and brings nothing to this thread, but then the other guy had to go ahead and start throwing around buzzwords and getting things even more heated.

Author is into femdom

Most men are pushovers in 2D.

The exception being fat bald old men in hentai.

Working at a food service place slowly chips away at the entire staff's soul, even if by chance you like all of the people you work with
Working! isn't nearly as mundane or captures the slow wearing away of the person

Souma wasn't a pushover

He mellowed down for Yamada.

But who can blame him?

>Author into femdom
>Author is female
oh my

So is the manga for this show ended or is it still ongoing? Will it have a perfect conclusion like the OG Working?

Didn't watch the prequel series because the girls weren't cute enough, but this looks solid from episode 1 desu

Sure thing my samefsgging newfriend, whatever you say.

You should head to the emergency room, your shit taste is malignant.

Why are you guys complaining about MC being beta? He's not beta at all for fuck's sake.

Miyakoshi is nothing like Inari at all either.

Nah, she's just a two faced bitch that cooks poisonous chocolate.

mc x imouto x mom hmanga when

How can someone even fuck up chocolate that bad

I could see the Dad banging these two in the next room all laughing an having a good time while the MC is trying to best to tune out the noise and study.

>implying you need the last panel to know the reason he took the chocolate home

Are you retarded or something?

She probably put salt instead of sugar or randomly put some pepper on it.

Well, Higashida is prettier but Takanashi is cooler.

What a terrible song

Eh, not on the show so it might as well not be canon.
Still best boy.


All I remember about pictures and Souma is that he has a picture book with photos of everyone in it.
Nothing about a crush was mentioned.
the staff probably shipped him with Yamada

He belongs to Yamada anyway.

Will this show be as poplar as the original?



Oh fuck i didn't know it was today.

I just don't really care for the new character designs. The girls aren't very cute and poppy like they used to be, the characters are all kind of boring and generic

shes pretty great

New Working is lackluster. There's barely any energy in the cast or banters.

Is it true she ends up with kitchen guy?
I really liked her interactions with the MC

If that was true then they wouldn't be paired together in the opening.

Come on user, think a little, it's not like there is anyone else to pair with the MC either.

>we'll never see yamada confessing to souma

MC ends up with Popura

The point was that he did it not be nice, but to use them as weapons against his family.

Don't you mean Souma confessing to Yamada.

best girl

Souma isn't into little grills.

They all say that.

This one is more close to real life. The girls are ice queens and shit at cooking, and a lot of people are in debt or in a rough spot money-wise.

We haven't even gotten an accurate impression of the two chefs and their dynamics in the restaurant.

But why would you want something close to real life ?

I don't.

At least it's far enough from real life that the girls are still cute.

Even the young chain smoking mom is cute, praise 2D.

lol the Uni Gyaru? She's probably top 2 for me so far.

the jokes suck

the character designs are terrible

the male characters are boring

Why couldn't we just get Servant x Service s2?

I don't know, I laughed more than I expected. On the contrary I didn't laugh a lot at the last season of Working since literally al the jokes became too repetitive and stale, it was more about feels and conclusions.
I like the new cast too so give them a chance I guess. Though SxS s2 would be great too.

They've all got mini-galaxies in their pupils.

>no normal girl this time
I will miss her.

So she has a kid, but is she single?

I never found working particularly funny, I watched it because the character interactions were charming and I was invested in the romance.

I liked it.

It's actually her little sister.

Yamada will appear later, right?


He liked it.

Probably just a cameo

If the first season of Working! aired today, then you faggots would have the same reaction you're having to this one.

No, if we have had three seasons of WEB and then the other Working started airing, then yes.

I thought we'd see someone from the "main" restaurant come over to help as management or something. Maybe in a few episodes.

Me too.


He's lying to you, you know that right?

I hate the rich girl already

Reminder that this series started first, so the chapters to be adapted "in a few episodes" would probably have been written before the series that the first three season were made from started.
So there probably will be little to no cross-referencing.

Why? Is it because you're poor you don't understand rich people's jokes?

I'll give this a chance, but fuck, I miss my Takanashi grils

But, but, but, but her voice actress is in this series.

No she's just a grade-A cunt. But I'm sure later down the line it will be revealed that she still has a crush on the host-club guy and romance shenanigans will ensue. Maybe then she'll be more likable

I don't know what to believe anymore

Maybe you'll just have to watch the show and find out.

What's the difference between this and free?

I cant wait for the "poor has to "serve" richgirl to pay off his debt" doujins

I need a looping webm of this pronto

This slutty cake.

So does MC crossdress at all?

Free! ?

This is not about swimming and it's not fujobait

Working worked well because it was like a sitcom that you followed for a long time, so you cared about what happened to the characters and you knew their quirks well enough for the comedy to work.

Give it some time and you'll come to like these characters too, the author is good after all, and if we get more seasons I bet we'll feel the same about them as we do for the older series.

I'm glad I studied Japanese for a year to understand a shitty joke, it's finally paying off

Ah, Souma's waifu and where's her kid?

That's fair except www is older than the working everyone fell in love with. www is the shitty web novel he was writing before a publisher saw some potential in his concept and he was hired to write the Working LNs which got then adapted into the first anime. This WN adaption is literally the older junk material his publisher didn't want


I thought I could do this but the lack of Yamada is killing me.

Go to sleep user, you're drunk.

What the fuck are you smoking?

Souma's the one that make her a milf and used good though.

>for a year
dude you can get shitty jokes like that in arund month

we know takanash-kunt is a masochist, what's daisuke's mental disorder?

This IS the original series.

This has been going on since 2002.

So yes, it is longer

Does this one have the same great OTPs and character chemistry as the other version? If so I'm game.

just watched first ep
where the fuck is yamada


I hate his family already.

I got ya


So, this is when Takanashi met Poplar for the first time in Working S1.

Inami was the best and cutest girl in season 3 though


Hoping the characters grow on me fast like the previous ones did, but so far the OP isn't nearly as great as the other three by a landslide.


Funny, I though he would just do exactly that anyway.

>genderbent Satou


Please let that be her little sister, I can't fantasize about about used goods


Why did they change the art style? The old one was perfect, and if we ever get Re-Order adaptation they would have to pick one of the styles.

I want to fuck the money out of this whore.

Working!! got really good after season 1 once it started developing the characters. At first it wasn't all that great

>these threads will be full of "not muh"
Absolutely disgusting.

>I can't fantasize about about used goods

whose the dad?


Sorry cuck, but it's actually me.

Inami is and always will be best

>mfw I see everyone shitposting that the new cast is better than the old one after the premiere

Did we watch the same show?

New girls > old girls
Old boys > new boys