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This anime is the reason sakuga exists.

How come we never discuss Otomo's other work?

This thread for AKIRA fans

holy shit how did he get away with this

someone write an essay about how this is analogy to Japan post WWII

Because he's Otomo


Like 99.8% of faggots who know about Akira never read the manga, it legitimately depresses me.

Odds are pretty high you enjoyed a movie, based on a book so stop being a faggot

The movie only covers around a third of the events of the manga, and none of the nuances or minor details throughout. If I were a fan of a novel for said movie you're using as a strawman, I'd probably be pissed too.

Literally a bunch of stupid brats.

movie > manga

Eh, the story he made about Jesus was probably more offensive

I struggled to get my friend who loves the film to readthe manga. I let him borrow mybks and after over a year he had barely made it through the third volume, so I just took them back.

what the fuck

Most movies miss a lot of the minor details and its not uncommon for movies to have major changes. Have you ever watched a kubrick film? Do you call everyone a faggot who has watched his movie but not read the books?

If Harry Potter made a movie called "Harry Potter" that only reached The Goblet of Fire and no other film adaptations were made, you can be sure there'd similarly be people ragging on people who call themselves "fans" without knowing more than half of the actual plot and characters therein. I'll call people faggots when they're behaving like faggots, you faggot.

to be honest, the manga is just a straight-forward story with not much substance to it, the only reason to read it further is the art and some details


Tomo 〜

Can you imagine how cool this would have been in the movie?

cause japan doesn't have the stigma on sex like the west does so genital jokes are fine

>you can be sure there'd similarly be people ragging on people who call themselves "fans"

by "ragging on people" I think you meant to say being triggered like an autist.
Because there have has always been autist who get mad about people not reading the source material.

And honestly, the label of fan is pretty lose nowadays and its interchangeable with simply liking something. People like Akira just like they like other well made movies, you are attaching too much weight on the perception of them being label fans and getting butthurt for no real reason. Because chances are that you really, really like a movie that deviates from the source material.

And your entire analogy is also flawed cause Akira as an adaptation works as a stand alone story.

Yeah ;(

the film is better, though. the manga contains "more scenes" but the film gets all the important imagery, characters, themes, and plot points. Most of the manga is just repeating itself - space laser fired a half-dozen times, Tetsuo turns into a fetus on two separate occaisions, giant sphere of destruction levels the city twice, etc.

don't get me wrong, the manga is a great read, near-perfectly constructed action scenes that keep the pace moving along, but that's all it is. The extra time spent with the characters doesn't help define them any more than in the film, and the manga's ending is arguably worse, sans that final shot of everybody riding away.
>yeah fuk u we dem akira empire boiz
>haha yeah anarchy rules we dunt need no humanitarian aid
Kaneda, you're an ass and this makes sense. Kiyoko and Kei, what are you doing?

manga is so much better

war is over

>And your entire analogy is also flawed cause Akira as an adaptation works as a stand alone story.
Akira makes no fucking sense if you just watch the movie and its not even the complete story so that type of thinking is incredibly flawed.

Why doesn't it make sense?

To be honest, Akira the manga/ anime is one of the most overrated things i've had the pleasure reading/watching. While it has many things it does well, like the art and atmosphere building. Its flaws really lessened my enjoyment of the work.