Utapri Season Four

Utapri returns. Are you ready?

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I'll never be ready.

Fuck yes.

Where's the mc?

Hypnotoad is irrelevant.

She's the collective glow in their eyes.

I've been waiting for this day.

Pick a member from these 3 groups. Mine would be

I'm ready for these guys
to bring back the fun


Miku, Hime and the shota.


I thought I was double posting

It's impossible to choose from the Senpais because they are all perfect.

1 hour until SHOWTIME

Cecil, Ranmaru, and Shion.

Are we watching it with a livestream?

You have good taste my friend.

I hope so.

Patrician user

For all the 10 of us watching it, how cringe the CGI will be? is there hope?

If there is a stream on, yes.

There is no hope. But I'm excited to see how homo the new ED dance will be.

I expect more than that, but the cg never bothered me. It's all in good fun.

I haven't followed these since the first season, do they still have a bland self-insert MC?

I think my excitement over the gayness gets lost because of the CG.


Hypnotoad is there but she's getting irrelevant it seems, there's 7 new dudes and I don't know how they'll focus on her that much from now on.

I'll take CGI over off model rotoscope.


What is the best song in this series so far?

Poor Ai and his feet. The hardships of being an idol.

I thought The Dice are Cast looked fine, but like always A-1 can't keep decent quality even if their lives were at stake

Hard to pick just one, but as for the most recent I'll pick Pirates, senpai.

I thought all the THEATER SHINING musics were good, even Polaris with the weird combination.

I'm torn between Starlight Memory and Night Dream.



Marriage but it's hard to pick just one when all the senpai songs are good. Still Still Still is definitely the best duet.

>Miyano CM


Poison Kiss

Don't mind me, just claiming my waifu


Is it at Tokyo MX?


Is there any HD stream links?

Any other straight guy who enjoys this series because the music is great?


Holy shit, intro from each guy.

>Heaven's join the harem

OP was pretty damn nice.

>that almost kiss

Ceceil wins Nanami this season?

Pretty good OP but I wanted to see the ED already, maybe they'll show it today too.

Cecil always cockteases like that

Recap time

>senpais all bouncing

So sexual.

Fucking A-1

Did that pillar just shoot laserbeams at the audience and vaporize part of them?


Is it CGI again?

They burned the little orphan children last season.

Doujins when?

I knew they'd reject it

Heavens loves killing their audience.


Throwing down for a reduel, huh?

Probably soon on pixiv

This episode is already better than S3. I hope they can keep it up.

When will Haruka rest

Have to admit, this tengoku song is pretty nice. But three harems proposing to her is crazy.

>Nanami armpits

>All of them slutting it up with Haruka

Best season already

Tengoku, Za World is Mine or Yume?

Geez, that Haruka Nanami is a very popular girl if 18 hot dudes are trying to win her over.

Background waifu a cute

ZA WARUDO of course.

They love her ... music.

Tengoku>Za Warudo>Yume for the songs

I like how in the manga Haruka had a backbone, it was nice to see her use it against's glasses's other self.

>no dancing in the ED

They simply all love her music.

Has anyone remembered the Heavens name? Because I still only know them as shota, bunny pin, and now Wai-kun.
The sol scenes are cute though. Perhaps we'll have a change at the end?

Nothing but stills
Holy fuck

I hope they change it next week but we know it won't happen, the song was nice though.

What was the deal with those two laughing dudes on tricycles speeding around Haruka very fast?

Just Shining and Raging being themselves.

>remembered the Heavens name
I don't even remember half of the Starish names.

Is there even a official on-going manga for this? Game Haruka is okay but it really depends on the game she's in and if it's not terribly written.

>Wai lifts

I find them aggressive, but I don't hate them.

Night Dream is magical. I think it's my favorite song out of the franchise.

>What are we going to do, senpai?

Will it be about that Haruka Nanami-girl being gangbanged by all three idol units?
Because I think it should be that Haruka Nanami-girl being gangbanged by all three idol units.

It's ridiculous how Night Dream is far better than Day Dream, my husbando is in that song but it didn't help.

I'm not sure what it's called at the moment, but it's the R O T song. Shit is catchy as fuck.

Hearing Day Dream first made me think both songs would end up being average. I was so wrong.

Jesus Christ.

Haruka is pure

>that threesome doujin with Ichinose and Red

At least you had a pleasant surprise. I listened to Night Dream first and it made Day Dream sound even worse.

Same, Day Dream sounded so bland.
Night Dream is so good though. I love Mamoyans harmonies in it.

Do the stills at least look good? At least it's not CG, I guess.

They do.

Oh shit, that's cute. I'll take it.

>Starish, QN and Heavens attending 6th Live event
Can't wait for Volume 1 and 2 sales numbers.

Touken Ranbu and Yuri!!! On Ice have already lost.

I wonder how long the subs will be delayed.

50k+ guaranteed.

I wish I could attend to these shows, being a gaijin is suffering.

Saintly Territory or Heavens Gate easily

Touken Ranbu is probably the only competition Utapri has.

I don't want Shinichi on Ice to flop though, but MAPPA has a curse.

Why is Reiji so best husbando?

this image gave me an orgasm

Orion de SHOUT OUT

Did the first episode have Engrish like the other seasons?

Lewd as fuck

Not any that I can remember.

The usual Engrish phrases in the songs were there.

I wonder if Touken Ranbu are planning on having another live stage event to boost BD sales.
Either way this is going to be some fun competition.

Ignore HS release for now since they messed up. It's Izetta, not Utapri.

Episode 1 is still not out on CR.

Subs are out

Shit senpai, nevermind.

Anyone here attempting to attend this?
It's my lifes dream.

Event tickets for the first two Tourabu BD volumes are already confirmed.

Hopefully if they do a concert in 2020 I'll be able to attend. I'm in Japan for a year. It's my lifes dream too.

Read that late and felt betrayed.

It is just gender bend now.

What a cute dog.

I would totally do it if I wasn't poor as fuck. Maybe if I starve myself for a year.

Reminder that you probably won't be able to attend even if you are in Japan.
There is a reason why some nips buy like 50 BDs.

Camus and his dog look a bit different

There's always hope. ;_;

>giving shit about the 3DPDs
Silly women.

Seiyuu are 2.5D

2.5D. That last concert was awesome.

I only care about 4 seiyuus in the cast, but Utapri concerts are fun as hell.

The concerts are fucking great.

I read up on someone who attended. Looks like quite a bit of planning, but it would be worthwhile. The most recent concert was maji 100000.
I also ask because I would kind of want to hook up with an user if we happened to go to the same one. I'd feel lost as fuck.

I hold it for a while after they introduced the sandnigger in season 2 does it get any better?

And how popular uta-pri is in Japan anyway? It has 4 seasons and high buget animation.

A bit off topic, but was Feromen's new album ever uploaded?

Stop with this forced meme, you sick apologists.

Utapri is the most popular anime for girls. It always tops BD rankings.

You got the file? Please, whenever you have the time up it. Last I saw, it was maxed.

>how popular uta-pri is in Japan anyway
Are you serious, user? It's one of the highest selling shows thanks to giant event ticket boosts

Check the drive again. It should be fine to download now.

The mega file was always up. But you'll need to DL it with the mega app thing.

Which duet CD are you looking forward to?

All of them.

In the same source of the original file there's a 7GB version.

Are the seiyuus of uta pri are actual idols?

None of them.
I need more solo CDs. Fuck duets.

Only Miyano.

I don't know about the new ones but there's two vocalists from actual bands, regular seiyuu and maybe Miyano is an actual idol.

Mamoru is.
I'm not too sure about the new seiyuu though.

No, but they have singing careers besides VA work. Miyano is the most successful one.

OP dailymotion.com/video/x4vlm5o_utapri-s4-op_tv

ED dailymotion.com/video/x4vlm6d_utapri-s4-ed_tv

>high buget animation.
Season 3 sure had a lot of high budget animation.

Miyano and I think Shouta Aoi too is considered an idol.

>recently look up who Miyano is because his name sounds very familiar to me
>twf Light Yagami sang Amazing Grace

How did you not know of Mamoyan before? He's everywhere and extremely popular.
He's my seiyuu husbando

Yeah, BROCCOLI themselfs promote his career.

>He can't instantly recognize miyano

I hate his singing voice

>seiyuu husbando
Worst taste, he's a manchild and fucking cringy.

I think his voice sounds nice. His vibrato has been getting shittier though.

Because I don't really give a shit about seiyuus that's why I easily forgot their names.

I like his songs and he's an okay singer, just wished he toned down the excessive fanservice because he's the only one who does that in the lives.

OnoD is in Heavens, right? Pretty sure he's idol tier as well.

Nah he's not. He's the usual seiyuu that happens to have some kind singing career on the side.

And Kimura and Yonaga are in an idol unit with Eguchi.

Dammit, Ono is pretty cringe live, I'm not sure if I'm hype about the 6th live. I hope the song he's in is at least good.

I'm not particularly fond of any of the utapri seiyuu but aoi is a qt. Blew my mind he's almost 30.

At least Sakurai isn't involved in Utapri.
His bad singing is just on a whole new level.
I always thought he was in his young twenties!

He turned 29 this year.

Worse than Shimono? I mean it's not like the series is exempt from bad singing to begin with.

New ones:
Kimura Ryohei is a gekidan boy like Miyano, member of Trignal with Eguchi Takuya and Yonaga Tsubasa.
Takahashi Hidenori is a literal who.
Uchida Yuma is in [email protected] sideM and other 2D idolshit like Starmyu, Aichuu, King of Prism.
Yamashita Daiki is also in idolshit (Ensemble Stars, [email protected] sideM)
Yonaga Tsubasa is with Kimura in Trignal and idolshit like Idolish 7.
Ono Daisuke and Midorikawa Hikaru have been popular for years.

Sakurai hasn't sung for years, he doesn't even sing character songs.

Sakurai barely sings, but never seen him live and I guess it's a good thing.

Ono Daisuke really made me cringe in the Osomatsu stage, or most all of them except Irino, Kamiya and Nakamura.

He's in TouRabu, isn't he?

Isn't he in multiple movies together with Kamiya due to DGS?

I've never heard Ono live, but he doesn't even sound good to me in the recorded audio. His singing in the first B-project episode was awful.

How bout Kiss Him Not Me? It has an Ouran Host Club vibe.

Yeah but it doesn't make him an idol. Kmiyan isn't an idol either.

Yes but Ishikimaru isn't one of the popular swords.
Shimono started his solo singer career this year.

Syo is a pretty popular Utapri so I think the fans stopped caring if Shimono can't really sing even after almost 7 years.

Will Satsuki appear this season? He was foreshadowed by the ED. Maybe he's beating up Nagi or Yamato.

Potential to break even, but BrainsBase is kind of a corpse and the leftovers are at Shuka working on Natsume, a show that probably will sell far more.

They always give him the fun upbeat solo songs, so it's not as glaring at least.

Thank you. I see the 15G, but not the &. I'll keep looking.

>Shimono started his solo singer career this year.

Yeah because he's popular. Kamiyan can't sing either and he has a singing career too.

Shimono isn't great, but I'd rather listen to him than Terashima.

I meant 7. Sorry.
Horizon is a great song.

You talk as if there aren't actual idols or popular singers that have no singing skills.

I like Otoya songs more than Syo's, but Terashima is still shit because he's a jerk.

>hating on Sakurai for his fucking singing
There's a reason why he has rejected character songs and similar even back in 2010. He'd never do a role that involves singing except maybe bullshit like Hatsukoi Monster.

I'm still mad they threw the three worst singers together for Tenka Muteki no Shinobidou. Even Suzumura couldn't save it.

I was about to say. Terashima sounds awfully nasal and whiny to me, although I get that he's trying to sound in character with that.

Outside of vocal tone, I wouldn't even call many of them a lot better than Shimono, which is why I don't get why everyone keeps shitting on him.

I don't see anyone claiming so? I shit on actual singers and idols all the time.

I think a bunch of them improved a fuckton in 3 years, especially the members of QN.

Aoi Shouta has a pretty gone voice, he basically carried BLOODY SHADOWS while Suzumura and Suwabe did a half assed job.

>Utapri thread
>100+ posts

Bless you Cred Forums, I was afraid everyone had lost interest after last season's mess.

>calling someone's singing bad
>stop hating
Sure is idol fanbase in here. Most seiyuu are bad at singing. Most singers are bad at singing too. Saying so isn't hating it's a fact.



Honestly, I think that Aoi is better at singing than he is voice acting.

Since S3 the threads are half dead and only like 30 people post actively.

>I was afraid everyone had lost interest after last season's mess

yeah last season was mess, i was at the threads last season but i'm glad i'm not the only one that thought it was a mess

i hope this season is good and my the looks from ep1 its starting off good

I'm actually a big fan of Sakurai. I'm just glad that he doesn't sing. and when he does it's only jokey songs thank god.
It doesn't stand a chance which is a shame because the manga is actually really funny.


Well, he started out singing and branched into voice acting later.

wasn't *

Nah, we'll still be here for the music.

I know it's just the first ep, but they set the tone for something fun with gearing up to a big contest.

He's a singer that got pushed into doing some voice work to help promote his singing career

Yeah, I'm sure that user suddenly talked about Sakurai (who is not related to this thread at all) to state a fact.

Yes, his voice is too high and it's difficult to find a character that fits him.

I can agree with that. It's just that back in season one everyone kept calling Shimono the black hole when Starish also had Suwabe, Terashima and to some extent Suzumura in there.

Neither of them were that good especially back then, but I guess they had to scapegoat someone.

He should stick to the same kind/type of character.

He didn't renew his contract with Broccoli and went back to King Records. But yeah, Broccoli played a big part in making him popular.

Are the subs fucking fixed yet.

Very much appreciated, user.

I feel the same way about Sugita, some singing voices are best left unheard

The threads are the only reason I survived S3. UtaPri threads are max comfy.

The series got progressively worse with each new season. I see zero reason the new one will be worth picking up at all.

Thanks user.

Same here, these threads make it twice as fun to watch.


>The series got progressively worse with each new season
But S2 was better than S1.

Starish has a bunch of singers that half ass or simply can't improve. I think Maeno is the weak link of QN but he improved more than half of the Starish singers in all those years, there's the bonus that Camus songs usually sound nice because of the instrumental.

But season 1 was the shittiest one.

This season is good for the gangbang doujin potential, they'll definitely happen. The first episode was hella fun.

I regained interest in the last season with Heavens returning in the last episode. Hoping this season won't be shit

I hate S3 more because I'm a senpaifag and thought most of their episodes sucked, except maybe Reiji's because he was NTRing Tokiya and Otoya and that was good shit.

Also, Starish only had one good song the entire season.

I liked Ranmaru's episode for that delicious fanservice.

He was so out of character it hurt physically.

Camus showing intricate moviments they'll do.

My 5P doujins are real.

>This was from 9/22 with Miyano Mamoru, Suwabe Junichi, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Kimura Ryohei, and Takahashi Hidenori

Mamo, Tattsun, Suwabe san was as usual themselves, Takahashi was super super nervous that before the talk he went to the bathroom and food didn’t go through his throat poor child, and Kimuryo..
Fair warning Kimuryo didn’t have everyone’s names remembered and their respective va’s so he had a cheat sheet which Mamo and Tattsun saw so they quizzed him without it. Also he totally forgot his own character’s name.
Because of that Tattsun told everyone that they should tell him on twitter who’s who.
Tattsun said, “Quartet Night will make a big decision in the 4th season. For the people who love Quartet Night, please watch it when it airs if you can, not a recorded video. If you do, you will understand what they mean.”
Kimuryo impersonated Yonaga Tsubasa when he introduced himself, “I’m a new idol Kimura Ryouhei!”
When the person asking questions mentions how there’s only one QN member, Tattsun said that if they were there it would get annoying but there’s finally meaning when all 4 of them get together.
Van has given everyone unique nicknames, to which Suwabe san was a bit sad and jealous ‘cause he thought he would be the only one who gives out unique nicknames (you forgot Reiji, Suwabe lol)
According to Suwabe san, him and Takahashi’s voice matches and can compete with each other. Well well well.
On that line, Kimuryo mentioned that Shimano’s voice is really prominent and Suwabe san compared him to a banana cause even if you mix anything with bananas you get that banana taste.
Shion is going to be a very interesting character…Kimuryo joked how he’s like a god.
Mamo and Kiiyan fool around during recording and tease Shoutan.
According to Suwabe san, Ren at some parts, will return to how he was in the start of the series to think about things. 1st season/game persona Ren might return to think about how to deal with Van?

Did Hypnotoad get a boob enlargement?

They were always that big.

It's been so long since the last season I'm used to most otome protagonists being on the flat side.

>The screening on the 24th with Taniyama Kishou, Shimono Hiro, Morikubo Shoutaro, Aoi Shouta, Midorikawa Hikaru, and Uchida Yuuma.

Mentioning about how Shimono is like a teddy bear back at the 5th live.
Shoutan mentioned how he came up in his dream
Morikubo mentioned how Shoutan came up in his dream
They tease about how Syo doesn’t grow at all
And Kiiyan also mentions how its hard to tease Shimono now cause he’s getting better at comebacks
Mamo and Kiiyan do a lot of Shion impersonations
Apparently Yamashita isn’t in his high voice range? Everyone commented how they were surprised he was able to produce such a voice different from normal
Midorikawa san’s voice wasn’t the best today and Yuma’s stomach hurt cause he ate too much food
Shimono says when Utapri started, he didn’t have confidence cause he was 30 and doing an idol anime.
Then Kiiyan teases how now he has 2 singles out.
Morikubo said that he was the last one to record the QN song and cried during recording cause of all the feelings of QN started build up inside of him
Just like how Tattsun, Morikubo wants people to watch what happens to QN in real time.

>Fair warning Kimuryo didn’t have everyone’s names remembered and their respective va’s so he had a cheat sheet which Mamo and Tattsun saw so they quizzed him without it. Also he totally forgot his own character’s name.

Some fans got mad about it - matome.naver.jp/odai/2147455625349632801

That summary was painful to read.
Don't you have the original where this came from?

In the game she's not flat but the anime made them bigger.

Morikubo said that in this season he met with a Reiji that he hasn’t met before and was surprised and confused as to how to portray him
People who’ve been supporting utapri from the first season will have the feels
Heavens characters are unique
QN is way too cool
Midorikawa san really wanted HEAVENS merch, he wore the Eiichi button on and he has an Eiichi file that he actually uses for work. He really tried to appeal to that to the audience.
Yuma was in seiyuu school when Utapri first started out, he really liked Utapri and when he heard Nanairo no Compass he was really amazed by it. And when he learned he was able to audition for the new Utapri characters he got really excited, he’s super happy that he’s able to stand in the place he is right now.
Shoutan mentioned when he first came into the Utapri thing as Ai he was super nervous cause he was playing a senpai character to these characters who were voiced by senpais.
Yuma was super funny and he was super nervous so Shimono kinda apologized about him (Yuma is Shimono’s kouhai in the same agency)
Midorikawa san mentioned how he isn’t really good at singing but after he got involved with his character, Eiichi, he think that he got better at singing.
Shoutan says QN has to be 4 people, he would’ve felt it would’ve been better with 4 if there were 6 people. He’s really happy to be in QN.

Is Crunchy simulcasting it?

It took me too long to figure it out.
>huh the artstyle looks different
>but there are glowy things and someone is singing so
>wait is that a girl

Yeah but at least S3 didn't focus entirely on a single shitty character drama for half of its run.

>They tease about how Syo doesn’t grow at all
>Nearly 20 and still a manlet

Poor guy

This reads like a pasta, post the original link

I love it when the nips get autistic like that.

I think HS fucked the archive.

>episode 1 will be slightly delayed
It's still not out yet on Crunchy.

It's already out on The Anime Network if you have membership and don't mind watching with hard yellowsubs,

Terashima Takuma, Toriumi Kousuke, Maeno Tomoaki, Yonaga Tsubasa, and Yamashita Daiki

During the first greetings the usual “Peasants!” was brought up yes.
Tori san and Terashii mention how there weren’t a lot of people in the beginning of Utapri (when the game first started out)
Maenu was afraid that people would hate Camus cause it seemed like he was bullying Cecil but then Camus became loved and being able to take part in concerts and trying out contacts. He started to look at other artists’ performances in a different light.
When Maenu mentioned how Camus changed his lifestyle
Terashii: Do you put sugar in?
Maenu: Sugar is a bit bad for the body isn’t?
Tori san: If it’s caster sugar then it should be fine.
Terashii: So healthy!
Wingu mentioned how he when HEAVENS started out as 3 people, he contacted Midorikawa san and OnoD saying, please take care of me.
He said he was nervous and excited and worried getting involved in Utapri
Yamashita when he was told that he passed the audition, the people told him to not tell ANYONE about how he’s a new character in Utapri so when Wingu asked if he passed or not (cause he knew he took the audition) it was really hard for Yamashita to not tell them.
Maenu mentioned how he was kinda smiling.
When Yamashita took the audition he had to say the lines he was given without any other supplemental picture or drawing. He made the “god like” Shion character with only lines said by Shion.
Theme for the 4th season is “Challenge and Attack”
Terashii really likes the choreography when HEAVENS say “Angel~”
Wingu: I was talking about this with Midorikawa san and OnoD san saying “We probably have to do this someday” and Midorikawa san said “We have to~?”
Terashii: Please do~~!
When the person asking questions asked if they were out to win it even though they don’t know the winner of SSS:
Maenu: In the QN group LINE chat a gung ho person kept attacking how they should go and win it very strongly

>Piss subs
I'd rather wait

They’re not done with recordings but Tori san and Terashii mentioned how it’s starting to look different and that something that hasn’t happened in Utapri will happen so we need to brace ourselves.
Maenu said that after each new episode QN’s connection gets stronger but each and every person does not get along well but they have cohesiveness.
Maenu likes the gap of how the va’s for QN are like “Let’s do this!” while QN themselves aren’t really close together.
When asking the HEAVENS va’s about how you think their character is:
Wingu: Nagi is the youngest in HEAVENS, he’s 13.
Terashii: He’s only a young boy.
Maenu: Even though you’re a granny
Wingu: I’m not a granny!!
Wingu: I’m curious as to what Nagi has done joining HEAVENS at the age of 13 and also he has this thing of saying “Super Ultra” and sticking those words to anything.
Maenu: Cute
Terashii: He is a kid
Wingu: During recording in the back, Miyano kun and Taniyama san start saying “Super Ultra~~” a lot. Even though Nagi is 13, he still has a professional look out as an idol.
The duet song for Cecil and Shion, Tori san heard the completed version yesterday and he commented how their worlds meshed together in one song, a new type of song that the fans haven’t heard yet
Tori san is doing his best in the kawaii, Yamashita is doing his best in the cool
Shion’s love for HEAVENS is going to play out in the show
Maenu said to watch the show when it airs, not a recording.
The 4 QN va’s chose to say these exact words in their group LINE chat

Gamushara Romantic I think? That's a good one, so catchy.

I'm a Camusfag and all of his songs are good, but Saintly Territory is godly

Aurora, man. That song is pure sex.
Though still a little disappointed that it's love story and not never ending rhapsody.

I think AN works the same as Crunchyroll. You can watch this episode without an account, but you have to have a paid membership to watch the new episodes when they come out.

>something that hasn’t happened in Utapri will happen

Someone winning the Haruka bowl?

This can't happen.

Maybe a 4th group will snatch her up.

I like Aurora but I'm a gamefag, the route that had it has the shittiest drama.
Camus and badly paced drama don't fit together, especially because I think his routes are usually one of the best and he's a count of a magic kindgom.

Or Shining.

Shining taking Haruka in the back in front of STARISH would be godly.

I didn't know I wanted this until now.

>Though still a little disappointed that it's love story and not never ending rhapsody.
It's been 2 years and I still remember the discussion we had about it when it came out. It still sounds more like the latter and I won't un-hear it.

Shining NTRs Haruka from Otoya.

There's probably a doujin somewhere.

Since all the seiyuu are shit who is the best singer?

Why hasn't Cat's routes been made into OVAs?

His are full retard and fun

My husbando will finally win.

>Saving money for the LATER Senpai figures
>Not a single preview out yet

Shouta Aoi

Taniyama Kishow or Aoi Shouta in my opinion.

I want incest doujins of Ootori family and Hyuuga siblings too.

Cecil is boring when he's not being bullied, his route was stupidly fun but not because of him, but because of all the stupid shit.

Between Aoi and Kishou. Definitely not anyone else. If we're talking about outside of the series, then Toyonaga Toshiyuki.

Isn't that the ninja make up artist from Imas sideM?

I wanted Eiji to be the bullied son of the Otori family but the ED have him and his bro getting along.

Ai and Camus got previews.

>Are you ready?
r u redi*


It was pretty great when we all heard that surprise engrish the first time. And glad everyone's still around for another fun season.

I'm stupid. Reiji and Ai had unpainted previews but I forgot about it. Camus had something too?
Their poses look pretty good.

I thought it was Camus, but could have been Reiji. Don't really care about anyone but Ai.

I just wish they'd gone with different outfits. They're my least favourite ones.

I'm not even that into utapri but damn this fig looks good

I agree. I can't remember how the All Star After Secret routes went, though since I have a shit memory even though I read a summary. I want to play it, but my Japanese isn't good enough to understand a lot of the kanji.

The intro bothers me more than anything, honestly. But rhapsody would fit so much better, yeah.

The pose is kinda boring.

I've been in most Utapri threads since 2011, I want to get off this ride.

I remember when yaraon had a post about our threads and how everyone thought Hime was best girl. now the senpais are all best

I hope they don't fuck up the coloring. It's the thing that keeps me from buying the ones that are out right now.

Right, the nips translated our threads. I remember them being really confused about us calling Ren 'slut'.

Was it yaraon? I don't remember well. I think it was around when S2 was airing and the threads were really popular.

You're all homosexuals. I hope you know that right? You should arrange a gay sex meetup.

No idea if it was yaraon, but definitely during S2. user was posting yosei edits back then, good times.

No one was denying that, user.

No, we're little girls who love singing bishounen.

No thanks, 3DPD is disgusting.

Subs fucking never

Am I the only one that doesn't like Heavens themselves aside from HEAVENS GATE?

No you're not.
The song was amazing but we've barely seen anything of Heavens yet, though for now I don't like them at all.

Nah, but maybe they'll fix that this season. I haven't watched the episode yet.

I used to like Starish more, too, but Quartet Night has blown both of them out of the water for me.

We've barely seen anything of Heavens, so how can you even decide?

We barely know anything about them so I'll keep waiting. Animefags don't know much about QN either because their episodes were kinda shitty, but at least their songs weren't mostly terrible.

Why get off? We have a break between seasons anyway. Plus, it's fun and chill. I can't ask for a better group to watch with.

I didn't like the original HEAVENS but I think it can change. I didn't like Quartet Night before.

Ootori Eiichi
Son of Raging Ootori and HEAVEN’s leader. He has complete confidence in HEAVENS and its members, he tends to show favoritism.

Sumeragi Kira
Born in the Sumeragi household with a lot of historic lineage. He does not speak a lot but has a very mysterious aura too him and his beautiful looks and charisma brings in a lot of popularity.

Mikado Nagi
He is a genius and is familiar of his charm. The reason why he became an idol is because he was attracted by how an idol=a job that captures peoples hearts.

Official profiles

Ootori Eiji
He is always refreshing and in his “natural state” so at first glance he has this not-so-idol-like, mysterious atmosphere but in reality he has high potential in both singing and dancing. Eiichi’s younger brother.

Kiryuuin Van
He has a very keen sense and prioritizes what he likes or what he wants over anything. He’s the type to say things straight up.

Hyuuga Yamato
He has an athlete like body and has high physical abilities but is slightly hot headed. He is the 2nd son of the Hyuuga family and also Ryuuya’s younger brother but he has a strong feeling of rivalry against his older brother.

Amakusa Shion
He usually has an unworldly like atmosphere around him and he says a lot of things that normal people won’t understand but can display his high performance abilities instantaneously. He deeply loves HEAVENS.

Because when I watched S1 and S2 I liked it "ironically", then I decided to play the games and the ones that are not shit are super fun, now this franchise has a bunch of my money and they'll never stop.

I'm glad it's back, though I wonder how they'll handle a harem of 18 characters now. This surely had a lot of flahsbacks, but I did like the unit introduction in the middle of the episode a lot.

Nah I just have a gangbang fetish user,,getting real tired of seeing fat ugly old men.

Their personalities haven't been really fleshed out yet, but I'm just going on what we've seen so far, I mean.
I liked HEAVENS GATE, but the song this episode didn't do much for me (but neither did Starish's).
The duets and final unit songs may turn out to be great, though.

I think maybe what bothers me is that they're deliberately the same as Starish (even using the same character colors this episode), just edgier. I'd like them better if they were written as more of an actual foil to them instead of using the exact same archetypes (the cute one, the flirt, the tough guy, the quiet one, the mysterious one). Of course, we'll see what happens, this is just my impression at this point.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm really just here for QN

Maybe it's because I haven't played the game but I don't see what's so special about Quartet Night

There's nothing going for them in the anime except the songs, so don't feel left out.

I like them the best because after so many underwhelming Utapri games, the ones featuring them (except Debut) didn't have terrible melodrama, cringeworthy development and unfunny moments. Their routes had decent pacing, good development and some legit funny moments. Also their fandisk didn't suck balls like Starish ones, what actually ruined a good fandisk were the Starish routes present.

There's a whole lot more to them in the games, honestly. The anime hardly did them justice.

Definitely. The anime shits on the senpai, but their games are amazing.

Talking about the games, I'm thinking about buying the Repeat Vita release but at the same time I don't want to waste money on a game that I only liked about 4 routes. They'll probably re-use the old songs too.


>5 hours and still no subs

I was like that in the beginning with the merch. Then I relized that because it never stops, I had the choice to pick only the best pieces.
Also, it sucks when your favorite semi long running series end. Love Uta as much as you want.

This 5th stage concert is so good, not even an idolfag. Are the games with senpais translated? They're clearly superiour.

Nope, there's no Utapri games translated.

Enjoy your Diabolik Wifebeaters bits on tumblr because they only work on shit like that.

Shining Live when

>Diabolik Wifebeaters
Last time I checked, most of the translators for that stopped because of drama.

There are hardly any translated Otome games.

>implying dumblr has ever translated a full game in the first place

Wasn't someone making an effort to get them translated? I remember something about there being donations for a wiki.

Well that's disappointing. Isn't this franchise supposed to be super popular? I guess I'll cross my finger for a steam release or some shit

It is super popular, but not with gaijins. Broccoli themselfs barely care about gaijin money anyway, maybe there's a small chance of them bringing the games because of the Vita rereleases but I doubt it.

Rather than popularity, licensing this would probably be crazy expensive with all those songs.

Licensing the games is supposedly super expensive because of the songs, and Broccoli are copyright nazis, so no fan translator wants to go near the games.

The big name voice actors would probably put the price up too. Jast dropped Starry Sky because the cost for the voices was too high.

That's bullshit.
All licensed games have big names in the cast, especially Norn9 with 9 high tier VAs.

But I'm glad they're not doing Starry Sky, it's shit.

Norn9, Starry Sky and UtaPri are all by different companies. Maybe they have different licenses for the VAs?

So I'm guessing no subs today. What a let down.

I can't believe they pulled the "I love you..r music" shit again. Forced memes that toy with my feelings should not be allowed

Maybe in a few more hours, but I'm tired of waiting.

>Enjoy your Diabolik Wifebeaters
I will thank you. Not being an EOP feels pretty good too.

But I'm not an EOP, I actually feel bad for them.

I didn't mean to imply you were, just that it's nice not having to rely on dramatic tumblrites for things I want to read.
Don't feel too bad for them though. They're choosing not to learn Japanese and that's on them.

>I love you...r music
This is why Cat will win

Howw used are Nanami'a holes right now?
Poor girl.

>huge watermark
CR please save us.

It seems to be out on CR now.

I hope this was a one time thing.

>Regular episodes will be airing every Saturday at 10am PT, and episode 1 will be slightly delayed.
I guess we will have to wait and see although this is supposed to be a one time thing.

Does this season seriously have Heavens being important? Maybe I should just drop it now.


It's Alter. High quality paint and sculpt at the expense of boring poses.

And delays, lots of delays.

Some of their Tales boy had nice poses though.

>[HorribleSubs] Uta no Prince Sama Legend Star - 01 [720p].mkv


>favorite boy is one of my least favorite singers
Why this?

>having otoya as your favorite

That's why.

because terashima is an ass

>scheduling the same day the last episode airs
Will A-1 save Christmas?

So Kamigami season 2 next year msybe?

Not them but I always end up liking the genki boy next door types in these things.

Unfortunately the genki one is usually the annoying manlet

More Satsuki when?

Needs more hats.

I haven't finished season 3 yet but I assume I have to in order to understand S4?

On another note, I didn't realize Utapri threads on Cred Forums were this comfy.

gymbros are the best.

I didn't realize Utapri was a show you needed to 'understand'.

Just watch the two last episodes

Well I mean... the plot is diluted as usual and barely has any characterization from the games (which especially fucks over Quartet Night) but S3 was decent enough to suggest you finish it.

More of Masayan's imouto and Hat-kun's otouto when?

Broccoli cares so much about them I even forgot their names.

I think it was Kaoru but I forgot the little girl's name.

When they reveal Cecil and Otoya are half brothers.

Mai, I think.

>18 people singing one song

man I love idols


So what? Do you know what a chorus is?

Have you never been to church?

>comparing Utapri songs to church choirs

I thought individuals mattered in harems.

Shit, that was hilarious.

Anyone pick up interesting Utapri merchandise lately?

Last thing I bought was MUSIC 3, shame it had far less outfits than the previous games.

I didn't realize Utapri threads were this active, the only male idol show I've ever watched with Cred Forums was Shounen Hollywood and the threads were always so empty.

If this wasn't otomeshit I'd give it a try.

It isn't that active, they just last long because of faithful anons. A good bunch of people dropped S3 so they were deader past year.

I didn't even notice. Nice slipping that in.
Just the Uta themed Vita. Sweet get with the book.

I also picked up the new Prithm artbook.

>never got my Maracas pillow case because I had to cancel my cc

It still stings. Hug Miku extra tightly.

I waited the whole episode for an upbeat Maji Love 3000% ED.

At least it was a funny episode. And it looks like the final costumes will be a ittle less ridiculous.

Gangbang doujins when?

Your complete loss.

>s3 an absolute snorefest
>worried s4 will suffer the same fate
>first ep was already better and wilder than all of s3

Thank god.

I really wanted Camus, but even without shipping and proxy fees it would've been too much for me to spend at once. You're goddamn lucky.

>Toyonaga Toshiyuki

Good taste, user. Broccoli is swimming in money so why can't they hire seiyuus who are actually good at singing for the biggest male idol series? Kishou and Aoi obviously outshine carry the rest of the cast (see Polaris and Bloody Shadows) since they're trained compared to fucking Shimono and Terashima.

Who know why anything happened the way it did. All we do know if that Uta wasn't really a star title with that early unpolished first release.

>mc has three harems
Why is this allowed



Think of the doujins user.

Which 18 seiyuu would you hire?

The original 11 are fine, the first three HEAVENS had decent casting too but most of the rest has to show how they'll fit in.

Kishou and Aoi are so good they made Shimono sound good in their unit song.

>Shimono sound good
Let's not get carried away either.

No, because clearly they wouldn't be on this thread.

I was going to sleep but

This is a Christian image board.

Toyonaga is good but he's literally in every idol franchise ever

I guess grandma didn't teach her not to get into cars with strangers.

These so much going on that only on this third time do I see outrageous fish tanks.

Needs a Brazzers logo.

You mean bang bus.

Where is the problem? Kids sing in church too. We've never said it was excellent, and it's not even the point. I've never heard about a limited number of people allowed to sing a song. Ever seen a NicoNico chorus?



Even when they are from a boys band? I don't even see what you're trying to say. They are all individuals working together, why not singing all the same song if they want?What does even the girl have to do with that? You want guys with no jobs, all waiting for her in their room? Only existing for her? You're making no sense at all.


This one is cute

Japanese idols aren't exactly known for their good vocals.

Last season was trying too hard to fit the stories of 11 people, now we have 18 people gangbang. I hope they don't go back to the episodic character/duet based format, but I am sure my hopes are useless.

13-year old pedo bait.


Dead thread

I don't want to get off this wild ride.

Had more posts than the homo thread at one point.

I bought Prithm as well, and when I heard Night Dream I bought the LP size case version of it. While waiting for Cecil's figure to be released, I'm buying way too many clear files.

>best boy voiced by fucking kimura


I bought three of the couple t-shirts. Syo's is really nice.

Doujins when?

Adding 4 guys was a mistake. Heavens was perfect as a 3-man team desu, even Heavens Gate got worse.

Nice, I missed this show. It's one of those series I enjoy because it knows it's stupid, making it entertainingly retarded. Also, slut is still best boy.

Haruka didn't blush during any of these intro things She only blushed when Raging and Shining were circling around her.

She blushed with cyborg man and Aladdin

>cyborg man




Will WhyNot ever finish with S3? And what came of that Christmas OVA?


Perhaps this new season will push them to finish. It's always been their intention to cover this series, and we'll most likely see WhyNotAnon pop up.

As for the OVA, you could just go with what was released for now.

Thanks to whoever recommended to watch the 5th stage, it was fun as fuck even as an EOP and my sides went into orbit every time they tried to acknowledge the male audience.

I was really hoping for lewder outfits this time around.

Quartet Night > STARISH > HEAVENS
This is a fact.

>Heavens is still anime only
>Still no CG-style Raging Entertainment spinoff with a different composer



I wish Haruka could rest, 11 was already a big number for a harem now 18 is too much. If Heavens even get a game for themselfs they should pick a new MC.

>"Are u redii MY BOY"
These men tried their hardest to show their spirits, even if they were like 5% of the hall.

In a choir the voices all meld into one. You wouldn't be able to pick out the individuals. I guess you could have them sing individually too though, like, one word each person. Seems awkward though.

Now your response is the one that didn't make any sense. How did you get any of that from my comment?

Does the male audience have a character they prefer?

Why is Ren so far apart from everyone else and facing the other direction?

Ren dies

His character is going to regress this season.

Their screams were hilarious, they tried their hardest. I wonder if it's the same for female fans at LL or [email protected] concerts

Never researched that but I can exclude them being boyfriends of the fans because it's not easy to get this ticket. They're passionate husbandofags and I'm also curious what character they'd like the most too. As for the songs I think Ranmaru and Natsuki's would be more fitting.

Any pictures from Ranmaru's birthday?

He's joining Heavens

>not one
>not two
>not three
>four anime series centering around music airing in the same season

I feel so spoiled.

Utapri, Classicaloid, Euphonium and?

Last season did any of you suspect that Heavens was an automatic name setup for a seven man group?
Average shrines.
Perhaps I shouldn't think so, but I'm surprised. I would have that the anime would have created greater ones.

Have a meat cake.

Actually, there are more. Idol Memories, Show by Rock, Hagane Orchestra, main guy in MagiKyun is a singer.

That cake looks disgusting.

Is that a raw meat cake?


A lot of his fans present the meats to him on his bday.

So how is the new season after the horribly disappointing last season?

Already wild and exciting. I'm hopeful and going to enjoy the ride.

>Season 1
Pretty bad because it was bogged down with TOKIYA angst. A lot of "set up plot" so can be boring.

>Season 2
Easily the BEST and most fun season. Just not enough senpais; some really great character episodes too.

>Season 3
Worst than 2, individual episodes all sucked and the songs save for a few were shit too.

So really one 1 season of 3 is actually good.

I liked the first two season but the third was kind of weak. They need to be okay with not having every guy speak in every scene.
Fucking stop there's 18 of them now.

But my husbando needs equal screentime, user.

And that's why large harems are shit

Still better than REVOLUTION

Fuck I forgot about that

How will we get funny videos like this if there isn't a dance ED?

Oh, I just finished watching it as well. I wish I was there.


Why is it so hard to find music downloads

What would you guys say is the best way to get merch? I sometimes order from Amiami but they don't always have everything, like the limited t-shirts and stuff like that. I want to keep the cost as low as possible, but some proxy services really gut you.

In previous seasons Anons have posted downloads. That's where I've gotten them from. Someone here might still have a link,

There's a torrent with a bunch of songs on nyaa.

tumblr almost always has individual songs uploaded shortly after release. Extensions like xkit let you rip audio easily.

Then look for the best one. Ordering the tees and stuff from Broccoli wasn't that expensive, but you will have to pay a bit. Though it's nothing compared to the item price.

Is it? I just haven't been able to find a better quality version of Dream More Than Love.


Like user said, you really just have to find a proxy that works best for you. Or you could get a Japanese friend who's willing to send you shit.

jpopsuki has 51 albums

Holy shit. Much appreciated kind Cred Forumsnon.

Oh fuck thanks a lot user

You could always buy the music, at least the newer stuff.

The thanks should really go towards the user who made it, where ever they are. I just saved the link to share the love.

I could but there's so much other merch I want that can't be downloaded.

Are there no digital versions of the songs you can buy from itunes or something?