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Where are my peeps at?

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What are you all working on?

I translated and cleaned the next chapter of Itsuya-san, but if possible, I'd like to use the same fonts as the (dead) group that worked on the previous chapters.

Can anyone ID this font, and the one used on the following page?

I should note that I browsed through several font guides/packs, and tried to use font identifier websites, with no luck.

I'm enjoying being a lazy cunt.

Oh also, some Cred Forumsnon posted these in the last thread, and I tried cleaning them.
It was just for practice, but if you see this and still have a need for them, please use them.

Bookwalker user, can you rip scans for Tsugumomo v17-18 from there? I heard they have scan size *x1600 and more.


My self-confidence.

Could it be Mcgannahan?

click is Yellowjacket Condensed

My tan

Definitely looks to be the case, thank you.

>Yellowjacket Condensed
I'm more interested in the dialogue fonts, but I'll add this to my font list, thank you!

Excuses for why I haven't finished the stuff I was supposed to finish.

What are some good scanner, my current one is about 4 years old and I am looking to upgrade. I would like to get one that could scan artbooks and other larger than normal pictures.

Encore, Juliet, Zombie, Kuzumi

Next chapter of Cambrian is ready, lots of weird shit.

A scanlation group walks into a bar.

The scanner says, "I'll have nigorizake."
The cleaner says, "I'll have shochu."
The redrawer says, "I'll have hanazake."
The translator says, "I'll have habushu."
The proofreader says, "I'll have umeshu."
The typesetter says, "I'll have genshu."

Then they all drink stone blind.

And that's why the next chapter of your favorite manga will be delayed.

What's the joke?

It's meta-humor about how Aho Girl is unfunny.

(They're looking for people who can clean raws in exchange for doujinshi scans by the way if someone here is up for it)

Here's the link for those interested:

First panel is Unmasked BB I think.

Thanks user!


>What are you all working on?
Ana No Mujina, Himaiden

Might be working on Buster Dress and Mitsukubi Condor in the future with any luck.

bump while I can't post

How to clean color pages?

Or more exactly how shit can my cleaning be before people start calling me out on the horrible cleaning

Don't worry user, I'll always call you out

Call me out for dinner then, senpai, I'm kinda running low on cash[]=brand=青林工藝舎

Why don't people scan seirinkogeisha books
Many of them look cool
I know elemhunter does it but he's just one man

Never change, Cred Forums.

I'm planning on releasing chapters of Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san in batches, probably in threes. That way it doesn't actually feel like 8 pages per release, though it takes the same amount of time.

This is really my first time doing this, so I don't really know how good or bad of an idea that may be.

I don't see any problem with it.
Some groups like to release full volumes at a time.

Ah, that's good.

I'm here. Can you not work with the team regularly? That second one shows some promise that we really desperately need. I lack the energy to do these redraws consistently, and the skill to do them quickly. How long did you spend on that second one? Because if it was anything less than ~2 hours, you're a faster worker than I am.

Assuming the case in which you can't help, I'm just gonna post the help wanted again.

I didn't time it rigorously, but it was less than 2 hours, closer to 1.
The first one was maybe half an hour.

What kind of workload would you have me take on a weekly basis?
Also, I am really new to redrawing (and scanlation in general), so there might be pages that I just cannot properly fix.



We need a redrawer who can manage some pretty unfair redraws, and we need them now-er rather than not now-er. If you're looking for an unjustifiable challenge to put on your scanlation resume, this would be it.

Sample of what you could be up against: there's often more than one of these per chapter. Just reply if you're interested and/or able, don't actually try to redraw it - the guy above kindly went that extra mile for me already.

Full disclosure: if we don't get a redrawer now-ish, I'm going to kill myself. So that's going to be on you if you're capable of doing this and choose not to do it. Help us. Help me.

Err, it depends week-to-week, honestly. Some chapters have literally zero redraws, others have every single page plastered in text. There are two Baki series, of which we try to complete one chapter weekly, but there's no 'strictness' to it - if you take longer, none of us will say a word.

I'm gonna upload two average chapters to mega right now - one from each series - so that you can have a more proper gander. My fingers are crossed.

What's your schedule?

Here's the mega; it has both in it.!6pQHHC6a!hwshbAUu0vGUZEtj0x6gKA

These are maybe slightly harder than average. The upper-echelon of irrational and unsolvable pages tend to look like this one.

If you're asking me - as of now, whenever we can get a chapter out.

Oh fuck, what is that page haha.
Downloading the chapters now.

I don't know if this is asking too much, but can someone trasnlate this manga for me please
It's only 7 pages, I want to do the typesetting, but I can't read moon. Thanks

>stylized gyousho writing
Sorry to say this, but I can't imagine anyone here will do that for you. It's not exactly easy to read for non-native Japanese readers. If it's important enough to you, pick out a pro. I doubt seven pages will cost you much.

Is that really high level? I can read it just fine and I don't consider myself very good at moon.

Fuck, I didn't realize that you could get a higher rez than the preview thing. No, I can see someone doing it now. If it *was* that small, then yeah, you'd need someone more able.

I would be willing to give it a shot, but I'm really not confident in my ability to redraw some of those panels, so I think it's best for me to decline, sorry.

Knowing it isn't impossible already is a start. My quest to get this translated continues then

It's just the trasnlation I will do the rest

I really don't want to let the only person who bit to get away that easily, so I have a proposal: how about I get your email (or vice-versa, whatever you prefer in this public space) so that I might occasionally see if you can help with a page on which I'm struggling. Is that something you'd be alright with doing? No real ties to the group, but you'd be credited whenever you did something with us.

Regardless, we still do need to find a full-time redrawer... the battle continues. Ho-hum.

I guess this might be the right place to ask. I heard that CR dropped Arpeggio manga so does anyone know if some group has planned to pick it up?

I tried to ask in the /ak/ thread but that is just circlejerk.

They're all too drunk to work

Gakkou Kaidan needs an editor. A collection of semi-related horror stories, by Takahashi Yousuke.

Ah sorry, I didn't mean to reply to your request.
I did look at the raws, but there are too many kanji I can't quite make out, so I'm not of the ability to help.
Oh also, you might want to link to the original (uncleaned) raws, since the resolution is more than twice the size of the clean version. by yamada akihiro .zip

I certainly wouldn't mind at least trying once in a while.
You can send shit my way at [email protected]

Yeah I noticed and deleted my post, I thought about liking them but they were scatered all over the place and I didn't eanted to make people download them

>I heard that CR dropped Arpeggio manga
They're not always on time, but I can't imagine they'd actually drop anything. Given how this month's chapter ended, I'm sure they'll want to catch up soon if they're able.

>They're not always on time
Last chapter was fucking 4 months ago.

Oh, okay then. I don't touch anything licensed myself, but if it's been that long you might be able to find someone who'll do it.

For starters, look at those prices. Some of those are upwards of $30.

Can someone explain to me why CR no longer allows non-paying viewers to read the latest chapter of any given manga? That was the only reason that I ever gave their site traffic. Was it a standard-fare Jewish business decision, or something unexpected?

How do i save a great number of images in separate tabs each into jpg or png?

Automate doesn't seem to be built for it.

What? You mean batch processing? Just make action, choose it in batch process, and run it.

Is there raws for volume 2? I wanna see how it ends.

I'm a hitman. Any groups or scanners, translators you want out of the picture? I can bring the authorities down on them faster than you can say DMCA.

I couldn't find any, so I just bought the e-book.
I threw it up on nyaa/mega for you, love.!1QdlGZKA!8ZgZUQpPa21Tpm_PfoSYSGOu_6FyUXdqPRNh4otg8n4

Kill me.


Thanks a lot mate.

Kill Mangastream please.

Jaimini and MS please.


Kill anyone who snipes my stuff please.

>manga has shit raws
>translation group doesnt release high quality ones, only typesetted

Some guy keeps posting this in the one page threads for some reason so I figured I'd post it here and ask about it.

Never mind the awful typesetting (the original text is in quite a standard narration font, and it's black text with a white outline, not white text with a black outline, so it doesn't even match), the original pages are very dark and muted, with the brightest shade being a dim gray, and it seems the cleaner for this interpreted this as poor-quality scans and tried to get it to normal brightness for manga. So as a result it's, well, not great.

The shading of the original is pretty much the same as something else the artist did, which you can see here:

Is such loss in quality inevitable? I know there's always at least a slight detraction from the original caused by the process, but I didn't think it'd be this bad.


Oh, jeez. I guess I should be grateful for what I have is what you're trying to tell me?

No, I don't know what are you talking about at all and I about to go to sleep and just lazily cleaned page with simple leveling so it wont look too bad. Also grayscale.

Ah. Um, sorry.

Yours does look better, but it's even less like the original. I guess it really just doesn't translate to the computer screen well. I mean it looks great here, though

I would just talk to the group scanlating that about whatever. If you have legitimate concerns, I'm sure they'll listen. Editors are more likely to listen to reason than typesetters or TLs.

What, are you expecting them to buy better raws without you donating your shekels?


>Donate to us so you can get those delicious scans goyim!
>Nevermind buying the book yourself!

>readme says: wait for the highquality release for a decent translation and better quality
>it never happens

I don't know if a TL is sitting in this thread, but would anyone be interested in translating the remainder of Seto no Hanayome?
The 10th anniversary of the anime is coming up (aired originally Apr 2007 - Oct 2007), so I'd like to put something out and close the series if possible.
All that's left, I think, is the final volume, though I need to confirm.

Well if you can read it yourself, what do you need a translation group for?

He did a bad job AND he wasted his time by not just finalizing the English text first to minimize redrawing.

Fuck, forgot image.

Like I said, I was using it for practice, which is why I didn't bother translating it, and I only put it here in case he wanted to use it, not to show off.

Would you mind showing me parts that are particularly poorly done?

Apparently the last chapter of volume 15 (71), and volume 16 (72-76)

Just reporting on this

Some anons in Cred Forums transcripted and translated this for me.

Now I'm in need of help proofreading, thanks for bearing with me and my plea

Cool, glad you were able to get help with it!

I lied, apparently there may be a gap at of around three chapters as well from 35-37 (vol8)

I suppose it can't hurt to ask if anyone'd be willing to translate this. In it a yuri fanatic and a fujoshi end up swapping bodies. It's fucking wordy as hell, though, and bound to contain lots of slang.

Just to demonstrate.

Yeah, will start choosing the fonts while I search for a proofreader

A lot of cleaners just go for blackest blacks and whitest whites, which ends up smearing out texture and obliterating midtones a lot of the time. It's unavoidable to certain extent because many people either don't know how to clean or don't understand what they're looking at and what they think it should be. You see this a lot in Jump manga, for example. The magazine quality is shit, then you get shit scans, then you get shit cleaning which all compounds into a visual nightmare.

They still fuck it up when using digital Jump raws.

Can I get some advice on how to clean these damn textures?

Not him, but that sounds pretty much me, though.
Round out what should be black to black or near-black (ink), round out the whites if needed, pen tool to clean up dust, pixeltrash artifacts, etc.

If the tones start looking like they're being blown out, I dial it back, but rounding to near-blacks is still a priority. Reading a manga in greys triggers me somewhat.

Clone stamp/brush tool, though content-aware fill might be passable in small chunks.
You'll likely need to manually redraw the splat with a black brush, though

Okay, let's try something different.

What do you people do? I want to get an idea of how many people are translators, how many are cleaners, etc.

>doing the work of 6 people for free in my spare time
When you put it that way it really makes me want to rethink my life options.

Thanks. That's what I've been doing, but the gradient colors make it really hard to clone stamp. Anything else you could add, senpai?

I don't understand why 6 people are needed in the first place, but working alone can be harsh.
What are you working on?

Well, things to do if you're clonestamping is dependent on how much effort you want to put in. If you aren't already, work on a separate layer.

For one, pay attention to other blobs of the same orientation (as in, getting the fades from the right direction and rebuilding with them. Alternatively you can stamp on an empty layer and rotate it in 90° chunks or something.
Two, try looking across other pages in the chapter (or even series) to get samples of the same tone to work with.
Three, line up so that the texture actually matches the rest of the texture. In this case, the checkerboard. You can kind of see it's distorted and doesn't look that great (difficult to notice when you slap text on top, but still). Due to the way pages get distorted when scanned in, it's usually not a 1:1 checkerboard and you're going to have to fiddle with it.
Four, you can create your own tone from samples using pattern fills and the like on another layer and masking it over the original layer in chunks, fiddling with the opacity of the mask to simulate the gradient. Kinda hard to explain.

For the specific thing you're posting, one thing I'd maybe try is duplicate the original layer (so I can compare by just toggling the layers). Then, paint over some offending parts with white, then decrease the opacity of the cloned sample and stamping multiple times on the same area to simulate the gradient texture.

>just one volume left
>the group drops the series

kill me, just kill me.

>ripping raws is in there but scanning isn't
I should just buy digital copies.

>Reading a manga in greys triggers me somewhat.
Fair enough, but this is what triggers me.

It's okay, everyone forgets about the scanner.

You can start by pointing out books that interest you.

That looks like a color page that was grayscaled. Most people don't realize that and use the same levels they do for the rest of the chapter and that kills all the details.

Well, this is a color image greyscaled in the tank, but I get what you mean. People just use an action that autolevels everything the same way like says.

Even worse are the people that use an actual that scales a page and then slap that on everything as well

Okay, my copy of OMD doesn't work on ebookjapan anymore.

any kind anons willing to work out a fix?

posting a one-day link:

>Due to the way pages get distorted when scanned in, it's usually not a 1:1 checkerboard and you're going to have to fiddle with it.
I have digital scans, but this shit checkerboard isn't a 1:1 anyway.
>Four, you can create your own tone from samples using pattern fills and the like on another layer and masking it over the original layer in chunks, fiddling with the opacity of the mask to simulate the gradient. Kinda hard to explain.
I understood, but I only have the first volume and there isn't another page with this same texture. Reminder to never get a shoujo manga to clean again.
I'm giving up for now and will try messing with it after some text input. Thanks a lot, senpai.

Fuck. Are you sure? That's the same version I was using. What book failed to rip?

Is this the scanlators anonymous group?

Hi everyone, I'm XXX.
I've scanlated some stuff before, doing everything by myself, crudely at start but steadily improving. As I improved it consumed more and more time since it takes time to get it done in a decent quality, and it got to the point where I just thought it'd be best to not do it anymore.

I managed to stay away from it for about a month, but I had a relapse this last month and did 6 releases already, plus a few scripts only.

I thought I could stop, but it's harder than I expected. My psychologist said the easiest way to quit is to switch dependences, like gaming for example, but I'm afraid this isn't working.

All the books I bought since mid september

Can't really help you with the OMD situation, but here's a script that will rip everything and won't stop working unless they do some MASSIVE changes to the reader.
You need a Chrome-like browser and Tampermonkey for it, start it with the context menu once the reader is loaded and it'll do its thing.

I just tried it with something that was released today and it's working. It must be a problem on your end.

Disregard that I suck cocks. It's not ripping the images.

Will this work with novels too?

Honestly if there is no object or person to be redrawn content-aware fill is good enough. It takes like no time and once you put english over it it looks fine.

I hope you're joking because that looks like shit.

Novels work in a different way, it'd require another thing entirely. Working with the reader like I am would also limit you to the text size you set in the reader options, it might turn into quite a mess.
I'd work on something for it but currently I'm doing a tool that allows me to rip stuff from rakuten more easily with those delicious 550 yen coupons. Maybe someone else can look into it, it's not like canvas dropping and autoclicking is much of an art.

Also sometimes I use the magic wand to select words and expand the select a bit to get a closer selection. This can help out the content aware fill.

I don't think he's saying it should be left like that.
I think his point is that you can do that, typeset over it, and then manually tweak what's left.

The point is that the content-aware does a lot of the grunt work.

Yeah, that's what's happening to me too. Looks like they're upping their arms race

Sankyuu soo much, senpai!

I saw that shit and it's gay as fuck.

Thanks Rakuten.

Is there some way to automate it? I've been getting a bunch of stuff but it's annoying to have to make a new account and go through all the steps for each book.

The heroine in this one is a whore who should be put to death.

It would be weird if it weren't gay.

Do you mean the guy in the girl's body or the girl in the guy's body?

Considering it took me quite some time to do it manually and with content aware it looks almost the same I'd say it's worth it.

In pic related, middle is manual, right is content aware.

Pirate iMacro and use these scripts that I've hammered out.

I don't rip many books nowdays, just stuff that I want. A guy I know is probably still going nuts with it and can probably run an entire raw site himself now.

Look over the scripts, you'll need to make csv files to store the book URL and the account email.

The girl in the guy's body. She is a terrible person.

I'll give it a try, thanks. Once all those are bought, you just rip each one normally or is there some way to speed that up too?

She's so cute though.

What does she do that's so terrible?

It's not working for me, it just stops when it's supposed to log in and never puts any values into the fields. Did they change some values since you wrote the scripts or am I just retarded?

>over 800 GB of ebooks
That better be on nyaa.

>or am I just retarded?
Answered my own question, it was defaulting to the Japanese page so it wasn't finding the register button..

It's more like 2tb now.

Look over the script as it's running, see if it skips over or hangs on something. It works on my machine. Did you make a csv with the login info?

Oh, also, you need to put the Rakuten csv in your iMacro datasource folder, and the farmed_accounts csv in your iMacro downloads folder.


What do you have?

You need to work your way down, you can't just stop scanlating overnight. Drop your least favoriten projects, working down to one or two monthly series.

I just started scanlating stuff in September, and so far, it's hard to stay focused, but I find it pretty rewarding.
Is scanlation actually draining for you guys, or are you having a goof?

>started in September
Ayy lmao, see how you feel after a year newfriend.

That's why I ask.

The hours are long and few will thank you, but you are directly contributing to a hobby that you enjoy. 3 years ongoing.

Four Seasons Award anthologies.

Assuming you're from that group, since you're also doing Thunderbolt Fantasy, the anons in the TF thread have translated the sword names plus their references. Not sure how useful it might be for you when doing the later chapters but eh, just thought you might wanna know.

Depends on how much stuff you work on. It's been 3 years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. I genuinely enjoy it as a hobby, even if some of the manga I translate aren't widely read. Made some friends too.

Okay, I will try to hold onto my vague optimism.


It depends on what you do and how much of it you do. It depends on how you pace yourself, and what you promise others.

I overloaded myself with work by pure accident last week after making promises that I thought I'd be able to meet at the time. I ended up editing 400 pages in 6 days, and that fucked me up bad; such that I decided to not touch anything related to scanlation for at least a week. Scanlating can be a hard-knock life sometimes.

Wow, that sounds rough, pal.
I'm still too green to overload myself, I think. I'm more focused right now on making my workflow more efficient.

by the way, anyone know if Let it go scan dropped Yokai shoujo?

Having the same problem as Is there a way to force it to use English so the script will work?

According to their site ch81 is at typesetting, and an update at the beginning of August said that they had ordered the volume. So it looks like it's not dropped but it's been two months since then, so I don't know?