Tiger Mask W


Might as well get this shit started because this is gonna be YOUR NEW FAVORITE ANIME.

On a scale from Mantaur to Hype Bros., how hype are you?!

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I hope tranquiloman appear.

Looks like it will be terrible to be honest, I wish the original was subbed.

So far we know "The Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Yuji Nagata, and "The Unchained Gorilla" Togi Makabe are confirmed. Time will tell if Tetsuya Naito or any of the other members of Los Ingobernables de Japon will show up. But already it's a good start.

Hope they get Masaaki Yuasa involved.

You know it

Also did Gamefreak know this shit was gonna air around the time SunMoon releases and that's why we got Litten

I'm sure this will be my AOTS

Won't be the same without Giant Baba

>No Inoki
>No Baba
>New Tiger Mask looks like a huge faggot

Nice lineart.

I am so fucking ready for this

dunno... the trailer don't have enough blood.

What is Tiger Mask without litres and litres of blood, enough to make the fighters slip on the mat?


how popular is my man omega compared okada or tanahashi.

from what I hear he's one of top heel with naito

is it possible for him to get a cameo is just a pipedream

So, is this gonna be an actual wrestling anime or something like a hero show? Also seconding this man cause my nigga Kenny Omega is god-tier

The original is also Toei.

Okada and Tanahashi are super popular and the 2 biggest stars.

They do a lot of crossover media too

Omega is almost at his peak in Japan right now.

It's starting.

The original isn't from modern Toei, that's the point

Who's subbing this?


Crunchyroll / HS

Crunchyroll is also on hand for this too. Y'know, if you don't like torrenting things for reasons.

So this is a remake of the anime? Neat.

Man all the background characters look like shit

In other news water is wet

I don't know shit about Tiger Mask, Wrestling, or where the two intersect to make this. I haven't even gotten around to reading Kinnukuman yet! But this looks fun as fuck, I'm a huge sucker for old school anime being rebooted. Seems like it'll be fun.

Thanks lads. Looks like subs will be out in around an hour and forty minutes.

Is this a direct sequel to the 80s show or can I just watch this alone?

I've never seen the original, but this seems friendly enough for a newcomer, so far.

Tiger Mask: post-WW2 Japanese orphan does Hell Training at a Evil Sport Corporation because he was tired of being weak. This includes fighting real life wild animals with bare hands.
To repay them, he has to be the evilest motherfucker on a wrestling mat, which includes causing actual harm to his adversaries. As in, breaking their teeth with a ringbell(just to start)

But he's still a nice guy under all the blood of his adversaries, so he ends up trying to reform because the new kids of his old orphanage.
TRYING is the keyword, because "fighting fairly" has been beaten out of him, literally.

The whole series is basically him trying to learn how to fight without trying to straight up murder his adversaries, while the Evil Organization keeps sending killer wrestlers against him



The screencaps, they tell nothing.

>The american-based Global Wrestling Monopoly is on the way to conquer the Japanese market, that they've yet to break in
All they need is an anime version of McMahon to be any more blatant than that

Very, I've had this in my list of upcoming chinkcartoons a while.

I'll give it half a manandtaur out of 10

So is this actual wrestling or is it gonna be like that shitty female wrestling one?

It seems like actual wrestling, except everyone is convinced of the fake plots, Stephanie is actually a sexy blonde who speaks perfect japanese, and a whole lot of Nippon Banzai nationalism

"Actual wrestling, if the plots were actually true and they were really trying to kill each other on the ring"

My spaghetti

man the real life tiger mask looks so stupid compared the anime tiger mask. It looks like a fucking party mask, why doesn't it cover the full face.

also jushin liger anime when

This is amazing.

>also jushin liger anime when
in the 80s, I'd say

It's about time a pro wrestling match

If tiger mask w become a success the chance for a new kinnikiman is possible, so i'll give this series full support and also because wrestling anime/manga is awesome

>Tfw my husbando left Japan before getting an animu adaptation

Do Japanese even care about Tiger Mask anime anymore? I expect this to bomb like a motherfucker.


who care if it bomb it's not like is gonna have some amazing animation or storytelling, toei is not gonna lose any money since they're already rich. In the end this is just some advertisement for nwjp

Im just watching this for my husbando tanahashi

This show is hilariously stupid, The whole plot is hilarious.

I can't wait for more.

Why can't Inoki show up? He's the founder of New Japan and still alive.

Is the identify of the Yellow Devil Date Naoto?

Is that Valentino Rossi's bike?

That's why they are making the anime to rekindle interest.

man this was great


Spoilers for the next episode.


So King got an anime.. Big whup. Looks gay

What if it has the Great Zebra

Thats a huge neck


This series is off to a good start, I hope this means a bright future for wrasslin anime.

match ended in 2 move, definitely a 1 star match. And people say njpw is the best in the world.

Seems to be a plain reboot with no connections.

Toei doesn't care about BD sales, these anime are about viewers.

I don't know what you mean by bombing but this won't "bomb" in any way.

does the artstyle remind anyone else of gundam G reco and king gainer?

Why do they look like Toriko??

Naoto's mechanic used the name Yellow Devil when working for Tiger's Den back in the first series.
I suspect his leg is damaged because his fight against Tiger The Great

Also, Naoto trains in the ruins of Tiger Mask II's Tiger Pyramid

shit, you're still here after all these years? still not grown out of Cred Forums?

E l'uomo tigre lotta contro il male,
combatte solo la malvagita',
non ha paura, si batte con furore,
ed ogni incontro vincere lui sa.

But old Toei also sucked, still frames everywhere and reused footage.

>Stupid as fuck
>Already a QUALITY shitfest


The original serie had tons of brutality and blood spilling everywhere, I doubt we're going to have that. Nips these days are afraid of too much blood.

I want to make Miss X a Mrs X.

Her engrish is fucking terrible.

yu kobayashi really needs to change her voice sometimes. I can hear her a mile away just like sugita

why would you ever not want just sugita though?

The only people that say that NJPW is the best in the world are the ones that just know Styles and Nakumura.

This is not NJPW.

So Tiger Mask ran away to save Odin from his Tiger Execution?

The ED sounds great.

it was never about winning the match for tiger mask
him running away is more of a publicity stunt than if he just showed up and won

Reminds me of BORN TO BE WILD also by Shonan no Kaze


>Oh shit, right, the ring counter
>Oh well, let's keep it cool and keep running away

I was pretty impressed with the animation quality.

I was more impressed by the art, the animation was iffy at points, far better than toei usually is though

Thats it.

I was expecting zero budget to this anime.
But it had decent animation and a pretty good arstyle.

>wearing a njpw shirt
>not njpw

Thats another show.

Okada literally said he wanted nothing with Wrestle Max.

They were wrestling in GWM

Tiger's Den is located in Vancouver?

>Wan Piss sound effects
I'm not even mad


Goddamn evil Canadians

This went a bit beyond self-defense.

It's alright he tried to kill him first.

The tiger mask was on the line here.

//dai ( dot here ) ly/x2dx510

Nothing compared to the old serie

Holy shit, this is so cheesy and I like it.


the original

wrong one


who /woo/ here?

the last fight of the original


this is murd

That's fucking brutal.

real life tiger mask is the 4th and he's old now. Jushin was Go Nagai creation.

It actually STARTS with a reasonable amount of blood.

GWM is in Canada.

Tiger's Den is probably still in the Swiss Alps as usual

he got at that point after over 100 episodes of trying to be a Face kids could take as inspiration.

Yeah, Original Naoto was the best wrestler ever trained by Tiger's Den... that's why Miss X was so intent to have Odin kill New Naoto. Can't have a(nother) Tiger Mask around

this desu
also chaos marks

If it weren't for the faces, the artsyle really reminds of the Hanna-Barbera artstyle rather than an old japanese anime

Geez that's overkill

I'm not talking about the person, I'm say the real life mask suck since it doesn't cover the full face like jushin's does

CHAOS it's fucking pointless and I highly doubt it has some marks, so let's keep it in okada marks.

>2 biggest stars

Big match Tana is but Naito draws more than Okada. Okada is just pushed by Gedo to be the top guy. Nakamura was WAY bigger than Okada as well while holding the second belt.

Well, I know what i'm gonna be watching that's not in this season now.

mister x or miss x?


Naito sells more merchandising but i dunno about actual drawing power.

Not that i really care in the end.

Most full face masks suck. All the best ones are partial.

NJPW has Shibata, Ishii, Tana, Omega and LOS. Their only downfall is not having based CIMA.

mister x was just a glorius villain



yes. it being overkill is pretty much the whole point

How many episodes will this be?

He legit draws bigger gates when he headlines. Ever since suddenly developing a personality he's about a year away from Nakamura levels of drawing and Omega is about one GOAT WK match away to get to AJ's level.

>Crunchy actually OP and ED translations
Pretty surprised actually

The ED is pretty incredible if only for the Yellow Devil in suit.

There is literally no cooler imagery than masked wrestlers in casual clothing

As much as I love Kenny, AJ is a step above pretty much every active wrestler today.

Kenny is too geeky to be on the same level as AJ imo.

That doesn't look like a 46, it looks more like a 19

AJ has been the best wrestler in the world since Bryan's retirement. I was speaking more in how Omega is viewed. West interest lessened when AJ left and Omega has been trying to get it to return. That G1 performance made him a made man imo just like it did AJ, all he has to do now is GOAT it up with Okada at WK.

You need a thick neck in wrestling for bridges
also so you can botch SSPs and not die

Yeah, sure. But my point is that the only people who think NJPW is the best wrestling company in the world are the ones who just know AJ, Nakamura and BC because they saw them in the wwe

>Italy fused with the East
Visual representation of what's going on here.

The difference between AJ and Omega is that Omega is too quick to fall on his "nerdy" tendencies when he is not in a BIG match.

AJ just carries himself better on a show-by-show basis

tbqh there are people like that but during their peak in 14 and 15 NJPW is when NJPW got most of it's hype.

>Peru, Chile, Argentina and Huehueland
I wanna see those South American fighters.

>implying it will be as bloody and violent as the old series
Look at this shit

I see what you mean, yeah. I expect his match with Okada to really put a full stop on what has been a fantastic 12 months for him. Assuming that doesn't somehow change in the upcoming shows, which I really don't expect it to.

Realistically what's actually better though?

The way he smiles after the table is broken

Welp that's a heel tiger. In this time we have a face tiger.

Gedo says: oi oi cheer mah boi okada.
Fuck Okada's era.

El consejo


lol user.
I like EVOLVE but Timothy's run as a champion has been underwhelming to say the least.

I'm pretty sure murder is against the rules in wrestling.

Can't say I'm well versed in Lucha, so I'll take your word for 1 and 3. El Eonsejo is CMLL right? Evolve has a cold as fuck champ right now, though Galloway et. al. are killing it and I dig Riddle, but I still feel NJPW has better top to bottom cards right now.

Guess again.

nope. that's the FACE Tiger.

that never stopped Tiger's Den: they make money out of illegal bet pools, where murder is classified as a win

I'll say this though, EVOLVE has a really hot angle though it's completely misguided on who are the "face" and the "heel" on it.

Even if his title run is absolute dogshit, Thatcher doesn´t deserve all the shit he's getting. And gulak and riddle are among the best wrestlers in the world.

Ironic that you'd say that and post a video of Misawa giving a move.

I know right. Only posted it because it's the Tiger Driver and the announcer is screaming about murder.

Also it's arguably the GOAT singles wrestling match of all time.

I mean Thatcher wrestles almost exclusive for EVOLVE nowadays and for like 6 months most of his matches are just nothing.
And i say that as someone who likes the Thatcher vs Catch Point feud on paper.

Also i can just watch Gulak on Chikara

Dunno if you will be able to soon, since he's been on RAW.
Would actually be quite a loss for Chikara at this point if Gulak couldn't be there anymore

Also Hallowicked/Gulak is a MOTY candidate and you shouldn't have to spoiler Chikara like it's a bad thing.

Well because Gulak besides being Gulak in Chikara he is another character there that i'm not sure everybody knows

It's Daijiro Kato, died in 2003 after a crash in Japan GP. Number 74.

IRC meltzer said that neither gulak or nese are signed


Yeah. to lose him and his masked alias would be quite bad.

I mean I know he's still booked on evolve shows, but that might not mean much. Would be nice to see him around elsewhere still, but the guy deserves to be a star.

Fucking pussy ran away.

IIRC the referee was already launched outside the mat...

by the way, the fights being TOO bloody was an actual serious plot-point\problem in the original series

Gulak and Kendrick are the only ones in the cruiserweight division that don't work a flippy style, add swann and you have the only ones that have some sort of gimmick. He'll be fine.


Eh it's hard to say the booking in CMLL is good, all the dumb backstage politics is more interesting than what happens in the show. I would say they have the best wrestling in Mexico right now though. Dragon Gate tends to have a better good matches per card ratio than NJPW thought that's not hard to do because of the 8man tag hell NJPW doesn't want to walk away from. The british indie scene is really good too, don't be afraid to pirate some shows. One of them Progress Wrestling tends to have better cards than NJPW with wrestling on the same level.

What a dickhead

I was at chapter 36, so I can kind of agree on Progress. Dragon Gate has the best BIG shows, but I think NJPW trumps them overall.

I prefer DDT when it comes to Puro honestly.

People sure bitched a shit ton about the destruction shows they had recently, I honestly skipped like 80% of the show when I watched them too. I honestly only watch the big shows for dragon gate though, but only because they're the easiest to find online.

I prefer Stardom

The manly tears are flowing..

Testosterone level Tiger

Definitely voting for Trump

I dunno, stardom roster is too thin

Thats also my main problem with Dragon Gate

Yeah I'm following most western wrestling shows. But I'm completely lost when it comes to japa. But basics are okada is currently the champ, in the biggest promotion in Japan.

Oh shit. He keeps working himself into a shoot?

Still not as bad as modern AJPW.

Do I have to watch anything else to be able to watch this? I'm completely lost at what's going on this thread.

It's a reboot so no, the guys are just using the show as an excuse to post off-topic about Pro-Wrestling IRL.

You just need to know what is wrestling. That's it.

Modern AJPW is pretty good nowadays though.

>But basics are okada is currently the champ
Another thing you may want to know is that Tanahashi (he'll show up too) is the former champ, and somewhat former ace of Japan (Okada is the current ace). Being the ace is equivalent to what Cena was during 2006-2012. There's a lot of paralels between Cena and Tanahashi, like the age, but also the memes (Tanawinslol). But overall, Tana always delivers on big matches, so people don't hate him as much as Cena (Cena is just now delivering great matches, and the smarky community has learnt to respect him in the last few years, but booing him is still too much fun).

Yea, it's just funny that they're outdrawing NOAH cards with GHC Heavyweight title defenses, with just 11 people on their roster.

AJPW gets some K-Dojo, BJW and DDT guys so its fine.

Isnt the main charcter like dead? Run over by a car?

Same name, different guy.

The subs aren't very good.

Okay, I was all for this manly bull shit. But this kind of draws the line for sub par animation.

That fucking crowd is unacceptable.

I didn't noticed that shit.

We've had CG mob characters in a lot of shows going back several seasons. Students walking to school, people on the streets, fans in stadiums, etc. Sadly, that sort of cost-savings is here to stay.


If Gedo is smart he should debut Tanaka and Komatsu as Tiger Mask W and Tiger The Dark


expected shit, but damn that had some solid animation. Love the artstyle.

I'll be honest with you, i didn't even notice them

It is pretty funny tho

pretty acurrate for a japanese puroresu crowd

How do you guys feel about the Rolling Sobat as a finisher

If this tiger mask becomes an actual wrestler, he should use Scott Lost's Big Fat Kill

if they moved they'd pull you away from the action.

like in real wrestling, the audience is there, but they're not supposed to be seen. you're supposed to forget real life and focus on the performances

One piece sound effects are dragonball sound effects.

How far back do they go, I wonder?

Is the MC King from Tekken?

King is based on Tiger Mask

So is Ramon from KOF by the way

Ending song of the season

>This cheesiness

Is wrestling like this?


It really is.

At least Kenny Fucking Omega will appear in this, r-right?

Sound effects are always reused, Slayers has the same sound effects as GaoGaiGar, which has the same songs as J-Decker, Which has the same sound effects as Gundam, which has the same sound effects as SDF Macross, which has the same sound effects as Harlock. It's so fucking weird hearing the same fucking noise in so many shows.


Heh, I was in this thread. Lizzerd has his hat now.

King of the WILD motherfuckers

looks like shit to be desu

The new mask is more close to the anime one and looks way better. Shame is the only thing worth mentioning thing about V

The original '69 series isn't translated to English, right?

No weebs.

Minowaman is great but no wrestler

Maybe the entire series will be translated randomly one day, like Ashita no Joe.

While reading up on tiger mask, I found out eddie guerrero was black tiger II. That's pretty cool I didn't know that. anybody know any good match in his stint as black tiger. I just saw the one with him and benoit as pegasus kid and it was good.

>Swagsuke and Styles left for Meekmahan before they got animated

vs Lionheart

I hope they have something like Bullet Club/Los Ingobernables later on.
A rogue faction that allied with no one and just bringing chaos whenever they came.

That'd be sweet. I've always wanted to watch this one. Hopefully the new show builds interest.


holy shit that's chris jericho, does everybody get a wierd ass name when they go to japan

Benoit and Balor was Wild Pegasus back when they started in NJPW.

>we won't see Liger because the anime was a Sunrise production

Ice Ribbon is better

Maybe in the second season.

Grizzly is back on the menu boys

I want to protect that smile

You tell me

>OP is a modernized version of the original

Based pentagon anime when?

Maybe when they book him right.

Christ, i like Pentagon and LU but what a trainwreck of a run Pentagon has in Lucha Underground.

>tiger fight is next week
Huh I'd thought they'd hold off on that for a while

The fucking ending song playing made me victory dance like mad while flexing the shit out of my abs

Back to the original tiger mask

Pretty sure that's Uruguay

Is the budget for this show just 2 pennies, some string, and a ham sandwich?

No one will watch this next week

I want to be fucked by a man in a mask!


Don't mention Uragay or they'll invade the thread.

>throw away tag match



Is fucking great.

>Tiger Mask loses his debut match by count out

Who booked this shit?

If Odin get's killed any trace of Yellow Devil will be lost. Also breaking Odin's pride is way more important than winning that fight.

>he got at that point after over 100 episodes of trying to be a Face kids could take as inspiration.

I swear I cried when I watched this as a kid.

Fuck, now I really appreciate the ending but could you imagine the impact it had on the kid who watched it?

Also for some reason in the '90 the original Tiger Mask was poplar as fuck in my native country

What is Gene Simmons doing here?

Yellow Devil is such a spotmonkey

The Spanish Fly as a finisher?


Tiger's Den is the coolest stable in professional wrestling

So since this is a toei show, Will this get like 50+ episodes?

>He legit draws bigger gates when he headlines.
Got any hard numbers to back this up? Because it definitely is starting to seem that the crowds are cooling on Okada.

It airs at late night so probably not.


But everyone looks cool as fuck in this artstyle, I fucking LOVE it.

No idea man, it depends on what's backing this anime and all that. I can see it getting 25 episodes at least

>The new production is being "revamped" for a new digital era by blending a touch of classic cel animation with current 2D and 3DCG animation.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING REF!? Having a fucking smoke!?

Umakoshi animated the ending.

Apollo brothers from Argentina

Can someone make a stitch for this? His costume is amazing

Yeah but I meant the black lines and stuff, according to this they're going for a Cel look

man those Ewoks just don't fuck around.


Haruna a cute!


King of the Wild Wild Wild
King of the Wild Wild Wild
King of the Wild Wild Wild
King of the Wild Wild Wild

Kentaro Takaoka was the friend of Tiger Mask, and he was the original Yellow Devil.

I don't expect it to be a full fledged sequel though, but it will definetely have hints towards the old series


But the original series took place around 1970. He should be a lot older than that.

This is probably a soft reboot with tenuous connections at most. At the very minimum a sliding time scale

user, see Mr X even has the same seiyuu he did in the original series. And he's Miss X boss

I find that problematic since Tiger Mask had a lot of interaction with contemporary wrestlers like Giant Baba.

user have you ever played fighting games? Same thing

Those are the real Japanese pro wrestlers that will be appearing right?

holy shit



The old one is way better. I was hoping they'd just straight up reuse it.

>Toei finally does a good/reboot remake

thanks god for not ruining one of my childwood favourite anime

>you didn't grow watching ulra violent cartoons

Tekken: Story of King the series?

is what im seein anyways...

so fucking edgy.

i love it

So what is the ref's actual job in this universe? cuz it sure as shit isn't preventing this shit.

I was always more of a Tizoc fan but birds are not tigers even ones that inexplicably have wings for some odd reason



This little girl must have massive balls.

Seriously, Tiger's Den being Tiger's Den, if Miss X wasn't so flabbergasted by Tiger Mask's entrance, you'd think she'd be strangling Haruna with her whip by now.

All you really need to know is this:
- in Tiger Mask, professional wrestling is a serious and very violent bloodsport - yes, I said BLOODsport
- Tiger's Den is a supervillain organization whose wrestlers are heels, legitimately evil, trained to be so through deadly, inhumane routines, and who cheat all the damn time, so expect hidden blades in their boots or gloves; Yellow Devil in this episode was the perfect example of your typical Tiger's Den masked wrestler
- the protagonist and titular character is a humanitarian, selfless hero who has no intention of letting Tiger's Den kill anyone or using their methods against them if he can help it
- the original Tiger Mask was so humanitarian he fought for the sake of an orphanage, and as soon as this anime was announced, a charity race was started by fans of ye olden series, as you can see, the Tiger continues to inspire such altruism

King in Tekken 2 meets the orphans in his ending, King is basically Tiger Mask with a Jaguar motif

>and as soon as this anime was announced, a charity race was started by fans of ye olden series, as you can see, the Tiger continues to inspire such altruism

That's really, just straight up classy. Most old fags just bitch about changes or shit, but that? That's good.

Welcome to Tiger's Den, this is your average workout.

Here's some more:
>The manga became a popular topic in the national news in Japan in recent years after an anonymous donation of backpacks at a child guidance center sparked a charity movement. The "Tiger Mask movement" spread to almost every corner of Japan.

man that's the kind of shit I like seeing.

I think I'm going to collect all of Tiger Mask's moves


>nigga is so over people do charity work in his name
god damn

And now for the finisher

It's been one episode and she's already best girl

The original series and particularly Tiger Mask Ni Sei were largely superior to this half-baked shit. I'm not watching something that can't be better even 20+ years later.



In my country they made a 1:30 min movie from Tiger Mask Ni Sei, and you could only find it in video format. God I love this song and this story. Even the animation was great, especially for such an old show. They knew how to draw a wrestler's body and moves too. Shame this new series is horrible.

Are you per chance talking about this?


How much filler did the first series have? I expect something like a wrestler of the week with moral lessons from the orphanage in between.

This is some jimmy neutron tier 3d

there's over a hundred episodes so Im gonna fancy a guess and say a lot.

I don't remember, I was 15 years old I think, I'm 42 now, plus I never even knew there was a manga till recently. But I know I'm showing 2 Sei to my kids and they don't care about the 'filler'. Tiger mask is their hero, they can even sing2 Sei's OP in japanese (but by ear), like I did.

This is fantastic.

Why does that dub actually sound great?

Hispanics take their wrasslin super serious

Hu, it's FRENCH.

If you actually watched Tiger Mask when it aired you should be close to retirement.

Do you show them cute anime girls?

Yu kobayashi is amazing in this.

Why is there a tiger in armor?

Evil Tiger Mask duh
Where do you think they got Armor King from?

I show them all I saw at their age, old good anime like Ranma 1/2 or City Hunter, plus more recent things I liked.

Training partner.

What? No. There's nothing evil with it, it's just a big cat. And the armor is so that it doesn't get injured during their training sessions.

OK, I'm hooked, and I don't even understand french. What do I do.

Not if you saw it in Europe.

The stupid cut-ins in this scene made me laugh.

For the record, that's a crossface chickenwing suplex AKA a Millenium suplex which is a move the real Tiger Mask IV does

Please tell me this is part of the scripted plot.

It's going to be 39 episodes if you believe the chink sources.


Dynamite Kid is better.

I'm just a mark for Ishii as Mr. 4* minimum and Shibata actively trying to concuss himself till he gets a push

Miss Sex

I hope we get the rematch of the century with Kenny in this


>So Tiger Mask ran away to save Odin from his Tiger Execution?
He's not letting anyone die.

When he finally gets booked strong ;_;

Too bad they won't let Shibata wrestle Okada in a singles match

I am afraid of picking this up because Toei is common to become awful quality mid-way through.

Nah, that's Pegasus Kid. Wild Pegasus was when Benoit got unmasked

How come my boy Yano isn't in this

I liked how she gave the mass in kg instead of pounds.


>Yoneya and Miwa's VAs
Damn it don't do this to me, Toei

He lost his debut match by ringout, his record is 0-1

The best Tiger Mask opening coming through:

>the Opening is a styialized re-make of the old, original Opening
so fucking good

>Italian intro

Wow, I didn't expect that


It's Toei. It's going to be shit.

WWE Anime when?

Ah yes.
I Knew these tiger masks reminded me of something.

I really like Yellow Devil cosplaying as Akiyama from Yakuza

>muffled E-C-DUB in the distance

Everyone except the middle one

He is a Young Lion created for this show

You ever watched kinnikuman? Sort of like that where wrestling is real as fuck, but less of a comedy.


>don't talk to me like that rookie I'll bury you

This is already my show of the season. Is anyone else even trying?

fucking vanilla midgets are ruining this business

wow who's booking this shit?

Am I the only one who got legit hype at Tiger Mask's ring invasion? God, I haven't watched a wrestling anime in years, I feel like a kid again.

No, you are not alone

Is this El Tigre the anime?

I was hyped too, but I think it needed some OST

When he left the ring hyped me up more

Remember when men were heroes?

there were really few fillers, but a couple story arcs were vastly different from the manga- hell, the last part of the anime is completely original.

And the fillers never really feel like fillers because shit keeps happening

the ED is great.

Holy fucking shit balls, an anime about pro wrestling? How have I never heard of this?

This is your X for the night.

I never watched the original series or 3DPD wrestling before, but decided to pick this up while looking for fall shows because I like hotblooded men.
It's pretty great so far. The bloody opening match surprised me, though, until I read this thread and found out the original was even more intense.

This new shows is just to popularize anime among WWE fans.
The new tiger mask is basically john cena.

I also remember when heroes were men

I like Tigers, the romantic idea/performance behind wrestling and champions of justice who protect the meek. I cannot stop liking this, no matter how unpromising the anime could be.

And there's something on the lyric "in this mat of the jungle" that makes me all giddy.

I just watched the original and I spent the entire series repeating the words "This is reddit, this is memes, this is reddit, this is memes..." under my breath.

I fucking hated it. I was writhing around on the floor in front of my sofa for the last 30 episodes it was so painful.

>Ayy epic retro wrestler lmao
If you liked it you're in the wrong place


>replying to stale copypasta

>Yuji Nagata
That guy fought in Pride twice and got absolutely humiliated.

Can't win them all.

He didn't win any.



How old is she?

Old enough to be Tiger Mask agent.

So is she Tiger Masks' love interest or is ti Nurse-chan? Cause I like Haruna more.

He won our hearts

I think nurse will be the romantic interest for Tiger the Dark.

>That OP
>That ED
This is exactly my kind of shit

can i watch the original series subbed somewhere online or do i have to torrent the italian version?

Italian is the way to go.

Luckily, it was translated reasonably well... through it has, like, five VAs

the original is timeless. the last fight is incredible.

Mr. X was awesome



>tiger the dark
so jarring.
why not simply "dark tiger"

Actually liked this, it's refreshingly straight forward story telling with decent fighting and a bit of blood, looking forward to seeing some more

>Sweaty Man Drama: the Anime

Because that doesn't sound cool at all, user.


>But has child bearing hips

is that the perfect combo?

Since Tiger Mask was popular in Italy, did it also make wrestling popular?

Hard to say. She could be a high schooler but then again it's also possible she's just Japanese

It basically caused the american-style wrestling shows being marked as "pure fiction"

Is Lucha Libre fixed?

I'm not seeing a school uniform.
Maybe she's working as a secretary in her uncle's company instead.

Is this finally the Wrestling anime that we deserved and need? Unlike the garbage pic related?

No be fair, if you walked into that expecting anything differently than that's on you.

>Might as well get this shit started because this is gonna be YOUR NEW FAVORITE ANIME.
>Read that shit
>PV has like no animation
>sports anime
>another fucking reboot, the biggest red flag

>watch the episode
>that OP and ED
>it was all true
>my favorite 1st ep of the season
I don't even like wrestling, what the fuck?! My only regret of picking this is that i know Toei can't keep this level of quality for longer than 3 episodes, they just can't.


>I don't even like wrestling, what the fuck?!

Well it's less a story about wrestling and more a story about two young men on diverging paths for the same revenge that happens to be in the wrestling ring.

DO we know how many episodes this is going to be?

The ending is so great that I have to wonder if it would work better as an opening

Maybe its because of the 70's style reboot, or that I haven't noticed any reboots since then, but I'm getting massive Abarenbou Rikishi Matsutaro vibes from this. Though I hope I won't drop it like I did Matsutaro because Wrestling is campy enough to enjoy, while I don't think Matsutaro actually sumo'd until like episode 8, after which I swiftly dropped it.

No way, the OP is everything I've ever wanted from these kinds of reboots. Its got that instantly recognizable classic anime opening style. The ED is also flawless though.

I'm getting a similar hopeful/angery feeling from this anime as I did from hajime no ippo, is that normal?, and

>That obvious as fuck CGI at the end

What a shitty way to ruin what could have been a perfect 1st episode

Chink sources say 39, otherwise unknown

Nah man, the ED is great but i have to agee with , the OP being a remake of the old one while still being recognizable is the only way to do it.

It bothered me a little, but they have to cut corners somewhere, and it was not so jarring considering the helmets cover the bad 3d models.

Jackal Number One

needs more eddie/benoit moveset, that crossface slam was fantasic.

>Chink sources say 39, otherwise unknown

Really? I was expecting something like 12. Glad to hear there may be some meat to this

when does it air what days

Nah, not really at least. My father used to say American wrestling was only for entertainment but utterly fake and the real deal was the japanese league. This because he was a "tiger mask" fan (he was in his twenties when they started broadcasting tiger mask in Italy, so basically in the early 80's), so probably he thought the japanese league was violent as fuck back then. American Wrestling become extremely popular in Italy during the 2000

That was a fun first episode.
Pretty good OP and ED as well.

I can't even notice the 3D so i'm fine with it.

Unfortunately, being deliberately bad generally isn't more interesting than the other kind of bad. Tiger Mask W's cheap look may be intentional, but it's still off-putting - the characters aren't expressive at all, and action scenes rely on the over-the-top drama of their fundamentals (Tiger Mask just threw a bear!) over any power of execution. That's a major flaw, considering Tiger Mask W's storytelling is just as basic as its visual style. If you're going for campy bombast, you can't just rely on nostalgia - modern throwbacks like JoJo may feel archaic in some ways, but they complement that old-fashioned energy with legitimately compelling execution.

Meaning that in the end, nostalgia is really all Tiger Mask W has going for it. It's not an overtly frustrating show or anything, it's just a cheap-looking and clumsily written one.

Never watched but I am hyped

>ANN shit
Edit it a little next time so it wont be obvious.

Best fire starter since Blaziken, hoping now it has yellow/blue shinny to fit the not-heel



>My father used to say American wrestling was only for entertainment

He's not wrong. Remember that South Park episode where the boys all became interested in it BECAUSE of the theatrics and treated it like a play stage

IPPO vs TIGER MASK crossover when?

I loved it

It'll end just like Ali vs Inoki
Ali wins but his legs are fucked forever

That wasn't a really a Eddie/Benoit thing though


If that evo ends beign real I'm gonna choose it.

Keit-ai is still better.

me too, and I never pick fire starters

I didn't know that game existed, downloading.

>This and Nanoha Strike

Is fightan anime making a comeback? If so, I like this change.

Calling it right now, Naoto's mentor is the original Tiger Mask. Come the origin episode of the Good Guy Mask we'll see him be the OG

when do they fight?

>Naoto's mentor is the original Tiger Mask

No, he's the original Yellow Devil

I've spotted fucking Candy Candy sound effects in One Piece. And that's from the 70s.

>Tiger the Dark
>Luchacat is Fire/Dark

I bet there will be some crossover event if the shiny turns out to be Yellow.


DFC vs cowtits.

I pick DFC

Danshoku Dino should better show up.

She got moxy

Wrong company backing this anime user

>so probably he thought the japanese league was violent as fuck back then.


He thought right especially in the 90s when WAR and FMW were still active

I hope we'll get Shibata or Ishii cameo



He deserved

I want to see this lunatic fight Brock.


Brock matches nowadays are boring.

>Meltzer won't review this show

He would probably shit on this event anyway

>starting your first show in 3 years if the newcomer burying one of your top stars and then losing to count out

Who the fuck is Meltzer

Meltzer doesn't shit on stuff in WOR unless it's really really painfully shitty. Also
Add Tokyo Dome and he'll give it 5 stars AOTY

Leading journalist in professional wrestling

>Not knowing Mad Money Meltz

ep1 was definitely better than the trailer's quality

Mexican wrestlers when?

Will I be ruining this for myself if I pick it up without watching any oft he prequel stuff?

>Kicks him while hes down
>Scars the cornerman permanently
>Jumps in the air and paralyzes his opponent
>All after the bell

I think its safe to say the referees aren't all that important

>So Dave, What did you think about the GWM Event?
>Uh...It-it was alright...Mostly rookies, some angles but i fear...uh..y'know...the bookers don't really understand how the audience works in japan
>I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. I mean they made Big Star Odin look like a huge GEEK
>No kidding, no kidding. I'm all for new guys, but i'm not sure they did the right job by jobbing one of your top guys
>Well, i suppose Odin wasn't that big of a draw
>Even so...uh..y'know...that's precisly why he isn't a-d-a-draw.
>Anyway, get us through the show
>Like i said previously, nothing that remarkable....biggest things were the debuts of...uh...let me see my notes...two mas-two new tiger wrestlers. Tiger The Dark from Tiger's Den and a new Tiger Mask
>Hmm, I don't know if debuting those two so closely is a good idea
>No kidding.
>Well let's get through the match
>First we need to talk about Miss. X

"Black tiger" was the big boss in the manga version. "Dark tiger" sounds so much like black tiger.

Meltzer is my favorite autist

>that audible "thump"

Goddamn, Shibata is a lunatic

Funny how /asp/ is actually talking about it.

This show is egregiously anti-WWE propaganda and I love it.
God dammit I'm laughing my fucking ass off.

I want to fuck this lass.

But he was there in disguise as Miss X.

****1/4 post
No Tokyo Dome

Am I the only one that thought the writing was kinda poor? The style and all the aesthetics are growing on me the more I look at them, but the episode had a really rushed pace and assumed that everybody watching just knew why all these things and people were important. Feels like half an episode's worth of exposition and backstory was cut. Perhaps we'll get flashbacks of how Tiger Mask and Tiger the Dark were when they were friends. I'll definitely keep watching for wacky wrestling shonen fun, though.

>posting fake AAA Parka and not the real original LA Park
Step it up, senpai.

Top kek. ****3/4 post.

What subs are good for this anime? Looks awesome and I wanna jump right into it. Also, is there a viewing order for Tiger Mask?


>He legit draws bigger gates when he headlines

There's practically no evidence to back this up at this stage, they both drew comparatively throughout the G1, and Naito hasn't been a headliner much longer than that.

Would be rad.

You might want to check what subs are available first.

Are you gay, son?


Now learn what those groups usually do.

>Decide to check out the Tiger Mask manga
>Only 10 chapters have been translated

fuck and it was just getting good too.

original TM is long dead

Thanks user.

>tfw no ishii, shibata, honma, kushida, or taguchi
>tfw no CHAOS delinquent anime

Life is suffering.

>Omega is almost at his peak in Japan right now.

He'll be at his peak for Wrestle Kingdom 11, win or lose (probably lose).

Holy god I didn't even notice the crowd.

That is outright abhorrent.

What do you need translations for?

What the fuck is this, CZW?


>>First we need to talk about Miss. X


it's not his fault Inoki had a weird obsession with thinking his wrestlers were the best martial artists in the world.

is this sponsored by NJPW or something

i want that fu**** DVD !!

Why Toru why dont come to my country !!!

Talking about anime is gold, very optimistic with the season


Yes, Its a colaboration of NJPW and Toie i suppose that they will push Tiger Mask instead.

But much better if they put money the result will be better

His trainer went on Rogan's podcast and basically admitted Nagata only had 2 weeks to train for Fedor. If you want to blame someone, blame Inoki for his booking.

Against prime Fedor and prime CroCop when Nagata had no MMA training to speak of.

It's a minor miracle he didn't fucking die. his drawing power sure did though

Is there a more overrated wrestler than Shibata? Puro weebs jack off to him, but I just don't see it.

Inoki also thought it was a good idea to negotiate with Saddam.

By Bushiroad who own NJPW

I only like him when he's paired with Ishii, he's perfect for Mr. 4* guarantee Ishii.

such a joke. tries to be a tough guy mma with a shit record, disrespects the ace, hes muff.cabbage

/asp/ is the worst place to discuss anything wrestling ever.

I hope when Hiroyuki is forced to delete some boards, he deletes /asp/

/asp/ detected

The last time I bet on Toei and manly buff seminaked guys wrasslin, I got a huge dissapointment. It was SHIT.

I'm still going to give this a chance, if only it won't be that long.

>weeb card game company owns a wrestling business

Wait what?

NJPW has its own card game.

new opening with the older song. this one is far better.


Be curious if something like Konami buying DDT, AJPW or NOAH.

Why would you wish that upon those companies.

Anyway DDT has tons of partnership, including some kancolle-like game about cute girl wrestlers where some of their wrestlers become cute girls

Bushiroad already owns part of NOAH too

>still getting this shit

In fact how has someone monetized a video when he has only gotten 80 views over 3 days?

Go to sleep Tanahashi

But Tanahashi is in the Precure thread

Use uBlock Origin, nigga.

That's what I'm fucking using nigga


No one get this user. No one.

Yellow Devil is a Tiger's Den fighter.
All referees know them have no problem whatsoever to just attack anybody interferring with the fight.

Being disqualified is counted as a "victory" for Tiger's Den.

Bloody hell I really hope somebody translate the original anime(or, at very least, the manga) for the english-speaking crowd.

The Big Boss of Tiger's Den was Tiger The Great(but only in the anime: in the manga he was just a mob, not a wrestler).
Black Tiger was one of the Three Leaders alongside Big Tiger and King Tiger. King Tiger was supposed to be the actual "boss" of them three but they were pretty much on the same standing.

A really nice thing of the original Tiger Mask is Tiger's Den just throwing away their outdated Training From Hell regime for a more modern system. Still hellish, but not USELESSLY hellish(comes out letting people actually sleep and eat on a regular basis does wonders to improve their bodies): they were PROFESSIONAL and keeping update with modern training techniques was an important thing. In fact, with their new regime, their fighters were even stronger than before, if slighlty less resilient to being stabbed in the back by broken benchs.

It was a really progressive show, telling new methods can give result as good if not better than traditional methods.

Here's to hoping this makes someone translate the manga fully. I've always been interested in Tiger Mask but could never get into it.

>Realistically what's actually better though?

NJPW is basically WWE with much better ME Booking. The bulk of the card is put-together and fairly brass-tacks.
For consistent weekly products, I like LU, which dances the line of ridiculous TV show and wrestling show, and Smackdown, which my friend told me to get into since WWE had a brand split recently, and I've been pleasantly surprised. It's way better than when I stopped watching in like '12.

>stopped watching in like '12

Your loss. The Shield and Wyatts plus Bryan's road to WM30 was great, too bad it came to shit after Shield split

I actually watched 30, because I always make not of watching WM's, as they're just fun. And Bryan almost enticed me to start re-watching the show.
Then I heard a month or so later he was out of action.