Naruto Thread

Did you like the final fight.
I really hate to say this but this fight will probably go down as the best in history.

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>I really hate to say this but this fight will probably go down as the best in history.

The first one was clearly better.

the hand to hand stuff was great but whenever they were in those spirit mech things it was just awful. Cut that portion out and it was a decent fight, yeah.


not the best fight in naruto though OP you're crazy

I really liked it, they even added stuff not in the Manga that also looked pretty cool.
I especially liked the addition of Neji.

>four posts over 40 minutes

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Pleb normalfags that don't like Kaiju fights.

They cut out Jiraiya though, that was shit


The first part is litterally silent, what the hell where they thinking. And that amount of flashbacks is atrocious as always.

>The first part is litterally silent, what the hell where they thinking.

The important thing was the fight, you fucking pleb.

>And that amount of flashbacks is atrocious as always.
You have garbage taste.

I thought Sadness and Sorrow was a nice touch.

Not the same guy but Giant spirit mech fights are the worst. The stupidest part of the fight was when naruto uses his Kurama form to get out of the water. Giant spirit mechs also ruined shaman king when I was a kid.

That's because you're a normalfag retard that doesn't like japanese things. That's the only reason why you wouldn't enjoy an extremely well animated fight like that

Wait, they finally got to the final fight? Did they not play the Naruto Main Theme one more time? That's all they had to fucking do. Did they fuck it up?

Why don't you fucking watch it instead ? of asking

>Naruto theme
That DOESN'T FIT a sad fight

Dude you're fucking blind. The money and time put into the animation isn't even close. The quality, detail, and care alone put it above any other fight and the lesser amount of flash backs and monologues personally make it better in my opinion.

It was decent but you can say the same about that Rock Lee vs Gaara fight. So nothing really special.

It is better in every way, everyone loved the fight.

Of course if you post on Cred Forums
>This is the best _____
Contrarians will say it's not.

People were watching the episodes like 5 times after it aired. Because not only the fight had amazing animation AND incredible coreography(something fights from OPM or MP100 don't have) but every single movement the characters made was sakuga, Sasuke talking alone has more animation than a lot of anime that aired this season

Becuase I read it like 2 years ago?

So was the fight actually filled with sakuga?

>Because not only the fight had amazing animation AND incredible coreography(something fights from OPM or MP100 don't have) but every single movement the characters made was sakuga, Sasuke talking alone has more animation than a lot of anime that aired this season

So who was it that got their teeth punched out? Naruto?

jiraiya is the greatest thing naruto ever produced

Holy shit no lie the hand to hand fight was SICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

my negro amigo

Careful. You're going to trigger Mob Psycho fans.

I was hoping they fought a little more in hand to hand. im not really sasuke fanboy but the first 2-3 mins of sasuke murking naruto while naruto is trying to cast shadow clone jutsu funny.

Being normal ain't that bad when your open minded, I did enjoy the fight, I do like Japanese things, I'm sure of ppl would agree that Giant spirit Kaiju shit is retarded. It's retarded in shaman King. It was retarded in legend of Korra and its retarded now. You're just retarded.

Didn't really like it. Should have

*Should have put naruto more in sage more doing shit like in the pain fight

Opening the hand to hand fight with AMATERASS and guitar riff was so niceu

I saw your threads get deleted yesterday, underage-kun.

When are you going to get it through that retarded skull of yours that no matter how many times you repost the same thread (spamming is against the rules, by the way) narushit doesn't belong on Cred Forums?

I thought it was meh. There was little to no choreography. I would have enjoyed it substantially if it was more like the first one. They should have used their remaining chakra to power themselves up and use more hand to hand combat with the use of their original moves. Didnt really like all the op mech stuff


Naruto got his shit pushed in

This. The mech shit was dumb, and the fight was already poorly rushed in the manga.
Yeah the anime puts more emphasis on Naruto not trying to kill but Sasuke was.

Worth watching. Hadn't touched this series in like 6 years but it was pretty damn enjoyable.

Try watching more than one anime.

I agree. The first part was so dull I actually had to put some soundtrack myself.
But at least we got Sadness and Sorrow and Need to be Strong later in the fight, that was great.

The fight from the 1st episode of OPM had great choreography

strange way to spell madara

Trips are wasted. Madara was fucking stupid and got jobbed by Kaguya

I liked it. It was very loyal to the manga (compared to Naruto vs. Pain lol), and I enjoyed the moments where they stuck in the Pre-Timeskip OST.

However, I can't say it's my favorite fight considering that I'm not a fan of all of the bullshit powers Sasuke and Naruto have at this point. At least the latter half of the fight has them fight without using much chakra. Let it be known that two years ago, Kishimoto remembered how he had choreographed ninja fights near the beginning of the manga.

>There was little to no choreography
So you didn't even watch the episode shitposter-kun?

Kaguya was stupid, not madara. Madara saved the manga

>The fight from the 1st episode of OPM had great choreography
Can you post some examples? I haven't watched One Punch man.

It was alright. The first one was more iconic but I like what they did here. Good choice of music, good animation, and the parts where they broke away from the manga like having Sasuke use Deva Path and Kirin were clever. The pacing was very well done, it wasn't a choppy mess riddled with flashbacks. It all flowed very nicely.

I'm filled with a warm kind of joy knowing that despite everything Naruto ended up reaching a halfway decent conclusion, especially compared to what happened with Bleach. Even if it did go into a downward spiral near the end the series managed to retain its heart all the way to the last chapter.

This desu.
Compared to the shitshow of what happened to Bleach's ending, Naruto's was pretty good

>Neji was right
Maybe it's for the best that he died. Maybe staying alive to see his pessimistic worldview proven right by the very person who had shaken that belief in the first place would have been too much to bear.

Overuse of resurrection made the latter half of Naruto so bad. Like Kishi was unable to make up new characters so he just kept bringing people back to life, then he made a new villain out of nowhere

Also eye powers got out of hand so much.

Too bad the ruined Guy's fight, it was lame as fuck.

Kaiju fights are lame

Shikamaru's fights were better

RIP Asuma

Naruto won that fight though. Even in the manga, Sasuke was clearly unconscious and it's not even implied Naruto was knocked out.

Kaiju shit is cool, it's just that Naruto (and Korra) have just about the SHITTIEST Kaijus I've ever seen.

Fucking this. Giant energy gundams ruined it for me.




>Neji was right
not about everything

Why did the Sound 4 all have to die? I think it would have been cool if they had taken Hebi/Taka's role as Sasuke's team after he kills Orochimaru.

That would require long term planning. Aside from Kimimaro they were just shown as sort of powerful henchmen that had no purpose except job to 12 year olds.

So Tayuya would be tsundere for Sasuke?

Storm 4 Naruto vs Sasuke Boss battle > Naruto vs Sasuke Anime Fight

>Madara saved the manga
Nay, but he mades the arc in which he was featured bearable for a while.

I wanted to enjoy this fight but goddamn I hated every single moment they were in their chakra mechs.

Naruto v Sasuke 1 was better and even that still wasn't better than Gaara vs Lee

Easily the best fight in anime this year. Surpassed the game and the manga. It was pure art which is something I can't easily say about Naruto but it had the right mix of everything. The flashbacks were relevant and appropriate, and the idealistic battle was as important as the physical battle. It incorporated all the best parts of Naruto without any of the bad. The only thing that ticked me off was the cliffhanger ending but everything else was so fucking good it's pretty minuscule thing to complain about. Easily the two best Naruto episodes ever made. If someone asked me what Naruto is about, this fight expresses all of that.

this, those spirit gundams can't throw a punch for shit

Music was shit. The lack of music was too. I understand what they were trying to do, and it fits at some point, but they went way overboard with the silence.

The back push scene from the game was also better than people helping with the rasengan even though most of them should have no idea how the rasengan works. The point behind both scenes is the same of course, but the imagery in the latter doesn't sit with me.

Also, I don't care if they came straight from a war and whatnot. Kishi should have pulled something out of this ass to get them back to full strength for this fight, and the anime team should've improvised here.
This was it, the climactic fight the series has been building toward to for ages and all the interpersonal conflict and reincarnation shenanigans came full circle. This was the moment when they were supposed to come at each other with all the releases, all the techniques, everything they learned over the course of the entire story. And they didn't.
Instead it was just a very bare bones though reasonably entertaining taijutsu fight in the first part, followed by a supremely boring kaiju fight.

Instead of the whole spirit mech fight, Kishimoto should have made Sasuke wear the Susanoo armor on his body and fight Naruto directly with it. That would have been much cooler

First one was better in my opinion.

The only scenes I really liked in this one were the final Kurama/Naruto moment and Naruto forming the Rasengan while remembering his friends and teachers.

And made Naruto use the only good sage mode. I'd forgive Kishi for everything if he did this.

I'm kinda sad that we never had a proper fight between Toad Sage mode Naruto and Pre-EMS Sasuke. That one Uniqlo collab OVA where they fought was pretty good

The manga fight was rushed shit. The anime just polished up rushed shit so it wouldn't smell bad.

The first fight actually had meaning. The entire Part 1 revolved around Naruto being an underdog, but ended up surpassing several elite genin(Kiba, Lee, Neji, Gaara) in strength/skill. Sasuke was the last person left he needed to prove himself to. Sasuke was aware of this and did everything in his power to stop him from surpassing him an even unlocked the final level of Sharingan mid-fight. Plus, for a character as important as Sasuke, we never got his full backstory until that moment. There was so much build-up for them to fight, that it came out to be glorious.

Sasuke decision to start revolution over their final fight was a good one. But not enough build-up for something that came out of nowhere and could've been easily resolved if he just talked to Naruto and co.

Daily reminder that Neji's soul haunts him

>boring taijutsu fight
>retarded power rangers giant robo kaiju fight with absolutely zero substance
>we're both exhausted fight
Pretty okay.

I'd say I expected more but the fights haven't been interesting or clever for years.


It stopped haunting him the moment when he and Hinata had their first kiss, at that moment, he knew his mission to Hiashi was complete and he could pass on.

But he wasn't even in the manga

wtf are you talking about? Naruto blew any hxh fight out of the water

Anyone remember when Sasuke falcon dropped Naruto? Jesus fuck that was so disrespectful

It's a joke user. 2011fags like to preach about how "good" their show animation is even though it's nonexistent 95% of the time while dismissing completely the fact that other shonen like Naruto get their fair share of greatly animated stuff.

HxH 116 has incredible character animation though

That's retarded. Sasuke knows how powerful Naruto really is. He admitted several times that Naruto is capable of killing him the moment it looked like Naruto was powering up. Full Mecha Susanoo is his strongest form, giving himself a tiny armor won't kill Naruto at all. If he wanted to kill Naruto, he needed to go all out.

The only reason Naruto didn't just go sage mode and stepped on an exhausted Sasuke is because he doesn't want to kill him.

Naruto could've been so much better...... It's really sad it devolved into energy balls and giant monsters punching each other for "DESTINY" reasons.

He does use sage mode to use the giant asura chakra shroud, though. The reason Sasuke can still keep up with that is because he absorbed the extra tailed beast chakra.

Ayo, Imma let you finish, but Meruem vs Netero has the greatest animation OF ALL TIME!

This is absolutely disgraceful on Naruto's part, how could he let himself get punked like that. Thought they were meant to be equals lol

>Meruem vs Netero has the greatest animation OF ALL TIME!
>half of the fight is a powerpoint slideshow
>of all the few times HxH 2011 had bits of good animation in a fight sequence, better pick the worst one


>The only reason Naruto didn't just go sage mode and stepped on an exhausted Sasuke is because he doesn't want to kill him.

That doesn't mean that he didn't want to win and beat him until he could drag him back to the village.

this. I really fucking loved the characterizations for the characters in part 1 and early shippuden. now it kinda sucks

Look, son, don't be mad. Sometimes you don't always win.

Gotta make it popular with 12 years old and under. Which obviously makes perfect sense since the anime audience while getting older physically, gets younger mentally.

btw Mitsuki is confirmed for RtB

>mfw I love Mitsuki but hate his powers. I would have liked something more subtle.

Yeah why are the characters stronger than when they were twelve?

Giant monsters wrecking shit have been a thing since the first page of the manga.

>expecting son of mad scientist to be normal person
at least fucker knows his role and doesn't sway on the edge
thought you could say tradition of homolust got passed on thanks to him when we thought it was over for good

I mean, Naruto still had teamwork fights and subterfuge all the way through the final boss. I don't like the giant robots or beams, but they still did ninja stuff.

It angers me that characters getting more powerful means fights get blander and boring. Also, the manga's themes were hardwork and dedication, but in the end the only shit that mattered was BLOODLINES and DESTINY. That's the part I find unacceptable.

keep crying bitch boy

>the manga's themes were hardwork and dedication

The main themes were friendship, bonds and never giving up.

because people love to masturbate on powercreep
>Kurama Chakra Mode with Byakugan/Tenseigan Awakened Form Boruto
>Snake Sage Transformation Mode Mitsuki
>Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Sarada
i mean lotta people bought first volume of the Boruto manga just because Kishi drew this poster

Well, look at that, it feels so natural because they are actually using ninja-esque techniques and there's literally no energy-spirit bs. This only proves Naruto could've been very memorable if it hadn't derailed so much.

So Sasuke basically wanted to become the Lelouch of the ninja world.

No he was just an edgy faggot who wanted to control everything from the shadows.

Like Madara.

Nah nigga, he wanted to place all the hate solely on him. Just like Lelouch.

It devolved when resurrection was THE thing. The biggest villain was some fucking dead guy that was resurrected but then basically brought back to life, then he jobbed to an alien

>we get to play as cheating nigger bort

He was in the cover, of course he was going to be playable.

Also, Sarada a cute.

I hope demon Momo is playable, maybe as an Awakening

>But not enough build-up for something that came out of nowhere

Have you read the manga AT ALL? Sasuke said he was going to become Hokage THE MOMENT he arrived at the war. And a couple chapters after he said he was going to kill Naruto

>The only reason Naruto didn't just go sage mode and stepped on an exhausted Sasuke is because he doesn't want to kill him.

Naruto needs TIME to go Sage mode. Not to mention he needs to be quiet without moving at all, his only alternative is making clones and hiding them from the enemy but he can't hide a clone from Sasuke when they're both right next to each other and not to mention the mere fact of making 1 clone would mean he has a lot of Chakra, which he doesn't

Why do people that never read the manga talk about it?

what anime has 10+ years of buildup to the last fight of the series

How can you hate his powers?

No, Lelouch's plan was to die after uniting the world against him. So Lelouch was basically Akatsuki/Madara/Kaguya, they united the world against them but died.

Sasuke wanted to go BEYOND that, he was never going to die, he was always going to be there, a reminder that they NEED to be together if they don't want to get their shit pushed in, a reminder that if someone ever wanted to make a new war he was going to get murdered.

Sasuke basically wanted to be fear, doing what Itachi did to Danzo, reminding him "i'm still here" and that if any of them fuck up there's someone coming for them.

that's pretty bad ass actually. what was naruto's plan?

Haven't watched anything naruto in about 6 months, and maybe another year before then.

I went and watched to see if it was true, and you (OP) are utterly incorrect. It was an emotional fight, yes, but certainly not the best Naruto has to offer. Also, why in the fuck was it basically mecha

the power of friendship

not even the last fight

Wow, you two are literally the biggest plebs on the earth. How the fuck can you not appreciate a silent fight?

power of frienship

He had the first hand in the rasengan which was neat

>imply Zoro didn't already defeat him in a fight that took his eye

One Piece is garbage though.

My second favorite One Piece character is Zolo because he has three swords.

Who is your second favorite One Piece character Hokage?

He doesn't have one.
Well, aside from getting Konoha trashed again and himself maybe killed.

He did a lot during the war and over the course of the story, but after all that grandstanding about becoming the greatest Hokage ever, he has accomplished pretty much nothing at all in office.

You might be correct about this. Initially I Thought Kaiju was good wear it belong like good ol fashion Godzilla or Eva. The I thought spirit kaijus were just stupid. But if netero's nen counts as a Kaiju then yea, naruto and Korra just handled it like garbage.

>le netero vs meruem

Stop posting this meme already, it's boring.

What the fuck was his problem?
His reason for the last fight was bs. I doubt Sauce was even sure about the shit he was rambling about

Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 did it better

Sasuke should have won. Kishi should make a spin off where Sasuke won the fight, killed Naruto and did exactly what he said he was going to do.


I admit, I laughed. As a mangafag who never re-read, I'd forgotten that happened.

Muh dawkness

Kishimoto has written Sasuke to the point of no return during the five kage summit arc, going as far as "killing" Karin and even almost killing Sakura.

But for some stupid reason he still didn't wanted to kill him off in the final fight. So we got all this bullshit instead that felt really forced and didn't make any fucking sense.

Since when are there so many narutofags?

>I really hate to say this but this fight will probably go down as the best in history.

No need for hate, faggots like you saying shit is not big deal.

Nothin personnel kid

Because he's fucking entertaining lad

No he's not.

Madara was entertaining.
Sasuke is a faggot through and through with no redeemable qualities whatsoever.

Because otherwise he doesn't get next-gen homolust and best girl.

Do you think Naruto has a bigger dick than Sasuke? Be honest.

Sasuke is a piece of shit but I think Itachi is worse

He's the biggest Mary Sue in anime

He was forced by his editors to keep Sasuke alive because they wanted to continue the story after he is finished.

you will be surprised how much power these people have over the writers.

Boruto and Sarada were a mistake anyway.

Not even edge, characters like Light, Lelouch and Sasuke are entertaining as fuck characters and it's a shame only one of those three got their way in the end.


Madara and Sasuke are literally the same people though

Happens in a lot of series too

Would she still like Naruto if he was a girl?


orochimaru just walking away in the end was so shitty...

Sasuke's penis was bigger at first.
Naruto only managed to reach an equal size because all the people he met joined hands and stretched it together.

Naruto is canon tiny so probably not.

At least it's not Naruto
or Bleach

Nope. Hinata is a cumslut. She canon fucks 4 guys before Naruto, even after they started 'dating'.

Light getting rid of criminals was somewhat reasonable.

Lelouch and Sasuke's plans were retarded as fuck.

This needed to happen

Hokage is such a trash job, why is it so revered

Just like people who want to be president.

agreed; zabuza arc was some of the sickest shit to come out of shounen

>You just remember Sai's obsession with Naruto's junk in his introduction


At least President has some prestige.
A hokage is just "everyone in the town is my literal family and I have to die for them at the drop of a hat"

You could maybe argue that for Sasuke but Lelouch's plan worked in the end

How the hell did Orochimaru get away with everything?

He saved the world.

Pretty much everyone in the Narutoverse is a beta cuck except for the bad guys and some minor good guys who are to weak to be able to make a difference.

How can you not remember it? It's the only

Being hokage is basically being president of the village with the addition of having to personally fight whatever threats the village faces.

The last two were Obito and Rin, right?

I freaking love this picture


Probably gave up after realizing he'd get away every time anyway like a slippery snake.

No, Sakura

Obito's is the white hand that comes before Kakashi's near the end.

Because Naruto is dumb as fuck.

Just look at this. With becoming Hokage he also became the epitome of JUST.

No time for friends or family. A boring ass job and people complain about you nonstop for being such an inefficient faggot. Even your own son shits all over you.

It's basically Kishi saying no matter how hard you try in the end you achieve fucking nothing and drown in depression and uselessness.

Just give up on your hopes and dreams now because everything will go to shit anyways.

When the fuck does that happen?

Sasuke should have won god damn it

This. I'm glad BORT knows that at least

To be fair to Kishi, being the mangaka of a weekly series seems like an awful soul-sucking job.


That's not how you spell Madara.

So in the end, Sasuke was right. He would be wrong if Naruto ended after the Last, or even Boruto. But Konoha is going to get destroyed yet again by some edgy OC teenager while Naruto and Sasuke are out of commission for some reason.

Does anyone happen to know who all the hands are?

Those are his friends' hands

Wtf is he signing in all these papers? legalizing weed?

Madara's plan was fucking retarded.

In order:
>team 10
>team 8
>team Guy (Guy has a black hand because of 8 gates)
>Bee and the kages
>Hiruzen, Konohamaru and Iruka
>Sai and Yamato

>That moment where he used a shadow clown for his own daughters birthday.
Holy shit he turned into a dick

That was the funniest and saddest shit ever
>yfw Naruto lived long enough to see himself become a villain

>no Hinata


>team 8

Jiraiya, Minato, Kushina, InoShikaCho, Kiba Hinata Shino, Tenten Neji Lee Gai (his hand is black because of the 8 gates), the five kage and Killerbee, Hiruzen Iruka Konohamaru, Sai Yamato, Obito, Kakashi, Sakura.

In that order.

What kind of monster would do that to his own daughter?

Forced melodrama

It's Advent Children all over again

>Both times Part 1 music played

I have to agree this will probably be the most known anime fight and it defeats goku vs frieze goku vs vegeta or makin vegeta.

If you watched the series then it also give some emotions but it was just incredibly well done from the beginning to the end.

Although Sasuke really did fuck naruto up lol

People that will disagree with it can't name a better animated fight from a famous show with 2 main characters. Bleach nor one piece got such fight and are shittier than naruto overal

Fucking Sasuke knows how make this show interesting. The guy is a beast

it wasn't good

The Nartuo v Sasuke fight at the end of Part 1 was more memorable and impressive than this one.

Why does nobody add the part with Itachi behind Sasuke's Chidori?

>Seriously hating the lovechild of Orochimaru bullshit and Kishi's love letter to Oda

This, Boruto was a fucking mistake. They had to give the brat some sort of struggle since he was born with a silver kunai up his ass. The Last after credits scene was the prefect way to end this series.

So that's what it was? I thought I was seeing shit.

bort is literally the best character

Naruto Side Story ~The Path That the Waxing Moon Illuminates

Naruto would have demolished Sasuke's anus if he went all out at the start during the HTH section. The only way for Sasuke to keep up with a serious Naruto is to use all of the bijuu including half of Kurama's power, yet Sasuke ended up getting KO'd instead of Naruto.

In normal conditions, Naruto would still be able to use the Ying Yang Rasengan, but Sasuke shouldn't be able to use the powered up Susanoo. Let's not forget that Naruto kept up with the final boss of Boruto while Sasuke was nearly killed. It's pretty clear as to who's stronger.

>Hey, you know when the mother getting serious, He became very strong

And what's with the people not shutting the fuck up?

People don't actually think Sasuke's a good character right?

>Getting a shot by herself


Part 1 Sasuke is best Sasuke

>This entire post

I probably should have clarified timeskip Sasuke

Part 1 Sauce is just alright

Bort movie is the better ending to the series. There is nothing wrong with seeing Naruto still struggling despite having accomplished his dream.

Not to mention that it feels like a better homage to the series as a whole while The Last is only shipfaggot pandering.

>constantly brooding faggot

At least Sasuke: DARKNESS edition had like 3 moments of hilarity to bring to the table.

>Not thinking he's one of the best characters thats a driving force of this show

Wait, I just realized Naruto is an allegory for the 2016 presidential election. So the "choice" is between an horrible person no one likes who wants to rule everyone doing tons of shady shit and believes it's his/her destiny to do so sparing no one and behlding to no principle to do so (Hillary/Sasuke) or a loudmouth idiot with no plan whose whole identity is basically "BELIVE IT" (Trump/Naruto).

That is your opinion and I liked it too but this was was for a reason, better animated and a conclusion
Give me a better fight faggot oh wait you can't give one.

>people claim Kishi isn't a closet homo despite having made Sai

>Let's not forget that Naruto kept up with the final boss of Boruto while Sasuke was nearly killed

Didn't Sasuke walk that off easily?

I like that picture

Sai was actually created with the sole purpose of pandering to fujos.

But fujos preferred shipping Kakashi with any man that he came in contact with and of course NarutoxSasuke.

>this shit will never end

>Being this upset your unpopular and irrelevant series will never be Naruto.

That poster gives me cancer.

What would have happened if Kakashi actually cucked Obito?

Is he LITERALLY the best character?


Same outcome

Only because Naruto healed him. You could see the Kurama chakra cloak on Sasuke's body.

I like how everyone just forgot about him in the end.

>better animated and a conclusion
Not at all, have you even seen episode 133? This most recent fight is hokey, awkward, and has slugglish pacing (like all of Shippuden). It keeps shifting focus and there's no rhyme, reason, or continuity is the choreography.. No animation is as memorable as the bullet Narutos, the huge clone chain, Sasuke's expressions when getting hit, the Bruce Lee tributes, or the one-tail reveal, to name a few, from the first fight.

Come on, nigga. Also, Freeza vs Goku will always be more iconic than either Naruto vs Sasuke.

And now he has a kid in the new main character team

That's not Madara-tan.

Bort is a better protagonist than nardo desu

Same shit except that his Uchiha husbando is a girl

I like him now and back in part 1. He was insufferable throughout most of Shippuden.

He's just so lovably autistic.

The Last isn't supposed to be the ending to the series anyway, it was classified as chapter 699.5

Yeah he's like Jotaro

How exactly would salad even obtain eternal mangekyou sharingan?

I'd say that single aspect changes a fair amount of things actually

Also, you know, not wanting to be Hokage

>not a retard
>dresses better
>knows more than 2 moves
>isn't ninja Jesus
>learning from the 2nd best ninja in the world
>grew up to be a badass instead of a faggot

That spinoff was hilarious.

It was like Kishi wanted to take us on one last wild ride.

Same way Bort gets his power-up, asspulls

Jesus fuck are those two STILL on this fucking couple fight?

I remember ceasing to care about Naruto when the Pain arc from Shippuden ended.

And like Jotaro he's a better character when he's not the protagonist. And just like Josuke the guy he's mentoring is a duplicitous faggot with shit hair.

She could find her dad's original eyes.

That's what her father is there for.
Now that he doesn't want to be the eternal emperor of darkness anymore, there's no need for him to live forever.

You're not missing anything

Ok, where i should continue Naruto series ??

I already read all the manga and never watch Naruto shippuden (because of that fillers)

Also, does the last canon part of Naruto shippuden's animation is good ??

This is pure kino.

Why is it that the old Naruto vs Sasuke fight still looks more fluid? Is it the amount of frames per second?

Reminder that Kishimoto never really cared much about the whole Tobi plotline and just made up shit along the way.

now we just need himawari and it's an instant buy

The LAST is not even written by Kishimoto so who cares

The original fight had a legendary animator doing most of the key animation. The latest fight still had good key animators but it didn't have the strongest staff line-up.

So this is basically inevitable isn't it? They'll probably try to ruse shipperfags with some 'will they won't they' nonsense, though I still prefer that to the retarded love triangle thing that was going on in Naruto.

>So this is basically inevitable isn't it?
im kinda not sure about this fujos going crazy about BoruMitsu these days

>and just made up shit along the way.

The biggest flaw of pretty much most mangaka, or any other kind of writer.
I've never understood why so few bother otherwise. Execution is what matters more than anything, but a story that's planned out from beginning to end is always superior to making shit up on the way yet barely anyone does it.

Kishi has been doing it since the early days of Naruto so it's nothing surprising. But it baffled me that he was STILL doing in in the fucking final arc the manga. What happened to the Jutsu Hashirama gave Sasuke? How the fuck could he even write himself into a corner with Madara and had to resort to Kaguya in the first place?

It was inevitable from the moment that we got told that Naruto had a boy and Sasuke had a girl.

>Naruto and Salad stay in the office all day stamping papers
>Sasuke and Boruto out exploring the world, sleeping in whore houses, and fighting rogues

I see, well that dude was damn good because even the beginning and last part of this fight which are the "good" parts in terms of animation don't come close to the old fight.

>So this is basically inevitable isn't it?
It's already happening.

this needs to end
>muh favorite villain is the only bearable one, the rest are shit

>Naruto and Salad stay in the office all day stamping papers

More like Naruto and Salad stay in the office all day while he stamps her ass with his semen.

If fujos had any pull with this franchise everyone would have turned out gay.

Well, it's not exactly like they tried hiding it.

From the looks of things he actually taught his student something other than how to make bigger blue balls and better control his inner furry.

Too bad he raided his wardrobe before leaving.

I can already see them spending their honeymoon at the Valley of the End, fucking each other's brains out for three straight days on the exact same spot where their fathers lay.

>Rasengan is constantly hyped as super awesome jutsu
>Probably one of the most boring techniques in the entire story
>Used constantly and with 500 slightly less boring small variations

I hate it so much. It never even lives up to its fame, as it's never really depicted as being all that more effective than other techniques.
The only reason it ever really has any oomph is because of Naruto's massive chakra and clone shenanigans, which would make anything devastating.

It's a fucking swirly ball.

literally me


Still mad he didn't name his son after Itachi or Obito

>naming your kids after terrorists
britbong pls

Obito is probably Bort's middle name

Kishi assistant was a mistake

It depends... the only reason anyone stayed was to see this finale along with nostalgia drive.

But I fear that the war arc has alienated too many fans to remember it.

jesus christ this is impossible to read

yeah its all squiggly lines and shit wtf??

Naruto is cute af.

Reminder that Obito, despite killing thousands of innocent people, still ended up in ninja heaven with his waifu.

I bet even Hashirama and Madara are having woodsex right now.

a-user-kun , th-that's not what I meant a-and!!

Why is Sasuke so cool?

What the fuck was Kishi smoking when he designed that?

But that's not cute at all

I want to cum on her thighhighs

That's what the whole world wants to know.


Why didn't he give him this appearance, without the glow, with actual new clothing instead of having this chakra mode magically form into different clothes for some reason? You could still have them glow with the flame effect whenever he enters the mode and getting a new set of clothes for the war would've been a nice moment.

Dude had like, what, two (not counting the Hokage one) outfits during the entire story? Two and a half if you count the cloak during the Pain invasion, which I actually quite liked, even if it didn't really mesh that much with his stupid jumpsuit.

To be fair, Sasuke and everyone else pretty much did the same thing. Hell, one of his "outfit changes" was just zipping up his popped collar so he wouldn't look like so much of a whore.

>heart shaped amputee blood splatter

literally the gayest thing I've ever seen

gay porn is literally less homosexual that whatever the fuck this is

I cried like that after the Kaguya fight when Naruto was saying goodbye to Minato
That completely destroyed me

I actually really like it. It's one of the few final shonen forms that looks somewhat decent.

>he didn't see the part where they're laying on a giant pair of severed hand-holding giant statue hands representing their metaphysical siblings and the cycle of homolust throughout the eons

I didn't. Because the fight was so stupid and they barely knew each other. Also because Minato was a shit Hokage and father.


Gas the Cloud Ninja War Now

Yeah Sasuke is fantastic

Interesting his shadow resembles Sasuke when first introduced in Shippuden

They probably fuck like that occasionally when the usual sex gets dull.

>Sasuke didn't impregnate Sakura at least 5 more times
What a fucking faggot.

So much for wanting to revive his clan

He probably realized that the Uchiha bloodline isn't worth saving.

It was pretty good, not nearly as good as their original fight though.

Those two have had way gayer moments, like when they kissed, the cover with the necklaces or Naruto chimping out over Sasuke getting his face burnt a bit in the Bort movie.

Fucking why? She would rather murder her parents and help Sasuke commit genocide for a taste of that dick than to ever lay a finger against Sasuke.

She was the one that shared Naruto's obsession with bringing Sasuke back the most.

Sakura is literally Naruto's closest friend other than Sasuke.

No it's not. Keep your contemporary autism out if this.

Nah what was disrespectful is how Sasuke tried to set Naruto on fire with Dragon Flame Jutsu.

You're fucking retarded. But congrats, you fell for the Sakura meme and now you fit in with the tumblr crowd that hates a fictional character!

Why did Sasuke totally dominate Naruto? Arent they meant to be equals? Naruto got literally like 2 hits in at the beginning of the fight.

Because he has cooler and wider moveset. Meanwhile SP probably already ran out of ideas of how to use shadow clones and rasengans.

>He's a shit Hokage and father because he sacrificed his life for his son, his village, and the future of mankind itself.

Even though the manga's been over for nearly 2 years, the anime ending is going to be sad for me personally. I started watching it when it first aired on Toonami, and it's more or less been a constant in my life for 11 years. I watched in through highschool. I watched it through college. I've had pets die, family members die, left my home, got a job, went out into the world. I didn't always keep up with it, but it was there to fall back on if I wanted to. But now it's going to be gone for good. It's sad.

Because Sasuke is better in taijustu witg the eyehax Sharingan
>he keep interupt Naruto from making the shadow clone hand sign
This remind me of early Nar where hand signs still a huge thing

>implying he's going to get anywhere with her after he tells her about all the people he killed.

Naruto can heal so it's narratively easier to keep the fight going when he gets hit.

the real tragedy here is Hinata's revamp

Yeah it is sad you never gained any taste in all those years. How the fuck could you stand watching years of that garbage? I remember it was on Toonami a year or two ago at the first arc of Shippuden and nearly half the goddamn episode was the same 10 seconds of Sakura dodging needles or some shit again and again.

Naruto Healed him, Sasuke was pretty much support for Naruto in that movie, even when village got attacked, Sasuke went to support mode while Naruto defended everyone. Its pretty Sasuke considers Naruto Alpha dog now.

Remember that Sage mode have all the same perks for counter detection like Sharingan + much bigger power and ability to take big hits and walk them off. When Kurama was trying to transfer some of the Nature chakra to Naruto, Sasuke stole it, but Naruto still got sum, He didnt enter Sage mode, but look at that fucking punch, he literally sent Sasuke flying 100meters.

Kurama can gather Nature energy for Sage mode, he has perma chakra mode pretty much now. If you watched/read the war arc you would know that.

It Mitsuki vs Boruto fights get same budget as Naruto vs Sasuke, im all for it.

Punished Boruto will be interesting fellow to follow

Hey, I didn't say I enjoyed every minute of it. There were times I didn't watch for months. But, it was always there if I was bored, or needed a distraction, or I missed my family, or the story sort of picked up. IT was nice having a constant that I was familiar with in my life, even if it was fucking Naruto.

For what purpose would you use someone else's hand for handsigns? Does it save on chakra or give yourself a spare hand to use or something?

Sakura was great in The Last. She was like a big sister and wingman all in one.

Was this character wasted potential? was the whole alien thing an asspull?

She was great.

If you're fighting CQC and you try to make a handsign, you're leaving yourself open to attack.

>Bort movie is the better ending to the series.
Hell naw. For one thing the conflict is entirely out of nowhere and has nothing to do with the series as a whole. The drama between Bort and Naruto is poorly done and it doesn't help that Bort comes off as an unlikable brat and the end result isn't nearly as satisfying.

>Naruto began the series as a street urchin who did pranks in order to get attention because he knew there's no one waiting for him when he got home
>The Last ends with Naruto coming home to his wife and two kids

Compared to Boruto which felt like an end to another shitty episode.

Its so easy to spot shitposters in these threads nowadays that you can't get mad anymore. I can only pray that Boruto becomes another Mamoru (Kid Muscle) or Gohan and this crapfest manga becomes non-canon.

Boruto was worth it to see Sasuke interacting with people in a positive way and not being a fucking psychopath.

The Sasuke/Boruto stuff was my favorite part of the movie.

Can you appreciate the difference between the Boruto movie and the Boruto manga?

No one cares about the crappy manga, but the movie is good, and it was written by Kishimoto.


Oh nevermind. Your opinion is worthless.

>but the movie is good,
>it was written by Kishimoto

So was Road to Ninja

Not that guy but is this posted often? I read this fight about 3 years ago and watched it about a year back. It's definitely the best shounen fight (and arc) I've ever read.

>So was Road to Ninja
No, it wasn't. He just did the lead-in manga and the designs, which is why RtN sucks so much.

With The Last, he actually worked on the story concept and edited the script.

With Boruto, he went as far as co-writing the script.
>Story: Masashi Kishimoto

He wrote the script for the movie. That was one of the big adverts for it was that he was involved in the writing much like Oda for Strong World

Again, he just did the lead-in manga and designs. He didn't touch the script.

The only script he wrote was Boruto, and he wasn't even the sole writer on that one.

He didn't do the script for RtN, and he only edited the script on The Last.

Jesus christ

Headcanon isnt canon user, you filthy NTR degenerate

Well, they were around 12 years old too, weren't they?

Apparently. Jirobo looked like he was 38, though.

Also Boruto and Sarada's child is guaranteed to have the Rinnegan, right?

does anyone know the speculations around the sixth coffin back then?

Do you faggots even realize how long ago this shit started ? How the fuck can time fly so fast ? I remember manga ending last year as if it was yesterday.

Not unless they retcon how Rinnegan works. In order to get it, you need sharingan and SOT6P chakra. The only people to awaken it were

-sasuke, who was pumped with SOT6P chakra directly from the source
-madara, who simulated SOT6P chakra by combining his Indra chakra with hashirama's Asura chakra

>I remember manga ending last year as if it was yesterday.
That was two years ago, user.

Fuck, you are right...

Only Hashirama's DNA works I think. If any Senju/Uzumaki DNA could do it then Madara wouldn't risk his life to take a bite of Hashirama's meat.

>hating on best character

How was Hidan reanimated if he technically can't die?

he needs to make more kids man
the first batch was a failure
>uchiha with glasses HAH

he can die of starvation and he wasnt reanimated

Fucking hell Cred Forums is kill

Sasuke dropping some serious truth bombs here. Can Nardo even cope?

fucking destroyed m8

Because Sakura is beautiful

Someone should made an edit with the sexy jutsu right under that.

Everything about the Rinnegan was dumb

Kowagaruna Naruto

There are people who unironically liked this fight?

That's actually a slightly clever reason for Naruto specializing in clones.

Is it over?

Is this piece of shit finally over?

I gave up after they revelead Tobi was Obito which everyone saw coming the moment Obito was first mentioned.

Holy fuck maybe Toei can give more money to Dragon Ball and One piece now that this garbage is over. Praise Jesus.

Saoto mamore

It's never over, user. Spin-offs are just beginning to take force.

This looks like absolute shit.

Gaara and Rockj Lee could produce a battle that looked more """"epic"""" while this two that are at this point 1000x stronger punch eachother like kids?

Sasuke really is the best character and the stronger one too. Wish kishi dumbed naruto and just went with a more mature story and Sasuke's adventure

They played Need to be Strong?

He didn't. All that shit the anime added didn't happen. Sasuke does nothing to Naruto and to make Naruto serious he absorbs the biju to get on an even playing field.

Base Naruto vs EMS Rinnegan Sasuke
Naruto was keeping up in his base. After that Sasuke needed to Absorb all the tailed beast chakra to even keep up with Naruto.

>, they even added stuff not in the Manga that also looked pretty cool

Some of it but I hated how much Sasuke was pawning Naruto at the start of the fight. I think it was heavily implied Naruto's taijutsu caught up nearly to Sasuke's to not have 4 of his Bunshins getting their asses kicked.

Again its Base Naruto vs EMS Rinnegan Sasuke.

Narutotards please fuck off.

It's not really pliable to compare modes here. We're not comparing particular feats like Naruto being faster than Raikage because of chakra shunshin. Naruto not using his repertoire is on him.

And whatever the case, ut still doesnlt justify him being that bafly destroyed on taijutsu.


What the fuck is happening?

>Dude you're fucking blind
>in my opinion


I'll give the Naruto anime one thing, it has probably the best animation you'll see out of a shounen anime for the big fights by far.

Also I won't even lie that I legit enjoyed when Martyr kicked in during the Perfect Susano'o vs. Kyuubi Naruto part.

Who is the best Kage and why is it Tobirama?

>Uchihas die off into irrelevance
>Konoha still gets destroyed
Tobirama a shit. A shit!

>which is a good thing

>couldn't be prevented because rinnegan hax

so she's immortal?

Cutest boy. Genius and maybe the most handsome man in Naruto

wasnt that madara?

No, sorry. Appreciate you being polite for once, though.

Because he knew what had to be done and how to look like a fucking pimp when doing it.

Remember what she did the day of his inauguration? Bitch deserved it.

why did the kage bunshin vanish anyway?

is it because he fell asleep?



Sometimes friends roast friends.

he can't do that! that's his best friend's daughter!

are those tits?


Obito did the same thing to Kakashi and proceeded to punch/kick his chin in.

This was Naruto's hypest form in the entire series.

all of the random clones they fight after the war will do it for him

Why doesn't he just use shadow clones to do work?

There will be a huge twist where Salad falls for Orochimaru's kid instead and it'll be hilarious.

I agree he looks fucking cool with that scroll of forbidden jutsus on his back

>It's a fucking swirly ball.

>okay so I want him to look like a super saiyan and I also want to show that he's using both the kyuubi's power and natural power so I'll combine both eye transformations into one
>oh hey, now his pupil's are a cross, reminds me of Jesus


I agree.

The taijutsu portions were the meat and potatoes of this entire thing. The spirit kaiju was... okay, could have been better, not quite sure how but it just didn't hold the same 'weight' as when they were just knocking the piss out of each other, from the full-on beginning to the 'why won't you fucking die' end.

You're pretty good but what is your take on Sauce's mangekyo sharingan then?

That part was pretty badass on Sasuke's part.

Nuclear power and wind power plant.

The bad thing about the energy mechas was the lack of scale. They're just sort of flying out there in the air like plastic figurines. Remember what Madara's susanoo looked like? That shit was towering over you like a mountain and was shown to level the landscape around it with it's attacks. Sauce's gundam is supposed to be that plus the ability to fly but it looks nowhere near the part. Some shots from the ground angle would've done wonders to that scene.

>Okay so I have a huge hard-on for Sasuke and I want to be ironic so I'm going to make his mangekyo look like a lotus flower which in Buddhism symbolizes divine beauty.

TL note: Vishnu is known as the Lotus-Eyed One

I can analyze all of Kishi's design choices accurately

He wasnt destroyed in Taijutsu, all those were weak as fuck, single throw to the wall did more damage to Sasuke than all those weak jabs he got.

nigga wearing eyeliner tho

>Who is the best Kage
Are we talking in terms of fighting ability, effectiveness as a leader, or just being based? Because Sasuke is the best Hokage in all three categories.

>Are we talking in terms of fighting ability, effectiveness as a leader, or just being based? Because Sasuke is the best Hokage in all three categories
user are you ok?

He seemed to be more powerful than his mom from what we heard of him

It's not eye liner and it's supposed to be reminiscent of kabuki

i dont think he was more powerful. he was just more creative with his power

ah, i see

What's the deal with Jiraiya and kabuki?

At least the zombie hokages were more useful than the jobber alliance

I love this pic. Tobirama a BEST.


It's the nature of shounen jump
You write to survive the week

>travels the world, doing missions, instead of being a glorified administrator
>keeps his skills sharp
>works from the shadows; not a useless figurehead
>saved the world from Kaguya-level enemies, even after all the other kages were incapacitated
>still believes that the soul of the shinobi is alive, despite Naruto becoming jaded and disillusioned
>saw potential in Naruto's son that even Naruto didn't see

Man you are so cool. If only more people knew how cool you truly were.

What made the rasengan great for me was just how difficult it was for Naruto to learn. It took a lot out of him.

They are. They get even bigger when shes a mom

Really that never dawned on you before this? It's been hinted at quite a lot of times you know

>I can analyze all of Kishi's design choices accurately
Truly the prodigy of our generation

Would you say that user is the coolest guy?

Why did I not think of that?

It was delivered in a great way though. Just the time and the person to vocalize what's been subconsciously known by everyone already. It wasn't anything new but it made even Naruto flinch and become speechless.

True, it only just occured to me that it's the first time Naruto even realised it himself.

The manga explained his motivation.

This is honestly stupid as fuck because at this point in the series Naruto is friends with literally everyone

>naruto gets god powers and special kurama power ups that gives him all sorts of unique abilities
>sasuke just gets an eye that gives him the same abilities of precious villains naruto already defeates


Not the person he wants to befriend the most you fucking idiot.

>his rinnegan's unique ability is shifting places
>shifting places with stuff like logs is a basic ninja ability that people have been doing since chapter 1
Can't make this shit up

l-least it looks cool, right guys?

And he did a terrible job of that.

Their kid is literally going to be Kaguya

>dat pic
fucking fujos

His plan will be complete at last.


i wonder if they gonna reveal Hiashi as Eugenics master officially in the future

>Sarada is the only one without a bullshit glowy form

Yeah, she's not gonna be relevant guys.

>cut off the stray edgelord sharingan genes
>reunite the two main bloodlines
How deep did his plan fucking go?

This chart is missing Kimimaro's clan.



>they made a movie exploring Naruto and Hinata's relationship
holy fuck I completely forgot about that, can't wait to watch that shit

Were there any moves throughout the series that you wish they used in this fight? Or at least the ones they could. No snakes because he lost the curse mark.

Seriously though how the fuck could they make it look so shitty?
Wasn't this fight supposed to be the fight that finally beats the Goku v Freeza fight?
However with the hand to hand stuff, I did feel feelings of losing some part of my childhood.

You should add Tayuya to the Uzumaki chart
>red hair
>"odd chakra"

How does Sasuke's rinnegan differ from substitution?

Pretty much all of them. I wanted a massive battle in which they used anything they learned over the course of the story, the battle constantly increasing in scale until they finally arrive at the boring kaiju part.

How does substitution even work? Like, they slow down time super slow and just replace themselves with a nearby object of similar size? That shit always blew my mind with how fast they would have to be to pull something like that off.

Read again idiot

OK. Is it just me or was this Naruto's first one handed rasengan?


Minato was a favourite. He was hitherto the only character that had given "Madara" a reason to shit his pants.

The coffin housing Madara himself was a genuinely good twist imo.

Yep. In canon, at least.

Is next episode the end?

>Soundtrack from the original series starts playing

he used a fire rasenshuriken against madara with 1 hand


Will they ever move on? Someone post the hall of anal devastation pls

I'm still bathing in the tears.

holy shit is this real?
Those guys are crazy

>they still make shit like this

>Naruto, you really surpassed your successors.

What did Kakshi mean by this?

>tfw sarada will be tsunade but with a sharingan, more chakra, uchiha speed and raiton taijutsu

she's the next raikage

I know right, it's shit
Though those two do make a pair that is good for hentai

So she'll be an useless retarded jobber?

>not relevant
does not compute

You came to the wrong place littlekuriboh. now leave and never come back.

A good fight needs a satisfactory ending, haven't kept up with naruto in years but I doubt the fight ended with Sauske literally being held down by Naruto clones as the entire village took turns kicking Sauske in the balls.

>took turns kicking Sauske in the balls.
You are absolutely correct.

>female character



That's exactly what you got.

Her Uchiha plot armor did get her to be the MC of her own arc


Honestly Kakashi vs Obito was way better

the reason why it looks so good that he made animation blurry in order to look smooth
kinda hard to do with all these details but the key animator managed to pull that off

This is just getting sad

What is that? From whch episode?

first shippuden movie

how is my taste in music?

I love 3:50 - 4:21

the sound effect when she opens the eye on her forehead is terrifying

i cant find it

>sasuke want to revive his clan
i love this meme

>created the edo tensei and preserved madara corpse leading to the latter resurrection and the zombies arc.

1/10 because he has decent sass

What? It sounds like someone is trying (and failing) to blow a trumpet or something.

It's so silly.

why does he have no sage markings?

WHERE is Itachi behind the chidori? What time?


Because SP is retarded, he should have been born with the rinnegan right away

oh damn.. that's really subtle

good times

So who is Gohan? SasuNaru?

just looked it up

>full fight 4 hours
thats 12 full episodes of naruto desu

I agree with . If it wasn't for Madara it would have been 120% shit.

Sasuke was trying to kill Naruto so he can go all out as he pleases. Naruto was not trying to kill Sasuke. I know you people are too autistic to understand basic shit but come on.

the last was trash, don't bother.

the boruto movie was miles better.

kishimoto can't write a character drama.

The overwhelming majority thought it was a good movie.

Leading theories were

>The real Madara
>Madara's brother Izuna
>The Sage of the Six Paths

the same retards who think naruto is good think the last is a good movie?

who would have thought

It's worse.

Not that guy, but it's the kind of movie that is really only liked by shipfaggots.

Outside of that it has the same plot and structure as the other filler movies.

No it isnt. The Last is a character piece, it would honestly work better without all the fights in this case, it was all about the character. They put in fights since it was a shounen.The others can't be said to be like that at all. They're all about throw away villain and throw away plot, but the fighting is innate to it still. The Last, the action plot can be removed and it still works.

Could someone here explain to someone who won't bother to go back and re-read Naruto what exactly ended up happened with Madara, Obito, and Tobi (who i'm assuming is Obito). What were their endgames?

Also how did this Kaguya shit happen?