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i need to reread this

Is it worth it or is this just another shitty drama ride.



Planking is never going to give you visible abs. If you want abs, you should deadlift.

made by the same guy who did kaguya you bastard.

everyone has abs....all you have to do is get to a body fat level of like 8-10%





Source all over me senpai

I'm a sucker for starscapes. Anyone got more?

Getting to 8-10% bodyfat is difficult, and with a slim, weak frame, it makes you looks like a POW. If you want visible abs at a higher bf%, you need to make them bigger.


>it's another EOP pissing contest thread








read planetes




I dont need abs
I need the sauce
(Google, saucenao, iqdb, and tineye dont give me anything)

Do you search in the archive?

1. I dont have acces to my PC at the moment (and the clover app doesn't have an option to search the archive)

2. I dont even know how to do it

Tell me how to do it please

You need to lurk more, don't give up.


I have been lurking for two years and just got a computer recently so I dont know how to do it
Pls halp

>just got a computer recently
how young are you?

Checked google, sauce now, iqdb and even the archive. Nothing. Could you drop me the sauce on that, please?

I just borrowed my brother's PC when i needed it and finally could afford one

I just found it in google, don't be a liar user.


It has come down to that already? Are 19 year olds really going through most the first two decades of their lives without a computer beyond their smart phone? There's only a few years difference between us. Have things changed that much that quickly?




I dont get it.

>Hotline Miami 2 ending

>Are 19 year olds really going through most the first two decades of their lives without a computer beyond their smart phone?
No. Only the ones that do not *want* a computer in particular. I know a wide number of people who are 19-20 throughout the US, and they all have at least one computer. If their parents never had the financial status to afford a computer or geographical status to use the net, that is different, but it is a significantly rarer case.

>Haga Yui will never draw literal semen demons again
>Instead she is drawing shitty Yuri

Needing sauce. Already reverse image searched it and looked through archives


Stop using google.

Is there even an archive? 4chanX still leads me to desustorage.

It's practically in every place.

Which fork? most 4chanX forks redirect to desuarchive.

google calls it a cartoon and shows me old punch comics...
also if anyone recognises a series about a princess trapped at the demon kings castle who destroys everything trying to get a good place to sleep rigged up?

Translations never

Use Yandex.

Google started censoring answers because DMCA and wanting to use their image detection software.

you googled the thumbnail try again with the fullsize image.


Also to your 2nd question
Maou jou de Oyasumi

Is it yamada kun to 7 nin no majo?

Swede-kun is the smoothest operator.

No, keep trying.


ccd0. Actually it looks like something went wrong with auto-updates (I'm not sure where I'm getting them from). Manually updated and it's fine now.
How long has this been working again? I've been archiveless for months.



bless you user
the amano manga doesn't seem my cup of tea

Since desuarchive is up, pretty much 1 day later since Desustorage because the owner bad luck and opened desuarchive.

This series just makes me feel bad. she tries so hard but things always go terrible for her.

That said, the manga-ka knows his stuff, there's a lot of knowledge of famous tricks and how they work.

Yep, you can do it if you try it.

He's reversed her.

She says she hates him. He's trying to wrap his head around what that means given she's reversed.


Its a ecchi romance comedy
What don't you like about it?
Are you gay user?

actually although yandex gave me manga it only linked to hentai about fat old men raping teachers ...

>loli x vampire loli

picked up

the characters are annoying, and I've read too many similar series already for it to interest me.


Last one i read left me with a bitter taste, any good healing manga?

It's not even original romance comedy.

Shino-chan wa Jibun no Namae ga Ienai.

Short and packed with healing.

What's this from? Reverse search is less useful than it was 1-2 years ago.

here is another cute one.

Try searching on yandex




Thank you. This will save me much time in the future, and is now on my bookmarks toolbar.


This one is a classic.


Koe no katachi

Taki Takanosuke no Sanpo Jikan






>Thought it was gonna be a comfy father/daughter story
>It wasn't

Usagi dropped.

God, I fucking hate when that happens.

Is is expected that idols should be hairless?



And they say technology can only go forward. A golden age has passed and I don't know why it's over.

Only by sexless autists. Personally, I would love the smell of an idol after a full set.

Never thought I'd see a fellow fan. We need a hero to save us.

That's gross, I'm fine with either hair status, but the only sweat level that's enjoyable is the one created by sexual activity itself. Copious stale sweat is disgusting.



Any source for this? Google just giving links to cartoon network games.

wtf i hate america now!




Given they tend to prance around in bikinis and stuff on camera a lot, shaving stops a bunch of awkwardness


Kubo pls, nobody cares your meme manga anymore.

I miss posting in these threads


Another translations never series

can't seem to find the source, mind telling me the name or a proper site to look on? iqdb, google, and other search engines come up with nothing





Is the scanlation scene still full of drama? It's been a while since I regularly kept up with my backlog.


much obliged





fuck yeah my nig, this is one of my all-time favourites. Made me wanna re-read it now.


Really a great series

Jesus fucking H Christ. You've got to be some sort of genius to fuck up this badly.



>playing Payday 2

I thought this was supposed to be avant garde of some sort until i read the filename

>Dat bloody butterfly bullshit

>betraying your friends for money

She's so fucking hot, every time I read a chapter of this manga I have the NEED to read one of the H works the author did.
I mean come on look at her delicious droopy breasts.

Ok. This killed me

Cucked by a birthday


>tfw porn artists do better non porn manga than 90% of non porn artists

You know the birthday hat doesn't ENTIRELY obscure the text, right? Just highlight the filename and paste it in a search bar or something.

get appchan x
it will display text over the hat also makes everything better.

Like every porn artist.
Pic related.

These guys are like 14 right?
Fuckin manga.

Do any of his doujins have girls similar to Chio-chan?

Its worth, it's the authors dream child, he had to end it prematurely but hopes to revisit

I don't like when unknown readers take stuff from our group (I only upload on batoto), but this is kinda shitty.


The sad part is it's actually really fucking good. Better scans haven't been uploaded as far as I'm aware.
Just drop it after the street dancing arc.







it was also in the filename

Is this mob psycho?


Wasn't a big part of Bio-Meat that the creatures couldn't get across the ocean because of the salt water?

No thanks, cunt.

Good ending

Its a masterpiece, read it


sauce pls

I loved Biomeat. The girl in the 2nd arc was at her most delicious.
>bra-less overalls on a oppai loli
Awww yeah

Source? Google and iqdb isn't giving me shit

Garden Midori no Rupe

One of the few animated hentai with ACTUAL lolis, not those fake-ass lolis.

Thanks bro

Anyone have sauce on this? Google is a bitch and Yandex is giving me everything else. Finding shit has been so hard lately.

I found it with google, easy as pie

For some reason if you try to do a Google search it uses the thumbnail rather than the full image and fucks up. Try copy/pasting the full image link in Google and it will work.

Yeah that helped out, thanks.

Ahh, I'd forgotten about Biomeat. That was a good one.

I should try reading Eden again. I read all of Meguru, but for some reason I didn't manage to get into Eden.

no one is translating this don't fuckign bother

9 chapters done out of 3 fucking volumes



Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

>(2d ago)
Were you dropped on your head as a baby or why are you so retarded?

Have you seen the raws? Does it look like there is some kind of progress between Mc and thick girl?



Is this cropped? None of the usual search tools is helping.

>October 2016

Cred Forums Pass user since November 2012.

>9 chapters


translating at a snails pace is the same as not translating at all. you still have to wait years for them to catch up and by that time there are even more chapters released that will take years to translate

Shut the fuck up.
Two chapters a month is an acceptable release schedule.
It's no-where near "no one translating this" territory.

>get abs by doing exercises that don't actually require your abs to contract

>translating at a snails pace is the same as not translating at all
That's not true at all, user. With time, you'll learn to respect monthly/bi-monthly release schedules. You'll come to terms with projects being dropped out of the blue. With year long hiatuses from the authors. This is a painful hobby to get into, user.

>This will never happen to your favorite untranslated manga

That is obviously a cartoon.

i'm not sure but i think it's something where the mad scientist sister gives the girl a dick, search for something with those tags, incest futa etc

>that one release two years after it was dropped
>that one year of nothing afterwords
Ouch. I'd take it, though. Far too many amazing series dropped half a decade ago that I'd love to see get picked back up.

experiments sisters



Isn't precum supposed to come before any of those?

I just realized, isn't this the same guy who draws Kaguya?

Yes, it's the same artist.

Bottomleft panel gave it away. Literally looked like student council president.


One heck of an opener.


No Sauce on Google, Yandex and in the Archive.

It might be the /fit/-Manga or not since it looks a bit different.

And it only gets edgier from there

physically disgusted me how edgy it was

Is he gay? Is this one of those manga where the girl wants to ride his dick all day and he just keeps brushing her off with the occasional awkward moment?


who Great here ?

ab workout doesn't give you abs

low bodyfat % does

cant find with image search.

Fuku Neko

>low bodyfat % does

That's a bit of a lie. You still need to do a lot of ab work.





Can't find a source on this. Reading what I think is the title it is Hyaku ni chikan, but that's getting me no results. Where have I gone so wrong?

You just need to get rid of the spaces.

Lotte no Omocha!

Wow, I might be literally retarded. Thank you kind sir!





i hope this doesn't become a harem when he's not under the effect of an arrow


oh my god

It's just as good rereading the series.

>flex and hold
My favorite way to get muscle strain injury.
>just hold it until you can't brah
Naw fuck you.

This was my favorite manga since Biscuit Hammer and I'm bitterly disappointed about its fate.
>too hipster so no one scanlated it regularly when it was alive
Kill me.

We never did find out what precisely this entailed.


>tail coming out her ass and not her tailbone
Anatomy fail. Would not touch / 10




I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out here, for real, anatomically the tail coming out of the ass is actually correct. I know that sounds ridiculous, when someone first told me I laughed myself silly. But when you actually get shown the anatomy behind it and any of the human vs animal diagrams you realize that a tail coming right out of your ass crack is actually correct.

I lament the fact that I don't have any of the reference material anymore, but I swear to god it's science. The anatomy for the tail coming out of the bottom of the back is the ACTUAL anatomy fail and it's the worst thing in the world. The tail coming out of the bottom of the back is still more aesthetically pleasing, though. You still have that sweet warm nothing to hold deep in your chest and never let go of. But now that you know, you and I and anyone else who finds out the truth will never live truly happy lives again.

this one's another good one

>don't raise your chin
>you could watch TV
finally I'll be able to use that TV I installed in the floor


I hate seeing that series here ;_;

>I don't see what the big issue i--
>Last panel
>Body shivers, dick shivers after
Y-You can't just go and post something like that without warning, user.


>Christmas Cake romance

Garden midori no rupe

There's two guys being blown in the right, on the sofa, whew. One with enormous balls shown.

Sauce please? The usual tools fail. Is that Senno Knife?

google found it first try

looks like his style to me, though the usual toning is absent


Fighting cock.









They've also made a comic about Serene's backstory.










Too bad no groups are actively working on it.



What is this? Want to read



Sauce? Seriously google is fucking up their search engine lately when it comes to manga.



Did he died??



He didn't reappear in later chapters so probably.


Author's name?



>translating at a snails pace is the same as not translating at all.
How entitled


fucking baldie just fucked up on the recent chapter.

He is that stupid but gets the girl anyway.
Platinum mad.

Just wait until the beach episode. Then every possible magic magic related plot is gonna throw out the window in favour of christmas episode, field trip and bad executed drama.



bobobo is truly a masterpiece

moar like one pantsu thread

spot the fag who started in 2014



This meme again...
If that was true than why do skinny and ultrawimpy guys don't have amazing abs?
Planks are meh, but remember to strengthen your core before doing more advanced exercise, or even squat, I've seen so many fucked up back with squats.
Abs and core in general should be exercised a lot pretty early, given the fact that after some time the most of abs exercise will come by focusing on other muscle.

Cause they don't get low enough bf%? You do realize the abs are just muscles, and if you train them they get bigger, but everyone has abs, they're not just always visible.

My nigga. Was about to post this.

Just did a re-read, and the fact that they stopped translating now when the buildup arc is basically over baffles me.

move of this needs translating, a lot more

Thanks user, that was a great read.

I don't know what this is, but did you check for legit digitals on bookwalker or mangaz?


>November 2012

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>Last one i read left me with a bitter taste

Before I pick this up, is picture related?

Taiyou no ie is shoujo, but pretty good. Horimiya is comfy love shit that is still ongoing. Bonnouji is max comfy.


horimiya is not healing

Read through it, no.

The fuck is wrong with this manga? No one is happy.


>japanese romeo x juliet


It always triggers me that she glued the wrong hand

>Eating deer brains
Enjoy your CWD

Its a romance drama you cuck

I can read nip but I don't have photoshop


>Latest release
>199d ago

Why is the world so cruel?

>Ditches the blond bimbo turboslut in the end to get with cute pure devil waifu.

I've never clapped at a manga so hard.

What's the source on this regardless?

source for it? Doesnt show up in image searches
made in abyss

Nigga I suck at finding sauce and I found it.

searches how up differently for different users - I got nothing form my searches

Did you try hitting the google button?

no shit. Its given. Why do you think I am asking in first place?

This is good

Greatest love story ever told.



2nd greatest

I wonder if Minamoto-sensei draws the lewder kinds under another name.. Also Eru best


Their shows had more blood.

Finally got around to reading this the other day.

Technically it is involved in the exercise, just becuase it involves pretty much everything that isn't your chest.




I am still not entirely convinced this entire manga is not a joke.


That's what makes it funny, it takes itself seriously

Look at the file name, its right there, use batoto to figure it out.

Berserk's art peaked a long time ago


Still better than most.


We don't call them that any more.



It's Danberu Moteru...or something like that

what manga is that?


So, how would you say this manga is? Or anyone who reads Keyman.

I was reading it ages ago when scans were almost nothing, but while I did like it I thought it was a little "weird" I guess. Fantastic art, although it was sometimes confusing. The plot seemed to be heading in a very strange direction, too.

Looks alright, but I can't find this one.

Found it myself through tag searches

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

just marathoned through it (til 174, that's the latest release I found). Better endgame than Gantz so far, also hobo God will obviously survive the cardgame

Mitsuboshi Colors

Sensei Lock On!

Ok, I cant find this one, can anyone sauce me on that?

Tejina Senpai

Read the file name, its right there.

Read the file name as well, why is it this hard?

literally in the filename

Instant Bullet

of course

You can mostly ignore it, though, as always.

you've no idea how happy I am that someone's finally bringing it all together and typesetting it

I've been waiting for years, and I know I'm not alone.

My obligatory post.
Fucking greatest.

you may be surprised at how many artists do porn/have done porn, period

I swear to fuck this one is his initial prototype for the series.

love them...

Is she ok? She looks like in pain

Murenase author? His previous manga?


You're fucking kidding me, this series is still ongoing?

Lucky of them for having passed so many generations and still haven't gotten kids with literal potatoes for brains.

I wish google reverse search worked better for images with only shades of gray.

try using yandex for image searching instead.

What'd you think of it?

Sui Youbi

Sauce pls

Bruv you can feel where your tail would be with you hand.

I can't wait for the inevitable Anime for this. It's a really enjoyable Manga. MC really makes it good.


Tried literally everything.

same I can't find it

Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan
only 1 chapter so far

Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan I think. I haven't read this but I recognise the artist.


Is THIS the funniest current manga?

>Shitei Bouryoku Shoujo Shiomi-chan
thanks, senpai. Is it really only 1 chapter?

>amazing art
>amazing humor
>girls are super cute and hot
>the MCs are fucking amazing

It's pretty much Prison School in College.

Thanks m8s.
if(conditional) { CODE }

fight me.

there's always gimp, tho I refuse to use it

Fucking hell that manga hits too close.

Is Tejima really going to end or its it Smug girl tier shenanigans?

Don't leave us hanging. What is it?

New manga from...


The guy who made Midori no Hibi and Ai Kora?


>amazing art

Not for nothing, but it definitely doesn't look great.

No, seriously.
This is hitting way, way WAY too close home for me.
I can't keep reading it.


wait shit what is this, I don't remember this fight


The hand signal page fucking killed me.


Both of you should kill yourselves.

>Kuro clone with actual lewd shit

I'm not sure why I read that but jesus FUCKING christ. Maybe?

You really read something by Midori no Rupe?

Weren't around for Cat Head Imako, huh

>love rival appears

Everybody makes mistakes.

More like everyone is a yandere.
Best girl, big tits girl, imouto, everyone.

Probably done it for so long that they purged all the deleterious alleles

Quite the emotional rollercoaster right?
What did you think?

This. Great ending.

it isnt?


More like this.


With that car you can't see SHIT out the back anyways

heeeeey my dick is not ready yet
whats up with the sauce

>3 volumes
>Hasn't been updated since 2012

Why would you do this to me?

Shit is yuri NTR. author probably regretted making Kuro lose last time, so he made her the NTRperson in this

Is the sauce Queen's Artist?
Can't read moonrunes but I'm curious.

Immortal Hounds I like that one

Odd I thought tails were a extension of your spine... four legged critters butts are still under their tails


>mc that gets shit done
>non slapstick ecchi humor, or over the top ecchi
>characters with personality
This was a breath of fresh air thanks


They are. A simple google search proves that guy is just making shit up to fit his opinion on where tails should be.

And I have like 5 PCs in my house... am I compensating?

This looks promising but I can't find it Sauce please...

I like these threads I usually find one of two series I start to follow

To that user who's been posting Made in Abyss for the past few threads, thanks. Solid 8/10.

>Gets rejected after confessing runnergal
>Is immediately met with two girls making out
>Has to walk around said girls
>Reminded girls would rather kiss eacother than him
>Other girls>running>shit>>>>>>him


Its shit, dont bother


I'm 25 and I didn't have "my own" computer until I was 17. It's not that abnormal.

Looks like nejima finished

Seconding this

This author creates one two volume manga that is never translated never to make anything again


It recently got dropped by its scanlation group. Hold me.

that implies she was ever "in the running"

And it's not NTR anything. I don't know HOW it could be NTR given nobody is in any kind of relationship, and the series seems to be heading for another student x teacher ending. The dyke wants this one girl but she wants some dude to rape her. Said dude is a dense protagonist who found his way into a series in which he is not the protagonist

it is

Why was it dropped? Busy, drama, or loss of interest or what?

>Unfortunately due to lack of staff, this series has been put on our backburner. If people step forward to help us, we'll work on it, but otherwise it'll only show up when people decide they want to release a chapter. Otherwise, you can support the official release.


The scanlator's translator moved to Japan and now does some shitty job doing things besides translating .


Pretty typical. Not bad, then.

Keep pushing the series and maybe someone will pick it up. I've done that to a surprising amount of success.

Grand Blue

Shamo, it's trash don't bother.

for like the first 20 chapters it was good, then it became shit and will probably be cancelled within 10 more chapters

google and imgops give me nothing

hey now

it's only trash after he finally gets his chance to fight in the ring with that guy

Up until then it's quite great


That chapter was a punch in the face.

what's up with the scanlations? i miss this

Just picked this up. Was this by the same artist who did that comic about the lewd elf that accidentally makes friends with an orc and keeps trying to fuck it?

manga name is black general-sama in case anyone needs it

The title's on the page.

user, would you be give me that sweet source?

It's Cred Forums's favourite hated manga!:
Monster Musume no iru Nichijou
It's an omake tho

Oh god... user, thank you very much for kindly giving me the source, but Im having second thoughts about reading it...

I couldn't pass the first chapter the last time I tried. Does it get better?

Sauce? Google gives me literal chinese sites, nothing more.

Is this a doujin based on Lotte? Got a sadpanda link if so?

/ss/ is best shota


Depends on what made you quit it. It was my first harem/monstergirl manga and it fucking grabbed me and I can't get out
Still, to my prefferences, the best chapters of the manga has nothing/almost nothing of ecchi and the new chapters are less ecchi than before



>Everyone looking at him like he's a retard

This is why autists think they can fight people

Not him, i'm getting Ozanari danjiyon.

anyone got some pics of quality nagai dialogue?


What the fuck?

korean scans had 5 chapters up



feel like hinamatsuri went down in quality lately

>that art
T-that's not the artist from Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya right?

its good, they traslated the last volume a little while ago

Holy shit what is this.


This is Lotte, one of the early flashbacks

I'm sorry for just asking, but what's the name of that monster girl moms manga?

What in the everloving fuck is going on here?

Nana Maru San Bantsu.

Needs an anime, but MC is another emasculated faggot. ?

My thanks, friend.


This has to be Inoue Kazurou, but the setup sounds exactly like Aoi Destruction. Is he just ripping himself off?


Ah, damn, thanks.

this isnt /h/. Stop

my internet sleuthing skills are weak, I have found the sauces for several but not these. Please anons I require your greater wisdom.

>the setup sounds exactly like Aoi Destruction
Except for the fact that it doesn't, while they are somewhat similar (in that one of the characters is a middle aged man that looks like a young girl) the basic premises are different.

Would you a 10 yo, user-senpai?

Just read it. Fucking hilarious. I want more.

The second one is Gisèle Alain.

Was I supposed to be able to discern that from one page?

This reminds me of tails gets trolled and thats hilarious.

looks to me like he's batting a cat.

thank you user


Sauce? google gives me runes interlaced with "moon of samurai", which gives jack when searched, and yandex gives nothing.

No, but you shouldn't be able to discern what the setup is from one page either (unless its one of those things they do sometimes where they have a brief summary of the manga so far in one page).



>pick this up


You need to try harder.

did chapter 5 ever get released/translated

Thank you for that one. I haven't laughed like that in a long while. I needed a good laugh.

google hentai and clever solution.

wait, what the fuck?
Is this vonyich hotel?!
I thought that was over, shit.


it was the fucking file name


Sensei Lock On

Tis a shame Ootsuka Reika is doing non-h now.

what did Araki mean by this?

This was cute as fuck and hot. What a pleasant read.


Thanks user, its not like I wanted to feel like shit today

Did this get cancelled?

It felt entirely pointless and the ending was abrupt.


Is Devilman worth reading?