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Oh fuck me, this doesn't work today.

Ok even if its true its still better so whats your point

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>this is true
>but I can't tell so it doesn't matter

I like how the voices sound. Is there any reason I should force myself to stop liking how the voices sound?

Do normal nip feel anime just as clingy?

Like all productions some are better then others depending on studio budget and VAs.
There are some badly acted anime and most gaijin can't tell the difference.

the English dub uses the same female voice actress for every female character at least the Japanese have a diverse cast of character voices.

Even if a dub were to sound better, I wouldn't care.
I want the authentic experience, even if that makes me an unbearable shit-eating hipster.


You wouldn't listen to Hitler speeches dubbed. Why would anyone watch anime dubbed.


How is that edgy?
A dub will never show the emotion the real voice did.


By using your ears you can tell what is good or not, it is just that easy.

for me it's a matter of the sounds syncing up to the animation. shit has always bugged me ever since i was a kid

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People can condition themselves to enjoy shit. You've done just that.

English is an inferior language mainly spoken by pigs and monkeys, it's then no surprise that the Japanese voices are literally always better.

Then why do we still get Engrish?

Keep your literally shit English dubs then

To improve it.

Not really, just don't act superior to people who prefer the dub.

I'm going to do just that and you're not going to stop me.

>The top paid, most popular voice actors get anime rolls
>English anime dubs is a revolving door of lower-grade b-list talent
Consider who are all the people doing the voices on CN and Adult Swim shows, or in animated movies. When do any of them appear in an anime dub outside of Ghibli movies?

It makes sense, too, because the US generates so much of its own animated content that all of its best voice talent would naturally want to star in it, and consider foreign imports to be a lesser accomplishment.

Conversely, American stuff gets dubbed in Japanese by a lot of the most popular and talented seiyuus.

Horse shit

Also a confession, one of the reasons I prefer the subs is because I like listen to asain girls voices. They're so high pitched and feminine and sweet and cute. Caucasian women can't compete

No, you're dumb as shit.

>I can totally fucking tell when voice acting is and isn't good in Japanese

Well too bad.

You could flip that around and say "Because you can't understand Japanese, you can't tell how bad it is. Unlike the English dub which you know is horrible."

But either way, your line of thinking is wrong. Even with no knowledge of Japanese, you can tell if someone is over acting or under acting by their tone and delivery. And as someone who does know a fair amount of Japanese, I can say that most Japanese voices are fine. Note, I didn't say all. There are some that I don't personally like. But its a pretty low percentage of the whole.

Plus, somehow anime has better acting than live action Japanese TV. You want to point to bad acting in Japan, point to live action. Its like they're trying to over act on purpose.

Sorry to break it to you user, but those high-pitched voices in chinese cartoons are fake.

Partially true.

I'm not English either, so by your logic, I should love dubs.

Problem with dubs is that even if the main cast actually does a good job, side characters almost always end up sounding like shit.

Sometimes I'll watch a dub out of curiosity if I'm rewatching a show, but generally I'd rather watch something in its original language first.

It's the guys that do it for me. Western VAs are too low energy and bland.

>Problem with dubs is that even if the main cast actually does a good job, side characters almost always end up sounding like shit.
Finally someone gets it. It doesn't matter how much you love Steve Blum when all the secondary voices in Cowboy Bebop are cheesy as fuck. While in the original Japanese, most of the the secondary voices are fine (except that one character, you know who I mean).

I don't care, I just like not having to hear the same 5 voices in every single show. I'd rather listen to occasional bad voices in a language I can't fully understand alongside well-paid professional voice actors than the same exact rotating cast of a dozen voice actors in every single show.

t. weeaboo with maybe a toddler's understanding of Japanese who is invested in an online debate over anime dubs

On the contrary, guys always sound good to me. It's the girls that get on my nerves, they always sound like ditzy 20-year olds or old women trying to be 9-year olds. It's in English, just sound like regular english-speaking women

Big O too
Roger, Dorothy, Beck, Schwarzwald, and Angel are all fine in the dub but then there's a lot of the single episode side characters (and Dastun) cheesing it the fuck up.

And Ghost in the Shell. And pretty much any Sienen people obsess over. Then all the Shounen make the main characters cheesy as well.

Not true.

Bad japanese voice actors stand out just like bad english ones. Just check out the Neptunia game dubs for shit/10 english dubs, and check out ar tonelico 1 japanese voices for shit/10 nip.

It's not about japanese sounding better, that's just how it is for every work ever.
Don't ever watch a dubbed film.

You're right, I can't tell. I can tell the dubs are terrible though. Do I want the one that I can't tell or the one I can?

>You wouldn't listen to Hitler speeches dubbed.

I don't know why this shit made me laugh as hard as it did.

I think it's the idea of Hitler being dubbed by Johnny Yong Bosch or something.

>Bad japanese voice actors stand out just like bad english ones

This right here.

Listen to early-80's low budget shit. It sounds horrendous.

what if 4kids dubbed his speeches?

What's worse? The fact that someone like Crispin Freeman or David Hayter actually would take a job dubbing over Hitler, or the fact that people might actually say he did a worse job than Hitler. That would be the ultimate embarrassment for a dub actor.

I'm japanese and I can confirm this. Most of the time the voices are pretty weird and don't really fit the respective character, but it's not really bothersome after a while.

>Being an EOP
That is your own fault OP. Even then it is easy to hear Japanese voice actors actually speak with their diaphragm while bottom of the bin English voice actors barely try. Please go back to .

Maybe black in 2008-2010 now dub are really halfass.

I'm double japanese and can confirm you're lying.

It isn't even just the secondary characters for bebop. I love Blum's Spike, but Faye, and Jet are horrid.


Quad quads confirms it

Probably but they wouldnt know either way cause only otakus watch the shit we do. Go there and ask someone what kill la kill is and they would have no clue what the fuck you are talking about.

Koichi Yamadera is also better at playing Spike than Steve Blum. People only prefer Steve Blum because its the first voice they heard. So the dub is essentially pointless.

For all its worth Japanese people think the same when it comes to western forms of media. I as a german person, with the most superior Dub industry in the world, still think the 'murican voices just fit better. So i guess just do what ever the fuck you want to, cause in the end it doesnt matter.


Why did english dubs devolve?

The Record of Lodoss War OVAs
The Slayers
G Gundam
Rurouni Kenshin

All had voice actors that clearly enjoyed what they were doing and trying to fit the character coming off anime-ish without going full ham.

Feels like even the Blazblue english voice actors started caring less with each entry.

I think german is a good singing language which is why i like watching the german dubs of disney movies

>still think the 'murican voices
Tokyo Ghoul und NnT sind als german dub ungefähr 100x besser als dir US version.


I, not being from the US, just found the extreme American accents to kinda ruin it for me. I imagine that the Burgers would find it just as odd if all dubs had been done by Tea-Drinkers, Haggis Chasers or Convicts.

>German dub industry
>Not 100% cancer

Dub watchers are stupid, no matter what. I'll call you a faggot if you watched dubs of French art films too, you know.

Except Noel, she's still great

Anyone who unironically believes this is a retard

I've heard horrendous voice acting in Japanese quite a few times.
The thing is, the English dub equivalent is somehow always worse.

>dubs of French art films
This made me laugh just thinking about how ridiculous it would sound.

How would you know its bad if you yourself can't tell?

If you take a film class in America, every foreign film anyone shows you is dubbed. Its just sad to watch an American teacher fawning over how great some French or Brazilian movie is for its cinematography and use of lighting. While you're sitting there cringing at how bad the dubbed voices are.

It makes you realize the people who claim to be the most knowledgeable about film are really just tools for the Hollywood machine. Who don't want any foreign films to get popular in America.

I was talking more about the universal media from from murica like, Movies or Tv shows. People seem to watch the things they like in their native language, because of what? I dont know, just sounds more real i guess.
Wenn es um Anime geht, ist mir nichts lieber als unsere Synchro oder die japanischen Orignalstimmen. Die old-school shows können locker mit den japanischen mithalten. Meistens find ich die amerikanischen Stimmen in Anime auch eher lächerlich.

english dubs, fuck subs

ETL here (German second, Jap fourth)
It's even worse when English isn't your native language.
English dubs usually sound like horrendous shit compared to the original because it, uh, americanizes everything? It's weird, but it makes everyone sound retarded.
Don't get me started on shows happening in Japan.

The only decent dub that didn't make me cringe "recently" was Tales of Vesperia's.

That's like saying "the acting in domestic English cartoons is as badly done as the acting in English dubbed anime, you just can't tell because you don't understand English well enough

There are good english voice actors and there are bad japanese voice actors.

Good english voice actors are rarely used unless they think the product will sell great, and good english voice actors think they should be payed an outrageous amount for everything they do so they're picky.
Bad japanese voice actors are rarely used because Nips will buy low budget shit if their favorite seiyuu is in it, and all seiyuus need as much jobs as they can take since they're working in burger king to survive if they only get 1 show a season. Even Hanakana had to take side jobs before she was in everything.

People who argue over subs and dubs are retard. I'm rewatching Eva right now because I am getting drunk, and guess what? I can have subtitle on at the same time as I watch a dub. There is literally no reason you have to choose between them because subtitles are just superimposed text that affect nothing.

I took a single class for general ed credits and the professor made a point of switching to the original audio and enabling subs.

How are you enjoying you dub, Blazblue dubfags?

>and good english voice actors think they should be payed an outrageous amount for everything they do
Which is why NISA now has their own circle of hobos and cancer tier voice actors they use in everything and pay pennies to

>took class about viking history in college
>we watched an Icelandic movie about vikings during class one day
>it wasn't dubbed into English, and the syllabus even specifically mentioned that it wasn't dubbed because dubbing hurts the experience
Did I just happen to have an unusually non-shitty professor?

Stopped using dub after the second game. Jin and Terumi's voice actor went to shit for some reason

You guys are very lucky.

Dub only has like 5 voice actors but in video games there is alot. I dont get it

Just read the manga if you want to read. tv is tv for a reason.

Anime dubbing is the least respected form of voice acting in America, so the only ones that want to do it are people that literally can't get any other acting jobs. It pays like ass and looks bad on your resume too.
Video game acting is much higher regarded.

>voice acting
Unless the actor is being rotoscoped into the anime then the performance is never actually authentic.

People who say "you wouldn't watch a French film dubbed in english" are making a false equivalence because there's so much more going on in an authentic French film when it comes to the actor's performances than just the way they speak. But in anime you only have a vocal performance.

good (and bad) voice acting is universal in any language except ones where the entire thing sounds like garbage to being with (some dialects of dutch, chinese, etc)

what subs do obscure is the absolutely awful writing in most shows

Why do you equate the performance to authenticity? The understanding that you're consuming the product of a different culture is significantly more authentic from the perspective of anyone who needs to choose a dubbed or subtitled version.

Voice acting for animation is even more important. Because the voice is the only thing that adds a soul to the character.

If you watch a live action movie, the dubbed voice may be totally off timing and sound completely wrong for the character. But you can still derive context by the way the actor moves and his facial expressions. In effect, you can still see the 'acting' of Jackie Chan in a movie, even if someone replaced his voice with a monotone shit voice.

In animation, it is just a drawing. And if you put a shitty monotone voice over a spaz genki character, then the entire illusion of the character is destroyed. The character, no matter how well they are animated, just becomes a blank, lifeless drawing without the voice to give it life.

The greatest strength of animation is being able to do things live action cannot. But if you fuck up the human connection, the voice, then its greatest strength becomes its greatest enemy.
No, some dubs are genuinely horrifying

Part of that is also the license fees for the anime.
As in, the license costs so much that they can't pay top dollar to dub it because they're never going to make that money back.

Which is still a semi-intentional scenario for the Japanese, who are still deathly afraid their customers will import our version for a third of the price their version costs.

>Starts the video with the volume on 2
>Video is still ear-piercingly loud

I feel like this is intentional so dub watchers are forced to see your point of view.
Hentai dubs are the best.

If studios had the animation budget to animate good your point would be moot, but I guess I'll agree.

I still don't get why this is so, anime-based vidya and jRPGs are just as anime as the animation style they're based on.

Heck, I seen some vidya dubbers make a youtube showcase of their anime video game work side-by-side with their cartoon work.

>If you take a film class in America, every foreign film anyone shows you is dubbed
In high school. Or community college.

Because video games are huge and localized by major companies, while anime is niche entertainment that gets localized on peanut budget by incompetent literally-whos, and which hardcore fans don't watch dubs anyway.

What I find funny is that when Hollywood gets celebrity actors or comedians for mainstream animated features, it turns out good. But when Japan does the same it's so bad. Some Conan or Pokemon movie every year has some crappy sounding character. The first Avengers dub on BD got bad reception because of this.

>Anime dubbing is the least respected form of voice acting in America,

I'm not surprised, seeing how American VAs are patriotic hipsters that jack off to CalArts.

I don't think dubbing art films is particularly respected either. The people that are into those types of movies largely consider people that watch dubs to be trailer trash.

>Anime dubbing is the least respected form of voice acting in America
That really goes for voice acting as a whole. Voice acting for an American produced cartoon is also looked down as being less than live action acting, theater or even radio commercials. Hence why they get known live action actors to voice 'high budget' works like Picar, Dreamworks or some AAA games.

But you're right that anime is looked down upon even more. Anime dubs are mostly filled with actors who couldn't make it in live action or American animation. And a few people who did do American animation when they need to pay some bills.

>What I find funny is that when Hollywood gets celebrity actors or comedians for mainstream animated features, it turns out good.
Do you mean Pixar movies or dubs of anime? Even the Miyazaki movies are full of cringe-worthy performances, despite having a higher budget than most dubs. For fuck sake, they even made Pill Hartman and Mark Hamill sound bad. And its not because of their acting performances, but how the dubbing director cut the audio track.

Shit bait OP
Please kill yourself

lmao if you don't want it on your resume don't put it on there then

They usually don't if they have hopes of getting more respectable work. Back in the day it was common to use pseudonyms for your anime shit too so nobody would spot your name in a credit list and realize you lowered yourself to something this pathetic.

Answer is yes, but with a catch. Language has much more nuance than most people realize, and to think you can accurately judge the acting in a language you don't speak natively is laughable. Even accents are a barrier -- Xenoblade's dub was praised outside of England, where it was panned -- so how can you hope to understand an actor's inflection in a language that doesn't share a whit of ancestry with yours? Acting is more complex than "sounds angry during angry scene, sounds sad during sad scene."

The catch is, at the end of the day, that's still a good reason to watch it in Japanese. Because you CAN notice how bad the acting is in your native tongue, it rings in your ear like a gunshot, so you might as well listen to the language where you can't tell the difference.

I liked some of the Hellsing dub.

may as well read a book following that logic.

Then why can't I sit through a single german dubbed hentai?

Untrue, English is my second language and I can tell when they're an English VA is bad. I don't have this problem with my main language (italian), our VAs tend to be good to great. checkmate.

Even most Germans agree that the language is shit and just a step above French.

>and to think you can accurately judge the acting in a language you don't speak natively is laughable.
Found the retard.

Not an argument because VAs over there have huge followings, radio shows and the works. Western VAs don't have that, not even Vic.


>so how can you hope to understand an actor's inflection in a language that doesn't share a whit of ancestry with yours?
By not being a fucking retard. Are you seriously saying you can't tell when they emphasize, elongate, or otherwise add some flavor to what they're saying? Understandable if you're new to the language but you need to be legit stupid if you've been watching anime for years and haven't picked it up.

so your argument for watching subs is that after years of watching subs you can identify the inflections?

why not just skip that altogether and watch dubs

Literally refuted if you're Japanese.

But it's more like anime and game voice actors are trash tier compared to stage actors. They still haven't figured out how to make appropriate voices for anime characters. Japanese people have anime voice acting completely figured out, and there are some "geniuses" as well who have their own unique aesthetic that come at a cost of being more versatile.

The reverse is true, too - Japanese dubbing sounds wrong in western film, and sometimes in western games as well. It just doesn't sound like it matches. Also, script is written with the language in mind. Dubs can literally ruin a show/game because it's that off. Dubfags are the worst, and I have a theory they have no musical talent.

Helps that Spanish/Italian/japanese speech accepts emotional/flavor input easily. English makes it kind of hard

user, if you can't understand emotion, regardless of language, then you might actually be autistic.

You greatly overestimate yourselves. I can tell when they do that, I can tell when I hear Kansaiben or gaijin talk, and I know enough Japanese to take a stab at half their lines, but as to whether any of that is good? You're used to how anime people speak. You don't live in Japan, you don't know how real Japanese people speak, you don't know whether or not they are acting well. Extremes, sure, anyone can tell that The Room is terribly acted, but you can't tell passable from good in a foreign language, unless you have lived and breathed it for years.

No I'm just calling you a dumbass.

My argument(?) for watching subs is the voice actors there generally take more pride in their work and put in the effort whereas a majority of english anime voice actors don't give a shit.

>I imagine that the Burgers would find it just as odd if all dubs had been done by Tea-Drinkers

I am a burger, and I can confirm that you are 100% wrong. My life would be nearly complete if all my annie mays were like pic related.

Dub fags please fuck off.

You're literally the worst.

pic related

you're a bigot

Nobody wants live action sounding voices in their anime/vidya/cartoons dumbass.

so you think all countries express emotions the same way? Is that why chinamen never hug at airports like westerners?

>nobody wants good acting in their anime
Don't need to tell me twice

Well at least you admitting you're just pretending to be retarded.

So on a statistical approach, what's more popular? Anime or Cartoons?

>You don't live in Japan, you don't know how real Japanese people speak, you don't know whether or not they are acting well.

>Normal human speech is good voice acting
Have a final (you) since you're clearly fishing for them

English animated films ALL have exaggerated and flavorful voices too, and they're well done.

I liked the Neptunia meme dub it fit with the wackiness of the setting and entertained me, to bad Jew Factory stopped caring after the first game

Also I was sad they replaced Vert in Megademension

>live action
>good action

>i can't tell emotion form people's voices if I don't understand what they're saying

Are you autisitc?

>I liked the Neptunia meme dub

Neptunia dubs are always absolute cancer

You're right OP.

I'm sure the original Portuguese acting really makes the film better

>English animated films ALL have exaggerated and flavorful voices too, and they're well done.
Exaggeration is all the Japanese VAs seem to be able to do, and even that sounds stock and flairless the more you watch. Maybe the problem is the writing, maybe the problem is the sheer amount of roles these VAs get. Either way, yes, "normal" acting will always be superior to exaggerated, except for children's media. I like to think anime can be above that.

>I liked the Neptunia meme dub

Get the fuck out right now

Because hentai stops being interesting after you're finished.

I enjoy watching Saban and 4kids dubs, what the fuck do I know?

Fine then play however you want

> you can't stop Jew Factory

I think Cred Forums needs a Nep thread now

They aren't exaggerated literally all of the time, Robin Williams wasn't screaming like a retard during the entirety of Aladdin, there were moments of sincerity even in that film that anime voice acting can't hope to match. Because even when they're trying to be toned down they sound like caricatures.

Saban and 4kids dubbing isn't as bad as people make it sound like. Sure the censors and the kid-friendly dialogue is cringey, but at least the VAs put emotion into their work.

Modern day dub artists are fucking crap. The Akame Ga Kiru and Kill la Kill dubs are prime examples.

>exaggerated means screaming like a retard
It's annoying how autits can only interpret things in extremes

Robin Williams wasn't speaking in his normal daily voice, it was exaggerated.

>start watching anime, like the Japanese voices more than the English dubs
>hear this argument
>learn Japanese
>years later, like Japanese voices even more than before now that I understand what they're saying

There's just so much talent in Japanese voice acting it's ridiculous. Their vocal talent pool is significantly larger and more competitive than the ones in English-speaking countries so they can afford to pick out the best.

Also it's a cultural/language thing, Japanese is just perfectly suited for delivering cute lines and voices, while English is much better for sarcasm and straight-faced jokes/one-liners.

Again, not all the time. He spoke like a normal person during parts of that movie, and it sounded believable. Can't say the same for most anime.

It's more like Cred Forums likes the voices. I don't know that the board cares about acting quality, or even knows what it sounds like.

Even if it's true, it only makes sense to pick the one where you can't tell, no?

the most Cred Forums opinion i've ever seen

it's shit by the way

the voices in dubbed movies are just as bad as the originals :)

>idea factory
>game discussion
You need to go back to so that you can make threads about your game and discuss your game dub, user.

Or better yet, nepgen on

That faggot actually went and made one:

We had the greatest minds in history everything you say has no value. I would deem German the most superior language in the world by far. Its also beautiful to listen to.

But Cred Forums has better reactions also it had an "anime"

Well i want it, i cant even listen to all those artificially high pitched voices anymore. I dont think native japanese people enjoy too much either.

But he is right, you dont. You have no idea if german voice acting is good or not to a german. So how the fuck would you get a language thats unrelated to your own roots. I assume to most japanese these voices are just as cringy, cause they sound too made up and fake.

are there any western voice actors who can compare to Nana-sama?

Probably cause you are gay? Maybe pick the right hentai next time kiddo.

>attaches a stupid gender to everything to the point where people argue whether some inanimate object is male or female

Well, i guess it too hard to get for you pigs. Such simple complexity is something i wouldnt even expect you guys to understand anyways.

>I assume
You know what they say about assuming

>samefagging agreement after getting BTFO

Thing is, the Japanese voices are rarely bad, and yes, I can tell even in Japanese.



That's retarded. So you're saying you can't tell the quality of voice acting in these 2 videos without knowing japanese?

Plenty of bad japanese dubs exist, and get shitted on in japan because of it. People hate on the japanese dubs of western movies all the time for being shitty as well. That doesn't happen with anime because most of the time anime has good voice acting.

This is fucking bullshit, I still can hear and I can clearly tell that jap voices are way better because they understand way better the essence of anime, they have a longer tradition at dubbing it and they made them to suit each other. English or even other countries dubs are usually more mature and less animeish, that's why it sound okey in stuff like Cowboy Bebop or Black Lagoon which have a more filmish nature.