One Punch Man thread

Its happening next week!.

Who are u rooting for? Garou or WDM?

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garo is gonna get stomped. wdm is tip top tier.

watchdogbum wankers on suicide watch as usual.
I wonder why they haven't read the webcomic.

And also he looks more of a tank than Metal Bat.

Garou looks bored out of his mind tbqh. WDM is gonna get fodderized.

Wow. Such doge. Much impressive.

That was a casual attack from WDM, just wait until he uses a serious attack, Garou is gonna frozen in fear like when MB was about to strike him down.

I expect more a gag than a real fight here

>serious attack
WDM = Saitama retards strike again.

Garou will fist him ez, just like he did, what's his name, the manlet.

Wolves > dogs.

I don't even understand why this people talk shit about Garou just because they haven't read the webcomic where Garou just buttfuck Saitama while still holding back a lot.

I'm webcomicfag and Garou is my favorite character, but I'm pretty sure WDM will bitchslap him out of his city going by feats.

Pre or Post MA Garou? Because Garou one shot enemies that worked together to defeat a weakened Tatsumaki.

>Garou is my favorite character
Right. You're a shitposter.

I remember idiots like you ironically screaming how batman was gonna pull a homerun but he coudn't even touch Garou, who hadouken'd the shit out of him and casually walked away.

WDM is another fodder and a training dummy for Garou to showcase MARTIAL ARTS on.

If you're a webcomicfag then you should know that Garou has trained bigger dogs into submission.

>Garou just buttfuck Saitama
This never happened.

Uh, if WDM skin is as strong as Darkshine, then Garou is so getting mauled.

Martial Arts dont work against an opponent with a strong defense

But Garou easily defeated Darkshine.

I want to think the fight will be interrupted with no clear victor, mostly because I don't want Watchdogman's mystique ruined.

>if WDM skin is as strong as Darkshine
It's a goddamn fursuit. Quit with your retarded headcanons.

>Martial Arts dont work against an opponent with a strong defense
Garou made DS bleed with high level martial arts.

Kill yourself.

Garou hasn't fully developed yet, so WDM should slap his shit pretty hard...then Garou will get stronger and crush him later. WDM should be stronger than all the tanktop crew.

>this thread

It's Garou's arc, there's a kung fu tournament in the background and it's the climax for the anime. Put two and two together.

More like Garou hasn't shown what he can do yet. He knows dozens of techniques but doesn't use them. It's about time he did.

Just because he is my favorite doesn't mean I have to be retarded fanboy like you and completely disregard the fact that tanktop master and metal bat spared his life.
He was already changing then.

> he thought Bang was trying to hurt Darkshine when they sparred.

How dumb are you?

>spared his life
Garou spared THEIRS you dumbfuck.

Garou is on that Saiyajin shit. he needs to take damage to get stronger. If he doesn't lose any fights there is no justification for his ascent.

It's the opposite. Darkshine trashed Garou, but had the bad idea of triggering him by saying "monster play", then that unlocked Garou's monster mode.

>He was already changing then
>scene about breaking one's limits
Yeah, changing into a skilled Saitama I guess.

The Metal bat and watchdogbum wankers are retarded.

He spares them because they spare him first idiot.

You're pulling shit out of your ass. Garou was just as "triggered" when Mumen told him to go home.

In both cases he did not unlock any modes, but simply used techniques appropriately, like he should have from the start. Bang's against TTM and Bang/Bomb's (a direct upgrade Garou already had access to) against DS. Trashing TTM and DS with no problem.

> I didn't read the webcomic

OPM fans are really cancer and fights with themselves.

Let's change the topic.

Yamcha vs Saitama who wins?

>Garou tanks TTM's hits for shits and giggles
>punches the guy like twice, blowing him out, and doesn't kill him even though he absolutely can
>MB can't even touch Garou
>Garou fists MB down and leaves him on the ground alive even though he absolutely can choke the life out of him
What first are you blabbering about? Those faggots got nothing on Garou.


Only because his limiter was breaking, otherwise he wouldve been killed.

WDM has been living in the most dangerous City in the OPM verse(likely there has been a lot of Dragon level monsters over there), if WDM could handle Dragon level monsters without any trouble, then he should be able to stomp Garou.

>(likely there has been a lot of Dragon level monsters over there)
No. They're a rarety and have only really started popping up recently. Nothing supports your headcanon that they all somehow flock WDM's city either.

Garou's reaction to WDM's classic feat is also hilariously nonexistent. He can behead people too you know. Garou's already slapped MB around, who should be able to deal with dragon levels. All in all, no amount of memes can save WDM and leddit from ONE crushing their dreams. Do not forget whose arc it is and how martial arts coupled with Garou's bullshit work.

>ONE literally said Garou would have lost if he wasn't saved by loli and rider
Stay retarded

City Q is infested with Tiger level monsters.

By ONE you mean a faggot hero who takes credit for Saitama's work?

>ONE literally said
ONE literally did not say that and you're literally retarded. Garou trashed them both you cretin, while Zenko and Rider helped move those irrelevant faggots to the hospital sooner.

>Showing off WDs powers before his canon version does

I-Is this allowed?

>WDM will job to Garou because of season 2 shenanigans.

WDM is just below Darkshine in the S-class rankings, it wouldn't make sense for him to lose unless he triggers Garou

I can only hope this fight will be where Garou faints and ends up in the MA base.

Garou pls go

That's not it. Garou doesn't need to lose any fights to get stronger. He gets stronger by getting angry, learning new shit and fighting at all.

So, constantly.

Metalbat > Garou

People forgot if WDM knew how to write reports he couldve been in the Top 5 among the S ranked heroes.

Of course WDM will job. Who gives a shit though? At least you'll see what he really looks like under his suit right before Garou knocks his lights out.

why would a fucking cringy dog cosplayer solo Garou?

The answer is he wouldn't. Garou's a better cosplayer and the superior canine anyway. It's like pottery.

Lets think for a moment, Garou going for A class heroes after defeating WDM makes no sense at all.

He has to lose vs WDM, realizing that he isnt ready yet to face the Top Tier S class heroes.

People who are faithful to ONE's version? At this point it seems not to matter anyways, Garou shouldn't be this strong by this point. He was beaten by 3 demon monsters in the webcomic before fighting stronger opponents (one of which was beaten by MB in the manga with ease).

Did you not read the previous chapter? Garou obviously.

Does Garou going for A class heroes after absolutely shitting on TTM and his bros make sense?

Does Garou going after Mumen after dealing with like a hundred of people in a minute make sense?

He does not give a crap. He grows stronger, progressively, and after MB he sure as hell is kicking WDM's furry ass. This is what will solidify MA's interest in him too.

Garou's fought guys he basically never fights in the webcomic. You can speculate on his power level all day long but please, for the love of God, don't cry when he fodderizes more people throughout his own arc. It's only natural. He might even have to fight Elder in the redraw because, you know, his first kill ever in the webcomic is already dead in the manga.

What happened to drive knight?

wrong picture, ass reader.

Fuck off King. You wish.


So will this be an actual fight or a gag fight

People is expecting a real WDM fight for a climax? will be a gag fight

Garou actually looks serious unlike his fight vs Metal Bat, which he looked very arrogant.

He probably knows WDM> MB.

Think he'll stream again today. I like them, they're very comfy

He looks serious in pic related but on the other panel he's just unimpressed. He's observing currently but I bet he'll be flipping his middle finger at WDM any moment now.

Murata was saying some weird shit in the stream yesterday


What if Watch do man was a man that got eaten by a dog costume, and what if the dogs in the series evolved into humans, from what I could pick up and from what was posted about what he was saying

It didn't trigger a mode, but he certainly grew stronger after every near death. Unless you think going from weaker or equal to Genos to above golden sperm was just a matter of him not using the right technique.

Please, DS even mentionned he was getting faster as he kept fighting. That's when he got a massive power up.

What about the cat that scratched Saitama?

Actually, even at his peak he was really just using all techniques he knows by combining them into one ungodly strong fist. Even in his "costume", while fighting Saitama, he had to remember to use the usual shit, for example that breathing technique.

So yes, techniques have always boosted his power level significantly. His talent and his seemingly unlimited growth potential are connected.

Yeah to get stronger but his base power and toughness had gone up too at some point.

It meant that he didn't lose his determination to fight, which was a huge point in the chapter, by the way. Garou pulled an actual power up out of his ass and shut DS down when he used the combo that he shouldn't be able to use by himself and straight up stopped the nigga's ultimate.

That's a given with his ridiculous training routine. He's a superhuman, user.

so,how long do you guys think murata will be able to keep up with 20 to 30 chapter updates every second week?

Until the anime date is announced or until there's enough material

Until he finished drawing enough material for Season 2, thats clear.

The S2 announcement has got Murata pumped out(hopefully its infinite like Metal Bat power).

>20 to 30 chapter updates every second week
How easily rused are you? Next chapter won't have 30 pages.

> keep up

It didn't even begin, previous update took more than 2 weeks.


somebody tell me why Murata isnt allowed to catch up with Ones manga? Its not like Murata releasing chapters regularly.

Because ONE writes the manga retard. The Tournament Arc was his idea.

Is it just one retard or several in this thread? Metal Bat was getting his ass kicked yes, but he was about to kill Garou if it wasn't for his sister.

Metal bat wankers = low IQ.
No wonder they like delinquent type of character.

Those look like trash tier tigers indeed. Demons and dragons are rare and more likely to stalk around Saitama's apartment building at city Z.

Oh shit, he's actually going through with it, the absolute madman. So how the fuck does he expect to pull this fight off exactly? It's gonna be seriously weird seeing Watchdogman getting injured.

You do know that Demon levels are super rare right?

Only mbfags are retarded. Firstly, he got absolutely humiliated by Garou who chose not to deliver the finishing blow because that's how he fights and it's stressed to the point where Saitama will have to call him out on that. Secondly, Garou is tough enough not only to survive, but also evade and even stand the fuck up after "fatal" injuries. Case closed.

This. The demon and dragon level gets taken care off by Saitama quickly without anyone knowing so they can't track the real stats of monsters appearances.

Sometimes I wish Garou was actually edgy so that all leddit favorites would be dead. Except Fubuki.

When and where does Murata stream?

What do you guys think the average IQ of Metal Bat wankers?
How could these guys be that delusional?

Yeah, pretty much.

Then again, they can't even figure out who King really is, so I wouldn't trust HA with anything.

As someone who primarily read the One web comic. What the hell is going on in this thread? Why is he fighting WDM? What tournament?

SEASON 2 Filler

He streams whenever he wants here:
ONE is expanding upon The Monster Association, Garou, and setting up for the current webcomic arc with the tournament
This is the meme answer everyone else will give you

facts = meme answer?
You must be a metal bat wanker because your IQ is low. They are clearly trying to make an arc with a conclusion for season 2 which is this current arc. They can't start MA arc and end in the middle of it for season 2 so they are doing fillers.

Ideally, season 2 should be 24 episodes long and end with Garou vs Saitama.

Madhouse did not announce when S2 will air. It's the OPM game that will come out in 2017. At this point I don't mind waiting longer if it means we'll get to see the whole thing.

>facts = meme answer
The fact is that ONE wrote this material so it's not filler, it's the new canon
> They are clearly trying to make an arc with a conclusion for season 2 which is this current arc. They can't start MA arc and end in the middle of it for season 2 so they are doing fillers
>Yeah, that's if the anime is coming out something in 2017. There's no confirmation date on the year of release, so we don't know what the anime is going to cover
>metal bat wanker because your IQ is low
How does Metal Bat factor into anything, the scrub is already irrelevant know. The only one with a low IQ here is you

Announcing season 2 and airing it 2-3 years later is a bad move. Hype would have died down by then. Look at what happened to AoT.

Fuck off.

>people too dumb to understand the manga is canon

Honestly don't see how it can be allowed.

Just because ONE wrote it, it doesn't mean it's not filler.

Filler means chapters that does not move the plot. These tournament doesn't really move the plot and just introduces more fodder battles so that the anime can produce 12 episodes for season 2.

>ONE literally said

Anyone who brings up such a line better back it up with a sauce or else this is just under age shit flinging.

Garoufags are literal cancer

That's obviously the hidden last boss behind god.

So this egghead got scratched by a cat and people here thinks he can even beat Yamcha?

OPM is different. It's slower than your average seinen and that's a part of its charm. Even if some people resort to reading the manga once every 6 months to catch up, they still come back to it. Don't even get me started on ONE's scribbles.

This applies to the anime as well. S2 will be just as well received as S1 despite the wait. The only thing that can cripple it is the hardcore oldfag fanbase who want to see Garou's arc in its entirety. I can't blame them because the best moments in OPM are not even in the manga yet and an anime season should have a natural conclusion instead of an annoying cliffhanger as an ending.

I can see them going for the 24 eps route and releasing S2 sometime in 2018.


He's right. No one will cry if OPM s2 is delayed till 2020. But oh boy will faggots riot if we get an s2 without Saitama/Garou. Just look at the most recent threads.

>Just because ONE wrote it, it doesn't mean it's not filler.

Fucking idiot kids these days, man.

Do you consider dragon ball gt as canon? thats right.

You retard seriously think Murata will have drawn enough content for 24 episodes in 2018? Saitama vs Monster Garou won't happen before 2020 at best.

Real garoufriends likes him for his dedication to fight stronger opponents and sees him as true hero. Shitposters ITT who just likes him for being strong and edgy are not real garoufriends.
I blame Murata for portraying him overly evil compared to webcomic.

2 split cours?

S2 Cour 1: Fall 2017

S2 Cour 2: At least around Summer 2018.

You retard seriously don't realize that studios don't have to wait till an arc is finished in the manga to start producing anime and air it? This especially concerns longer seasons. Finally, there's this useful thing called split cour season.

We'll reach the end of the arc in late 2018. It's mostly short fucking fights, one after another.

No, "real garoufriends" are just tired of faggots like you and company using him to prop up fucking nobodies, who are mere stepping stones to him.

>It's mostly short fucking fights, one after another.

No it's not, it's fucking more than 40 webcomic chapters, which becomes at leats 90 releases for the remake, so at least 2 week x 90, so at least 3 years and a half, and that's way too optimistic. The very fact it's full of action makes it even more likely to get lots of scenes extended, look how the offscreen Genos vs Machine god became two full releases of fight.

MA is a gigantic arc for OPM standards and will take a long time before ending. It's retarded to think the opposite.

Tatsumaki is cute!


user, Murata can draw a black teletubby cornering Atomic Samurai faster than you think. It sure as hell won't take him 3 years. He's also not drawing the full fight between Zombieman and Vamp because he's not retarded.

> Murata can draw a black teletubby cornering Atomic Samurai faster than you think.

Black is exactly the kind of character where Murata would bother more about showing the real scale of his number of him.

> He's also not drawing the full fight between Zombieman and Vamp because he's not retarded

Saying that after he drew offscreen fights like Genos vs Machine god sure is convincing alright.

Not sure why I'm even answering, you're either beyond retarded or shitposting.


Saitama being a cannibal confirmed


Because she's so unperfect.

Ready for the D

>he doesn't see how quickly Murata inks black shit in
>he actually thinks Murata will waste a year drawing all 30 minutes of Zombieman vs Pureblood
I can understand memeing about Murata's release schedule and perfectionism from time to time but you're taking it too far. Unclench.

>he doesn't see how quickly Murata inks black shit in
> what is shading

Discussing OPM will be a waste of time for a solid 4-5 years.
Call me when all the flavor of the month DBZ kiddies leave.

For example, Murata inks and shades Garou's shirt in seconds without giving up the details. He's a master of his work.

And yet he still takes 2 weeks to release what's most of the time less than 15 pages.

Sometimes when he streams it looks like he started drawing a couple of days before release. Technically he can pump out more pages every two weeks, when he does not procrastinate. He does draw very fast.

Ironically she made Sonic step on dog poop.

>hurr im better than other people for abritrary reasons

OPMfags mad because DBZ > OPM in characters, story and power levels.

Being able to do math correctly isn't arbitrary, retard.
Go back to making your top ten anime character video.

are you sure about the characters?
cause i feel like you're giving the dbz guys a little too much credit

>power levels

If you're above the age of 18 and like DBZ, you should be swatted and killed TEEBEEH

Same could be said if you watch OPM no?

no not really
in dbz its all talk and very little action
plus the characters are more fragile than formula one cars


> in dbz its all talk and very little action
better character development and story than OPM

>plus the characters are more fragile than formula one cars

Saitama got scratched by a housecat. Goku brushes off gunshots when he was a kid.

And SSJ2 Vegeta can't weigh 1000T.

How likely is it that the anime will cover the entirety of the series?

DBZ fans are perpetual brats, it's incredibad

>better character development and story than OPM

yeah, if you're fucking retarded

Things season 2 will bring:
>more normalfags and reddit
>space balls kiddies shitting up every thread
>low budget cringe worthy adaptation of Fubuki and Garou
>more fujoshit than ever before
>no good doujins

I'm so excited.

Dub is fairly good.

Im looking forward how they will handle the Ok scene, will they use the Viz translation and use OH?


t. (you)

That's a fucking horrible dub, are you deaf?


(You) know it's true.

>Charanko's voice
>Genos' voice

Metalbat is stronger than Human Garou.

It's almost as if there is no other anime to talk about while S2 will be airing. Stay buttmad.

Who fucking cares

You sure it's not the other way around?
Look at this

Charankos fine, Whats wrong with it?

Aside from Genos, the rest is fairly decent.

The best voices are imo Saitama, Bang.

Garou is 100% organic superhuman and stronger than - literally who - bat.

Weapons are for losers.

I wouldnt be surprised, Tats gets the quality while Fubuki the QUALITY due to bias.

Garou and MB are going to help increase the fujobait for sure, MB getting panel time was the best thing to happent for the Fujos.

You should definitely kill yourself
Saitama sounds like a completely different character in the dub

I didn't say anything nice about OPM fans.
DBZ fans are definitely worse though.

OPM fans are worse than Re:Zero fans.
That's how cancerous the OPM fanbase is.


realistic drawing is indeed 3dpd

this is somewhat less lewd than the original

>Tats gets the quality while Fubuki the QUALITY due to bias
Or rather the inability to draw shit. Badhouse can't consistently animate pic related throughout the season. They'll fuck it all up. Fubuki already looks like an alien in the first season and her dress is atrocious.

That must make DBZ fans really fucking bad then

I wouldn't account on the quality of Fubuki in the OAVs considering Tatsumaki in the Anime was pretty good, same for Mosquito girl. But yeah, she better be better in the 2nd season.

well, they are

She looks weird/bad in the series too, even if it's just one short scene. That was her introduction.

Speaking of introductions, they already managed to screw up Garou's hair color. SASUGA BADHOUSE.

The saving grace is the seiyuu.


Eh, she looked kinda ok I guess.

On the other hand the animators did a wonderful job for Lily in the same OAV, a nice amount of motion with most shots looking really good.

so do you guys think we might see hobo emperor or black sperm earlier than usual considering we saw psychos earlier?

> hobo emperor is a dragon level

OPMfags will defend this.

Hobo Emperor was given his power by God.
What do you expect

What the fuck is wrong with that. He has GOD given power

well he could easily destroy/incapacitate several cities, which is what the level rating is about. it's not really power level, just the level of destruction they could cause

Small explosions can't even destroy a single city(very large in OPM world). Even a civilian with a gun could take care of the hobo

Defend the fact that humans are riduculosly strong from a retard. Yes I will

He literally has Vaccine Man's powers. Do you remember what he did to a single city. Emperor can produce way more orbs than he could

Vaccine man has stronger explosions. Hobo's orb isn't doing much. Couldn't even blow the fuck up the body of Zombieman who just have above average human durability.

Zombieman and Hobo are a lot stronger than just "above average human durability". Zombieman beats monsters by doing clip damage and out lasting them. His body has to be at least the top half of A-class to even clip Demon level monsters.
Hobo was fine after Tats fuck up the MA base, like the rest of the Dragon level monsters, he had enough speed to stop ZM from shooting him with a gun and stop a serious Bang from getting close to him. Also, the power of his explosions down Bang for the rest of the arc, when Melzalgald hit Bang dead on, that did nothing but pissed him off.

Reminder that none of current events in redraw are canon.

they're canon but they're boring so they might as well not be

This thread is dead so might as well discuss who wins between Master Roshi vs Saitama.

might as well kill yourself.

Roshi is a moonbuster while Saitama is street level.

Go bust your enchiladas, senor autismo.

cancer fanbase with their shit anime.

Christ, you're as easy to bait as Trump.

This guy runs an OPM gauntlet.
Does he clear all characters in OPM?

He didn't "literally say it".

In the case of Tank Top Master, Garou still had his attention on him and would have been able to react.

In the case of Metal Bat, though, Garou may not have been able to dodge at all and would have probably gotten hit. And even if he did dodge, he'd still have to continue dealing with Metal Bat. It was Zenko's intervention that made Metal Bat lose his fighting spirit, weakening him.

clears with a bit of difficulty against Saitama.

No one cares.

I see. How about this guy?

Can't wait to see how strong doggo is.

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Madhouse likes Tats, they like her as much as DP likes Rohan in JoJo.

But that happens in most mainstream animes...

Im just wait for the dub episode, just how MB will look in the dub, he used the word bastard in the last episode.

Who the fuck is that dark haired martial artist and why does he talk like he knows all about Saitama?

Boros dub voice sounds handsome.

One of ONE's new characters for this current manga arc, he saw Saitama (in disguise) fight some guy and instantly could tell just how strong he really was.

He himself seems to be S-class in strength.

Meltzargard dub voice> jap voice imo.

DESU, aside from the Road to Hero OVAs, the rest had very little budget.

In the Sister OVA, they spent the little budget on Tatsumaki.

HE SAID OK, not OH or I see.

Thank u DUB

Viz just admitted they fucked up translating that scene in the manga.

Saitama dub actor delivered his lines great in tonights episode.

The "I will go left" and specially the OK scene, IMO it was better than the jap version.

So is Saitama's Serious Series the best he's got, or can he go further beyond that? What will he do if someone survives a serious punch?

He throws another serious punch? And another? Serious Combo Punch. And you already know how fast his normal combo punches are.

Really, it's all just hypothetical stuff. Can he go further beyond being serious? Perhaps. All the other shounen protags can too, at any rate. At least, if he can do a serious single punch, he can do a serious punch combo too.

It isn't, like, a real special move for him. It's just...a serious punch, like the kind most people use all the time in a real fight.

It's NOT 'as strong as I can punch' or 'my secret attack' or anything like that. It's just his acknowledging that, yes, this is an actual punch delivered with serious intent.

The only reason he makes a 'big' deal out of it is because he isn't normally remotely serious with his other attacks.