Vivid Strike

Nanoha anime without Nanoha right now.

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So, this anime is about watching lolis beat up each another in a tournament?

What's this?

Nanoha 3rd movie with evil Alicia or materials is true then?

Wait was that a announcement for the third movie?

In theaters summer 2017.


>that deep voice
Strikers? Stern?

Praise Madokami or Homulucifer.

The joke will be that Nanoha and also Fate will get new set of VAs.

Damn that get me hyped much more than this whole anime season.

Materials right?


Oh fuck, i'm hyped right now, too many years.

This is cool and all, but when do I get to see intelligent devices?
Subaru was cool precisely because she was the only one on the cast of weapon users who punched, kicked and roller skated. I am going to see something cooler, right?
I have not watched Vivid.

I'm gonna go to Japan and suck Tsuzuki D if this is true.

We need a sticky.

So far, I liked this show about little girls punching and kicking the shit out of each another.

About fucking time if it's the movie.

Nanoha is saved.

It's a teaser video.
Oh boy that title popped up so damn long ago in 2013

I would say this is the next Kizumonogatari but we actually got that now.

Nanoha without Nanoha and ViVid without lolis.

No, they grew and new protag ain't loli either.


>Nanoha used to be about loli Nanoha befriending the shit out of lolis with beamspam
>then it was about adult Nanoha training newbies, one of which befriended with her fists
>then it was about Nanoha and Feito's loli daughter being trained by the combat lezbot younger sister of the combat lezbot Nanoha trained, and their loli daughter was getting into a tournament arc where she punches the shit out of other lolis
>now it's about a tournament arc with mahou shoujo befriending each other through their fists but they're all adults and it's not anybody from Vivid or StrikerS even though it's called Vivid Strike

It's almost as if the writer is known for cast bloat or something.

>[Ohys-Raws] ViVid Strike! - 01 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4

Raw out

I'm gonna be honest. I heard that the original writer was back after the shitfest that was ViVid and it gave me a tiny bit of hope.
But your post just killed that hope. Congratulations, user.


>[Ohys-Raws] ViVid Strike! - 01 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4

Hopefully it syncs with the Amazon subs.

Is that from Strike? She looks deformed as fuck.

I want to watch it. But I'm scared of being disappointed again.

I think I'm gonna cry, I was losing all my hope. I can't wait to see Nanoha again.

>It's a vivid anime not made by A-1

>waiting for bds

Honestly don't see why people are remotely excited for something that'll probably end up some sort of recap movie or something.

They actually do.

Can't wait for Ixy screen time.

If they do a recap, I'll bomb their office.

Can I just watch this without knowing a single thing about the series?

It can't be a recap, they said that it will be a new story back in Lyrical Party V.

Because it is confirmed to be a new story.

Why would you want to?

>inb4 strikers/vivid recap
Mildly hyped.

Maybe? No one ever tried that before.

Vivid recap is impossible because it's still ongoing. Wouldn't mind if they go full Ancient Belka instead though. The Materials are from Ancient Belka too, so we still gonna get Yukarin and Nana.

Because the ending of A's movie being changed so the timeskip isn't as big as A's TV version means the 3rd movie isn't an StrikerS recap, but an story set beetween A's and StrikerS

Amazon subs works.


Is it good?

They work until eye catch, then it's off.
Every decent player can fix it though.

Just watch it without expecting anything then.

>but they're all adults
>11-15 years old

I bet you would love a Mahou shoujo set in kindergarden.

>he doesn't want to fight the monster under the bed
>he doesn't want to fight the green pepper monster

>15 seconds of recap and moon speak
Wow great trailer, Nanoha is fucking saved.


10/10 would call her Harunyan

ai yo

Brain damage I believe.

I'm just going to help out anyone else and same some trial and error. 9900ms

This floor looks like a glitched texture.

Got the edge punched out of her by Vivio.

JS > JC > JK
Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Also no shadows.

I guess she slept with Seig the day before.

I never expected her to just embrace Sieg's nickname.

Sort of a shame this'll inevitably spoil animeonlys on Vivid developments like that, too.

Sounds like an amazing idea honestly. We need some kindergarten mahou shoujo.

What point in the Vivid timeline is this supposed to be set anyway?

It's a stealth "read the manga" message from the staffs.

1 year after.

Sieglinde is such a cutie pie. I want to hold her without becoming a stain on her shirt.

I guess I'll have to go read it. I wasn't all that adverse to Vivid in the first place so I'll probably be able to blaze through it provided it's not complete trash.

Vivid includes more melee-based devices.

I liked it.

Kindergarten would be good actually.
But jokes aside, that's not loli anymore, even if not adults. Hebes are the words.


Mirror Images!

Magical CLONES of a book!


But they said it's original.


Einhart got some really nice character development in the latter half of the manga. You would have to enter the raw territory to truly see what an alpha hegemon she is becoming, though.

It's original still. Video games don't count as fleshed out stories.


Even though I was completely expecting it, it was still jarring to not have even a single shot of Nanoha or Fate. From this point on they'll probably become about as relevant as Einhart's parents.

Are the subs out of sync in the second half of the episode only for me?

No, since they were never synced for that raw to begin with.
Shift them 9900ms forward.

With Reflection announcement for next year, I don't even care anymore. I'm just waiting for this to end and see if we have a trailer with movie footage when it happens.

My hopes and dreams made reality.

Every time I try to shift them it ends up even more fucked up.

Could you upload your shifted subs to mediafire or something?

Is there a girl who didn't wet her panties for Einhart-dono in Vivid?

Choosing Vivio would be boring if she already has Sieg and also that cute classmate/wife already.

I shifted them only temporarily with my player.
(mpv, X key)

Ah, I see. Nevermind, I got it then. Thanks!

einhart is so cute~

so, will the movie have best material?

we need webm/gifs

Here are re-timed subs:

How much time does actually pass between Vivid and Vivid Strike?

Yes, best material will act evil at first and will seduce Fate as Nanoha, first kiss in the franchise will be between Stern and Fate while Nanoha will watch from afar.


No NTR please, we have enough with their daughter being a cuck.

nice shot

Let's keep that contained in this year. 2016 has been amazing for yuri ntr.

finally vivid bd?

Doubt it will improve quality much.

Vivid begun with Vivio's first day as a 4th grade in April. As of the latest chapter, it's somewhere around the end of October or even further down the year.
Einhart is already the U15 champion, Vivio is in 5 grade in Vivid Strike, and it doesn't appear to be winter yet so it could be anywhere between 6 to 8 months since the last chapter of Vivid.

That's not news, user.

Not a chance, Raijin.

Maybe they're going back to "Mid has bizarre looking MAGIC scenery" like with the Artha and A̶x̶i̶s the Garden in S1?

Because that was pretty cool

Meh, it was okay, but I'm really not a fan of ViVid-style martial arts competitions.
Oh, so Yukarin is not dead yet? Will the franchise be saved?

Jesus, even this looks QUALITY as hell.

That creepy same eyes

So it is anime original atm, but something like this will likely happen in the manga, too?


Maybe, maybe not. The manga could end before it reaches Vivid Strike timeline or decide to skip it entirely.

I loved the mysterious and surreal art direction in S1. It truly felt like Nanoha was stepping into an unknown magical world. I like the TSAB but I would wished she and Yuuno spent more time delving into lost civilizations, temples and mystical quests.

This whole beatdown segment was hilarious. I hole we get more animation and less fish eyes in future episodes.

>I like the TSAB but I would wished Nanoha and Fate spent more time delving into lost civilizations, temples and mystical quests.
Well I kinda was bummed a little they never even tried to reach Al-Hazard to try to save Precia or at least magically revived Alicia at some point, with their technological and magical level they should be able to do that.

A story about traveling through various magical worlds to reach Al-Hazard could be interesting take.

There is no need to going back to anyone. Einhart could just have them all.

>try to reach somewhere that doesn't exist anymore

>This whole beatdown segment was hilarious.
That it was. Basically these high-class bitches paid to beat her up because they knew she can't reject a job.

This is honestly more important to me than the TV show right now

It would be amazing if we get animated Materials.

Reminder that Stern mentioned that its not good to meet an alternate version of oneself, especially if its a darker reflection, in the GoD x 2nd A's sound stage.


>implying Precia's in Al-Hazard

I guess I'm kinda bummed that Fate never took Erio to visit his folks in prison, but maybe they're not allowed to spend time with the creature they broke the law to make?



Vivio seriously need to git gud. She's a disgrace to Takamichi family.

>2016 has been amazing for yuri ntr
Has it? Pic related is the only one that comes to mind.

She loss every main fight

Literally a series called NTR.

>Thief Manager Yumina

Vivio confirmed NTR'd?

Get that homewrecker out of here.

There are hardcore ntr in LLS, and that ending in New Game. That's a lot for something that almost didn't exist before.

>Vivio confirmed NTR'd?
Sieg, Yumina, some random girls, that nekowitch.

Vivio might be Olivie clone but she's just one of many for Einhart.

Someone really mistyped Team with Thief?

They knew exactly what they were writing


Materials movie finally?

My thoughts exactly. She gets paid to be ojousamas' punching bag.

>Ein stealing hearts left and right
Girl's got so many pieces she needs a manager!

>Didn't read the manga
There's a reason Einhart is cute tamed kitten now.


>World champion
>Has a ladykiller smile
I bet Einhart got a bunch of love letters and random girls confessing to her everyday in school.

Wait the OP has Victoria with a poster of Rinne in the background.

Did she adopt Rinne herself?

>Materials right?
That would be kinda bummer for me.

Say no more! That could be quite cute/funny if done well. Something like Oohmuro-ke but with younger kids?

They already did. I'm very sad.

That sounds like a wonderful job.

It's clear it's a C, like the one on champion. But let's leave it at that.

I read it. She was befriended by Einhart and added to a harem.

I don't understand this series anymore. Is this a sports anime?



Vivid was always a spocon.

So you missed Vivio stomping the badass out of her I see.

Something like hanamaru kindergarten with mahou shoujo

Vivio cheats and uses the power of the Sankt Kaiser instead of her own.

>Using you ancestral superpowers is cheating

>You will never see the true Nanoha sequel, involving Vivio becoming a gallant, handsome enforcer that curbstomps every girl she comes across and creates a legendary harem across the dimensional sea, better than her Mama ever could

The power of Sankt Kaiser IS her power. She spent the major part of ViVid nerfed to hell. She's more powerful than both her mamas.

>She's more powerful than both her mamas.
Damn son

I haven't watched the episode yet

Who adopted Fuuka?

Even Subaru, her biggest fan girl, has Teana. Don't delude yourself.

Pfft, if anything Einhart became more of a badass after that fight.

She left the orphanage to work.
Then she was fired and now lives in the gym.

>[Merchant] ViVid Strike! - 01 [720p].mkv

Hayate, and Nanoha's earth women?

That's what I'm saying, Nanoha failed in that department.

Why would you need a harem when you have Fate?

Can I watch this thing not knowing anything about Nanoha?

Why would you want to?


Because if I like it, then I'm more likely to check out the rest of the franchise.

Eat shit.


You should watch first season of Vivid at least. A little better - watch movies then third season of Nanoha, then Vivid S1, then this.

But this show is NOTHING like the rest of the franchise, except Vivid, which is more of a spinoff than anything else.

Anything beyond the 2nd movie is a bad nanoha expeience. Start from the beginning.

Why not watch the first season, and if you like it check out the rest of the franchise?

It has nothing to do with Nanoha or anything that came before it barring Vivid.

It's actually a spinoff of a spinoff of a spinoff of Triangle Hearts. Each level requiring almost no knowledge of the previous works.

Watch and enjoy.

>not knowing anything about Nanoha?
I don't think you belong in this board.

>Anything beyond 2012 is a bad nanoha expeience.
Can't argue with that

So this entire season is going to be how she and not-Illya get adopted.

>Nanoha was so totally outclassed by Vivio she had to use a very dangerous upgrade to break past her limits and was still getting her shit kicked in for most of the fight
>Strain was so big that she's still dealing with the sequels years later and facing a permanent decrease in power
Fighting Vivio's true power fucked up Nanoha good. It would be a hard fight even with Fate'shelp but at least it wouldn't be as consuming as it was.

I was busy watching superior magical girl series, like Wixoss.

I don't really get what you meant by Sankt Kaiser's power. All Vivio did is changing the color of her barrier jacket and the way she regulates her magic a little bit. The main reason why Einhart lost is because she came unprepared and was taken off guards by how serious Vivio was.

Berlinetta got adopted by a rich family and got all snobby.Then they got in a fight etc etc.

You have to watch second season as well apart from movie 2nd, too. Movie isn'T even a workable recap, just more expensive animation of some of the fights and the final tearjerker.

Nigga pls.

Holy shit is that Lutecia?

Brb picking up Vivid manga

She's a slut now

And if you skip the first season and just watch the first movie, Nanoha's a nobody with very little character or development

Series + Movies is the true path

Lutecia kinda grew up.

>weak sauce

You expect person who couldn't bother to research a little and didn't watch the first season of Vivid to watch everything?

I'm thrilled to see Corona punching someone's face in, but I just know all this focus on fisticuffs and delinquents means I'm not going to get to see her summoning golems again.

Into a slut

>anything beyond the 2nd movie is a bad nanoha experience

what about the "new" nanoha movie?

Movie 1st isn't nearly as inadequate as 2nd, so I gave up on convincing everyone to watch season 1. Some kids are really stupid idiots with no patience and taste these days, anyway - they would just blabber about the abridged version being "superior" for whatver silly reason they can come up with (in reality they just minded the original was "old").

Last year I even saw some blogger post that he watched just movie and after seeing it, it turns out "it contains everything important in improved form". Without seeing the proper As (S2). FML

i want corona to punching me all day

Like mother like daughter.

Megane is the hottest biological mom in Nanoha


Wait, why the time skip? I don't recall the previous Vivid anime even finishing the tournament arc or am I not remembering correctly?

It's a spin-off, not a sequel.

No, it didn't.


Bleh, these subs are going to be fun I guess.


>people actually like the player 2 recolors
there's no accounting for shit taste

>It's a spin-off, not a sequel.
What? It's both, the same as StrikerS to Vivid.

She writes it as "Einhald" herself, I guess subs decided they wouldn't please anyone.

Boxing-related brain damage

Yesssss. Starting off that "Reasons not to kill yourself in 2017" list strong.

Not him, but that's not the case at all.
StrikerS to ViviD was the continuation of Nanoha's family life. ViviD to Strike is the continuation of Vivio's normal life.

It's a spin-off.

The only canonical sequel to ViviD is Force.

>implying Force exists

force is a meme and never happened

>The only canonical sequel to ViviD is Force.
Vivid Strike tho?

its about reflecting on what happened in the past right? so recap?

Huh? What's that?

I'm unable to fit the last one under the restriction

No, 7arcs writes it as "Einhald". Same way like they wrote Shinku's name as "Sink" and Fate's name as "Feito". They're lazy and they refuse to find a translator.

Her name is Einhardt.


Why did Einhart feel the need to put a cute sticker of her and Yumina on there? Is she trying to show off or what?

>Yumina makes stickers for you
>They're sitting on your desk
>You write a letter and put a sticker on it because you know she's gonna say something if you don't use one


>Just married

She finally got her true love.

What's the point of having a cute sticker if you're not gonna use it?


Feito's tits are trying to escape?

Married couples do that.

>The only canonical sequel to ViviD is Force.
Do you even know what canon means? Both are canon, even if most people would argue that Force was cancelled and isn't a part of the canon anymore.

I wish MekiMeki did Nanoha official manga.

>Feito's tits are trying to escape?
They're in the process or groping Nanoha's own tits.

I consider it canon.

Fate is too much of a woobie in these


>Inb4 Yumina is the reincarnation of whoever Claus married after Olivie died.

It's Nanoha's right tit dominating Fate's left one.

So this is the power of forbidden technology

The new silver-haired loli is cute. I sense old Feito vibes in her, with the whole dark past and misunderstandings that makes her an antagonist until she gets befriended.

This is what I'm expecting since everyone is a reincarnation of some ancient belkan whore.

Did you read Vivid or official anthologies?

She got fucked too much with Nanoha's pink fat thingie over and over for 3 hours straight in their private time whenever she's around.

Fate is a woobie but Mekimeki makes her seem really stupid. It breaks my suspension of disbelief.

She's literally a Fate recolor.

Sorry Levi, you're out.

>YFW Vivio got NTR'd


If these were lillies then maybe but roses?

And we're back.

>Vivio Takamachi

Yeah, Fate is a bit overprotective and sometimes has over the top reactions in some scenes of Vivid or in Vivid Life and A la Carte, but MekiMeki doujins exaggerate these traits to another level most of the time. That said, MekiMeki's chapter for A la Carte wasn't like that, so if he was ever hired to do a completely new Nanoha manga I would expect the characters to be in line with their canon personalities, even if they let him write the script based on a general guideline.


My waifu > your waifu

I disagree.

Mai dick.

She still hasn't given up yet. Vivio is a counter-hitter, she could pull off some sudden powerful move when you think Yumina is winning.

Oh, they are getting serious.

>only Yumina gets to see this

I want to get beaten up by almost every character in this show.

> Yumina is not wearing a bra
I like her already


>only Yumina gets to massage them with excuse of curing after training/battle
The girl is living the dream.

EinhartxYumina and VivioxMiura were the OTPs all allong
No NTR here

What about Corona?

your dick is cute

Yumina is super flat. She doesn't need a bra. Einhart loves them super flat, it's no wonder she Yumina was able to seduce Einhart away from Vivio.

It may have nothing to do with Nanoha but it definitely FEELS like nanoha
At least more than vivid, innocent or force ever did


>At least more than vivid,
blame A1 for that

>dorobo neko inches closer an close to Einhard
>Vivio stands there smiling and just takes it
Damn it, Vivio. DO SOMETHING.

Thanks user

Who cares about a loli when you got Nanoha and Fate at home.

I was talking about the manga there

Is it normal for gyms to plaster images of lolis across the entrance? What are they trying to adverstise? "Come join us and get beat up by littler girls?" or are they aiming for a more voyeur-type of customer?

Apparently it's normal in their world to send your little girls to gyms so it's probably to attract little girls as customers.

The first time you try sparring is always a magical experience. So at this point Vivid and Vivid strike is just Loli MMA right?

Their gym seems to not want to enroll anyone to enroll over 15 plus they have world class athletes that they want to show off.

Too busy punching bitches


>So at this point Vivid and Vivid strike is just Loli MMA right?
Sure seems that way

>you will never be part of the magical loli MMA world
Why even live?

>We heard you almost punched Einhart, what was that like?
Has Einhart somehow ascended to some god-tier where none of the others even know what it's like to throw a punch at her now?

Didn't they mention she was world champ?

In the under 15 bracket. She still couldn't hold a candle to the REAL champion of the world Sieg.

>You will never get your ass beat by four cute little girls

Oh shit, I completely forgot

So, is it not-bad so far?

On third try? Wow, that's big

It's Vivid-ish. Little girls obsessed about martial arts. Take that how you want.

It's not Nanoha and is basically Too early to tell if it's shit but has signs of occasional QUALITY.

Not enough hugging on the floor for that to be the case.

it's amazing

Cookie cutter story but fights might be good.

We loli silver Fate now.

It has yet to prove itself. But I am still HYPED!


Oh for fuck's sake.

And to think the PV got my hopes up they might be trying something new, even if it wasn't Nanoha.

Are you not enjoying your spinoff of a spinoff of a sequel to a spinoff of a sequel to a shit eroge?

Would you fuk a fuka


The franchise has been fucked since they pissed away the opportunity to have high school adventures with the A's cast, and instead added a million characters for StrikerS.

That uncaring expression makes me moist


2nd half of StrikerS was good, but the cast bloat was pretty awful even then.


>Einhart teaches Fuuka her ultimate attack in 10 minutes

I see. I guess I won't give it high-priority for now.

What about dat new movie, tho. That's sure to be fucking good, especially if "Reflection" means that we'll be seeing the Materials.



Sasuga Hegemon


>You'll never be a little girl who gets adopted into a wealthy family and get raised as an ojou-sama, and then go on to become one of the world champions in magical martial art


>>You'll never be a little girl

I swear to fucking god, if this happens to be about Nanoha and Fate in highschool and not middle school, then I'm going to kill somebody.

And it's most likely going to be Tsuzuki.


>>You'll never be a little girl
I think you want to watch that other edgy magical girl show where even user can become cute MG now.

Did they even went to highschool? IIRC it was said somewhere that they went full-time TSAB right after graduating middle school.

Oh you.

betrayers when?

I don't get it, so there won't be any continuation to Vivid? Will I have to read the manga?


Eyes not pretty enough. 4/10 would not befriend.



Henshin better not suck.



Guess who's up and awake?

As you can see, Vivio and Corona love themselves very much.




So basically lets make NanoFate younger copies with recolored hair/eyes?


That's sort of disappointing. I have no qualms about reading the manga, but I enjoyed the first season of Vivid and leaving it at a non-end but continuing the series otherwise is a dick move.

Why do so many of them have the shitty twin tails? It looks like trash.

Quite a big bed there for one girl...

How much shit can happen in one year? Next they be saying that Erio knocked up Carol.

>cut out the best part of Force
>paste it into Vivid with some changes

just fuck already

I don't like twintail either, but I think you're gonna make yourself some enemies there.



They're continuing it next year. Now that 3rd movie is a go, there's no way they would left Vivid alone before the Ein Smile.

You gay or something?

>the best part of Force
That implies that Force has good parts

Fate's low ponytail was good.


Isis and Lily were some great designs that were wasted in there.

So those gangsters weren't magical. And police wasn't either. Which means that magic is rather rare outside of little girls who are "very good friends" with other little girls.

>people didn't believe they would continue Vivid either
when will they learn

Isis and the enemy loli leader who can change forms. That's about it.

They were males. In ViVid. Of course they wouldn't have magic.

This is the worst thing post-Vivid did the series. Can we PLEASE go back to when Cranagan didn't look exactly like any random Earth city?

Not all of them can use magic like those rich lolis. You need to train if you want to use magic. Subaru once went to non-magic school and abandon all magical training until the airport incident.

Damn it camera rotate just a little to the left

>That implies that Force has good parts
The designs were pretty neat, but that artist was actually godly compared to the mangaka, plus Fate with that ponytail and that double saber or Nanoha's fortress were cool.

Society is divided into castes. At the lowest you have the magic-less plebians and as you go up the ladder you have better and better magic capabilities. Rinne was plucked by the high-caste society due to her strong magical affinity.

Reminder that most mages can't even fly.

The weapons design was very sexy.

>Nanoha's Fortress
yes please

>PV made me think it was about a little girl beating up criminals
>it's tournamentshit instead

Fuck this.

You are obviously not familiar with Vivid.

I want to get punched by a loli.

I would give them my virginity.

Best woman.

>Tried to fix the bottom and I did
>But now that pillow distortion became a problem
3 times and it still come out the same.

Someone do better than me please.

In fairness, the PV did its best to make it look like they were taking a new direction and exploring a different side of Nanoha's world.

That got dashed pretty quickly.

Well, it looks like subbing VS would be an enormous waste of effort. That's very disheartening after all the time I spent preparing. It doesn't even seem worth bothering with these anymore but let's see if anyone cares...

Good to see you, I hope you are doing well.

>implying they're interested in it

Man those NEXT designs were so good. Underslung cannons, shield funnels, ponytails. That real good shit.

The strike cannon being underslung is probably the best part. I don't know why but it makes the whole thing work.

NanoFate Extra #01 - 「Gotta Do the Cookin' by the Book」


The first episode of S1 aired twelve years ago today so this is about Nanoha and Fate baking a birthday cake as a shallow excuse to include gratuitous amounts of hand-holding. It's short but no one appreciates how much more work full color is.

Big thanks as always to my excellent anonymous raw provider.

I HATE Bardiche's design in Force, it's so dumb. Since it's bigger, it's obviously better, right?

ok so how old are vivio and einhart now?

we got this promo image at least

We got subs before getting raws, so if it stays this way, yeah, probably not worth.
Glad to have you around anyway.

I think Vivio is 13 and Einhard is 15.

>Vivio and Einhard don't get paired up now as OTP
This upsets me to no end. It's like if Nanoha and Fate didn't get pushed as OTP. What the hell.

To this day, I still regret not being able to get this figure.

Einhart realized that muh legacy was dumb to get so worked up over so she decided to live as Einhart Stratos and not the Heir of the Hegemon's Grief. Then she picked up the first hot piece of ass that walked by.

>find a beaten-up girl, and she collapses a moment after seeing you.
>bring her home so all your friends can beat her up too
Is Einsomething-san a sadist?

They're setting up a NTR scenario.

Do you mean Harunyan?

11 and 14. 5 grader and 2 year middle school.

How did Fuka learn that Hegemon Punch after just quickly being told how to do it? This is dumb as fuck and goes against everything Vivid is about, she should not be able to learn something like that without putting time, effort, and some serious dedication into it no matter how talented she is.

That was pretty cute, thanks for the new translations aRon.

It's funny how everyone agreed that Fate's birthday was the day she became friends with Nanoha, I'm pretty sure that was never confirmed, but I have seen the same thing in a couple of other doujin.

Damn, it looks too cute for my heart tight now.

Moahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

>goes against everything Vivid is about
>she should not be able to learn something like that without putting time, effort, and some serious dedication into it
Or just be the reincarnation of someone from some ancient country.

They still got put in cover and promo arts together. The only thing that change is Einhart having a harem now.

>Or just be the reincarnation of someone from some ancient country

Muh ancestry lore be damned, this is just a reason as to why the lolis are able to fight and use magic in the first place.
It's retarded.

You need to take responsibility for the heart attack I'm having right now.

I want to go back to when Vivio's situation was even somewhat unusual.

Isn't that limited to just Ainharuto since the Kaiser Style strengthens the soul to the point where it can keep its identity over reincarnation or some shit?

Glory to Belka

Vivio ends up getting some genetic memories as well.

Nice hat

Damn son that's cute

It won't, unless some autist will have the drive to torrent them every time. Besides, Amazon subs suck big time. Every time I see subs from Dasuki, Funi, Nico, etc, I understand how much superior CR translators are. Well, most of them. At least more than half.

I guess, I always considered Vivio a special case though since she was genetically engineered and can pretty much be considered a clone of Olivie

>traing someone at the age of 14
>training someone the same age as herself
What the hell Einhart? Are you doing this to earn some extra money or what? What are you doing with your life?

What are YOU doing with your life?

It's how she gets her rocks off

Is there a clean version of the image shown during the next ep preview?

Every Sagebrecht was born that way though.

It's almost like it really doesn't care about the rules because the rules are all fluff between yuri anyway.

sorry but this series is dead for me. I don't give a fuck about it anymore.

Well, Funi is horseshit sure, but I didn't see much wrong with these Amazon subs actually.

No, that's Yumina's job.



Did I miss something? Since when does Amazon sub anime?

I'm not declaring anything permanent until the movie airs.

Just give it some time.


They did Kabaneri too.

They got tired of being only known for their burly chicks.


>but has signs of occasional QUALITY.
Do not bully the cute gang members! They can't help that they are kawaii uguu~!

you have to ask why?
the movies/strikers/vivid/force/everything?

Movies were good, StrikerS were great and the best one of the three seasons, Vivid was never anything else than a spin-off about sports and what "Force" are you talking about?

I'm extremely hyped about this movie.

How can you possibly hate on the movies?
Are you one of those idiots that were upset they cut minor scenes because they can't really release a 6 hour long movie?

>you have to ask why?
Yeah. I mean, I fucking hate StrikerS with all of my soul but it didn't turn me off from the series as a whole.
>the movies
What's wrong with the movies?

Apparently so

>StrikerS were great and the best one of the three seasons

It is fine
works as a manga
We got great doujin

I just love grown up Nanoha and magical special forces hijinks. Though yes, first half was lackluster and the latter had too many characters. Maybe overall it's on par with A's.
And I was never deeply impressed by the very first season.

Not him and I do agree the movies aren't bad but
>minor scenes
>Nanoha's character development
>half of A's plot
>minor scenes

Seriously, discovering talents and bringing them to the gym is one thing but training them is another matter altogether. Training is Nove's job, not Einhart's. Especially if this takes place in spring, it would be right around the time the Inter-middle prelims is about to start. Under normal conditions, Einhart would have spent her time training herself and not anyone else. This whole thing makes it feels like Einhart is about to quit being an athlete altogether or something along the line.

But those are movies, come on. You are supposed to watch the series before them so you know everything anyway. Fight scenes were gorgeous in both movies, especially the second one.

That's fair enough and all, but it doesn't mean the movies didn't cut out fairly sized chunks from the seasons they were adapting.

The first movie particularly needed a ton more Faito bullying

Didn't it keep both flogging scenes?

Was hardly going to happen considering she wrote the thing.
>Precia a good girl, she dindu nothin

So this is the logical end result of Nahona, huh. Really makes me think.

>Einhart has her own waifu
>Vivio befriended Einhart but lose the Harub owl
>Why doesn't white Fate just tell Fuka that she doesn't want to walk around being treated like a bitch nigga anymore

I for one fully embrace this new Harunyan

It could be worse. It could be StrikerS 2.

Actually I would like to hear official work of FORCE cancellation if just to have closure and be able to move on. The went hiatus on a fucking cliffhanger.

As in good, right? It's not A's good, but Vivid Strike is still good so far.

What the hell? That was great. I came expecting nothing and this first episode was very good.

Why is Arf's hair black?

Yukari go moved to that Movie 1st manga and now that's done I haven't heard anything about what they would be working on next.

That the sword miko cosplaying as Arf.

You're not wrong user.

How long until Fuuka beats Einhart after like, a month of training; and everyone goes nuts.

yeah rider is pretty hot

It's entertaining as a Nanoha fan on some level, but it's really not "good".

It's a sports anime.

Are all the characters still gimping themselves with this fucking awful magic MMA?

What about Precia

What's wrong with that?

Seeing Lu and her mom being normal had me feeling some kinda way.


Not him, but I wouldn't call it necessarily 'good'.

it's passable. It's a holding pattern with things in it that I recognize, but nothing new or challenging to the characters or the series.


military hardware is no where in sight.

>we'll never get to see nanoha use her actual magic powers creatively again


Megane > Lindy > Quint > Presea = Momoko = *

Sports anime isn't inherently bad, but for a series with a cool setting it sure is wasted on tournament bullshit.

I miss Nanoha stories having stakes, or at least pretending to have them.

>To the winner goes the spoils

So, decent then? At least Vivid Strike is following through with classic Nanoha tropes.

Nothing new, but sometimes that's fine. I rather have old things I used to enjoy than new things that fails.


Not enough grapplers to suck the fun out of every other fight. It's just lolis fightan.

After this episode, I'm nearly certain that this is what Vivid was supposed to be. Tsuzuki wants to perfect Vivid as a loli, sports, martial arts series.

>I was put into a family that forces me to fight and now my future waifu has to beat the emo out of me to make me see the error of my ways and to learn how to enjoy martial arts like any other middle school girl

I swear to god if this is how it ends

I wish they would fuck off and make their own loli martial arts series instead of dragging along Nanoha's lifeless corpse to make it.

Why waste time and effort developing a new setting when you can use already existing one?

Fate to the rescue was great.

This setup could have been so much more. Loli learning magic fightan to survive on the streets through her wits and fists would have been amazing.

Wasted potential thy name is Tsuzuki.

I doubt it's that lifeless with the 3rd movie on it's way now.

But user you don't get it

If they don't use the Nanoha brand then they don't get funding to devalue the Nanoha brand with

Too much things depends on what had happened/been explained/showed previously.

I don't know what they did to her, she deserved it. Kicks in the nuts are the most unsportsmanslike of openers.

They're not even using the existing setting though. It might as well just be a normal cute earth girls doing cute things show.

>Tsuzuki wants to perfect Vivid as a loli, sports, martial arts series.
Sure, but that's hardly has anything to do with Nanoha, he could have made a whole new anime for that. Not like he is doing a great job either anyway, he should try to actually use lolis, build tension for the matches to be interesting and have good animation if he wants to achieve it.

It's not going to get that far. Fuka is going to become friends with the girls and start training, by Episode 5 she will join the gym for real, then they will go to a training camp, which is going to last until Episode 8 or 9, at which point they will spend an episode to introduce a whole bunch of characters for the big upcoming tournament. Then finally at Episode 10 the tournament is going to start, Vivio will get a fight, Fuka will get a fight, then a couple of the other girls will get fights that last 1-2 minutes each, and finally as the last episode is just about to end Fuka and Silver Fate will step into the ring to face each other and the credits start rolling.

>caring about sportsmanship
Those who fight fair deserve to lose.

Based on the OP which is sung by Rinne's VA, I doubt that's how it's gonna be. Here is a partial translation.

Future Strike
Embracing the fate we have vowed together close
After coming this far, I won't run away anymore
Let's go, together, to confront the present.

In the seasons we two spent as little kids
We talked and laughed together about our future
But the time apart has cruelly
Snatched everything away, even your smile in those days

When the vivid memories and ______
_________________ keeps us away from each other

Right now, in order to take back the time that has stopped
Cross over those clashing days, with the bond we shared that day
Embracing the fate we have vowed together close
I will put verything into this Strike
There is no need to be afraid, let's go, together.

Don't forget how she bribed her with money to get her to do this. And shit, she wasn't even going to ask her. Just take my pussy and wait for me to kick your ass. Yumina has turned Harunyan into a sadistic monster.

>training someone at the age of 14

She's late, she should have started at 6 years old. What IS she doing with her life

Why does Mid looks more and more like Tokyo as time passes?

Remember the Fate one is due in October. You can get the Nanoha one for 120 in the aftermarket, maybe mfc or yahoo/mandarake

>Realize you can buy your own in this world.

>Realize that versions of all four of them are being sold across MidChilda.

>Realize that the Sankt Kaiser Church is probably behind it all.

>Unless you go to Bangkok.

Well mentally she is already hundreds of years old, probably just her midlife crisis, wanting to pass on something

In all honesty, after 3 seasons and 2 movies, I'm okay with Nanoha fading out and bringing new blood in. I mean, that's a lot more than most series achieve. I like watching cute girls doing martial arts anyway, so I feel like I'm being catered to with Vivid. Also, Fuka is pretty cute.

I don't think they even remember that it isn't Tokyo anymore.

The excuse here is that Nove can't teach someone the ancient Belkan Hegemon style of martial arts?

K-On in SPACE.

Hayate and Nanoha are in charge and they are slowly transforming Mid culture into Japanese culture.

Nanoha fans are a tough crowd to please. How are you guys even surviving? I mean, if you hate this, you must hate almost everything that comes out these days.

Just bring a gun to your next fight.

>All of Einhart's stationary now come with a picture of literally-who stamped on the bottom
kek,my sides
Seriously, who even is that?

>ancient belkan whore
Do you think Wilfried had many sex partners being a nomad and all?

Sieglinde had to come from somewhere after all.

Hey I don't get something

Why is there a targeting reticle in the D if there are no guns or projectiles at play here?

Do they need it for their fist?

>wanting new entries to have anything to do with the series is somehow being difficult

Nanoha fans aren't one person. Considering how this thread is going, most of us actually liked this first episode and are looking forward to more. You will always get some bitching because most of us want Nanoha back as an MC though.

>I heard you almost punched Einhart-san!
>Please tell us more about it!
Did Nove break the lolis for good?

The movies are fun.

StrikerS was enjoyable for me. Sure it has slow moments but the fun moments kicks in good.

Vivid was alright. It's slow like StrikerS but it gets good from time to time. Wished it was animated better but it's passable. The manga is fun though.

Force could have been something. It has some interesting concept mostly on having a male MC but got crapped all over by slow pacing, uninteresting villains, art that is better suited to a romance or moe manga than an action oriented manga, additional characters aside from the new MCs who are less interesting and the whole thing felt directionless.

Everything? It was fun. Sure it has some ups and downs but it was fun franchise to me even to the point where all hope is lost I still like the series.

Yumina showed up in chapter 64-ish of the manga and asserted herself as Einhart's new BFF and took ove their little group as the manager. She's a trained masseuse and can make a girl orgasm in 20 seconds.

It's been a while since I checked, but that hasn't been translated yet, right? Last I checked we were in the mid-50's, I think.

Cities in Symphogear look more exotic and futuristic than Cranagan these days.


Not him, but you're misrepresenting what he said.
I don't see how you can look at the three defining seasons of Nanoha and then look at this and say "Yeah, that's about what I expected from it."

People genuinely wanted a return to form in some instance, instead they got more Vivid.

I don't personally mind it, because I like (manga) Vivid. But I understand entirely why people are dropping it left and right.

Maybe they should do that thing, that thing they did to get their fans in the first place

What was it called, they did in the first season and in A's

Oh yeah, it's called "not being shit"

Some of them have ranged attacks as well.

They're lesbians, dude. The D is the enemy.

>Force could have been something. It has some interesting concept mostly on having a male MC but got crapped all over by slow pacing, uninteresting villains, art that is better suited to a romance or moe manga than an action oriented manga, additional characters aside from the new MCs who are less interesting and the whole thing felt directionless.
Are you me? Even with all its flaws and despite getting triggered a lot by the writting I sorta miss FORCE. I admit it has potential and was an interesting experiment. And even if it was a failure I was eager to watch it to its conclusion. It's a shame the series got stuck in limbo.

I wasn't expecting Nanoha, but I was certainly hoping for a reinvention of some kind from the PV rather than funneling the MC straight back into a MMA gym in the first episode.

Yeah, but in tournaments it's never more than what, a couple arm-lengths away?

And aren't they more akin to Hadoukens than something you would need a reticle for?

Okay that makes perfect sense.

Remember Vivio's mother.

Why don't they just join the gym and fight each other?


This definitely feels like Tsuzuki's version of "Oh, so they hate Force want Slice of life, huh? Let them eat cake."

Nanoha was strict, not a battle freak. Heck, I don't think any of the main characters were that, except maybe Subaru.
Perhaps it's the Nakajima name.

Nanoha should've forced her to learn proper magic instead of this shit.

Maybe Fuka will be a hybrid fighter with sniping capability. I guess we'll see.

Before I gave up on it, I was praying for something serious happening in Vivid to force Vivio to fight properly in order to save the day and/or her waifu.

Signum definitely is a fighting maniac

Goodbye thread.

Nanoha is actually a good parent, so she's letting her kid experiment and discover what her passions on her own.


>Waah my best friend kicked my ass using martial arts, so now I hate martial arts!
This is a new low point in laziness, even for Tsuzuki. Even "muh ancestor memories are telling me to do this thing" was a better fucking excuse.

Yeah but it also resulted in us being stuck with this shit so it was clearly a mistake.

She's the naughty girl on the right.

Never give up.

I want to be friends with Nanoha. I don't even want to fuck her since she got Fate and all, I just want to have a friendly relationship with some banter and all other things friends do.

She is just so cool.

I actually think Vivid is from okay to fairly good, the manga at least, but having a spin off of it based on yet another tournament no one cares of is just a plainly boring premise. If it was least about the girl surviving in the streets or something it would be more interesting.

You also get people bitching because even if it was a bit more interesting, it has nothing to do with Nanoha as a franchise. They could have done tons of things without Nanoha as the MC but they seem to not want to touch the multidimensional exploration setting at all.

yuuno pls go

Do you think Signum and Cypha could end up being bantering battle junkie BFF's?

Not really, though? She disliked fighting as much as the rest of the Wolkenritter, honorably knight's duel with Fate notwithstanding (which was more about the honorable part than the duel. anyway). If anything, Vita was the one with a temper problem, but even she didn't really seem to enjoy beating the crap out of people to that extent.


It's a hard job.

But she does it anyway.

Signum vs Nanoha full power no restrictions in a controlled environment battle in one of the manga was the greatest thing ever.

>we'll never see loli Nanoha ever again

Nanoha is very approachable, kind and active. I'd definitely love being her friend and will carry a silent but respectful crush on her for sure.

You know, Vivio's being called reckless in this, but that's exactly how Fate used her power too

She is just a great person. I bet all TSAB guys who train under her deeply love her too.

How much Vita in the episode?

I just realized that while there's plenty of workable Nanoha replacement shows these days, they're all about older characters. Someone should make a new magical girl original show with classic CCS-aged characters again.

As much as you would guess.

20 minutes?

It's one of the coolest fights of the franchise. It's in my top five just behind the many versions of Nanoha VS. Fate which is by far the most intense and climatic fight to date.

There is no real reason why Fuuka has to learn the Hegemon style and not modern Strike Arts, though. Maybe Einhart is going to die soon so she needs to pass on her skills and gets as many girls as she can to pass on her genre, too.

there's only like Symphogear and Vividred tho

unless I'm just terrible looking for magical girls mixed with technology with a focus on action

>Not only does Einhart somehow decide to teach her and only her out of whothefuck knows how many girls already training in the gym, the new chick picks up Hegemon-style in like an hour of training
I mean, I'll acknowledge that the choreography of the fights so far is bad ass, but what the shit is this fuck? Is anyone seriously going to defend that?

Vivio defended against it quite well.

Is it actualy good? It's been in my backlog for ages.

>Magic staffs that shoot like a rifle

I think I miss this more than I miss even seeing devices on screen.

Can I watch this without knowing anything else in the series?

Season 1 is good, season 2 is full of crazy shit, season 3 has a lot of dumb shit but is still okay.

Nah, that show is ass

In what order do you read all the manga anyway?
I've been meaning to rewatch the first 3 seasons and the follow it up with vivid/force/etc for a while now

You probably can but there's no reason.

A's is borderline mandatory for any Mahou Shoujo or Mecha Musume fan. Watch either the first series (has a lot of downtime, but explains the story better) or the first movie (better battle scenes) first.

Depend on who you ask. Its without doubt crazy fun but the writting is very simple. Obviously their goal is less about complex story and more about ludicrously awesome fights in which they succeeded immensely.

If you have talent then intimidating some set movements is not that hard. It's not like she manages to perfect the move or anything, Vivio still defeated her.

RH, Bardiche and Volkenritter devices voices were hype as fuck every time. I even had a RH windows sound theme for a while.
The thing I dislike the most about Vivid is those cutesy animal "intelligent" devices.
Thanks, I'll guess I check it out after this season.

The quality kinda declines as it goes, but it's well worth a watch, I feel.

I liked it.

>there's no reason
the reason is that I won't have to watch an entire separate series.

I just want to know if I can get into cute girls fightan and /u/ without being too lost in the world and plot

Chapter 64 is the latest translated chapter.

It is the definition of mindless fun so it depends if you are into that.
It also has Nana which is always a plus.

>"Laevatein, is your master one who steps away from a challenge?"
Armed Devices were badass as fuck back then.

The main series is completely irrelevant to Strike.

Vivid might help introduce some of the characters, but there wasn't a real story to it. You are probably fine, just missing some references and knowing how magic/devices work.

I'll give it a shot thanks user

>lost in the world and plot
Don't worry, the writers probably don't have any idea what those things are by now.

Einhart has parents?

>It has some interesting concept mostly on having a male MC

How the shit is having a male MC interesting? You have countless shonen anime if you want action with dudes.

Ange Vierge aired last season and was pretty good.

Bardiche scene with Fate at the end of the first season and movie is one of my favorite scenes in Nanoha. Hype as fuck.

Raising Heart was also great

Yeah but most of them are too focused n spirit and manliness. A male MC in a show about magic and fights when a sensible resolution is preferred was interesting. Specially how it will interact with the established previous tropes. It's a fresh contrast.

Unfortunately Tsuzuki had no idea how to portray that and made Tohma a Mary Sue already known and loved offscreen by nearly everyone. I think that's pretty lazy.

Being male is kind of a tabu on Mid Childa, that's why it was something that could be interesting for a couple of chapters. He may even have been interested in forbidden heterosexual love.


Reminder that Bardiche's actor died and he won't talk at all during Reflections.

That was the joke.

I think they were obliquely mentioned in one of the early episodes of Vivid.

They can always make his son do it.

Why so many dudes on big and influential positions of power then?

>Unfortunately Tsuzuki had no idea how to portray that and made Tohma a Mary Sue already known and loved offscreen by nearly everyone. I think that's pretty lazy.
He would have been only half as bad and hated if Touma was a generic girl.

A brain isn't a male silly user.

I keep an open mind on things like these. I mean I still enjoy Nanoha Vivid manga and I like the anime too. I admit I was skeptical about Vivid Strike but seeing now it looks alright and I'm looking forward for more.

I guess Nanoha Vivid was a step for a new direction in which Vivid Strike is now and how Vivid (the manga) giving a much needed spotlight on Vivio (though I fear Vivio might end up with Nanoha's status as the series progresses).

A lot people just want to see more of Nanoha; the character. To see her name not in the title did put off some people even myself but like I said earlier with Nanoha Vivid's direction it seems pretty understandable.

And yes. I'm looking forward for Nanoha Reflections.

It's almost like the whole series is about girls

Being a generic girl wouldn't have saved the terrible writing. FORCE failure has very little to do with Tohma's gender.


New thread when

Yes they were. Also

>Two of the three Great Admirals
>Precia's Boss
Hell even Yuuno is on a pretty comfy chair being in charge of the information.

The girls are powerful board pieces but the guys are the chessmasters moving them.

There is already one up.

>The girls are powerful board pieces but the guys are the chessmasters moving them.
That makes sense, their population is like 95% female, and males are in average more fit for those roles.

Thanks a lot.

Most of them turned out to be evil and got killed, though.

Pic related: An accurate summary of this franchise's stance towards male characters.

Someone post it, I somehow don't have it.


ViviEin fans BTFO

Yumina is either living in Einhart's house now or she manages to wake up extra early, go there, make Einhart's breakfast while she's out jogging, and then go to school.

Vivio will have the last laugh. Just you wait. A mere commoner can't hope to stand against THE Saint King with her legion of devotees and with the backing of the church.

I thought Einhart was super thirsty for Vivio (Olivie anyway). What happened?

Congratulations user, you can see the future.
That's ex-fucking-actly how it's going to end.

>implying Vivio won't NTR the fuck out of that whore

>The girls are powerful board pieces but the guys are the chessmasters moving them.

Not really. It's canon since forever that the granny admiral was the most important and influential one by far. And the vast majority of admirals are girls. Almost all Belka kings were female too.

Many bad guys were male because then you can kill them with no problems. Not to mention that everything from StrikerS was a giant mistake.

>Not to mention that everything from StrikerS was a giant mistake.

I think he was making a joke about Vividred's content vis a vis asses.

I seem to recall the appellation "Vividbutt Operation" being used for it and it certainly earned such a nickname.

>original season villain: girl
>a's "villain": bunch of girls
>strikers villain: finally a guy but with a harem of girls to beat

What are you even talking about.