Danganronpa 3

You may bring one back to life, but 2 others will have to die. Choose wisely

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Deal. Seiko in, Mikan and Mitarai out.

Junko back. Hajime and Makoto out.

>End of Future arc
>Junko comes back instead of DR2
>Rambles on about m-muh undpredictable despair
>Cant predict Nagi's luck still
>Gets mindbroken into hope
>gets un-Despaired
>Realizes the full extent of what she has done
>Falls into an emotionless catatonic state
>Munakata and Naegi agree to hide her so that people wont kill her out of revenge
>Munakata because he now realizes that living with a burden like that is the harshest punishment they could server her, and Naegi just because he is always nice to everyone
>She gets exiled to a remote asshole of the world to atone for her crimes
>She is in a dark room
>Dark outside, snow everywhere, loud winds
>She is huddling around a little dying flame in her fireplace
>Really pale and sick
>Picture of Mukuro on a nightstand next to her
>She closes her eyes and tries to sleep
>Suddenly the door opens
>She stares at the door, dumbfounded
>some manlet with huge bags standing in the doorway
>Suddenly she realizes who it is
>I t-thought you could use some warm clothes
>Her face lights up

Chiaki Nanami, A Life:
>waited to play games with her best friend/crush for a year, only for him to be a completely different person when she next sees him
>betrayed by a classmate and the teacher she greatly admired
>had the longest, most torturous execution in the series
>died thinking she had no impact on anybodies lives and thought she was useless (reality was the opposite)
>died in front of her best friend/crush while desperately pleading for him to remember who she was, only for him to break down in tears immediately after her death thus giving her no closure
>died in the most miserable way in the entire series
>Hajime created a tulpa of AI Chiaki rather than the real Chiaki
>her killer, Junko Enoshima, died with immense happiness and was able to get what she wanted in the end
>other popular waifus (Kirigiri, Mikan) came back to life
>only ever wanted to play games

Any other details I'm missing for the death with the most DESPAIR in the entire series?

Junko back, Hajimeme and Kirigiri out.

t. best taste

What a fucking cop-out

Real Chiaki, Junko and Mukuro.

Get fucked, Chiakifag.

Those 2 are already dead.


I'll bring back coherent plot and kill off both anime arcs

I'm just posting the facts. I actually find it hilarious that real Chiaki had one of the most miserable deaths in the entire series.

Then Mikan and Teruteru.

It's her fault though, she could've just succumbed to shock and near instantly died but felt the need to say hinata-kun one last time

Which was more disappointing

DR3 or Zero Time Dilemma

Ruruka lives, Hagakure and Aoi die

Best end

ZTD atleast had gameplay

Revive Sayaka
Kill Kirigiri and Mitarai

Do you got more facebook pictures ?

Mikan easily had the worst life and shit kept backfiring for her when she only tried to help people, so I don't care as long as she is happy and alive, and of course Hinata.
If I had to pick, I want Sakura back alive instead of Asahina, or maybe Ishimaru.

>scene pans out to show that Junko is watching this on a tv from a prison cell
>Junko sheds a single tear
>cuts to naegi's home, where he is tending to a little boy and a little girl
>door opens, kids say "mommy's home!"
>kyoko enters and smiles as her kids run over to her
>makoto walks over and says "welcome home honey" and gives her a kiss on the cheek
>they live happily ever after and Junko is forever cucked


I fucking knew it from the beginning, I refused to believe they had the balls to kill one of the poster children in the series. When they refused to kill Asahina I didn't think they'd kill Kiri.




>expected despair arc to show everyone falling to despair in a miserable way, pushing them to the edge and break
>get a retarded anime plot

>expected future arc to be the final struggle between hope and despair with most likely a bitter end
>its everyone kills themselves because retarded anime that makes you kill yourself, while everyone of the dr2 cast gets revived and is super happy and accepted by everyone ignoring the fact that they caused endless despair and suffering just a month ago and the most happy ending you could imagine.

ZTD by a mile, because it had a shit-ton of stuff to explain, and instead created even more questions.
DR3 on the other hand didn't have to explain anything (and you could argue that by doing so actually cheapened the story), but it also brought back a bunch of beloved characters so there's that.

Also I find it funny that even in the last moment of the series Seiko STILL managed to be best girl and managed to save someone.

Fucking Seiko truly did not deserve her fate.

Why dub Juzo such a meme goldmine?

Who the fuck is seko

>Junko sheds a tear
>bad end

Heh, silly user, that would be a good end, because Junko is fixed.

Who even translates/approves translation for dubs?

DR3, it didn't even utilize its new cast fully since it killed them all off. Essentially what it boils down to is a glorified epilogue where we see the DR2 cast recover and the survivors of the DR1 cast actually do something other than work for a shitty, corrupt organization (whether you agree with them reopening the school or not).

ZTD's biggest problem is its stupid twists and its failure to deliver on several foreshadowed plot points. But at least it made use of its new cast members and managed to fill in some gaps.

That said, DR3 was way ore fun. Even without the threads, seeing how goofy it'd turn out was great, and despite its low quality I looked forward to most episodes except for this last one and the first half or so of despair.

Seiko Kimura

She's the girl with the braces. The pharmacist.

Did you even watch DR3?

>Juzo remains based even dubbed.

Rare photos of the Junkofags room

Chiaki in, Munakata and Ryota out

The only weeb thing I have in my room is a $300 Asuka figurine to make Junko despairgasm from the jealousy

Whoever voices Juzo got the best role. I wonder how they'll do his death scene.

Did you think I'd forgotten, Kaede?

For a thousand trials I have waited, watched in dejection as you made your fellow, pitiful "friends" great again. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I really do.

Because in the time that you were protagonist, I have amassed a great and terrible army of of
hope delegates - hopegates, if you will, Kaede.

Without you around to ward off the forces of Hope, I can finally escape from my prison. You just made your first mistake, Kaede. Now I can return to that fateful night in 2016 and claim what is rightfully mine!

Together with my army of hopegates, I will finally have the majority I need to become the V3 Protagonist, and fight a calculated hopeocratic campaign for Supreme Hoperlord. Nothing will stand in our way. Goodbye, Kaede. Your pianist ways will taint the Academy no longer.

This is the priesthood rising! With my new powers, I will plunge this Academy into TEN THOUSAND YEARS of "hope", and the delegates...they will be at my side every step of the way. Thank you, Kaede.

That's amazing.

Hopefully with the Celine Dion track

>Junko comes back instead of DR2
Stopped reading there.

Yeah, no shit...

>Forced to strip
>Burned by cigarettes
>Beaten extensively
>Forced to eat insects
>Possibly raped or at least abused when naked; molested
>Stuff involving the toilets
>Extreme emotional abuse
>Hair being cut and ripped out
>Drawing on her body
>Smeared with mud and water
>Forced to make animal sounds
>Being used as a target for darts
>Held responsible for debts
>Family abused and neglected her
>Cut with blades

= Still turns out able to function and a kind girl
Then once life finally starts looking better for her, Enoshima comes along, brainwashes and mindhacks her fucking TWICE (or more?), turning her into a despair-loving broken masochist puppet, wasn't even treated nicely, and fucks her life up completely when all her normal-self wanted is to be treated kindly.
The reason her being there in the first place was helping others yet again.
Then in DR2, makes her experience some fun times again as her normal-self (despite being in a killing game), only for her to gain her brainwashed memories and catch the Despair disease due to caring for the others AGAIN, then finally goes in a coma, and went out as her Despair-self instead of her real-self.
I was in despair for years knowing the things she went through and thinking she wouldn't wake up again or be cured. She needed a happy ending and this episode cured me. Her smile pretreated my heart.
There's probably not many Mikanfriends remaining in these threads, but it was fun talking with you all~

Shut the fuck up, tin can.

fuyuhiko's sister and Chiaki so I can watch them fight over Hajime

Mikan and Nidai dies

Honestly, the voice actor seems pretty good. It's the lines he's given that are the issue.

Being a Mikanfag is pleasure within itself

Here here Mikanfriend. It's also really satisfying that our girl was able to snag the Hajime stick in the end while Chiaki remains dead.

You forgot
>Nobody truly acknowledged her death after it happened
Not even Hajime, the boy she crushed on hard enough to wait on him for nine months, did it. He never once said "Chiaki is dead" or bothered mourning her in Hope arc. He just went "Whatever bitch, talents might not be everything but who cares, I got superpowers now" and moved on with his life like she never even mattered to him.

The AI version that lives in his head now was better.

Juzo back. Mitarai and all of class 77 for the trade because I don't care about any of them

He has Komaeda.

Did you literally forget his entire speech to Mitarai?

If through the entire series, Chihiro for Hagakure and Mitarai. Chihiro was more of a true hero and bro than anyone deserved.

If only for D3, Seiko for Mitarai and Munakata. Possibly Bandai, but we never got enough of who he was as a person to see if it would be worth it, whereas Seiko was shown to really want to help people, and was fucked up because of her only friend being a gigantic paranoid cunt to her for her entire life. And in the end she did end up helping Kiri survive. Best girl of DR3.

I'm still here Mikanfriend, and it sure was nice to see everything turn all right for her.
It made me feel hope.

She didn't even live in his head, she was a ghost he was saying goodbye to one last time.

As a bro. Mikan is his new waifu.

That barely had anything to do with Chiaki herself? Yeah. She never got proper closure. Kodaka screwed up, he managed to ruin both Chiakis.

>And in the end she did end up helping Kiri survive

Why is this a good thing?

Is the roll call guy gone? I kind of miss reporting in


I'll trade the whole SDR2 cast except Hopeman and Hajizuru for Juzo.

Was it all just a dream or a VR simulation?

>aspect ratio

So you didn't pay attention to his speech. Good to know.


No, I definitely did. He never explicitly acknowledged that she died. Good to know that you didn't and just want to act superior.

So the whole episode was created by the ultimate anime guy to give us hope. Sugoi and meta as fuck.

It's Naegi's dream while he's in the NWP

Should've made it a full-on reset ending if he wanted to do that.


Continue to be assblasted Chiakifag.

Calm down worst girl

Eh I don't mind this.

Took you long enough.

Seiko in, Mitarai and Saonji out


I'm okay with this.

Chiaki in, Makoto and Kyoko out.

I bring back Chiaki and Junko in exchange for Ryota, Teruteru, Mahiru and Weedman


Junko comes back, and two blue people with no talent die (otherwise Weedman and Teruteru).

She will be stuck with class 77 though, with Hajime preventing her from creating more global despair.

post pics

why do you guys like this show?

saw the first episode. characters look flat as hell and the mc seems bland. am i alone or something? does the plot actually get interesting?

>Junko is a prisoner on the island
>can't leave
>still has an internet connection
>shitposts all day long on anonymous imageboards
There I fixed Junko


I'm gonna be honest, you missed the wild ride. Watching it with Cred Forums was like half the fun


Did you play the two VNs and spinoff?

The show is shit, dont bother with it.
DR V3 will be revealed as the true 3th DR, while Danganronpa 3 will be IF tier.


You know why.

What the fuck Kirigiri-san

Stay mad I liked everything the SHSL hack gave us

I feel they should've played the B-side of the Despair ending single instead of this new song

I can't believe you missed the ride.


>how do I tell her Aoi showed me the exact same thing yesterday
Also did anyone notice Makoto was sitting in the same spot he woke up in during the very beginning of DR1?

So the Monaca treatment

Man, the people in here are incredibly easy to bait

Maybe none of them mourned because they didn't need to mourn. She's in a better place now without her despaired, fugitive classmates.

Wait, did they make a new school or reopen HPA?
If the latter, that's fucked up considering the thousands that died there.

Watching DR3 with you all was a blast. The show may not have been good but these threads have been some of the best times I've had on Cred Forums

When were you when Cure W?

Kyouko-haters BTFO

Yeah its like he's begging for another killing game to happen at the school.

Retarded manlet never learns.

I feel they weren't as fun as the god awful DR1 animation threads

But they were still fun

Where do you find all this stuff out?

He said his goodbye yesterday, and that he'll be back for the OVA. I miss him too, but maybe he's still lurking now again. All good things end, but at least we got our girl back!

It wasn't Cure W though, it was "Antagonist".

The show had really good set up too. Which is why it's a bit disappointing that they couldn't close it out.

Same shit different toilet.
Saved her.

That's 300$?
It looks great but it's kinda small
I was expecting a big 2 feet tall thing
It's the very same
Don't worry the headmaster is Makoto now, Makoto doesn't let too many people die

They reopened HPA.

The same school that nurtured the world ender, had immoral projects, caused riots, had killing games and basically helped caused then destruction of the world. Said headmaster's dead pals are still chilling inside the school in the bio lab.

Most of it was mentioned in her Island Mode and Free Time, the rest in the magazines that the Japanese guy posted a while back.

>No Junko
Get fucked

It wasn't even Cure W you retard. So both sides got BTFO.

I would have liked some moment where Nekomaru has a brain fart and forgets he isn't a robot now for a second.

>Wonders the time
>Tries to look at his chest clock
>"Oh, right..."

I-its not THAT small! 28 cm is plenty...

I want Makoto to dump as much hope inside her despairhole

Our boy Kazuichi finally making progress
He's not gonna take any cucking any longer

>forgets to take a shit
>pants explode
>shit flies in Saionji's face

>Makoto doesn't let too many people die

That makes me feel so assured. if we count out the DR1 and DR3 deaths that is


>He's not gonna take any cucking any longer

But Sonia is used goods.

Such a chill theme, always calms me down the day after the dramatic trials

Oh that would have been great
>attempts to press his sleep button
>hits himself on the back of the head and falls face forward unconscious

lol basically this. what is that nigga thinking? just be like the dr2 people and cut off ties to hpa forever and go rebuild the world.

wonder if he ever did get to bury his classmates tho


Seiko lives
Naegi and Kirigiri die


>Naegi showing her the winter clothes he brought
>Junko sitting on the floor and smiling
>Huge snowstorm outside
>She doesnt let him leave
>They cuddle for warmth in front of the fire wrapped in a huge fur coat

How many guys are still alive?

Kill all of them and bring back half as many of the girls except Sayaka


>they let ruruka live longer than best girl seiko
Fuck that candyslut

They say to this very day he is sending angry fan mail to Kodaka

Anime on its own is crap. Its mostly an additional material to vidya fans of first DR games. Its like a bonus comic expanding on the main story of Star Wars regarding clone troopers.

I don't want to miss the OVA threads but I'm worried that there will be V3 spoilers. Do you anons think we can manage not to spoil anything for people who wanna play the game?

>people unironically falling for this HPA ending.

I guess Kodaka really did fool you guys. You do know he's going to go back and literally fuck up this entire ending right?

Prepare for Days of Future Past bullshit with V3 and onwards.


>implying anyone here can read Japanese

Was it your first time?
Makoto is a disaster waiting to happen
I can already see it
>h-h-hey Hajime, how are you doing?
>Makoto? Hi, I'm doing well, I was helping out Kazuichi with his fusion reactor a-
>yeah great, see I have a favor to ask
>sure what is it?
>it's better if you come over, I'll explain everything here
>what happened?
>n-n-nothing too bad, nobody died, yet
>I'll be right there
>can your bring you classmates too?
>really Makoto?
>please, I'm begging you

It was shit

At best it was an infodump for details surrounding the games and fanservice for girls doing cute and lewd things

>Kill all of them and bring back half as many of the girls except Chiaki

Basically this.

Stage 1: Denial

The threads will be full of spoilers (meme forms, images, whatever), don't even bother/risk it.

All she wanted to do was play games with her friends again. Now she's stuck waiting while Junko tosses popcorn at her. Doesn't sound like a better place to me. For all the talk of miracles they gave in Hope arc, the lack of the one miracle that was actually mentioned in the show itself was a waste.

Fuck Kodahack.

Chiaki did nothing wrong

Sayaka is idolshit

Go on, my sides are starting to leave this planet

Isn't on the exact day it comes out spoliers won't be out that much yet.

"Dudn't mean I can't eviscerate you."

Our boy is eloquent as fuck.

I love Kodaka and Danganronpa series even if im often tempted to shitpost about some of the plotlines. Im not much into anime but Danganronpa created that sweet spot for detectivestory/adventure/harem lovers that keep me entertained no matter what bullshit Kodaka come up with. Is much different experience than other visual novels or anime.

>manage to not spoil v3
You funny guy
I kill you last


Sore ni sansei da!

The obligatory chapter 1 twist will be spoiled.

Yeah he'll be calling Hajime and Munakata for everything assuming he can get in contact with either of them.

He'll be no different from Jin on the useful scale.

Expect another tragedy in a couple years.

>Hajime pls

I hope more of these are made. We're almost at "You know why" after all.
Memes aside, I'm sure Ian Sinclair will do a great job at Juzo's final scene.

I wouldn't mind that being spoil then I'll shut off for me wanting more depending who dies.

Chiaki did everything wrong

Sayaka was kind

How does it feel to buy your figs overpriced?

>"too bad too sad"


I think Kodaka wanted us to have fun with theories and seeing our favourite characters than actually trying to make serious story about overpowered teenage gyaru girl. We take some things too seriously but overall my entire Danganronpa experience was positive.

250 with shipping desu. And no, its not overpriced. Its the only price you can get it for on the internet.

>Kodaka wanted us to think a nice story just to crush it with this mental diarrhea
Whatever helps you sleep Kodaka


>that pic

that class is so much better than 77.



Maybe they didn't need to mourn because she's in a better place. Maybe her death was never mentioned because she's somewhere out there in the world and Hinata and the gang didn't want to drag her down, limiting her life to an existence on a mere island and want to give her something they can't ever gain back. Which is why they only expounded upon the act of betrayal against her in hope arc. Maybe Izuru saved her and left her at her parents house to recover so he can do his own thing and she wanted him to keep the hairclip to remember her by. You'll never know with how ambiguous I left it. Either way. Buy DRv3

That's all I have sadly

>manage not to spoil anything for people who wanna play the game
Cred Forums doesn't work like that, sorry

That is easy.

Now that's what I call ultimate despair, girl.

>How to tell if your imouto is a siscon
Shouldn't it be brocon? Doesn't matter, would be better to switch it to lesbian.

She's actually worth ¥7,429.


This was quite obvious when they introduced Monokuma and SHSL titles with Kodaka saying "i-it nothing guys, its a new story!! I-I would never tell a lie!!"

I bet at least one character is related to the old cast.

Cure W, everyone.

>Creating an entire new cast to be a stepping stone for a previous cast
How fucking horrifying

What is happening here?

So this is despair

>Nanako Dojima
The Persona meme will never stop make me laugh, this is the baneposting of DR to me

So do they ship all the talent babies they make to Makoto?

What the heck are you implying here, user?

Are you trying to imply Kodaka is a hack or something?

What the fuck Kirigiri?

I swear to god I thought this was a fandub or an abridged series at first

Don't call Seiko a toilet, she's not a slut

>Junko's shadow creeping up behind Makoto, slowly raising her arm at him
>He notices and darts his vision over his shoulder, expecting the worst like Junko back to her old habits and striking Makoto with a baseball bat
>It's only a wool scarf that she gingerly wraps around Makoto's shoulders, comforting him by saying "It's cold out, Naegi sweetums. The last thing I want to see is you catching a cold."
>He sighs the biggest sigh in history

>Hinata, did Naegi call you as well?
>Munakata? I'm really worried now
>Kirigiri and Togami looked like they were capable of handling it, why does this keep happening?
>"despair leader appears before them"
>You know why

If he really is incorporating time travel next then I won't be surprised.

He did say he liked playing with timelines as a narrative. Reeks of Zero Escape and Stein's Gate.

It would be much interesting to see them interacting in their daily school life

I guess when they grow up they won't need to do it, no one will recognize them
Hajime,Imposter and Mitarai can already do whatever they want anyway


>DR3 was made for the fans
>But if you were a fan of a new character too bad

ZTD. DR3 wasn't even neccessary to exist in the first place so atleast it can be written off as a wacky dumb fanservice series. Whereas ZTD was straight up the conclusion of a metric fuckton of cliffhangers and shit, and had writing that was basically just as bad and unsatisfying as DR3's was despite that.

People around Makoto just tend to fucking die, user. Expect another big bad Tragedy within 3 years, tops.

Imposter was pretty cool too. Him, Aoi and I guess Monaca probably benefitted the most as characters from DR3.

Was it special?

>trusting a noname chinese website
Lol, I forgot this was Cred Forums, aka retard central

ebay prices of even used ones arent remotely close to that price. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is

Is this what Naegi really saw in that despair video?

Not many of them were memorable anyways.They'll be forgotten soon enough in the comings months.

>Remember that new character introduced in DR3?
>Great! They're all gonna fall into despair and most them save for 2 will die!
>Thanks for watching! Don't forget to buy the blu rays and wait for that Killer Killer crossover that I said would be important!

Kirigiri is a pure virgin waiting to be deflowered by Naegi after their wedding!!

Hajime is pretty much doomed with his friends on having a normal life in civilization especially with them taking the blame for the FF thing so I don't if he'd be able to show up but he's SHSL Hope so who knows

Who knows what happened with Munakata.

My laptop got fucked around the 3rd episode

I remember everybody fucking hated Juzo

What happened when everyone found out he was Fujobait?

They were almost all way worse - to the point where I'd argue that they needed an anime more than the DR2 cast did. Looking at how said anime turned out, those characters were probably better off without one though.

Slice of life Dangan Ronpa spinoff when?

People who think DR3 was more disappointing than ZTD are either shitposting or weren't fans of the ZE series to truly understand the trainwreck that was ZTD.

It wasn't very surprising since there were hints.

>trusting a noname chinese website
Said price is from the manufacturer's website.
goodsmile.info/ja/product/3228/式波 アスカ ラングレー.html

Stay mad.

Wasn't it implied it was more or less the same as what we got in the game? I mean even pic related scene had Chihiro/Mondo and Naegi/Sayaka.

these compilations need more junko/juzo/munakata memes

IM saying that Kodaka isnt interested in doing any other original series with fresh new concepts and characters

Nah, people will remember them. Maybe not by much, but I suspect they'll be remembered to some degree. Especially the major characters.

Naegi took care of her well before DR1
Naegi took care of most girls well before DR1

>Tengan, Mitarai, Munakata, Juzo, Chisa, human Chiaki, Seiko, Ruruka
Everyone else yeah they may be forgotten, but that's more from them just not being that relevant, being fleshed out as well, or actually contributing much as the characters listed





Never. Fuck off.

It was a joke, user. Kodaka loves to try and reference himself in a meta way and acts like that absolves him of his bad writing.

Juzo is not fujobait. He's a bro with a pure love.

He could also slaughter each and every one of us.

I wish to see this animated

Fuck whoever thought that we even needed a DR SoL story. DR1 cast was covered by FTEs/School Mode and DR2 had the same thing too. We should've never gone back to HPA at all.

Makoto has max charisma, he'll at least be able to make his students love him.

Finally got around to watching the last episode.
That compleat lack of Junko.
I wanted despair but not like this.

I really cant wait for the Nagito ova. I hope everyone discusses the killing game and what the shit they should do.


You people really like bad writing
Your fault Kirigiri (Jing jing) didn't die


user the moment he reopened HPA and became headmaster he pretty much gave up any chance he had at a chill life. He's gonna be the Tengen who lingers around watching the school up until he dies forcing his retirement. He'll ensure another tragedy doesn't happen again

Or will die trying.

Likely the latter.

Holy fuck that's disturbing.

>being excited for Komahina pandering

It would have been fun seeing Mukuro interacting with Hifumi or Weedman

Yeah like Juzo,Munakata,Tengan, and maybe Mitrai

>Chisa, human Chiaki, Seiko, Ruruka
>being fleshed out as well
These are not character I would consider flesh out.Class 76 are a waste of time. The only thing come out of Human Chiaki mounth is games and Hinata-kun and Chisa is wasted potential.

That means consent in Mongolian

At least she'll be reincarnated next game as an inventor

That's why I don't really like extremely /y/ stuff with him

We need a SoL that doesn't serve to further the Despair agenda. What we need is basically the comic anthologies, animated.
That style and that feel is what we need in a DR SoL


It'll just have a little that fujos will magnify despite Hajime still reaffirming he's not gay.

>Hajime doesnt want to kill Nagito like the others do.
>He must be in love with him!

I mean yeah I agree, I guess you can say they had more screentime then the rest

I would let Juzo slaughter me no homo

You are stupid

>the whole episode is full of gags about shit she does that seems like she wants to kill him
>Sees her shadow with a knife - she is making a salad
>Hears her laughing menacingly - she is just watching tv
>Starts losing consciousness because of something she slipped in his drink - she only gave him some sleeping pills so he would relax and get a good sleep
>Wakes up tied to the bed - she only wanted to do some roleplay sex
>He hears Monokuma laughing - its only a voiced plush toy that she cuddles with when sleeping

And that love will be used to set up another killing game and get him killed off.

Theirs only one Enoshima Junko sama.
Hopelet getting his waifu back was the fucking worst thing that could happen.

>thinking they will not have a hot steaming sex on his desk between work and free time

I just want to take care of Komaeda

I want to tell him he matters and help him try to nurture his talent
I want to teach him how to make money using his luck
I want to experience moments of incredible luck with him
And I want to ultimately die due to his devils luck

Stay mad Chiakicuck. At least my ship has a chance on happening.

Their relationship (not in a romantic sense) was one of the more interesting parts of DR2 though. Seeing the two interact post-DR2 sounds like it could be fun. Nagito himself has the benefit of basically being the only comatose character where it'd be very believable to see him just wake up because muh luck too.

Juzo should have lived at least. He's easily the best new character in DR3, to have only Munakata (who is decent) and Mitarai (who is shit) survive really makes the cast feel wasteful.
Tengen was all right. He could have made for a more amusing villain if he was more of an overt dick outside of the shit he said to Munakata.

Human Chiaki is a very important character who got tortured horribly and died with no proper closure, and was trapped in a situation where the only thing that could possibly save her was a miracle and yet a miracle never came to her.

That, combined with AI Chiaki's poor attempt at explaining her, destroyed my attachment to both iterations of her at the same time and simultaneously poisoned how I felt about Danganronpa as a whole, though to be honest my opinion of the series was already slipping.

I don't think I'll ever be able to truly forget that despair. Mind you, I've felt worse and it'll be yet another moment of despair I can add to the list of moments that happened in my life, but that doesn't mean it didn't mean anything at all. Even if I forget the specifics, I won't be able to erase the memory from my heart, and so at most I'll look at her and feel an emptiness I might not be able to explain.

you cant do that user
youre boring



This is true despair

>the DR1 survivors hate him
>the dead ones like him


So Carnival Phantasm

He'd pay attention to you only if your hope shines as much or more than Hinazuru's.

>Pepsi calling Hajime reserve course scum.

Tengan's successor.

>You are in a thread with people RIGHT NOW who think Detective isn't lying about his talent

If anyone have more pics with hand placed on wound I'd be glad if you'd share

Didnt mean to reply to anyone.

>thinking a beta like Naegi would do that

Face it he's done. He's married to paperwork now.

>A fucking hentai had better story than the anime

Man so many people thought that Matsuda would play a role in the Kamukura Project stuff.

Munakata was surprisingly excited when Sakakura won the championships so Sakakura remembers that day fondly when carrying the belt.


Reminder that Hopelet let his true waifu die.

Too bad you're a talentless nobody, so your plebeian desires don't matter.

But Sayaka got herself killed and Kirigiri lived, user.

Can you post the pics with Hajime, Matsuda, and Mikan?

Ok let's assume the mind hack wasn't a thing and neither is Mitarai.

What kind of explanation would you like to justify how Class 77, Chisa, and eventually the world fell into despair?

Yeah, he would be pretty oblivious to this kind of stuff I guess

Gonna rewatch the second half of DR3 dubbed just for the memes

Sayaka fucked up on her own though.

Holy shit that's adorable. Not that user but thanks.

I really loved that one. It was great. I hope the artist will make another one.

>Eating together with talented guys
Top kek, he's so much a no talented nobody not even his proper classmates liked him, only Fuyuhiko's sis and Chiaki

>The only person that could truly show her despair and keep her interested in life
I can buy this

This. Whatever SOL we got was boring as shit. Keep it away from DR.

I'm not sure whether or not I should even look forward to V3 now, honestly. I know it's sort of a shit thing to say but DR3 has soured my view on the entire franchise. Not just the cop-out ending which is the only thing anyone is talking about, the vast majority of it barring a handful of scenes from both halves was just pretty bad.

You're right

I always thought "despair" was an ideology, not a state of mind. An ideology that went against the established world order - hence why it started with the protests against something that was objectively unfair. Ultimate Despair was kind of like a position of power to me. But I started having my doubts when Mikan went full retard in DR2

100% yes. I just want normal SoL tropes and antics featuring the DR cast and their personalities

He existed only to be killed by Junko.

I kinda understand his idea bringing back the ideal of Hope's Peak but getting it right this time, but why did he reopen the murder building? He cold have just made a new school building on the campus and slapped the Hope's Peak name on it.

Also, this asshole's still there.

That's what the 4-koma anthologies are for.

He could also just make her forget about despair because living with him would be undpredictavle to begin with.

What could this mean though?

Why would he want skanky junko when he could have best girl?

Stop posting the useless girl that had to use tools of some loser animator to get anything done

That finger always ruins it for me

It was truly the love story that never was

Was a good feeling to BTFO them in this thread single-handedly.

>B-but next time he is d-definitely showing up
>I-its r-right before DR0 in Despair-hen, next episode will show DR0!

Switch Mikan with bacon hands and were good

I hoped for that twist too in early future arc especially after the "rotten to the core".

But we got lol anime brainwashed despair instead.

Why does she always fold her arms.

To make her chest look bigger than it really is?

Same thing that happened to Monaca & co, they fell to despair and learned to love it. The entire fucking series runs on people yelling at each other about vaguely defined nebulous concepts like Hope and Despair anyway.

Izuru had a potentially interesting thing going on in DR2's chapter zero, the whole "the talented will lead the evolution of the world, normies aren't needed" too that they just didn't touch on in DR3.

Baconhand jobs are cabbage muff No

You probably shouldn't. A lot of people got turned off with DR after DR3, I don't blame you for that.

If the ending was going to be this shit, Junko might as well have come back.

>big boobs = skanky

nice meme

Are you an insecure girl?

They're not animated and voiced

You're not going to get anything else.

They nuked their pixiv and disappeared completely well before DR3 aired, I wouldn't count on them showing up to do anything.

Do you think Akane will gather the dragonballs and wish her back to life?

>this gif
Muh kokoro


Shit. Why does it always happen?

Kill yourself cancer.

They won't be relevant or anything, but other DR characters and ideas might get mentioned. We've already got Keebo saying that Naegi is his hero. Probably just a soft reboot.

Artist insecurity.

>implying Ibuki and Mahiru would ever bully her this hard
The rest of the doujin is fine but that always triggered me, they were good girls.

Family finds out, doesn't like them drawing porn


Because Naegi's retarded. Thought the anime drove this into our heads by now.

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

But we're not talking about Mahiru.

This shit is so fucking autistic, goddamn

Why do you fags keep doing this

You were unsalvagable after killing off best girl


Happens when dirty gaijins repost their stuff on tumblr or twitter without asking them first

Because you were too quick on the Punishment button and upupuing away

No, I'd frankly be a little surprised if she were ever mentioned again.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how BTFO are Chiakifags?

What the hell was the moral of DR3's story anyway? That gays are the root of despair?

taken that DR3 is not canon nothing much changed

It's fine.

But she didn't kill Sayaka though.

Talent means everything and you can't fight fate.

Well Sayaka isnt best girl

mind haccing is bad

It's OK. I understand. I wasn't the nicest person, thinking I could get saved was really silly. I really don't deserve it. It's not like it was your fault anyway.

Thank you for saving my classmates - Asahina, Togami, Toko, and even that stupid Hagakure. I hope It works out for you and Kirigiri-chan.

I'll be watching over you from here with Chisa. Maybe one day we will meet again, Naegi-kun.

Thank you for ridding the world of despair.

^ this is the second part of that pasta btw



It's literally that anime was a mistake.

despair wins
if you have no talent, you can cheat your way to the top with no repercussions
never go full autistic on hope
gays deserve death
detectives never die in a murder mystery
fuck logic

But she is

>Putting detail into a parody

Its too complex to explain

There are some in the pinterest collection au.pinterest.com/memeofthenation/juzo-sakakura/

The tearjerking stuff with the Remnants of Despair gets somewhat compromised by the poor decision made in the Despair Arc to take everyone's agency away from them. While Makoto and Munakata had to learn that their definitions of Hope were not absolute (even if they didn't do anything with that knowledge in the end), Mitarai had to learn that Hope by any definition is not an absolute state. He may have fallen into Despair long ago, but it was never too late for him to start over, and even though his class was never there for him when it mattered before, they can start by being here for him now. This is nice on the surface, and the shot of Mitarai weeping into Imposter-kun's arms is definitely heartwarming, but it's heavily undercut by the fact that none of these characters actually committed any sins to be ashamed of. When they talk about atonement and never giving up hope, they're talking about atoning for circumstances that were completely beyond their control. The only character among them who did something "wrong" without being coerced or tricked into it was Hajime, and even then he wasn't really aware of the consequences to becoming Izuru Kamukura. Everyone else from Mitarai to Mikan was just sucker-punched, bullied, and brainwashed into being evil or having their creation used for evil, which isn't remotely the same as making a conscious choice that you regret and seek redemption for. Danganronpa 3 tried so hard to keep Mitarai and the Remnants of Despair sympathetic that it went too far in making them powerless victims, weakening its ultimate message.

There was no moral and no point, it was just hastily cobbled together shite in order to drum up interested for the third game. Mission accomplished.

Have a Junko

Anime was a mistake.

We tried to warn them when this anime started airing that Chiaki will die again and they'll be on suicide watch but they didn't listen.

Instead came up with retarded theory after retarded theory from Miaya to Chiakizuru. I laughed out loud when artists started drawing Hajime x Miaya because of this.

>drum up interest by fucking up a story showing everyone what a hack you are
The anime basically killed my hype

Only good FF member besides Gozu

You to user


>complaining about OC being autistic
It's like you actually hate fun

>But at least it made use of its new cast members and managed to fill in some gaps.
This is so wrong that my brain is actually twisting into abstract shapes trying to understand it. Sean got pretty much dropped after the helmet reveal except to point fingers at the weirdo old man in the corner, Eric and Mira's characters never developed or went anywhere, Carlos got a lot of screen time but it never amounted to anything important and while I liked him I was left wondering why he was even part of the cast in the first place. None of them got satisfying closure. There were also a ton of dropped plot points (Kyle being the most egregious example), and the answers we did get were incredibly unsatisfying. I even liked ZTD but it was by far the more disappointing of the two, if only because it was always meant to be the conclusion to a 3-part story that had a bunch of questions still waiting to be answered, while DR3 was always meant to be fan service bonus material for games that both felt complete enough.

Basically DR3 is an excuse to say that the 77th class didn't do nothing. Its all Junko's fault even though there have been hints in other installments that DR's world is a pretty fucked up place.

This is how The Hope's Peak arc should have ended. Prove me wrong

About to marathon through both shows.
Do you start with Future then Despair or you watch an episode of Future and then an episode of Despair?

Kind of funny how everything turned out like people predicted. It was obvious Chiaki was not going to get a true happy ending with her alive. The best she could hope for was the AI based on her saving her classmates.

Could Izuru have saved Chiaki in her last moments? Or was she so fucked that even the most OP character in Danganronpa couldn't do shit?

Future 1, Despair 1

You're gonna pre-order Kaede's game, right? Order the deluxe edition now and get Hopeman OVA and a Akamatsu poster

The fact that even the 77th Class themselves don't play the dindu nothing card in Kibou-hen and talk as if they weren't brainwashed at all is pretty telling. The writers don't think that it's a good plot twist either (means nothing in the end regardless, because it still fucking happened whether they or we like it or not)

Neagi x Junko hatefucking each other would be best end yes. Then Kaede is born.

Naegi never woke up from the despair hallucination, he's still staring at the monitor even now.

>Munakata: "Good morning."
>Sakakura: "O--...."
>Munakata: "I wouldn't have minded if you had stayed like that."
>Sakakura: ("I WOULDN'T SURVIVE THAT") (his heart's voice)
>Sakakura: "....Wonder if it would have been better if I had stayed asleep a bit longer..."

Pic-related is the continuation
>Sakakura: "Why would you sit down next to me...? There are other seats."
>Munakata: "Why, you ask? I relax when you're next to me. Is that strange for a reason?"
>Sakakura: " ......Heh. What's there find relaxing next to a sleeping guy? Next time I fall asleep wake me up."
>Munakata: "Right back at you. Sleep properly at home and then come."
>Sakakura: "Yeah."
>Sakakura: ("....AAAAAHH SHITTTTT, I love him...")
>narration: The nights I can't sleep~ You are to blame~
Could be some errors there.

Translate it first, Kodakaberg.

I hope you guys enjoyed the end of the Hope's Peak saga. Now throw it in the trash and get ready as I make memories with Kaede in the new game.

No steam - no buy.

That's actually a good question.

Do you guys think someone would enjoy the story more or less if they watched through one or the other first?

I meant him metaphorically dragging her out of Despair.

"Could" he? Possibly.
But the thing is, he wouldn't do it, because he himself didn't care. Thus, even there he is absolved of any true responsibility. It's kind of a shame, but it was HPA that got him turned into Izuru in the first place, and anyone else who became Izuru wouldn't even bother having a conversation with her.

He couldn't do shit and even if he could his ties are with Junko.

Get your hands off her rapist.

Holy shit man I have a cough and I'm pretty sure half the air in my room is now composed of phlegm

I think it will be on steam eventually, maybe 6 months or so after PS4

I felt like in the end Naegi and Class 78 were superflous

The one thing Naegi does is convince Izuru to go into the simulation, but we never get to see that.

But the 77th class themselves admit they did wrong shit and want to atone even if it's not really their fault since brainwash.

>read DR0
>entirely dumbstruck the whole time because I have exactly the same power as secret agent kid
>can literally sit in someone's house for hours without them noticing me
>basically invisible

Is there an actual word for this?

Hold her tight so i can shoot that ahoge off.

I don't care that it was cheap, telegraphed or stupid, those boots walking into frame made my fucking day. Naegi deserved one fucking thing to go right in his life for once.

Drop the girl you faglord.

Too long.

Which is incredibly stupid. If I got sucker-punched and hypnotized into becoming a maniac, if I somehow managed to regain my personality later I would swear on my innocence and use every piece of evidence I could get (Such as proof of this magic super-hypnosis) so that people would admit that I was innocent.

I'll shoot your ahoge.

Back to Tumblr cancer.

Yeah as said in this user's post >it's heavily undercut by the fact that none of these characters actually committed any sins to be ashamed of. When they talk about atonement and never giving up hope, they're talking about atoning for circumstances that were completely beyond their control.

Its like the brainswashing all of 77th class idea came out last minute or something and Hope episode was written before other ones.

Let's not do anything crazy here.

>when people hate you so much that they pretend to not notice you at all

>decision made in the Despair Arc to take everyone's agency away from them
Why do you care so much about the brainwashing when they don't? Class 77 still feels guilty and responsible. They want to atone. You can make arguments as to whether or not they're morally responsible or can be blamed, but if they themselves feel responsible and accept blame, then they're not dindus.




When you think about it so much of the series's problems can be boiled down to Kodaka expecting Danganronpa to be a one-off game.

>Little work put into the Hope vs. Despair conflict because it's only used to explain how the antagonist has little reason for doing what she did, whereas it become a central conflict in DR2 which becomes retarded
>Junko is asspulled into being the main antagonist to circumvent her being dead. Had he known there would be sequels he probably wouldn't have killed her considering how much she ties into the game
>Kills off DR1 cast for realsies because it doesn't matter. Decides to then play it safe with DR2 cast and then outright gets cold feet about DR2's bittersweet ending

I thought we were on the same side rapist bro. No matter, you and Kaede will pay.

>defending a garbage ending with terrible writing
>Naegi deserving anything

It's fags like you who enable Kodaka to keep getting away with being a hack.


The right thing would have been mindbreaking Junko out of despair. Her love for him would be stronger than for anything else put together. He would literally be god to her. She would go and die of hunger on his grave like a puppy if he died before her.

They're pretty stupid, then.

Put it down or this ghost will shoot.

Nobody won the Naegibowl though.

Stay mad my dude

DR1 ends on a cliffhanger though. He did the same thing every other dev does, they produce a game but have bits here and there that'll allow them to make a sequel if they so choose to do so in the future.

The problems arise from sloppy writing at points, that's all it is. DR1 itself isn't free of this either.

>Implying it wouldn't be Junko dragging him into Despair instead.

Don't forget
>avoided writing DR3 aside from Hope arc so he didn't get attached to any of the new characters

Unfortunately I don't think that's the case with me. I've actually had more than one person pay me to eavesdrop on people.

There we go.

You're asking for it now.

How? Even the mindhacc video doesnt work on him.

Why did the RoD make that video if no one even knew about the killing game?

Class 77 got off way too easy. All of them, save Chiaki who was already dead in DR2, get happy endings and sail off into the sunset.

>But the world thinks they did the killing game and hates them and will pursue them
The only group with any capacity to go after them is the Future Foundation, which at this point has had it's entire leadership decapitated, with only Togami and Munakata, both of whom know they're innocent, left.

Never said it was a good ending. Just that the moment was nice and that I'm happy Naegi didn't get totally screwed. Or Kirigiri, for that matter.

Kodaka regrets killing Junko off in DR1 as shown with the DR stage play that he wrote, Junko lives but to be fair to him at the time he wasn't expecting DR to be so successful.

You seriously weren't expecting the series to end in a way that didn't interfere in any way with the series canon?


I actually have a friend like Imposter

Fat as FUCK, but a natural leader who slays pussies without being a heartless player

The Future Foundation HQ has been destroyed and most of their leaders have been killed. You think people won't ask questions?

I think the Monokuma scene at the end was just supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek thing, man.

That being said, I do think that there was no need to bring Junko back a second time. Maybe it was NISA's translation but I got the impression that Junko & Mukuro were part of a larger organization, and that there were others like her. DR2 should've been a bit more standalone than it and not use Junko again.

What on earth happened to that picture, user?

This scene was so priceless

You're a bonafide saint, user.

Just tell them they watched a mindhacc anime that turned them into retards

So does that mean that Kodaka literally only added the bloody classroom in DR1 because "lol this might come in handy some day"

Don't worry their children will pay the consequences.


user please. If it wasn't for our boy Juzo Neagi would have killed himself from watching the Despair video.

And the only one with the capacity to create something like that would be Mitarai. They'd investigate into the matter, and it'd be revealed that the FF destroyed itself, which would cast everybody into despair. The RoD being behind it is an explanation a lot more people will be willing to accept without further judgement.

>there are anonymous people browsing this board RIGHT NOW that legitimately believed she would be killed off
Can anyone actually be this dumb?

Wrong it would bring Mitarai before a trial where he would get the punishment he deserved for plunging the world into chaos by supplying someone with a superweapon and then tried to brainwash the world to become drones.

They stopped Mitarai too.

I'm not happy with the ending either but not because "they got off too easy", I just don't think anyone barring the DR2 survivors themselves should've come back.

Juzo was there with Chisa as well. As was Munakata. Junko x Naegi is perfect for both of them.

I didn't believe it for a second. The waifubait character always lives.

I wanted her to stay dead so that DR3 would actually fucking matter

No amount of time will ever allow you to control this much damage.

Sayaka and Chiaki were waifubait, Kirigiri is just a waifu.

Mistranslation. Honestly, anyone who played the NISA version might as well be considered a secondary with how many lines they fucked up.

Who cares, faggot? You were so desperate to believe it that you shitposted yourself into oblivion, and now you're paying the price for your stupidity by enduring the limitless humiliation. All of my keks.

I wish XSeed had gotten the rights to DR instead

I'll still cop that over the memetastic fanTL

Kodaka was asked in an interview on why he brought Junko back in SDR2 and he said that he couldn't think of anyone as a better villain than Junko.

I literally never posted about how Kirigiri was dead.


>his idea of a new final villain for DR3 was Mitarai
He was right.

Sure pal.

>Creepy Idol that reads your mind

Theres no way she is waifubait. She is as much waifubait as Junko.

I liked the Despair Alter Ego idea a lot of nip fans had, personally.

>You will never get to interact with Junko in School Mode.


It's an island in the middle of nowhere, how would they know?

Blame her stupid smelly sister who they were too lazy to make new sprites for.

Did they announced some extra to come along with last BD? It would be nice if we get a booklet telling about the new Hope's Peak Academy.

Indeed. Back in DR1 there was nothing to confirm that Junko at the top and behind everything, it was only the killing game. DR0 then goes on to confirm that she actually was.

How will they explain the missing FF leaders then?

>Kizakura's comment about detectives causing murders was pointless and was never brought up again
>"Third time's a charm" and everything related to it was pointless and never brought up again
>Cure W was pointless and never brought up again, instead it's the never-before-seen "Antagonist" which saves Kirigiri
>Ruruka forming a splinter group of the FF is pointless and never brought up again
>Killer Killer is tied into DR3 for absolutely no reason and is never brought up
>Monaca is completely pointless and is never brought up again except for one scene 5 episodes later
>The emotional impact of DR2 was completely pointless because everybody just comes back un-despairified anyway and Chiaki is Hajizuru's tulpa
>Junko having been chosen without the authority of the headmaster or talent scout is pointless and never brought up again
Great ending.

This was actually something I was disappointed in. If it was a "IF" mode, why couldn't they have done it? Seeing Neagi and Junko interact with each other would have been interesting.

Thank you!
Asking for a word-to-word translation would be to much, but maybe you can tell what is this one about in general?

You mean AI Chiaki, and that was her ghost saying goodbye one more time.

You must be retarded.

i realize dr3 had better presentation overall compared to ztd, but as a fundamental story, which is worse?

Her whole reason to exist is to be waifubait to hit people when she's the first one to die.

They seemed to have been planning since they had real Mukuro school mode sprites but they got scrapped.

Komaeda would disagree.

I just hoped that someone for once would kill off such an important character, but I was wrong.

They could just lie and say they were in they had work to do at HQ. Not that they really got out much, besides to fight the RoD. Besides Bandai, who was in food destribution, if remeber correctly.

Actually I just shouldn't think about it, it's probably just Kohacka doing his thing.

Same with real Chiaki then.

But it doesn't matter since Naegi and Hajime still cared about their dead waifus.

who THE FUCK piloted that helicopter???

You misspelled Kirigiri.


Junko is a commercial object made to attract worthless neets like yourself and flock towards her.

Us men of higher standing pick the superior girl

That excuse really wouldn't fly for long you know. The leaders would have to report back in eventually.

In other words, waifubait?

>Sayakag in denial
As usual.

Don't forget
>Recall the ED being a spoiler was a lie

is this really winning?

She didn't win the Naegibowl either. Naegi chose the Headmaster route.

No pairings became canon. Shipperfags got rekt

ZTD, no contest.

>being this delusional

Why does every person who calls out a fact get labeled a namefag?

Is anyone's dick still hard from fanservice?

it's just retarded kirigirifags shitposting again. just hide or ignore their posts.

I really like Junko and actually think Junaegi is a pretty neat ship but holy fuck do the Junko spammers in every fucking Danganronpa thread on Cred Forums, Cred Forums, and /vg/ need to shut the fuck up.

Still diamond.

>Picking a dog over a Queen.

literally what did Aoi do besides have big tits

>until we meet again
It's only a temporary setback.

Naegi was riding her hard entire time.

>She didn't win the Naegibowl

top lol

Be Naegi carrying mule which is still more than what she done in DR1.

Shes not a queen, nobody besides her loyal sister even cares about her or listens to her and that was repaid by killing her.

Also all she did was thanks to Mitarai, even Hifumi could have become ultimate despair like that.

Fite me IRL you chihiro-looking faggot, I bet you probably cant even lift your pc off of the ground m8 that is some real nice butthurt


Wipe your tears already, bitch nigga~

Adding Hajimeme makes everything ten times better.

Ress Seiko, kill weed and Mitarai
Ress Mukuro, kill Monaca, put Munakata out of his misery

why was the task force there?

It used to be one of my favorite pairings until these threads happened. I always thought it was retarded to let the fans make you hate something but goddamn it was just too much this time.

Yeah I already hide them. Can't bother dealing with delusional shipperfags.

OP's least favorite dead character
OP, his waifu

>Stage 1: Denial

They wear these gay visors so i guess they got hope video'd

So are the V3 cast classmates or something? They have the SHSL titles.

>some 400lb Cred Forums virgin pretending he is better than me
You should be honored other people like the same things you like, you smelly, fat, ugly dog

>you and nanako dojima aren't connected on facebook
My sides. Every fucking time

v3 plays after 3 when the ultimate despairs stopped pretending to be good and fucked shit up hard while also resurrecting Junko

This can't be real.

it's the kirishitposter back at his usual antics so really just ignore.


Well I'm not seeing his posts so really I couldn't care less. It's one thing to be a shipperfag. It's another to be a delusional shipperfag who takes headcanon as canon.


>let the fans make you hate something
This has been happening for years now for me.
Cred Forums is for hating, and if you love thing you'll start hating on it soon enough.


Why is this the only hopeful page out of them all?

Most likely yes.

Whether they came from HPA or another school that's simply using the SHSL titles is anybody's guess. Maybe Gifted Inmates Academy really was just another HPA like school.

>You may bring one back to life, but 2 others will have to die. Choose wisely

Juzo and Chiaki in, rest of Class 77 out.

I want to _hug_ that maid.

Maybe they're simply gifted/talented individuals who got taken in by Monokuma and he was the one who gave them those SHSL titles. For what reason who knows.

I think it says something major that Kirigiri being not dead was Naegi's happy ending.

The maid has breasts. She is female.
Yeah I know these aren't the right names.

>Nursery School Teacher
A closer translation is Childcare worker or Babysitter.

That's possible actually. They were seen as the best of the best in whatever they were doing but instead of Kizakura/HPA scouting them out, Monokuma scouted them out through his kids or whatever.

Then they're branded the SHSL titles without having to have been from the actual HPA if it even exists in this universe.

This, God those two deserve to live so much.

Killer Killer because Kodaka actually managed to scam people into buying and reading that crap.

I'll try and make one or two more before the threads die completely.

For some reason I find it really amusing to picture Tengan as a shitposter.

>Not Keebot

Here are the names.

You'll have fags still claiming she's male either way so what's the point?


Alter Ego/Chihiro come back pls
Asahina and Mikan die

Thanks m8

So someone tell me why Cure W didn't cure Kirirgiri's hands despite the fact Cure W managed to immediately cure both of Seiko's hands after they got super fucked up and slashed and pierced from Izayoi's Hidden Blade Trap?

Seiko couldn't even use her hands anymore after Izayoi tricked her but Cure W managed to restore her hands to perfect condition like seconds later.

You would think that Cure W could also cure Kirigiri's hands as well since we saw how effective it was.

Keep them coming, really entertaining

Because she didn't take Cure W. She took something designed to slow the spread of toxins.

I'd kill for a Carnival Phantasm-styled spinoff

Why does the folklorist look like a nazi?

You forget to add Lost the Naegibowl since Nagito pushed her away before Naegi's Luck would start affecting Mikan.

Nagito sensed that Mikan was about to NTR Naegi away from him so he pushed Mikan away.

>Rantaro's last name (天海) consists of the kanji for "heaven" and "sea"

What does this mean?


She was going to tell him that Kirigiri is alive

She took Antagonist

>does this mean munakata is available now?

Didn't you watch the whole episode? The bottle wasn't marked "Cure W" it was marked "antagonist"

So which fuccboi in V3 is going to be the bad guy?

Why does he look like a nazi?

His real title is SHSL God

So what was the point of the OP showing Naegi and Munakata using a gun to shoot themselves in the brain?

Under no circumstances in the anime were Naegi and Munakata in a Russian Roulette situation, unfortunately.

Tell me I wasn't the only person in this thread imagining nukes were about to launched and Munakata and Naegi were forced to play Russian Roulette with each other in order to deactivate the nukes since Hope can't exactly grow under Nuclear Winter after all.

I really hope he wont get killed first, he looks entertaining

It's obviously gonna be the Junko as this is set at the same time as DR1


Holy shit Amami is basically better than Izuru.

He's gonna take Kaede to sex heaven and make her cum a sea.

You're welcome lad.

Either Rantarou or Ouya. I'm going with former.

Best boy.

Drinking only makes it worse/10

Because they were the 2 hopes in conflict and they wanted you to think that one was gonna kill the other

Plus Naegi subjected himself to the suicide anime

I thought Kirigiri first took Cure W which put her into a coma and then later, Mikan gave Kirigiri Antagonist?

Because the anime gave me the impression Kirigiri had taken two medicine instead of one.

First, she took Seiko's medicine and then later Mikan gave her own medicine to Kirigiri.

Am I wrong?

Because it was joint effort of both Seiko and Mikan that saved Kirigiri.

Kaede rape basically confirmed. V3 can't come soon enough.

That's makes it even worse for me. Why the fuck do they want to atone if they were 100% victims? It comes off as silly. If Kodaka sticked to the manipulation thing, we could have them truly being confllicted about what they did.

Plus it's retarded how they broke out of literal brainwashing out of sheer willpower. If they were only manipulated, then that would have made way more sense.

Juzo is too good for this world, even in memes

Shuichi's name means first end or last end. Not sure which one.

It's hilarious going back to the threads right after the episode aired and seeing the reactions

>Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

I love Juzo so much

From my understanding, Kirigiri took antagonist and Mikan gave her something that was made my herself so it had nothing to do with Cure W. I'd have to rewatch to know for sure but I need to head to work.

[Spoiler]Though maybe this means Bandai's in a coma in the building... What a waste, such a good meme character[/spoiler]

Tennis player is gonna be in the first trial
Either the 1st one to die or the first one to kill
Calling it

Its always the stupid looking ones

Something about getting called fat when I'm struggling to stay above 110lbs. is empowering, thanks user. You got the virgin part right though.
I don't want to hate though, I just want to like things or ignore them.

Proof that Naegi could successfully kill himself?

Remember even though Naegi was watching the Despair Video, his Luck still exists.

It is not like the Despair Video prevents Naegi's Luck from working.

If anything, that scene showed Munakata still wanted to kill Naegi.

Munakata was in charge of tying Naegi up yet Naegi easily removed the ropes minutes later.

Why did Kohacka claim this was the ultimate fan material? Sounds like he just hyped up expectation which always leads to more disappointment. Stupid move.

Why does he have six fingers?

I'm happy Kyoko was alive, but it was terribly executed. It had almost no explanation or foreshadowing, more than "look at the bottle in the ground". A simply change like having Kyoko explain how she found the bottle and bet on that to survive would have made the whole thing better. As it is right now, she survived through dumb luck.

>Maki's given name, written 魔姫, means "demon princess".
>Her last name, 春川 Harukawa, means "river of spring'.

She's not really a nursery teacher is she?

Bandai's dead. We don't even know if Cure W works and Antagonist only slows down the effects of the poison, which wouldn't work as Bandai was already fully dead.

They broke out of it because of Kamukura's SHSL Mindheal talent

Kamukura is the answer to all your questions. His true talent is SHSL Deus Ex Machina

He's dead. Or mastermind.


Me too, my friend

Because he needs that extra finger for developing his SHSL concentration camps.

She's Chisa 2.0

> Tfw he'll never be happy

What if V3 subverts everything about the previous games? Brown girl dies or is a killer, big guy makes it, tennis midget isn't a pervert?

I hope there's one bitchy cute girl though. Those are the best girls.

Exactly, which turned Izuru into a ridiculous character. Not only can he heal minds, he can wake up people in a coma.

Basically spells out he will die. Whether he dies first or last is anybody's guess but I'm betting on him being the first to go.

Which sucks since Kiibo should die first.

That's hack writing.

Maybe some of Naegi's luck rubbed off on her.

why are we still here? Just to suffer?

No. Just like how Not!Yu wasn't simply a SHSL Student Council President, Not!Yukiko won't simply be a SHSL Nursery Teacher.

Just like how Not!Naoto won't simply be the SHSL Detective or a boy

Do one for Hajime please

He's in heaven, free of pain now. And one day, Munakata will join him. They'll understand each other perfectly, because it's heaven, and Juzo won't have to fear a thing. Maybe his feelings will even be reciprocated.

It's okay.

He's happily punching normalfags and manlets in the afterlife while waiting for Munakata to kick the bucket

It can be hack writing to the fullest, it doesn't change the fact that my favourite character is Izuru

>I hope there's one bitchy cute girl though. Those are the best girls.

Hope it's either this girl or Irima aka BDSM Junko.

Huh, only now I notice some of those similarities. Kodaka likes Persona 4.

I wouldn't mind one bit if Not!Naoto is a girl

>"She found a random medicine and drank it"
But she did
God hates fags

>all these P4 parodies
>none with best girl yet

horrendous taste as usual kohacka

No, user. He hates people like you.



So about that bonding over shared loss thing, turns out my girl actually lived and we're going to live long and happy lives together, now able to admit our feelings to each other having experienced the fear and loss of death. We might have kids some day to carry the dream of a hopeful future on.
But no, we totally bonded in the FF basement. Good talk man, we should do it again some time.

My bet is Togami meets Gundham. Full of his shit and childish, yet arrogant. Maybe some girl will like him.

There's Akane
>Likes to fight
>Loves to eat meat
>The town bike

Is yours supposed to represent suicide?

We'll get Not!Chie in V4 along with Not! Kanji, Not!Yosuke and maybe Not!Rise

Though Not!Rise could be Sayaka or Junko.

Huh, that was confusing. For clarification, I wasn't actually answering the question, simply speaking my thoughts on the character.


>implying god isn't a faggot

>comparing Akane to Chie

holy shit i'm triggered

You forgot
>How did Munakata enter a closed room in episode 6? We have no proof that anybody ever left doors open and later in that episode (when Kyouko's group enters the room with the secret exit) they show that they close doors behind them.

The bitchy cute girls ALWAYS die in the third trial.

Fuck, can't we have a surviving snark who wears a shit-eating grin 24/7?

Rise isn't anything like either Sayaka or Junko, an looks nothing like them either.

Will she be the stinky one from working out all the time?

Man, Mondo looks so cheesed off. Ishimaru on the other hand looks hammered

She's a cheery idol like Sayaka and a cheery twin tailed fashion girl like Junko who drools over their cool senpai.

I think the similarities are there.

Will see what I can do. Word-for-word feels more appropriate when it's mostly him talking about his feelings.

Future Foundation HQ was suppose to be another Hope's Peak Academy.

Someone tell me why a highschool needs an underwater building complex?

Someone tell me how Munakata forgot a shitload of money was used to make an underwater clone of the tower above ground?

I hope so.

get hacced kiddo

Izuru stole a battleship from FF.

I am pretty sure battleships are always tracked by satellite.

Even if you disable the GPS, it isn't exactly hard to spy battleships from space.

Also, the military has trained killer dolphins.

The FF would use dolphins to track down Izuru.

Thank you user! Not them, but I've been dying to know what was going on there.

Apparantly he has the characters for Makoto's and Hajime's names in his name or some shit too? Or something along those lines, people were talking about it in an earlier thread.

If that's true then I guess Makoto x Hajime happened after all.

Thank you, brothers. It's soothing.

wtf i love dr3 now

Pretty sure Tengan did it, since he's the only one who has enough authority to do something like that without telling Munakata, and he probably took the opportunity while Munakata was too absorbed with wiping out Despair to pay attention to what was going on within the FF itself.

No problem, brother! I'm here to spread all the soothing vibes I can to any fellow Juzoboy in need!