So what do you guys think?

So what do you guys think?
Did he kill him?

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Yes, Nero put Avilio out of his misery and then went on to keep living while running away from the Galassias

Yes he killed him. Why is this so hard to understand. Life is cruel and MC was stupid for not killing Nero first when he had a chance. Now move on with your life OP.

Why was he giving him advice about living then?

Sounded more like advice to himself. He lost every reason to live.

I would prefer it if he did actually, not that I hate Angelo, but I think it makes for a better ending

It was more for himself, think about it
>sacrificed everything for the family and this one dude
>get betrayed by guy you trusted for so long
>everything that you worked so hard for, everything that you sacrificed your friends and family for just burned up in the blink of an eye

Nero just needs to keep on livin' man. That's why he has this smile at the end.

Do you not think the show was giving you room to believe either outcome is possible?

He's smiling because he's thinking about all the good times and how he ended the cycle of revenge.

Is it me or is the first thread I've seen here about this Kino?

The were a couple yesterday, when the last episode actually aired.
That's how it is for less popular shows, you pretty much only get a thread or two on airing day.

The footprints at the end were the footprints of them leaving so no.

There's only one set though.

I think he realized that mafia business always ends in tragedy, so that smile might be just relief that he's finally free from that world.

Anyone else immediately do a complete 360 in regards to a show with a sad ending? I liked it right up until those last scenes.

Was this show supposed to make me cry?
Because it did.


The footprints don't match.

The ocean got rid of them

I didn't get invested in the characters enough to feel sad. Just thought it was a weird but satisfactory enough ending.

Why? The entire episode was similar to their travels near the start of the series, with a much more somber tone after Avilio finished what he set out to do. It ended fittingly. I could understand changing your opinion entirely if the ending bent over backwards to make both of them happy.

Personally, I just thought Nero's reaction was kind of jarring. It didn't feel right with his character to have him drive Avilio around.

>Tfw ep 10

Why was this cunt allowed to live?
He was a bad person he even tried to blow up a loli.

>forgetting prohibition is over
if you cuqolds dont even know the end of prohibition is the time the mafia started to dwindle

they mentioned it on two episodes

He didn't.
Nero shot, but missed on purpose, just like when he was young.
They walked a bit more and then turned back, that's why Nero walked more on .
It's possible that they went back by stepping on the already made footprints.
The guy at the end saw that Angelo couldn't kill Nero, and Nero smiled because now the Galassias will also go after Angelo.


>he misses
>Nero: I guess I still can't kill the little boy after all
>Angelo: you'll have plenty of time to practice, I'll be here forever
>they both laugh externally
>Nero: I'm hungry, let's go


Don't bully Tigre, he was a good boy.

Nero might have killed Avilio, but he let Angelo live.

The entire point of the show was that revenge was pointless and leaves you empty inside. Nero's dad said this to Nero and even mentioned how he regretted killing his BFF, Avilio's dad, and his family. Even Avilio who thought that his reason to live was to avenge his family realized that he still felt empty inside, nothing changed. All this was foreshadowed when Angelo asked him would he be able to shoot that kid again and then later when Nero said he would give Angelo a reason to live.

So then why would Nero kill him after all of that? To avenge the family? Did his father's words fall on deaf ears? Was he unable to empathize with his friend's pain and see the actual mess that it left him? Did Nero go back on his words? Or did Nero tell him that he didn't need a reason to live in order to give him a little hope before he ultimately killed him? Avilio killed his friend in order to continue his plans for revenge. Was Nero going to do the same to Angelo?

Imo, they were even. Even stevens. Killing Angelo would be an empty victory for Nero as he had nothing to gain from it, but more pain and Angelo would have died for nothing as did everyone else.


>one last roadtrip
>dat kitaro-esque insert song
>motherfucking hand drawn wave
>earth pastel colouring
Shit son. That was good.

The show made it ambiguous enough with the dialogue for it to mean either way.
I think he did die though.
The whole emotional moment where he screams that Nero should've killed him 7 years ago instead of making him go through all this and the final scene where Nero gets to "rectify" it is the kind of symbolism I liked over the ones that have him live.

That along with Nero's footprints only lasting for a couple more steps before "dying" is just too good.
I loved this anime. 9/10 unironically

It's pretty refreshing to see an original anime with no source material that is good.


Avilio survived and now he's in another show hiding from Galassias (see pic)

In recent times, it's anime without source material that tend to be good.

Of course not his good though. That's pretty rare. I don't think 91 Days disappointed me at any point, besides the animation drop.

he killed him, jumped over to his footprints to catch the body before it fell and threw it into the sea outside the frame in one fell swoop before swimming back to the car for the nice camera shot.

You're right. How did I not see this before?

The best anime of each season tends to be shit with source material that never gets a second season, in my experience

>angelo was stuffed into the can

This is Angelo.

Being the most popular or overrated doesn't make it the best.

like more failure japanese "writers" they left the ending open

Tigre was the real hero of this show

So did the anime take place over 91 days?

Who the fuck was that guy at the end who was following Nero

Galassia's spy

This, like what was the point of him?

Regardless of whether Nero shot Angelo or not I don't get how he fits in here.

pineapple salesman

>sir, you happened to forget this can of pineapple
>it was a buy one get one free deal

Its saying Nero wont be safe for life, probably dead by the time he reaches any town under galassia family. No good ending for the survivors of vanetti.

I think he did. Not out of revenge, but as a mercy to Angelo. He was a husk of a husk of a man.

fucking top kek

my head canon is nero missed on purpose and Avilio decided to drown himself in the ocean.

Pretty much. Even with all the shit that Nero was dealing with, I think Nero realized that he still had much more to live for than Avilio at that point. And the first step in his long journey out of the world of the mafia is to finally remove someone whose heart was shackled to the system without a way out.

Of course he killed him.

No he didn't.

Fucking fujo go back to

Are you denying that they had homosexual love making on that very beach and then after Nero shot a load up his ass Nero got in his car and drove away?

I thought I would hate this show before the season started, but I ended up loving it. One of my favorite shows of the season, and it probably had my favorite ending.

A bit of a shame I missed the threads for it though.

This need a party hard edit

That ending though.
The show just got better as it progressed, but the ending alone advanced it from one of the better shows this season to probably my favourite.

On all levels including physical, I am a can of pineapples.

[Kills Nero's family]

What was the point of the repeat closeups on this if not to show Nero spared Angelo, then they lived happily ever after together in Florida?

In all seriousness, I'd guess this ambiguity is just to give them leeway for a second season if they can wrangle one. It would be quite believable to have a continuation set in Florida with the gangs pursuing them, since they were being followed the whole time and we never saw any reason or resolution for it.

he's smiling because he didn't miss this time

He's smiling because he has the can of pineapples for himself.


This sounds like Nero spared Angelo.

Do you have the full thing?

It's foreshadowing the trip to the ocean.

It lacked emotional impact because no one really likes Nero or Angelo that much. They just have too many flaws. This episode just made me feel empty. However, Corteo's death episode had tons of emotional impact because he was the one who was likable and relatable. I think this was all intentional on the creators' part though.

Thank you.
>each episode went through at least 7 drafts before getting to the final version
These guys had a rough time.

>I'll be happy if you see for yourself what awaits these two characters
I think he's just trolling and hyping the final episode. The interview was posted before it aired.

Apalachin fucked them up, mafia actually peaked in the 50s.

>no one really likes Angelo that much
First thread, I take it?

What makes you think that?

It's you, fuck off back to Cred Forums.

It's open ended.

This time around he had his eyes opened before he shot him, which would imply that he did intend to kill him as contrasted to the first time 7 years ago.

However, they showed the footsteps afterwards and there was no body left, which meant the above could also be interpreted as he intentionally left him alive by choice this time around, and they went their seperate ways.

Both are highly plausible, so it's open ended.

oh fuck angelo was a can of pineapple all along.

What if all the people were assorted canned goods and they used can openers to off each other? Is this the grandest commercial for grocery stores that has ever been produced?

It was an anime original? To think that I avoided the threads for nothing.

>turn TV on for the first time in weeks
>pineapple farm documentary is on


No wonder that server gave Nero a weird look. Nero wanted out of the gangster life after years of torment of killing loli Angelo.

>no one really likes Nero or Angelo that much. They just have too many flaws.
The only people who say this kind of thing with a straight face are those who can't distinguish between reality and fiction enough to recognize that a likeable fictional character isn't always going to have entirely healthy morals as a person.

>Did he kill him?

Well I think they both died, Nero killed Avilio and then the Galassia guy that's shown in the car recognised Nero, followed him and killed him.

That's why the footsteps of both of them disappear at the end, Nero´s being the last to dissapear.


Couldn't even stop his family getting murdered by a can of pineapple

>no one on Cred Forums would ever like Lelouch because he had many flaws but everyone would love Euphie who was likeable and relatable
I'm not sure you realize that this is what you're saying.

Wasn't a fan of this show, but the second half was really good, especially the last 2 episodes. Solid 7/10.

nero went mad and killed them all himself to become don
he was carrying around the can the whole time

where can i subscribe?

WTF it is a fight club ending but this time we discovered that the protagonist was a pineaple ?can all along? 10/10

Terrible show, Im glad it flopped.

Nope. Didnt kill him.
Proving that people dont need a reason to live. They just do.

He switched forms.

>have had a craving for canned pineapples ever since
I ironically had some at home too.

Nero did kill him. I think Nero did it out of pity. Avilio could never be like Nero, and just live his life normally. Maybe even Nero realized that "just keep on living" probably wasn't going to work out for him either. He wanted to finish the job, he couldn't finish all those years ago.

Oh, that makes sense.


>angelo was pineapples all along
>nero went crazy from the guilt and created a situation in his mind where angelo survived that night and came back to get revenge
>nero killed all those people by braining them with a can of pineapples

This is way 2deep.

>started watching 91days today
>finished it all in one go
With each episode it just kept getting better, and the ending just made it one of my favorites animes of all time.


F for Tigre

Did they even make anything from this show? The supremely shitty animation kind of took me out of all the great things it had going for it. The QUALITY boat episode in particular was really bad- they had decent animation during the most important scenes, but that left everything else to be a horribly janky, off-model mess.

Basically I hope they make some profit from this, since it was one of my favourite shows last season. But I think it was so ugly that it was doomed from the start.

>Did he kill him?