JoJo Thread: What is your favourite thing about your least favourite part?

JoJo Thread: What is your favourite thing about your least favourite part?


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>milf Jotaro

Yes please.

Jonathan is the best part of PB by far, he really didn't deserve such a sad ending.

Do not engage Rohanposters.
They only looking to shitpost about Rohan and derail the thread with cancer.
Ignore all Rohanposters.

We can make the JoJo threads great again.

Is this the best genderbend of Jotaro out there?

>it's bait to point out Pucci's plan works off an entirely unexplained ruleset that at times is contradictory to previously established canon and that every advancement he makes is thus unjustified in the narrative beyond LMAO DIO JUST KNEW IT'D WORK YOU GUYS DON'T ASK HOW OR WHY

Nah fuck off you inbred troglodyte. Pucci's entire scheme is a fucking asspull and there's thus no tension or intrigue to be found in the overarching plotline of Stone Ocean because it's entirely fucking centered on his stupid fucking scheme that makes no sense if you have the mental capacity to critically examine it.

I swear to God all Pucci fans must have been underage speedreaders when they fucking read SO, there's no way you fucks even have a high-school level of reading comprehension.

Would Rohan be able to affect Mikitaka with his Stand? Or would Miki just shapeshift the unravelled parts solid again as a defence mechanism?


I don't know why mods didn't delete that garbage already.

You can fuck right off with that shit.

Depends. Can aliens appreciate art?

Reminder that Great Days is the best OP for the fact alone that the backwards version is the most genius OP DP have made.

>implying anyone wants to visit your garbage fetish thread

Diver Down, Stone Free, and Kiss were all pretty sweet stands, shame everything else wasn't up to standard

Part 5 was pure garbage cakes but Mista and Bruno were awesome characters

I can't wait until animeonlys turn this general against Pucci the same way they made it fall in love with Parts 1 and 2.

Gonna feel fantastic.

The only thing Joseph should be inflated with is Pillarmen semen.

You better stop this shit right now

I blame Roald Dahl for most fat fetishes

don't reply to it


>David Production won't be able to make any original OVAs for DiU
>No beach episode where Josuke and friends meet a sentient beach with a human stand
>No sports festival episode where all the stand users use their powers to get the best scores
>No Little Jolyne Goes to Morioh episode, with a B-Plot where Jotaro interrogates Hol Horse about DIO's remaining followers
>No Rohan at the Louvere episode, where a bunch of Part 5 characters cameo
>No Christmas episode
>We may not even get a Purple Haze Feedback arc after the VA anime ends

>fatfag is getting pissy that people didn't visit his shit thread and started spamming shit fetish

Reminder that if you give him (You)s, you are just as bad as him.

Also the report button exists, use it.

>implying that's a bad thing

>Kira gets a horny wife for free
>First thing he thinks is killing her
holy shit

It's almost like... he's mentally ill or something.

Joushuu makes me happy.

Memespeak? Are you autistic?

>It's a "Mikitaka eats the draft for Rohans new chapter of Pink Dark Boy and has to pose as it until the finished copy gets produced." OVA.
I'd read it.

Purple Haze Feedback is shit besides partially redeeming Fugo anyway.

They've also confirmed Rohan OVAs already, and the rest of your suggestions are trash.


Are you nuts?

Even people like Terufag and Naranciafag didn´t really deserve to be banned. That tumblr faggot all over this thread does however.

Stop replying to him, you stupid faggot.
More Magellanic Ayys when?

>Watch part 2
>Enjoy it, the concept of super muscular dudes doing poses and ironically flamboyant shit

>Watch part 4
>Suddenly everyones a twink and its just unironically gay

what went wrong, bros?

Stop giving him attention, you fucking idiots. He keeps coming back because you're giving him exactly what he wants.

What do you mean?

Please fuck off.

I'm just ignoring him.

>thinking JoJo was ever ironically gay
There's your first problem

O and whenever he posts I just ZA HIDEO it.

>ironically flamboyant

B A S E D mods

Better now. Now we can discuss Joushuu.

>Mista's tiny left arm


>mods allowing avatarfagging
>mods allowing nudity
>mods drawing the line at fat fetish porn

I'm more or less okay with this

Mods please



Why would you want to discuss Joshuu when we can discuss the objectively best character in Jojo?


How were they to know he'd just fiddle with his internet service thingamawasit and start posting again.

owee sure are a lot of being willing to get fucked by the ban hammer

Mfw I'm so fucking lazy I took a picture of Jotaro and traced it to make it look like Kyo.

Well, given that she is called "Jotaro-chan" by Jap fans

>not mentioning anything about 4th Another Day getting an OVA
It's the Purple Haze Feedback of DiU.

Dude really you should give a names to your pics or separate them by folders. Otherwise it might happen that you post Rohan instead of Joushuu like you did now, when you were thinking about the best character.

See ? Easy like this.

Thats really cute, user

Kinda looks like Hot Pants.

These look really nice user, keep it up!


What did they mean by this ?

What can we expect Part 5's first OP to look like?

Something like this panel will probably be in there. Continuing David's habit of putting Joseph in every single OP


Can't wait.

>not liking purple haze distortion
I haven't suspected such shit taste in his eyes

Seriously the odd of Josuke winning, even WITH Mikitaka in there are 6.2 million to one.

Those are roughly the same odds as someone being killed with a tangerine.

Who the fuck is Terri Funk
The only thing that comes up is some wrestler

3D openings were better.

>le fugo and abaccio were actually the ones protecting bruno all along and they secretly did hits on children xD
>le shitty fights and new characters xD
>le returning cast act nothing like themselves xD

Nah fuck off. It's trash.

p ok OP just cause it was better then Chase

I thought that cheese was The World's head from the thumbnail

post more r63

hey guys when does part 4 filler end i want to see more kitty

Joshu fucking sucks, why do you think I would ever post him? He isn't even cute.

sure thing bud

I want to see the Kira siblings teaming up.


>You can only like a character if they're good looking.
Fucking Fujoshits.



What's with these characters with red pupils/black sclera? Araki trying to be edgy?

To be fair, Joshu doesn't have anything going for him, other than he's quirky and stupid.

But being quirky is basically the personality of everyone in JJL

user, do you even realize what you are saying ?

Am I missing something
Besides the fact that the music vaguely lines up in reverse, and that the effect that used where people leave images of themselves looks good backwards, there doesn't seem to be anything significant about this

Don't respond to her (if she even is an actual girl). alone should tell you that she's a fucking retard.


n o t c a n o n


Liking ugly unattractive beta males is the pinnacle of shit taste. I would probably like part 8 more if Gappy was actually attractive desu.

Copypasting from last thread:
>Kira facing the screen then slowly turning to look away
>Everyone's hands going down
>The sky turning from hopeful bright yellow into darkness
>Everyone turning back into their silhoeuttes (Maybe symbolizing their 'deaths' at BtD)
>KQ's hands letting go of Hayato, showing the bomb has been planted
>Hayato returning to sitting down at the table, showing the 1st reset has taken effect
>Everything going back to showing Shinobu looking at a picture of Kosaku on the screen, showing that her 'husband' was just a fake
>Hell even the part where she looks like she's going back to sleep looks fucking intentional
>The doors eventually closing on Rohan to show his 'fate' to BtD
>OP ends after Kira's triggered the bomb and finishes with Killer Queen

>Joushuu doesn't have anything going for him


And this guy isn't?

There's another filename that I would post, but the last time I did I got banned.


Plenty of fujos want to fug or watch Polnareff get fugged and he's ugly

What the heck, I didn't type desu.

nope, jump's digital coloring aint canon

How can i even believe something like that when you are keep posting that ugly mofo ?

Sup newfag

the word ''to be honest'', abbreviated, is filtered
sorry fujo

He doesn't, he's just a quirky asshole that will die to the main villain just to piss Gappy off, because at that point FOR SOME REASON Gappy will like him.

Friendly reminder that Josuke is a fucking arsonist and Rohanposter is doing nothing wrong


rohanfag confirmed newfag

Why do so many people try and rape
Lucy Steel

Okay, well, the black sclera is still there in the uncolored versions.

To people really not like that bit?


Joseph is infinitely more gay than his son

>>Everyone turning back into their silhoeuttes (Maybe symbolizing their 'deaths' at BtD)

One problem with this: Yukako, she is there and she wasn't involved in BtD. Sure, they can swoop her into the mix of dead too but why?

He ain't in Bloody stream.

But eh, we'll have to wait and see, I can't really imagine them putting Jotaro in, I mean I would get it to an extent because he's the only who leads us as viewers to Giorno through Koichi, but overall that's a pretty tiny part of the story, and it seems like there'd be a lot of other shit they'd want to jam into that OP.

oh yeah, either risotto is araki's edgy OC or he was into black eyes in part 5


Plenty of other girls have shit taste.
Rohan is literally perfect and the most beautiful character in the series, if he was the only mc in the series it would be 3 times more popular.

Isnt this exciting Cred Forums?!
Finally a Jojo for the whole family to enjoy!

You know, call Joushuu anything but asshole is too much. While he may not be kind to people who did mischief to him he still loves his family and really care for them. I never saw him attack someone just because, always self-defense. He cares for Gappy too, even if behaves like a dick to him.

holy fucking shit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


>He ain't in Bloody stream.

>most beautiful character in the series

Nigga did you even read part 5? Abbacchio and Bruno are the best.


>the main character of part 2 isn't in part 2's OP

The best thing for a VA OP is to just not include any Joestars in it. Just have the first be some kind of rise between Dio and Giorno and build up to him joining the gang

Every other OP Giorno should be kept in the background at all times with Bruno, Narancia and Mista in the spotlight. Trish for fanservice

No OP will include Diavolo. This is the true Gold Wind Experience

>most handsome

That´s Beetledad and even Gappy is more handsome than him.

>Joseph isn't in Bloody Stream

>joseph isn't in bloody stream
is the joke going over my head?


Jotaro and Joseph have technically been in every anime season so far, if you count the OPs and the shot at the end of the last episode of Part 2.


Wut movie?

Weather Report, kickass stand, lots of great personality, rad design and the only person with any actual sort of motivation/history with the arc villian. He even fits into the "the MC of a jojo part has a noticably opposite personality of the previous one" by just wanting to be left alone while giogio wants to be the head of the mafia and thus surrounded by subordinates.

Why wasn't he the MC of part 6 instead of faux-feminist icon jolyne?

Holy fuck I brain farted and read Joseph as Jotaro, woops, sorry.

>Part 1
Dio being an asshole.

Do you like Great Days? I do.

This is my last post here until i'm finished with the demo. i don't want to spam the threads with my shitty game.

Its gureato daze

I like cool Weather Report. Much better than stoic Weather Report.

I'm planning on reading part 5 once the translations are finished, that's the only part I didnt finish 100% but I read 80% of it and Giorno is objectively the best looking character in it. Plus he's Dios son so thats even better.
Bruno is hella ugly and Abbacchio looks like a goth though. Diavolo is also really cute, he needs more fics.

Did you completely miss the part of VA where Giorno tells all of his fangirls to fuck off since he likes being alone?

And Stone Ocean had nothing to do with feminism.

Why did Gyro have those "Go! Go! Zeppeli" teeth? I don't think he had them in his flashbacks.

please do, it's the only good thing /jojo/ has done besides Cred Forums dubs and mosaics

Jesus Christ, the more you post the more of a cunt you seem.

The same thing Jotaro did?

In fact the only one that didn't was Josuke in the trilogy of fangirls lusting over half-white dick

That just makes the contrast deeper, though?

Giorno tells ladies to fuck off but wants people following him

weather with his "real" personality is something of a ladies man while wanting to otherwise be left alone

>Giorno is objectively the best looking character in it.
>Bruno is hella ugly
>they have the same face

Framerate looks like ass, no idea if it's your computer or the game itself though.
Otherwise it looks good so far. The sprites look really nice.

Sure, it's great. If they do the BtD thing, it'll be easily my top 3.

I want to like you, really I do, but you're making it so very, very hard.

Did I hurt your little feelings?

>good thing
>Cred Forums dubs

>And Stone Ocean had nothing to do with feminism.
araki is on record as saying that he made jolyne as some kind of "making up" for a lack of feminist material in previous jojo parts

even though characters like lisalisa, trish or yukako, even if they didn't actually do much, were 200% more competent than jolyne "it literally says she has daddy issues and that's why she's such a fuckup" cujoh

If they add BtD in the OP it'll be tied with Sono Chi no Sadame as my favorite OP.

I'll do the other Higashikatas some other time. You can suggest a JJL character too if you want

The game runs at 333fps in windowed mode.

Please do Joshuu and Fruit Father.

>Lisa Lisa

You sure you're not confusing the words female with feminist again?

Really love how you did Kyou

Kira Yoshikage please.

Dio is a bastard almost immediately and it's pretty funny


kyo looks cute
C U T E !

Yagiyama PLEASE

Joushuu please.

Thank fucking Christ for that.
This awful shit is literally the last thing we need.

Is Polpo even human? He doesn't look human

How could they forgive FF? She killed 3 people in front of them.

Its the ugly haircut and boring personality.

The question is: will we get Stone Ocean anime after VA?

lisa lisa objectively has a higher powerlevel than joseph, the main character in a shounen comic from the 80's, and only loses because kars fights with tricks and thus only tricks can beat him

yukako knows what she wants and is very self confident without being a generic sadist dominatrix badguy

trish along with mista manages to hold off fucking diavolo, easy top 3 for most OP characters in the whole series, buying enough time for giorno to power up

meanwhile jolyne requires a man or her butch lesbian friend to save her ass in almost every fight she has, has an entire chapter devoted to talking about how because she never had a father in her life she's damaged goods and has the drama to one of her few solo fights (planet waves) be "joylne can't outwrestle this moderately fit man even though she has a punchghost"

Why are the best male supporting characters in girls´s part ?

>ugly haircut and boring personality

Are you SURE that you're not talking about Giorno? 100% sure?

Can you do full Kyo-chan?

Joshufags don't deserve you to do art of him. Please don't.

Also throwing in a request for Damo or Karera

>Boring personality
>Not Giorno

The fucker is a zombie in the second half of VA and is infinitely more determined to get shit done than Giorno and you're calling him boring? Fuck off, you're making Rohanposters look stupid

Jolyne's reasoning was "she isn't a human, so she isn't malicious".

>Moderately fit
HEAVILY seconding this, that Kyou is amazing.


Kyo confirmed for best JJL girl

Damo, Karera, and Kira PLEASE

Is Jolyne racist?

bruno is a little bitch compared to based god giorno "god damn" giovanna

in their fight in the beginning bruno has gio dead to rights, gio's stand is shit in 1v1 fight and it's not fast enough to make some kind of animal or something before bruno punches him once and auto wins because of zipper magic

so instead of trying to fight, giorno instead says "hey, you're going to help me kill the leader of the magic esper mafia that's so mysterious and powerful nobody has ever seen him, so I can take his position. you're also going to take all the heat for it while I just hang out in the background

and bruno "beta bitch" bucelatti is like "yeah ok" and agrees to be this dudes peon because giorno is THAT much of a baller that he can't think straight about how fucking stupid that plan is.

Baldie and dirty gypsie. What was that about Joushuu, you faggot ?

Honestly that's fucking great and if you'd not said Kyo was traced I'd have never guessed it. That said:

Or Gappy. He's good too.

>Lisa Lisa
>Doesn't do anything the whole Part, not even train Joseph while he has a 5/0 against Straizo, Santana, Esidisi, Wamuu and Kars

>Disappears after she gets her man

>The reason Diavolo nearly won in the first place while it was Bruno who helped Giorno win

Jolyne ain't perfect but goddamn it's a step up from the shit we had before

>saying that Jolyne is a "feminist character"
>and that Lisa Lisa isn't
Lisa Lisa is absolutely everything that can go wrong with a "strong female character"

Joshu is a dickhead with an ugly haircut.

Would Jolyne and others win against MiH if Weather Report was there with them ?

Giorno > Fugo > Trish > Abbacchio > Narancia > Mista = Bruno
I don't like part 5 anyway. It's shit.

Stop Posting.

I'm not the biggest fan of part 5 either but if Bruno isn't the best then you objectively have shit taste about it

I don´t if you pretend to be stupid or just have a shit taste or what, but that´s just not true. In fact, Joushuu is the only who can pull off haircut like that.


>gio's stand is shit in 1v1 fight
>gio's stand is shit

His stand pulls victory out of his ass in EVERY fight, his Requiem stand's ability is literally just win.

Giorno doesn't do anything on his own, he becomes the passione boss stepping on the bodies of three people(and Diavolo), he achieves nothing himself, he has no personality and just rides off other people.

Giorno is a leech, he's not a protagonist.

Part 8 Kira

The fact that they bring up Lisa Lisa's gender constantly makes sense, since it'd be weird for a woman to be doing those kinds of things in 1930s America. However, that coupled with the fact that she's completely useless still makes her a bad character.

In fact, everyone in Part 2 that's not Joseph or Wamuu are bad characters. Even Joseph himself isn't written well, he's just really entertaining.

>half-white, half-Asian
>fought a black guy
Very racist.

why are you posting shitty fanart? either way stone free is shown to be just under star platinum level when it comes to punching, so the fact that someone can just grab her is retarded

>lisa didn't train joseph
>yukako being interested in a man is bad
>didn't even read part 5 and is talking out of his ass
>is a retarded puccifag

when in part 6 do people admire that jolyne is strong? bitch loses all her fights and is directly responsible for all her friends and family dying because shes incompetent

if jolyne actually listened to emporio and just didn't leave her cell at the start everyone would genuinely be better off and probably could've beaten pucci seeing as how half the time his plan only advances because jolyne acts like a retard (such as not instantly decapitating him when she beats c-moon so he can hobble over to a door frame and power up)

Stroheim was an okay character too, mainly for the same entertaining factor that made Joseph good.

How come Japanese thugs always make for the best friends?

>What is your favourite thing about your least favourite par
My favorite thing about Part 3 is every enemy stand in the first half is basically a horror movie monster, some most likely straight up references.

Say what you want about Jolyne, she's probably the most fuckable JoJo girl.

Why are you talking about requiem when I'm talking about an event that happens literally dozens of chapters before it?

Why are you talking about fights where giorno has a teamate when I'm talking about one where he's 1v1

Why are you talking about part 5 when you clearly didnt' read it or just lack reading comprehension, because the entire bruno/giorno fight is "giorno tries a jojo asspull to win, but bruno gets past it after being surprised for a second"

Yeah, I agree. A likeable Nazi is always going to be an entertaining character.

I suppose the reason why Part 2 is so popular is because it's so generic and safe. It's even got a training arc, although the training itself doesn't last long.

Where did you get Puccifag from?

And yes, Lisa Lisa didn't train Joseph. Messina and Loggins did

Yukako being in love isn't bad, but she disappears from the story when she gets Koichi almost entirely

And yes, Trish was being controlled by Diavolo and King Crimson to grab the arrow but it was Bruno that shattered Chariot Requiem's stupid shadow orb and made everyone switch back to their original bodies giving time for Giorno to grab the arrow

Who didn't read Part 5?

the only reason people defend jolyne is because she's a woman

"feminism" in action

Not even the most fuckable in Part 6.

This thread needs to be deleted

It's pretty funny how he basically forces Josuke into being friends with him, but the latter doesn't really care since he didn't have any non-girl friends until he met Okuyasu and Koichi.

Now that we know who Josuke is, what, uh, what is the main plot of part 8 now? Like what is it leading to? The Rokaka plant?

Why hasn't anyone in this thread read Part 5?

Sticky Fingers is a way better and more interesting stand than Gold Experience.

That's because she is a skank.

>is because she's a woman

It's because she's a well-written character with a strong set of skills and personality

Rokakaka fruits (to cure Holly), Flashback Man, the symbols on the SBR book and Kira's corpse, Kaato's deal, Jobin's deal,

Shitload more to go.

Nice job not arguing against anything I said.

>y-you didn't read haha
>y-you just didn't understand

Yeah, it's really easy just saying someone didn't read it instead of arguing against them.

Just say I'm not italian, and that I have american taste.

This was the dumbest thing to happen in the entire series.
>weather-controlling Stand
>bends light a little
>results in mindhacking people into turning into snails
The fuck?

I've read the summary on the wiki, I don't need to read a part with a shit protagonist with a ton of asspulls and the worst fights in the series

Stop replying to RohanChan.
The best thing you can do is ignore her.

>I've read the summary on the wiki,

>worst fights in the series

>And yes, Lisa Lisa didn't train Joseph. Messina and Loggins did
Getting your subordinates to train people for you is still by proxy training (that's pretty semantics, I'll admit, but whatever), and it's established that her hamon is miles above josephs. Name a single shounen from the 80's where a woman has a higher power level than the MC. That's what I'm getting at. Could she do MORE? Yes. Was she more useful to the plot than jolyne? Still yes, because the worst you can say about lisalisa is that she's kind of useless and not actively hindering the rest of the good guys. But every character in part 2 is worthless besides joseph and wham so arguing about degrees is kinda pointless.

Why are you calling out yukako leaving the story as an issue when literally every character besides the main group of josuke/koichi/rohan/jotaro/okuyasu disappear from the story after their arc. yukako actually has the most apperances of any lesser character in part 4 and she does more than okuyasu aka speedwagon 2 ever did

As for trish, I was talking about the scene where mista and trish combine powers to shoot special bullets at diavolo he can't completely skip over, something that actually helps against the final boss unlike jolyne "run over one of my best friends just as he's about to kill the boss" cujoh

Stroheim reminds me of Speedwagon in that he does nearly jack shit but everybody loves him for screaming everything at the top of his fucking lungs.

But she DID actively hinder Joseph during his fight with Kars

You didn't make an argument for me to argue against. I talked about giorno vs bruno and you talk about vs diavolo and vs the passione assassin when that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.

There is no way you're not on the autism spectrum

not JJL but can you do pucci?

Post prison part 6 is maximum Bizarre

>worst fights in the series
So you haven't read part eight, either?

Technically everybody in Battle Tendency that wasn't Joseph hinder progress at some point

Fuck off fujoshit

>Giorno "asspull" Giovanna
>Having any good fights

nah, he just made joseph mad, which activates the true powers of a joestar

it's one of their bloodline techniques along with running away and making friends with the second person they beat up on panel

Jolyne saved the Stone Ocean crew from a total party wipe at Cape Canaveral.

She didn't hit Weather Report with the car, either, since the Underworld guy was driving.

Not him, but are Part 8 fights really that bad? I thought the one in Kira's appartment was kinda neat. As was Gappy vs. Kyou.

There are more characters in Part 5 than just Giorno you fucking shit

Can someone tell me where does Jojolion takes place? I know it's after SBR but i don't know if this in the alternate universe after part 6. Also is the Kira from part 8 the same as the one from part 4 but the part 8 Kira is from AU?

without speed weed jonathan would've been too trusting to dio saying he's sorry and been used as fuel for the stone mask and die

if you include the speedwagon foundation you can argue he's actually the biggest hero in the entire series

Quite frankly, they're amazing. It's just that there's not that many of them. That's not even that much of a problem, given the fact that it's more of a slower pace mystery rather than constant fighting.

Is this is his artificial hand, then why is it bleeding?

You're just jealous that I love Rohan so much and a girl will never love you.

Giorno vs. Bruno and vs. Black Sabbath were nice.

2011 in the SBR Universe

SBR and the Irene universe are completely seperate, so that's a no to the last question. JoJolion takes place in 2011.

You got a Pixiv or something, user? This shit is pretty good, would hate to miss something posted in the threads.

>I've read the summary on the wiki

Read the manga instead of the wiki you fucking retard

Does this fucking show/manga ever go beyond the villain of the week formula? Getting ready to drop this shit pretty hard.

All I have to do is ask and my wife would be more than willing to dress up as Rohan and let me read her manga

Me: 1
(You): 0

Fuck off ukrainian boy.

giorno asspulls less than josuke, who comes up with at least 3 completely different interpretations of how his power puts things back together

furthermore, almost all of giorno's fights have him teamed up with someone else and are partially told from the perspective of the badguy

I can understand not liking it for whatever reason, but if you say part 5 doesn't have great fight scenes you are objectively wrong. the paneling is great, the stand powers are interesting without being overly specific and retarded and it's the most straight up hardcore balls to the wall action of any part.

part 5 is a part where "I ripped off my own arm partially so I can punch from further away" is one of the opening moves and only goes on from there.

are you recording your desktop with a potato? why dont you use OBS?

Nope. Drop it.

Question for fake JJL anime Kira, do I base his appearance off DiU anime Kosaku, Jotaro, or fuse both together?

I'm reading it you fag.

>Jolyne saved the Stone Ocean crew from a total party wipe at Cape Canaveral.
And then because she didn't actually finish pucci off for no reason besides plot armor (sorry, I mean "gravity") she gets them all killed with MIH

she wasn't technically driving the car but the only reason they were even there is because jolyne sperged out about snails


In Part 8 it does.
Drop it anyways though, we don't need more people shitting up these threads.

Jotaro, definitely.

>Giorno Giovanna vs. Luca
>Koichi Hirose vs. Giorno Giovanna
>Giorno Giovanna vs. Bruno Bucciarati
>Giorno Giovanna & Koichi Hirose vs. Black Sabbath
>Bruno Bucciarati, Leone Abbacchio & Giorno >Giovanna vs. Mario Zucchero
>Guido Mista vs. Sale
>Narancia Ghirga vs. Formaggio
>Leone Abbacchio & Pannacotta Fugo vs. Illuso
>Guido Mista & Bruno Bucciarati vs. Pesci & Prosciutto
>Giorno Giovanna vs. Baby Face
>Giorno Giovanna & Guido Mista vs. Ghiaccio
>Bruno Bucciarati vs. King Crimson
>Narancia Ghirga vs. Squalo & Tiziano
>Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati, Guido >Mista and Narancia Ghirga vs. Notorious B.I.G.
>Trish Una vs. Notorious B.I.G.
>Vinegar Doppio vs. Risotto Nero
>Bruno Bucciarati & Guido Mista vs. Secco
>Giorno Giovanna vs. Cioccolata
>Bruno Bucciarati vs. Secco
>Jean Pierre Polnareff vs. Diavolo
>Giorno Giovanna vs. Diavolo
>Guido Mista vs. Scolippi
Yup, most of them have Giorno alone or with another gay gangster. I don't know how araki fucked up so hard after the masterpiece that is part 4

I'll make one soon.

End of part 7 I guess. Valentine fight takes, like, twenty chapters.

Are you telling me you wouldn't sperge out in her situation? Snails are fucking creepy, man. They have that look about them like they're always planning something.

Yet you still come here and spoil yourself so you can post epic memes

Lmao, yeah fucking right.

Reply to me when you do if this thread is still up. I'd likewise hate to miss the account itself.

Based Damo please

I might, but I'm not the main character in a shonen comic and didn't just spend the last however many months fighting to the death against things like invisible zombies and all kinds of other fucked up stuff.

Pucci is written that he has to win in all kinds of ridiculous ways, I get it, that's what araki is going for with the gravity stuff and it's a neat idea.

But he didn't do it correctly, it just feels like cheap asspulls.

The only one I've really loved so far has been everything about Damo. The fight in Kira's apartment and Beetlemania were cool but I don't think they were that much better than slightly above average. A big part of it is that I just don't like Soft & Wet's power. It reminds me of Gold Experience in that I never say "wow, what a creative use of that power" and instead say "alright I guess his power lets him do that too".

Jojolion still has plenty of time for good fights, and I got to admit that the side characters are the best since Part 4. Araki probably coulda dialed down on how weird the Higashikatas are though because they sort of steal Josuke's thunder.

What is this pose trying to convey?

Abdul is my Part 3 boy, but I would fuck Polnareff.

>tfw Giorno's best fights were before he joined the gang

Baby Face was meh, Ghiaccio was good, Notrious B.I.G. is Trish's fight, Cioccolata is 7 Muda Son and Diavolo wasn't even a fight

I love how the Part ends with Misa though. Fucking VA was never about Giorno, it's a self-insert fantasy to meet Buccellati's Gang

>C-Moon cannot grapefruit.
This is funny to me for some reason.

This is my theoretical list of the Top 5 most important characters in the main universe.

Kars. He made the stone masks and was responsible for wiping out most of the Pillar Men, which allowed humans to thrive.

Jonathan. Started the main bloodline in the series.

DIO. Was responsible for all of Parts 1 and 3, and was indirectly responsible for Parts 4, 5, and 6.

Speedwagon. Helped out quite a bit in Part 1, and the Speedwagon foundation was a huge factor in everything but Parts 1 and 5.

Diavolo. Found the arrows.

>Stand (up) Proud
He looked up too much into Jotaro's memory disc

>Enemy has the upper hand
>He gets cocky and overconfident
>Loses because he wasn't careful even though he could've won easily
I'm on Part 3, slowly reading the manga, do fights ever change or will it be all like this from now on?

R63 JolyneXAnnasui is basically their version of Koichi and Yukako...but with 90% less manlet.

>diavolo wasn't even a fight

this is the mark of a true retard. The actual 1v1 fight against diavolo is just "lol, GER", but there's like 2-3 volumes of trying to survive diavolo that happen before that. Is that not a fight?

>Giorno Giovanna vs. Bruno Bucciarati
>Giorno Giovanna & Koichi Hirose vs. Black Sabbath
>Guido Mista vs. Sale
>Guido Mista & Bruno Bucciarati vs. Pesci & Prosciutto
>Giorno Giovanna & Guido Mista vs. Ghiaccio
>Vinegar Doppio vs. Risotto Nero
>Bruno Bucciarati & Guido Mista vs. Secco
>Giorno Giovanna vs. Cioccolata
>Bruno Bucciarati vs. Secco
These were all great fights.

They change.

And get out before you get spoiled.

Do Joshu lifting a floorboard out of the Higashikata living room floor to ambush Damo like we all were hoping he was going to do.

part v is god tier

Part 3 has among the worst written fights in the series.
Stands get better once they arrive in Egypt, and they get REALLY good starting in Part 4.

you have 10 seconds to name something bad with literally any of these fights

Is Kaato's Stand just D4C fused with Enigma?


The focus was more on trying to stop Chariot Requiem and get the arrow to win. Diavolo kills Narancia in the middle of that out of nowhere but no, it's not really a direct fight. It's two oppositions, but one would be answered once the other was dealt with. It's obvious Chariot Requiem was the focus before Gold Experience Requiem fucks over Diavolo

Not him but Soft Machine was a fucking awful fight.

It sure wasn't a Giorno fight, and it sure wasn't interesting to read about. Everything after Silver Chariot stabs itself with the arrow blows chunks and Part 5 really didn't deserve to go out that way.

Why'd you include D4C? It's basically just Enigma Boy, but with cards instead of pieces of paper.

part 3's fight design is the reverse of parts 1 and 2

in the hamon parts it was always the badguy that was overwhelmingly more powerful, with the heroes having to come up with a series of crazy traps and setups to overcome them

in part 3 this is reversed, all the good guys have broken as fuck stands while the good guys all have very specific ones, which requires them to use crazy traps and setups to try and win.

the difference is that they're bad guys so they lose, but it's an interesting contrast you don't usually see in shounen manga

All of these problems would be solved if stop replying to obvious bait like a bunch of newfags.

>all the good guys
>while the good guys

I just came to this thread to see R63

The 'make things disappear by pressing them between two other objects' seemed similar to D4C's deal.

Well I think Joshuu might need some ice cream after this.

And if anyone gets that reference I will be amazed.

This fight is one of the more important ones in all of part 5, though? Ignoring the interesting mystery setup to it, it establishes that giorno isn't invincible after all when he gets more or less instantly taken out by the badguy and it's up to bruno and abbachio to help him

giorno kinda just barely wins a lot of his early fights, but this one shows that anyone that says giorno just autowins all the time is a dumbass

I know, but Enigma Boy essentially does that, too. Once you take the dimension-travelling away, D4C is essentially just Enigma Boy.


damn, I made a single typo, I've been owned.

You gotta conserve those meme reaction images for the real fuckups.

Yeah, they fucked up. After rereading it though it's obvious user meant the bad guys have broken as fuck Stands

Ask next time


The train fight drags on just a little too long right around the part where Bruno splits his body apart with zippers. It's especially jarring given how well paced the rest of that fight was.

Soft Machine sucked.

Defeating Koichi and Leaky Eye Luca through reflect damage sucked. Calling Leaky Eye Luca a fight is also one hell of a stretch.

Making a Purple Haze vaccine was stupid.

Mista made a surfboard out of cold grass clippings. There isn't anything wrong with it, but its so goddamned crazy that I gotta bring it up.

Everything after Secco dies is garbage. I've heard all the bullshit about how it represents fate and destiny and striving against fate and all that but it sure made for one lame fucking ending.

I didn't think we could top Chase You but Great Days has fucking lowered the bar. So bad Great Days makes Chase You seem half way epic. Shouldn't Araki have to sign off on this stuff?

Hot Fuzz isn't that obscure.

It's a shame the fight itself is so lame and it was early when Giorno was beginning to lose his character


That's one foxy grandma.

Friendly reminder that Johnny Joestar is a sick freak

I'm not getting the hate for great days or any of the OPs this part

no, I meant the good guys have broken stands while the bad guys have shitty specific ones

jotaro and polnareff can move at light speed and they're up against guys like "I need you to stab me a bunch before I can do anything" "I'm pretty fast in the water" or "A car with a machine gun"


Well the main villains certainly turn that on its head. They usually have the best Stands the entire Part

what do i use to make things like pic related

Yeah, obviously, but my post and the one I was replying to was talking about the stand users of the week.

So wait, Bites the dust will rewind an hour when Hayato kills Rohan, but doesn't when he dies in the next loop.

Is the point of the loop to create a reality in which the guy dies regardless of Hayato, therefore stopping anyone from tracking Kira's trail?

Not canon.


Chase>Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town>Great Days

>Koichi and Luca are literally the only time Giorno's life given by the Stand are hurt by it
>That shit stops mattering later on
>Despite all the new additions to the gang's body later when Giorno's playing medic and patching everyone up with random crap he finds


Yes. Anyone who dies from Hayato the first time dies again at the exact same time next loop because of Fate

Bingo. When time rewinds and it continues on to the point where Bites the Dust went off, the victim is killed and time continues on. Kira himself is unaware of Bites the Dust going off, so he needs to keep an eye on Hayato to see if anyone blows up.

I like part 5 because most minor villains have better stands than the Bucellati gang and most of them actually know how to use them.

Well i guess i shouldn't be surprised Araki would change Rohan's personality all these years later.

Part 4 Rohan would just state he's that famous maga artist and if people are still mad he'd just have them forget. This was likely his defence for when anyone gave him shit for taking pictures of them.

I have a feeling Araki swept that power under the rug in an effort to retcon it. It's the only thing from stopping Giorno from throwing handfuls of sand and turning them into unkillable ant swarms.

Rohan doesn't act like a weird sperg. Araki changed his personality in the new material and it isn't canon.

It's interesting that a lot of fights in part 5 are partially written from the perspective of the villian and them reacting to the crazy jojo tricks the good guys are doing

like in little feet it'll have a chapter where narancia is trying to survive, then the tables turn and it's whats-his-name trying to survive. there's more of a back and forth than the other SJ stand parts where it's just

>bad guy is winning
>good guy does a bunch of things to just barely survive
>eventually they get the final trick out and win

You're so fucking clueless. Do you know what a ritual is? Do you know that mysteriousness plays a key role in a extra-supernatural set of actions that resets the universe and summons heaven? And even so, it's laid out clearly. Time is related to gravity. Dio's ability to stop time plus power through the souls of sinners creates a new stand, the green baby, which can affect gravity. Appealing to this being of pure gravity using a set of phrases significant to reality causes it to give its power to you. The combined power of Pucci's adult stand and the gravity manipulation of the baby causes evolution into C-moon. Placing yourself in a specific place and time allows the natural lunar cycle to create Made in Heaven from C-Moon, transforming the gravity powers of C-moon into time powers. Speed up until reset.

It is unusual and mysterious, but the idea is that the universe is like a clock and there are realities of great significance beyond our understanding which affect and manipulate the universe. However Pucci's ritual is consistent due to the heavily discussed relationship between time, gravity, and fate.

>Rohan doesn't act like a weird sperg


Get a feeling so complicated

name 1 time the reflect power would've actually helped at all in later fights

he stops getting into direct fistfights with people after bruno, they all have some kind of ability to attack at a distance


What the second person you posted makes sense. Giorno can distract everyone with some kind of swam of ants and then when the enemy is trying to stomp them they get hurt instead and there's no way to lose

As for the Stand users that are usually hiding, Giorno's usually the one that doesn't fight those. It's mostly Narancia

The reflect power was pretty meaningless

Pillar Men. They were too good for part 2. Atleast we have rock humans right?

This is perfect

When does giorno ever turn many things into living matter? I can only think of him transforming a couple at a time. People that say "oh giorno can just transform everything into bears and win" are operating under head canon

Also, it's not established if the reflect power works on anything besides direct contact (and it doesn't really make sense for it to do so), how many people does giorno fight that actually punch people?

It's been awhile, but doesn't Giorno turn a hundred cars into ladybugs or something to confuse anyone who might be tracking them?

Doesn't Echoes Act 3 punch Giorno's tree and he feels the impact?

I'm just saying the reflect power itself was pretty meaningless. A lot of early Part 5 that was used to develop Giorno kind of went to waste

>Rohan doesn't act like a weird sperg.

Pork Pie Hat Kid, the Dragons Dream pissdrinker and Joshu are the only weirder aspies in the entire series.

I remember his awesome plan of "lets just take every car" but don't remember him changing them after he breaks them. If so you kinda got me.

I meant punching with stands too, it's really only koichi, bruno and diavolo.

Either way the early bits of every part has lots of weird setup stuff that gets quietly dropped because araki gets bored with it so I can't really hold it against any one in particular.

>they used roundabout for the trailer theme

fuck yes. At least someone at adult swim knows what Jojo's style is. They could have easily used any generic themes for it. Hell im surprised the dubs didnt ditch Roundabout just because they would have to pay for it again in America.

Maybe if this works jojo could come to my country since brazil loves to suck Americas cock

From what I've seen they make pretty good use of licensed music. I remember them using I Turned into a Martian by the Misfits for a Space Dandy promo

just here, what was that??
fat fetish?

>Jonathan voiced by JYB
Now he sounds even faggier than in the original.


No CGI. Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town has a unique song like every opening before it. Chase is standard shonen schlock in both song and animation. Great Days is just shit in both aspects; makes standard shonen schlock look good.

I really need to fix my sleeping schedule in order to more effectively post Narancia.

Nice buzzwords. Now come up with an actual argument.

Yes and it was fucking terrible

This "part 5 is shit" meme has gotten out of hand.

>A genderbenbed Part 6 is basically the start of part 3 if the entire jail was full of stand users
Would this make it better Y/N?

Chase is an opening that could be stapled on the front of any shonen; just swap out the characters. I can't list one redeeming characteristic for Great Days.

>dang mom you're hot, can i fuck you?

>read the summary on the wiki

People are allowed to have favorites for parts but overall every part of Jojo is at worst decent

Great Days capture the spirit of part 4 a lot better than any other. It's a pity about the re-used animation and quality because the first 20 or so seconds, the stands circling the Morioh emblem to protect it, the part 4 cast pointing into heaven and the final closing shot are really great.

>making Jotaro shorter

>Not a JoJo
>Fag fashion

Only interested because muh Polnareff


Maybe manJolyne is just 6'6, taking after his great great great grandmother.

Why do Jolyne Rule 63's always keep that retarded outfit? It doesn't fit at all.

hands off my man bitch


holy shit anasui is a fucking stick and jolyne's head is basically broken lmao learn to draw kid

draw it by yourself then.

stop posting sprites and post some gameplay.

The song is montone and boring as fuck after "break down break down;" which transitions terribly into the main song. What does the Morioh logo have to do with anything?

>Pointing to heaven
Hello Shigechi
Hello dead girl
Who gives a fuck? Give me an upbeat epic song to get me jacked for the episode. After great days I'm just "Ok."

i guess because it's near impossible for R63 Jolyne to either not have those two hair buns in their hair or completely change the outfit

Only go if you're a fetish-loving degenerate or if you really like fruit dad Just kidding, there's very little fruit dad, you fell into my trap

Why is the new OP so damn good?


Ayy, you delivered


Where the fuck is Ryohei?

>a good Jolyne R63

>Hating the new OP because it wasn't what you expected

>The thick thighs on that Yasuho
Do you do thicc edits? Please tell me you do

>Chase is an opening that could be stapled on the front of any shonen; just swap out the characters
chase was also not made specifically for JoJo, which is why there aren't any lyrics specific to the series. If you were to cut out any lyrics specific to JoJo, any other OP would be like this too.

>I can't list one redeeming characteristic for Great Days.
It generally has the best animation out of the DiU OPs, minus a few QUALITY shots and reused animation?
It has the best usage of colors out of the DiU OPs?
It's tied with chase for the most symbolism and foreshadowing?
The song is pretty great?
You still haven't listed any negatives.

It's exactly what I expected. That's why I hate it.

It feels like it captures the triumphant tone of part 4 fucking brilliantly, I adore it.
Also playing it backwards gives it an entirely different tone, there's no way DP didn't intentionally design it for that

How is Reimi pointing at herself?

Jojo dubbed will never not be weird.

Jonathan sound so wrong with JYB's voice. Honestly he would be better for someone like Josuke.

The thighs were already there on the source image for Yasuho
I don't do thicc edits because Cred Forums made the whole thing weird for me

tfw it works pretty well.

I don't get it.
Please explain.

Sure you can't make any exceptions man? You're doing good stuff, help out some Cred Forums degenerates.

>when you play the OP in reverse

So, i watched part 1,2 and 3. oh boy, you fags have overhyped this series too much.
pretty boring, no plot. though costumes are cool and dio vs jotaro was fun and memey.

will this get good or be the same boring kiddo shonen mess for rest of the parts?

>Honestly he would be better for someone like Josuke.


At least the Part 3 dub is good.

>that moment when pic related would be a better jojo villain than any of the already-existing jojo villains

The writing gets much better with Part 4.

Depends, what do you want? Try to be specific and reasonable at the same time.

Nobody is talking about the live action for part 4. I guess there is a strong consensus that it will be absolutely abhorrent.

If you don't like it now, you won't like it later. Drop it.

Part 4 onwards is what the series is actually known better for in terms of being good.

>same boring kiddo shonen mess for rest of the parts

Link to reversed OP?
It's scary how well it works backwards.

if you don't like shonen why the fuck are you reading jojo? you also sound like an elitist fag who only likes ""deep"" stuff

it was cute

Jojo has always been weird
It's in the goddamn title

I already said the song is shit, boring and monotone and breakdown does not transition into the main song well at all.

>yfw it was done this way intentionally for the episode they introduce Bites the Dust

It's directed by mememaster Miike. It'll be fine. Nothing too abhorrent.

First half feels pretty on-point, second's a little iffy

But for the most part it seems the OP does hit the same synchronization backwards as it does forwards

If they actually do reverse the OP for BtD like this, Great Days will be near the top of my favourite OPs list.


Name a purer man.



>act 3 inhales heaven's door
the fuck?


Josuke did nothing wrong

It was made for it.



how was that bait? i'm not even feeling tricked or something, memelord. you asked a legitimate question and we answered it.

I can't
>mfw we will only see Bruno one year later


>Those synchronized doors closing on CHASE YOU

You know, that really hurts my feelings.

Pucci is literally the purest man in all of Jojo.


The worst evil.

why the fuck would a heterosexual male lick another heterosexual male?


>Part 5

>r63 Anasui will never use Diver Down on your dick


To see if he's lying.

To find out if he's lying.


have a gio chan m8.

Seeing Shigechi in the OP makes me sad


If i'd be in the gang and female Giorno would join i'd try to fuck her too. I can bet 20 bucks that if Giorno would be a girl Fugo and Mista would double team her.

>turns your dick inside out
>now your urethral wall is on the outside
>your ballsack now has ovaries complete with mood whiplashes from the hormones
>your prostate is now a womb
>Anasui grows their own dick and gets you pregnant
>now you have to birth it like a hyena


>given that she is called "Jotaro-chan" by Jap fans
That's cute
Now I'm gonna pretend that every r63 picture of Jotaro is actually Kyo

I do that already

Part 1 was pretty shite now that I think about it.

>implying this didn't happen post-PHF without Gio being a girl

Thanks, user, i'm better now.

Would you be willing to do more edits for the poor degenerates?

Okay, memes aside, what was his fucking problem?

Shit there was this really nice pic of Hato I wanted to be thicc-ified but I lost it, dammit.

Read this.

He probably suffered heavy brain damage for being alone underwater for a century

it's not that bad, but it's not that good either. Pretty generic compared to the other parts, art and plot wise
young dio is the best thing about it

Needed a good black dicking.

He's 12 you sick fuck


he refused to open himself to anyone (except pucci) that's his fucking problem
ruminating on the same thoughts for 100 years in isolation didn't help either, but he already was a piece of shit before that

Norisuke is starting to realize that Jobin's super evil. You might as well accept it anons, Fruitdad is going to be kill soon. Maybe even next chapter

He wanted to fuck Jonathan, but he just couldn't understand nor accept it.

Dio fucked a teenager with somebody else's penis.

>all these new intros
>still no new ED

What the fuck.

you cuck

Nevermind found it Could you make her thighs a bit thicker and give her a more hourglass-figure?

>they kept Roundabout

Oh thank fuck.

They can fuck with the names all they want, but those EDs better never be altered.

i didn't say i wanna fuck him?

Doesn't stop Japan from making porn of people younger than that

why is part 5 so good bros?


>Hot Pants
Sure, why the fuck not

Western songs are expensive.

fuck I meant to say HP the first time, and thanks man looking forward to it.

if sbr was in russia woud you like it?

Because it drops its shitty protagonist for Bruno halfway

I don't know, is there horse racing in Russia?

A trans Russian race to collect Jesus and kill the Czar. I'd watch it
You joke but you know there is Joseph and shizuka shit floating arounf

Pucci is the best thing to come from stone ocean


>You joke but you know there is Joseph and shizuka shit floating arounf
That's why I posted a blank png and not an actual image.

wheres the image senpai

>not jolyne
>not weather report

>That Dio

It's well done animation and has good foreshadowing

He looked so fucking weird in his first appearance.

Don't get your hopes up. It's one of those "Shizuka makes everything invisible so let's post a blank png/gif" gags

But they're definitely out there somewhere, you sick fuck.

>Not Annasui


Forced sex change
Worst girl

President is a villain and his wife was seduced by Lucy, who else?

>you're daughter brings this home

I want to hug Jolyne
I want to kiss Jolyne


Well, at least he asked nicely, nice dubs by the way

>pucci is destroying the universe
>c-can i marry ur daughter mr.jotarou

So does Anasui and you're not Jolyne, so what?

This is you

Reminder that Weather-kun came in Anasui's pussy multiple times.

mee too


>"what are you, fucking gay?"

what happens if you eat this

I like to think that if jotaro had a boy-jolyne, he will use the same gimpy outfits

C-Can you do Gappy or Fruit Dad next, p-please?!

>Fuck you dad, great grandpa Joseph dressed like this while Nazi Germany was still big

You get a Stand

hehe idobbie.

>not FF

so uh, anyone hype for the english version of happy days, or do we not care?

Who do you think is more tragic - Jotaro or Jolyne?


Don't even deserve a full (You, asshole.


My beautiful waifu Jolyne

Jotaro went through a lot more shit than Jolyne did, and he saved her only for the both of them to die soon after.

Of course Jonathan is more tragic but Jolyne,Jotaro definitely did not have it easy

are YOU exited?
you don't need to like what others like.

we are all unique and special after all.

Of course the answer has to be ____me

Jotaro honestly.
>Never got a break after part 3, had to deal with DIO's shit for most of his life, family ends up fucking hating him, probably contributed to a loveless marriage, was never there for Jolyne because he was away protecting her indirectly by dealing with SPW things, ends up dying to save his daughter.

Who do you feel most sorry for - Johnny or Jotaro?

You're forgetting the fact that his only friends either died, went senile, or disappeared off the face of the earth.

In the end Jolyne knew he cared, even though they never really got to have a relationship, she still got over her issues.
Jotaro died falling for the same trick decades later and Jolyne ended up dying as a result of his fuck up too.


That too.
Johnny, poor fucker never got a break either, when he finally started to scrape away from rock bottom his best bro died and then later on he ended up killing himself to save his son and wife.

What about PolPol and the Duwang gang?

not really, I was just asking because nobody's brought it up yet
the inevitable engrish might be good for a giggle I guess

>you will never rape pre-turtle Polnareff, tape it and sell it as cripple porn

Both singers are actually very good with english so it's probably going to be surprisingly good.

They definitely didn't have it easy but it terms of tragic figures i think Jotes and Johnny are at the top

He can't just keep hanging out with teenagers for the rest of his life and they ended up more functioning and reasonable people growing up since they didn't have to deal with DIO directly

Polnareff became a turtle forced to live with and look after DIO's shitspawn and never got to become a mangaka

What if
>Part 4 was as much of a murderfest as part 5
>Part 5 becomes SoL-like as part 4 was

ignore the quote, accident

>actually very good with english

Could be interesting honestly seeing what kind of savage stands come from a small town and what fun italian-themed shenanigans could go on in Nu Part 5.

Jotes could have had a happy life post SO but it was all torn away from him. Out of the Badass Trio (Jotaro,Kenshiro,Guts). Kenshiro's probalby the only one who has gotten a decently happy ending - Guts certainty won't get a happy ending.

Polnareff disappeared and couldn't contact Jotaro at all

>Jotaro's last moments were of him thinking his daughter died from Pucci throwing knives at her
I really didn't like Jotaro in part 3, just felt like an edgy teen, but by God in part 6 I felt so sorry for him. You could see how much all his years of dealing with DIO's bullshit had drained him, never even smiled once in part 6.

Wonder if Crazy D could make people not die if they're killed like Gold Experience did

Then Kira turning into Kosaku would be a waste as they would be able to find him with Cinderella's power

I hated him in part 3 but in part 6 I really started to appreciate his character overall. Being Jotaro is suffering, he didn't deserve it.

He basically lost everything and in the end after all the years he fought against Dio's legacy he failed

I think the reason why Bruno became a zombie was because he wasn't fated to die until the end of part 5.




She's already cute pleb

Is it weird to think the 2nd half of part 6 was the peak of Araki's writing in terms of characters? Jotaro, Jolyne and Pucci are some of his absolute best-written and developed characters before SBR and JJL.

Weather BBC > Anasui's puny trap cock

Do you think Jotaro'd make for a good grandpa?
As far as his Shounen goes? of course

Either die or get a stand. It's like an arrow but in a pill.

Literally killed 5 people and all he got was "dont do that btw"

Not really, he did a fantastic job at developing the characters. Even Dio.

Most of the characters he's ever written were better in later Parts than they were in their introductions

how to spot a Cred Forums fag

>wahh part 5 sucks cuz they all look gay


Part 5 had his best style and I'd unzip Bruno's dick

Come at me faggots

>domme Jolyne

Now this I can get behind.

>3 are dead
>1 is MIA
>1 on his deathbed
Poor Jotaro must be fighting back tears.

What a useless post

Part 5 sucks because the protagonist and ending. The art style is fine for all the new characters

Jojo genderbend OVA/special when?

He doesn't have to fight back his tears anymore since he's dead too.

Nobody actually dislikes part 5 because of gays. They dislike it because of boring main character and ending.

A one-shot manga based on key events of the series would be better

After the beach episode and Jorge Joestar

best boy

Post Genderbend Jotaro

When are they gonna fuck?


Why didn't Jotaro fuck Jolyne?

She isn't a dolphin

Wrong. She was his little dolphin, that's why he protect her

that would be incest

The first thing I ever saw of Stone Ocean was this cover, I thought Jolyne was his wife.

That didn't stop Wez from fucking Pearl



Nothing wrong with that, as long as they don't give birth to an autistic child.

The first time I saw that cover I thought Stone Ocean would be fun father/daughter shenanigans.

So, was Sadao Kujo a distant relative of Susi Q?