Monster Musume

>put treat in front of Polt
>tell her not to grab it till you say so
>her face when you forget to tell her she can grab it

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2nd for Cathyl a best

3rd for fuzz a fuzziest

>Lala will never greet you at home when you get off of work
>ywn give her a kiss but make up for the 1ft height difference by bringing her head up to your level

I feel like it's the kind of bullying she'd let me get away with.

>ywn rub this zombie all over first thing in the morning
It hurts

>ywn be lifted into your large breed wife's embrace when you get home

I want to chop Tara's leg off to see if it grows back

>Muh threads.


such is life in 3d world

I want to take Lala's body in the mating press position while her head watches from behind us as I piston in and out of her pussy like a lustful animal.

Life is torture.

I'm going to marry Draco!

that ass must be a good sight to see

That's a bit harsh don't you think?

Why does a Guide of the Dead need such a lascivious, lewd, fertile and breedable body?

I wonder if the Grim Reaper is also this lewd

Anyone know where I can read that monster musume 4-koma?
I looked for it but couldn't find it.

it's funny how some female related to death is always designed with such perfect for breeding body
if the grim reaper is like the one in the game I'm ok with it

People are easier to work with when you're smoking hot. I imagine most people don't take the news well.

Can Death have children?
Will she take my soul?

People are starting to hate fuzz spam.
I love fuzz too, but let's be a little more reserved above our fuzzy love.

Doppel is the Superior Girl

Death is nothing else than the gateway to etenral life with your waifu, therefore it makes sense for their to have such life giving bodies.

Now, if you excuse me, i will hang out a little.

having a cute and hot girl receiving you in the afterlife to guide you, just right before you die, horribly or not, must be more manageable

But what if my waifu IS Death?

Let them hate it, our spam is just like any other.

at least post art that doesn't suck?

What else do we have?

Yours is actually a bit more present.
Some may also consider it worse since she isn't a canon character

if nothing is aviable dont post it,
all you are doing is removing the artist incentive to improve by deluding him into thinking hes good.

Does Guard even draw anymore? I haven't seen anything new in months.

Except it isn't that bad. I mean the faces could be better but overall it's quite good.

is that what happened with setouchi,
it looked like he was finally taking care of his same face problem but then it seems like he doesn't care anymore.


He can draw some amazing pedipalps, that's for sure.

I fucking did it lads. I had a real monster girl dream last night

I had a dream I waterboarded papi once.

Zombina is the Superior Girl

Does Draco have a long tongue?

I too am curious if something of draco's is long,
but not her tongue.

She does have good taste.

Even though those rims scream mall crawler.

Her tail?

Please help

It's probably MON's Jeep, not hers

What do Flapjacks from the Fuzz taste like?

you ever eat the baking soda thats been in the fridge for over a decade, something like that.

>Tfw you share a birthday with Cred Forums
>tfw she will never be real

What would you get your waifu for her birthday, anons?

I'm going to marry Draco!

there are now people posting on Cred Forums younger than Cred Forums

well, here's an IRL varanid, which would be the closest comparison

>implying that wasn't always true

>implying she can't cook
Not sure about flapjacks but I reckon she could whip up some delicious Brazilian cuisine.

I haven't been in a musume thread in so long, you guys better not have forgotten that rachnera is the best

Not true when Kimihito is the best.

But that's gay user

Rachnera is best girl's best friend.


I guess rachnera is best friends with herself

I like Rachnee a lot, she's one of my top girls, and if there's something she beats every other girl in is in her breasts.

Her's are perfect. She has the perfect size, perfect shape, perfect everything.

I really like Rach. She's the best supporting character, and she's the most considerate save for Darling.

Her tits are god tier along with Tio's.

Is it true that the manga ends with Miia finally snapping, murdering the other monster girls, and mercilessly raping Darling until Smith sends M.O.N to take her down?

I wish

She needs to wear collared shirts more.


I think she needs to wear more tank tops.


she needs to wear a rubber tire filled with petrol

I think she needs to be my waifu

I want to hold darling's hands.

Nah son. Tshirts.

No Mero, it's not

AND she's a lesbian.

Rachnera is just good in everything
She's best it's fact

>GochiUsa with MonMusu
I didn't know that I wanted this at all.


I like rach the most when she is protrait as very pale. I like pale girls

Haha I totally don't have a framed picture of rachnera on my desk at all hahahaha

Post pics

h-haha fucking v-virgin

w-who would ever d-do that?

I-its a friend's not mine...

Go fuck yourself mobile

tell your friend he is a cool guy

I don't understand?
It looks fine to me.

Thanks I will...

I'm glad it turned out fine for you

>Menu bar is on the right side
WTH kind of monitor do you have?

Which was the worse mistake Okaydo made?
>making Monster Musume a harem manga
>allowing Baldy McMidgetface to influence his writing

Hiding it from his parents

moving away from porn


fuzzy is a shitty OC though

The lamiass

Horse pussy

Expecting Monmusu to fail and dropping the marriage aspect so early

Draco not being married to me.

This, at least pick a good BC girl to sperg over, you're trying to portrait anaphylactic shock and spousal abuse as atractive qualities

This. He really drove himself into a corner early on with marriage. Now all future chapters have to reference it now and then


I don't read any other harem stuff, but does the MC have to wait until the end to get laid? Is it because ?

The best

To be fair no one could have really predicted the this series popularity from the outset. It's sort of unprecedented.

I think if Crab has Smith invite them all to Yukio's wedding and say something like "Yeah you took way to long to decide so we went with Yukio as a test case" then have the girls freak out a little at MC's indecisiveness he could put the whole marriage thing on the back burner more permanently.


>It's sort of unprecedented

It really is. A year ago I was amazed at the fact that MonMusu is fucking selling in the US.

>selling so good it's getting a dub

I never thought it go that far

So, are monster girls a normie thing now?

No, but you're a normalfag for saying normie.

Naw. Definitely not. I'd say (some stupid percentage) 99% of the population has no idea of monster girls. At least, not MonMusu. People are aware of legends and shit of course.

Ever since the first cave paintings.

So what if we want an aggressive waifu?

Any more colorized

That's alright, but don't flaunt your shit taste so aggresively

Mako and Vera are best fanfic girls

>no gill holes in swimsuit
RIP in pieces qt sharkgirl


It's her long johns

You have impeccable taste. Her body is in dire need of a mating press indeed but also consider fucking her doggystyle while her head rests beneath your wet crotches slamming into eachother, staring directly upwards and unconsciously trying to catch as much of your combined dripping love juices in her mouth in a lustful daze, driven so far over the edge from watching her tight blue cunt getting pulverized by a meaty cock from such a vulgar angle, staring intently as your balls slap against her ever so lightly white-haired pubic area with every powerful thrust, and left screaming in pleasure with mouth agape as you fill her insides with your seed, leaving her exhausted but satisfied body ass high in the air, cum leaking profusely from her raw, gaping purple pussy all over her face and in her open mouth. If you wanna get a little kinkier with it you can do the same to her sensitive, guillotine-like dullahan anus.
It's even better when your face is smothered completely by it and it's all you can see, smell and taste.
Lala is naturally poetic (even if it is in a faggy Edgar Allan Poe wannabe kind of way) and the ferryman of death having a fertile body built for breeding and igniting the desire to do so at a mere glance surely tickles her sense of poetic irony.

>>making Monster Musume a harem manga

What's your alternative that would have garnered the same popularity or better? Remember popularity doesn't always equal good but it does equal money.

>Remember popularity doesn't always equal good
it usually doesn't
lowest common denominator and all.

Vera's top looks like she just found a pair of panties and used them to tie down her tits

But some are more best than others

Are you going to answer the question or just snark at me?

Vera's a nigger? I can't believe I never knew that.
I wouldn't mind getting down with some chocolate wyvern pussy.

At least Vera is easy to buy gifts for.

I'm a Tarafag, but I'd gladly invade and loot galleons with Mako.

all the BC girls are overdesigned with boring personalities

Mako too. All you need to do is buy her something pirate themed to make her happy. She'd probably marry you if you bought her One piece every week

She needs to wear less more.

>Mako sneaks into Vera's room to steal her treasure
>Vera sneaks into Mako's room to steal her treasure
>Mako is disappointed when Vera's treasures are all shiny objects of no value
>Vera is disappointed when Mako's treasures are all weathered and not shiny

My nigga
I hope that we will get some good Lala fanservice in the OAD

What is the limit in whether a girl is monstrous or not?

it has to have big boobs and be half random animal
anything else is furry.

>it has to have big boobs
Oh boy here we go.

I'm offended that people would know about fucking Bike Cop without knowing of the goddamn species card's they're based off if. It reeks of Reddit.

Exotic genitals. Most everything else borders on cosplay tier.

>YWN be her most valuable treasure

She's always wearing less. Imagine Rach wearing more.

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

>implying he gets laid in the end

> Reminder Suezo is best girl.


Dancer of the Boreal Valley is cute! Cute! Cute!!!

I as well, there's just so much to work with.
Also what is this I've been hearing about a swimsuit lately? Could we possibly be getting to see her beachwear soon? Whatever it is, it absolutely, positively has to be highleg cut as possible. She wasn't made for it, it was made for her.

Judgmental Ryu-jin chastising everything about Draco fukken when?

Cathyl is a cheating, abusive slut who deserves to be raped and murdered.

Tell me something I don't know.

I want a real dragon girl to bully draco ablut being a glorified newt.

Why is he ded

Hopefully. There are images of the main girls and MON wearing swimsuits, including Polt. It would be a very dickish move if they don't do Lala in swimsuit. At least they should do it, even if she's wearing this

I want it too. Alternatively, I want to see her younger sister that's superior to her in every way but still somehow idolizes her cool older sis'

That's the smell of the general you're posting in, numbnuts. If you haven't noticed this particular place has the highest concentration of reddit, Cred Forums, whatever the fuck you want to call it on Cred Forums along with the others like Jojo, Madoka, and that Attack on Titan shithole. If you want to attack crossboarders you can take a wild swing in here anywhere and hit your target.
As for the species cards everyone knows that's what the whole thing is based on, but not everyone is going to bother to remember the exact fucking skin tone of every bitch on them. You ask me what color the extra harpies, centaurs or mermaids are and I've got nothing. I see all the artwork of the gold stealing cunt posted without color and I forget she's a nigger, is that just completely unreasonable?

I want Rachnee to give me headscratches and tell me I've been a good boy

Pontiff Sulyvahn pls leave

Who is this semen demon?

Who hurt you, user?

Lala would look awesome in one of those.

wouldn't hurt?

Dancer of the Boreal Valley, A boss from Dark Souls 3

Why is she so sexy?

I theorize if they go with that incredibly modest garment for the sake of her shyness making her unable to display herself so boldly, sexy harem shenanigans will save us all and see her modesty utterly crushed as the swimsuit is somehow ripped and destroyed until it's the lewdest bikini on the beach, amounting to nothing more than itty bitty strips of cloth so thin they practically sink into the soft, bountiful flesh of her gigantic tits and one little string wedged so tightly up her crotch and asscrack that even the slightest movements cause it to grind into her most sensitive spots and bringing her closer and closer to a public orgasm.
And honestly speaking it's not like he doesn't fucking owe us at least that much after cutting her out of the beach and onsen chapters.

Same, why is she so good

>cool older sister
Draco has an older sister as well?

I want to marry this snake.

Combination of giantess fetish, featureless face fetish, evil woman fetish, and she's constantly crawling around in a position that screams "why the fuck won't some giant manly motherfucker with a ten foot long cock just break in here and fuck my ass completely senseless already".
She'd probably settle for a dragon if she had to. Hell, I bet she's such a dirty desperate slut she'd let the Royal Rat Authority mount her and enjoy every minute of it, provided maybe he doesn't vomit corrosive acid all over her back.

I wan(t) to marry this kobold.

I want to share a lollipop with Miia!

Reminder that the Dancer was Pontiff Sulyvahn's personal fucktoy
Reminder that Pontiff Sulyvahn was more based than you ever will be

Did you see that vr miia video?
It's the closest you'll get probably

I'd rather share ice cream with her.

I wan(t) all furries to kill themselves

I did not. I assume it's using that MMD Miia model that's being passed around, right?

Share with me, user

I wan(t) to do a lot with this pupper

Just search for monster musume hentai vr you'll find it

Wow. I want it and don't want it at the same time

>I come back from my shower to see the (You) I got was this massive shitsplosion of butthurt

I wan(t) her to marry a 6'3 male Kobold with a long, luxurious golden mane

I'll take what I can get, there's little to no good hentai of mm. It ain't fair

I want to bully Hitomi.

What happened to season two?

Have you read the manga?

Flopped hard, almost killed the manga as well. Crab's so depressed that he's started cutting his legs. Check his twitter for pics.


>So, are monster girls a normie thing now?
Monster boys had been a normie thing for a long time, just ask Twilight.

> 6'3 male Kobold with a long, luxurious golden mane

Fuck off Buddha, you made yourself look like a retard and got called out on it, quit being such a whiny little bitch about it.

Show us on the doll where the general touched you.

Don't love Rachnera, user. Remember that humans hate spiders.

A. wyatt mann is the king of all snakefags

At least spiders dont shit everywhere

I'm a man, stupid. That doll doesn't have boy parts.
Or does it?

Cerea is best.

It's a trap. I assumed you were wearing cute traditional Japanese clothes.

You've got five seconds before Rachnera webs you up and has her way with you.
Wat do?

Let it happen.

Take the lead

Teleport behind her and cut her head off with a katana

>you've never hurt me

user, listen to father. Horse pussy is heresy.

Sounds personal

I find it hard to watch the anime because I don't think domestic abuse is funny.

I haven't read the mangas in a while, why do people get mad at this?

This never stops being cute

Taking a shot at Papifags?

She's dropped him on his head via a short fall. Some would consider it stretching the truth, if not a flat out lie.

Get Cerea to kick her head again.

Let's turn that inside out. What do you find cute about Papi? I like her smile.

You get all these moments where she does hurt him. She even does it right before he says that line.

It feels so forced and it's an outright lie.

Ah, so it just seems like Crab trying to make Rachnee more likable or something?

Her innocence and upfront honesty.

As of the anime, you can throw her voice in the mix as well

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for retard moe.

Which monmusu would cater most to my ______tg fetish?

Traditional Games fetish? Well, Cerea practically grew up larping.

Definitely Cerea.

>forced and it's an outright lie

at least she hasn't

>flown into things

Kinu and Liz They're the only ones who play board games.

>she's literally done several of those things on purpose

Pretty sure Lala and doppel do it too, maybe Miia and rachne would too with a little persuasion

I see her as a type of person you can play video games with. Other than that, none.

Not him but all I really remember her doing to him is throwing him around with web.


I'm pretty sure Miia would be almost as eager as Cerea since they both grew up reading fairy tales and fantasy stories

You have a point there. Cerea would be more likely to see at a renaissance festival or larping it up with foam swords and friends.

Kinu and Liz would actually roll dice and stay in character.

Which monmusu would cater most to my gender bender fetish?

Liz and Kinu are the only ones shown to play in the actual series though. Everyone else is maybe.


Does Marshmallow Hell count?

Lala and Doppel playing a game was in the 4 koma, not the manga.




doppel, or draco.
Nice digits

Lilith, cartwheeling Satan



she looks pretty nerd-ish to me, adding to this that she was playing about who was more chuuni against Lala

>No kill option like Monster Girl Quest

That's because Miia is for sweet vanilla only

Ribbon/Dress color?

Which monmusu would feminize me?

A nice shade of light blue

Light blue.

I'm imagining a violet/magenta color, but that would be too close to how she usually looks

How about red?

Miia is for bullying with silk sheets

Light red

Whiteish blue

: here. You just blue my mind.

>more embarassing

White see trough

Light blue dress white ribbon.

Nah, the ribbon should be a pastel a yellow

Shouldn't she be blushing?

>Shouldn't she be blushing?

A lot.

Considering that blushing Draco is the cutest Draco, yes she should be

user, if they made a action RPG with no kill option to slay the monster girls, people will never play it.


When it's windy out and a breeze catches on Cerea's HP flaps and blows her away

shitposting belongs on Take with you

>HP flaps

The cutest

user that's clearly traditional JRPG interface and not an action RPG.


Hors Pucci

Cute for a boy, ugly for a girl

All Draco's are cutest Draco's.

>Draco will inevitably confess to darling, saying that everything up until that point was an attempt to get his attention.
It will happen.

Oh nice a cleaned version.
Holy shit look at the rack on Polt. Those sweater puppies are insane.


Not draco pretending to be a guy, that's not cute.

Nah, she truly hates him. What will happen is that darling is going to save her from danger/protect her from bullies/be nice to her, THEN she'll fall for him and start hating Miia

Crabman, don't show us any Polt fanservice.

Damn, thanks for the correction.

I like her...

She's D cup, shouldn't they be smaller?
Also, if the breasts are too big, some women reduce their breasts so they don't bother when doing exercise

I'd like to think something like this may happen, simply because of that one page

>Darling won't stop touching her despite her telling him to fuck off
>He ends up ripping off her clothes revealing her pantsu
>She yells "this is why I hate guys"

It sounds like she's been in too many situations where someone tried to abuse her


Her anime design is a little different. They're probably giving her a little boost for the fans.

Maybe if he'd said "you've always tried to avoid hurting me" it wouldn't come off so forced.

>She's D cup, shouldn't they be smaller?
Those are D cups on a 5'2'' girl, they'd be huge in comparison to the rest of her.

This work?


I don't want that. I only want a monster girl to make me her wife.

But genderbending a male Kobold makes them a female

lovely Don't forget a very light blush

That's great. The light blue compliments her eyes and contrasts her scales.

Yeah, just now I realized her tail and left wing are in a weird position

I have a thing for reverse-trap.

To each their own.

Tio, after all, she might want a cute little sister(male) to go shopping with.

I just think Draco takes on a weird/unattractive appearance when Crab draws her acting like a dude. She looks like Xehanort or some shit from Kingdom hearts.

>Girls night out with Tio

if you're a poltfag and you like big breasts, prepare because she could reduce them at any moment tho

Try archive search for I Heart Monster Girls

I'm super short, would monster girls love me anyway?

Gigantes would love a new dildo.

You're not wrong, Crab intentionally 'males' her up a bit when she's acting like that. I still find it kind of cute.


Will do, thank you user

You can reject the Polt.

Polt seems like the girl for you. All the manlets seem to gravitate to her

I know OVA is in two months, but SECOND SEASON WHEN

I prefer Draco

Besides fit-obsessed girls are very superficial.

It was a joke about the other manlet who regularly posts. He is short and balding and a poltfag

>tfw you'll never press her paw pads

Sneak into movie theatres with Lilith, pretending to be a pair of middle-schoolers on a cute date. Or with Doppel/Lulz. Or have the latter two shapeshift into child molester form and abduct you.

What other mon needs to be added.

I dunno cell shading.

>not using Miia

Reject the polt and be saved from a life of pure suffering in the kobold controlled mines.

Lets see how well OAD sells to find out.

premium quality wife material

Ogre Swamp for Tio
Monoeye Vulva for Manako
Draconewt Anus for Draco
Random hole for Doppel
you forgot flower pistol for Kii
Mushoom gill for Kino
Oni snatch for Kinu
Fleeced Pussy for Merino

I was too lazy to find and edit a pic of the worst girl

But you clearly included Cerea

>flower pistol
>yfw sex with kii is just masturbating and then ejaculating on her stigma

Will you add a scale pattern to her green parts too?

There's already a horse in that picture

It looks great

>people still don't know how to spell pistil
We're not trying to fuck a firearm boys - this isn't /k/

It could be a threesome with Kiira with Kiira smearing herself with your semen and then collecting nectar from Kii's private flower and transferring your semen to her stigma for fertilization.

take a pistil whip to your face then from Kii, user.

reminder that you must show verification now to prove your opinions

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2012.

disregarding your opinion.

Any skilled anons think they can get the giant water mark off of this?

That's too much work for that disgusting manish looking spider.

her arms and tits look like shit, why bother?

Tio is the Superior Girl

>That's too much work for that disgusting spider.
fixed. spider is worst girl

How do we convince Crab to remove Cerea?

Five holes for Lala

That's not true as long as the horse exists.

Got one for ya.

effect alpha 90/255 or 35%

Hey Larry, my hand is getting tired from drawing all this grass.

That's ok, Bill. Just fill in with some not-anime grass texture. No one will know.

This leaps out at you in the middle of a midnight stroll.
What do?

Well that changes things then. As a matter of fact I do happen to look exactly like that doll. In that case, the general touched me on the ol' custard-chucker, numerous times. Really though I've blown like four loads today and I don't plan on stopping just yet, it is the weekend after all.

slap that ass
slap it good

Will thread quality go up once we near the OVA?

jiangshi are cute

Give me an hour or two.

Those artists will never get promoted and be allowed to submit Miia hat designs if they keep turning in sloppy work like this.

That's a very good idea.

for a few days

Hound why are big busty brown babes the best?

>not onihole
Fucking dropped.

for a few hours


I quickly grab by the ass and thighs

Anyone got a translation for those moonrunes?

Cici's Secrets:
Are exactly the same as Zombina's, so I can't be bothered.

Lazy crab.

They're nothing special. It's just how Crab got inspiration for each of their names.


It's just about how Crabman came out with their names (must have lots of puns)
You'll have to wait for 7Seas to see it translated and how they'll manage it

>just realized she has red armscales but green wings and tail

What happened to Hitomi's infirmary scans?
or did it get the classic too good so axed.

>pistil whip
Is that like getting dick-slapped?

Various reasons.

While you were shitposting around, hiroshima destroyed the site. Hope you are all happy now.

I tried.

>thought the last one was the finished one

Nice job on the details

>that subtle blush

Cewt Newt

My wife!

Cute as fuck


I want to lick A1 from that cows stomach

I want to lick that cow

I would lick her chocolate starfish.

Let him fuck your mother.

Has this image been finished yet?

I want to have a staring contest with her and win because her eyes are fucking meserizing

> delicious brown

thats like saying tio is a nigger

even better would be to get full body dry rubbed with steak seasoning and have Asterio and Cathyl lick it off

Thats great!

Now post your cot n ton futa collection, I know you have one.

And is there a Darling version so I don't have to look at someone's self insert?

Has this image been finished as well?

Damn, Hound. You got gud



Newt a cute.


I've got none.

Since my pc reset itself last fall.
So much lost.

Looks good man, thanks for indulging my idea.


That plant looks a little over-watered

Check please.


Maybe. I can't tell if that's supposed to be a poochy belly or it's just a bad angle.

>Experience shearing


It's literally just darling with Glasses

I need cute pictures
cute pictures of Polt!
bonus points for Polt x user

>you will never come home after a hard day in the fields then have your Minotaur waifu grab you at the door and strip you out of your clothes so she can lick the salt from every inch of your body.

And some chin hair. I'm pretty sure this is Miia's dream Darling.

How is it that Miia is practically all of my fetishes in one package?


I grew up around cattle, from bottle feeding to dealing with showing. A cows tongue is very strong.


I don't know senpai, but she checks off on a bunch of my kinks as well.

That was a prototype sketch i decided not to go with.

Sadly, Loen is very busy at the moment and not able to keep up with his usual speed for this commission
I always post any updates i get in the /jp/ thread

I chose to just represent myself as just Darling with glasses since i look pretty similar anyways, i'm sorry if that's not enough for you user

My bad, I 've only this one.

Miia is a lovely girl.

Cum prematurely

Reminder: If you make love to this girl, user, you're guilty of committing best-iality.

More of ColorFag when?

>ywn have Asterio lay on top of you and cuddle

Yesterday, and the day before that too. Call me Griff, if you want.

Eh, that's a good one. I was really busy, so I didn't check Archive if he did new pics. Thanks.

Gonna go cope with white russians.

So Hound is a cattle dog?

I want to cum all over the area that meets her navel and front legs, and mount her.

>not rolling up your sleeves and getting her off before you get on with getting it on. Honestly, so many selfish anons.

god damn it dismembered zombie women aren't supposed to be this freaking hot.

I don't think you know how much I'd sex that girl up.

Cow girl abs drive me mad.

meant for

Asterio is objectively best cow.

>I grew up around cattle, from bottle feeding to dealing with showing. A cows tongue is very strong.
>Cow girl abs drive me mad.
Where's SigMON Freud when we need him?

Does Pope Francis approve of monstergirls?

Wait, why are cowgirls this buff?

Cows are fat and soft.

As long as they give generously when the collection plate goes by, I'm sure they'll be accepted.
He seems to be the kind of person who would accept them, honestly.

>wake up to see large breed trying to make you breakfast
>other girls get jealous
>next morning you wake up to see all the girls cooking you breakfast

i want this

Yes but he has shit taste

Cowgirls are soft where it counts.

Does Tio's horn do anything?

It breaks doorways

Google "Belgian Blue Cattle" and be amazed.

Cum and start farting.

Which Musume would you violently befriend and get into all sorts of shenanigans as she tries to hook you up with your waifu.

Thanks, as always.
have some trash I made

It holds the key to her lower horn

>The fuck you say about me?

It's quite sensitive, so hopefully it's an erogenous zone.
It would be a shame if Manako riding up and down it only made Manako feel good.

Not a spiderfag but getting drunk with her watching crappy horror movies in her attic would be pretty fun

another trash

Tell time when she's sunbathing.

>that upper right panel
Think he recycled that for Tio's chapter?

You're the new typesetter right? If not oh well, regardless good work.

I would train to princess carry her.


>ywn take Miia to the beach and have people gawk at both of you as you just enjoy each others company

Trust an inferior newt to misspell it. I truly believe Holo wouldn't have made such an obvious typo.

Finally, a meme I can get behind.

I want to share ice cream with Miia while on our beach date.

Just be careful back there. She's shy.

I think that snek is laughing at me and that makes me feel angry and small

That's a bull, not a cow

shit, oh well.

>ywn just lie on your bed and gaze into each others eyes

Unless you think this calf is gay, the cows are pretty built as well.

How about taking your green text ff back to

I'll fire my proofreader immediately.

that's one strong core

If phone OP had any shame, it wouldn't be known as phone OP.

Tio is literally perfect

>no comfy snek hugs during cold winter days

I want off this ride.

The ride never ends. The only way to opt out of it is to end your life.

I want to ride Tio's horn to the hilt.

>This had better be that fucking Afro video
>Mfw it was

>Fed best trapfu to a monster
I think not.

>Liberated a city from its dying tyrants
>Used literal Hellfire as a weapon to share his Holy word
>Put to use trouble makers by making them redeem themselves as Outrider knights
>Gave the Dancer swords that mirrored his as a gift out of the goodness of his heart
>Put her in the most skin tight armor possible
>Gave the Outrider knights cool dolls that say things
>Spread his holy world with jolly fat women
>Probably taught Lothric that linking the fire is the work of chumps
I'd say that's pretty good

>calling sleepaway camp a shitty horror movie.
I guess you don't know what HorrorKino truly is.

Any one got some good 12beast art or edits?


You speak as if this is a problem

I'll never forgive him for what he did to Gwyndolin.

Looks nothing like her. But you made me realize there are no pictures of naked apron draco

Gwyndolin is straight and for the Darkmoon Knightess!

spider is the best, so decrees Captain Oldfag

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

>there are no pictures of naked apron draco yet

>tfw no small breed spooder gf

>Ywn be Gwyndolin's loyal knight and slay sinners in his name and be rewarded with his praises and blessings
Why is life so horrible?

>much better coloring of this image than the one i did.

Stop rubbing it on my face.

If Darling wasn't a faggot he would have enjoyed that.

>will never have spooder gf that shoots thick webbing all over your face and chest
I hate this life.

>he thinks 4 years is oldfag
Please, user. 4 years more maybe

nice me_irl post you fucking redditor.

B-but user, that's lewd...

it's a joke, you dip
I wonder when hiro will get rid of this

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Death by tits is never enjoyable. It's torture.

>implying he will

Kill yourseves.



Meroune Lorelei Du Neptune

The idea of Rach uncontrollably spurting some silk out at her climax is pretty goddam bonerific.


Post it fag.

"My silk is going out on their own!"

>spiderfags are the kinds of retard cunts that shitpost Cred Forums pass garbage
It makes perfect sense, really

Doppel would play Call of Cthulhu with you user

I, for one, would love a chance to bivouac in Tio's Gran Tetons.

What are you using to edit?

Where chapter 46
You can trust me
I'm not a Federal


SOON™(™) according to TTF.


I want to make Lala comfortable with having sex while her head is in control of her body

>ywn look up to her happy eyes and smile.
>ywn feel the heft of her bust on your shoulders.
>ywn have a long lock of her soft hair brush your cheek.
>ywn have her gentle strength push you deeper into the hug.

No user. Your life is more important.
>gentle strength push you deeper into th
She probably have the strength of those giant monster girls. Once she hugs you, she'll instantly break your spine and rib cage. Lucky Zombina is already dead, but Manako and Doppel will die though.

Been gone for over a month. Did I miss anything?


Crabman is hospitalized for sitting down too long


Having some blood clot problems. Not in the hospital though.

He was attacked by a rabid balding manlet judging from the height of the spots on his legs.

Thas it


damn Mia squeezed him too hard

Thanks man.

Pic unrelated.

That's where Polt stores all her ill-gotten gains.


I really need an "excited" face in the manga for this

Well played, my good man.

You could always just crop the face imperium gave you.

Surely even someone of your stature could edit that, doesn't even have anything to do with commas.

>all that tender meat

>ywn be lovingly bullied like this

So does Lala secretly hit up Polts gym at night or does she have a private gym in whatever realm she slips off to when she's not around?

Because even in 2D land this isn't a body you obtain sitting around and eating junk food.

Would you spend 23 hours a day snuggling with your sloth girlfriend?

>sloth gf

But that's not Smith.

Yeah but there's something special about straight from the manga reaction images.

>no spooder to tie you up and spoon with you

no give her a fat cock

Go to bed, user

But it's 11:30am...

You must remember, here in ameriland it's 5:30am (for me at least)

But I'm not in Ameriland so I'm gonna stay up and daydream about having a thicc sloth girlfriend.

Sleep tight, spiderfriend.

Albumfag here. Just saying that I got my laptop today and I'm going to complete this thing.