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I hope it's more stickers.

>Nothing beats the taste of salty shippers

More anal leakage. How does he know so soon though?

Why can't some things just stay dead?

>implying these rides ever end

Bleach is terrible.


Let the IchiRuki shipper tears continue to flow. I can't believe how much like NaruSaku it actually turned out to be. The amass of salt may not be as grand because of how the series' popularity waned over the years. But it is incredible.

Bleach the Last confirmed.

It's the final volume you retard.

It's just the release of the final volume, last one released on July, this one will release next month.

The ride IS over, that's why he said it was about salty shippers.

>The amass of salt may not be as grand

Have you seen tumblr? Have you seen Deathberry? Hell have you seen Cred Forums? Because Naruto had everyone crying but Cred Forums laughing at them, Bleach had everyone crying INCLUDING Cred Forums.

Bleach never lost popularity in the west.

Nisekoi last volume had extra content in it so Bleach could too.

You forget about the bonus chapter to come out in the final Volume.

The IchiRuki tears will continue.

FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

who cares


Since when was Ichigo malnourished? This is going to be awful. Hope Kubo enjoyed his royalties and whatnot.

This desu.

there were people that liked sakura?

We already knew that months ago, it's something else.

>trolls are more butthurt about the ending than the shippers

what if the final volume is different from the wsj chapters and has a ichiruki end?

>it's something else.
The twitter post about Bleach follows the final volume omake stuff from Nisekoi he shared in a troll-like manner.

So yeah it's just him saying he's gonna troll the shippers with any shipbait that may or may not come with the final Bleach Volume.

>Bleach had everyone crying INCLUDING Cred Forums
The only faggots on Cred Forums crying were the IchiRuki shippers that live at deathberry, and tumblr that infect these threads.

:) kill yourself


Not cause of shipping, autist. Although, the IRtards on Cred Forums are the worst and the most hilarious.


You are being laughed at.

it would be the ultimate troll.

>what if the final volume is different from the wsj chapters and has a ichiruki end?

Literally what? That has never happened before(a different ending in the final volume) and it won't happen now. Let it go already.

Is the final tankoubon out yet? There's probably some extra content in it, which might be what he's talking about.

The weird thing about Kubo is that Ichigo and Orihime's relationship seems to be one of the few things he's sincere about. He put a subpar amount of effort into the overarching plot, but it seems he was planning for Ichigo and Orihime to end up together since the pilot chapter and went ahead with it even though IchiRuki easily eclipsed IchiHime in popularity. Why would someone prioritize the romance in a battle Shonen is anyone's guess.

We probably just got more ichihime and renruki content since he mentioned salty shippers and i/r fans were the ones giving him a hard time when he posted the spoilers of the last chapter.

>The weird thing about Kubo is that Ichigo and Orihime's relationship seems to be one of the few things he's sincere about.
I completely agree. I think Orihime's love for Ichigo was one of the few things he was consistent about, which is saying a lot since the plot/other storylines were all over the place or just plain forgotten or worse-dropped.

It will be shit.

Is there any one else here, who wants Bleach to continue so we can get the loose ends tied up?

>WTF happened to Aizen
> what exactly is the soul King
> who are actually the good/ Bad guys
> the bankais we never got
> is Kisuke really good or bad ?
> what did Ichibe's last words mean
> what is Aizen's/ kisuke's/ Ywach's connection to the soul Kong
> What Are Orihimes powers from

Anything else, that I'm missing ?

>WTF happened to Aizen
probably went back to the chair willingly

hes a loner that everyone hates so whats the point of being free

Shikais NOT revealed or explained

Tenjiro's Shikai Ability
Isane's Shikai Ability
Iba's Shikai Name and Ability

Bankais NOT revealed or explained

Ichigo's Final Bankai Ability
Unohona's Bankai Ability

Characters without a proper 1 on 1 fight or hyped but never delivered

Hisagi (using his bankai)
Ichigo with his new bankai
Oetsu (Using his own zampakuto)
Cyborg Kira

Main plot points unexplained

Yhwach being the son of the Soul King
Aizen motivations to hate the Soul King
Yhwach motivations to hate the Soul King
The Soul King organs
What is the Soul King in the first place
Zanka No Tachi never used or mentioned again after being stolen
Yhwach not being able to leave the shadow realm for too long
The Vandenreich's backstory and what they've been doing for 1000 years
Why Yamamoto spared Yhwach 1000 years ago
Urahara´s endgame agenda

Minor character plot lines unresolved

Orihime powers and faeries sentinence
Hisagi training
Matsumoto soul fucked
Halibel's fate
What did Renji ask Urahara?
What are the two kids who live with Urahara?
How and why Ginjo became a shinigami
What Stern Ritter K and N stood for
How can they communicate within the Dangai if time goes 2000 times slower?
Kubo's original idea of Hell realm arc
Doggo's race origin
The name of Ichigo's Fullbring
The Shiba familiy
Isshin not meeting again Matsumoto
Ichigo's sisters being implied to have powers
Tatsuki developing spiritual sensitivity
Komamura and Iba on their way to the Palace
Yoruichi's god armor AND her brother
Yachiru, a sword spirit with her own Shikai
Orihime's implied inner corruption from the HM arc

Happy Birthday

Kuukaku makes my cannon fire.

Average Narutard:

Average former Bleach fan:

Remind me again why they weren't allowed to be purged from the board

happy birthday

I'm ready for Bleach shippuden/GT

Remember to sleep early, Anonymous.

>new bleach manga
>he actually met a fortune teller and everything that happened was actually just a prediction of a crystal ball
>Ichigo fixes things to habe IchiRuki end

IchiRucucks think that Kubo went around wearing a t shirt that said I ship IchiRuki


>people on Cred Forums frequent tumblr like I do
how about you lurk more

>Salty IchiRucuck

dat limp hair


>mfw the final volume's cover breaks the conventional single character per cover and shows Ichigo, Orihime and Kazui

You can never erase the big tittied princess waifu of male protag.



I wonder if this one is censored because it shows a yet unannounced cast member. If it's just a civilian who stands too close, they could've just make a small censor blur on the face.

I will never understand why people were happy that sakura: The bleached version won

Why the fuck are they using a carboard sword with foil on it?

Is this for real?

You don't know anything about making movies do you?

I think the most plausible announcement they can make is the return of the anime to promote the movie.

I hope its an extra chapter about the kids

So you're telling me they're going to make it look like an actual sword in post-production, doctor? It seems like they didn't have enough budget to build a real-looking one in the first place.

Let's hear your knowledge, please. I bet the foil sword would look alright for your YouTube parodies.

I hope it's more Aizen.

and who's this guy?

I think it's supposed to be an older version of Kazui.


Also comparison: Sanosuke's zanbatou in Kenshin live action movie

>Implying it won't be Kazui doing Ichigo's vol 1 pose

The hashtags are cringe.

This image is cringe.

That would be too cute.

>not dyeing his hair

Shit actor, Kubo should fire him.

That one friend that was supposed to have some secret & somehow manged to blind Aizen when he entered the human world

>dat pic
Holy shit. Seems like it's gonna be about teenager Kazui destroying many pussies in his highschool days.
Is Kubo pulling a Nisekoi one-shit too?


>adapting a manga which will need shit ton of SFX, with a budget of 50 yen

Why do Japs keep doing this it always ands up being shit.

That is died hair, just not as light as Ichigo's actual hair is supposed to be.

>Bleach never lost popularity in the west

Pretty sure that's just fanart, but...

>Harem series drawn by Kubo
>Harem series written by Kubo

I'm honestly torn on whether or not I would follow this.

The manga sales went down a bit but the anime singlehandedly kept toonami alive for years until they got their shit together and it's getting BD releases.

I hope it's about Ichika trying to take Kazui under her wing, only to realize he already knows all the stuff she's trying to teach him.

Kazui visits Soul Society when?

>visits Soul Society
>Kenpachi feels his reiatsu
>eyepatchless, mentally-unlocked, leveled-up, bankai-possessing Kenpachi wants to fight it

What happens?

When I reread the first arc, and compare how fun Ichigo and friends' gatherings were to the lacklustre reunion of chapter 686, I feel sad.

I feel like Kazui would be such a pain in the ass for Kenpachi because he's got an enormous amount of potential as a fighter, but would probably neglect combat training in favor of something else.

Orihime is perfect.

who's the chick on the left?

live-action bleach leaked
what the fug


Wait what

Nemu, who died and got brought back to life.

The anime did lose some popularity desu. Because when Bleach first came out it was huge like Star Wars and Disney

as a loli?


What happened to Isshin? Where was he in the last chapter?

Ichigo and Orihime do make a good pair. This moment is understated and sweet.

I've never liked how cheap the Shihakusho actually looks in the real world. Combined with all the imperfections of metal swords it always looks like cheap cosplay regardless of how much effort they put into it.

He moved out of the house and moved into Ryuken's place just to annoy him further.

>if it has never happened, then it wont ever happen
how do numbers work?

664 chapters later, this is still the only kiss scene in Bleach.

Subarashii Kubo

Aizen got awfully close to kissing Orihime here. I bet he was considering it.

You're fucking retarded.

The musical will not get improved by digital effects, the movie will. That sword is just here so that the actor can swing it, it will be tweaked on computer.

Use your brain.

>The anime did lose some popularity desu.


Topped the ratings on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, sold over 1.8 million DVDs and consistently ranked among Hulu’s most watched shows.
This success has further spawned an array of related video games (over 820,000 sold), apparel, action figures, trading cards and other merchandise.
In North America, the manga has sold more than 2.1 million copies across 36 volumes.

And? Do you read shonen battle manga for romance? Are you a girl? or a faggot?

Kill yourself

I see you're not amused at the irony of that compared to the level of fucks given by the Ichirucucks and Origos,

>tfw even aizen knew orihime was the sun
I don't know how shippers lasted so long.

I'll always enjoy their relationship. Orihime really does love Ichigo. Hopefully the final volume has some neat scenes.

She's not erased.
Look behind the pillows.

Shush Debbie.

i like his face, it's not the typical generic clichee bishie they usually hire for the protagonist of anime adaptions, instead a more rough look like ichigo is suppose to have.

Though i am not that happy about the design of the kimono, it should be a bit more baggy

He's just doing it to intimidate her, mate.

not good enough cgi was the least of the problems of the attack on titan movies

>Shush Debbie.
this made me laugh quite a bit.

It looks baggy enough here I think But the hair can use some more bleaching. Not so much that it looks silly, but more orange than that.

I hope we get a retcon with Ichiruki

This. I actually kinda like the monsters, and can forgive the fighting. The story and characters though.

The first movie still raked in decent money, probably from people who was curious. The second made only about half of what the first made.

Bleach the Sequel: Son of a Bleach.

>I hope we get a retcon with Ichiruki
Being this desperate.

I'm an Ichiruki, and I actually like the ending....BECAUSE RUKIA AND ICHIGO ARE BROS!

>it seems he was planning for Ichigo and Orihime to end up together since the pilot chapter
the pilot was a lazy copy paste of the tanabata myth, that's it. it doesn't imply anything because no one in it had any character

Keep posting.
That's what they always were and always will be.

>tanabata myth
its literally a myth about lovers. it's obvious that ichigo/orihime were always endgame.

>live action coming soon
>another volume is on the way
The ride never ends.jpg

1) Orihime’s name is based on the legendary Orihime/Vega (weaver princess) in the Tanabata story. In Bleach, Orihime is part of the sewing/handicrafts club at school.
2) Orihime’s english-translated name by Kubo himself had her as ‘Vega Highwell’. In Japanese/Chinese mythology, Vega is another name for Orihime, and is linked to the Tanabata story.
3) In one colourspread, Orihime’s symbolic number is written as 7/7, indicating 7th July which is the date of the Tanabata Festival in Japan.
4) Ichigo’s hollow form in the Lust arc is in the motif of a bull/ox, which is a reference to Kengyuu/Altair being a cow-herder in the legend.
5) Ichigo’s birthday is on 15/7, which falls on Obon Festival, which is part of the Tanabata Festival.
6) In the legend, the lovers aren’t able to meet if it rains because the rivers would be flooded over and the boatsman can’t ferry Orihime to Kengyuu. In Bleach, Ichigo hates the rain.
7) Fun fact: In one of the illustrated Karakura town maps, Ichigo and Orihime’s homes are separated by a river and connected by a small bridge. In Chinese/Japanese mythology, Orihime (Vega) and Kengyuu (Altair) are separated by a river (which is a metaphor for outer space, where Vega and Altair are constellations).
8) The Bleach pilot chapter had stronger hints to the Tanabata legend, where Orihime and Ichigo are separated at the end because Orihime had died and become a ghost/soul, but it was hinted that she would come back to visit him.
9) The chapter after Orihime confesses to Ichigo and leaves for Hueco Mundo is called 'Eagle Without Wings’. Vega (Orihime) is also known as 'the falling eagle’ in medieval astronomy, and both Vega and Altair are depicted as birds.
10) The chapter when Ichigo goes off to rescue Orihime is called 'Winged Eagles’. Altair (Kengyuu) is also known as 'the flying eagle’ in medieval astronomy.

Proof that Ichihimeshits are just crazy as Ichirukicucks.

that's really interesting, i just wish now that he would have done more with it

Parallels, Symbolism, and Shojo Bubbles.
Keep in mind Ichigo's hollow form during the Yhwach fight. Kubo knows what he is doing.

Aside from the Ishidas, is it confirmed that all the quincies are dead?

>the Ishidas
Anyway, no. We'll know a lot more in the upcoming databook. We still don't know what happened to Meninas.

>Burned a million bridges with his shitty last 10 chapters
>"There's more!"


>we're getting this instead of an animated movie to tie into the finale of the manga

Fuck everything!


Imagine being so butthurt that your ship gets ridiculed in Bleach threads for so long only for your chance of getting back at them comes down to almost nothing because Bleach already went past its expiry date for so long.

Shame really

>Ichigo cheats on Orihime with Rukia

>The spin off revolves around the lives of teen Kazui and Ichika

>Facing the tension in their families and the upcoming break-ups while having to slay hollows and shit.

>Some generic new villain appears and for some reason Ichigo can't defeat him

>Kazui is their holy hope.

It won't happen but I like to think about it.

Short hair Rukia is cutest Rukia.

>Ichigo cheats on Orihime with Rukia
I'm so glad you kept posting. Deranged.


So, like Boruto but with real family problems.

Aimed to give teenagers with divorced parents someone to self-insert as.

>Do you wanna fight kiddo?
>Hmmm mom tell me to not fight
>C'mon kiddo, will be funny
>Kenpachi-dono I don't...
>Kenpachi goes against Kazui
>Kazui just touch Kenpachi and he got Reiatsucrushe'd with his insane power

>Ichigo cheats on Orihime with Rukia
You guys have reached a whole new level of embarrassment. You sound like some deranged, young fangirl.

And then they call him Kurosaki Kenpachi, Captain of the 11th Division.

Only works for 2 hours each day after he eats the lunch bento prepared by his mom and finishes his homework.

Stay mad.

>So, like Boruto but with real family problems.

Exactly, user. 'cept that Kazui is chill. I like to imagine him not as laid back as Yoh Asakura but as kind-hearted and calm.
The kind of guy who you know will go full berserk once you hurt his friends.

You know, simple stuff.

I'd pay to see that.

Nah I'm all for Ichigo and Orihime being a couple, I needed a reason for the breakup. I care about Kazui.

Kazui is already Kenpachi/Yamamoto tier in power.
Then imagine all the potential in that kid
>Hollow powers
>Quincy powers
>Fullbring powers
>His own power
>Orihime fairies
He's an even more perfect "fusion" than his father.

The only thing I want from Kubo is straight up fucking hentai

Why not have Orihime die? That'd be a lot better for character motivations. Cheating is fucking retarded.

I skip part 2 manga but I'm buying the jojoniums.

>The ginger mom dies- Again

Also, cheating with Rukia is a way to get Ichika involved and it gives both characters a reason to part ways with their parents

Shit wrong thread.

That just sounds fucking awful. Not only is that shit writing, but it'd go against both Ichigo's and Rukia's character. It's a good premise, but shit execution.

>Butchering Character's meme


>lol i can't argue against it so let's call it a meme that'll show him
I'm impressed.

You can't argue against it either :)

Parents cheating is more difficult to deal with psychologically than their death.

So how are we gonna get Ichigo to cheat with Rukia? Who's gonna start the fight with their respectivr spouses that they start to drift off?

See, I'm pretty sure we could get some kind of emotionally resonant spin-off without doing a 180 on the established characterization or killing anyone off.

Maybe the Kurosakis have another child who gets stolen underneath their noses and Kazui, who happens to see the intruders, ends up isolated in his attempt to chase down the kidnappers. Kazui tries to get his younger sibling back by himself, but in doing so, he faces multiple life-or-death situations and learns things about himself he has difficulty dealing with.

By the time the rescue party arrives after being hindered by God-knows-what, Kazui is more or less stable, with his younger sibling safe in his arms. However, it's clear that he hasn't left his experiences completely unchanged.

>lol i still can't argue against him so i'll just use a smiley face
>haha i owned him xD
Nice contribution to the Bleach thread.
Regardless of the validity of your statement, I just don't see cheating working in the Bleach universe, especially with how involved Isshin / Yuzu / Karin would be.

Friday I went down to Enoshima for the day, transferred at Fujisawa station - they were filming the live-action movie outside the station.

The ride never ends.

You got a problem with it? :)

That wouldn't happen. There's too much emotional support in the Bleach universe.
That'd be fun. I think the main problem is having Ichigo limited somehow so he doesn't save the day right away. He's incredibly strong right now and it'd be a tad unrealistic for him not to solve a problem like that.

Bleach is already on the best-selling list on amazon jp. So much for the final volume flopping.

Anyways it'll be out the fourth of November.

That's only what upset shippers have been saying. I'm interested to see who will be on the final volume cover.

>Renji's inferiority complex begins towards Rukia.
>Ichigo feels like he doesn't feel anything for Orihime. (happens in irl couples so why not?)

Shits hits the fan some day.

>Ichigo and Rukia see each other and start nostalgia talk.
>Then they start pillow talk
>Then Rukia's head is burried in the pillow

This is more of a fun idea I had than anything I think would be a legit spin-off. Stop taking yourselves so seriously.

>Stop taking yourselves so seriously.
Go to bed.

I was going to explain the kidnappers not getting BTFO straight away as them being extremely good at concealing their presences, including that of their base of operations, and Kazui only managing to spot them by a stroke of luck. Not sure what the specific mechanics of that would entail, though.

>Go to bed.

Go to bed.

>I'm interested to see who will be on the final volume cover.
I'm betting on either Ichigo or Kazui. Doubt we'll get multiple characters, unless Kubo wants to throw his one character rule out the window for the final volume.

I hate shippers so fucking much holy shit.

Rather than Rukia cheating, I can see Orihime cheating because she's neglected by a deadbeat Rukia-loving Ichigo as more plausible.

Rukia has way too much work to do, social status and noble stature to cheat, even if she secretly wants Ichigo. She wouldn't want to let Byakuya and Hisana down by dragging the family name in the mud.

You Ichiruki fans have surpassed Narusaku fans. Congrats.

Bullshit soul society tech, developed by crazy doctor, stolen from crazy doctor, or other such shenanigans

>I can see Orihime cheating
Reread Bleach. She'd sooner kill herself than cheat on Ichigo.

Give us more details.

Ichihime and Renruki are happily married in canon :')

How would Renji and Rukia argue? What would they argue about? How would Ichika take it when she sees them fighting for the first time?

So triggered

I like this.

Why do you people assume people can't evolve? Why must characters stay the same?
Then you'll be whining about the lack of character development. The world does not work in yandere/tsundere/deredere and bullshitdere ways.

first i have to deal with cheating naruhina delusions, now ichihime??? ffs i cant wait till the final volume is released so you ichirukicucks can get BTFO once again

I could see that, but wouldn't Orihime's faeries be watching the new kid? Oh well, it's definitely an interesting premise.
I wouldn't mind seeing Ichigo again. I just hope that Kubo includes some fun extras in the last volume.

>Then you'll be whining about the lack of character development.
Cheating is character development?

>unironically using the word triggered
Please stop posting on Cred Forums.
What do you expect from these people? They're feral animals. This is all they have now.

>Why do you people assume people can't evolve? Why must characters stay the same?
>Then you'll be whining about the lack of character development.
Are you even reading what you're writing? Get a fucking grip man.
Don't bother with these people.

Loving all the IchiHime butthurt. Keep posting!

If you explain all the reasons why it happened. How the characters feels before and after. How they are confronted with what they've done. Yes, it can be character development.
All hail the new literally

>This is all they have now.
That's true. Kubo really fucked them over these past few years. Not that I blame him since IR fans are completely batshit.

This cheating shit is just funny, I don't even ship IR and one of the ships I like actually became canon.

Yeah that's nice and all but this is an IchiHime thread,your character butchering isn't welcome here

As long as we're discussing spinoffs, I've contemplated the idea of Kazui taking the desire to protect to dire extremes. For one reason or another, he's lacking in empathy for his opponents and splats his enemies without a second thought if they threaten him or his loved ones. This leads to friction between him and almost everyone else, who are extremely disturbed by the ease with which he offs whoever's in his way, even though he only gets murderous when someone he cares about is in danger. I blame his wide-eyed obliteration of Yhwach for giving me this idea.

They get mad at ichiruki fans who aren't even here.
>character butchering

as if any idea from you and me had some sort of value

The lack of empathy+his precious face is such a nice combo

But user,you're disrespecting Kubo's vision of how Bleach should really be read with your butchering of Orihime and Ichigo's character

Kazui is not driven by the desire to protect. He has no little sister and his mom is alive. His name means "courage". His wandering alone outside, touching weird black holes with abandon and not fazed at all by a girl suddenly appearing from the wall show that. His problem will be excessive, reckless curiosity and the consequences he didn't think it'll cause.

>falseflagging this hard
Get over it. You lost, now fuck off.
I wonder if that's a good quality for a main character.

I'm not falseflagging!

>Implying he didn't butcher his own manga.

Don't get me wrong. I stayed on the ride until the end despite disliking lots of the last chapters. I never shipped IchiRuki because it looked obvious that Rukia and Renji belonged together and the Hime would be with Ichigo at the end.

If I wanted to disrespect Kubo I'd just throw hentai ideas all over the place.

I like Kubo and Bleach still was a nice ride even if I was left with a bittersweet taste in my mouth.

Indeed but what could he fuck up so bad that it could threaten Soul Society?

Fuck off.
>Indeed but what could he fuck up so bad that it could threaten Soul Society?
He could reject reality. He could also bring Yhwach back from the dead. His powers are scary, who knows what he could accomplish with them.

Bleach II: Oops, My Dad Told Me Specifically Not to Go There But I Did Anyway And Accidentally Triggered Doomsday

Kurosaki Kazui


>Lovecraftian Elder Gods start seeping into reality
>People risk going mad from fear just by looking at them
>Kazui just thinks they vaguely resemble the calamari he had for dinner the other week


Kubo plzzzzz

>where the fuck is NEL?

but yeah.

But that's just false,all of them were just butthurt IchoRukists who didn't matter,just look at the sales!

Stop shitposting and go to bed.

T.Butthurt Ichirukist

Don't bother with these people. They're so upset at the ending that they feel the need to continuously false flag. They're deranged.
Nice contribution to the Bleach thread.

Thanks user!

No, Kubo clearly doesn't care anymore so it'll be shit even if it continues.

I'd be fine with databook infodump and post-ending Color Bleach.

You IchiHime fucks shouldn't dictate what to contribute lmao

Say what you want about IRfags, but even after being canon bombed, they can still generate a whole lot of fanart in a mostly dying fandom.

That's because they're DELUSIONAL and DERANGED


I hope they use that drive for things more important than shonen manga fandom too though.

That's what happens in most series, user.
Look at you, copying my posting style. Keep posting.
>having unrealistic expectations
I'm disappointed, user.

I swear I've seen this exact pose in 3 different IR fanarts.

haterz be hatin yo
let dem ichiruki fans have it their way bro
I kno u mad you'll get BTFO
Cause' dem IRfan be creative and shit tho

The pose is a meme meant as a show of force.

It's practically saying, "We're here, we're many, we are legion, and we're better than you. Want to deny that? Try and make something like this for YOUR ship, then. You will fail. Just like your ship is FAIL."

It's also trying to say to Kubo, "The number of these fanarts shows how big your mistake is. You will regret what you've done, you traitor."

And sending a message to Shueisha, "We are a large consumer segment. Pander to us! This is your last chance!"

Some of these illustrators should just take on writing a Bleach doujin in which this happens.

And ANSWER AL THE FUCKING UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. I can't believe shipperfags can't go past love interests.

These fanarts are neat though.

Kazui being a kind hearted guy with a bit of a ruthless streak is a given. Look at who his parents are and look at his powers.

We do though. You just don't see us talking about plot points because of the Anonymity.

Besides, everyone pretty much agrees on all the things Kubo left unfinished. Where's the fun in all being in agreement? Shipping never ends. NEVER EVER

Orihime a cute.

Jesus Christ, the denial is sad. Some are well done, though.

You haven't seen anything yet. Just wait for the final volume reveal.



>Muh Denial


Remember when the stickers came out and people were convinced that stickers equaled IchiRuki being confirmed? Good times.

Is there anything else you think Kubo could add to the final volume that would AssBlast the IchiRukis even harder than the final Chapter?

'Cuz I honestly want to see more salt than what we got.

i-is the anime coming back?

They could add Orihime getting screwed by Chad

I picked the nice ones. Many are awful like most fanarts are.

pls no bully

Now where's that colored Okusan dj panel?

Why cant you salty fucks admit you lost and just go away already

Maximum salt for them would be the last chapter showing Ichigo and Orihime fucking consensually in the missionary position while Ichigo is screaming about how Orihime will be the only woman he'll romantically love.

It's like NTR, but instead of a bland MC, it's an entire shipper fanbase.

What's with you salt-hater, do you have hypertension?

Bleach was good before it went full shonen.

SOL Bleach is best Bleach

Orihime corruption could have been good.

I like both teenage ghostbuster and his high school friends SoL or goofy death gods SoL.

doujins when?

that sword looks awesome

>I swear I've seen this exact pose in 3 different IR fanarts.
So have I. I think Deathberryfaggots keep campaigning on here and spamming with fanart to prove something. I'm not sure what the intention is, but they just seem to be as pathetic and overly obsessed as usual.

>a deadbeat Rukia-loving Ichigo as more plausible.
Ichirukist's vision of Ichigo is hilariously out of touch.

>I can see Orihime cheating
Orihime portrayal is equally bad.

Literally zero people said that. Keep trying to force the narrative, narutard fuckwit.

You guys can't be this delusional. You're now blocking out your own delusions.

That whole conversation about the main characters having affairs and the discussion about Kazui being too curious for his own good made me wonder: what if Kazui grows up to be a philanderer who dates multiple girls behind their backs? He's most likely going to turn out attractive and we've raised the possibility of him making poor decisions on impulse.

We've discussed before that Kazui was born to be a harem lead.

At least the IchiRuki shitposters are not pass users. If they were, I could had filtered them.



I think that was in the context of Kazui being really attractive but also too dense and/or monogamous to take advantage of it. What I'm suggesting is him flirting with every cute girl he can find when he's old enough to date.

Ichigo at age 15: Can't even say "kiss", freaks out at Kon kissing Orihime's hand and Tatsuki's dunnowhat.

Kazui at age 15: Innocent flirting with every girl. Greets them with kisses in private, making them think they're special., when in fact they're not. Inherits Mizuiro's playbook.

I'm really liking the idea of Kazui being the opposite of his spaghetti-spilling parents when it comes to romance.

Plenty of people lost interest. There are just a lot of underage kiddies on Cred Forums now.

The IchiHime ending was a terrorist attack on the bleach fandom.

The best part of this is that Kazui inherited his mother's eyes and smile, so now you've got a sweet-looking pretty boy with the attitude of a carnivore.

I'm so glad we have the archive for things like these.
Look at you, copying my posting style. Keep posting.

>tfw he fucks riruka and nel in place of ichigo
What a guy.

>Kubo will never make a fashion-oriented shounen manga
>we probably won't see Kubo's glorious sense of fashion ever again
Why live?

The sequel.

At least Bleach never had Fairy Tail tier writing.

You don't really believe that?

It was shit, but it wasn't utter shit.


Chalk another one up on the list of doujin ideas that will never be written.

It was worse than Fairy Tale desu

These are better =)

I wonder.

I hope we get lewds of the kurosaki kid.

Stop, he's pure.

No need to wonder. It's fact.

It'll have a rukia hime ending where ichigo gets cucked.

He is for hugs, not fugs.

I love how innocent he looks. What a perfect kid.

What about punches?

I can't wait to see him filled with despair.

He is for his aunts to dote upon.

I'll always love Yuzu's character. It really is a shame the sisters never became relevant.

I wish I had a pass.

Yeah I really thought Kubo was gonna do something with Karin during the FB arc.

I love how this is the very first thing the readers are meant to see. Spoilers aside, everybody was waiting for any kind of confirmation since the previous chapter was all about the Shinigami, but in this page you would instantly know that it was the child of Ichigo and Orihime.

Like Kubo ever would.

>people are still upset about IH

I was a massive IRfag and got over it in a week, how is this still going on?

Some people are just harping on it for the lols, but some are also genuinely pissed over shit that doesn't really matter.

I liked Kazui immediately. All it took was this page. He's the best of Orihime and Ichigo.

I knew some people were still genuinely upset since I can view DB (older account) but most of the salt in here has to be bait.

There'll be a fresh new wave of asspain once the final volume is out.

How's the mood on Deathberry now? They locked up shop pretty quickly.


They're still upset.

>But yeah, It definitely can be a sequel w/ the children or an extra chapter with them idk... haha... ha ... ha.. and I was here, finally over it! It seems like I will be dragged again to the despair of that last chapter.

Direct quote.

>Ichiruki ;_;

Delet this. Aizen is pure.

IchiHime I can sort of understand, but how the fuck did RenRuki happen?

That's amazing.

I hope whatever this volume has for us triggers a lot more asspain.

Don't say triggers.

All the Soldat are alive. Lille, Askin and BG9 were never killed. Bambietta, Giselle, Liltotto and Bazz-B are unknown.

Rukia couldn`t resist the delicious baboon dick.

Here's some recent gems.

I bet Hollow Orihime would be just as polite and nice as Regular Orihime, just more clingy and jealous.

Do they ever bitch about anything other than the endgame couples?

What did you say about Rukia?

>fuck all: the ending
>shippers still dominate
What the actual fuck guys

Oh my God.

I need to get in.

I said she couldnt resist the delicious baboon dick. That is okay, user. All girls like that.

To be fair, yes, but I get the feeling they somehow relate even most their other complaints to the ships.
They like to complain about how Uryuu's character ended up but what I take from it is that they're just salty that he didn't fuck Orihime.

They changed the "General Bleach" board to "General Bleach: Uryuu deserved better".


Sad but true.

I love these people so fucking much.

I doubt they'll change the "only veterans can see it" rule, sorry user.

I can post some more caps though, if people want.

I still say he deserved better, not in the whole romance department but in general.

Please do. It never gets old.
>deserves better
What more do you want? He helped kill Yhwach, reconciled with his father, and now moved on with his life.

I agree, he was definitely shafted and the ending didn't make up for it. I'm just saying they probably have secondary motives for their criticism.

Yes, please.

I know what you are getting for Christmas.

Something other than just Ichiruki bitching if you can find something. I'm curious what the think about the other characters.

I mean in general, he vanished for the whole quincy arc doing fuck-all, got an interesting ability and everything ended with a Deus Ex Machina that helped him let Ichigo win. Atleast build on his motives where or show some progression in his quincy abilities, he took a pot-shot at Yhwach, let ichigo save the day then became a doctor while he doesn't even get to hang out with the main cast watching Chad, he showed up on a roof watching with a phone.

A cute angry midget? Nice.

I'll cap the two things then, give me a bit.


That's cute.

I fucking love these people holy shit. Do they realize what they are writing?


>no Karin becoming a soul reaper
>no Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizuiro having latent spiritual energy awoken after Fake Karakura Town

Did you read what you wrote?

user, there really isn't very much, something like this is the best I can do. Even the character FCs are dead and 98% of the talk is just shipping.

She's cute.

Orihime set women back 30 years.

>Aimed to give teenagers with divorced parents someone to self-insert as.

wait, people divorce in Japan? I thought that japanese couples keep together till the end.

Is that Debbie?

"inoue kept tatsuki being able to see spirits to herself from ichigo and everyone else"

holy shit, they literally jump at every chance to blame her.

Nah, I haven't screencapped any of her stuff yet.

When will the circlejerk ever end

No, but he or she writes these posts in every Bleach forum.

And that started 20 years ago.

I really wonder why these people hate Orihime so much. What did she do to them?

I literally don't get the point of brining up feminism when it comes to a fucking fighting shounen manga, like its aimed at teenage boys-of course the girl that ends up with the MC will 99.9% of the time become a housewife. It's the norm over in Japan. You can't expect every culture to be the same.

All these IR fans are bitching over orihime wearing an apron yet ignore the fact that Mayuri abused Nemu in every way possible throughout the entire manga. Kubo has given other female characters much shittier treatment.

Orihime has the mentality of Harley Quinn, apparentely.

Wow, I went full retard just now.

Happens to everyone.

Pretty sure the poll they mentioned was the one were Ochako got first and it was revealed that only 33 people voted for her. If Orihime was the 24th then one person must've voted.

Their number aren't even true. Kenpachi appeared in about 25 chapters and Mayuri about 30.

What would happen if these people put their hatred towards Orihime to something productive? Good stuff, user.

>Their number aren't even true.
They're too blinded by their hate. They just want more excuses to shit on Orihime.

Another one, this time ft. a reviewer.

People look for any excuse.

>Either way, he is not what I call an author

My fucking sides.

>hateful man
What conspiracy theories have led these people to think that he is hateful?

Kubo definitely hates the IR fanbase, he was blatant as fuck with it this final arc. I don't think he hates the main cast though. It was nice seeing the main nakama settled down in the last chapter.

He obviously hates the IR fanbase.

They have no one to blame but themselves for that hate.

I checked the Orihime thread.

No, the ride is fucking over.

>who gave a presentation and paper on the subject of Bleach shipping
Do these people really exist?

>that last person
holy shit

tumblrinas do that all the time.

Liberal Arts Major?

Kazui becomes his new Yachiru

>I can't believe that there are so many disgusting people like that in this planet. It's probably the reason why aliens don't bother with us.
The best part is that this person is completely serious. Fucking holy shit.

Holy shit, this is too much. They're fucking insane.

I love when they bring up their degrees as if that's suppose to be proof that they're intelligent or something. You can have a degree and still be stupid as fuck, it's the duality of man.

How do they take themselves seriously though? How aren't they embarrassed?
People still have some decency though.

More of the Orihime thread.

>dat hair
>dem eyes
That little fucker is going to be a cunt destroyer.

These people are out of their fucking mind. I guess this is what happens when you continuously post in an echo chamber.

it was right there this whole time

I wonder what the Vizards are doing now.

So bickering over different parenting skills is chemistry these days huh?

Okay, that's pretty funny. I love this fanbase so much.

Orihime is really cute, no wonder ichigo chose her.

I feel like the posters from Deathberry are the type of people who viciously hate every pretty/kind/big-breasted girl they come across. Probably got their crush stolen by one or got rejected by one. Their hate for Orihime is just too unhealthy.

Bless user.

I think I'm losing brain cells.

Of course. Most of the Deathberry posters also have their own Tumblrs. It's scary.

yeah, yeah who cares about Ichiruki, Ichihime, and Renruki

gice me more about the only true ship:
Aizen x Chair

>I majored in psychology
holy shit these people are fucking great.

I always thought they have a breast size complex.

>Mary Sue

They're really not any different from here, are they?

Four of them are captains. One is missing. One is working for Ichigo's boss. One is reading manga and Hacchi no clue.

I'm more interested in who is living in Wahrwelt desu.

he literally rose up from the dead for her "shes calling me etc" but okay.

did they forget about how ichigo literally abandoned a wounded rukia the moment ulquiorra told him he was the one that simply brought orihime to hm and even attacked him? he didnt even think about rukia after that

then you have the scene when grimmjow was trying to get ichigo into battle mode and mentioned rukia and how he put a hole through her yet it didnt work. ichigo only put a "good face" when grimmjow told him that they fucked orihime up inside.

You can't reason with these people. They read a different manga than the rest of us.

This guy wanted to edit TVTropes just to describe her as one.

Interesting that Kubo introduced those two jealous arrancar girls during the HM arc-the arc where all the orihime hate really started taking off. They hated her for being beautiful/selfess/kind/not fighting back when they abused her. They were like the IR fanbase.

If a girl loves the MC then she's not going to get over him. That doesn't happen in fighting shounen. If they wanted a story about the girl getting over her first love then they should've read josei or shoujo.

That is an interesting paralulz. Would be really kubooooo if it is true.

And yet people keep expecting it to happen. Naruto, Bleach, Magi, all big name shounens and the girls always get what they want.

You'd think they would have learned by now.

Orihime was bullied throughout the whole manga. What the fuck with this mary sue meme?

to them mary sue = person i don't like

A guy wrote a gigantic (and I meant gigantic) post listing reasons why Orihime is a Sue, holy shit.

They keep saying that Ichigo and Rukia bicker like old married couples, but old married couples don't yell at each other about things as important as philosophy in raising children. They bicker about stupid things like temperature of the aircon, who forgot to pay the electricity bill or whether the neighbor's new dog is poodle or pom.

They're trying to rationalize the ending.
Really? Post it here, I want to laugh.

This guy is also frequently ranting on basically every other Bleach board.

So Shinji, Lisa, Kensei and Rose are captains now right?

Loly got a little too interested in Orihime, though. She basically wanted to rape her and even defended her against Yammy.

Yes. Hiyori is back in the human world and we don't know what happened to Love/Mashiro/Hachi.


>everybody who disagrees with me is origo! ORIGO!!!!!!
They are fucking insane.


Welp, just checked amazon jp and bleach is already 19th on the best-sellers list. I wonder what excuses IR fans are going to come up with now.

Mashio should still be Co-lieutenant with Hisagi.
Hachi and Love where probably forgotten by Kubo.

>rape her
>defended her against Yammy.
That's a stretch.
It's the same thing with Porky over here.

"shes a mary sue because shes named after a goddess"

do these people hear themselves

I like how on the last chapter Kubo randomly implied she wants to fuck her brother.

Can you blame him? He does not hate the main cast and he does not hate IR.

He just didn't see them as a romantic pairing and went on record about that. That fanbase has always been entitled and irrational. What author wouldn't resent that?

They know more about Orihime than the people who like her.
Bleach is going to sell well. They'll probably go with Kubo being killed by a fan / never allowed to have another series.

Where on amazon.jp did you see that because what I see, it went up from 102th yesterday to 93rd right now, and that's just the comics category, not overall.


Yuzu has always had a thing for Ichigo. It was pure when she was younger and then got more sexual when she hit puberty.

Yeah. She's a crazed lez cunt who is both jealous of and wants a straight girl that's WELL out of her league in every way. She's even more powerful then her.

Know that whole "rape is about power" thing that feminists fucktard on about? They're mostly talking about themselves.

She wanted to force herself on orihime as a way to show she's more powerful then her and hurt her.


>She wanted to force herself on orihime
I agree with you on most of your points, but when did this happen?

Very early on, she protested because Ichigo didn't tell her he took a bath. She wanted to join him. Keep in mind she was in 5th grade, not 5 years old.

Yuzu has always had incest vibes.

Even the IR fanbase doesn't like the IR fanbase. There were quite a few (in the beginning, at least) who didn't approve of Debbie and those like her making all IchiRuki shippers look like unhinged nutcases with a massive inferiority complex.

In every single scene where they were alone and the most damning piece of evidence was how she acted when ulq turned a blind eye to how she treated her AND how she reacted when Yammy came for her.

Bitch was just a fucking nutty little lez.

She cried during work because Ichihime is canon.

The IR fanbase started to degrade as Orihime got more screen time and Rukia faded into irrelevance.

To them that is Kubo being hateful and jealous of IR's bond because Orihime is his wet dream.

Some time in the far future, he's going to win a fight against a girl because she couldn't properly move with soaked panties.

Ah, "except Kindle books".
That's crazy, I didn't know Japan buys that many Kindle books.

That said, One Piece 83 is also out on 4 November and it's already 2nd (without Kindle) and 4th (with Kindle).

She deserve to be fired.

>It was always IR or nothing
Where do these people come up with these ideas?

I guess. I don't think she was a lesbian, but to each his own.
It's a little unfair to compare Bleach with One Piece. One Piece always sells well.

I can understand liking IR and deriving from certain scenes that Kubo might be heading towards that, but not to the point of insisting it's the only possible endgame.

Bleach went up though. It was the 21st and now it's the 19th.

I wonder what my waifu is doing right now. Hopefully not dreaming about fish sticks.

Signs of the meltdown to full delusional insanity started appearing as early as Soul Society, when they started shitting all over Renji for having a history with Rukia that raised future relationship flags and then claiming that Orihime/Ishida were going to be endgame.

I just put them in a folder now for easy access.


It will continue to rise. It's the last volume of a long running series. Bleach 74 will sell well for no other reason.

Crying because the woman she loves is dead.

Grieving? What the hell? It's not that serious.

OK. With Arslan Senki then, it comes out on Nov 9 and is now on #12.

In the first half of 2016, Arslan sold 340k for one volume. Bleach sold 460k and 380k. Number may still change up to release day depending on buyer behavior.

>I hope that ANY future Bleach projects will always be IR-centric and completely treats 686 as if it never existed.
I'm genuinely worried for these people.

I see being a cunt is not just an IchiRuki trait.

We would have never found out if her sister didn't accidently out her.

Great hero will make SS change? Huh? That was never part of his storyline. He discovered how shitty SS was during the SS arc yet didn't do anything about it. He happily went back home after he saved Rukia, because that was his mission.

Ichigo was never meant to change SS. He never viewed himself as part of their world. He never got involved in their issues unless they tried to hold him back in saving his nakama(rukia/going to hm to rescue orihime)

you're waifu is tall.

To be fair, Yhwach basically told Ichigo exactly that when he died.

The tallest

Why would Orihime's power having previously been compared to kido and a zanpaktou naturally lead one to assume fullbringer, when fullbringer powers are similar to hollow powers, not shinigami powers?

Exactly. Ichigo was heroic, but he never sought out being some great savior or revolutionary.

He wanted to protect his town, his loved ones and the world at large if he had to. Outside of that, typical bro who is overly snarky and (was) sexually repressed. He ended up right where he wanted to be.

Just read cnets transaltion of the last chapter and Orihime says "hiyori and the others". Their translations are supposedly closer to the raw.

This is great.

Where? Yhwach just blamed Ichigo because now the worlds wouldn't become one.

In regards to what page, user?

Which would have solved many problems, like that the Rukongai is a shithole, that humans become Hollows or that there is war between the Shinigami and Quincy. He basically told Ichigo that because of him things will never be better.

I think this'll be it for the day.

I'll keep posting them later.

>they hate senna


Thanks for your work, user. It's always fun to see these people.

When Ichigo asked Orihime where Kazui was. The full translation is "I think he's back upstairs now. From what Tsubaki-kun was telling me, I think he dropped in on Hiyori-chan and the others"

You did good work user.

Wasnt Senna a likeable character? I was really sad about her death but cant remember anything else about that movie.

To me, his speech came across like he wanted to pull an end of evangelion.

Oh, that makes sense. Does that change much?

Thanks, guys. It gave me some good laughs.

But, that's just his twisted philosophy. The final word is given by Aizen and Ichigo did the right thing.

If they're talking about the most-hated heroine poll then jokes on them. Ochako got first place and she only got 33 votes. Orihime was the 24th which means that like person must've voted for her.

We know that at least Hacchi and Love are well. Mashiro is still a big mystery.

Weren't the Ochako votes a joke anyway because of her quirk?

I'm still surprised that Ochako got first place. What did she ever do to deserve that?
I honestly think Kubo forgot about Mashiro.

We know that the other Vizards are alive. Mashiro is probably back in SS with Kensei, so Hachi and Love were probably the others she mentioned.


>Wasn't* Senna a likable* character?
>cant remember anything else about that movie.
I see what you did there.

>What did she ever do to deserve that?
It just a mere 33 votes though. Could've been all from fujos for all we know since her feelings for Deku are becoming more obvious.

That's true, but Yhwach would still have recreated the garden Eden and brought the world to its original natural form. And if people don't die, they will never become Hollows which is a good thing. Quincy and Shinigami would have no more reasons to fight, which means there is peace between the two. And Soul Society with its horrible system would also be gone. Only real downside is that immortality can suck and that Yhwach is not the best ruler probably.

It will create chaos, and in Eastern philosophy chaos is worse than unfair balance.

Yup. Because the question could be interpreted as asking who's the most nauseated WSJ heroine.

>uryu is shown all alone on the roof
>next scene is ichigo calling orihime where they start talking about their child

did kubo BTFO ishihime fans?

I think the middle-left panel is my favorite panel of Orihime. Her face is perfect, she looks so confident / smug / happy.

I know that i did not hate her. And was sad about her death. But thats it. I didnt troll, user.

The problem is that there would be nothing to strive for. Living would lose its meaning without death as a counterpoint. What would happen to "the heart" and "courage?"

To be fair Uryuu was always a very cold, and distant character. If he is alone, it is because he wants to be for also having mother issues. Then again, who doesn't in this manga.

How triggered were IR fans by the flower/shoujo background?

I would love if Kubo reveals that he's actually seeing or engaged to some pretty nurse.

Living wouldn't lose meaning. People can always strive for new meaning. Like making things more enjoyable or better because otherwise one has to live for eternity with it.
Uryuu is only alone, because he couldn't get a day off. Being a doctor in Japan can be hard.

Kubo really went all out. I fucking love him.

Uryuu needs to marry a Quincy woman to make a new generation of Quincy. Sadly the only options are Haschwalth's maid or possibly Liltotto. Every other known Quincy woman is either dead or insane.

>Kubo baits shipperfags for years
>this manga is not about romance guys
>shoehorns romance into the final chapter because why not go full retard he has nothing to lose anyway
>99 posters still memeing about this shit
>pretending as if they totally saw this coming miles away
Blerch is hilariously pathetic on all accounts.

>Haschwalth's maid
Remember when we thought that she was going to play a big role in Bleach? Anyway, Meninas could join his harem.

Mind you, that's what Ichigo's POV when she comes out.

I found it sad really. Senna was a manifestation of multiple lost souls who lost their memories. She in turn literally had no memory of her own existence, and when she met Ichigo she finally found something or someone who would remember her. He can see spirits, and she was always alone. She was not a real person though, and she dispersed along with all the lost souls who had no memories of anybody. Her existence will be remembered by nobody. No one will remember her. Well, except for Ichigo.

Haschwalth's maid was top tier cute though.

And it still looks like they are self inserting in Rukia, amazing

That's even better. I can't wait for the final volume.

She died according to Bazz-B.

>Yonkou being an authority on Bleach
>Yonkou being an authority on anything

You are either Yonkou and advertising your shit, or you are riding his dick so hard that this and everything else out of your mouth is the tip of his penis.

Now that the Ichibowl is over, the artist are latching more and more into crackpairings apparently.

>Haschwalth's maid
Literally who?

[citation needed]

Well shit, now im sad again.

I really wanted a SoL spin-off story now. Date nights with the couples going out having fun. In either the real world, or in the SS. Ichigo and Renji be competitive in front of their waifus. Stupid stuff like that.

No one says that though. He likes to tease by withholding info, but he's a reliable source.

I like how they moan and groan about feminism, then use Titshime and Kubo's Wet Dream.

Honestly, they sound so bothered. Like mocking a pretty girl their crush prefers.

I have it on DVD I found from the 5 dollar bin at a store. I was a dork for Bleach back then, and still kinda am. Its a good movie.

More like salty ishida didnt fuck her away from ichigo so they could live their fantasies through rukia

part 1

part 2

part 3

That'd be so comfy.

BazzB: Not “among them”? / You’re the only damn ones who were chosen. // Every last one of us down below was hit by that Auswählen.

BazzB: It was a slaughter. // Even those who managed to desperately hide from the light had their Vollständig stripped away... // And those who weren’t so lucky lost their lives as well.

Bazz-B speaks in plural, which means Robert wasn't the only one who died.

Considering people like bleachod and debbie are bnfs in this fandom, nope

Think of hardcore shippers as a combination of football fans and a cult, ir is them and they self insert to such a degree that they think Rukia thinks like they do, Ichigo can't live without them and Orihime is a nasty whore trying to stel him away from them.

God damn wish I can speak moon.

She is the representation of every pretty girl that dated their crush

IR fags' favourite insult was whorehime, they care little for feminism

>reliable source

There it is, there's the deluded faggotry that is the fanbase.

Thanks for this, user. Hopefully it'll be translated one day.

Not that user, but how is he not a reliable source?

> Ship presentation of ulquihime


Oralhime is thrown a lot in these threads to though. That has been used for a long time. Of course Kubo draws her eating a hotdog like this. Its understandable.

That isn't Kubo. That's SP. He did draw a pose like this, she's in her pjs and Riruka brought her a hotdog.

She's just hungry, user. There's nothing wrong with that.

They never confronted people like debbie and stay silent when they do shit or even try to justify it, they are morons too

You're right. I thought he drew these DVD covers. Guess they had SP draw it to sell merc.

They worship Debbie though. I've never seen an IR disagree with her.

Funny how they're claiming they always hated Senna when they were originally defending her from any and all criticism because they thought she was a time travelling IR kid from the future.

why the hell did riruka bring her a hotdog for breakfast

Probably by IRs who hate thinking about what Orihime's oral imagery means for her relationship with Ichigo.

But really, who is claiming to be a feminist on Cred Forums?

A girl needs to eat to be healthy.

>time travelling IR kid from the future.
Wait, seriously?

I liked the idea that the blip on the radar was a result of Ichigo and Rukia's kid. Or the idea that Zangetsu was Ichigo and Rukia's kid.

Unfortunately, this is true.

(I'm the DB user)

I've been following the place for a long while now and I was a lurker even during the BA days and I can say, people there are sheep.
Even if I was an IRfag, it always weirded me out how they just went along with everything. Debbie claimed she has sources that connect her to Kubo - and everyone just believed it, no questions asked. The only one who raised a question got replied to rudely and her skepticism was treated by the forum as if it was ridiculous.

They don't question her or any of the "veterans" at all. They never have and I doubt they ever will because they hear what they want to hear.

Not to mention how many problems they had with some of their own members but some of that was justified - see Peach.

I saw it, but they only dared to complain in non-IR ship comms that required membership approval because they feared attracting her and her gang's autistic wrath.

The person who pretended to commit suicide right?

Its a crazy theory, but with multiverse realities being canon. It's not out of the question. Senna looks more like Ichika now. Who is Renji and Rukia's kid.

Feminists tend to root for the tsundere and generally despise feminine or 'nice' girls.

I guess they thought Senna was going to be a Trunks or Chibiusa.


Yes, she caused a ton of trouble. Invented a cousin that was bullying IHs and getting into arguments, then pretended to fail at killing herself and ending up in the hospital.

She deserved to be banned.

Nisekoi has an extra chapter in the final volume(the chapter focuses on kids of raku/chitoge and kosaki/her husband)and it's still listed at the regular price.

Bleach could also include an extra chapter since the price has nothing to do with the contents.

The ending of Bleach really depressed her, especially since Ash lost on the same day. She was popping pills and everything.

I love this fanbase so much.

I saw that, first thing I did when the ending hit was check her blog.
I wonder if she's going to need more now that Serena's leaving and Amour is done.

It's weird to me how they all jumped on the obvious lie that one person told about Kubo revealing to some random American fan that IR was going to happen and how he wanted revenge against SJ.

A random 686 "review" video of an IR autist repeating this like a cult follower showed up in my youtube recommendations.

Most likely. It'll be a cute chapter and will announce a databook.

Came across this on Peach's tumblr. Supposedly Kubo commissioned these figures himself and they're on his desk. Obviously it's fake, I just don't understand how they believe shit like this.

Or it will be one final troll. Like setting up a sequel that will never happen or some cruel twist. And also a databook.

Alice Rukia, and White Rabbit Ichigo looks tight though.

>Or it will be one final troll. Like setting up a sequel that will never happen or some cruel twist
Nah. It'll be a nice SOL extra chapter.

I just don't know how they continue to believe things like this, even when they know it's not true. I don't like using the word delusional, but fuck they're close to it.

For people that obsessed with Bleach, they know surprisingly little about it.

Arie literally said they had connections to someone who spoke to Kubo directly and that he said, and I quote:

"I know very well that the girls want more romance in Bleach. They want Ichigo and Rukia together." He smiled and said, "I will put a little romance in Bleach. I will put a little romance for IchiRuki."

It's just ridiculous, she provided jackshit for proof and everyone just ate it up, bashed Kubo (the topic has 99 pages right now) and treated this as evidence that others were reading the manga wrong and he just decided to make IH on a whim as revenge.

It's ridiculous. And I don't think pairing bias is any excuse for this because I'm an IRfag too.

I'm a bit confused. Why do IR fans think that the ending in the final volume is going to be different than the one published in WSJ?

People are out of their mind. They are clinging on the last shred of hope.

They still think they are the core fanbase who kept Bleach alive for so long.

Because they don't exist in reality anymore. They have been made delusional.

These precious angels have broken them.

>kubo self destructed because he didn't make two people fuck

>99 pages
Have you read all 99 pages?

That would make me want to end myself.

I've mostly just skimmed some to post screencaps here.

I just don't get how so many people could believe such an obvious lie. A really bad, illogical and nonsensical lie.

I still say that phone spread is Ishida talking to Ichigo, and Orihime, talking to Rukia. Going by how they their facial expressions and personalities. As an artist; I can at least imagine it that case.

>I just don't get how so many people could believe such an obvious lie.
They can't accept that they were wrong this entire time.

Because they want to hold onto anything that is an indication that they weren't reading the manga wrong.

At least that's the impression I get from the comments I've read there.

People built delusions on top of existing delusions. They couldn't deal with the fact that they were the ones who were wrong all along .

I still don't understand how they didn't realize the beach spread was just blatant fanservice to bring in money.

If you tried to say that you were immediately labeled as porky. Scary stuff back in the day.

I agree. Though, I admit that I immediately thought the one with Ichigo/Orihime and Renji/Rukia visiting the shrine while Ishida and Chad were in the background was a bit romantic-ish with nothing to back that up.

I now feel like maybe it was a valid assumption. . . ?

Wasn't there a blog named porkihime-oinknoue?

Well, that's a whole separate issue, but yeah. When Orihime got a lot of focus in the Yhwach fight people started to get extremely worried and created hate blogs. Fun stuff.

Yeah, I just got reminded because of the same word.

I looked it up and it got deleted, kek.

>Wasn't there a blog named porkihime-oinknoue?
A few. One of them pretended to be an angry Japanese fan on twitter.

That was great. They were so upset that the Japanese fans weren't reacting that they tried to manufacture outrage themselves.

I know we have that one 2ch screenshot, but that's it. Was there even a huge outrage over the pairings on that site?

I remember seeing a screencap of a twitter post on DB with dog shit on Orihime's face from a "japanese fan" before the chapter even came out in Japan.

People believed it.

Where was that spread even from?

A calendar. I cant even begin to imagine how many copies were sold because of that one spread-especially since bleach was still fairly popular during this time.

Hope we get more info on Ichika and Kazui in the final volume. Their age(especially kazuis), their birthday, favorite food etc

I'm sad faggots. Once the final volume is released. We will only have a life action movie to talk about, and Bleach is gone. Forever.

No more love/hate on Kubo's bullshit, waifu get rolls, and crazy bullshit theories. Even those crazy theories becoming canon years later like with Yachiru being linked to Kenpachi's power, Shiba/Kurosaki relating to each other, or how Unohana was actually crazy powerful with that scary aura. I could had done without all the shipping wars, but they were still a major part of the fandom.

Going to miss you fags.

We will. It'll be interesting to know how old Kazui is. Is he 10? or 6?
We'll miss you too, Isanefag.

I just attach myself to BnHA threads. At least there are some fun characters in that one. Tsuyu, and Mina a best.

Unlikely. The Bleach franchise will live on since it's still making good money. It may take some time, but eventually there will be new material in some way, whether we want it or not,

Reminds me. Masashi Kudo will be the guest of honor for some anime event or expo. We might here new things then.


>Masashi Kudo will be the guest of honor for some anime event or expo
Doubt he still cares about Bleach.