I-is not yuri

>i-is not yuri

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Is it really?



Is this the non-Cred Forums thread?

Japan impressions generally summarized:
>Pretty good first episode but I bet Yoshino will find a way to ruin it.

>handholding while the same gender

Looks like Izetta is going for the kiss.

>hime is literally Kudelia rip-off
Fucking hacks, Sunrise should sue them

will they fug?

She will marry Henry and father his children.



Fuck this gay earth.

Appearance wise maybe

At least Fine does shit unlike Kudelia

I made something rise inside of your mothers sun if you know what I mean.


But Hitler really did nothing wrong, just so we're clear.


The brits can't save her country so there's no reason for that marriage anymore.


true but that's off topic

Well I was going to watch this, thanks for the warning.

Is /u/ legal in Switzerland?

Is Izetta the Yukina of our time?

This you can't stop the yuri

Cred Forums doesn't seriously have a problem with yuri, does it?

BunBun a hack, right?

sha la la la sore wo


So now that we got a new thread from the shitposting.

Is this princess kinda dumb? I get she was willing to sacrifice for her country and all but she's in the middle of Europe. How would Britain even help them even if they tried?

How new?

She will marry Hans.

It's a recent thing.

Is this the closest thing to YuYuYu S2 we're gonna get?

Hime-sama better get some interracial doujins

I wouldn't rule that out. This is Yoshino after all.

That must hurt her butt and groin.


Maybe Hime-sama will rape Izetta in her sleep?

Witch groin.


Well she will

I'm lost. What's this?

>those subtle background vocals

That anime was such a fucking waste.

Boku no Pico!

Strike Witches.

Brave Witches

wordo waru choo

Is this the year when yuri finally completely dominated the industry?

Nogi Wakaba wa Hime de aru.

See? told you the bbc is a lie.

Most likely, Brits were the only ones able to do anything at all. Even if sending troops half a continent away with little way to support them is a rather silly idea. And she knew she asked for almost impossible. Which is why she was ready to sell even herself for that.

she has a nice penis

>meaning yuri won

Would you dress your daughter like this?


For daddy's eyes only.

only when her mommy is out

Junketsu no Maria S2

is bait

It's just a pure and modest white dress.

It's yuri.


It's more like Gosick x Valkyria Chronicles.

>you'll never have your very own white witch

Yuri or not, can you all guys just chill?

At this point, I'm convinced people are just looking for reason to scream at each other instead of just hating yuri.

>Cred Forums thinks that using your forehead to check the body temperature of your friend is something only lesbians do

Finé you dumb anglo.

It's something nobody does.

yurifags need to be hanged in public

>just looking for reason to scream at each other instead of just hating yuri
But that's exactly what it is

Who is the best lesbian ruler?

>>hime is literally Kudelia rip-off
>Fucking hacks, Sunrise should sue them

If there's a Gundam series starring a princess commanding her Gundam pilots to battle and doing nifty political maneuvering, THAT would be considered god send


Did she misspell White Kinght?

yaoifags aren't even part of Cred Forums, you can tell by the way they post

>princess commanding her Gundam pilots to battle and doing nifty political maneuvering

MC reminds me of Kudelia

One was willing to commit a heroic sacrifice for her country and people while handing the rule over to her relatives.

The other is an immortal Empress with the world ending machine at her disposal. She can't even be usurped.

So Fine.


They are both blond and are voiced by shitty voice actors.
What else?

>IBO invented diplomacy
What's it like being this retarded?

No, didn't you see she masturbating for that painting of the White Witch?

Moral of the story is to never ever trust a Brit.

the only gundam with a princess plot that isn't shit is Turn A

>Yurifag BTFO




I will not stand for such an insult.
Fine-sama has nothing to do with one of the worst female protagonists in recent history.

Someone count how many times the witch screams HIME-SAMA

They have purple eyes

The only show out of those 4 that's more or less palatable is SEED, and that's in its first half.

Are you trying to prove him right?

>using an image from /u/
Is this some advanced form of shitposting?

They're princesses of a weak nation

You got me.

This Cred Forums X /u/ show was doomed from the start.

Three screams and two normal tones.

Kudelia isn't even a fucking princess, she's just a daughter of some official.

What the fuck was his problem?

>drinking game every time someone says himesama

Yuri is most fun when it goes batshit insane like with the flute rape or everything about Shizuru's arc in Mai-HiME.

Being Germanian.

Same guy who did Mai-HiME is behind this.


>implying you wouldn't have done the same

Have some fucking manners, it's a noble girl.

He's just trying to scare the cute and clueless blond. It's just empty talk to make her more controllable.

Gonna feed her some eggs.

>There is two (2) Kudelias this season

I don't know what is happening anymore.

>everyone just forgave Shizuru for being a murderous criminal with rapist tendencies
She killed the Children of half of the cast, for fucksake.

I'm not complaining.

You're going too far with this

BUNBUN a god, right?

The service is there and it's good.

Why do Krauts have Russian anti-tank rifle on their plane?

What the fuck is slava makarov?

Secret weapons.

Maybe they got them in a bargain together with western poland during the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

Slav guns consultant.

>Germans are the bad guys
>it's a Cred Forums show
Complain about posters in the thread, sure, but you're an absolute retard if you really believe that.

He works for Wargaming.

Probably the guy from wargaming responsible for these
They're doing anime now

World of Tanks dev. Did a collab with GuP.

Unless they can produce required ammunition guns are basically useless.
Well, they can be used as a broom substitute, though.


He works for the masked man.

I mean the good guys are german too.
And the eternal anglo is staying on the side-lines

>the good guys are german too


The good guys are NotAustrian cosplaying as the french somewhere in Austria

>they aren't

>My white witch
What did HIME-SAMA mean by this?

Give it to me straight, Cred Forums.

What are the chances we're going to get a kissu?

>somewhere in Austria
You mean in Tyrol, so much was obvious from the two maps they showed.


But Austrians are already germans pretending to have nothing to do with Hitler.
Tirol is part of Austria

50% with her prince charming.


That she's gonna use the stupid witch to fight and dump her when she's no longer useful.

She obviously defended her in the past as shown from Izetta's pov after her awakening and they lost contact when she was captured.

Seems to have been good number of years between since Finé didn't bank on ever seeing her again even if she is the heiress to the country of origin of the whole legend.


>yuri kissu in non-yuri based show

Das verboten. 0%.

She's a European princess, they should kiss all the time.


>non-yuri based
We don't even know this, it's just the first episode.

>We don't even know this, it's just the first episode

As in it's not the main focus.

If you pay attention, you notice that Hime has a wound. And her wound was caused by protecting Izetta.

It should be red witch but I guess she will use the white dress for the rest of the show.

>We don't even know this, it's just the first episode.
We have two young males in the cast. The perfect number for our two main girls. I'm sure you're not expecting actual yuri from Yoshino of all people.

>independent State of Tyrol
>no south tyrol

Would you protect that smile Cred Forums?

>making a cross
>Wound in the side.
I'm a sucker for imagery like this

You don't even need to pay attention to notice that.

shit forgot image

Would enlist to serve the country you mean.

Yeah it left a scar.

Again, we don't know that yet, not that Izetta is back with her the focus could increase towards that, this episode was mostly for infodump.

Yeah, I wonder how blind you'd have to be or watch shit from off-screen to miss something this obvious.

I would say yuri but Inaho is here so everything is possible.

being this delusional

*now that

>I'm sure you're not expecting actual yuri from Yoshino of all people.
Yeah he never turned a straight girl from the manga into a lesbian in the anime adaptation. Oh wait.

It's a pretty good rule of thumb that unless the characters are licking eachother's bellybuttons or relationship angsting 10 minutes in, there'll be no yuri kissu. Het kissu on the other hand, your figure sounds about right. I give it 30% as well.

>Next episode
>Scars and Gunfire
>Princess, will you became my hope?

Was the straight girl the MC? No I didn't think so.

It's not happening.

They'll come close enough for /u/tards like you to finish the job with doujins and be the useful idiots of their marketing strategy, but not too close to earn the shoujo-ai label and scare away the normalfag shekels.

Yeah she was in the undecided triangle.

Why did they translate it that way anyway?
Should it be "With scars and gunfire"?


Yeah they aren't loli.

Fuck off.

You're talking as it Finé didn't already reject an offer of a prince before because she was still thinking about Izetta. Hetero makes no sense with the backstory shown so far, and the yuri kiss have chances because of that backstory too.

Might as well kick the chair senpai.

I think you don't know what MC means.

>It's cold
>my feet hurt
>I wish I was at home eating sauerkraut
>tfw no princess


Did they really deserve to die?

>You're talking as it Finé didn't already reject an offer of a prince before because she was still thinking about Izetta. Hetero makes no sense with the backstory shown so far, and the yuri kiss have chances because of that backstory too.
Cool story. Stop being delusional.

No, but you don't always get what you deserve.

Cross Ange looked like way more of a lezfest, but it turned out to be bait even. I saw no bellybutton licking so I'm not getting my hopes up at all.

Yes they shoot hime-samaaaa but I'm not sure about this two here.

Top secret or not, it looks like Golden gun knew he was fucked.

Get better responses.

Cross Ange showed what it was gonna be since the OP.

Well I doubt he would have been on that plane unless he had the clearance like the Major to know of it since he probably was the top ranking officer on that plane.

>Yes they shoot hime-samaaaa
All they did was protecting their CO from a prisoner holding him at gunpoint.

>Cross Ange
>canon couple with Chris and Rozalie
>Ange is decidedly bi and gives Hilda the K

Yurifag never learn. Just let them get burned. Their tears are gonna be delicious.

>Aaaaaaaahh, the magical girl got out of the box. Well, what are you going to do. Oh well, guess we're fucked. Really should've bought Erica that dress she wanted.

Was crashing the plane part of her master plan?

Yes, one survivor
big witch
for /u/

Unless the girls get boyfriends (which is probably not going to happen if they want to appeal to purityfags) it's not like they lose.


>because she was still thinking about Izetta
It's not for that reason.

While I hate /u/ and anti-/u/ despite liking yuri, I implore you to stay.
Just keep the Cred Forums out.

Right really does just look like Bakaba. The dress even looks like something Sonoko would wear.

>Unless the girls get boyfriends
I don't know about boyfriends, but I'm pretty sure they're gonna get love interests.

So... it's a show about Nazis with yuri?

Who the fuck would want to watch this?

>You're talking as it Finé didn't already reject an offer of a prince before because she was still thinking about Izetta. Hetero makes no sense with the backstory shown so far, and the yuri kiss have chances because of that backstory too.
She rejected the offer at first because then she'd abdicate her right as heir to the Archduchy. When her country's sovereignty was threatened by Germania she decided it was a fine trade off if it allows her country to survive, with support of Brittania. Only she acted too late, Germania moved, likely when they found out she wasn't in-country anymore, rendering any aid to be given moot. Brittania wasn't going to open a new front just on the promise of marriage when they weren't doing well elsewhere.

There we go, everything explained via politics. Princess said multiple times that she would do what's best for her country. Even willing to get herself killed to prevent being used as leverage. Her own personal feelings didn't enter into the picture.


If you're trying to fit in, you're doing it quite wrong, I just thought I'd let you know.

They got each other.

And Izetta is a witch, she literally has nobody else in the world.

>MC is a tomboy



>but I'm pretty sure
Then you're pretty delusional.


Finé-sama is pretty cute

>the old tale about switzerland being neutral

Guess who profited off the jew gold the most


>They got each other.
They're friends. They're allowed to have love interests. And the cast have some young guys that fit the bill.

Finé is Fine.

>long hair


Prep those young guys user.

whatever helps you sleep at night

Just with how they take care of each other it already goes beyond friendship.

Thank you for making some sense in a thread filled with delusional fags.

>tomboys can only be sporty, short haired, boyish girls with tanlines because Cred Forums said so


>Yare, yare, now we've done it.

tomboy is a behavior.
It's not defined by physical appearance.

If you don't get better replies, don't bother.

>Just with how they take care of each other it already goes beyond friendship.
I guess you don't have friends.

>They're allowed to have love interests
Not if Japanese otaku have anything to say.

>long hair

Only in this episode.

>I'd accept Henry's hand in marriage

yurifags already BTFO.

Don't you dare faggot.

The nips are already expecting Yoshino to ruin the show so it's not like it will be a surprise for them.

OST of the season.

Of course not, I'm on Cred Forums, I'm just taking into account how anime characters friends treat each other, they are already beyond that.

Is this the dedicated shitposting show?

It was pretty good. Liked that they used authentic opera.

You know which one it was?
It sounded familiar

No, go back to one of the Re:Zero threads.

>they are already beyond that.
yeah, they are best friends

>he couldn't immediately recognize it from the black costumes


Nope. But Mozart was listed in the credits so it might be one of his.

Another show where people will only be talking about the yuri undertones.

I hope Hibike will suck up all the yuri shitposting.

Fuck you.

>yurifags in denial that hime-sama wants a big black cock

I need reaction images for this show, hopefully we get someone facepalming soon.


But what track of Zauberflöte was it?

On a scale of Ben Bernanke to Joseph Goebbels , how much is this show antisemitic ?

Get some friends, first. You need them.

Gay marriage is not legal in Switzerland, but last I checked, civil unions actually has some benefits over marriage from a taxation point of view.

Also, a popular initiative by the Christian People's Party which among other things sought to sneak in a paragraph which would explicitly classify "marriage" to be between a man and a woman was repealed by the voters for being homophobic, so it's mostly a "too lazy for politics" thing that gay marriage is not yet legal.

Literal shit tier OST desu.

I have Cred Forums

10/10 top kek

>yaa gomen gomen

remove sauerkraut

I hope so as well.
That would be one thing kyoanus did right.

Man, the threads for this show are going to suck.

>tomboy steals a lesbian magical girl from nazis

Literally what the fuck

Wow, that's some middle school tier insult you got there.

More shows should start with this plot.

It's not stealing if it belonged to her.


It's what happens when you have yurifags involved with a show.


More like took back her curtain cleaner slave you mean?

you sure told me, user

get some self-awareness, please. You desperately need it.

I'm talking about you.


This thread is clear proof and you also have Hibike. No one fucking likes yurifags.

The guys was English SAS agent disguising himself as Nazi

The caption on his pistol is SAS motto

Tomboy princess a cute. Bonus points for trying to shoot before realizing the Germanian had the safety on.

Mozart's The Magic Flute (Queen of Night Aria)

Mountain jews are not as cucked as others parts of the west. They could do worse.

It's a sign that yurifags aren't wanted.

Except those guns didn't even have a safety.

No SS officer was issue guns with safeties.

Do the Japanese ever get tired of sucking off the Germans?

The difference is that Hibike is actually not yuri. So go there if you like that shit so much.

>SS officer

>not yuri

There's an user with brain problems who spergs about hating yuri whether people give a shit or not, even when it's barely on-topic. He makes threads worse just by himself.

>Get buttmad about how the nazi was waving his pistol around everywhere with his finger over the trigger
>See that at least it had a safety

His behavior is not excused but I'll let it slide this time.

>meme arrows

Looks like a safety. I can't imagine what else stopped her from shooting there, unless it wasn't loaded at all.

(you) and me


>ss officer


Tell that to the yurifags in the threads.

>SS officer
>clearly a British plant

That's interesting given that she was meeting with a British diplomat.

If he's british then why is he speaking Japanese?


You're supposed to change it before?

>he's not gender fluid

there are no jews, germania invades like it's WWI again, fueled with pure patriotism/nationalism

Because Japan won WW1 and became the global superpower.

>there are no jews
Germany worked fast this time around.

Would explain why they found her so easily. I can believe that the diplomat didn't know, but Intelligence knew what he was doing.

You can only pick one Princess to defend your country from invaders

So far, Germania is just a conqueror. No info about crazy racism or genocide against anyone, jewish or not. They might just be Imperial mega-fascists in this world.

I want to pick Angelise.

Do you want your country doomed so badly?

ange, not pictured

Angelise would murder your princess and rape her, in that order.

Fucking Diana, duh.

She's the only one who's somewhat competent.

So... why are Germans doing shit in this show?

Picked the fuck up.

Emperor wants Lebensraum after others fucked up germany after WW1

The emperor is a pervert and wants both the witch and HIME SAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


Kudelia and Asshime are fucking useless.

They're Germanians, user. Don't be racist.


no no no no no

Its a fucking rifle. SHE FLYING ON A FUCKING RIFLE

>actually an AA fun

off yourself my man.

Their desire to destroy Europe is unstoppable.

It's an AT rifle you dip

But the Princess is German too. German Empire is just a state, meanwhile German is a nationality.

>Not using a M1 Garand

Fucking plebs.

>AT Rifle
>not a flak gun



What is any of this shit?

This is literally a Gust ww2 game in the shape of an anime, couldn't ask for more.

I wonder if nips will do justice to this AU WW2.
And actually portray NotSoviets, NotGerms and NotBritbongs as the main fighters.

And not burgers coming late to the party.

Guns from back when men were MEN.

aa gun = anti-aircraft gun.

at gun = anti-tank gun.

m1 garand = ww2 piece of shit american gun.

flak gun = anti-aircraft gun.

Look whatever leads to the most shitposting will be Cred Forums's stance on anything for the given hour.

It's anti tank rifle, it anties tanks

There is only one choice

>implying the M1 Garand isn't the gun that saved the entire western world
Typical yuro.

There is only one correct choice to make here.

lee-einfield was better desu.


>All those honorary Aryans
Picked up, even though I know japs can't into writing.

But Diana is a pacifist. How will she defend your country? Or do you hope to magically find a obidient shota in overpowered mecha?

t. indoctrinated burger

She's so far to the letter Saori Hayami upper crust moe character so far. Saori Hayami is almost invariably O-Fucking-Hime-Sama or O-Fucking-Jou-Sama, and/or some sort of aspiring disciple of war.

This feels like the kind of show Sunrise would have done back when they still actually made stuff besides Gundam and Love Live

No contest.

Is that a FAMAS?

>3 ongoings about gay witches
Japan please don't stop.

no, it's an m16


this and brave witches?

what's the 3rd?

Mahotsukai Precure


will this meme ever die?

there is not yuri in precure.

Please don't post this chuuni shit ever again.
This is not the VC I like.


How many episodes before Saori-Hime sings us a song?

notDanganronpa maybe?

flip floppers

They aren't witches.


Everyone knows your common elite soldier in heavy armor is no match for Ohime-Sama in a dress with a rapier.

It's gayer than Love Live.

Synopsis and pv scream Mahou X furryshit

Yeah, pretty much this.

That was an amazing first episode. And Yeah I'm guessing its gonna be yuri or at at least the Princess isn't gonna marry any Princes because I'm sure she's gonna end up the archduchess by the end of the show.

Only if she were cute

Is Fine-sama suppose to be cute?

Because she isn't. Literally too tomboy to be cute.


>/u/tards believe this will have yuri
>being openly lesbian in 1941, as a royal
Most of the countries had Anti-Sodomy laws and Hitler plain exterminated gays and no one found offence in it unless they coincidentlely were jew too

Spirited princesses are the best princesses.

Of course not, she's made to dom Izetta.

And this is why it is.

its a cartoon bro

>dom Izetta

what do you mean by this?

Why doesn't Saori Hayami get top billing for this show? I mean, I'm sure Izetta will get more screen time next episode, but this is Fine's story. At best Izetta will be her lancer. I don't see what justifies this Akaneya noob getting her name first.

Germany (ok, Prussia) actually a world leader in openly gay monarchs.

Well they don't like witches too but that isn't going to stop HIME-SAMAAA.

This isn't WW2 though, this is fantasy WW2 with witches.

Pretty sure they also didn't have people flying on rifles.


If witches were real, do you think the Nazis would have burned them?

This is common in animu. You make some newbies the main role so they can get their name out there and the veterans will play secondary MCs or support to help draw viewers in.


Why did Hitler propose the Final Solution against lesbians witches riding Russian anti-tank rifles again?


Merely a coincidence.

and a ching-chong to you too senpai

>You make some newbies the main role
My point is Izetta isn't the main role here. Fine is the MC. Izetta is her Saber, so to speak.

Good to know other girl and Hitler saved her from that unwanted forced fate.

No, they would have drafted them. Hitler believed in occult and had special troops investiage all stuff around the world and collect things.

Sasuga Hitler-kun.


No, Izetta is MC. Her name is top in the credits.


I'm pretty sure she is getting top billing. She narrated the trailer and is listed as a main character and she of course is Saori Hayami. When it comes time to do some sort of fan event you know the reason people will be going for. She's definitely having a hell of a week in any case. Her character brought in stupid amounts of money for iDOLM@STER, her latest movie is doing well and Sega is shilling the crap out of her character in Valkyria Chronicles now during the lead up to the new game. She's also got that Gantz movie coming out, is the new voice of Lalah Sune and you can tell Aksys is riding her popularity with the upcoming Mai Natsume character as a selling point for the game. She's pretty damn well the alpha seiyuu at this point and the closest thing it has to an IRL Mary Sue I guess.

That's my fucking point, user. Why does she get top billing when she's not the MC?

But she is MC, Fine is the heroine.

>I'm pretty sure she is getting top billing
Are you blind? She's billed second.

Then Gundam is MC of every Gundam titled sow.

>save Europe
FTFY. It's the anglo-cucks who are the true traitors

Not everything has to do with some Fate/Stay Night comparison. Doesn't anybody know literally any other franchise at this point. I mean that's like the equivalent of saying she's her Pikachu or something which would be just abou as nonsensical.

Fine is the MC. The story follows her POV. Izetta's the heroine.

>good heroine

she's literally selling her body in episode 1 you dumbass.

Fine is the Ishmael.

I think you just have shit taste m8. Fine-sama is cute as fuck. 10/10 would force into marriage

Why do you think?

>implying princesses didn't have sex with their handmaidens all the time
As long as it's "just a phase", it's a-okay.

She was desperate, everything will be right now that Izetta is back in her life.

It's not VC, it's VAR

Literally a different series

I'm talking about Himika Akaneya, user.

Eh, political marriages were pretty common when people give a shit about Monarchy, not in WW2 but earlier certainly.

You've seen the whole story already?

Damn she looks so thin compared to the last pic I saw of her posted on Cred Forums. I hope her health is alright.

Divine right to rule is the only way to govern. Democracy a shit

Yurifags and fujoshits don't get excited when it's spelled out for them. They prefer to pick on subtle cues and subtext.

>It's another yuri where one of the girls is a tomboy


heroin is a powerful drug

Yeah I did. Got a problem?

Berlin was renowned across Europe as a city of degenerates at the time.
Coincidentally, It was the hollywood of the it's time.

If Germany didn't chimpout, UK and France would still have their colonies and maintained European power over the world.
Communism wouldn't have spread.

>Flak Gun
>FLugAbwehrKanone Gun
Stop please

>>It's another yuri
Good thing you dropped it. Take your goggles with you on the way back.

But if France and Britain weren't so fucking retarded in Versailles, Germany would've have fucking chimped out. And just the whole fucking mess with the smaller countries was just calling for trouble from all sides. Everyone's at fault, but had the war gone better, Europe would still be the dominating force today.

Tomboy in the traditional sense where it's just a girl who can assert herself and not the modern sense where it's just a boy with a vagina.


Oh no. We're really doing this again?

Fuck off already/

*wouldn't have fucking chimped out

I hope the Yuri wins.

They will

Magic > planes

Fine was just offering herself as a payment to the Brits to save her country. Now that the Brits can't help her it will be up to Izetta to save it, which logically would mean Fine has to marry Izetta.

>Europe would still be the dominating force today.
That wouldn't be true even if WW2 didn't happen.

The stability of the colonies were already tenuous at that point. The USA would have become the superpower as it is today due to the sheer economic might of the country. WW2 only accelerated the USA's rise to power. It was inevitable.

I wonder where they got "Thermidor" from.
I can understand Galia and stuff like that but Thermidor?

>Cred Forums vs /u/ the anime

A month in some hipster French calendar.

Try asking Google.

Yes, I hope you also enjoy your Britannians too.

It's a French dish.

>Fine has to marry Izetta
She hasn't have to. Izetta is her drone. She'll do whatever the princess wants.


Talking about invasions in an anime, we might be under a real one here guys.

And what if the princess wants to marry her?

Fuck off to reddit or tumblr.

Still, it makes me wonder how long USA is going to hold out what with all the internal strife nowadays.

I want to ride that princess on my gun. If you know what I mean.

All she wants is to save her country from germs.

Go back to Cred Forums you fucking retard.

Was Regalia good?

>another show with SAO sameface

If you're so triggered by a fucking word you don't belong here.
Back to your hugbox.

>Who the fuck would want to watch this?
Filthy crossborders.

>you disagree with me go back to Cred Forums

It's still airing and it is fun.



It makes me happy to read that.

>>i-is not yuri
It's not. It's WoT commercial. Slava Makarov is a man who invented World of Tanks.

I need to get back on the loli deathbot train. Was much changed in episodes 1-4, or can I skip straight to 5?

They changed a boat and some lights, you can watch episode 5.

All (Me)

Izetta will do that.

Those aren't mutually exclusive.

They fixed some QUALITY shots and added some new lines here and there. Might as well binge watch it.

Oh fuck. I thought something was off about that quote. The fact that it was in English notwithstanding...

Being a fictonal world I can't see why they would condemn gay marrige. I don't suppose if several parallel universes existed I would guess at least one would not be as backwards and retarded as our world is.

Why did she pass out when she saw Izetta?

>Cred Forums posters want to migrate to other boards but keep their own board's posting habits
Is this irony?

Tight dress, blood loss, sudden change in altitudes, shock

At first I thought it was water.

Did they fix the sound effects?

Too much shock in too little time maybe. Lost both her bodyguards, jumped in a river, got captured, got shot, plan to die, weird magic, meet her magic witch friend.

I wonder the those sparklies did to make the plane suddenly lose altitude. Seems like they could be little spirits or something.


No. They added more IIRC and made them louder. It grows on you user.

Episode 5 had some loud noises but it wasn't that bad.

I keep rewatching the moment Izetta breaks free and saves her. Ending was perfectly executed and dare I say emotional.

Because she fell in love

Izetta's such a whiny little shit.

I watched this scene a lot of times too, at first I didn't liked the HIME-SAMAAAAA but now I love it.


They definitely made P08s with safeties, though, and it's clearly a custom.

The OST greatly improves the whole thing.


I hated it. They should have given Izetta some actual lines there instead of that bullshit. It made her sound retarded.

>wake up in a strange place
>your beloved Hime-samaaaaaaaaaa is standing over you as your protector again
>you don't know what's going on but your Hime-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is injured helping you
>emotions take over

Well how retarded would you be after waking up from fake cryosleep, presumably for years?

That's how you do a princess character right. Such spunk.

You wanted them to have a normal conversation while freefalling from an exploding plane?

>m-muh white witch
I have a feeling we'll be seeing a fuckton of their flashbacks.

I don't know about years. But her clothing makes me thinks they've been drugging and examining her to figure out her magic or something.

Either that or she got shot up so they switched her to some patient outfit. Only she magically healed up on her own.

>You wanted them to have a normal conversation while freefalling from an exploding plane?
No, just one word that isn't "hime-samaaaa" would have being fine. Or nothing at all. That would have been fine too.


>mahou shoujo

If only they set this in an alternative futuristic/cyberpunk version of WW2 it would have been my perfect anime

This would've been my perfect anime if the not-Germans were the protagonists

We'll get a magical german WW1 loli next season
Though she's technicaly a sociopathic japanese office drone

Youjo Senki is airing next season? Fucking nice.

But I'm pretty sure it's WW2, no?

Not hard considering Love Live isn't gay at all.

>Love Live is gay!

Bitch, Nico and Maki sharing a potato is not gay. The movie had like 2 gay moments.

Fuck you.

Sunshine was pretty gay.

I'd share Nico's potato with Maki if you know what I mean

Tanya a cutest

I don’t think they’ve mentioned a date yet, but considering the PV has actual animation it’s either produced with a ridiculous buffer, two cour or airing pretty damn soon. The latter is the most obvious choice.

Sunshine is awful.

>Nico and Maki sharing a potato is not gay
You mean that proposal scene? That was pretty gay.

Well a pv dropped a few days ago.
So I think.
And no it's pretty clearly WW1.

Fuck off to Stormfront or TheRightStuff.

>What are the chances we're going to get a kissu?

$10 Izetta will give a magical medicine to Fine via mouth

>And no it's pretty clearly WW1.
Now that you mentioned it, it does make sense. It's just that I was reading the LNs while thinking it was WW2 (I only just started the second volume).

Or CPR. I'd be sated.

>mfw I see the threads
I hope it will improve by the time we hit episode 5 or something.

They're always rocky for the first three or so episodes user.

>May'n ED

I know, we haven't even compared Fine's body and Izetta's body. It's a painful oversight.

Tell me, does the scar make Fine sexier?

Gas yourself, degenerate.

It will steadily get worse and worse with each episode.

Scars always make animu girls sexier.

Back to your board, Cred Forums

Back to your blog, tumblr.

>liking WW2 lesbians
You aren't even trying.


Is Fine fine, Cred Forums?

>not tumblr

>I go to other boards without changing my posting style to fit in
>this is in no way hypocritical


>everyone I don't like is Cred Forums

She doesn't seem to be putting her full weight down on it though.

Somewhat marysue-ish for my taste but she's okay I guess.

She's got a fine ass, that's for sure.

>anyone besides Cred Forums uses the word "degenerate" on a chinese cartoon board

I don't like the VA they chose for Izetta.


That was political move.

>only Cred Forums uses the "degenerate" on a chinese cartoon board

Why are you confusing yurifags and /u/fags?

It's okay, she doesn't seem to talk much. I think even in the PVs all she says is hime-sama.

You're watching the wrong show.

It's shit.


That's one FIne Hime!


Thats actually a good thing, i also hope these girls are gay for eachother and not just baiting this shit.

The whole reason for the show being set in Fantasy-Europa is so the creators don't need to check facts or study things beyond Google image search.

What's the difference? I'm not that well versed into weebshit subcategories.

Both female leads are fine as fuck, one of the reasons i am even watching this shit. Now the story has to be good and i am in.

Princess and her knight best pairing dynamic.

I don't know if she could rock Izetta's skimpy med clothes. But Fine is plenty fine.

But you are on Cred Forums; what are you doing here?

Thats right, bunch of edgy kids thinking they could change the world.


>that cropping
Can't fool me. I already checked pixiv for new art.

She's great


Fuck off

We really are infested.

Trying to enjoy a discussion about the last weeaboo iteration of ww2 while dodging homoposting and all kinds of lgbtqposting.

Than kill yourself and go back to wherever you came from.

Why am I not surprised


A man with a fine taste.