Swimsuits in medieval settings is something that still triggers me


Hestia's fecal waste.

Oratoria anime when?

>loli face
>big tits
>nice butt
>is like 4 feet tall
there is no way she would of survived hundreds of years without being gang raped who are you kidding

Don't lose your way, am I right fellow anime fans


Romans had bikinis.

Or sport bras, and lingerie in medieval settings.

Though to be fair I have no idea what they wore as underwear in medieval times.


>post-80s glasses in any setting

Shes a goddess

which i find hot in their own way anyway.

And modern underwear isn't?

> would of
End yourself.

They fugg


those were ancient romans
that doesn't equal medieval .

If they were like that would be one thing, but look at this shit that's a fucking contemporary bikini

Yeah, because these standard fantasy settings are historically accurate enough to be specifically medieval Europe instead of late ancient Europe.

Just enjoy the damn stupid fantasy show. GEEZ

>Romans did have sports bras.

Well I was wrong.

Fantasy medieval settings.

Emphasis on fantasy.

>medieval setting
>greek gods

I think your timeframes are a little off.

S2 never

>Nicolas Cage in the middle

Christ now I see it.


Hold on, she still puts on the ribbon?

>A world set in a make believe fantasy world with magic, monsters, and oppai lolis.
>Can't have bikinis because they don't have those in fantasy worlds

Never said it can't have it, this kind of shows have things LOT worse, like robots or flying ships or gatgling guns, it just this particular detail triggers my autism for reasons I don't even comprehend.


Fuck off

Just read about her in Roman mythology :

"Hestia rejects the marriage suits of Poseidon and Apollo, and swears herself to perpetual virginity."

Would you?

The ribbon is what holds up her saggy tits.

One of us!

That's nothing mate, if that trigger you think about something much more out of place like school swimsuits.

what is this? ova?

Do you prefer torpedo tits, implantantastic tits, or just tiny tits? That's the only way around your idea of saggy.

I probably sacrificed thousands of my unborn children in honor of Hestia.

Yes, coming soon.

We already saw them naked so its kinf of a downgrade but, it can't be helped.

Quit worrying about the little things.
>“You idiot! If you say that, there will never be a swimsuit chapter!! This is a love comedy, remember? This world needs to prioritize love and comedy. If detailed historical accuracy would get in the way of the love comedy aspects, the laws of this world will ensure that historical accuracy is thrown out!!”
>“Are swimsuits even a thing here? Even if Midgard has a vague ‘medieval European fantasy world’ setting, synthetic fibers are going a bit too far.”
>“True,” said Brynhildr as she let out a slight groan. “If we are going to stick to the cultural standards of Midgard, bathing in a spring would be the most accurate. …And that means the proper style would be bathing completely nude outdoo-…”
>“Okay, swimsuits it is! This is a love comedy after all!!”

>for reasons I don't even comprehend.

At least you realize it's not very rational. Stuff like that can't be helped in the short term.