Wake up

>wake up
>remember this happened
>morning ruined

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The ending really made me tear up.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to post. ;_;

You can't wake up


Where can I buy that keychain? I don't want to forget, but I don't want to remember it happened either.

That's tasteless.

You might be out of luck friend because the two main sites I buy my stuff from says it's out of stock since last year in which when I preordered it

They switched her with a new battery.

Everything was daijoubu.

The story will be rewritten October 13.

Vita game soon

>keep thinking PlaMemo was last spring
>keep being reminded that it was spring of LAST YEAR

this show fucked me up
idk why either it was a such a predictable ending but it still ripped me in half

An eru route.


Wash your robots

Also a new light novel was released last month.



Apparently it looks like a collection of side stories.

Google translate summary:

81920 hours - the life of the Android "Gifutia" It is with a heart. Limited Gifutia and their owners will be spent recovering the time was, and to those involved in the recovery operations, respectively, there is a special feeling and drama. Himself and Gifutia girl Ira there while celebrating the life, is a partner on the job Tsukasa is, including the "place of the beginning" to visit the showroom is a place of Gifutia purchase, "abandoned Gifutia," "Clockwork diva "" recorded 5 Part of the nature of the terminal services, "" best friend of memories. " Himself Naotaka Hayashi is spelled, gem of short stories.

>Google translate summary:
Someone said google's AI has improved a lot.
I suspect they may be wrong.

Someday they'll perfect it cause I like their concept with camera to translation feature

Gainax reference?

Only Chinese for now.

Yeah, same here. Even though you know it's coming from something like the first episode. I was so sad at the end.

I guess what made it so bad was that not only did we the audience know what was going to happen, but so did all the characters, and they still tried to carry on and be happy.

E-error! This show cannot be from last year, it is still too fresh in my memories.

Excuse my poor translation skills. Its a whole different beast than just simply reading it in Japanese

>81920 hours - That is the android with a heart's lifespan. Among giftias and their owners recovering limited time androids, as well as their collection agency coworkers, a a special feeling and drama occurs. While accepting her own limited lifespan, Isla and her partner Tsukasa visit a giftia showroom.

It is a collection of short stories
>"The place where it began"
>"Abandoned Giftia"
>"Mechanical Singer"
>"The Current State of the Terminal Service"
>"Memories of Friendship"

The show did also a good job at crushing every possible way for her to somehow come back.

I really felt, throughout the whole series, that they were going to pull some kind of terrible asspull to let her live.
>Oh, Isla is "special" somehow!
>Oh, turns out we can just change this thing and now everything's better!
>Oh, even though we reset her OS she's regaining her memories!
>"I wish I could have made many more fun memories with you. From now on you'll be making memories without me, right?"
>"Now it's time for this dream to end. This is where I want it to end. Before the ferris wheel goes all the way around."

What's that???

A terrible tribute, of course.

Reminder that the TGS staff ordered that display to be deactivated in order to keep the family friendly atmosphere. Too many creeps were in for Isla groping.

Not that it mattered, because it broke in the first day. Too many people went there to feel up Isla and the sensors broke from overuse. Real story.

>Too many people went there to feel up Isla and the sensors broke from overuse.
I love Japan

probably because it was so predictable just like real life, Irl everyone dies and there is no animu ass pull

>81920 hours - That is the android with a heart's lifespan

I have a feeling the lifespan involves the android's brain than the android's heart. After all, the androids sort of go crazy after that time span, not drop dead.

I picture the synthetic brain to closely mimic the human brain. I guess in that universe, neurologists have a better understanding of how memory and emotions work. In our universe, we have a rough idea, but not enough to craft a synthetic cyber brain.

In our world, memories are stored in specific pathways of neurons. We can remember things because our brain organises information in specific routes, and so when we recall things, impulses travel these routes and set off chemical reactions that occur in ways similar to when the memory was made. I think that the giftia's brains work in a similar way. However, the upkeep and homeostasis of cells and errant chemical signals in our brains are regulated by many different factors. I have a feeling the creators of giftia's don't understand how this works as well, and so that's the reason for their lifespan.

Just as alzheimer's in humans is the result of excess protein waste in the brain which cannot be removed, the giftia's probably eventually build up too much junk in their brains, which leads to neural degradation to the extent that they can no longer function. They'll still walk and respond to stimuli, but higher brain function is gone (similar to humans where our basic functions like breathing and moving are stored in the lower brainstem, which is more primitive). The only way to fix this in giftia's seems to be wiping the brain clean, so to speak, and starting over. The memories can't be preserved since they are stored as chains and pathways of synthetic neurons instead of in electrical or magnetic signals like in traditional storage devices. So the advances that let giftia's mimic humans also prevents them from being saved and transferred.

The japanese text was just 心を持つアンドロイド"ギフティア"
So literally "Androids with a heart called 'giftias'" implying that giftias are robots that are able to feel.

Anyway it does make the most sense that the problem is that the human brain holds a fuckton of memory (2.5 petabytes) and the current technology just can't replicate that.

I think that if the giftia's use a synthetic brain the mimics the brains of humans (to an extent) it explains why they are able to experience emotions like humans are. Because giftia's don't rely on pre-canned responses, but can instead respond to events organically (in a way that utilizes their thoughts and memories and knowledge) they can respond in a more human way.

Isla ;___;

Doujins when?

Never, Isla is pure.

I would feel really bad if someone decided to waifu her.

The girl on the right's face is basically saying "This is what I'm doing with my life?"