Why do anime girls hold glasses with both hands?

Why do anime girls hold glasses with both hands?

because it makes them look frail and childish to not be able to hold it with one hand, which triggers parental instincts to protect

Because their skin is so smooth it offers barely any friction.
If they didn't use both hands to increase pressure, the glass would simply slide out of their hands.

because the average height of a japanese woman is 4/3, their hands are small too, obviously. Western made glasses are big relative to their hands so they must use both.




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>parental instincts to protect
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That's just Kyoani being sexist as usual.

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because it's twice as cute as with one hand


Maybe it's some Japanese Tea Ceremony (SERIOUS business) holdover shit.

they need both hands for that.

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thats not beer dog

It's a cultural thing. Japanese women are supposed to use two hands, one to take hold of the cup/glass/whatever and one to support it from below.

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I'm sure it has a good explanation.

Women have weak fucking arms. Pint of beer in a glass can weigh several pounds. That's obviously irrelevant in anime where tiny lolis are strong enough to decimate demons n shit

>triggers parental instincts to protect

I did feel a great swell of pity when she made the second thrust of her glass but everyone else had pulled away already.

I want to clink her glass.