>6.75 on MAL

Why does MAL have shit taste?

Go back to MAL you piece of shit.

As expected, those reddit-tier fags are way too lenient on it. It gets a 3/10 and that's the best I can do.

He thinks people actually go on MAL to talk.

It's a mediocrity. MAL was lenient with its score just like they are with everything.

user, they're rating the show, not Hotaru.

He still thinks that 'people' go to MAL at all.
Going to MAL means you don't have any braincells and therefore sacrifice your right to personhood.
Instead you should hope for doggy treats

It wasn't a good show

>Lain 8/10
>Eva 8.32
>Legend of the Galactic Heroes 9/10
They really do have shit taste for rating shows that are 0/10

>he thinks eva is bad

Why fall for such weak bait.

>liking high rated mal shows

The MAL community is fucking retarded. They rated Milky Holmes incredibly low even though it is literally the best anime ever.

>rating anything at all

You're a MAL shitter already if you unironically rate anything you watch.

mal used for idiot person in my language.

So anything you watch is good to you, you never even drop shows?


>thinking you need ratings to determine if something is good or bad

Are you some kind of stupid?

It's a mediocre show with an X-Class semen demon (Hotaru).
Danmachi was the same thing with Hestia.

Who are you quoting?

You're still technically rating if it's good or bad, just not doing it on MAL system

so fuck off

I don't use MAL to rate either

Yeah that's a bit too high, you're right

The show is just candy trivia. And it's Japanese candy trivia, so it's even less interesting.

Of course you'd go with semantics to answer even if the discussion in the thread pertains to the numerical ratings usually done by MAL.

I rate it 8.8/10, would have been nice to see loli hotaru