Shuumatsu no Izetta

I think it's a pretty good start.

Other urls found in this thread:ürich Opera House/@47.3650702,8.5453395,764m;art93,818004

Ye, characters were too black&white, but I hope it will change as the season continues.

I am annoyed by how they didn't even bother to make it a fake world.

Just make it literally Germany and literally Nazis taking over actual Europe, and the hime-sama being from Luxembourg or Lichtenstein. If you aren't even going to change the European borders (but still show them incorrectly, because Poland was shown as split between Germany and the USSR, even though there doesn't seem to be a USSR here) then why change the name and the nazi symbols? I thought you can freely show Swastikas in Japan.

Other than that it looks interesting.

Great great first episode.
Really didn't expect that from the "scantily clad witch riding a german gun like a broomstick" poster.
Saori Hayami is killing it as usual.

>german gun
That's a PTRS-41, a Soviet anti-tank rifle.

I suppose I'll start again.

It'll give them a free pass on historical inaccuracies. Also, you can't just show a swastika in Germany, so maybe they were being a little considerate to their international audience.


I liked it. Let's hope it doesn't turn shite.

>the "edition" thread got deleted

Whatever you say /k/. Doesn't change my point.



That scene in opera was really good.
I hope they'll keep sound design on the same, high level.

>Also, you can't just show a swastika in Germany, so maybe they were being a little considerate to their international audience.
Nazis are the good guys in JoJo.

Will we ever see him again?


Magic gun witches who use guns as their broom?

Her bodyguards were heroes.

Yes, he will make a team with Orange.


It's time for lesbian witch to save the nation.

Haha, Yurifag BTFO yet again.

I enjoyed it a lot. Didn't expect Fine to be the gutsy girl and Izetta to be a crybaby witch, but that's fine too. Lots of doujin bait, and I liked the BGM and character designs for all the NPCs.

I can't tell if they're half-assed in the resemblance to WWII or Europe, or half-assed in trying to not resemble WWII and Europe. Probably both. They copy what they want and ignore what they have no use for.

>litterally Final Fantasy VII music playing during this, same scene when Cloud jumps on train roof in begining on the game
How can they get away with this?

Stroheim is a good guy.

>meeting Britanias ambassador
>ever trasting anglo-saxons
No wonder their country is doomed.

I can accept making a fake micro-state (even though it's clearly supposed to be Lichtenstein with a population of more than ten people) and even using alternate names for countries instead of outright fake ones, but the partition of not-poland thing really annoys me.

Think of it as all those DQ/RPG/MMO inspired LNs and manga. They take only what they want because it's just easier. It's lazy, but whatever.

For you

They have magical girls, man. It's not like they're changing names or designs to be PC. They're just ripping off and changing whatever they want so they don't have to make a whole new world.

What really pissed me off was naming DefinitelyNotPoland Livonia which is a region in fucking Latvia.

this cut looks better than Takeuchi/s highlight desu

Hopefully they do a decent job of making new allies. It would be ironic if all the later characters were trash.

>all these triggered europoors and Cred Forums
Why don't you guys just enjoy the show and ogle Bunbun's character design?

I agree. Germany, Europe, and Britain basically just have their real names, France has an actual fake name (I think? maybe it's something I'm not familiar with), and Poland has a name of a different country.

>MY white witch...
what did she mean by this?

Should have been Okouchi writing the script. Yoshino is a hack.

The thing is there are a lot of these anime/game stories that are very obviously based on WWII, but at least then they bother to say it's the nation of Evilempiria in the continent of Westia and have the borders be similar to real life but not copied from Wikipedia.

Take -some- elements, not everything but half the names.

The witch is her sex slave, obviously.


I see no collar.

Based Michiru

>France has an actual fake name
They call it Thermidor which was the name of the eleventh month in the French Republican Calendar, which was used for like 10 years after the french revolution.

>picture saved from /u/

When will America show up?

Shit, this made me remember how French Metric Time never caught on

You mean Americania? :^)

>implying they would even show ww2 japan

I kind of liked it. Yes, it's lazy, but it's also sort of a reminder that it's fiction.

>French metric time
Never thought about it that way, haha.
I'm glad it didn't though, because it was a mess with variable days per years and retarded non timeless names.

Also, it was Thermidor in the revolutionary calendar between July 19th and August 17th and that name comes from the fact it's usually hot then.
I don't know why they'd pick that one out of the twelve others.

Maybe because of the 9 Thermidor Year II coup.

>that video quality
Jesus fuck, that HS? I was going to watch the HS release but I might just wait for chihiro instead.

I was willing to give the benefit of doubt to the show because I didn't notice the first time. But I went back and watched this scene again and you're absolutely correct. Still a fun show though.

This is /k/ porn.

>there will never be an anime about the US kicking Japan's ass in WWII


This bothered me as well.

Do we have a webm of the witch grabbing her "broom" out of the sky yet?

Great first episode, beyound the expectations. Hope it remains like that and its not just them going all out for one OAV tier episode.

The only thing i didnt quite like was Germans being portrayed as carricaturical evil. As evil they might be, its not like every german is psychotic sadist - considering Japan being an Axis power, could have portrayed them better: for example a blind patriotism and dedication to their Emperor or something, rage over allies screwing them over after WW1, etc considering nazi ideology doesnt even exist in this show.

Hitler cameo when?

no, it's garbage

i loved that the shower scene actually had some kind of purpose besides fanservice (showing the scar on her side) it gave me a lot of hope for this series

Kill Nazis with witch power!

It's not the first time this has happened. Gosick had something similar to this too. They just want to be able to have a semi-historical story without having to stay too close to the truth.

I just hope it doesn't turn to the Witch dominating everyone and Fine reigning supreme because she has her by her side.

Don't count on it having this much military porn for the rest of the series.

Only the main antagonists were really evil. The soldiers on the train and plane were just doing their job.

anything else?

>USA in WW2

I'm extremely dissatisfied by the historical setup


>not boomstick.webm

I liked that they were talking plot through the door at the same time. And that the bodyguard heard her smacking her cheeks.

It's all about the delivery.

The fact that you can see few StuKas and Panzer IV's doesn't make Izetta /k/ porn.
Just wait till Youjo Senki anime comes out and you'll see true military porn.

Never. Germany here is an Empire, and i bet their Emperor is a underage shota.

this scene doesnt work without music

>Shota Hitler

Who cares? Show is about Europe. And Soviets likely dont exist there too, or exist as Monarchy.

this is anime-original right?

>shota hitler

Because Britain and the USSR manufactured millions of their own weapons and vehicles, right?

I don't think so, so far it looks "realistic".

>notPoland exists
>Greater Romania
Nah, the Tsar fell.

The fact that its sponsored and co-produced by Wargaming.Net makes it /k/ (and /vg/. They probably using WoD models here too heh)

What was her masterplan?

Is this a famas?

What happens if a German kid pirates a game with Swastika in it?

Well it's more like Tirol without Südtirol and independent

>Slava Makarov

>Slava Makarov
belarusian anime confirmed

No, that's a Glock.

The Stasi visits his house to take him to reeducation camp.

Here is huge plot spoiler here. The phrase on the pistol is "Who Dares Wins" which is the motto of British Special Forces aka SAS.

The guy is a british Agent and Britania was evil all along.

Pirating is not allowed no matter if there's a Swastika in it or not

Nope, that's a Tiger 2 Porshe

Izetta has literally the perfect bod.

First Squad is set in same universum

The witch having no panties is the best part


I know it was nice to still have some tension, but I can't help but wonder why the witch on a flying broom had to make some kind of drift in mid air and stop just a little too far away before reaching her arm to try to grab the princess.

If you can fly, just fly toward the thing that is falling and catch it. No need to have a whole "please grab my hand, I can't get any closer for some weird reason" moment.

But SAS wasn't a thing in 1940.

We Sieg Reich now!

He'll get yelled at by his parents. The law is about creating and distributing material with swastikas in it, not about reading or watching it.

That one special agent not!Nazi waiting for the old lady to cross the road was strangely nice touch.
It's the little things

They are past 1941 already in anime.

Or maybe guy's a double?

Hello Wakaba.

>just woke up
>probably rusty as hell
>fly dangerously close to your Hime-samaaaaaaaaaaaa
>hit her in the head with a 200 pound gun

I was thinking that too, why didn't she just fly over and grab her bodily?

Also, why do these things have a lock on them if you can open them just like that without the key?

Yeah, saw that too. I wonder if its a war booty though the gun is too decorative and not really subtle for use in field.

>protagonist is literally Wakaba, right down to the personality


I bet that gun feels cold on her puffy vulva

>trusting an anglo

Interesting, nice catch. A setup by Britannia all along?

Maybe Henry really wants his waifu.

They were afraid of losing the key.

This added to the hotness, I can't deny it.

Why was princess transported in the same plane as witch?

>the gun is too decorative and not really subtle for use in field.
Maybe he was planning to auction it off as a collector's item.

Germanian efficiency.

>expecting WW2
>it's 100% yuri and magic retardism with serious faces

Why is CR writing Weiss Hexe? Besides it being Weiß, it should either be Weiße Hexe or Weißhexe.

Girl accidentally blew up an airplane and dumped her princess into the sky. Maybe her flight magic isn't as safe as it looks, spinning rotors or not.

>having basic competence in any language

Golden Guns are usually awards of some sort, for special heroics or personal recognition. Germans are known for having few golden guns - Hitler, Goering had one etc.

Also there was one British secret agent that was part of SAS that used it, pic related

Then the guy on the plane survived the crash somehow. Because Bond cant die that easily.

Ah, opera of destruction. Every time this happens I get chills, they just go hand in hand.

It has promise I'll see what happens

Very "meh" first episode.

>I am annoyed by how they didn't even bother to make it a fake world.

What got me interested in the series was the fantasy/WWII crossover, but it looks like they weren't able to pull it off/make it interesting. Looks like it's just WWII with some random magic thrown in.

Also, the exposition and character introduction was kinda lame, and the two main girls stick out like sore thumbs.

Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit.

Post cute pics of hime

It's fucking standard. How many shows have you seen? 10?

That and the fact that it's written in english, not not-german and not nipponese either

If your keyboard doesn't have an ß, you can use ss. It should be Weiße Hexe though. Weißhexe kind of implies to me that her magic relates to color white.

Maybe their fake-country just doesn't use ß, like switzerland.

But still, wouldn't getting in close be safer than spending a few seconds trying to stretch out and reach the princess?


The german in the article was very good. Because they literally copied real articles
The slogan on Elystadt banners is also correct german

Maybe there will be more types of magic powers.
But Izetta's magic have rainbow-like colors so it's propably just a casual mistake.

We don't talk about Schwizerdütsch here

Looks like we got another Kabaneri on our hands

Absolutely nothing. There is no law forbidding watching or playing stuff with Nazi symbols.

So, Britain pretends that Pricess is kidnapped by Germans - thats why British ambasadors organizes that an SAS agent barges in during their meeting and captures here posing as German.

Doesnt explain how he got Izetta though, since the guys transporting her were faithful to Reich. So likely he is a double agent pretending to be German, and essetially stole germann secret weapons (Izetta, Soviet rifles) and took Princess (motives of wanting to help her and pretending to be evil do not occur, since he murdered her aide in cold blood) for some political gain. Izetta was to be shipped separetely from Princess, and likely the agent indended to deliver it to British.

But how were they planning to use a Princess? Murder her publicly and blame Germans to cause outrage?

What expression is this face meant to convey?

Getting an Abmahnung letter, asking you to pay money for having pirated a game, or they will sue you.

America will bring a lovecratian lover of tentacles.

How do you interpret historically the "Ich bin Tapfer,, Ich bin Fromm" motto of their state historically?

Google only finds Goethe and ancient greek citates.

Maybe, maybe not. Magic aerodynamics, how do they work?

Personally, I'm surprised Izetta didn't get nailed by airplane parts. And right after coming out of stasis too. Either she has crazy reflexes or got lucky.

Except 5000 Euro straffe with a mail from Deutsche Telekom for pirating it using eMule

Great, that means there will be something to look forward to after the show goes to shit.

Same face Rousevelt had when realized he got nuclear bomb and anticipating trying it out.

>Same face Rousevelt had when realized he got nuclear bomb and anticipating trying it out.
What? Realization you will die before testing these babies out?

Not in the encoding for sure

i thought switzerland have no sea why was germany doing naval invasion


Is this Junketsu no Maria 2?

Amphibious attack craft?
Still kinda dumb touugh

"Ich bin tapfer und bin fromm" means "I am brave and (I am) pious"
It seems like a fairly generic motto for a duchy.


No, its Fractale 8

hitler did nothing wrong.

Nobody cares

Liechtenstein has a lake bordering germany.
These don't look like ocean crossing vessels.

>QUALITY hovertanks in the distance

Hitler is his majesty

I think the britanian agents could somehow arrange transporting all germanian secret stuff on single plane which would then fly to Britania.

So is not-Hitler doing nothing wrong?

>that flying tanks in the distance

What were all the other Fractales?

why sas is using a luger?

switzerland, whatever, sleep deprivation, go ahead call me a faggot

Is this yuri?

Schwitzerland isnt' "Elystadt" it's the clearly the neutral country the princess was visiting

Cute Panzer IIIs!

Probably smoke screens deployed there or just germania occult magic.

>why undercover agent is using enemy's weapons and uniforms

That's one Fine Hime!

>they could have made the princess a competent battlefield commander in gorilla warfare, but no, lets go with a witch instead.


He said she`ll not be travelling with them for long, so likely intended to send her by different means at the next landing.

and put english crap on the gun?

Why not both? They mentioned they were near Fine's country before the explosion, which means she got dumped by her homeland during an invasion.

you don't really get this undercover thing, right?

Pick a Princess to defend your country

the notgermans are carrying russian anti tank rifles its pretty clear guns are not limited to nationalities

Aldnoah Zero's character design was so ugly. Holy shit.

The not-german plane was carrying captured military goods, including but not limited to hime, izetta and yet-to-be-actually-built-in-1940 russian AT rifles

poormans Junketsu no Maria?

tales of zestiria x princess, she can actually fight

No, its litterally Code Geass

So, is this yuri?

Yuri thread is here This thread is for Frodos and Historians

>tfw Junketsu no Maria was a forgotten seasonal trash anime and so too shall this be

This has way better start and is original show and not adaptation. Still can flop, but for now is good.

Never seen Junketsu no Maria, but it must've been utter shit when this is considered "way better"

It's curvy witches and tomboy princesses in cute outfits.

It was.

Cred Forums didn't think so at the time

Maria was fun.

You havent seen this one either based on how you post.

You mean in the Junketsu no Maria threads that had 8 posters?

Those two bodyguards were bros4life; I'd buy them a beer if they were still alive.

Its pretty good.

Yes. But I was not even one of those posters.

No joke. I know it's CR but usually they don't fuck up this bad.

It's good

cute loli witch, cute loli angel, cute oppai succubus and a shota for whoever is into that

So she's a good and faithful Catholic girl, right?

Of course. Don't expect anything less from the best part of Austria.

We lost them too early. Here's hoping later characters will be as good.

The adventures of Kudelia, featuring Nazi Germany and magic.

Is this as much of a ripoff of Valkyria Chronicles as it seems?

but dianna soriel is a queen.


airplane scene was good

no super tanks.

Izetta has great curves. Legs and up.

>she'll never ride your FAMAS

Not at all

>Zahlreiche Anhänger des Vereins staunten nicht schlecht, als sie in den letzten Tagen eine SMS erhielten

Damn those Nazis and their advanced Technik

Only in inability to create good alternative universe.

Good lord that rump

and those trips

They even have news from the future

Doujins of notSaber being enriched by notGerman seed when?

>French Republican Calendar
Oh god I read about that. They basically went full hipster and changed everything to some ridiculous names.


How is this even a contest?

But she's notWakaba.

looks more like that sao girl.

They were the original fedora tippers.

>He has a powerful weapon
>He charges a million a shot,
>An assassin that's second to none,
>The man with the golden gun.

The Revolution literally ruined everything

Gosick actually had real Europe, it was just the country it was set in was made up.

I got most of the fake names, but what is Eylstadt supposed to be? Austria? Switzerland? Something made up?

What video game is this?

Evil Britannia means bittersweet married-off-for-her-country ending is less likely. Good news.

just watching and wow first time I recognize something from where I live!


here's the real oneürich Opera House/@47.3650702,8.5453395,764m

it is in the best city of the world, Zurich!

>soldiers have faces
>civilians are faceless
Too deep.

>that crescent
Who knew Europe was already invaded by mudslimes in 1940

aaand inside real one

Valkyria Chronicles

Where is Ange?

Spoiler: Germanians lose.


it is in between two very important stations so I see the Opernhaus several times a week

first time I recognize a place near where I live in an anime so forgive my excitement

nigger you know there's a screenshot feature, right?

Having sex with her girlfriend while her boyfriend watches.

There would be no competition if Ange were in there.

Tell it to the other guy, chump.

You surely meant Genocide Princess Angelise, Ange is a filthy norma. And it would be fair either way.


With two survivors?

with two survivors

I'm telling it to you, senpai

What if Golden Luger survived?


Tell me about Izetta. Why doesn't she wear underwear?

In TDKR, CIA survives and helps Batman get into Gotham, so the no survivors line was always intended to be a lie.

>inb4 Izetta is literally WWII TDKR

I showed you lads the real locations the anime uses and all you do is sperg out over some random little thing

is this really the only good anime this season

That is a big gun

for you

That's pretty cool.

is this suou?

>give some quick advice
>sperging out
not even that guy but is it so hard to just say thanks and move on?

well how do you screenshot in mkp

bane and his henchmen survived in tdkr too, you know

Literally Asuna and Lisbeth redrawn, BUNBUN a hack

what? the dude's using mpc. just press alt + I

>they show a map
>my country is a deformed blob

She looks sexier than Saber actually, it's the eyes.

Fine is Wakaba, almost 1:1.

>Yuro cares about borders
I thought the EU was open borders for all.

yeah meant mpc


Which country is that?

Truly the Kabaneri of our time

BUNBUN is literally abec you retard

Just because borders are open doesn't mean the countries disappeared.

The most atheist one apparently.

Hitler just wants his moe

Damn, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought this.

The girl from a aldnoah is shit, Kudelia is utter shit, Relena is all about muh pacifism and only lets others do her dirty work. I don't know the bottom right girl. Seems like Fine would actually be a decent choice.

Ange is the GOAT hime though.

Nuh huh, abec is BUNBUN's schoolgirl neighbor who can never ever show up in events due to misfortunes and instead send BUNBUN in her place.

Czech? That's how it looked after the Germans took Sudetenland though.

Final boss will be Wizard Hitler after all his occult research pays off.

Why is Wakaba so gallant?

thats because you are irrelevant

just be happy that you still exist

Between this and Brave Witches I'll be set for this season. Even though Brave Witches is only vaguely /k/.

>what is the Munich agreement
Learn your own history.

Fine is pretty fine. Fucking kill me.




Being blonde with red eyes automatically make her better than the rest.

I think it's actually cool, sounds dumb but looks cool

>So this is yuri power... Not bad...

What else do you use rifles for?

You are too old for everything if you cannot enjoy fiction as it is defined.

A make believe story that never ever happen.

Now kill yourself before you continue to make the world worse due to your existence.

delicious scar

That is how it looked like at the time senpai

You're doing it wrong nigga.

1) Read the anime description. If it starts with "Set in an alternate ____" or something similar, sort it in the joke category.

2) Get drunk but not wasted.

3) Watch the joke shows.

Protip: Watch all joke category shows on weekend nights.

Will Hime gets the power of Geass from the witch?

Hey they remembered my country isn't part of England.

Good for them.

As a german, i will watch it just for the names that pop up every now and then. Was suprised the newspaper was in legit german too. I wonder whats japans fixation with german history and culture.

Was it actual stories or just a bunch of german words strung together?

>Prussia of the east

The German was surprisingly good and made sense, but one column was about text messages.

Honorary aryans

It was atleast 2 different articles.

Probably because they literally just took actual german articles.

Seems like taken from a real newspaper, but not a historic one.

The Germans better fucking win. I swear to god they better fucking win or have soviet tiers roll in and then fuck those two shit up for the next 60 years.


Didnt our boi hitler call them honorary aryans.
First article
Second article;art93,818004
third article

This is literally just Asuna with blonde hair.

>have soviet tiers roll in and then fuck those two shit up for the next 60 years

I would lose my sides at that. All that work to just be fucked over no matter what.

Wait dude, what did you do? Are those the articles? Gonna read them now.

She's literally Wakaba with absolutely nothing changed.

She is literally just Nogi Wakaba.

I googled text passages from those articles in the show

Would anyone consider those character designs Moe nowadays? Thats not moe is it. The lines blurred too much. I really like those though, especially the red haired one.

Eh not really.

The main girl's design feels out of place. I wouldn't say "moe", but it's the same simplified detailess style usually used in cgdct. Which creates a rather jarring contrast when she's on screen with another character. It also makes Hayami using her serious/deep voice for her really awkward and unfitting.

Is this Cross Aldnoah Chaika 2?

What did he mean by this?

That he is a faggot sucking the bad guy dick.

Slava Zogilia, Blitzendegen, etc


Dosen't sieg mean victory? So is he saying Victory Empire?

Traditional germanian greeting.

Sieg Heil is defined as German for hail to victory and a verbal salute used by the Nazis. An example of Sieg Heil is how Hitler and his followers saluted each others.

It means that he doesn't like Jews and black people.

>the same as "Sieg Reich"

I get what yo uare saying, kinda feel the same, you have a reference picture of what you think would look better, it could be from anything.

What's the deal with witches and war, Japan?

What did he mean by THIS?

Was this dramatic scream really necessary?
It's not like she was dying.
I mean you can't be shot once in the arm and die, unless you suck at stopping blood.

Reeeealy makes you THINK

You shouldn't trust the perfidious Albion.

It translates to "Please draw many doujins."

Felt weird, but its anime. There is probably way more weird shit that only natives notice.

It still hurts like a bitch, though.

Isn't it the opposite? Izetta was stuffed unconscious in a coffin with barely any clothes. She's had a bad time.

It was more about Izetta meeting her Hime-sama once again after who knows how long and the panic of not understanding what is happening with Hime-sama almost dying.

When was the last time the Germans won any war not against themselves?


Germany has never won a war

Franco Prussian
Germany is a big fat joke.

user, nobody just thinks to themselves "oh, they'll be fine," when they see someone close to them get shot

>taking Cred Forums maymays seriously

Some combat medics. And people who do a lot of triage I suppose.

Witches nowadays are typical representatives of the free female will. Just like Cowboys and pirates have similar meanings for males nowadays.

And damn, Japan does it well, the west is all "WAH WAH I'm an special witch and everyone hates me because of it" while nips are like "I'm a motherfucking witch and if you bully me you will meet hell itself"

To be honest, Germans are the greatest people on earth right now. A really kind hearted bunch also really intelligent.

t. german

Indeed, praise Allah, my fellow German.

South Brazil? Argentina?

Slant eyed insect people disrespecting European history

t. Angela Merkel

Fuck off back to your containment boards. You have so many of them, why do you need to post here.

It's less Code Geass and more Valkyria Chronicles except with Yuri.

Don't get too invested though. Yuri anime gets very melodramatic and bittersweet almost all the time.

three weeks per month, ten day weeks, months with shitty names out the ass

Calm down, Kevin. I only pointed out that you were a German.

>except with Yuri
The only Yuri we'll see for sure is from the Eastern front.
Otherwise there's none so far.

I am a Black person visiting Germany. Never have i seen a country treat black people so well. No racism at all unlike murica, as i have heard from my various media outlets. I can only say good things about this beautiful country and its people.

>whats japans fixation with german history and culture
Meiji-era Japan had a giant boner for Prussia.

Oh really? Too lazy too google but what is the gist of it? I mean that is the time where Japan opnened its doors to the outside world after years of isolation, right?

That era of Japan glorified their Military, creating a whole culture where dying on the battlefield was more honorable than coming home alive. The Prussia military culture was something they identified with.

Panzer III Ausf. H?

I hope he's the final boss with magical powers of his own..

>The only Yuri we'll see for sure is from the Eastern front

>pin all the blame on our boy Slaine when he literally did NOTHING wrong
I hate her so much.

Hitler has the Lance of Longinus

It's the Nogi way. Sonoko is just bad at it.

thats a funny way to spell sele


top left looks by far the best

if only she had short hair and she'd be perfect

No, I mean irl lance. Not magical spiral stick.

Fuck off Nisio

I find it hilarious how people let this stuff slide just because it's BUNBUN. Anyone else and it'd be a constant shitstorm. Guess people really like him, enough to let it slide.

Era of extremely rapid modernization, also saw great increase in political power of the military despite Meiji Restoration nominally wresting authority from the bakufu/Shogun and returning it to the Emperor. Japan sent envoys to various European nations in order to figure out what cultural, technological, etc. changes they should make in order to be acknowledged as a modern nation by the Western powers. One of the things they admired was Prussia's military tradition. (The old-fashioned black gakuran schoolboy outfits are modeled on Prussian uniforms.)

who is nisio

I dont get your ebin reference

Kill yourself you shit taste faggot.

ok kid


It just werks. He also awakens your clothing fetish.

I think it's just expected of him.


Izetta >>>>>>>>> Fine

Both are good enough, though.



Kinda sad how the japanese always tried to get acknowledged by the europeans. Must have been a hit to their pride to seem them as their superiors. But also quite amazing how fast and dedicated they were. They industrialized so damn fast.

Ausf. E or F, I think.

Why is the west so superior? The east or any other area have never dominanted for any decent chunk of time

But they forgot that the Czech Republic and Slovakia were one state.

>The east or any other area have never dominanted for any decent chunk of time
China was largely one culture for close to 2 (or more) millennia.

Anyone know who did the music? Sounds pretty good to me.

The ED was very good.

The west is superior thats what i am saying.

It was good/not annoying for a May'n song. The OP is superior anyway.

They pretty much DID get acknowledged after decisively winning the Russo-Japanese War.

This, that's the only flaw I see. Why bother to go for an European WW2 setting if you're doing the standard fantasy tropes of noble princesses and evil empires? Otherwise, the audio and visuals were nice.


his name is Ahmed

You may have heard of a people called the Mongols.

China was funny in never going expansionist. Maybe wars at home made them sick of that shit early on.

NoWaYu anime when?

Lets you use real world material as reference. Tanks, planes, firearms, theaters in notZurich, you name it.

China expanded until it ran up into natural barriers, then basically fought themselves for 2000 years.

Junketsu no Maria was actually quite good, but it had a more laid-back pace and dealt with historical topics that aren't interesting for mindless otaku.

In other words, it was not an action spectacle which is what this is selling along with its yuribait. Thus this show is immediately more commercial and otaku friendly.

It was a surprisingly nice show. Just not a big hit.

You might as well ask the same of Indiana Jones.

Nazi's are practically the basis for all "evil empire" literature anyways.

Hope Hitler is a cute loli.

They could have gone naval. I heard they actually did check out Africa and such, but it never went anywhere until modern times.

What kinda show do you think this is?

Oh hey, this takes me back.

Oh god no, please no.

NotHitler was probably that old guy on the train, seeing as he's on the poster facing off against Fine.

The Europe WWII setting is unoriginal, I was hoping to have some speculah like with SnW.

Didn't they supposedly have the largest wooden ship ever built? I imagine they tried exploring the Pacific but basically gave up when they realized it's all fucking water.

That shot outside of the opera hall where the door closed and the ambient faux german signing sharply cut off was really well done.

That kind of attention to detail is really nice to see in anime.

That was more for exploration. Most world powers even today are usually divided between land and sea powers. China, similar to France and Germany, had lots of land around it to conquer, and as such didn't pay as much attention to the seas.

Never heard of this show, is it good? Should i check it out?

His face remind me someone.


It isnt really, how many shows per year do we get set in Germany of the 40s and how many do we get set in some game inspired fantasy world or highschool. I would say WW2 is no where near as unoriginal in anime. If we were in the 2000s and you said videogames then i would give you a easy go.

Just the first season.

Oh god, no.


She's only doing it for the sake of her people though

>Valkyria Chronicles
Nobody bitched then

Because half the reason anyone is on this board is to find a reason, any reason, to get upset over something and then spend the rest of their evening bitching.

Meant the white witch was hers.
Can't you interpret text?

By ''unoriginal'' I meant only taking the real world setting and change country names. They could have put a little effort in that, because otherwhise, this first episode was great.

Exactly, she wouldn't give her people a bad example by being a dirty lesbo.

Traintop riding isn't THAT crazy

They do it all the time in India

Fuck off 3DPD.

>no trigger discipline
I am triggered.


Franco Prussian.

What is it with this guy and locking mysterious women inside of containers?

That's an incorrect way to spell Seele

They would do fine if they weren't outnumbered all the time, I think.

Never forget

I doubt that not!Hitler is doing frontline work.
That guy on the train is probably closer to Himmler

Jesus Christ even her voice sounds like Wakaba's.

>Bunbun ripping off Saber
what a shit

>who is nisio
Stay in reddit faggot

>while nips are like "I'm a motherfucking witch and if you bully me you will meet hell itself"
>Just like Cowboys and pirates have similar meanings for males nowadays.
Sound logic, checks out

Part Liechtenstein and part of Tirol.

It's from a Swiss newspaper.

It is saber. And this is Yuko Yuno

>Mistery Heroine X
I want this meme to die, she is cleary different

Do oyu have that male Yuuna pic?


F/GO really is leaking

Yeah that one.

>A suppressor from around 1940 making fuck all noise
Is this possible?

No but it doesn't really matter because of theater soundproofing


Even if Fine had managed to persuade the British to put together a new British Expeditionary Force after their last one was BTFO at Dunkirk, how exactly are they supposed to get it to Liechtenstein, which is surrounded on all sides by either Axis powers or those Swiss assholes which they can't get to without going through Occupied France anyway?

It will be a magical journey if you know what I mean.

Reminds me of Fractal.

I just remembered that Hitler was into the occult.

Maybe Fine thought Germania would pull troops away to handle the British. Fighting on multiple fronts is unreasonable after all.

Applying immediate pressure on Germania once Britannia attacked again would have probably allowed Elystadt to fortify itself more.

This, it would have been infinitely better if they just say it's Nazi Germany.

>China was funny in never going expansionist. Maybe wars at home made them sick of that shit early on.
Officially it is because China had its hands full holding on to territory it already has, and as such sees expansion as being more than it can chew. Civil Wars in China are basically bigger than Western continental wars of the equivalent time period.

The original point was to use the marriage as justification for Brittania sending troops, equipment, and supplies into not!Liechtenstein to protect the country and ward off a costly invasion by Germania. That's why the princess opened with persuading a corporation to do business with Brittania first, to appeal to their economic interests before moving to political ones when that wasn't enough. Brittania didn't want to open a new front though since they weren't doing well at the others, and once Germania invaded (probably once they heard she left the country), the whole point of the exercise became moot. They weren't going to stick their neck out for a country getting BTFO when theirs isn't doing too well in the war.

>Fighting on multiple fronts is unreasonable after all.
Yeah, it's not like the Germans were fighting in North Africa and the Mediterranean at the same time that they were invading the Soviet Union or anything

And why exactly do you think the Germans lost?

China also went through many eras where it was basically just a bunch of separate, smaller countries with a figurehead central administration parading as a league of nations. Its history is pretty analogous to a lot of european happenings.

>Brittania sending troops, equipment, and supplies into not!Liechtenstein
The only way any war materiel is getting from Britain to Liechtenstein in reasonable quantities is if Italy is not an ally of Germany in this universe.

Germany had been preparing for years to turn their industry towards war, and Germany was always behind them with easy to protect supply lines. And none of the other countries involved in the start had all that great of an economy and weren't gearing themselves for war.

Why didn't she just keep flying towards hime-sama instead of stopping 3 feet away and holding out her hand?

It's symbolic

She has to normalize speed with Hime-sama's falling velocity otherwise it woudln't be any different from Hime-sama slamming into the ground when she gets caught.

She is a geneticist and is testing to see if Hime-sama has the reflexes to be worth saving.

She was matching their relative velocities you moron

Get your science out of my yuri bait

She can't touch Hime-sama without permission.

Princess had to try what she could. They can only handle so many fronts, right?

I don't remember this in VC

She has the ability to fly and already the same drop speed. So why can't she fly 3 more feet to the left?

The result of which was Rommel running out of supplies because Hitler had sent all those supplies to Russia.

How new are you? Yuri and science have a long history together.

I watched Schwarzesmarken for that reason and I wish I had not.

Now I want a doujin where Hime-sama desperately tries to protect her 'fronts' while being 'invaded' from all directions.

Like every princess, she is far removed from reality and she thinks that people are objects she owns. she needs a reality check.

Because DRAMA© and TENSION™

When do we see the male protagonist and main love interest of the two girls?

It's the gun.

He was the shota in the train with the ss with white hair.

>show lays everything in front of us like we are idiots
>no mystery to solve
>no hidden plot to discuss
>or relics of the past to discover
>or ghosts
Fuck I was hoping for Speculah... All I get is yurifags versus hetfags...

>Slava Makarov
Why is the World of Tanks guy in the credits?

He likes yuri.

Provided tank models?

There is still plenty that can be discussed. Like for example how and when the Izetta-verse diverged from ours (perhaps since the French Revolution), what is the origin of Izetta's witch power, did perhaps that scientist do something to Izetta to make sure that she will not be able to cause too much damage to Germania's armies, what will the other nations do when their agents might confirm that there really is a girl with magical powers blowing up Germanian tanks and stukas.
We do need to wait for more episodes though, since episode 1 is about setting up the entire setting plus showing the personality and resolve of Fine.
Episode 2 will probably show the awesome might of Izetta and her common history with Fine, how they met as little girls and then how they lost sight of each another.

Flying broomstick skills aren't transferable to rifles. Things they don't tell you until after you've paid your witching tuition.

They have hogwarts in britain. They can take a quick course

Shilling WoT and WoWP.

Oh shit, tanks from sekrit russian project when?

World of Warships is having an Arpeggio event this month IIRC.

Poor Poles. The European Powers gave you your own country at the end of WW1, but the Japan with their historical revisionism have taken it away and given it to a bunch of Scandinavians instead.

Wait a minute, this is literally Asuna

If she has magical powers why does she need a phallic symbol in order to fly?


Will Izetta pump her with 2 years worth of semen?

Except it's literally Nogi Wakaba down to everything but the sword.

It's been having Arpeggio events since January. Haifuri events early next year, too. And not to mention the WoT manga with the GuPPies. WG is invested in weeb bux.

>literally Asuna
Nogi Wakaba

In season 2 the Emperor of Nipponia kidnaps Fine and locks her up in his castle.

Subtitled: Fine in the Far East

That's because it is meant to be a phallic symbol according to Pratchet.

Why do you see dicks everywhere? Are you gay?

Welp, this thread is over.

Wakaba has a voice? I thought she is a novel character.

Baba Yaga is going to arrive and harass shota hitler

Drama CD, or some radio play iirc.

Only if you think Freud is also gay.

There is the drama CD feature it's joke girl

She's voiced by Ayaka Ohashi in the drama CDs.

The dress also looks like something Sonoko would wear.


I don't know why but the art style on the left bothers me. Right is fine though.

>> then why change the name and the nazi symbols? I thought you can freely show Swastikas in Japan.

Because Japan are being considerate since they want the anime to be sold and watched around the world, cue 'crunchyroll', at least everyone gets to watch it no matter where you live and it doesn't get "banned" in Germany.

It's probably the nose line.

No user, left is Fine, right is Sonoko.

>exact same bow and collar
>almost exact same cuffs
BUNBUN is wild.

I'd rather have the two bodyguards as supporting characters instead of the crybaby ginger gypsy desu

I never noticed she still had a bandage on her left hand there.

Original art designs vs adapted-for-animation designs. There is a distinct difference between the BUNBUN-original and anime YuYuYu art, too.

Nazis, Vertex, what's the difference?

It's almost like both are common to dresses

Nah, the YuYuYu art is from the Light Novel sequel so its 100% BUNBUN

>marrying a dyke

Henry dodged a bullet there.

Shows he is not a Habsburg.

>budget wasn't allocated to her feet

When will the anime industry learn that footfags are where the money's at?

No, I mean in the comparison pic I posted, Fine is drawn by the animators who have adapted BUNBUN's designs for animation. The Sonoko is drawn by BUNBUN himself.

Compare the anime Izetta art with this (relatively rough) BUNBUN Twitter sketch. There's clear differences, just as there are differences between the anime YuYuYu art and BUNBUN YuYuYu art.

>hand holding


Reading through the thread I'm really happy to see that I'm not the only one who got attached to the bodyguards. Maybe it's because I'm older, I don't know.