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It's either Pikachu or the Gravity Jew

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>it's Ochako
>every girl who has ever shown in interest in Deku is crazy, evil, or evil & crazy

She could be the traitor and be neither.

The Hero economy is a fucked up thing, Ochako being traitor for pay isn't quite -that- evil

heel ochako is best ochako

Uraraka will become a villain for Deku.

>Kemi could possibly come to UA

Ochako BTFO
Dekemi is canon now

>Saucegay Ochako

Actually might work this time since the homo shit from Naruto and Saucegay is removed

>her and toga become rivals for deku's affection
boner please..

What's this thread's rating?

That's a sympathetic motive but any traitorous actions she may've done put her classmates in danger. She'd be lucky that no one died during those villain raids and there were definitely close calls. Such a motive means she would basically exchange multiple lives for her own personal gain. This also means she would be partially responsible for damaging her love interest's arms too. You have to call it what it is, evil. Because it's certainly not good.

After rereading the room visits chapter I'm thinking body part growing guy is the traitor since his room has nothing in it, meaning he can just leave it behind.

It's True Neutral at worst. Besides, Ochako tried to make Deku and friends go back during the villain raids, which was objectively the best idea.

Nigga, you best not be badmouthing mah boy Shouji

Boy is zen as fuck, he's moved beyond worldly desires and has dedicated his life to helping others, he's like a Bodhisattva, and is the most selfless member of class A

look at this goofball becoming a hero

>After rereading the room visits chapter I'm thinking body part growing guy is the traitor since his room has nothing in it, meaning he can just leave it behind.

A traitor wouldn't be that sloppy. The best traitor is the one who fits in as part of a ground but never stands out too much.

The trick to not standing out too much is to stand out just a little. A few quirks here and there, maybe even grab some occasional limelight

It's a balancing act

Can we drop this stupid meme already? It wasn't funny a month ago, it's not funny now either. The traitor is not among the pupils from class A. Now stop with the cringy deviantart-level speculations.

I want that smile to protect me

It's slimy/10.

Fuck off asperger.

Nice try, Kaminari.

couldn't she just whore herself?

We know its you Denki.

Why does he wear the mask?

I wonder if she'll pull a HERO's and actually be ugly but uses that form to trick people.

The traitor isn't Ochako. I would never betray my friends for money

To keep the people he's helping from being scared by his freakish monster mouth

I'll leave it to Cred Forums to figure out who the traitor actually is, but I think the traitor will be revealed soon and that this "Provisonal Hero License" arc will be suspended.

Boku No Hero does a lot of world building, but it's an inevitable fact that it critiques its own setting. Having Deku and a few others get a license and go on their way doesn't seem likely

>Having Deku and a few others get a license and go on their way doesn't seem likely

They need their licenses though so they can legally fight back.

are you actually asking Cred Forums to stop being obnoxious and retarded

you should know better

What's the most popular Deku ship around here?

Ochako, if only because of how blatantly obvious it is

Deku x everyone

I think is right

Something like that can't happen without them getting their provisional license. I'll explain. Every time there has been a villain invasion or Deku & co. did some vigilante stuff / unlicensed heroism they got trouble from the police, parents (Dekumom will transfer him if this shit happens again), the media, and teachers (Aizawa almost expelled all of Class A for the hideout rescue). This means Hori will have to use invasions more sparingly or not at all since some parent characters are fed up and the provisional license will allow the students to work on the field and deal with people like Stain without being punished for it.

So for the purpose of the story Deku can't fail or continue on without the license, but this is an important arc because it shows some character growth, introduces new characters for later arcs, and whoever passes will be able to participate in more plot events. Whoever fails can only show up in arcs like the school festival or final exams because of the above paragraph. Until they retake the test and pass but who knows when that will be.

Lewds when?

What a curly haired, smooth talking, son of a bitch.

God, that almost-rape scene did things to my dick that I still can't explain.

it really reminds me of that tamagoro doujin of the succubus and the slut app.

I think Cred Forums has it backwards.

If Ochako DOESN'T get her licence she's more likely to be the traitor - after all, a villain doesn't need a license

the fails logic, the traitor already betrayed them, they already have a reason

have you forgotten user,
gravity effects time, you're thinking this through the lens of linear time.

Motherfucker are you actually inuating everything we're seeing has already happen and that ochako's quirk allows her to bend time, and on top of that she went back in time all the way before the festival to sell out the class only for nothing of note happening, and to also lose to baku in the festival all in an attempt to somehow make money? That's dumb as hell

>going backwards in time
still thinking linearly.

What's next, breaking the wall of space-time with a hammer because she lost the dekubowl? the ochako we see is actually future ochako and the original was dead even since before the manga started

mirai nikki and yanderes in general suck ass.

Whats her quirk?

Deku is the fucking traitor. Remember the sludge villain who tried to take over his body? A part of him is still inside Deku and gave him a split personality.

Light refraction or at least her quirk allows her to refract light but could be some other light related power in the grand scheme of things. We don't know until we get a formal introduction to her quirk. I wonder if she could make mini lasers.

>>In a disappointing reveal, we find out Kemi is not truly a tall blonde with big boobs
>>She is actually an elementary-school girl, using her quirk to shape-shift into an older form so she can attend high school. This is why she acts curious and childish all the time




Wait, where did that Ochako is redman thing came from?

This little shit here is a traitor. Calling it.

The traitor is the person we least expect

Got it, it's Recovery Girl.

toga x deku otp

>all these people implying that Slime Time's behavior isn't just autism

Post daughterus

Gonna laugh if Kemi just has geniune interest in him and they chat after the exam, become friends, and exchange numbers.

Who the fuck is that supposed to be? That lizard girl from class b?

Last chapter, mostly. If you don't give too much credit to the one foreground panel of Titty Lady gushing over Deku Ochako's monologue about shutting down her emotions and doing what must be done can be read differently.

Plus people are still sore from Kaede Kayano's ruse cruise

I wonder what kind of quirks they have.

We know that Liz's has something to do with disconnecting body parts, but the other girl's is just "mushroom".

Where is this from?

>implying ochacuck would allow it

Right after she will ask deku to lend her his phone, use her quirk and send it flying to the stratosphere like that ball during the entrance arc.

Some Cred Forumsrean twitter that seems to love class B and Ibara especially.

Nice to know someone besides me also loves the class B girls

Don't worry we'll get more of them the day they'll release season 3.

Class A sure is full with attractive people.
Who do you speculate of not being a virgin?

My bet is on Mina

Why does spook girl hold her hands like that?

Because she is a ghost.

>Traitor not being in Class-A meme
There's no point of a development if it has no impact

Her quirk is Poltergeist


Deku. With the amount of psycho bitches he attracts i'm sure some MILF villain raped him in the past.

We really don't know if Ochako's financial situation is bad enough to warrant that kind of thing though. I think her parents are employed, she just wants to give them the good life. Unless they were seconds away from the street I can't see her being dumb enough to aide villains in trying to murder teenagers.

Little does Uraraka know that he doesn't have warranty so she'll have to cough up money she doesn't have.

Jokes aside, Kemi and that HUC kid have revealed Deku's biggest weakness and that's that he thinks a bit too much or over analyzes instead of doing things by instinct or going with his gut. It's unlikely she'll help him overcome that and her role is just to establish this but it would interesting if Kemi did end up giving him some pointers or inspiring him since he loves to make others' moves his own.

>ywn see fluid druid and kitaro use their dsl to swallow spaghettis

>Kemi actually ends up being a major influence on Deku since she's all about improvising and confidence in her abilities while he still has to analyze everything in order to understand the situation and only then take action
>he learns to trust himself and his abilities more thanks to her, allowing him to get a better hold of his powers and become stronger
>Kemi ends up being the one who makes Deku loosen up and eventually understand himself better

Holy shit I dont want to ship this

Did you forget the whole "My legs moved on their own" part? It sure as fuck ain't something analyzed to rush into a slime monster without a quirk, to do a suicide attack against Kurogiri and Shigaraki or punch All Might in his face.

But there was also his issues and mindset with OfA early on that Gran Torino pointed out. It's not completely black and white. When it comes to helping people you could say this isn't a problem but in terms of execution he's not quite there yet.

that was before getting OFA after he hasn't been using his instinct no where near as much

well, this is a light-hearted series or at least not deep/dark yet, but if you think about it she and her family do have more reasons to go to the villain side, i remember her saying her dad was a construction contratist (or employer, not sure), and what did the villain attacks left? lots of destroyed buildings and urban zones and building/maintaining training rescue zone as they would be a mandatory practice for new heroes, and guess who will get money from the contracts to that reconstruction?

You made it sound like Deku doesn't act before thinking, which is wrong. Just a few chapters ago he saved Kemi from falling down the cliff, not knowing if she is the real Ochako or if there could be consequences. And being to impulsive can easily backfire. I bet you Kirishima ended up as a potato because he rushed into meatballman without thinking.

And what that HUC kid said could count for all of class A. That's not his or their fault, it's UA's for being a shitty school at teaching and making decisions. Everyone else there is a second or third year, having done many times more training in all fields than class A.
They shouldn't even be taking this test right now. 5 months at UA doesn't mean shit compared to 1 or 2 years at every other school.

>yfw ochako shuts down her feelings for you


what's the most depressing thing you think could happen in this series?

>They shouldn't even be taking this test right now

They didn't have a choice since the school is being targeted by villains. It's really on the government for not having an easier option unless this isn't the only avenue for getting extended self defense privileges but the most relevant and hassle free once you acquire it.

On that note some people have given Aizawa shit for saying he knew they would fall behind in this section but it's not like he was sabotaging them. They seem to have done rescue exercises after USJ but no matter what their experience would be limited compared to their competition. He just gave an honest assessment of their current abilities with the limited time they had.

deku fails to become a hero despite having one of the best quirks in the world


Absolutely Fucking Certain:
-All Might finally dies; either pathetically in the hands of Shigaraki, or in bed after his body fails him. Those death flag still count- remember All Might couldn't bear to tell Midoriya that he "wouldn't be there" when he eventually fought AFO and I'm pretty sure All Might isn't choked up about merely losing his power and being UNABLE to fight. He's referring to dying somehow.

I mean, All Might is awesome. It's legit gonna be sad when he dies no matter how foreshadowed it is. Hori did a good job making him likable.

-Something terrible happens to Ochako's parents. This is a common cliche; you know, the kid who wants to uplift their parents to make them happy- but they don't realize that their own happiness is what makes their parents happy. Nothing good ever happens to characters like this.

-An ancillary student from 1-A dies (anyone besides Bakugou and the girls). This is something I think could happen in the end of the 2nd year or sometime during the 3rd year as a "Shit is extremely real" stakes raiser. At this point I'd actually be pretty bummed out if anyone from 1-A died; even stupid Sugarman (I'd just be less bummed than if it was someone else).

Ehhh, probably not:
-The traitor turns out to be someone we actually care about and not a literally who.

I love the traitor speculation as much as anyone but you guys fucking know it's gonna be a literally who. Ai No Exorcist is like the only recent manga I've seen actually do this well and it's an exception to the rule.

-Deku actually loses one or both of his arms. Of course he'll get new ones or some weird workaround to use them again because he's the fucking MC, but the fallout from this and seeing him and his mom and his friends react would be pretty sad.

Never Ever:
-Hori fridges Ochako or kills any of the girls. Good god would this piss everyone off.

ghost girl best girl

Deku's powers never really develop, even though he tries his very hardest. He shows flashes, but can never put it together.

Meanwhile, a rival hero, lets say Bakugou or Todoroki, accomplishes everything Deku and All Might sought out to do. They become the new symbol of peace, while Deku becomes a meddling support hero who never gets put on the front lines and never gets any credit while the rival hero gets fame, fortune, girls, and peace.

its basically just the plot of Ace of Diamond so far.

It would be just as impactful if it were a teacher, or the principal. Your harping on "must be Class-A" only shows your lack of imagination.

Doesn't the first chapter have him narrate that this is the story of how he became a top hero?

Yes, but the user asked what we thought would be the most depressing story.

He didn't mention it had to be realistic.

user doesn't know how "retcon" works

Ace No Diamond is pretty much shaping up to be the opposite of that. Sawamura is basically just like a Japanese pitcher whose name escapes me at the moment who is in the MLB now.

Furuya is a dude who's great in High School baseball and won't be special at all afterwards. Sawamura is the proverbial diamond in the rough that's actually fit for the pros.

It's pretty clear the full arc of Ace of Diamond is going to be basically Sawamura slowly but surely overshadowing Furuya until he graduates and turns out to be MLB material.

What do you mean by "fridges"?

Its a green lantern reference. Its quite common in capeshit for love interests to be killed off.

It's a term from American Capeshit.

There was a Green Lantern arc decades ago where a villain named "Major Force" kills the Lantern's girlfriend and stuffs her corpse into their fridge for him to find.

It's used for any time in a comic where a writer kills a character's girlfriend/lover/wife or whatever for the purpose of motivating the hero or starting a revenge story.

Fuck it, full page.

Fucking hell. Can't even upload an image.

>Posting best OST for the traitor

I see, thanks

For an unexpected death of a supposed noteworthy character, that page feels pretty underwhelming

He dies immediately after beating the big bad

yeah, I know.

but it just feels like Sawamura never gets a break.

Guys, guys.

What if Deku is the traitor?

That would be fucking ridiculous that's why is my favorite candidate

The villains planted a tracking device up his butt at USJ and they discover it when Ochako tries to peg him on the first date.

That's his instinct propelling his desire for heroics. It doesn't necessarily correlate to his reaction to all possible combat situations unlike say Bakugou who grew up as a pit bull basically and is ready to fuck shit up in the best way he can at all times.

Deku saving Kemii wasn't instinctive at all either, it was something he admittedly made a conscious decision over even if he was unsure if it was the correct one while doing it.

To begin with, Deku is clearly not an instinctive type in anything but saving people. He's not offensive at heart to begin with, that's literally the reason why he instinctively held back against Noumu, the first time he punched a real 'person'.

Deku otherwise, is mainly a thinker, a quick one at that. It's unlikely he will ever be capable of mastering 'not thinking' as that is one of his core strengths to begin with and a huge crutch of his. There's no reason he has to listen to Kemii to overcome his weakness, he can just deal with it another way like train his brain processing power to go even faster.

Nah Furuya may get more mound time but at every crucial junction it's always him fucking up. Meanwhile when Sawamura fucks up it's either salvageable like against Inashiro but he ends up getting benched, or it's a non factor like getting traumatized by Todoroki.

For better or worse, fate leaves all the horrible results with Furuya while all the important parts are left with Sawamura. All Furuya does is stat pad against the baddies.

What the fuck am I looking at here? I can't even make out what's in the fridge, is that a leg sticking out? The toes I assume are horribly lacking in detail. I mean fuck you stare at that at first glance and it looks like some random furniture.

Sero is the best hero.

>Snitch on a nigga getting some
Don't think so.

If traitor ends up being someone who matters, I'd rather have it be Ochako

Her powers were always meant for a villain anyways

>talking shit about sero

Well it IS true every hero needs an arch-nemesis


so we're over the kaminari is the traitor meme onto ochako is the traitor meme?

Seeing all this artwork depicting her as a future villain is getting my hopes up, but I know it won't ever happen.

Hori seems to always choose the "right" course for the story, or at least the one that makes the most sense (Deku's pep talk with Todoroki only begins IcyHot's development instead of completely and unrealistically solving his problems all at once, for example). I've always seen his as a careful writer, and Ochako being the traitor would require him to do double backflips in the writing department for it to make enough sense.

Mostly just AssClass fans who went on Kaede Kayano's wild ride

Best traitor

If Ochako's the traitor, I hope that she changes outfit.

Hori makes fucking fantastic villain designs, so anything that involves both evil and space is guaranteed to be A+.

People are just going to guess everyone and then when its someone they guessed, people will complain that it was predictable.

I thought the same thing, but from a different manner.

AfO being attached to OfA is what I'm guessing.

AfO just went to jail, but his most recent stolen power is from the cat bitch who could use telepathy. Even if he's in jail, if he's still reading thoughts from Deku's subconscious and feeding them back with telepathy, the "Who's the traitor" story still goes on.

A arch-nemesis that also has feeling for each other. Sounds a lot like Batman vs Catwoman, or Spiderman vs Blackwidow.

He didn't steal that power.

His last stolen power was Ragdoll's, which is the power to detect people within a certain radius.

l might have missed something but isn't it impossible for the traitor to be in class A since the entire class knew about momo planting a tracker on the nomu and the bakugo rescue operation yet it was a complete surprise for the villains

so is it just people being speedreaders or retarded or what

I don't see Ochako going dark in this series but a villain Ochako gets my boner excited

Problem is, you can reverse that line of thinking to reach an equally logical conclusion

If the villains knew about the tracker then the traitor would have narrowed himself down to Class A. So the traitor didn't tell them, so as to not compromise their position

What did the anime reach that point recently or something? That was ages ago in the manga.

>since the entire class knew about momo planting a tracker

Maybe my memory is foggy but I don't remember that at all. I thought she mentioned that when it was just the few of them.

sounds like a horseshit rationalization to me

Anyone know what this translates to?

It doesnt matter if she becomes a villain but these images do make me want too see an Ochako thowing buildings and shit

when they talk in the train on the way to the villains hideout todoroki says they told the entire class the specifics of their plan

didn't the manga end a while ago?

I'm feeling it, I'm fucking feeling it, it's not gonna happen, but it would be SO STRONG, holy I want it to happen so bad, but the thing I think it's gonna happen is that the traitor is gonna be a double agent like in Ao no exorcist.

anime and manga have been over for some time. I miss them both, I really enjoyed watching it.

Watch the Viz translation come out and make her final lines sound 100% less ominous. Even if you don't expect it to happen you'll feel silly for having even considered it.

>ywn have a puzzle of the best boys

what's with this psychotic face? She's not capable of being pure evil.

Silly or not it would still be fucking cool

>tfw if anyone dies it'll probably be Shouji
I don't know why, but I could see Hori killing him off more than anyone else in the class. Sugarman is too irrelevant, Shouji is just the right blend of likable but not a major character.

>All Might being moe wanting to eat his lunch with you never
It hurts bros.

>no Bakugou, Tokoyami, Kirishima, or Kamiyama

Missing a lot of best boys there.

I could see Kirishima dying as a way of really forcing Bakugou to emote and being a final test of his character (does he or does he not maintain his morals in the face of his anger?) in the 2nd or 3rd act of the series.

Bakugou is the deuteragonist however so this would have to happen as I mentioned- 2nd or 3rd act so way longer from now.

Viz doesn't have a great track record to begin with.

Ya'll have no reason to accuse any of the students of being the traitor.

I would only accept that if he went out like a badass

Or if for example, they turned him into a noumu, since he's perfect for it, and then Noumu-Shouji is revealed to them with a line like
>He was pretty strong willed. We had to force five quirks on him before his mind finally broke.
And then he's like the strongest noumu they ever fight

I would be willing to accept something like that

at this point the best twist possible is that there was never a traitor, they just have access to their servers

Could be possible that she is faking her sickness when overusing her power.

unlikely, most quirks have drawbacks so they don't go completely broken

This. Stretch out the paranoia as long as possible, have the class break along trust lines, then the big reveal that no one's actually betrayed anyone and now they'll all feel like shit for not having had faith in their class. Harsh.

It's still possible that AfO's group has someone in their pockets or threatening them.

>they just have access to their servers

It will be like Shokugeki where some giant nigger ape was just hiding under a desk.

The traitor is Deku.

>Some unseen force causes him to talk out loud without knowing it
>Another unseen force commands birds, and the birds overhear him from a nearby tree.
>Because of this, Deku has been unknowingly explaining everything to the villains.
>Suddenly a climactic battle, and the villains ask Deku for help, shocking his allies and destroying their morale

Neither does Niggastream. So that leaves Fallen Angels, whose overall reputation I don't know about. How do we summon someone who can read raw?

Get your eyes checked. You're right about the toes, though.


Found the Tumblrer

>commands birds

Sadrock! It was Sadrock the whole time!

>implying his mom isn't the traitor

>salvagable like against Inashiro

Dude mentally shutdown after beaning a kid in the head, there wasn't salvaging after that.

Though if Ryo had not tried to be a tough kid about his ankle, they probably would have made it to nationals there.

>Not Deku's unseen dad

it would be a Great twist

>Deku's dad is a villain
>He brainwashed Deku so he can get intel on the Heroes

>implying Endeavor is the traitor

I want to fuck Deku hard enough to break my bones.

Deku's dad is a chef overseas according to the databook or something like that. Probably some kind of japanese Gordon Ramsay. No wonder his mom got fat.

>not good

Found the triggered redditor.

Hori needs to introduce this fucker already, assuming deku gets his timid behavior from his mom he must get his over-analysis and determination from him .his quirk is that he can exhale fire

i though slimes didn't have bones

Alternatively, The story is Deku's dying reflection on his life and he considers himself being a top hero because he sacrificed himself to save the world or something.

You have to do it in his dorm room with pictures of All Might staring into your soul from every angle, reminding you that you will always be second in Deku's heart.

>Dad is a chef that controls fire
>Or so we are led to believe

What if, and hear me out;

>Deku's dad is from the company that supplies UA with food
>Said company is also controlled by All For One
>Deku's dad is actually able to turn food into communication relays
>AfO receives food from Deku's dad, eats it around the time that UA faculty eats
>AfO eats in silence as to not set off any surprises with the food comms
>Dekudad's fire ability was a ruse he created when he burnt food one time
>Dekudad hates All Might for giving his son unreasonable goals, so he wants All Might to go down for that reason

Or the story is in medias res, and as soon as the story catches up, it turns into how Deku falls from grace harder than an anvil as he comes to terms that stein was right. and that there are no heroes left in man

Please don't bully me, I just want Deku's love.

reddit likes bakugou

The biggest flaw in that hypothesis is that it would require Deku's dad to know his son well enough to know his ambitions

There's no traitor guys

Now that we've got that out of the way, does anyone have a spare copy of the school's blueprints?

Don't you have a test to complete, Ochako?

Sure here's a link,

Sometimes you let the nazi's sink a few civilian ships so that they don't know you've cracked Enigma.

I wonder if Deku will try to extend his friend list with Kemii and other side characters.
I want my boy to be a super popular hero.


That would require hori to give a shit about characters that aren't Baku, Ochako, Shouto, and Tenya

Yeah this is spy 101, preserve cover first.

And the rescue mission was a terrible fucking idea to begin with.

Hmm. You know, if the traitor WAS part of Class A - and thus, unable to tell the villains about the tracker - then they'd probably at least discourage their "friends" from going, right?

I mean, objective reality that the mission was a bad idea aside...

What's the deal with Jirou's quirk?

Like, she has giant speakers in her shins? And they're fine if they get wet?

Why does she need to plug her ear dangle cords into her shins to make it work? Why doesn't she just leave them plugged in (e.g. strap the ear cords to her body so they're not dangling all over the place)? It'd stop situations where a villain corners her before she can plug in (like what happened during the invasion).

And all it does is amplify her heartbeat? Does that mean when she's scared (and has a higher heartrate) it gets stronger?

And how did she plug herself into the wall during the training exercise? Can she plug into anything?

The shin thing is part of her suit iirc.

>I mean, objective reality that the mission was a bad idea aside...

Pretty big thing to put aside


>electric shocks
the doujins write themselves!

Unfortunately for you everyone knows that if it's a manga with lots of kink potential then doujin artists will go out of their way to draw the same 3 girls and have them never use their powers.

Does Tsuyu have human organs or frog organs?

you never paid attention in biology did you

Doesn't Mina use her acid in multiple doujins?
Literally built for sex and best girl.

>acid in multiple doujins?
What kind of fetish involves acid?



>inb4 everyone is the traitor

>"I'm the traitor."
>"No, I'm the traitor!"
>"You can't be the traitor i was the one who did x!"
>"Y-you did x to?! wait did everyone do X?!"
>yes i did X
>"Wait we're all traitors?! how does that even work?"
And so it was reveled everyone betrayed everyone by doing the exact same thing.

Then it turns out the villains were also all traitors and we are back where we started.

It'd be more comical they'd be overwhelmed and started to think UA is doing false info spam and ignoring it, but it's literally everyone being a traitor
>"What the fuck is going on over there? why do we have everyone sending us the same fucking info?!"
>"Obviously it's false info, like EVERYONE at UA is a traitor.. that shit doesn't even makes sense."

Shouji, Sugarman or Sadrock end being noumus.

The toes are exactly the problem to begin with. It makes me doubt it's a leg.

Don't know, but basically I don't trust any of the 3 since whenever moon readers come in it's always blasting one of them practically in alternating fashion.

But in this case, it's more of a matter of people believing Viz is better just cause it's official. If it were another series, it might be the case depending but MHA specifically has been pretty bad for Viz. Like how do you even mess up in the first chapter?

Then again after believing berserkfags who claimed dark horse scans was the shit only to find out there were at least a dozen fuck ups every volume (mostly thanks to how they messed up addressing titles which is ironic cause it's western fantasy) I refuse to blindly believe in licensed translations just cause of a stupid name brand.

It's more like a chapter by chapter basis these days. If feeling autistic, line by line.

He just needed to calm down and take a break first, they literally address this right afterwards when they lose. What happens when Furuya fucks up? They stick with him, take like 5 time outs and shit, you name it. What happens with Sawamura? Oh take time out, try again, take time out, okay you fucked up bye now.

It's literally why Sawamura was so god damn mad when they lost against Amahisa's team. Because Furuya didn't get pulled even after fucking up for more than double the pitches than Sawamura. Just count yourself how many runs each pitcher allowed. Sawamura has the best record by far.

Would you a Noumu?

that's asking if you'd fuck a retarded monster

Could I get one with tentacles?

I would a transforming noumu.


1. speakers are part of her quirk
2.Her earplugs can go into things to hear sounds. Idk how that works exactly but it just does.

also she improved her use by adding stereos to her wrists to that she can be more useful in battle.

You will never have Jiro's Erotic Jacks "sounding" your urethra.

Those jacks can seemingly plug into everything and can both receive and generate sound waves. The latter allows her to shatter objects by resonance.

Her leg speakers allow her to aim her sound waves at a specific direction while the wrist gears allow her to amplify the effect area when she jacks into something

Wait, so she can plug into ANYTHING and pump sound into it? And use that to destroy the object from the inside?

Can she plug into a human and disintegrate their internal organs with vibration?

She could, but she's no villain.

most likely yeah but she's a hero so she won't do shit like that

how does toga's quirk work?
besides making my dick diamonds

Why is every girl (except Jirou) so thick?

I mean I like it, and I know it's more realistic (and not really "thick"), but it's kinda surprising when you compare it with typical manga character design.

Just the way the guy draws, and in only one case did he think to make an effort to scale it back.

Horikoshi made me hate same-face series.

I wonder how Jirou feels about the new iPhone.

Where did this "Ochako is the Traitor" meme come from

most likely restructures her body/dna, to match whoever she has a sample of

also perhaps powers


she's an audiophile obviously, I doubt she uses Apple products

probably not a fast transfer, but undetectable

At least it'll keep her earlobes intact. The new Android is basically a ticking timebomb

its the lack of hips
maybe because they are still in puberty or whatever

I don't know, but like Kaminari the idea that she's hiding part of her power would make sense. I mean Ochako's power is to negate gravity, but she does some things with it that don't make sense like moving incredibly heavy objects when inertia would still make that incredibly difficult, and make things float up or stay in place based on no apparent criteria(given reason for things to float has to do with the earth's spin though buoyancy would make more sense), and it would make more sense from a scientific standpoint if her power manipulated the mass of an object rather than gravity.

>The new Android
That's not how it works. Android phones aren't iphones m8.

Sure, just like Deku could rip someone's arms off or Bakugou could pulp someone's skull or Uraraka could hurl someone into the air and let them fall to their death.

>The new Android is basically a ticking timebomb
The new Samsung Galaxy Note7? Yea but the problem with that thing sounds absurd, as the given reason is that a manufacturing error causes the anode and cathode to touch inside the battery. Which is like the very first thing that your battery should never do on it's own.


Why is she always forgotten when talking about girls?

Because it's not fair to the other girls to bring up best girl.

Because she was supposed to be a boy.

I can show you the whey
Shining, shimmering splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide!
I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over sideways and under
On a magic carpet ride
A whole new whey
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we're only dreaming
A whole new whey
A dazzling place I never knew
But when I'm way up here
It's crystal clear
That now I'm in a whole new whey with you
Now I'm in a whole new whey with you

But Camie or Toga could've filled that spot already.

doesn't she vomit rainbows though
or was that just an anime thing? Haven't read that chapter since it came out

Villain chapter fucking when? I miss her already.

She looks so much better with her hair down in that pic.

Yep. I like this one too.

This makes me think it was one of the three who were still unconscious.

Except only invisitits and dfc were gassed.

So was frog

I meant would she hate the new iPhone cause of the new earjack shit. Which brings the question will/can she change her jacks to fit any audio jack thing?

You know, it's possible that Endeavor is the traitor. I know he doesn't really work for the school per say, but someone as big as him could bribe/hire someone to learn about the school plans from the inside, or one of the teachers was/is a former employee of his.

>But why?

Simple really: To make his son stronger by having him fight villains in actual combat, and everyone else involved be damned. He seems petty enough to do it possibly.

But user, I could have sworn making things weightless was her power.



Catwoman is hardly a nemesis aside from her first few stories.

Nah that would make the new guy who is butthurt at Endeavor seem totally justified.

The traitor has to be someone the audience likes, or else it doesn't matter

You mean Black Cat

Isn't that the twist of Total Recall?

What if we're the traitor?


Breaking the fourth wall, the villain Mindreader found out that AllMight had transfered his powers to young kid and told it to AfO. It could work.

what gives todomomo more substance than something like Bakushima

Which ever. I do not care about Spidercuck.

It stings.
But it makes me wonder a little about if he'll change the classes going into the second year, or if we're going to have classes 2-A with a new teacher.


>Moonfish will never eat your flesh
Why even live?

Because its actually plausible.
You really think Jump will allow a gay couple between main characters?

>no deku x bakumom

>I love the traitor speculation as much as anyone but you guys fucking know it's gonna be a literally who
This, if there even is a traitor and it's not just a red herring.

I still have some doubts about police guy but how would he know about the summer camp?

kirishima isn't a main character. Neither is momo or todoroki

>You really think Jump will allow a gay couple

the ability to make any piece of clothing lewd

>Implying the traitor isn't Deku's dad

Don't you think it's too much of a coincidence that we never see him when they're fighting villians?

Or what if he is a dragon? The whole Hero thing shines a new color!

Imagine if Deku ends up being the one that kills All Might

>An ancillary student from 1-A dies (anyone besides Bakugou and the girls)
I mark Kirishima for death flags personally

Hmmm, any thoughts about what happens if AFO and OFA converge?

deku is the traitor calling it now

Your reaching. She's just a general middle class child who has hardworking parents. She wants to work so they dont have to. That's pretty much the motive of any non rich person with non shit parents.




> school girl

It happens.

Ogga booga

Where can I get the latest chapter?

Inb4 no one is the traitor and someone was just tagged by some sort of bugging quirk

>Where can I get the latest chapter?
The internets.

I don't understand why people think she will be. I don't believe there have been any hints to her being the villain at all.

Logically it's going to be one of the 1-A boys we couldn't see asleep at the training camp. There was one bed which was clearly empty as if they had gotten up. That same night, the villains teleport there. Seems unlikely to be a coincidence. And all the girls were in bed. You could even see the invisible butt resting on the mattress.

>I don't believe there have been any hints to her being the villain at all.
That's just what they want you to think.

There is no traitor. The villains always know the location of the students because of Deku's real quirk, to attract hot heads. Everywhere he goes someone crazy or villain like appears.
>Goes to school, giant villain starts a rampage
>Goes home, sludge villain attacks him
>Is at USJ in UA, villains attack
>Wants to go to the rest room in the stadium, Endeavor finds him
>Takes the train with Gran Torino, a Noumu throws a hero into that train
>Survived against Stain, a flying Noumu tries to take him away
>Goes to a summer school camp, villains attack
>Spends a few minutes at Kouta's secret place, the next day Muscleman finds that place
>Finds Ochako and Tsuyu in the forest, Compress finds them too
>Is at the Noumu storage, All For One appears there
>Takes the hero exam in huge as fuck testing location, the weird Slimegirl can still find him there even after vibration boy started an earthquake and destroyed everything

That would be pretty sexy although it won't happen in a manga like this.

That's just what a traitor would say.

Evil Ochako is so hot.

>Deku's real quirk, to attract hot heads.

Prove it.

When will she get her time to shine, boys?


Never and that is a good thing.

I was thinking this might be it when the other lightning user grabbed kaminari but if he got jailed then maybe not.

But how did the villains find out about the training at USJ, though? That's when I suspected someone leaked info. That, or Black Mist managed to warp in and find the lesson plans for the USJ exercise. Not sure how he would have known where to look, though.


Well there's still that theory of blackmist/all mights cop friend being the traitor what with wearing the same tie. I believe the theory was debunked though cause of being at two different places at the same time but Dabis existence might make that work. Could be that cop is the traitor since when the school got overrun with reporters and the cops came in he could have stolen the schedule while trying to get rid of reporters.

Almost certainly not.

I believe you'll find the Principal is the "Mole"

So I dont post in this general ever but was Bakugou able to tell that Midoriya has AM's power?

Is this how he's going to express his butthurt.
>hurr Deku, you didnt win the genetic lottery. Your powers dont count.

he just repeated the exact words deku told him, he might have a hunch about his relationship with all might but l don't get why retarded retards went "omg kacchan knows!!" after that scene, of course he knows midoriya fucking told him

Sauce? Image search gives nothing.

tfw there's a hero academia thread on Cred Forums

>speed reading

in the near beginning deku himself told him he got some borrowed power. Bakugou put it aside as something stupid but it started making sense when he noticed deku and all mights relationship


I know but Deku never said anything about AM and Bakugou already suspects they have some sort of relationship as of the rescue arc.

That's not how it works. Her gadgets just amplify the sound of her heart rate to a stupid amount making it audible and destructive (kinda like an LRAD but even more metal). Just jamming her earlobes to something won't do shit beside helping her hearing the sound that bounces over that certain object (like what she did in the first team exercise with the walls).

I recommend not speedreading next time.

I completely forgot about that. My bad user.

Better to get it over with.

Because they're always together and he always talks to him privately. Not to mention their powers of super strength are similar.

Can someone explain to me why all this traitor speculation started?

Last Christmas it Awakened.

I dunno, she got to be kinda cool during the test so far.


We don't have time to talk about Mexican dishes user..

I don't believe you.

All she would need is ridiculous anime agility extreme speed.
>quick steps in your range
>touches you with the palm of her hand
>Omae Wa Mo Shindeiru.jpg
>you have no idea what just happened or what's coming to you
>the next thing you know, you find yourself drifting in space, struggling for oxygen
>you see a blue mass with some green and brown spots on it
>you realize you've been launched into space like freaking Cars in Battle Tendency
>you stopped thinking...

Oh shit, now that's some fearsome power twist, right there, just reminded me of what she did to that throw ball in one exercise first day class episode.
Pack up your shit Deku, looks like you're going on a sweet, light vacation to the moon.

I hear the Moon is lovely this time of year.

For her, it's symbolic romantic poetry kind of punishment.

All Might can breath in space.

I don't see him managing that so well after the nerf.
Just imagine him coughing blood like crazy, while trying to keep the buff body up.

Also, I highly doubt that Deku has anywhere near that level of mastery over the All for One to pull that off.

A quirk honed through generations of users and a quirk that steals other's quirk. Maybe something that can steal and enhance the quirk, like Bakugo's explosives can go to nuclear tier explosions.

Girl noumu when?

How do you know one of them isn't one?

Then they fuck.

In front of Uravity.

With Kemi's face flushed in extasy.

>implying Ragdoll isn't one already
>one day she'll transform while out with her team
>afo will go "activate it"
>her team is forced to kill her because she turned in public


Crack theory time.
Bird is the traitor. He isn't seen fighting off villains at USJ. Additionally the villains wanted to take him with them. They could have just been retrieving him. Also, he could have let dark shadow loose on purpose that time.

The manga any good? I at least enjoyed the anime.

What about Kirishima almost dying and being saved by Bakugou to reinforce that he really does want to be a hero and help people even if he's an angry cunt about it

>its basically just the plot of Ace of Diamond so far.
I have no problems with this. Sawa-chan will eventually overtake the monster.

Yes user. Go read it before you spoil yourself here.

It's more that I think it needs to be shown that he has emotions that aren't shared with some degree of anger/frustration.

Also because his default personality is surly/intense/angry- he was pissed at Deku but still rational during the battle trial. Same all the other times he was really mad. Afterward he tears up but even that was angry.

Like, we never see the dude genuinely happy, or sad, or actual legit irrationally-angry despite his default attitude.

Tsuyu's whole thing is her poker face and rationality under pressure and we literally get part of a chapter to show her crying because she was so sad. An ancillary character has had more of a window into their psyche shown than the deuteragonist.

this has been used multiple times now to describe bakugo but l don't see how it's accurate, how is he the second most important character in the narrative above all might

But it's fucking DELICIOUS

But, user, Bakugou does not have anger issues because he's always angry

What is her quirk lads?

My Hero Academia Illegals

Making my dick diamonds

She was probably punk as fuck in high school.

Alright, familia.
Truth be told, I already caught up, I just wanted to see a reply to see how it fares on Cred Forums.

>Boner manipulation
Is that the reason why Bakugou is always so angry?

I want more Tsuyu. At least he gives us a little here, and there. I'm glad she'll be with Deku just to fuel her relevance for more fanart. Even if it is ship baiting.

I meant to comment in the fiesta OVA.

The one good thing to come from ship baiting is goading fans into making more fanart and lewds of that pair.

>not Deku kill some human being because he use too much power

user if you don't have anything relevant to post don't do it, Birdbro btfo'd the teeth guy


>Akeemi-chan is back on tumblr now

For the love of god, tumblrinas, dont turn her into a fujo

All right, I don't understand that ship, but that pic's pretty cute

>yfw you and Akeemi-chan are from the same country

Nigga that's kawaii as fuck.

What's not to get? Tsuyu is cute and Deku is the self-insert. Also they had a few cute moments well one cute moment.

Fuck Hori for giving her that shitty Gero Gero sound. It's worse hearing the dubs go "ribbit ribbit"

I personally hear it in my head as actual frog sounds.

You have earblind or you watched Sgt. Keroro.

when Tsuyu is kidnapped and transformed


Some part of me wants to see Deku develop a habit of putting the hood on when things get serious.

I'm 80% sure he's gonna ditch eventually, but I really want to see him wear it

villains are cooler then heroes.
prove me wrong.


spinner's sword is fucking badass, and he's like a lizard ninja
try again

go to bed, spinner.

A bootleg of a bootleg ninja turtle

I find it adorable.

Spinner is actually cool. I like seeing more monster themed villains. I hope Hori creates more like him, pony and Birdbro.

Jesus christ even for Hori that's too brutal
please no


Pic related but with Bakugou, his mom and Deku when?

i feel the same way, kirishima seems killeable, or something really bad is going to happen to him in the future

>Spinner is actually cool.

He's a fanatic. He's an obnoxious deku.

>thinking deku is going to end up with anyone other than kacchan

bakugou is

what about the time when they rescued him?



Got you covered fampai

Bakugou can't help that his eyebrows are permanently sloped at 80 degrees.

>The manga any good?

ah, best girl

how is the Main school supposed to be the best, when shiketsu is teaching them all these techniques unrelated to quirks? Main school hasnt taught them shit

Momo's momos are truly great aren't they?

Really points out how small froppi is
Hope she has a growth spurt

Well they are freshmen and shiketsu and everyone else are 2nd and 3rd years. It can also be a different ideology considering shiketsu looks more military/police than heros

I know. Froppy is literally perfect.

Small girls are cute though
Makes me want to cuddle with them

If you want to do it american comic book style, have it revealed that Dark Shadow had a personality on his own and can take over Tokoyami when asleep. Dark Shadow always wants to be his own person, and secretly contact the Villains for a deal.

When the gig is up, Class A fight against it, and ends up winning it, rendering Tokoyami unable to fit UA again with just a bird head for a quirk. This prompts him to leave the Hero Program, and either stays in General Education, or dropping out

Cue 1 Arc later, when it was revealed that Tokoyami had been replaced with Dark Shadow all along after it supposed defeat. Tokoyami/Dark Shadow now had a different set of superpower and wreck shit as part of the villain team. In the end, when things go really sour, the real Tokoyami struggle for control and decimate himself to safe his friend.

But thats not all, as it was revealed again that the spirit of Dark Shadow left Tokoyami body at the last second before his sacrifice and now return in shape of an evil baby with additional superpower. He also joins the villain team. The kids had been led to believe that Tokoyami sacrifice had been vain, only to see that Tokoyami himself had reincarnated into another body as well. These two vessel of both Tokoyami and Dark Shadow then duke it out for the last time

But that is not all, as when the ashes of the final blow was dealt, Dark Shadow understand all along the meaning of life and merge together again with Tokoyami. Tokoyami gain back his original quirk with extra powers.

Then Tokoyami was suddenly sidelined or killed in a random throwaway panel on the next arc, but was retconnected to Dark Shadow faking it andtakes control again after fan backlash, who had tricked everyone by pretending to be good

In the end, it was revealed that Dark Shadow was a fallen angel, and Tokoyami was a homunculus God created as its seal from its normal power. Angelic being called Tokoyamiel is then introduced to defeat it.

I don't see any deep dope(completely) on that page, brah.

What the fuck is up with this pictures perspective?

I dont get something, why does Deku original costume have bunny ears??

Because Oru Maito.

something something fucking speed readers something something

>deku and uravity duke it out in city-shattering fights by day
>izuku and ochako help their children do homework by night

just reading that link made me burst out in laughter

Sounds like a plot device for an Incredible 2 movie.

stupid sexy frog


I see you everywhere nigga

This may be an odd request. Would any of you kind anons have a collection of references for drawing Tsuyu, and/or Bakugou? Or even know where I could go to find some?


I only got this

An actual good fightan game when?

What did they mean by this? Any tlfag around?

Good animes get shitty games and good games get shitty animes. That is the law of equivalent exchange.

Supposedly a character fanart contest. Is that from this week's Jump?

Nah, got it from pixiv.

What can i say
I have a lot if interests

Like literally everywhere. Pretty sure you even drew /mlp/-tan once.

Thank you, these are in higher resolution.

The one on the left is for hero fan art.
The one on the right is for a new hero submission.

Given that its for Hero Academia and the other spin off series, its no guarantee that the new hero idea will appear in Hero Academia.
but one can dream

Google translate for contest details. Time to put those drawing skills to the test!

They first need to go on that date and Kemi has to steal a kiss from Deku.

This thread, and the manga, needs a ton more Sugar Man

Can you give me a tl;dr version, please,
Also, can we filthy gaijins enter as well?

Some Bakugou ref from manga/anime:

Tsuyu's posture is terrible.

She's a fucking frog, man, she's gotta be ready to hop at a moments notice

Looks like anyone, anywhere can enter as long as you submit your work with the official fanart contest tag

The reward for winning any one of the seven fanart category is something (not sure what) signed by Horikoshi himself

>he reward for winning any one of the seven fanart category is something (not sure what) signed by Horikoshi himself
>He writes you nudes of your favorite girl

I love the dread in their faces as the reality of the situation sinks in.

Contest: Oct 3- Nov 7
Post work on pixiv under ヒロアカコンテストファンアート tag (Character Fanart) or ヒロアカコンテストNEWヒーロー tag (Original Character: Student/Professional/Villain) depending on the section you want to enter.
You can search those terms on pixiv to make sure you have the right tag.
A4 Size, 350 dpi, You can submit multiple entries.

That’s the gist.

Thanks user

>>The reward for winning is Horikoshi's stash of sexy drawing practices



wait....if thats all there is to her she walking around naked?


look at the new guy

How new are you?

She sure is a flasher

Fuck off


I'd rather have him slowly regain his mind with his friends' help after being defeated and re-enter the story as an absolute beast.

She's definitely lower middle class, though. You don't get that good at saving money by a comfortably-off upbringing.

We're getting early spoilers this week, right? So, tomorrow?


>a heroic noumu
fund it

Delete this.

No, her power to know all information of the last 100 (?) People she laid eyes on. Regardless of location.

I still wish she wasn't blonde I don't know why but before i saw her colored i thought she had pink hair

I want to hug Deku.

>That's pretty much the motive of any non rich person with non shit parents.
In nations with no pension system, maybe. Then again, my parents were shit, and I don't know anyone with non-shit parents who didn't die young, so maybe you're right.

Slut, at-least hold hands first.

By the way... connection?

T-That's lewd!

She can't be that old, that probably took place even before Toshinori was born

How would you like your Momo?



How would everyone react if Ochako was the traitor?


confused because the league of villains don't seem like they have money

Deku would cry.

Bakugou would play it off like he could care less but actually be SUPER FUCKING PISSED about it.

Lida would be confused

Oh and Stain would look confusing at his "murder fake hero lists", unsure if a traitor counted as a "Fake Hero" or "A villain who was faking being a hero"

It's Iida, you idiot.

>>Oh and Stain would look confusing at his "murder fake hero lists", unsure if a traitor counted as a "Fake Hero" or "A villain who was faking being a hero"
>"I can't believe i didn't address the possibility of ACTUAL fake heroes and not wannabes..."
>"Oh well if this helps my agenda i guess i won't kill her."

TFW ur so obsessed with killing figurative posers u forget to kill literal posers

I kinda want Ochako traitor just so we could have the obligatory Bakugou vs Ochako rematch, but this time actually rooting for Bakugou and then getting destroyed when he's stomped

>"I've been pretending to be retar-weak for ten volumes"


Fuck off

Only an absolute madman would do that

>mfw the hints were all there, but I was just enjoying the ride

She's a really bad example of a traitor, in the end it was just an excuse to introduce koro's backstory.

TFW ur fake-out assassination attempt is DUDE PUDDING LMAO and no one even suspects a thing

This. It was largely pointless and poorly foreshadowed

Her keikaku and the reveal was great, but it's Assassination Classroom so the story was never really going to change

TFW ur real assassination attempt is poorly planned and executed and you end up wasting a year of your life

>largely pointless
>poorly foreshadowed
Couldn't be more wrong the hints were everywhere

Just the hints for Pikachu and Ochako are everywhere but you're get salty if either happen

>You will never patch up Momo after a fight

>Couldn't be more wrong the hints were everywhere
>Oh she likes sweets!
>Several chapter later
>Oh she's a tentacle monster out for revenge for his sister


Sweets, inability to swim, outright telling her friends "I don't show my true blades to anyone, not even my friends", and of course, adverting her gaze when Shiro says "HM THERE'S A MONSTER IN THIS CLASS"

Oh and the tentacles themselves appearing in countless panels

>Nagisa has not destroyed this pussy yet
Come on my nigga.

uhm hello japan? please draw more bakumom thanks

right right arigato muthafucka

fug u and fug scott pilgrim

He's busy getting his pussy destroyed by Karma. When did this turn into assclass general?



Uber qt.


i have a MIGHTY need

I hope Izuki takes on a REAL hero name sometime

he won't it has too much of a meaning for him.
We need more people to make fun of eraser head's name

It's more well thought out than just slapping together an adjective + noun name. At the same time all the A-list heroes in western comics use pretty simple names, so maybe simple is better. On the other hand it could mean their names really do suck and it has just become good because they brought glory to those names. In that case your hero name ultimately isn't too important.

Might have been alright if it was just a psychological thriller or just nonstop yuno hijinx, but the survival game and yuno's nonstop mary sue bullshit killed it for me.

Well, "Deku" sounds like what it is, a nickname. Whereas ALL MIGHT instantly makes you think it's the name of someone strong. I couldn't take someone called Deku seriously as the symbol of peace. It'd be like if the symbol of peace was named Jimmy

>mary sue bullshit

It's overlooked but Yuno is from another universe and killed her her main universe counterpart, even though we look at her as the main Yuno. She had some prior knowledge to everything they were going to face.

>It'd be like if the symbol of peace was named Jimmy

It's hardly an excuse to post this, but I'll take it. Enjoy your nostalgia.

>none of the other female students will get a chance to show as much guts as Ochako did

I guess enough people get the reference. Either that or they're too scared of Scarf Batman to mock him.

>implying Momo wasn't gutsy when she decided to go save class B with just Awase and her poop

That was gutsy, but it's not the same kind of gutsy. Shonen girls very rarely get beaten up to show their determination and toughness in the same way male characters are, Ochako's sport festival fight with Bakugou is the only example I can think of.

Well it depends on the persons actions. It could lead them to be called Jimmy or JIMMY

he still needs to be reminded on a daily basis how shitty that name is.

Gracious, these will help loads.


People probably make Eraserhead references at him all the time and he just. stares at them because he's never heard of the film in his life much less watched it

"that guy jimmy" or "THE jimmy".

Anyone else think Kurogiri is best villain? He's so calm and composed compared to his ward and all the others. He's the only one that has his shit together, I think. He's an adult, right?