It's Tomoko Saturday!

It's Tomoko Saturday!
Pay your tributes to the perfect godess, now with a hat included. She wanted a hat too.

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I also got some nice trips for Tomoko along with a decent hat placement.

Ok, I will watch watamote. Do I go with the original or the OVA?

Sometimes all I can think about is Tomoko.

Best girl.

The OVA is Episode 13.

Watch the series and then the OVA.

Glad I am not the only one.


Tomoko a cute

I really like this image.

Will she ever try to smoke again after this?

"Oh hey Tomoko I was just thinking about you."

Probably not, since her teacher overheard her bragging about it.

I want to smoke a cigarette with Tomoko after we've had sex.

Too lewd.

I'll even hold hands with her aswell.

Sorry I fall asleep.

Oh boy. Here we go again.

>Sorry I fell asleep.
Get your english right and post more unique images.



Like this?


I want to love her so much.

I want tomoko to experience true suffering


>Oh boohoo she got stabbed...
dunno why that made me giggle

I didn't see that.

yes you did



Does anybody has the full sized picture? Google isn't helping.
Meanwhile have some shitty OC.



I have look for more.

Here have a new one.




I know no one post this before.


>it's okay if we do something like this as long as we don't kiss
>yeah as long as don't kiss it's definitely not gay

Why does she look like yuu?

Is she really yuu?

where'd my Tomoko Thursday thread go?

It's gone m8

I want to cum inside Tomoko and take responsibility

I feel asleep sorry.

A lot people do.

Does tomoko go on this?


I fucking hate you ESL stop making so many Tomoko threads

No more Tomoko threads guys, you heard the sixts.

Fucking checked.


Wasted gets







Good morning Tomokomrades!

kek wills it


>It's Tomoko
W-Wait, today is not Tuesday…
Never mind

but everyday IS Tomoko day

Everyday is a Tomoko day.
It wasn't even ESLfag, I just wanted more pictures of Tomoko, and a picture of Tomoko with a party hat.
Every day, every board.

Wait, I don't remember seeing this. What episode was this from?


4th episode. When she is jelous because she has never been harrased.
I literatly post that image every thread even if I try not to.


what if tomoko had powers?

She already has one, but it's not very handy.
Social anxiety.

So does that mean we all have powers?

You forgot about tomoko mind break people to.



Can someone post that chapter.


just go to world three


When we all have powers, no one does.

What chapter did tomoko mind break her I'll post it.

Fuck. My dick hurts.

You shouldn't say that now artist gonna ask for a dick pic from you.

>me off screen

What type of person is the artist ?


I didn't make the thread last time I made a thread on 23.


>tfw every day is Tomoday
>tfw every day is Halloween

Why hide it?

Why fight it?

Hurt feelings...

Best to stop feeling hurt...

From denials, reprisals...

It's the same, it's the same in the whole wide world...


Tomoko not dead new chapter is on 10/6.

She knows user.


She knows user.

Why do you hate me. you know I didn't make this thread.

It me ESL-KUN Op no more tomoko thread to Wednesday ok.

this make me sad

Of course yes.


Now everyone hate me.

Woah man, deep.
Has Tomoko done something on Halloween? I know nips do celebrate it, but I haven't finished the manga yet.

Yes in middle school with yuu.

Would you smash?


Tomoko pls stop.



She LOVES big, black bananas though.


kys faggot, she isn't a fucking degenerate you dumb nigger.

This makes me sad but it's that good type of sadness you know?


There's no better way to love a Tomoko than helping her without thinking much about her at all.

Best ship.

I would break down crying so much if this happen.

How did she die?

She got Pet Sematary'd.

Wait...why is she allowing tomoko, whom she knows as molester, piggyback on her back? Look at her, she is feeling her up and rubbing on her.

I get that Tomoko was tired (injuried) in that issue but that's not something delinquent girl would do. Plothole!

But of course I'd bring her back. Who wouldn't his waifu?

She's naive, but strong and dutiful. She's Tomoko's modern day samurai. Sensei's advise must be followed.

Tomoko look cute.


impossible, dr Madaraki brings back only moe girls

>Tomoko isn't moe enough for him
Is this moe enough for you?

What manga is this ?

Franken Fran, the MC (Fran) is dressed like

Would tomoko be same person ?

How good is it ?

Look like everyone sleeping again.



I don't sleep




it's good if you can handle a bit of gore

I'll check it out.

I did that today.


She look little bit like tomoko.

>Tomoko will never inform you of her need to take a huge dump

I love her so much I can't stop crying.

is tomoko for lewd?


Holy crap! This mokocchi is so hot.

2D, yes.
3D Tomokos are all either dykes or asexual.






The demon is back.

Tomoko onee chan tadaima~

But what if I have an better godness, and the actual queen of Cred Forums

Umarufags please stop.

Sometimes I just stop breathing because I want to.

But then I take a breath because I remember Tomoko. My reason to live.

Just go away
Don't come back here again

I bet another umaru thread died like a shit again.

Actually I just came to troll you guys.
Mainly just a bad effort to shit on the umarufags, just to see if there was any of them hiding in this thread

So what would push Tomoko over the edge to kill herself?

Getting a boyfriend, but only to find out that he used her to prove how easy it would be for the guy to get a girlfriend.

This thing.

That not gonna happen because of tomoki.

Tomoko mom or dad dying or yuu was tomoko friend all this time.

Why this bs back back again this is the 3th time.

Nothing gonna happen to Cred Forums just stop.

Yeah, had she been able to escape her social anxiety behaviors since she was younger, she would have been asked out already around the same time Yuu was.

Are implying he is still a siscon?


Getting a job.

She already did that. She just quit.

remember that article demonizing watamote because it "makes fun of people with anxiety"

and conveniently forgot that tomoko is a giant judgmental hypocritical bitch whose entire motivation boils down to "ree normies"

No kidding I'd like it if it ends with a final arc where Tomoko is seriously pondering suicide or something. Then her friends like Yuu, the Delinquent Girl, Glasses and even Tomoki all try to make her feel better and she realizes she does have friends, they're all just trash.

>a giant judgmental hypocritical
people woth anxiety are like this

maybe all the ones you've met?

I'm like that.



> tomoko is a giant judgmental hypocritical bitch

Stop putting down tomoko she never did anything to anyone.

not directly, know
but one of her biggest complaints is that people won't try to get to know her when she does the exact same thing to literally everyone else and instead acts off her prceconceived notions

point i'm making is she's hardly innocent

it is kind of true, though. You dont have to do something to anyone to be judgemental and hypocritical.
Buit after all, thats something what makes her character so interesting. Imperfections are great in a character study like this. It is also a good satire on other slice of life stories.

EVERYONE is a judgemental and hypocritical sometimes.

I'm not.

> Imperfections are great in a character study like this. It is also a good satire on other slice of life stories.

I really want a season 2 bad .

I'm beginning to think that these boards are Cred Forums 's way to get their honest feelings out of their own lifes.

Excellent get.

How much would you pay?

>tomoko is a giant judgmental hypocritical bitch whose entire motivation boils down to "ree normies"
/r9k/ as anime girl

More like me as an anime girl.

I'd rather not think about it.

What did they mean by this?

If I was rich I pay 10 million to fund it but right now I pay $5000 .

Blue eyes is best eyes.

That would be attractive for someone I'm sure.
She should have generic brown eyes.

That is actually rather impressive.

Tomoko should wear hats more often.


That tomoko real eye color.

True of everyone.


What about the other one?


She's a cyclops!

I didn't know about this if got the manga in Japanese when it first came out Original tomoko eyes was blue.

The new actress is better.

Asexual is a thing nerdy girls say to scare off the beta males

I like tomoko with green eyes more.

We should try brown eyes.

green look the best on tomoko.

Here you go.

We should try dark brown eyes.

poo eyes


cool eyes you mean

Maybe artist has green eyes.


Still looks bad though.

How about purple eyes?

Let's try red eyes.

Vampire mode.


well, maybe sometimes yeah. but not as the default attitude

Me too. Is there any chance left that this will ever happen?

oh no


They should do a show like that.


Tomoko stop looking at my post.

That's my default attitude.

How well is Watamote doing in Japan?

So this is your fault.

>she jerks off to her own threads
How narcissistic of her.

It more Japanese fan of Watamote now .

> she jerks off to people posting I love you tomoko.

She look at my post ......

There are no fans anywhere.

nico tanigawa twitter.

>Tomoko has a fetish for text
How naughty!

>implying Tomoko doesn't create these threads in the hopes of anons lewdposting and fapping to her

Fine. One.

OK .

Noe on twitter.

Noe does a lot fan art of tomoko .

I think that was a joke.



I recently got a job.Now all I wan't is to come home from a long day and play video games with my Tomoko wife.


I hope you guys are buying the manga.

Obey Hypnotoad

I am. Fighting against my devaluated currency and all.

What si this from?

watamote anthology

You Chinese?

The Watamote anthology


Aim is off.

Did someone forgot to close the window are meme rats dead now?

So, what do you fags gain from keeping this shit thread alive?

Why not go to /c/ aka the dedicated waifu board instead of posting here on Cred Forums?

At this point what does it matter?


It more just waifu I want more people checkout this manga.

did she ever get some dick or what


>Cred Forums pass user
Thanks for letting me know to ignore your post.

she has a gf

They're just good friends.

Tomoko not gay stop that /u/.

K-ON is better than watermote

Anybody and everyone that ever wanted to check out the manga already did, in 2012, you're all just clinging to the remains of a fad.


Nice shitpost.

I'll take !hawk and her nonsense over what these threads became.



That's on the scale 0 to 6 right?

>K-ON is better than watermote

anime flopped though, easy to beat shit simply by not flopping.

> K-ON is better than watermote

K-ON ended long time ago

Of course it is.

I want to cum inside of Tomoko and watch my cum leaking out while she massage her belly telling me "you became a father"

Tomokos the type to die during child birth




Not the manga .

Is anyone else turned on by this?

>Cred Forums - Anime & Manga

No but I am turned on by and so I guess it isn't much better.

You prefer mangos?

No one post anything about K-on in months.

Watamote is a manga focues series.

Did you say hawk

I wanna fug tomoko and put a baby inside her womb






kii is legit scary

Kii-Chan watch tomoko sleep .

Ideal ending for Watamote: Tomoko ends up becoming a teacher, grows close with a male younger student who reminds her of her old self, they begin a lewd relationship.

I like see that.

checked niggah

>grows close with a male younger student who reminds her of her old self

This is a bad ending.

Tomoko x boy only acceptable if boy is Tomoki.
Either yuri end or spinster end otherwise.

> younger student who reminds her of her old self,

Tomoko meet a first year become friends with him.



>When she finds my Tomoko Lewds folder

Would you get into a kinky, secret relationship with your homeroom sensei Tomoko if you where one of her students?

moar gifs


Rape Tomoko.

I wanna fug her sexy friend.


meeting ESL-kun

Komi a shit

I'm really nice person tomoko might really like me.

Tomoko hates spics and hues.

>Tomoko ends up becoming a teacher
yeah, no




that baby looks angry.

I see that to.


I like this one.

I want to protect Tomoko.

We all do.

What do you think Yoshida would look like?

Like that .

How are you tonight?

I felt like Tomoko some times while I was a kid, and a budding teenager. While I did not have the extreme anxiety she suffers from. I empathize with her. It is actually a good thing to empathize with the character, but not identify with her. Its not a good thing, and if you understand you have these same problem. Seeing this reflection should actually make you want to change yourself, and not cringe away from her. I actually know a few friends who don't like the anime because maybe they don't like her or the situation shes in. Maybe it hits to close to home for some who has those demons still.

>that's not a good thing

We know, faggot.

I was 16 when the anime was airing and began reading the manga and I loved specially because it hit so close to home and I identified with her. I thought that was the point.
I'm surprised people who weren't like that enjoy it, I wonder if I would like it as much if I were in that spot.

It is really kind of annoying tho. Everywhere watamote comes up, it is guaranteed to have comments like "this is LITERALLY my life as an anime"

Well the story's gimmick is being relatable so that is to be expected.

That is because it IS a fucking real thing.

Yeah, sure. Thats the main reason why it annoys me so much when people think it is special or weird to think of tomoko as relatable. Besides that, fucking nobody is literally like tomoko

>fucking nobody is literally like tomoko
KEK You sure about that?

> fucking nobody is literally like tomoko

I'm am. it creep me how much me and tomoko are a like.

Literally who?

That damn hamster cunt was the most pushed, and forced shitposting meme character in the last few years.

Why do you say that? Like, it doesn't make much sense when faggots say they're a lot like Light from DN or Kira from JoJo just because they hate the world or something. These are just self-inserting as smart menacing characters whose only vague relatable characteristic is seeing themselves as outsiders to society. But Tomoko is a very realistic depiction of someone with an actual condition who lives in real life with no kind of strange power and saying you're "literaly" like her doesn't sound very out there at all to me.

Tomoko mind break people.

Tomoko mind break one girl so hard she want tomoki dick so bad.

Tomoko is a fictional character who is going through character development. I like how her second year in school she is starting to find herself, and just not giving a shit. Shes being open minded to just expressing herself to total strangers, and her "friends".

> just not giving a shit.

EVERYONE should be like this.

This why I like tomoko .


Right, this is why I like Tomoko even more now. She is starting to not give a shit, and becoming a better person because of it. I wish I started going through the mentality early in life before graduating. I'm rooting for her to evolve and rise out from this stranglehold she has from her anxiety.

I went through that mentality in high school and all it did was make me more lonely.

I actually joined a sport to stop being a skinning manlet. It made me a least more approachable to other girls, but i still had the inferiority complex. I had no job, while I spent most of my free time drawing, and sculpting clay.

It just made me wish I just did not give a fuck, and just talk more. Even about stupid shit.

REMEMBER chapter 104 come out on 10/6.


fucking whore.

Just you.

But the idea of Tomoko bragging about getting a C-section scar is strangely appealing to me.

No one like you.

If tomoko hais a kid she need a C-section.


yeah, no you arent. you are exactly the type of special snowflake I am talking about

But she is still a fictional character. Nobody is literally like her.

She would acquire a taste for the flesh of her own species.

People would barely notice.


Why do you belive he isn't? You aren't him. And why would relating to Tomoko be a special snowflake thing to do, it's not like there aren't thousands of people like that or as if it's a good thing. No one that says they're like Tomoko actually like it, and the manga itself is about how she is unhappy about it.
>But she is still a fictional character. Nobody is literally like her.
Oh hurr durr no shit no one is literally a drawing on a piece of paper made by a japanese manga author, but you know vey well what people mean when they say that don't pretend you're retarded.


You're welcome?

>And why would relating to Tomoko be a special snowflake thing to do
it isnt. thats my point

But in the post I was replying to you just called that user an special snowflake because he related to Tomoko.

Is she the second best girl?

Yeah, because he probably thinks that is something special and because he insists on being "literally like tomoko" and how shocking the similarities are. Blah blah blah. Check out any fucking video on yt about her and you will find the exact same shit.

Also: the term "special snowflake" doesnt refer to somebody who really IS unique, btw


Hell no it not a good be like tomoko it a fucking nightmares stop with this special snowflake thing .

>"Yeah, because he probably thinks-"
>posts based on what he assumes people mean instead of what they type
Stopped there.

it was totally based on what he posted in reaction to my post and from the context.
I really dont know what point you are trying to make.

read the manga, im really liking the direction its taking. its no longer only a cringe comedy but a pretty good bildungsroman

Manga got really good it fuck up it no season 2.

And I don't know what you're trying to make.
You started by saying it's annoying when people say they relate to Tomoko as if it's something special because it's not. Then he said he relates to her and you called him a special snowflake, but when I said that's not a special snoflake thing to do you said you agree? And then you linked to the earlier post where you claimed relating to her was "the type of special snowflake I'm talking about"?
Then you said it's because he's probably doing it like it's unique or special even though we were talking about how most people that relate to her don't find themselves special and in fact don't like it.
What I got from you is that it's okay to relate to her, unless you feel unique about it?

time to get spooky

Only thing I said I'm like tomoko I didn't say it a good.

How did it take you make that?


it not my fault I'm so spooky.

Pretty much, yes. It is just annoying. People say this everywhere like it is some sort of achievement. The completely retarded misuse of "literally" serves as the cherry on top.

>"kill me"

>the conpletely retarded misuse of literally
As silly as it sounds, it's just a meme dude.


No tomoko thread to Wednesday OK everyone.

Mokocchi Monday
Tomoko Tuesday
Watamote Wednesday

Cred Forums gonna be OK.

Really should be one thread a week .

of course
I was joking.
Should also be less waifushit and more discussion about the subject

I know sorry about that.

I hope Cred Forums gonna be OK .


Thing is, blue and green eyes stick out, that's why they're canonically blue or green.
With these brown eyes, it blends too well into her eyebags.



I want a lazy edgelord gf like Mokocchi

>they're canonically blue or green
Isnt it just green?

She has an audio fetish?
I don't think I could get off to audio.


this is cute


REMEMBER you Headphones like tomoko

Why not reverse the gif after her butt goes up? Then it can go up and down smoothly.

Did it work?

Holy shit user, I stand corrected, I didn't know this was a thing.

Now see why tomoko does this.


aw shit. alright. thanks

Next chapter when?


A week.

It feel like someone blowing into my ear.

Tomoko one doing that.

You'll never hold hands and run with Tomoko in a date.

I want tomoko be my girlfriend.


How would you make her smile.

Is there anything like this but with just one grill sleepily murmuring to you

I would tickle tomoko.

I have to look.

That is a very good answer.

This OK ?

So, are you supposed to jack off to it or something?


It's a good substitute until she could get comfortable enough with you.

More, please.



God damn, thank you for these.


God girls are annoying.

Vol.10 a Cover.

>mindbreak on cover

I hope this sell will.

Will nico tanigawa talk about ESL-KUN in vol 10 ?

Les't try get 500 post.

I never seen that video before thank for post it.

>blue eyes

1th edition is blue eye tomoko.

What do you mean?

It was a joke .


A lot people like watamote it bs why didn't they buy the Blu-rays?

It only one episode that make you cry it nothing wrong will crying.

I promise you Cred Forums somehow I will get season 2 made .

she smells like baby powder and speed stick



>This is the closest to Tomoko I'll ever get

I really want get one .

Tomoko is good.

I never got to realize how comfy dakis are until I bought her.

Would it be wrong to sleep with another daki with Tomoko?

If it yuu.

Is this the best WataMote doujin?

Do you believe it stays true to the source material?

this a x the one homerun did when she goes to the love hotel with the guy and throws up on his dick are the best

No, the one on sadpanda with the url including 817077/2534ca6f0f is the most accurate.

No the ones one with tomoki.

Who will win Tomokibowl?

It guy from chapter 30.

Get one user, you won't regret it.


Tomoko doesn't have armpit hair .

She will after puberty.


I thought she already reached puberty

No don't ever post this it really fuck up.

Maybe she didn't.

3 more days to chapter 104.







Tomoko is a great person.

You have a pic of the whole thing?


I would hug tomoko make her feel better.


I hope everyone is OK.

"Don't worry Tomoko, I'll be here with you to help raise our child together."

I love tomoko

We all do.

Any most at 500

All meme rats are from Cred Forums all this time.


> Anybody and everyone that ever wanted to check out the manga already did, in 2012, you're all just clinging to the
remains of a fad.

A lot people stop reading manga long time ago I trying get people back into the manga right now.



Hello anyone?


I miss tomoko voice.

Here you go bro.

Do think Cred Forums be OK ?

Of course.

I hope so.


The other side is even more lewder so the side that's less lewder is the one I sleep with, I also have the one has they're both so comfy to sleep with.
I wanna get more,but I'm running out of room.

Post the other side m8

You got it.

>sleeping next to a permanently masturbating tomoko

It's amazing bro,don't knock til you try it.

I have get one.

They're chinese bootlegs,but ebay is the only place to find them.


I'll see you guys on 10/6



not making a Tomoko Tuesday thread since the new chapter is out this week. don't fuck up and make one before then ESL-kun

>When you cum inside her

Komi looks pretty good in red.

Thanks for keeping the thread up, aparently I got banned two days ago for calling someone a faggot.
Next thread this wendsday with the new chapter, right?

It was a joke.

>when she tells you about her pregnancy test

See you, Tomokomrades!

See you all in two days.