>cute girl appears out of nowhere and tries to help you become normal again

How much of a wish-fulfillment fantasy was NHK?

The cute part is the biggest fantasy.

NHK is my life, except the girl isn't cute and I'm paying her for it. It's called a psychiatrist. How old was the MC of that show, anyways? It's been a long time since I've watched it.

But the girl in the show isn't actually helping the guy, she's just as messed up as he is.

As I said: NHK is my life.

>Posts a picture of the novel.
>nobody in thread has read it.

You're saying your psychiatrist is not helping and is a messed up person?
Get a different psychiatrist.

dumb reddit poster

fuck off >>/r9k/

I liked the manga version the most because Misaki is really fucked up in there. Anime Misaki is wish-fulfillment. Manga Misaki is someone who you wouldn't want near you. Even then, the ending was pretty sweet, albeit rushed.
I think all versions of her are supposed to have borderline personality disorder, but in the anime all I saw was a shy and depressed girl. In the manga she fits the description down to a T.

He was 22-23.

I read it.
Though I just got here, so yeah, I wasn't in the thread when you posted that.

>23 years old NEET
>High School drop-out
There's no hope for me. I was destined to live on Cred Forums forever.

As much as the author intended it to be a fantasy of his own life.

What's stopping you fags from going back to high school and/or college?

Haven't read the manga, but the example you posted is retarded. That's not realisticly messed up, that's just cartoonish.

Isn't the entire point of the series that you have to choose to improve your own life, and that no one will help you?

Misaki was a hindrance to him on this point if anything.

I graduated both.

My life has lost all meaning.

If you want 100% realistic then read a book m8
Satou gets NTR'd too, isn't that great?

This, people who shove themselves on everything you do are the fucking worst.

>Cred Forums

that's the manga not the book.

>wish-fullfillment fantasy
I haven't watched NHK: the thread

ALL anime and manga is wish-fulfillment fantasy

> girl from anime club starts hanging out at my apartment
> says she's like Misaki and will change my hikikomori ways
> we even dated for a bit
> it didn't work

I bought it years ago, but never got around to reading it. Recently moved after having some troubles and took it out to read.

How is the translation? It was one of the few light novels that TokyoPop did, but I'm weary given their variable manga quality.

this, the author of the novel even admitted to milking this for all it's worth.

I think it was fine, but it's nothing like the anime or manga, just the heads up.