No Season 3

>No Season 3

Oh god, all that fanservice that we are missing

; __ ;

one of the funniest fanservice moments in all of anime

I feel your pain user

Finished s1 week ago. How is s2

A season 3 would only work, if it was completely Anime original and focused completely on Sena

Season 2 ending made me want Yozora to pull a school days on Kodaka. How can you even put up with the mc in this show?

It's even worse because it focuses on Sena.

Sena is best so idk what you're talking about

me on the right

Hes a deconstruction of harem MCs

I would actually support this minus the completely

It's not fair. Why are great characters always stuck in shitty series?

>No Season 3
That's a good thing, the story goes to complete shit right where S2 ends.

Is the only way it would work but that's not happening, just enjoy the two decent seasons we got and the massive amount of best girl merch and images we got.

dumb senafag

I donno man. Didn't season two end with the one bitch running away from home? it just felt like such a weird ending.

Probably because it wasn't an ending.

time to rewatch it. thanks for reminder


I want to fuck the religion out of the nun and make the chuuni watch and wait for her turn.

>A season 3 would only work, if it was completely Anime original and focused completely on Sena
>Is the only way it would work but that's not happening
Does the story shit the bed after the second season or what?

yeah, it just stopped and felt incomplete. its just a shitty way to end a season

>worst girl wins
What's the point?

More Kobato
More Maria

>those bunny girl figures


We need more girls being face squashed by tits

We need more Sena and Kobato doujins

These girls are made for dickings.

I'm actually surprised new Sena content is still being made.

Their entire existence is to be cute and get dicked.

So how retarded is the ending of this because i've its very retarded.

Kobato and Maria didn't win, so it's pretty retarded.

In all seriousness, it's retarded.

I want to lick her for hours on end~

How retarded? I wish to know the full extent of its retardedness.

And pray to god for it never happen, a third season would only bring the greatest shitstorm of our times.

The went went full retard anyway.
Reverse trap won for about a year or two because MC broke up with her when he graduated.
The only ones who won is Yozora and Sena for a /u/ end

Honestly as long as Yozora and Sena are happy then I'll be fine.

I just want more merchandise to buy.

Would you buy a full size doll (realistic internal bits are extra)? If so, which one(s)?

Really fucking retarded if you ask me.

I'm not, she was a massive meme girl.

Reminder that meat is all you need to be happy.

One order of meat please.

That'll be two gorillion yen.

>he doesn't know how it ends

Bullshit. Season 3 would only work if they stayed away from the source material. The ending would suck and it would be full of lackluster drama.

Remember when this series only focused on comedy?



I want to get her make lewd faces for me~


Now this is more like it.

Delete this immediately.

Eh? Nandatte?

Japan still can't make a good doll. But I would buy Yozora life-size figure.

Instead, why not post rest of the set, or something similar?

Take a shot every time he says that.

>all that fanservice that we are missing
None? Seeing how much they toned it done in season 2 from season 1, they wouldn't show anything if they made a new season

Come on now, you can't just turn 2 perfect girls into something less like that

You saw what Kate looks like, right? This outcome is inevitable.

I'm sorry, could you please repeat that.

She's still got a few more years of goodness left. Kobato hasn't grown since middle school, so she'll stay perfect forever.

Okay if we were to make a season 3, how would you make a satisfying ending?


Would you?

Just cut Yukimura buillshit and is okay.

Delete the current, shit ending, remove the gay drama and make it fun again.

Today i saw all the 12 eps from S1. and i count like 21 "What you say?" from that fag of MC.

But yeah the PLOT is good.

yozora commits suicide, kodaka is forever traumatized but marries sena who helps him get over it

I'd rather best girl.

Yeah I think if someone took that challenge they'd be dead the more I think about it.

I'd rather not die from alcohol poisoning.

Only winning girls are allowed to be posted ITT.

>pic related.

If the writer could actually write, this would have made for a very interesting story: exploring the pathetic.

As shit as Kodaka was, having a MC that was only pretending to be dense was actually kind of clever.

Made rewatching the series a whole lot more enjoyable.

Agreed. The show became pretty bad once it started taking itself seriously.


The dude just wants some friends. He didn't want love.

Left is canon, I would say that it doesn't even make justice on how hot Maria will be, but Kobato? Hahaha, here's a pic of adult Kobato.
Filename unchanged because that chapter was sad as fuck.

Is she taking a shit?

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I need some more info. did it already finished?
they're all "grown" productive members of society?

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I would dick her until her cervix was a bloody pulp.

I'd dick her down, adult or grade schooler

Sena is disgusting

>did it already finished?
>they're all "grown" productive members of society?
No, the pic in question is from a flashback chapter about how Hayato(first guy from left) and Airi(first girl from left) meet, got married,had Kodaka and Kobato and how Airi died. Pegasus breaking down was so fucking emotional, I cried.
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Fuck, I missed all the fun today.

what the fuck did I miss. Imma read that shit naw

also, who are the other two? and the chunni thing was something that kobato's mom had?
I want answers

Woah woah, put down that thing! We all friends here, nobody has to get hurt!
>who are the other two?
From left to right, Airi, Noel, Hayato, Pegasus, they are having a group date.
>the chunni thing was something that kobato's mom had?
Yes, it seems that the chunni is in the genes.


Meatlovers Pizza

Cheese pizza for me, then.


This looks like a picture of my wife, if she had blue hair.

Yozorass all day.

Would you let Sena play with your imouto?


she totally does

Oh user, if you learn anything else after season 2 and what happens, your in for for a ride down to hell


Post the student coundil pres butt

I like all the girls, but Rika and Kobato are best

Want to cuddle their butts

What about this butt?

>be a loner, always wanted to have friends
>make a club and finally have friends
>actually is a buch of cockhungry bitches trying to ride me
>Screw those bitchest, i just want some friends
Look at how/much suffering kodaka went trough. They guys just wanted stop being a friendless loser that spend all day in the inter, and yet bitches don't stop lusting for him. Poor guy.

want to give her anal

>the one guy who is willing to spend time with you is a actually a girl

All cowtits should just die. All cow lovers should die. Moo moo to you obscene fucks.

I wish they would fuck off already. Those sluts can't think nothing but cocks all day

Wait the trap wins?

Are that shadow or melaninized pubic area?

Why does that get to touch Sena and I can't

Holy shit, picked up.

Read the manga.

nice bait