One Piece

What kind of a faggot do you have to be to not like this goddess?
There is literally nothing wrong with her.

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first for reiju a bitch

Reminder Nami got fire powers after getting pregnant by Sanji.

>liking a bitch that gave Sanji explosive bracelets.

I love both Sanji and Nami.
Reiju looks like the kid Sanji and Nami will have.
Pure perfection.

Do no reply to Reijufags


what did he mean by this?

She wanted to give sanji an upskirt.

It's the shorter-middle length, between Meenie dresses and Mo dresses

SaLu confirmed

>Reiju will never berate you while standing over you

Yes, Sanji also fucked Luffy.
Why do you think Luffy is acting so gay for Sanji this arc?
"hurr i want to see him" "I will see him"

The difference is that Sanji's fire might be from his genes while Luffys fire is just an asspull that would not transfer.
Unless Sanji also fucked Luffy.

there's that word again, I don't think you what it means

I just realized something. Roger's crew had 2 kids, buggy and shanks. Is there a possibility of this happening to luffy's crew? We have already been shown momonosuke. Both momonosuke and buggy got their devil fruit powers as a kid.

>An Asspull is a moment when the writers pull something out of thin air in a less-than-graceful narrative development, violating the Law of Conservation of Detail by dropping a plot-critical detail in the middle, or near the end of their narrative without Foreshadowing or dropping a Chekhov's Gun earlier on.

Where was it foreshadowed Luffy could use fire?
Sit the fuck down kid,

Where was this from? I forgot.

>creating a little fire for a move
>plot critical detail
Sit down sweetie

they had 2 years of training, leaving us in the dark of what they're capable of

G3 and G3 were the real asspulls

>red hawk
>not important
Oh, so you are underage.
Okay. Yes you are so right XDD

>you're underage
>Yes you are so right XDD
Stop embarrassing yourself honey

You right XDDDD.
Need any more attention?
You are so funny

You should quit while you're behind kiddo.

So you do need attention,
Keep replying ice princess. I will give you attention

He could already create steam by speeding up bloodflow.

Friction is not an asspull, so neither is red hawk or diable jambe.

Doesn't Sanji have CoA already? I thought he and Zoro were saying that Luffy at least better have Haki after two years of training. He has CoO for sure but I'm not sure how that'd help him against fruit users.

Aw, looks like wittle user wants to make a fool of himself some more. Go on sweetie, keep replying.

user you're trying to argue that luffy using fire is a asspull but just a few weeks ago sanji was using fire with no logical explanation. It's the same
Thing. You're just a Butthurt SANAfag

it's just one of his moves, it's not relevant to the plot

>i-i want to have the last word
KEKK. Okay kid.

I already told you thats not how you get my attention baby.
Im sorry I haven't given you any this week. Im just lazy.

You just disproved your own argument


>moves cant be asspulls
How was the Hacks dick last night?

He said SANAfag not lyingfag. I get it you go by both names but I make sure to call you by your original name.

Hey there speedreader. Don't read the thread so fast all right?



>he said
>acting like that was not him
Okay made me reply. There you go


I don't want sanji to power up with gene magic or haki or anything, I want sanji to bust out more magic okama recipies like the one on punk hazard

Nobody cares what you want.
Especially not Oda

Shippers should be publicly executed.

It was good.

because you speedreader, as someone already stated Luffy was shown to be able to generate enough heat with gear two to create steam. add haki to that plus stretching rubber really fast and you get even more heat, enough to make fire.

>let's meet in the new world he said
>take down kaido he said

You have some swell digits yourself

He got backstabbed by Apoo, couldn't do anything about it, and Hawkins probably got away with his fruit.

>t-that's you
sure it is lyingfag, I swear your delusions are getting worse

all the supernovas are a bunch of losers

the only ones that get a pass are capone and law for having neat powers but they're overhyped jobbers like the rest

Apoo bummed me out. Only supernova to successfully attack an admiral only to become Kaido's lackey.

You heard law on Punk Hazzard you either become the yonko's bitch or oppose them

The last chapters made me felt in love with both Reiju and Sanji's mother.

>tfw that smile couldn't be protected
I just can't handle it...

>successfully attack an admiral

At least Kidd isnt a cuck and becomes someone's underling like Capone and Apoo. That's way worse than trying to fight and getting your ass kicked.

He does, but he specialises in CoO and his CoA could be better.


I never liked Apoo to start, Drake seems pretty based though

>all supernova are jobber
But not all of them have lost yet. And the people who beat them should have beat them. That's like trying to call coby jobber if he lost to an admiral.

>only ones with a pass is law and capone since I like their abilities
Capone isn't even that good. His strength depends on his men strength. Without that he sucks. And out of all the supernova law has probably job the hardest.

Law's put in a good performance all things considered, I would definitely rate his hax above Zoro's muscle

>his CoA could be better
His CoO could be better. He didn't know that caribou was attacking Shirahoshi until luffy pointed it out and fucking niji was able to get behind him.

>Capone isn't even that good. His strength depends on his men strength
you can't touch capone without becoming the size of an ant, there's more to his power than it looks

>you can't touch capone without becoming the size of a ant.
This is your head canon. And as I said he has no Real fighting strength without his men. Even if what you said was true, all you have to do is get inside and fuck shit up

Will Sanji beat his father up for failing to protect his waifu's smile?

Man fuck Oda. I really wanted to ship Sanji and pudding but that faggot decides to make her ugly as shit.
Why couldn't he make her like Reiju or his mom?
I guess it was expected with a name like pudding. Won't be surprised if she has a fat side.

yeah the difference is huge, i mean are they even the same species?

>pudding uglyfag BTFO
To Kek or not to kek

Name one other girl that is a bigger qt than Reiju.

Protip: you can't

Idk what you are talking about. They really don't look the same.

Disgusting. They really are not. She is so fucking ugly. She also has a 3rd eye.

If you can have half fishmen and half giants without any problems, you can pretty much fuck anything in the One Piece World.

>T-They don't look alike, nope I can't see anything
Stay I'm denial uglyfag all you want.


>they love Reiju and his mom so I will claim that she looks like them
This is embarrassing now. You do know you are the only one that has that kind of shit taste right?

left or right?

Which one has the feminine penis?

When will Sanji develop his insect exoskeleton?

Idk but they both love Sanj.

The sluttiest one of course, in which i mean both.

>maybe if I keep faking like I didn't see the picture, it will change
>delusional SANAFAG detected

>This is your head canon
How else would it work then? Other people have to "mentally accept" to become smaller to get inside him?

>And as I said he has no Real fighting strength without his men.
This is your head canon

>all you have to do is get inside and fuck shit up
That's probably how it's going to go but it's not that simple since it's a space he can control at his will

>is true because I say so
Dumb shipperfag. Get glasses.
>y-you get glasses

lots and lots?

>how else would it work
you have to cross over one of his Threshold In order to shrink.

>Him not having any real fighting strength is headcanon
>his DF doesn't almost fully rely in his men
He hasn't even shown to be able to throw a punch. His theme is that of a fat mafia boss who uses tactics and out numbering the enemy to win. So yeah I can't prove it now but pekom will more then naught come back and wreck him like promised.

>setting his insides on fire won't be simple
>destroying his shit from the inside will be a real challenge since he can create a few guns and knives
you do know most of that shit won't work on anyone he will fight.

>Y-you shipperfag
SANAFAG that still doesn't change the fact that oda same faced them.

never his upgrade is to prepare the super secret gender swap soup
eat it and beat the female enemy

Oh you are actually being serious.
That is sad.
Okay well good luck buddy.
>I say they look alike so they look alike
You really are sad.


Look at her legs, it just, like, fizzles out of existence

Someone on Leddit pointed out the ground beneath Cracker and Luffy; looks like Cracker possibly turned the ground into biscuits.

Rubber bouncy castle confirmed as Luffy's ultimate technique. Luffy is going to turn the environment into rubber to beat Kaido and counter BB's earthquakes.

>G3 and G3 were the real asspulls

Fucking this.

I don't like how everyone pulled powers out of their ass in enies lobby, going with "Oh it's Oda, so it's okay" approach.

>Luffy gets rekt
>train journey to Enies lobby
>No time to train
>"I saw and copied your soru"
>Okay, maybe he just grasped it really quick

When did you learn that, Luffy, you monkey shit? Presumably after G2, going by the numbering.

i thought there were biscuits there initially since the whole island is made of sweets

>Sanji is going to destroy all of them, once he doesn't have anything holding him back.
How is he going to end up being boundless thought? No matter what he does, and if they all escape who's to say Big Mom wont send people to execute Zeff later on out of revenge?

Gear 3 is a logical conclusion to Gear 2. When Gear 2 comes from applying pressure from inside of your body, Gear 3 comes from applying pressure from the outside of the body.

Also Gear 2 and 3 make sense as techniques, so calling them an asspull wouldn't be quite right.
>I don't like how everyone pulled powers out of their ass in enies lobby, going with "Oh it's Oda, so it's okay" approach.
You are quite right, but perhaps that was the point at which Sanji's backstory was laid out completely (ignoring Germa) and Zoro has had the whole "possessed by a demon" thing going for a while now.

I think it was from part of a cover during FMI when Luffy first used Red Hawk.

I just assumed that red hawk was just more haki manipulation, hence the word color associated with haki. black = armor, red = fire, etc. Am I wrong to assume this?

>Luffy in a pinch due to the soldiers resisting G4
>He eats them
Bravo Oda, Bravo.

Do you faggots actually read or just like to shitpost off one page?

Maybe the whole island is a result of awakened food-themed DFs?

>Why don't the marines station an admiral at reverse mountain?
Smoker as a Captain alone was more than enough to overwhelm those entering the GL.

carrot will eat the snow snow fruit

>Gear 3 is a logical conclusion to Gear 2
Maybe so, but the lack of anything regarding how Luffy got G3 is annoying. Even if he didn't physically train and "logically concluded" how to get G3, it's something the readers should somewhat be notified about. It's an old power-up now and I'm almost certain it won't be revisited, which means we just have to accept it. Made even worse because I believe OP to be a solid story with very few holes.

>so calling them an asspull wouldn't be quite right.
What would you call it, then?

Eating everything in sight is a sound strategy for this arc.

I been thinking, roger originally asked rayleigh if he wanted to turn the world on it's head. And then during the war at marineford, whitebeard stated that the One Piece would turn the world on it's head.

So we know, at least, it's some sort of device/natural phenomena/knowledge.

It's a device that literally flips everything upside down.
Brilliant Oda

this is why i love the theory about destroying the red line, uniting the seas, creating "one piece" and all blue at the same time. it's large-scale enough that it would, essentially, "turn the world on its head"

>theory about destroying the red line, uniting the seas, creating "one piece" and all blue at the same time

>they Really dont look alike
>your crazy
Just because you deny it doesn't change that oda same faced them.

I hate this theory

He used to take canon shots head on till he broke baraties roof. Then he uses gum gum balloon. Then we see gum gum storm. Luffys been inflating himself this whole series.

I'm pissed Red Hawk got relegated to useless tier and will probably not be seen for a long time. Its easily one of the most aesthetic moves he has; I love the way Oda draws the fire surrounding and trailing after the punch.

hipsters detected
Name one thing bad about the theory besides it being "too good"

Capone got a waifu out of the deal though
Even if she's not 10/10 he does seem to genuinely love her

I'm irritated that it exists at all now. If was a trump card and was a finisher or something, cool. But to be used on Hody then useless for Doffy makes the move just retarded.

Or it just shows how weak those fishmen were.....

For what reason? It's incredibly sound.

The theory in itself is good, but it doesn't take into account future events, and inevitablities, such as the space pirates, the civilzation on the moon, the fact that Shandrians, Bilkans and Skypieans descended from it, it completely scrapes over all of this.

There is much more to the big picture in One Piece than just inherited will.

there's a flash game where red hawk deals a good amount of damage. It's one of Luffys specials along with elephant gatling.

Viz when

Could've done that without red hawk

you stupid mate?

>removing the uniquess of one piece world and the whole grand line
>destoying red line = sea level rise floods the entire world
>one piece is just some concept
>all blue isn't a mythical sea but some end product

Depends on how many crewmates we get. I still expect Momonosuke to join just to keep him safe from Kaidou.

All those theories suck nads. The one piece is a remote to satellite lasers. It's what made the hole at enies lobby.

one piece is confirmed to bet a physical reward you fucking idiot.

After that I think he'll defer his royal duties to his court to sail with the strawhats. Oden died so the next best poneglyph knowledge is Robin. Mimi and her are pretty much guaranteed to pal around.


>space pirates
what a joke

im stupid mate?
I forgot about holiday early release


Hexts for Caesar next nakama

Alright I'm done for the day

Momo. Sorry, autocorrect.



>all the supernovas are a bunch of losers

He actually managed to take down one of the 4 sweet commanders

Reminder that a sick and dying Roger was stronger than everyone in the world, including prime Whitebeard.

No but ur mom is for havin you

try when the viz chapter actually releases

This is why I think that, 20 years ago, when Oda was asked if he had the ending of the story planned out, he lied.

>O-of course I have the ending planned

A lot of inconsistencies will start piling up as we get towards the end. Just you watch.

I have faith in GOda

I wouldn't count a 50 year old in his prime .

>he beat a commander
Then went on to job to a commander who can't beat a hungry luffy

How is that relevant to what he said at all?

You can also see big bite marks.

Because Oda had to start filling in the blanks between generations to explain the actions of others around Roger. Oh, Roger sailed twice. Oh he was sick the second time. Oh they knew Oden and Whitebeard and all the other pets. Oh Kaido ate Oden. You know, just weird shit happens now because Oda wrote himself into a corner from the very beginning.

Sorry, but you're not making any sense.

Nothing of what you mentioned are inconsistencies.
>Roger sailed twice
Never happened, it was merely mentioned that upon reaching Raftel they had a completely different outlook on the world and didn't have the time to fullbring whatever happened to them at Raftel.

How does his dick taste like?

>he will defer his royal status
Yeah just like Vivi and Rebecca did right?
>oden is dead so he will pal with Robin
Why would they need him?
>Inb4 " he will be a Apprentice Like shanks and buggy"
he can't read or write the ancient Language, luffy already has the ability to hear everything,he isn't smart, and he can't even fight. He won't be joining

It's like one day you're popping out of barrel with a dream and before you know it you've got a mustache growing out of your nose.

They don't need him. He needs them and Luffy already considers him a friend.

>Who are the admirals

How does it feel knowing your precious Nurutu and Bleach are over forever?

>not sucking the hacks dick mean you like other shit
Keep telling yourself that bud. Does it make you feel better by saying that?
It still does not change the fact Oda is losing his touch.

>roger never sailed twice
I may haven't reread the series in a long time but I'm it was stated somewhere that they conquer the grand line or what ever the second time around. Crocus didn't sail with them the first time

Curing people of autism was never a part of "Oda's touch".

Sorry but you're stuck with it.

>M-muh bleach and nurutu masterpieces are over!
>Better jump onto a series I don't like and shitpost until I become a meme!

>they don't need him, he needs them
Yeah to save his country. Besides that he has no real need of them and would only take up space on the ship for no reason at all as he literally does nothing but piss the guys off.

>luffy considers him a friend
OK and he also considers vivi and Rebecca friends. And they both stayed back.

It's ambiguous. He was a pirate and a well known rookie for at least 10-20 years before his final voyage. He may have stayed in the blues, he may have gone into the GL and sailed the entire thing.

I think the most plausible outcome was that he did indeed sail the world all the way to the logpose destination where he learnt the history of the world, then likely hung around for a while wherever and not doing much. Once he learned of his illness (when he was back in East Blue), he decided to gather the crew again as well as new additions (Buggy, Shanks, Crocus, Oden, etc) and conquer the GL entirely, and actually found One Piece and became the pirate king this time round.

Either way, what''s the issue if he did sail it twice?

fuck man you were so close, please try again some other time

Right but neither of them need poneglyph stuff like Momo does

>admirals in their prime
I wouldn't consider them in their prime. I mean garp was stronger then akainu Pre TS. And Rayleigh fought on par with kizaru. Both are two years older then them. You reading OP should know their decline in power is super to almost none exist in this series

erm, what? revealing new information as the story progresses isn't an "inconsistency."

He doesn't need poneglyph stuff. Robin doesn't know the art to write it. And if oda Really wants him to have it then he will just have zou tell him how or have oden leave some important Note.

>I mean garp was stronger then akainu Pre TS
This is so untrue.
>Rayleigh fought on par with kizaru.
He was able to hold some ground, but Kizaru is without a doubt stronger.

>I've never heard of SBS
>oda when garp said he would kill akainu could he Really?

>R-Rayliegh only stood his ground. And kizaru is stronger
He was able to cut him, stop him from attacking the SH, and get away from him while kizaru had all intents to bring him in. He fought on par with him no matter what you think


Not who you were replying to, but I think you mean would*, right?

>Both are two years older then them.
>Akainu: 53 - 55 after TS
>Kizaru: 56 - 58
>Aokiji: 47 - 49

>Garp: 76 - 78
>Rayleigh: 76 - 78

The admirals should still be, but just barely, in their "prime", given that OP is just one of those series where old people are strong too.

>oda when garp said he would kill akainu could he Really?
why are you making stuff up?

>Never happened
Except it did. It was stated that upon reaching the final island they altered the course of their journey. Not their outlook on the world.

Most likely meaning they had to backtrack and search for the poneglyphs and shit because simply reaching the end won't get them to Raftel. That's a second voyage across the grand line.

Nah Oden sailed. Momo will too. It's happening.

I meant twenty but yeah. Powers just decline slow in the series. I don't think 50 is consider anyone prime.

The same people praising G2 and G3 justify it with by that literal 1-panel on the train to Enies Lobby where Luffy says 'I've got some new techniques I want to try!' Thus, 'foreshadowing.'

The Straw Hat's power jump that whole saga was ridiculous. Oda only really got away with it because of how good the fights were bullshita side.

He was most likely already tired from fighting the first one. He had to fight two in a row. Also kaidou didn't fight urouge

Too cute...

Uhh delete this

Capone vs Sandersonia

Who takes it?

takes what? your virginity?

Sure. Capone would probably be fun with castle stuff I guess but Sandersonia has snake stuff. What a choice.

>No time to train
You're complaining about this now? The strawhats are never shown training other than zoro who just lifts weights. It's been like this since forever. You either assume they train off panel or they just get stronger after every fight.


How does Toei get away with it?

>robin sleeping with dragon
The implications alone...

Yea, real shame we also never saw the guys who shot Kizaru in the head either. Bet they're in the new world taking on Shanks and his crew.

I love her.

lots and lots?

then why does she call you just a friend


>I thought he and Zoro were saying that Luffy at least better have Haki after two years of training.
No. Zoro said Luffy should be able to at least knock 50,000 people out with his CoC. Which implies that Zoro has CoC as well. Sanji doesn't have it because he's a robot though.


I'm thoroughly disappointed by Germa 66.

Just look at how they were introduced. As a semi-mythical superorganization with spooky looming denden-ships that comic books were written about and so on.

And then it turns out they're just a bunch of jobbers Sanji can proably solo if he goes all out.

Oda is wasting time with these nobodies. Let's get back to Big Mom's crew. She's legitimately formidable and interesting.

She is just shy

So after Sanji is rescued what is the next arc? finding Marco? Zou?

>Let's get back to Big Mom's crew
You were doing great up until here

>which implies that Zoro has CoC as well

>Which implies that Zoro has CoC

I don't think Oda can give Zoro CoC.

I mean if Luffy is supposed to parallel Roger then his first mate should have CoC. But Oda also seems to constantly want to imply that Zoro and Sanji are equals, and Sanji having CoC just feels wrong.

I don't think Oda can give Zoro CoC without the monster trio becoming a monster duo >implying it hasn't already . And I don't think that's what Oda wants.

Jinbei will be the third powerhouse. Sanji has been demoted to JUST the cook.

>Which implies that Zoro has CoC as well.
Zorofags, not even once.

Finding Marco will be off-paneled like every other interesting event so far
and Zuni is headed towards Wano

One thing I'm excited about is seeing Lucci and Croc pop up in the new world.

We already saw Lucci operate in the background but I want to see him in action again.

Same for Croc.
Maybe he'll get invited to the wedding.

>But Oda also seems to constantly want to imply that Zoro and Sanji are equals,
Actually Oda can barely tell Zoro and Luffy apart. Look at Zoro's chest in pic related.

No, if jinbei joins Luffy won't be part of the monster trio anymore.(Luffy is way stronger than Zoro and the rest)
It will just be Sanji, Zoro andid Jinbei.

Scars are drawn by the editors.
Nice try though.

That is clearly Law fucking with the crew, swapped their torsos for a laugh.

and jinbei gets to call everybody "boy" before fighting them

>Scars are drawn by the editors.
You're 300 centuries too early to try that pal

I'm willing to bet the wedding does go through just because everyone thinks it won't.

Only Sanji leaves with Luffy right away.

Then we have an added Sanji gag where everyone slaps him around after he womanizes reminding him he's married.

>yfw biscuits are harder than sand

>only because everyone thinks it won't
Uh no. Shit logic. Shit post.

Maybe you should watch the video of the tour of Oda's workplace.
They literally say and show the notes the editors use for the scars etc.

Brotip it's assistants, not editors, you dimwit.

>11 hours later
>fight run eat repeat
This is Gear 4 getting significant increase in duration

>being this retarded

Does that looks like gear 4 to you dumbass?

Oh gee well hurpadee durr I wonder if he just got done eating and we're about to repeat?

Yes the wedding will happen but between Sanji and Nami. I know this because almost no one thinks it will happen.

it's gear 4 without the haki

He is getting energy from eating dumbass. Not every fighter will fight him with food.

Watch them be fakes

>He is getting energy from eating
Is that how eating works. I never knew.
Last time Luffy used gear 4th he was knocked out for days afterwards. This time he can apparently use it on and off for 11 hours without any substantial drawbacks so long as there is food. No matter how you spin it, this is an improvement.

Well the hack forgot about them for 2 chapters straight

>Is that how eating works. I never knew.
Because you're a speedreader? It's happened countless times you autist.

Slowreaderfag please

>11 hours
Because he got raped by doffy.
This time the faggot is running and hiding.
Just common sense.

All this ad hominem won't make you correct. Gear 4 is less taxing and lasts longer now than it did during the fight with Doflamingo. And next time Luffy uses Gear 4, it will have even less drawbacks.

>Not every fighter will fight him with food.
>On an island made of food

No, the manga makes me correct. You should read it. Slowly.

>Gear 4 is less taxing and lasts longer now than it did during the fight with Doflamingo.
Incorrect. It's the same. Luffy just has an infinite source of good to give him energy this time.

Obviously was talking in future islands nigga

Well he is right. Big Mom doesn't have a food power and Luffy is going to run into her this arc even if he runs away

Do you understand that you believe that only because you think Sanji is worthless?

Last time Luffy used Gear 4th he was incapable of moving afterwards. Luffy must've been able to move to eat and recover. Oda writing this for 11 hours is clear indication that Gear 4th's drawbacks are becoming less severe. Otherwise Luffy would've gassed out after the first run and Cracker would've killed him.

But not only is Luffy able to use Gear 4th in such a way that he can eat and rejuvenate afterwards, he can run and defend himself! This is completely different than what we saw after Luffy's first run of Gear 4th on Dressrosa.

And Luffy will be stronger in future islands...meaning Gear 4ths drawbacks will be less severe.

Maybe as some people said (including me) fighting against strong opponents and running around an island all day have exhausted him?

No, you autist. Read slower.

>Last time Luffy used Gear 4th he was incapable of moving afterwards.
Last time Luffy didn't have an infinite food supply to just barely keep him going.

>Oda writing this for 11 hours is clear indication that Gear 4th's drawbacks are becoming less severe. Otherwise Luffy would've gassed out after the first run and Cracker would've killed him.

He didn't become gassed out because he kept eating and running away, you fucking imbecile.

>But not only is Luffy able to use Gear 4th in such a way that he can eat and rejuvenate afterwards, he can run and defend himself! This is completely different than what we saw after Luffy's first run of Gear 4th on Dressrosa.

Eating has ALWAYS given Luffy an energy boost you mach 20 reader. This is nothing new. He's just barely hanging on because of the food, otherwise it'd be just like Dressrosa.

>exhausted from vsing chinjao the drill dragon jobber

Did Franky memorize the Pluton blueprints? or are they lost forever.

I'm pretty sure he said he memorized them

Okay I'll give you one more shot to try and understand this,

>use gear 4
>can't move have to piggy back off Gatz
>avoid one man for 10 min, get back at it
>barely manages a second run
>passes out for 3 days, eats while sleeping

Whole Cake Island
>Use Gear 4
>end duration, noone to carry Luffy
>Luffy able to avoid infinite biscuit army, destroy them and eat them

In more concise words, after the first run of Gear 4th, Luffy is much more capable on WCI than he was on Dressrosa.

>Move it or lose it
Why NS

Gear 4 is gonna kick the ass of Big Mom, you are all a bunch of retards to think otherwise.

Luffy >>>>>>>> Doflamingo, look at all the fucking panels of the fight when Luffy is in G4 fucking retards. Oda is gonna lift the arbitrary time limit he put on his overpowered new technic and give you some good explanation. And what are you guys going to do? Cries a lot and post dozens of "ODA IS A HACK" reply. And why? Only because you are too autistic to understand that context has an influence on things and way too autistic to understand that the main protagonist of a chinese cartoon for 14 year old is gonna beat his ennemy at the end of the arc. Fuck you all.

Move it or lose it, faggot

You're hopeless. The whole premise is that none of those things happened BECAUSE Luffy kept eating and running away in the first place.

Read the fucking chapter.

>use gear 4
>can't move have to piggy back off Gatz
Which didn't happen because he kept eating and fleeing
>avoid one man for 10 min, get back at it
Which didn't happen because he kept eating and fleeing
>barely manages a second run
Which didn't happen because he kept eating and fleeing
>passes out for 3 days, eats while sleeping
Which didn't happen because he kept eating and fleeing

There is chopper who is considered a kid

He can't run away and eat if he can't move. If he can move, the drawbacks have become less severe.

I get the feeling that the Sunny's main gun is based on them, likely actually being a scaled down version that runs on cola, but still similar in concept.

Not the guy but
>End duration, none to carry Luffy
We don't know if Luffy used G4 to exhaustion like he did at Dressrosa
In case he did, the Homies (by this I mean Baum) could've carried Luffy. so far we can presume that Luffy is not fighting alone against Cracker.

Do people not understand that reiju will join the strawhats and be best girl?

It would be very underwhelming for trees to outdo Cracker.

It would make more sense for her to take over the Germa and become part of the army that has sworn itself to Luffy.

You're an idiot. The reason he didn't become unable to move in the first place is because he was eating.

It didn't go
>oops can't move

It went
>continuously eat so you don't fucking pass out in the first place

For some reason your dumb ass is doing this in the wrong order.

Yeah i think that too. Thousand Sunny is probably equivalent to Pluton.

Don't remind me of that weak faggot, he struggled against an underling of a yokno how tf is he planning on fighting one?

Except it did. Luffy needed help to move. So unless Cracker fed him, Luffy is fairing better now than he did back then.

Who wants to bet Sanji's modifications actually worked, he just couldn't find his INNER POWER without overcoming his past and finding something he would fight for

No he didn't. Read the chapter.

The chapter was Sanji flashback user...


There's more important. Thousand Sunny with Ussop using the Groar Cannon vs Big Mom who wins? Also Carrot or Reiju?

Luffy didn't need help to move because he never became immobile in the first place since he kept eating and running away. You would know this if you actually payed attention.

Thank you.

>Y-You all are retarded
>The protagonist of a Chinese cartoon
Top kek

>carrot or reiju
caesar, obviously

What if he swiped biscuits in G4, ran away at a fast speed to hide, turned off G4 to eat before he ran out of time, then came back for more?

Right now Luffy is missing those G4 sweat clouds around his neck and the glowing (reddish in color) skin, which I doubt are haki when G2 also makes steam. He's probably in base mode and ready to transform again with one deep breath.

so is luffy like a 4 speed jeep?

yep with reverse gear being awakening
some say its bouncy house
but i think it will make spacetime rubber so luffy cant stretch and contract it to make small jumps in time or space, teleporting or super speed or maybe rewind a few seconds or something

I want to marry Reiju

I'm okay with him getting to where he's at just through hard work, and determination, and possibly surpassing his "superior" siblings.

I think that's a bit of a stretch.
But really, it's probably not changing to stretching concepts and rather just rubberizing things around him like doffy's.


Pick a Devil Fruit. Got it? Good.
Be creative and make the Devil Fruit OP

>Paw Paw fruit
>Repel things with said paws
>Repel abstract/metaphysical ideas from people
>Create MOABs
>"Teleport" around the world at will
OP enough if you ask me.


Dreamu Dreamu no me, the reality warping fruit. I win fuck creativity.

Why didn't Cracker try attacking Nami in the 11 hours he was chasing Luffy?

vivre card and he assumed that meant big mom wanted her alive I guess

Kami Kami fruit, it's already over

But Buggy already exists

Too bad i already did rewrite your fate, you never ate it. I can eat two fruit now, i eat your fruit. Ty bitch ahahahahaha

I meant pick a canon Devil Fruit.

Because she's not fighting him, shes just sitting back and waiting for the fight to be over. I can only assume though that she isn't fighting him because she knows that using rain to make biscuits soggy is fucking heretical, and that she doesn't know how to make it rain milk or hot butter.

Should've kept going bro
fucking checked

So when will volume 73 of the color One piece come out

Oh sorry. Shiro Shiro no Mi of Capone. First every single thing coming at me shrink to the size of an ant. It's not clear in the manga if you need to open a door in your body in order to do so but i think it should work like that. I can stomp on people if i want to i'm literally a giant. Since i'm a castle i have a boost in defense. I'm trying to be friend with a guy selling/making weapons. Franky, Caesar, Vegapunk or Judge would be really nice. And i make them stuff overpowered and oversized weapons in my body. I learn some basic haki and some martial art and recruit some good underling, with devil fruits also. I'm now a giant castle shooting laser , with haki and decent speed while still looking like a regular sized guy.

he's a true gentleman.

Capone gives me tripophobia so his fruit sucks. Just thinking about it is disgusting.

String String Fruit.

Awaken it. Done.

He's a crackhead

>First every single thing coming at me shrink to the size of an ant. It's not clear in the manga if you need to open a door in your body in order to do so but i think it should work like that.

Guys what do you think about this part? People never mention it when they are talking about his power.

We dont know the rate that the illness ruined him
We dont know how strong his crew in general was, other than "them the best"
We also dont know if he had any major battles during the severe stages of his illness. And as it can be assumed his willpower was insanely high he could probably hold it back and fight as per usual. Its headcanon but i wouldnt be surprised

We know how strong Rayleigh is now as an old man, and he was Roger's first mate.

Different fag tho
But sengoku wouldnt hold garp back if sengoku didnt think garp couldnt kill him. But thats good enough evidence for me

As strong as Akainu? And how strong Akainu is exactly? Slighty stronger than Marco? But how strong Marco really is?

Oda once said that if Sakazuki went after One Piece, he'd find it in a year.


Sorry brainfart, i mean Borsalino.

No, he said that if Akainu was the protagonist he could end the series in a year.

He's strong enough to fight Kizaru to a draw.

He's probably cheating because he know what happen in the lost century

Yeah and Kizaru is slighty stronger than Marco right? But we have nothing to compare Marco, Kizaru and Rayleigh to others big shot.

why does that picture make my butthole clench?

Croc is invited for sure he has tge whole mafia theme going on. He can probably assist Luffy in fighting a Sweet Commander.

>Last time Luffy used gear 4th he was knocked out for days afterwards.

>implying that wasn't due to him fighting around Dressrosa all day

Shut up dude, everyone know Luffy was as fresh as cold water when he started fighting Doflamingo.

My theory
Several types of awakening within a fruit class. For paramecias applying the effect to other shit is one awakening kind.
Case in point laws fruit. We know it can make someone immortal. Sounds like an awakening ability to me and if so its nothing like doffys awakening and both are paramecia.

because Oda doesn't know how to write fights that aren't 1v1

>all these people buthurt about Luffy using Gear 4 for 11 hours

he needed 5 min to recover from using it, what's to bad about that?

He does, but only if it's a "fight" involving a single guy wrecking a multitude of mooks.

Well if we can admit that Luffy started the fight below 100% stamina then I guess its also time to admit that he would have lost without
a) AIDS inflicted by Law
b) an entire island delaying the birdcage
c) Gatz carrying him around for 10 fucking minutes
d) people literally throwing their bodies at Doflamingo to delay him

So, technically speaking, it wasnt Luffy who beat Doflamingo. He was just one of the dozens of people who did.

Hum... Franky vs Doflamingo crew and marines not so long ago. And the lone man lost. There's plenty of them in the manga.

Yes we can.

And we can agree that if Luffy had full stamina and had a fair 1v1 against full stamina Doflami,go he would've win easily and that Doflamingo is Yonkou commander level at best.

>1v1 against full stamina Doflami,go he would've win easily
I dont think we can my friend, I dont think we can. Now go suck on your rubberchicken.

Are you implying that full stamina Luffy couldn't stay more time in G4? Or Doffy could stay conscious more than 40 min against G4 Luffy?

>couldn't stay more time in G4
Why would it matter? Its not like Doflamingo was unable to move after Luffy ran out of Haki, so he sure as hell could have kept going. And that was even though his inner organs basically falling apart for entire duration of the fight. Now if Luffy lost oh so much stamina from fighting fodder like Bellami and Chinjao, then I dont think we need to get into the discussion how much Doflamingo lost after fighting Law (who is above all the fodder Luffy fought) and suffering from his organs dying.

Answer my question you disgusting Doffyfag. Do you really believe that he could stay conscious more than 40min against G4 Luffy?

His organs dying? He fixed it then has been sent into prison and he's totally fine.

I answered your question indirectly. You dont have a shred of evidence that we wouldnt be able to. All we know is that BASED ON THE STORY WRITTEN BY THE MANGAKA Luffy didnt win, it was Luffy + [insert hundreds of people] who did. So unless you present some evidence that backs up your claim none of the shit you write is anything but fan fiction.

After Luffy bazooka'ed him into the mountain and ran out of haki it was clearly shown that his organs werent fixed, otherwise he wouldnt have had a reason to stitch them together again. Besides, if I stab you do you seriously think that stitching the wound will get rid of the pain/problems caused by me stabbing you?

doffy is such a jobber, and why did the doffy famiry get uglier and fatter?

>why did the doffy famiry get uglier and fatter
All they did was sit on their island. The only one who ever left it was Doffy. Do you seriously think that they still went plundering after they were "a royal family"? Diamante did nothing but beat up fodder at the coliseum, Pika was busy being the castle and Trebol stalked chicks all day. Only person who got shit done was Doffy, thats basically implied.

They ate a lot because of the stress. They knew if Jack or Cracker decided to invade Dressrosa they would all die horribly.

>>use gear 4
>>can't move have to piggy back off Gatz
>>avoid one man for 10 min, get back at it
>>barely manages a second run
>>passes out for 3 days, eats while sleeping

Think I better correct this for you.
>Luffy beats Sparan
>Luffy beats Chinjao
>Luffy sneaks into Doffy's castle fighting mooks and has a breif skirmish with Doffy
>Luffy climbs the plateau while fighting mooks and the occasional Donquixote Officer
>Luffy fights Trebol and Doffy with Law
>THEN he uses gear 4th

Can you see the difference? He did a lot of shit in Dressrosa all before that.

Big Mom is probably on some Neo (from Toriko) shit where she can eat attacks

I forgot to add Luffy fighting Bellamy too

I would love this, if she were to refer to attacks from Luffy as being like overcooked calamari.

Why doesn't Sanji just clad his arms in Haki and let the rings explode?

I actually loved the flashback chapters of his crew. Gladius and Senor explaining stuff to Baby 5 while plundering a town etc.

Wasn't that the point of the fight? The whole country helping to remove the corrupted king?

Because he wasn't planing on fleeing anyway? He has basically just been mouthing off to his family so far. The thing with Zeff seems like more of an incentive to keep him in line than the rings anyway.

Don't tell him that. If Oda made Law and the whole country help Luffy it's not because of the symbolic it's not because it was their fight, no no. It's to show that Doflamingo is stronger than Luffy, to show that he's ADMIRAL LEVEL !
How silly of you.

Akainu is the strongest person alive that wee have seen

He was eating biscuits the whole time so I don't see the problem.

Has Sanji cooked him some spinach yet?

>Yeah and Kizaru is slighty stronger than Marco right

I'd say that Kizaru is much stronger than Marco. Kizaru clearly wasn't putting much effort in.

I do agree with the point you're making though. We really don't have a good idea just how powerful the top tiers are. For all we know Marco could beat Doflamingo without breaking a sweat, or it could be a close match.

Whitebeard was stronger.

Why do you think that either has to be exclusive?

Probably, but he is dead

Shanks or Kaido might be stronger than Akainu

He was stronger when he was alive.

It's canon, Kaido is the strongest.


This. Kaidou is going to be the highest level of raw physical power we'll see in the series. He will, however, not be the most "powerful", if that makes sense. Blackbeards acquisitiveness and craftiness will set him above Kaidou because BB will pose a bigger thrat to Luffy's dreams and ambitions

Because G4 Luffy is kicking the ass of Doflamingo in every single panel of their fight. We can assume Oda did it to show us the superiority of G4.

>literally stops a war by showing up
>conquerors haki can damage objects, more than just living organisms
>blocks Akainu's magma punch casually
>splits the sky when clashing with Whitebeard
>trained on Rogers crew

in b4 sea lord took his arm

>Cred Forums Pass user since August 2016.

> I-i'm a faggot

jesus christ is this the new trip fag meme

The war was almost finished by when Shanks appeared, Akainu was the only one that wanted to continue it. Also implying the sky thing wasn't Whitebeard vibrating the air.

>trained on Rogers crew
So he is Buggy tier then

Also, Kaido loses a lot.

Because he wants to die.

Nah I genuinely don't believe Whitebeards fruit moves the sky, we would have seen it again at Marineford otherwise.

I think it was more likely their clash of conquerors haki that split the sky.

>So he is Buggy tier then

Imo Buggy is strong, we've just never seen him try properly. Dead serious. He retreated back to the East Blue and his will became weak over time. Imagine if he witnessed Shanks dying, he would have the drive/will/spirit/haki to fight all out and we'll all be surprised that he's strong.

He lost in the past and? Doesn't mean shit in current time.

Are we reading the same manga?

Buggy D Clown is strong but is a coward. People want to follow him.

>He was stronger when he was alive
almost everyone is

Exactly, he's like Usopp. When he rises up he will be strong.

Buggy is debatable but Shanks really isn't. You know he's strong user.

I'm just saying, the dude has a bad record, for whatever reason.

I'm pretty sure he was much stronger as a skeleton, lighter body allowed for more speed and he could probably ignore more damage as a skeleton too. Now that he can tap more into his fruit it's not even a contest.

We already know Shanks is at least weaker than Whitebeard, Mihawk and Kaido.

>Cred Forums Pass user since August 2016.

Please don't worship an anime girls as a goddess. It's disturbing. I you keep going down this path you'll end up like this guy.

Ma D. Monk Urouge > Luffy

That's why Sakazuki was the one to pretty much kill him, right?

Pretty much every character in One Piece has lost at some time in their life. The only character I know never lost was Ryuma (excluding post-death when Brook's soul controlled his body)

Literally how? The kill was for Blackbeard, and he needed his entire crew + the entire Marine army + some mysterious illness to achieve it.

>Literally how?
The hole Akainu put in his chest and blowing half his face off was pretty much fatal.
If no-one else did anything to Whitebeard and he went off, he would have died within a few days due to the mortal injuries.

>was pretty much fatal
You are forgetting how fucking hard to kill are people in the One Piece world. I can see Whitebeard recovering with a few bandages.

Honest to God none of the Vinsmokes are interesting in any way. I like Sanji but his second backstory is shit, his family is shit and it bores me to death.

I don't. He was nearing the end of his days and those aren't injuries you can live with. Akainu inflicted approximately 70% of the entire damage Whitebeard took, therefore he was in essence the one to kill him no matter how you look at it.

>70% of the entire damage
lmao, also the kill was for Blackbeard no matter how you look at it

Why didn't Nami thunderbolt Cracker since he hates pain so much?

>build Doflamingo up as a powerful veteran
>stands up to Admirals
>effortlessly stopped a Yonko commander who is known for absurd strength
>runs the entire Underworld of the New World
>devil fruit is incredibly diverse and strong

>gets mauled by Gear Fourth

>Big Mom's son
>weakly, afraid of sharp objects
>devil fruit is creating baked goods and hiding behind them
>but his haki is good

>treats Gear Fourth like a joke

Thanks haki

Blackbeard just finished things. Did you never play any games where a group of people can kill something, but whoever was the one to actually deal the most damage "gets the kill"? It's basically like that.
Akainu's damage was fatal even if someone swooped in and finished things first.

>Doffyfags still this butthurt and surprised at shonen power creep.

I knew even before Dressrosa that Oda would hype Yonko commanders a lot before the Yonko themselves. How else can you build the gap of strength and demonstrate the fearsomeness of the Yonko? Jack sealed the deal for me too.

>weakly, afraid of sharp objects
Do you like needles and pain user? I know most people sure don't.

Don't you find them cool, user?

Also Judge being an acquaintance of Vegapunk before he went working for the marine doesn't intrigue you? Neither do the tales about them with a guy and his friend the seagull?

Heroin junkies like needles

> stands up to admirals

You mean shit his pants and hope that Aokiji doesn't want to kill him? Then leave because he's told to?

>effortlessly stopped a Yonko commander who is known for absurd strength

He did a little trick to stop an opponent he couldn't scratch with his most powerfull attack even if he wanted to? For a couple of seconds?

Doflamingo was not that strong get over it. He's still a really cool dude and one of the best villain in One Piece, don't worry.

Right, the Genma-66 are supervillains who live on mobile snail bases, clone army and super soldier siblings as officers. Their coolness impresses me more every time I see them.

The mother being handled exactly the same as always didn't help even if it finds a way to tug the heart-strings

It's a death sentence to be a kind Queen in One Piece

tfw no reiju oneesan to tenderly treat your wounds with her body

So does Reiju have normal, symmetrical eyebrows unline Sanji and Yonji or is this just a mistake or something else?

Ichiji and Niji have the same ones than Yonji, most likely. And Judge, if he has curly eyebrows, most likely has the same Sanji has.

Didn't mean to quote btw

Watch Nami figure that out after 11 hours.

Yes G4 Luffy stomps Doffy.
But G4 Luffy doesn't last long.
Pic related, Luffy would've died 1vs1.

Are all of their furnitures fixed to the ground ?

Motherfucking nekomamushi next week.

They probably nailed everything to the wall.

How was todays episode? Worth the watch?

Pudding is the cutest.

Cred Forums Pass user since August 2016.

It was alright.

shit. a lot of awkward silent moments to stretch the length and they spliced up the content pretty badly.


Why does she hide her eye? Is it embarrassing?

It's called a wink

She uses the eye for informing and being a nark.



Old and sick Whitebeard was most likely the weakest yonko.

I'm sure they lived on the walls for a while

>doffy fags still mad he lost

Just give them a few years to cool down user.

Her true form is better.

>blocks magma punch
that was meant for coby. if shanks couldnt stop it he should be embarrassed

ichiji and niji have reiju-style brows too

>that was meant for coby
So? Akainu always goes for overkill
You can't follow Thorough Justice by underestimating the enemy

Too bad that doesn't refute what he said

>I ate the kilo kilo no mi!
>I can create an infinite amount of kilo-clones!

Didn't they have to tow the sunny through molasses all night, fight those huge centipedes, run around a forest fighting Luffy clone and chasing everyone else's doubles?

Saying Luffy isn't getting better with Gear 4 is stupider than pants on your head. Read any other Shonen in the history of ever. Techniques that previously take a large toll on the user always become the norm.

Saying he has gotten better is headcanon and has no basis.

>has no basis.
Look at the first time Luffy used Gear 2 compared to the second.

different user but Zoro states that, unlike ships, humans grow stronger after fights and struggles. wci Luffy is canonically stronger than Dressrosa Luffy.

Good thing we aren't talking about gear two

>You're complaining about this now?
So what, you're going to handwave my complaint because it's "now"? An user was on the topic so I made my post.

>The strawhats are never shown training other than zoro who just lifts weights. It's been like this since forever. You either assume they train off panel or they just get stronger after every fight.

I can't assume Luffy trained off-panel this time because there was barely any time for him to do so. Can't say the same for the others, even though their "level up" -- still without an explanation -- is just as frustrating. So let's go with he got stronger after the previous fight (where he got trapped between buildings), which is ridiculous how much more stronger he became (G2 + G3) compared to the strength he gains from his other fights. He also had the liberty to even name these techniques (i.e. put some thought into it, practice, etc., and not just something he instantly did out of nowhere) and use it flawlessly just by becoming "stronger". G2 isn't so bad but if Luffy had a lightbulb moment and thought up G3, it should be something the reader is made -- even if slightly -- aware of

Imagine current Luffy, without the Rayleigh technique he's yet to unveil, shooting up to Yonko level, with barely any explanation and Oda be like, "Just assume, nigga!"


Delete this

The ''who's stronger'' arguments are sooooo dull.

It is abundantly clear by now that 1v1 fights can easily be determined by how fruits react with each other.

Eg. Mr 3 holding his own against much superior Magellan, Rufy (because fuck Luffy and American translators) being immune to Ener, etc.

You know it's actually spelled Luffy, right? Oda's written it in English hundreds of times.

You know that R and L are the same in Japanese right? I'd fucking expect it on this board full of weaboos.

>Rufy (because fuck Luffy and American translators)

Hey guys, what if.. Luffys mom turns out to be LinLin and she considers Dragon the only husband she ever truly loved? Or even better, she's his grandma and Garp is her lost love? Anything to get Garp some panels is fine with me.

you mean magerran

because fuck magellan and American translators


Nah, it's Magellan after this guy:

Indeed Americans are that ignorant.

retard of the thread

If you are making fun of the L/R guy then I salute you, if you aren't being ironic with this comment then end your life.

It's been awhile since I've gone through the first half of the chapters, but iirc Luffys mother or grandmother have not been mentioned at all. It seems likely that with so many husbands and children, that she may have sunk her claws into two of the most attractive (gene wise) men in the new world over the last 30 years. Please rebut this argument with something other than a 'No' or I will assume you are daft.

then her actions regards to luffy make no sense. also she just referred to him as "garp's grandson"

This is an acceptable counterargument. Still interesting to think about what interactions BM has had with Monkey family over the years.

Oda said in an SBS that Luffy's mother and father would appear in the next volume, so she is most likely a revolutionary.

Why would Garp, a man who "put aside" love even for his family out of loyalty for the marines fall in love with a pirate?

She hasn't been mentioned, but it's not going to be Big Mom.

If it is, then great intuition by you and rather surprising twist by Oda.

There's already way enough meat to roast atm without it, at best I'm willing to concede some sort of blood relation, eg the first daughter of Lin Lin being Dragon's wife/lover

>D: Oda-sensei!! I have a serious question. Will you ever draw Luffy's parents? P.N. Mr. Uni, Age 16

>O: His parents? Well, I think you will be pleased with the next volume. Get excited!

Dragon showed up the next volume. There is absolutely nothing implying anything about Luffy's mother anywhere.

The point is that there is substantial evidence to bolster the claim that Gear 4 is becoming less taxing on Luffys body.

>Luffy's mother and father would appear in the next volume,

did he actually say that?

It creates a ton of fucking hype

(then it's just a shadowy figure in the background and he trolled the fuck out of everyone)

that would be retarded

Oda said that Monet will join

There's just one autist floating about that can't articulate his thoughts. Struggling to form a coherent sentence, the best he manages is one word.

I never come to this board. How much butthurt did it cause Monet's death among furries here?


he was actually asked about luffy's mom in a interview with the american shonen jump, and he gave a description that was pretty much just dadan (who made her debut soon after)

Did furries even exist back then?

Source? I want to see some copied and pasted text before anything

bestiality existed 3000 years ago, so yes

how do you know
Don't tell me you're an old man

That was before CoA haki, son. Before the pigment of armored resolve, child.

that's totally caesar's mom/sister

Something wrong with a breadth or wisdom and experience?

Why has Oda never revealed the weight of the strawhats?


she's just a monster musume

John Irons: What is Luffy's mother like? Was she beautiful? What happened to her? Did she die when Luffy was a baby?

Oda: I think she's alive. I'm still thinking hard about this. [Laughs] But if she does appear in the story, then she'll be a very tough-looking woman. And strict. There's no way that she's a beautiful mother. She's got this typical middle-aged woman's permed hair. Speaking about families, I did a backstory for Nico Robin and her family. That was actually the first time for me to draw a mother in a character's memory. Up until that point, I'd never drawn a blood relation. In Chopper's case, he's called a son even though he's not blood-related. So I've put in a message there saying that you can still call someone who's not related by blood your family. American Shonen Jump (December 2009 )

Same shit

Does it matter autist?

yeah their combined weight equals about half of your momma's

I'm not attacking your daddy. Calm down Oda dicksuckers

where the hell are al lthe screencaps for the new episode? so many great cleavage shots

...what? are you upset that Oda has been denying you his cock or something?

Awh Dadan is super cute

>caring about 2d black lines

What is the worst possible ending Oda could come up with? Like, Bleach bad?

Ass blasted ichirukifag detected

They never reach One Piece

Crackerfags are getting BTFO wednesday. You mad crackerfags?

>you can still call someone who's not related by blood your family
So he is just talking about Dadan

I just don't know how to feel about this fight.

Stop posting that thing

Is anyone hoping for different personalities depending on which eyes are open?
Like the little sister from Dr. Hitomi's Infirmary.

Hope so. Because she is not only ugly but also boring right now. Let her be a sweet commander or some shit.

If you look closely you can actually see faint indicators of the third eyeball on her forehead.

No yout can't retard.
Her twin has 3 eyeso not her

>she's boring
I'm pretty sure any girl who isn't a bitch is boring to you

nope she is like a shittier version of rebbecca.
She makes rebbeca be a good character and useful

>she's a shitter version of Rebecca
>Rebecca useful
Nice bait

not bait, thats just how bad purin is

>I-im not baiting
Sure you're not. So then tell me how is she more shit then Rebecca and makes her look more useful?

Rebecca has had more panel time in one chapter than Pudding has total.

>calls user retard
>can't spell

why? so you can deny it like the delusional person you are?

By that logic everyone should be able to use fire attack but no ones does.



>the great treasure that gold roger left behind was actually ADVENTURE!

sounds something like the hack would do even though he said he wouldnt.
He is losing his touch

Okay, nigger

Curing people of autism was never a part of "Oda's touch"

Sorry but you're stuck with it

>Odas cock will be in your mouth tonight. Thanks for defend him


he won't do it. He knows that ending the series like that will end with Japan being nuked again.

What? Are you jealous sweetie? Don't get so upset.

>10 minutes were added to the dick sucking. For your extra defending

Adding fire to the attack makes it stronger so pretty much everyone should be using it.

Aww, so cute. Is wittle user jealous? Oda not giving you enough attention? Don't worry, there's plenty to go around.

Multiple people have.

Literally perfect

such as?

literally best girl

that too

>5 minutes, thanks for the contribution

I want it to be over so the story can progress.

You're welcome honey. Just remember all you have to do is ask. ;)

new thread when


>2 more minutes how much you want.

>oh i won't since you will deny it for sure, that's why I won't tell you.
user you're just making up excuses since your statement holds no truth to it. So just go ahead and keep up with your bait

Just admit you're upset because daddy Oda isn't giving you enough attention. Acting out is not a solution.

>your limit is 1 minute, further defending will not give u more time of sucking odas cock

That's ok. It looks like you need it most. Clearly when you're away from Oda's cock too long you get jealous.

Do you want to have the last word to feel like a man little buddy?
Okay go for it

If that makes you feel better kiddo.

who let kids in my thread