How important are kisses in romance anime?

How important are kisses in romance anime?

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>man and woman
That's not romance, that's just sex.

they are very important.

The first consensual kiss of the mc with the person he/she has been loving is the peak of every romance. They can ruin a series though if they happen at the wrong time.

Not very, Macross Delta never had a kiss.

Extremely. Romance without a kiss feels unfinished.

>anime doesn't give us kisses so we must not need them
Stop being a battered wife, user.


Cant call it a romance without one

it can make or break a series. the absence of a kiss in romantic series means nothing came to fruition

How much does a kiss with Shiburin cost?

It's really not as important as before, where it seems like a ritual that confirms the relationship. Now if you only show a kiss it can be not significant enough since harems are so prevalent. To show real commitment a timeskip or downright sex are just more effective.

Very, very important. It emphasizes that the love interest is ready to give up his/her shame/distance in order to become more intimate. Also as soon as a kiss has happened anything else including sex is totally a possibility.

A confession alone can still leave the persons involved unable to further approach each other. And i just wouldn´t call that true love if you can´t get intimate because you´re still ashamed of one another.

Sometimes people don't even know the name of the show, but they know kissu scenes from it.



You don´t like kissu?


I want this to happen in oregairu so much. Who would be kissing 8man? Who will be NTR'd?

not as important as a definitive romantic conclusion, shows that leave you in limbo can go straight into the dumpster

Sure, but that's setting the bar pretty low.

This. If you get neither confession nor kissu you pretty much don´t even get to call that anime/manga a "romcom". Sadly enough that shit still happens in a ton of shows.

wew, jealous of him desu


Her kisses are the softest


Boku no pico.

Check the meta data.


Absolutely mandatory.


Why does this image remind me so much of Kimi ni Todoke romance "progression"?


Shiki didn't want a kiss though.

They married and had a daughter. Shiki is just a very traditional girl who probably thinks kissing is gross.

I've been let down so many times that when scenes like this happen, I just expect that something is going to interrupt them.

More like Kokutou is too prude for that kind of thing.

>I just expect that something is going to interrupt them.
When you have some experience with the medium, you can usually tell from the build-up what's going to happen.

Considering it takes around 600 chapters on average to get to it typically. I'd say not at all - I mean come on if you can write a romance manga for 13 years without a kiss then it's obviously not very important.

Expect the worst, then there's no place to go but up.

>How important are kisses in romance anime?
Extremely important, but not more important than they are in NTR.

What's the greatest kiss in anime and manga?

This one


did her neck snap

>Pic doesn't end up with him headbutting her instead.

I love kissu

Trunks' Senzu bean kiss with Mai.

A kissu scene is generally pretty cool when it's done and who doesn't like cool things?


When did that happen?

Did someone said kissu?

Pretty much negligible because there's never been a good romance show.

What's the best first kiss? Short, long, or the multiple "whoops that one didn't take" kiss?

literally today 2 hours ago.

Wow Eureka so pretty!

Forehead kiss

>How important are kisses in mecha anime?

Off the topic my head Kamina dies because kissu.



I waited years for this one.

Does he kiss her?
Do we have to suffer through his annoying monologue while he says cringy things and he is obviously mistaken about their relationship and Eureka doesn't really want it but because Renton is so stupid and annoying he still does it, in a long, dragged out scene that's just so painful to watch, for the wrong reasons?

I don't like this anime.
In general, kisses are very unimportant. A kiss is just empty and annoying porn, I watch romance anime for the feelings and relationship, not for a stupid porn scene 25 episodes in.

Pretty sure he kissed her, yes. I can't recall well since it's been over a decade since I watched it.

>She left anyway
Just fuck my shit up senpai.

They can be a bit different

I never understood the ending.

Did he stay in the "ghost" dimension with her or what? I remember that they stay together, somehow.

>Hey, stay the night
>Goes to sleep without laying a single finger on her
How did they even get a daughter?


It's a proper way to declare who's the winner

Orihime kissed Keitaro a bunch of times I think

Oreimo is the greatest lovestory ever told.

Completely unnecessary.

Yeah, poor him


I can honestly do without them, I just need resolution and a kiss at the finale is an easy way to get it.

very important

Except they finally did smooch...?

Not the most important thing, but it's up there.

it gives me closure.

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What is this from? Google tells me it's a personal computer

its a hot new way to shitpost.

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Extremely important. It's the equivalent to real life sex.

Without a good kiss at the end to confirm that the romance has actually blossomed into love, without it you've just got the swarm of unfinished open ended anime that plague the medium today





Without kissing, romance is just shipping.

Very important. I can't fucking stand it when they don't. Let alone when they leave it to the last episode.

>Romance anime
>Posts picture from idolslut franchise.

No kissing is the same as leaving the relationship unresolved. It's the most intimate act you can show aside from sex and handholding so if you can't just man up and show it then you're just cockblocking your viewers/readers

Are there any good romance anime that have come out in the last year or so? I haven't had the time to really keep up with new releases.

>Did he stay in the "ghost" dimension with her or what?

That, or my other thought at the time was that the ending was a very stylized way of saying the MC offed himself to be with her

>MC offed himself to be with her
I'd do the same desu.

>mc is a faggot
>mom and dad obviously raised him and loved him still a faggot
>rubs the back of his head
>misunderstands everything
>not likeable just bland generic guy with
"loser friends"
>nothing likeable about him except he is "kind"
>manning up for mc is realizing what a retard they are and spouting of a kiss
>end of the series or sequel hints at status quo

i really need to quit this genre.

> Who would be kissing 8man?
Isn't it obvious at this point?

not at all, seeing as the moment it becomes a romance anime is the moment it becomes shit

this formula is pretty recent right? Have they done the amagami treatment yet to it? I would watch something like that.

I wish Producer would kiss me.

There are a few exceptions.

Yosuga no Sora kind of had it and it was a disaster.

Hopefully they don't keep the takes a plane to a country thousands of miles away for Yukinoshita. I'd choke a bitch in rage. Only reason I can handle it for WA2 is that this was later fixed.

>this formula is pretty recent right?
Not really. You've seen it so much recently because the new generation of authors are such hacks with so little real life experience they can't come up with anything remotely original in the shitty soap operas they write.

You mean the omnibus format? It's used more in dating sim games, where the routes are all the same until the branch off happens. Don't see it to often in anime though

its fun to watch the korean soap operas do this.
>lock her in a garage , a korean fucking garage with a padlock
>korean manlet cant bust open the lock because he respects his elders opinion so much
>both of them are screaming each other names
>scene ends with korean RandB

korean soap operas are crazy

kissing always looks terrible animated

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It's the endgame

Once they done it, nothing more can be salvaged from the series.

See Chuunibyou as an example

Sometimes not all that important. Sometimes they just want to kiss to try it.

Fuck you so hard, Ueshiba.

>Interesting start
>Develops at a good pace
>Suddenly fucking nothing
What happened?

hack syndrome.

How important is sex/implied sex?
How many romance animes imply the main couple fucked?

Korean soap is fucking crazy. They go into the really dark fucked up end of the spectrum a lot of the time and then act like it's all good and normal.

Just recently I watched something that went along something like this
>mc blackmails the girl to date him in high school
>girl's dad gets run over in a hit and run
>turns out mc is a bastard child and his dad who he doesnt know helps cover up the hit and run for his boss whose daughter was the driver
>mc is diagnosed with a deadly disease and has a few months left
>meets the girl again by chance
>it keeps happening
>doesn't tell the girl or anyone else that he's going to die

This is as far as I got but what I'm quessing will happen is that the guy finds out about his father and then the girl tells him that he covered up the driver that killed her dad and shit blows up.

Depends on how rare they are and how meaningful they become. If they're given away like candies, then it's worthless. If there treasured like diamond, then it's worth much more.

Sex is a bonus but not necessary

Since most shows end with the couple's first kiss and starting dating it's very nice to have some of the dating life and sex/implied sex included.

If u ask me though they took a page out of j drama, then put their extreme korean spin on it.
Korean mainstream media is basically more extreme jap mainstream media

>Korean mainstream media is basically more extreme jap mainstream media
So this this why manhwa is plagued by NTR.

Glasses are kissing too.

This is lewd.

One of the cutest kisses I've ever seen. She resists but eventually gets into it.


Kisses are way more important in Japan than the West. Almost like a mini-virginity.

Every soapy romance from any country on Earth has had NTR and love polygamy in it. That's the trope. The actual source from NTR is erotica and soap operas in general.

I'm fine with characters not having sex until they're married.

However, if they ARE married, they need to be having sex.

I've been letting this shit build up for years because it releases at a snail's pace. I'll probably read all of it in a single weekend.

If there is no /ss/ I'll be disappointed.

French Shiki obviously believed in waiting until marriage.

>are you an italian
Is this some kind of jap meme

It's not just kisses but rather things in general are more meaningful in Japanese culture. If you make a promise you keep that. If you make a friend you treat them like one. Where as in the West truth/promises/kisesses/friends are disposable at you convenience.

Italians are known for greeting each other by kisses on the cheek

See: Mobster movies

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To Western audiences, very.
To Japanese audiences, not too important.

I will never not be mad. The anime is canon and the manga ending was some shitty doujin. Fuck Ueshiba with a pinecone.

But not on the lips clearly

That's why its a joke being made by a girl who is clearly flustered

fucking love romance animes. My ex two times back, introduced me to anime, and then I started watching harem and romance. I think its easily the best catogory, I cant watch an anime without a serious loveline, i think

Otoyomegatari is more of a collection of arcs than one on-going story. You can read is safely without having to worry that it's not over yet.

Amira/Karluk > Pariya > Brown Loli Twins > Smith/Used Goods Widow > Yuri Wives

>Smith that low

You disgust me

>I cant watch an anime without a serious loveline, i think
I'm not that hardcore, but I can't take a character seriously if they show no sexuality or interest in the opposite sex. Romance is the most humanizing thing you can write for a character, so when a character is inexplicably asexual, it's bizarre.

Less important than writing but since anime equals shit writing, people into this kind of stuff probably don't give a shit about anything but muh kissu anyway.

>Italians are known for greeting each other by kisses on the cheek
Men kissing on the lips is also a known mobster meme (the kiss of death or 'il bacio della morte').
"Are you a Russian" might have been more accurate, but Japan gets so many of its cultural stereotypes wrong (I'm also looking at you, USA) that it's to be expected.

>Macross Delta
That's the exception because we got fingering.

>traditional girl who probably thinks kissing is gross

Wait, there are girls who think this is gross?

What's it like to kiss a girl Cred Forums

Fun fact: the guy who directed this scene is the guy they got to direct the Naruto romance movie.


>tfw girls who deserves the kiss will probably never get one

A girl actually stole my first kiss and it felt very nice once I realized what was happening.


It's the fastest route to an erection

Shirou isn't asexual, he's just a dork

I'm so mad.;_;

Italian here, that's mainly a relatives thing.


Does it count if we didn't kiss each other at the same time? Like on the cheek saying goodbye to each other on 2 separate occasions.

Soft and moist.

Source: Your ass.
People in Japan are as shitty as anywhere else mate.

It's a proxy for sex a lot of times

Not for the purpose of this thread.

Reminds me how Lucas said that in the original trilogy if characters were shown kissing on-screen, it was code that they were having sex offscreen.

Which says a lot about that Luke/Leia kiss on Hoth.

Yea, but what kind of sex.

Sex for love.

like a beam of warmth and happiness emanating from the heart


>Pariya/waterwheel fag not #1

Did you even read the latest chapters

literally deserves to be NTR'd.

It makes me curious how a romance anime will hold if the protagonist is some sort of war veteran where his lower face had been deformed by shrapnel and thus unable to kiss


>animu romance featuring anyone but an everyman HS/college kid

Literally never happens

So are you saying that Chuuni still has more to give



I'm happy it ended well
Not often i get into a series with an actual ending

not anime


are you retarded or something

Goddammit Shinichiro.

That was really erotic

Well carrie fisher is a notorious slut who will fuck almost anyone

This is as deformed as love interests are allowed to be.

How i would know?

Isn't it basically impossible to have sex with her because the burns fucked up her vag?

But user, you can't love bacon

No it's impossible to have sex with her because she's a picture.

And that scene was really romantic, it would be perfect if they have a kiss.

Why was Emma so fucking good?

The hell I can't

Don't let people know your waifu is a pig, user. They'll bully you.

Just use her ass dude

Because Kaoru Mori.

Noefags are still mad.

Kissing looks terrible in general if you think about it.

Two wet epidermal layers, covered in bacterium, salvia and (maybe) warts, making physical contact for potentially 10 or more seconds, to express "feelings" for one another.

I realize this post sounds extreme fedora/r9k-ish. I'm making a joke, faggots.

yeah kissing is pretty gay


>calling kissing gay
I'll kiss you so hard faggot, lets see how gay you're calling it then.


that would be one hell of a kiss

It'd probably be one they'd forget though, unlike most first kisses

It's gross. You should only kiss boys instead.

Really fucking soft. So soft you can hardly tell its happening, but it is and its wonderful.


You're making me feel like my relationship could be better.


If you feel it could be better than you're right with or without her depends entirely on the two of you

all you need to do is ask "her" to shave the mustache m8 Just don't see her for a while. Kissing will feel wonderful if you haven't done it in a couple weeks (even if it's with the same person)

What the fuck are you doing

agree with this but only when it's in a relationship

normalfags just can't resist blogging at every opportunity

Forceful kisses are nice

wow that's pretty much rape you misogynist rape apologist

There's nothing to apologize.


Its also done all the time between friends(especially if opposite gender)

The better question is what does it feel like having a girl tounge your ear and use her mouth to put a condom on.

She was my first time, and she's spoiler me forever.

What matters most with a kiss is the feelings behind it. Even if someone was missing their entire lower face from the bottom of the nose down, a kiss would still be possible, albeit one sided but the feelings would remain and the one unable to return the kiss could find another way to transfer their feelings.

you know, I kinda want this now.



I wouldn't say it's pleasurable, but extremely pleasant.Kinda blissful, more about the mind than the body.

>Flicking her rune
How did they get away with that.

>tfw got an erection just by holding hands, and had to walk around
I-I think nobody noticed.

requesting source please i need vanilla in my life

worst idolmasters

New Season when?

Anyone got a link to all the LNs? I've been looking for them but most of the ones I find are kill or bad quality.

There is literally nothing wrong with casually kissing in the cheek

That reminds of a H-mango that the guy couldn't choose between twins so he tried to get elected to legalize it.

Kissing and hugging are essential parts of romance, and yet so much romance anime seems to keep physical contact between the 'lovers' to a bare minimum. I really don't understand Japan's stigma towards physical contact, especially between people who are supposed to be romantically connected.

they also lessen the impact of a series if they're only alluded to as something that will happen in the future instead of being explicitly shown..

>not understanding the concept of a waifu nor the experience of having one

Yeah it's kind of a well-known kiss in anime circles.

She has wings? Guess this was an important spoiler.

But at least it looks like she wants it, so may not be as awful as I feared

It's just a way to bait the audience to keep reading. Authors are afraid that people won't keep buying if they give them what they want, so they hold it over their heads each week.


At least one of you motherfuckers gets it.

I'd sure like to know, myself.

Japan is more conservative.
At least in media

It is possible for it to work but usually it means it's dumb blueball shit

Bags of sand.

This is canon now.

Don't you dare fucking remind me pleb.

Japan is the last bastion of decency in the first world.

Yui WILL NEVER acept the plan harem

A romance anime without a kiss is just a slice of life

I don't recall a kiss in Clannad.

Not to forget the audience is kissless hugless virgins

Fuck off, Produshitface. UzuRin is canon.


Filename should be kissu

>>man and woman
>That's not romance, that's just sex.

Real sex is struggle between two strong men.
Everything else involves pussies.

Kisses can be implied to happen later. The actual statement of "I love you" is far more important.





I refuse to believe that.

Can I request this pic but the girl with red hair and the guy with blond?


Because it reminds me of a girl I once saw and loved

Go find her.

stay mad

I know where she is, she's always in the same location :(

I aint even mad

Yeah, well, yer mum did last night.

very important

Correct my mother did not believe that either.

like salty milk and coins

Anyone sane would.


Which word confuses you?

Ha! I remember that show.
I don't remember the actual final couple getting a kiss scene, though.

>All these fucking normalfaggots

Very or else the author can go kill himself


In general there needs to be more actual intimacy between couples in anime

I'm still trying to forget it.

Like bliss. People think sex is more important and whatever but a good kiss can leave your heart erupting. It's soft and warm; your mind floats away, and the only thing that matters is this thing that you're sharing with another, this warmth and this softness, the consummation of your feelings. People say that it feels like time literally stops, and I'd agree, to an extent. Kissing someone you love is ecstasy for the mind, sex for the body.

Too much tongue is the fucking worst though. I had a gf who used to fucking tongue rape me and it was awful. I prefer softer, sweeter lip kisses, with sucking and a few playful bites. Much more enjoyable than tongue, it does nothing for me.

That does not look tasty.

The best description I've read still lies on The Order of The Phoenix. "It was wet."- Harry Potter.

That is exactly right.

"Wet" how? Like mollusks?



Says the fag who doesn't like a girl french-kissing him.

I think we are off the subject.

So, I imagine picking up a mollusk and feeling its folds slowly gliding around in my hand. While its viscous slime drips down from my grasp, I open my mouth and stretch out my tongue, feeling the gentle wind cooling it softly. I lower my tongue over the mollusk's body and go down, further and further, until the wind's coldness at the tip of my tongue turns into a warm watness. I delight upon experiencing this warm sensation, and my body yearns for more. I press my tongue on the mollusk's impressive muscles, and begin to slowly move the tongue up and down, treasuring every small bump. My tongue's speed begins to pick up, the mollusk's bodily fluids increase as the animal becomes increasingly stressed from my frantic licking. Slime begins to splash around as the tongue moves up and down, up and down, as I taste its warm, gastropodal honey.

Is that how a kiss is like?

>warm watness

No, watness describes it.

Disgusting slut.


( ) VERY

The more I keep seeing those two characters the more I keep remembering that I need to watch the anime they're from since it's on my backlog.

Post more kissus



I think you mixed up the word "cute" with "rapey"

Natsuyuki Rendevous is about a widow, and it's one of the better romances I've seen.

>Too much tongue is the fucking worst though. I had a gf who used to fucking tongue rape me and it was awful

God dammit, being tongued is the best part of kissing

She was obviously jealous of the other cute girls in his life. He showed her that despite his wondering eyes and sometimes hands, he truly loves her.

Why are those boys kissing?

Because they love eachother obvious.

The right ones a girl.

Obviously, it's Yumiko

Very important.


something feels very wrong about this picture, and I can't pinpoint it

Take your pick



marry the teacher

Just read all of Mysterious Girlfriend X, you will then realize just how important kissing is in romance. After the rage subsides anyways.

Toradora's was euphoric

>kissing rumi
all is right with the world

Kisses aren't necessarily required for a good romance, but they are absolutely ESSENTIAL for good NTR in my humble opinion. Any piece of NTR worth its salt will always culminate when the heroine starts engaging in a romantic, mostly consensual kiss with whoever stole her/raped her.

Out of those, sensei, gahamama, and yumiko are the best


Those were great days.

But he's being harmed in all three: Being punched by Yumiko, about to fall to his death with Yui's mom and his lungs are being filled with smoke in Sensei's.

The only one that's gentle and sweet is Saika's and maybe Meguri's.

>That Hitler video about her arc in SS+
>"The Jews are invited"

This is the one true KLK pairing.

Love hurts


How do kisses feel like?


Yeah, but that's KyoAni, they can get away with it

user, that's not about the kiss, it's about the NTR and cuckolding


What do you call it, then?

Well if you supported the other girl you could view it as a tragedy.

sauce pls


I actually found this part lewder than the kisses. There's something extremely hot about men protecting women.

women who do aggressive tonguing are the best


MG X was a letdown, they didn't keep escalating things in the written. I don't even want to see another anime season because of that unless they change the story

>you will never kiss a girl


What's it like to kiss a boy Cred Forums?

As it should be

Stay salty, TakeAShitfags. You guys got BTFOd in the end. UzuRin is canon.
So glad some thread like have superior taste.


You fucking wot spazz.


/u/ please go and stay go



He makes you feel safe and secure holding you in his strong arms and kind of scratches and tickles you with his facial hair.


fuck off /u/



Never have I seen someone so butthurt about a completely unrelated "argument" that was going on exclusively in their imagination.

Sasuga /u/


If I understand correctly, some /u/fag is spamming their favorite yuri pairing because OP posted a picture of one of the girls kissing a guy or something? Is that right?

Looks to be.




>sex for mana
that show is basically a thinly veiled criticism of exploitative relationships.

My Little Monster

Google doesn't give me the sauce


I'm sorry, I should've written "best romance ever".

Very. Kisses are still incredibly important in East Asian cultures.

If a girl says she's never been kissed and is saving it for her husband, she is serious. Do NOT steal a kiss. She will start crying about how she can't get married now.

I don't know, what's the opposite of romance?
Where everyone losses and nobody is happy?

Life I guess?

It's actually a way to shoehorn sex into a VN

I don't think that's true.
But I'm not going to go suggesting you kiss girls against their will either.

>Not kissing a bunch of girls so that way they become cakes in the future

You can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. Except in this case the eggs are lip hymens.

>tfw I missed Nasu posting on Cred Forums

Do kissus ever happen in a shonen series?

Like, at all?

Asking because it's really going to suck if pic related goes nowhere after literally 4 years of building to something

made me laugh user

Generally no, but the fact that Shokugeki no Soma is drawn by a hentai artist might mean there's hope. Hentai artists who go mainstream are less afraid of kisses than authors who have only ever worked on mainstream stuff.

I love you, Sensei.
I love you so much.

I'm pretty sure they will become a couple. However, I am afraid that it would be like "TIMESKIP. SOUMA AND ERINA ARE MARRIED"

Like generally shonen romance shit happens at the very end of the series and it's an afterthought but with Shokugeki they played with the idea for the first ~100 chapters or so then they started to ramp it way up.

A-am I making a mistake by raising my expectations here?

Shut the fuck up already. It's generic, never-ending light novel haremshit. You are never going to get your kiss.

I need more Smith.

One thing I like about this manga is how subtle all the major romantic milestones are. Most manga would have one or both members of the couple freaking out about the confiession/first handhold/first kiss, etc. for 5 or more chapters before they actually happen, but they happen more or less naturally here.

wasted series

It's not the kiss that's important. It's the build up. It's best when the heroine has tension with the MC. In otherwords tsundere.

I hate threads like this, where all the normalfags come out to blogpost. You fags already have tumblr, reddshit and facefuck, don't take Cred Forums from us.

characters shouldn't even so much as say they love each other
at most, they should call the moon beautiful.


Is that Hori-san to Miyamura-kun?

>Natsuyuki Rendevous
>tags: romance, josei, supernatural

Maybe it's a sign you're the one who needs to change.

Nobody is blogging. Shut the fuck up.

what I agree with you don't quote me dumbass

It's because you instinctively know that she's about to torture his cock&balls and maybe use a strap-on.

I thought they somehow twisted their tongues into funnel shapes, then I realized it was actually just all her tongue twisting to drill into his mouth.

Fuck people who don't like huge dramatic kisses.

You are cynical dickheads and the world has too much of that already.

Nobody truly dislikes kisses; they just pretend to, because we rarely get them, so some anons feel they have to make excuses for anime. It's basically Battered Wives Syndrome.

extremely gay and forbidden

but what if you're a girl


that tie pull is sexy

need to happen more often for people to hate them