Panty & Stocking Thread

>tfw people think this is a pony

Don't post ponies on Cred Forums, brony.

Normalfags gonna normal.

The art style and her multi colored hair is enough to spark normalfag hate.


the art style kept me away from it for long time too, but it ended up being so much better than i thought

I want to fuck them both desu.



I think it's the hooves.

Let's post some more lewds

hooves dont have toes, senpai

," he said without posting anything at all.

Welcome to the internet. We're all selfish

Also lost all my panty and stocking pics, so sorry.


are the demon sisters virgins? i get the feeling they havent even gotten close to panty or stocking in terms of body count

A friend of mine cosplayed stocking so I got her a Twilight Sparkle to match. The only MLP purchase I ever made.

Scanty only does Kneesocks.

Kneesocks only does Scanty.


>trying to imitate perfection

was she any good at least? post pics, im sure she'll forgive you

>ywn be the first man to penetrate the demon sisters

The dub plays up their prim-and-properness, so it's possible. They never swear, saying stuff like "What the French Toast?" instead of "what the fuck"

>The dub
fuck off

the dub is infinitely better you pleb

The last thing I want is to hear some dumb burgers voice-acting sluts; it's too in-character

Dubs are garbage. No exceptions. I've listened to the "best" and even those are fucking atrocious. Cowboy BeBop already sucks as a show, but then put on those god awful English voice actors and I'm ready to kill myself. FMA is bad too. The dub, not the show.

>it's too in-character

>Cowboy BeBop already sucks as a show, but then put on those god awful English voice actors and I'm ready to kill myself. FMA is bad too. The dub, not the show.

>trying this hard


But he's right?

Not trying hard. I just don't like dubs, and my brother convinced me to watch it dubbed with him. Worst time of my life.

PSG is only good dubbed

Stop trying to fit in so much

Yeah. That's right buddy. You alone have the correct opinion. Everyone who disagrees with you is only trying to fit in. Unlike you, you special little snowflake.

>PSG is only good dubbed

fUCK YOu, you weren't here in 2010.

Its like watching a guy jump into the water and trying to manually force the bait into the fish's mouth


Watched the whole thing subbed when it first aired. I was their when Stocking and Gainax ruined Christmas! So fuck your shit!

Are you saying I got baited or are you saying I'm baiting or what?


Are there any other Goths in anime aside from Stocking? I can't think of any others

That just makes things even clearer: the culprit is your shit taste.

You were their what?

What the fuck? I thought the dub being better was a universally accepted fact.

Please be really shitty bait.

Nope, everyone who watched it when it was airing really enjoyed the original voice acting.

Honestly, hearing the same things in English made it less entertaining for me.

Even if there aren't any dubs that I like, I wouldn't go so far as to say that a dub could never be good.

But there isn't and will never be a dub that surpasses the original.

And joke dubs aren't funny either.

Nah. There is some shit that was just funnier in the dub. Like the episode where Stocking was trying to lose wait, that exchange they have when Panty finds out stocking is on a diet is much funnier in the dub.

Dieto is one of the best and most enduring moments from the show.

The dub has no dieto. You are incorrect.


What is all this talk about Dub being shit? Afro Samurai has an amazing Dub

To me, dubbing will always be inferior because its not what the original director intended. The director is there for all the little nuances that he wants the seiyuu to convey. The dub loses this aspect and its a near bastardization of the original product.

Besides, hearing swear words in a cute Japanese accent is much better than hearing it in boring old English.

I remember i used to like Stocking way more than Panty but as the show went on i realized Panty was the real best girl. Stocking was always a bitch to Brief sure Panty too but she treated him better. When the Ending happened and it was shown she was a Demon all along i was glad. That bitch..even her tastes in men are horrible

The original director of FLCL was involved in its English dub. Also unless we are talking about "Warriors of the Wind" level fuckery where its pretty much something else entirely from the original, it's hardly a " Bastardization " of the original product. Hell Wantanabe likes the Cowboy Bebop dub over the original. And dubs like that of Hellsing arguably surpass their originals.

If the director is actually involved, then it isn't so bad, but I'd imagine that its really, really rare.
The entire show's production is linked with the Japanese audio. If you merely try to imitate it, you will convey an entirely different meaning than what the original director had in mind. It becomes an entirely different product. If you want any show in both Japanese and English, its going to be two very different experiences. I'd go as far to argue that if you watched a show dubbed, you didn't actually watch the show at all.

Just imagine if someone else other than Leonardo da Vinci tried to paint The Last Supper exactly as Leonardo da Vinci did. It would come out completely different.

Remember the "Gamergate creepshow" line from the Prison School dub? If you defend that in any way, shape or form you're fucking retarded.

If you prefer dub over sub you're an idiot. You're watching something that was animated and synced to Japanese dialogue. They remove the audio and replace it with English. They speak awkwardly in start and stop or run on sentences to match lip flaps, or don't even bother. "Well what can I say I guess that's just the way I am not that you'd know anything about that would you I don't think so." Any and all subtlety is gone in the performances. The characters are either 1 or 11, no in between. Most of the time they're monotonous.

And I fucking love Afro Samurai. Why? Because it was made with English voices, and I watch it with English voices. If you want to watch some b-tier actors stick their voices over anime go ahead, just know you're not actually watching the show.

To prove how god awful dubs are, try watching any live action movie dubbed. It's fucking horrible. But people will defend anime dubs to the death without actually having seen anything else dubbed. Battle Royale is so bad I killed myself. None of you fucks would watch Lord of The Rings in any language but English, so why do you watch anime in any other language than the one it was made in?

>Prim and proper

Didn't they have lesbian sex at one point?


>Battle Royale was so bad i killed myself

I think i speak for everyone everywhere when I say that I really, really wish this was true

As expected from a Stocking fan.

>panty the angel was better than stocking the demon

wow, thats a profound line of thought. incorrect, but profound

The evidence is right there; you posted it.

You can see her horn right there.

They are called horsefuckers faggot.


six years