Hey! Are you my master!?

Hey! Are you my master!?

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Why is she a fox?

My dick says yes. I'm going with that. Those had better be long canines and not some snaggletooth bullshit.

She isn't.

No thanks, I already have a way cuter Servant.


Then why does she have fox ears and a tail?

Technically a kind of jackal (野干; yakan). It's mere resemblance.

Where she from?

Fate grand order game, her name is Tamamo no mae


Learn to use the image search function, new friend.

You're encouraging him to just ask us again, you know.

Sorry Tamamo. I appreciate all the times I've rolled you and the help you have been, but Nero is my Servant

You got the wrong guy

Saber clone #856

Yes, time for mana transfer.

Where's Passion Lip when you need her.

>summoning caster when Nero exists

no thanks

>another Saber clone
No thanks

Why not both ?

I'd rather lance my Lancer

Cause Tamamo will castrate you

Before or after impregnation?

Truly worst servant then

I want to summon all the Tamamo.

Because I love Nero?

Oh boy, you want to start another war ?

Pink with long straight hair seems like best girl.
The wary looking green one too.

>liking Nero

Would Lance her too

A war of love.

I for one welcome our cute overlords

Why do I love anime titties?

What about a cat user, is it fine too ?

No retards

this thread needs more foot-fetish saber clone

Don't discriminate, bro

But she loves you and is 100% faithful

I'd that cat

I want to expercience the friendship of her tights.

If she won't give me a hug she can't be best girl


I wanna take caster and go late-night servant hunting.

I'm sure the ones I actually want are too.
It's a preference.

She would do anything for you, just like Casko.

Then give me a hug!

One month to caster dating Sim game comes out, called Extella



Why does her right hand only seem to have 3 fingers?

Four toes on each foot, but five fingers on the left hand.



Who am I kidding? I still would.

What did she mean by this ?

Other two are probably cupping her breasts.
I count 5 on the right but there's definitely only 4 on the left foot.

>What did x mean by this
Going back to Cred Forums probably

Don't think too hard about it, just fap.

>Going back to Cred Forums probably
What did he mean by this ?

Only of your lancer version

In reality, she's showing the regalia of rulership over the mooncell, which shows she's ruler. There's only meant to be one, yet nero and Tamamo both have one.

However she's showing it off with the obvious subtext of it trying to look like a wedding ring.


>wet t-shirt

Fine, you won, I'll fap tonight.

Tamamo is the only good thing that has come from F/E

Li and Robin are great though. CCC girls too.

That ass was fat.

If I pull the tail, will it hurt?

It would be extremely painful.

...does she enjoy pain?

No. But she's one of the confirmed female Servants that knows the sort of magic and spells that can let her grow a dick and fuck you in the ass with it.

Doesn't seem like it, but should probably suck it up for you.



Nothing good came from CCC


She takes 30,000 over the course of the entire play through points of damage and she gets a fucking wedding dress.

Hello Tamamofags, Nerofags, and the other Servantsfags! Remember to take care of your servant and cherish them! They are awesome!
Tamamo is so hilarious and kind of extreme, this type of things does not surprise me anymore. I mean, Tamamo Lancer use an umbrella as the lance? That's absolutely genius
Stylish outfit of Fate girls. I am still happy for the delivery
What do you expect to happen in Extella? This question is for both Nerofags and Tamamofags

I'm sure your opinion is well-validated and thought out but I won't accept that.

Got her to level 100 the other day.
I expect Nero to win because I'll be playing with her.

>What do you expect to happen in Extella?

Waifu war, both in game and outside of it.

Praying for DLC mostly but Nero's faction seems the most fun.

a shit

You should already know the basic plot of Extella

Every few thousand years the mooncell needs to reboot, and it leaves Archimedies in charge of that function. He says the regalia is necessaryfor the reboot to undergo, otherwise bad things will happen. However the reboot can't start sjnce the regalia is broken up, split up or something.

Your servant has the regalia and is living in virtual heaven with you, having fun and living. When suddenly you're confronted by another Verison of you who has another servant, and another regalia, mystery deepens since there should only be one regalia, and one of you.

The other you and other servant offers to split up the mooncell 50/50, but you decide that fuck you, we're going to war over this shit since we're king. So the war between the rulers of the mooncell begin, each ruler can control programs and servants that they've enlisted. Programs are basic battle AIs that can't do too much on their own except hold down twrritort. It's like a game of capture the flag, where you steal territoey.

Three rulers vying for territory are Tamamo, Atilla, and Nero. Arthuria is fighting to stop the war it seems.

However some greater evil behind it all will probably be revealed, who brought you all together for some reason

>Nero's faction seems the most fun.

No shit, Gawain the Knight of shitposting, Smug Redman, the Whore of Babylone and Cu. I wonder how long it will take before they kill each other.

Then good for you! I admit that I want to request in the drawthread one with that emperor outfit for my waifu, I like it, but I got delivered and I really don't want to be greedy. I'm just really excited to have been delivered. I wanna know though, why some people like her instead of Arthuria or Mordred, I mean, I'm just curious, there has to be a reason.
Well, you know this things are Fated to happen.
Do you expect the DLC to be free or cheap?
Yeah I know, but thanks for resposting it

I mostly expect banter between Cu and Li to argue whose better at one-hit KOs
I foresee a large amount of DLC so maybe a bit on the cheap side but I'm not holding my breath or looking to necessarily buy everyone

They do seem fun. Its just a shame about Nero herself.

Attila's faction looks way better than Neros. Just Iskander and Gilgamesh constantly shit talking Jeanne

I wonder who will be the most requested Servant or guest character for this game, I mean, I believe this type of game is pretty liked and even loved, and with a big cast of characters like Fate has, I believe there will be some demand on many of them.

I definitely see some of the more prolific, read. popular girls, like Scathach and the likes will be added. I'm expecting a poll eventually.

It goes without saying I want the Sakuraclones as bosses or something around the sort. Wrecking armies with them sound pretty fun.

That's the other faction I really want to play, I just happen to really like Li.

They should add Ozzy in it. He seems to get along greatly with Gil.

>Gilgamesh: “How idiotic. Truly idiotic.”
>Ozzymandias: “Truly.”

>Gilgamesh: “We are of one mind, Sun.”
>Ozzymandias: “Naturally, Golden.”

The two are very sure that this is all pointless, after all…

>Gilgamesh: “It is exceedingly simple. It should be obvious which one of us is stronger.”
>Ozzymandias: “It is as you say. The matter of who the strongest Heroic Spirit is should be as self-evident as the figure of the sun hanging in the heavens. To fight over it would be the height of stupidity.”
>Gilgamesh: “Ha, your words embellish too much. It is making me slightly ashamed.”
>Ozzymandias: “Oh, don’t mind it, I’m the one who’s embarrassed.”
>Nitocris: (Nervous shaking)

Scat, Mordred, Jack the Ripper, and Okita are pretty much guaranteed if there's dlc.

Scathach and Shuten are a given since they are so popular, maybe Jeanne Alter too, but it may be just a skin for Jeanne.

I wish we got Drake, since she is part of the first Extra.

I will actually love Scathach. I am not a big fan of the Sakuraclones but there are people who love them so I welcome them too.
Besides, you know what they say, the more the merrier, having a lot of characters to play and try is always the best feeling for me. Which one of the clones is most popular?
Agreed too.
Oh crap, a loli with a big ass, I wonder if the game will have problems when it comes to here, eventually.
Agreed too
Alter Jeanne would be great too

Since it is still in the Extra-verse, I really expect them to bring up the original servants like Drake, Robin, Gawain, Vlad, and Nursery Rhyme eventually. No clue on Arc and Shiki though.
>Most popular clone
Seiyuufags got away with Meltlilith being the most liked clone since Hayamin is practically a goddess

I see. Isn't she the most aggresive of the three?

She's pretty belligerent compared to the others, even among the originally drafted Sakuraclones

>Scathach in a tron outfit like Cu
I can dig it

So basically Gilgamesh and Ramses just fellate each other's egos?

I see.
How relevant are all of them in the CCC FoxTail Manga right now?
Good Lord, she is a really fine woman.

Shiny purple lines always makes things better.

They are so arrogant that they think the other one is conceding, that's why Nitocris is scared.

Body suits are sex and she fills one out nice

No, they are both so arrogant that each one thinks the other is aknowledging him.

So it's like the Three Christs of Ypsilanti then?


Why are Fate girls so fucking sexual and breed indulging?


King Protea and Violet made an appearance while PL and ML showed up way earlier. No clue when Loli-Sakura is going to show up.

There's two BBs running around though, the really sadist one in the goth-loli outfit and the "original" one running around without clothes.

They just are, man. Purple haired girls especially.

Why does Cred Forums have such boring taste?

they just are


let's see your girl then user


Medusa is so lovely too (I also love that type of Voice Asakawa Yuu does)
Why Cred Forums doesn't go harem route and add one Fate girl on their harem? Don't lie, EVERYONE in here has a secret harem despite having a favoritism over one.


So is everyone Cred Forums a Victorian gentleman with Madonna-Whore Complexes?

Except this one. She is shit.

New chapter of fox is fox


Everyone gets flags this chapter, harem end soon.

How so?

So what Hakuno is going to cuck Suzuka away from her master?

She's enough of a slut to shack up with other dudes for years anyway so not really a surprise I guess

I don't think people will treat the other girls as whores when they got such fine personalities that can't help but like/love them

>Harem end
Well the rest of this shit is already enough of oc donut garbage that I guess it's possible

Knowing how powerful these girls get, cheating may not be really allowed.

Is there pastebin or MEGA for all translated chapters so far?

I mean, there are moments when the girls rather agree that the guy can't live without any of them so they decide to take them for themselves.
Now imagine if the guy it's ok with it but have lwo sexual drive.... now that would be an hilarious troll end.

Long hair really adds to Sakura's image

Shit design

Thinking about harems made me think, what if the human M:F ratio was something other than the roughly even split it is today, like say 1 man for every three females. And how human societies would develop like that. Normally, in a 1:1 ratio, the nature of human reproduction means that, to quote my BioAnth professor, "sperm is cheap, eggs are expensive", which when combined with the more physical robustness of males, makes men more "disposable" in matters of survival. What if the ratio was changed to where men were less disposable?

>I didn't read the chapter nor understand characters

>I didn't either, but always want to inject my feelings about how this manga Is fanfiction OC steel garbage shit that I hate whenever I see it so I can deny its existence to feel better about myself.

Could you try to explain it a bit more thoroughly? I can't tell if you're being serious or not.

I don't read cucktail

>shit design
>shit personality
>shit character archetype

Yeah, I guess I really can't take you seriously at all.

Um... what?

Do you think I really take the opinion of someone with certified shit taste that seriously?

I guess where I'm going with this is what would the M:F ratio have to be for both sexes to be considered equally disposable in terms of biology.

Opinion of what?

>I don't read it, but I shitpost about it and what I think it's about pretending I have a reason to hate it. Pretend it's cuck, it's shit, it's ntr, or whatever I want when really I don't know anything since I refuse to read it.

How this makes sense to you I can only wonder

People giving comments on what they "think" Is wrong with something when they didn't really read it is almost as bad as people who have "read fsn", but really they just read a three paragraph Wikipedia article. How this ever makes sense to them is beyond me, but it comes off as ignorant.

I've seen the chapter of Suzuka and Tamamo talking in the hotsprings, was enough to know it's cuckshit

She's shit

Source pls

>FeMC: but we're both girls
>Tamamo: you want a dick? A rank shapeshift lol

Isn't FeMC the one growing the D?

Why not both.

That's not even what she said. She said she can grow a dick on hakuno to fix things.

Tamamo in the game had more options with MC, innately she's more inclined to be straight, just like Archer. She wants the dick, but she'll still lover her master however, so if her master doesn't have a dick, she'll fix it. She said it's basically the same trick as Merlin

A rank shapeshift is a damn meme; she didn't mention such a thing, and her bio flat out says she never uses that skill sue to memories in life. It's not the reason for her breasts either.

Not really, she just said it's more convenient with a male master.


>tfw no Tamamo in SHAFT's upcoming anime

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

Arturia also canonically grew a dick. she's still shit though

>How relevant are all of them in the CCC FoxTail Manga right now?
They appear as enemies, all of them, except for Kazuradrop. Honestly they have zero development and importance in this spinoff, when compared to CCC's game.

>King Protea and Violet made an appearance while PL and ML showed up way earlier.
The first two are still kind of a threat under Gothic BB's orders, but the latter two died against Karna and Gawain. Protea for now is punished for disobeying Gothic BB and trying to protect Hakuno, while the normal BB is working undercover to help the protagonists.

>Seiyuufags got away with Meltlilith being the most liked clone since Hayamin is practically a goddess
Basically this. Others could argue that she is the only Sakura who is an actual threat and a clone with a personality of her own that breaks from what you expect of Sakura clone. She is the least Sakura-ish of the Sakura clones, in a good way.

I too, cannot wait for Tamamo's chance to shine in SHAFT's upcoming anime Fate/Extra: Last Encore.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

>Protea for now is punished for disobeying Gothic BB
Read chapters again

Protea escaped her bindings and restraints, babyfication is no longer holding her back nor is she under BB's order
The most chaotic thing in the grail war got off its leash, only to reappear later as an enemy most likely, after realizing what it must do next on its own.

It escaped because BB messed up inside the bug space

I typed that she disobeyed BB and was punished, I didn't mention her current state since it's still a mystery. Never typed that she is captured, restrained nor dead.

the fuck is that advertising?

No, this is not advertising, I am just a fan of the Fate/Extra character Tamamo no Mae and I am greatly looking forward to her appearance in next year's guaranteed hit anime Fate/Extra: Last Encore.