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End of Future arc
>Junko comes back instead of DR2
>Rambles on about m-muh undpredictable despair
>Cant predict Nagi's luck still
>Gets mindbroken into hope
>gets un-Despaired
>Realizes the full extent of what she has done
>Falls into an emotionless catatonic state
>Munakata and Naegi agree to hide her so that people wont kill her out of revenge
>Munakata because he now realizes that living with a burden like that is the harshest punishment they could server her, and Naegi just because he is always nice to everyone
>She gets exiled to a remote asshole of the world to atone for her crimes
>She is in a dark room
>Dark outside, snow everywhere, loud winds
>She is huddling around a little dying flame in her fireplace
>Really pale and sick
>Picture of Mukuro on a nightstand next to her
>She closes her eyes and tries to sleep
>Suddenly the door opens
>She stares at the door, dumbfounded
>some manlet with huge bags standing in the doorway
>Suddenly she realizes who it is
>I t-thought you could use some warm clothes
>Her face lights up

>Naegi showing her the winter clothes he brought
>Junko sitting on the floor and smiling
>Huge snowstorm outside
>She doesnt let him leave
>They cuddle for warmth in front of the fire wrapped in a huge fur coat

Lights on tonight

wtf I love hope now


Wtf I hate despair now

But despair sure feels good!

Shh..they don't know.

The one in which he actually plays guitar.

>mfw end of this episode


I was fine with the ending. Hope Hajime dicks Mikan hard.


The manga's still going.

She's probably Jabberwock Island's boys toilet.

>people think Junko had lesbian sex with that.

who here preordered the hopeman?

>I didn't do it for despair but for love!
Thanks, Kodaka.

I will buy 50 copies of the series if the manga ends with Juzo alive after DR3.


Mikan is for tender loving

Komaeda is cute!

Not anime

Too expensive, I won't buy that shit

>DR3 Despair greatest victim
>DR3 Future greatest victim

Reminder that Naegi's entire happy ending was Kirigiri Kyoko.

The way they sculpted his hair and his face bothers me.

I think Rurushit got it much worse than everyone else.

They could do it if they really wanted to, I bet. Juzo's already survived an absurd amount of shit.

high point of anime
>imitating that stiff cardboard artstyle
low point of anime
>juzo dying

Can't wait fo Kaedi shitters to get BTFO

>low point

nigga what

wtf i will kill on command now

How does Makoto feel taking care of an incontinent Kyoko?


>tfw couldn't get both him and Hinata
At least I got hope.

Nope, bitch was retarded for killing the person that trusted and wanted her the most.

>Juzo dying
>not the worst part
even ANIME HACC was less stupid than killing OUR BOY

Why would she be incontinent?

It was the best part of the anime though. Juzo was best boy.

This ship feels like Inoue/Ichigo all over again. The right waifu won

>high point
>when it's one shot that's immediately discarded for a shitty, long, and unimaginative execution

I was incredibly disappointed

Because she always tells him how wet her panties are

We might've misunderstood each other. I meant that Ruruka's death was the most close one to Chiaki's, if by victim you meant someone who lost the most in the killing game than yeah, munakatana no doubt.

user, it's a sex thing.

If eyes graying out is falling into despair what is red eyes?

am kodaka can confirm


So why didn't that bitch just make sugar-free candy if she wanted her friend to eat them so much?

Boy for some geniuses some of these SHSL's sure are stupid.

Didn't Kodaka say that Killer Killer would have an important detail to understand the truth in the DR3 anime?

Bringing her back was undeniably bad writing, but god dammit, Kodaka's asspulls have never made me happier.


>no Izuru figure
Feels bad

Because she knows that sugar-free candy is crap

No he didn't, KK was needed to show Juzo and Katana before anime started, It may show us something new eventually.

Because she's ignorant of everyone including her boyfriend. She only cares for herself. What a whore.

Killer Killer was piloting the Helicopter shooting at Weedman

>There won't be any more Nagito until january
>January will have the last appearance of Nagito
Why continue living

Mikan is for Mitarai and Imposter.


Does anyone remember that manga page that people here posted before DR3 started? it showed someone that looked like Naegi dead on the floor
What was it about?

SHSL tank waifu.
>Do I want to be forgiven maybe?
>...Fu ... Something like that
>Just who in the world would forgive me?
>Someone like me
>Who would?

Killer killer?

Killer Killer gaiden, won't spoiler it for you.


Juzo made a naegi corpse/doll with the help of shsl makeup artist and then blew it up to pretend to be shsl fireworks artist or w/e

Hey Chiakifriends. I never said anything about real Chiaki dying. She could very well be alive somewhere in the world. Hold on to your horses for the OAV. Also buy DRv3 limited edition.

This is your headmaster tonight.

How much does Kodaka like Persona? I bet they will repeat the Persona 5 twist with Ultimate Detective in V3.

Is it worth reading?

Nope, those two are for Ispooky

So did Kodaka kill Kirigiri purely so he could bring her back to life in the mediocre last episode as a get-out-of-jail-free card?


Sakakura literally commissioned a Naegi fuck doll so he could blow it up.

So she didnt interfere with Tengans geycocku

Go away, conman.

Not as much as he likes MGS apparently

I'll never believe your lies again.

Oh look a thread ruining faggot. Go back to Cred Forums you fucking asshat.


Ultimate shit, to be quite honest. Not worth it.

The point of the anime was fan service and to give the established characters a happy ending. Killing characters after they already survived a killing game is dumb.

Friendly reminder that Rantarou's last name consists of 'heaven' and 'sea' which means he's gonna take Kaede to sex heaven and make her cum a sea.

>even with killer killer, my future foundation shall not tremble
Well he didn't even need him for that


Just as keikaku

Kaede will die as the MC and it will switch over to hopebot. It wont happen until a later trial.

As if that fucker Mitarai deserves her after what he did, and ran away leaving her. And Imposter is Ibuki's husbando. Mikan never showed any romantic interest in him in the two years together, while she fell in love with Hinata in DR2 in not much time at all.
Mikan don't want anyone else, so it's him or nothing.

Reporting in Obersturmbannführer

>lost his eye
>lost his girlfriend
>lost his best friend
>lost his organization
>lost his pride and standing with Naegi

>was never seen after the timeskip

I don't like the fact that he died either but it was still one of the best scenes in the entire anime

It makes me feel so bad for him.
I love Juzo so much.

Stolen by hajimeme.

Too bad
Sounds like it has a lot of references for the main series so it might be interesting to read just for that,,,maybe in a few months from now when i'll need more Danganronpa before V3 English release
But for now, nope

I highly doubt that he'll just commit sudoky after he managed to fight his way through this mess, although I can't really imagine what he will do without FF.

His arc felt like the only good non retard one

No, it's really no good at all. Every chapter is the exact same
>there's a killer
>who is it?
>killer killer knows and confronts them
>they break down immediately
>"this is how you do... a real murder"
>kills them immediately

When is he going to commission a Munakata fuck doll so he can blow it? Just kidding he would just cuddle with it

Become a ronin

>falling cherry blossoms (symbolism of suicide in Japan)
>ED was by a guy who committed suicide
It's not looking good for him.

Also horrible artstyle you just can't take seriously and worst MCs.

>non retard one
Let's not et ahead of ourselves now.
>having the world destroy just so nobody knows who like up the butt
>non retarded

I really hope he's a crazy motherfucker for real

That's kinky as fuck.

Do you think Kyoko calls him Headmaster in bed?

>Brings back Hope's Peak
>Not just in name, which might have made some sense
>He reopened the motherfucking killing game building

What the hell, Naegi? Erect a new school building, man.

It still has some Juzo in it, so maybe in a few months I'll get back to reading it.

Sounds like a Danganronpa installment alright. Picked up.

I doubt he thought it was going to be anything world destroying, from the last episode of Despair he probably thought he could handle her on his own if he tried again.

>I'm coming
What did he mean by this?

How is best boy so best

that would be kind of ankward considering her father was headmaster too

The art's pretty good though, but you're right about the MCs.

Of course. He didn't actually restart HPA, this is just their bedroom RP.
That's the entire point.

its a good building, Tim. sure, some nerds might have killed themselves there but the building is still functional. buildings dont just grow on trees you know.

They might not have the resources or time to make it happen yet. The original HPA schoolhouse is the only part still standing.

How the hell did Tengan get everyone moved, how did they not realize that Miaya was a robot? Where the fuck did Tengan's accomplices go because theres no fucking way he pulled this off alone. Ugh, they should have just bullshitted Junko again instead of managing to make an even shittier Delta.

Dunno m8, every time I saw "insane" faces and poses I wanted to laugh. It's just too fucked.

what do you think he's made of money?

I am not sure if I can take seriously with him holding a FANTA of all things

He might be a Nagito which is cool..or a Gunham, which would suck

Fanta is the Nazi softdrink.



A normal day on Jabberwock post DR3.
>Mikan getting spitroasted by Mitarai and Imposter.
>Souda watching Sonia and Gundham go at it.
>Mahiru and Hiyoko showers.
>endurance training between Akane and Nekomaru.
>Fuyuhiko and Peko holding hands.
>Ibuki looking for her baby's father.
>Nagito using his robot arm for the sake of hope.
>Teruteru watching all of this unfolding and joining in at times.
>Hajime slaving off boredom any way he can while trying to get rid of the tulpa he accidentally created.

>Not liking Gundam

It's pretty bad, I only read it for Juzo

That's an issue with the writing, they want to do the same dark comedy tone as the games but the writer sucks at it so it just comes across as edgy.

>the mastermind was a good guy the entire time
Kodaka really needs to stop taking ideas from Uchikoshi, it's likes squaring his hackness.

>Nagito has a robot arm
>V3 has a hope robot

That's kind of nice. Throughout all that's happened, just having her alive and by his side is enough to make it all not so bad.

Well considering people say DR3 is bad too I am not sure if I should trust you guys!
I enjoyed DR3.

It's not not liking Gundam
Is that Gundam just can't be taken seriously

This. Given that they were originally planning to make a DR2 adaptation, it's clear that DR3 was just created as something of an afterthought to tie up the loose ends so that there's some sort of conclusion to the existing story and they can start fresh with V3.

What a shit conclusion they gave us, i rather kept the mystery and fanfics

Komaeda is much taller than Kiibo, his name is probably just a reference to 1-2 games just like Nagito's name is anagram of Naegi Makoto da.

It's okay, he's recuperating in hospital while Munakata goes on a soul-searching quest to come to terms with everything that's happened to him.

Trust me, Killer Killer is waaaay worst than DR3.

I enjoyed DR3 as well and I assure you that aside from the Juzo chapters it feels like nothing ever happens. I would wait until the manga is finished to decide if it's worth the time.

You can finish all 7 chapters pretty fast t b h, mc may be ultimate bullshit but some parts are at least fun.
almost all of us did

How pathetic of a husbando do you have to be to watch your waifu die in front of your eyes not just once, but twice?

He didn't know that she was his waifu before she actually died, being lobotomised god hated by everyone doesn't look that fun afterall.

Except she didn't win.

The Mia who got to live and watch her protégé lead others.

But she totally won. Just being alive was enough to turn Naegi's ending in the franchise from tragic to happy. What does that tell you?

So in the end is talent something you're born with or not?

It's worth it for Juzo being a ruthless madman.

It's called having shit taste.
You're going to like Killer Killer too then.

>Rantarou's last name consists of 'heaven' and 'sea

What could this really mean?

It's not clear because DR doesn't want to get into nature versus nurture. For instance, Naegi was born with lucc but Kirigiri specifically worked to become the SHSL Detective to get into HPA.

>trying to get rid of
He created her so he won't get bored m8.


Gosh, I wonder.

Luck and Despair for sure

>.or a Gunham, which would suck

He's most definitely like Gunsham. The soda just makes it more obvious.

Izuru, tell them

All that matters is having them; Sorry but not sorry.

So now that DR3 is over, would you have prefered that the theory of DR3 being an anime had been true?
Like, if in this scene, Junko just said
"Well, actuallyyyyyy! it was just an anime I ordered Mitarai-chan create"

how important are danganronpa/zero?
is it any good?

It tells me you read too many fanfics.

I wish the JUZOBOYS pasta had room for Juzo's killer killer deeds

Would have been just as bad

>Sakakura never tapped that


It tells me you can't read tone at all. Naegi was having his downtrodden but optimistic ending speech about how despite what happens you have to keep hoping and sometimes it gets better, then Kirigiri turned up and suddenly a happy flash forward to a hopeful future.

Would've vastly preferred that because then Seiko would still be alive.

It gives Junko backstory and introduced Kamukura and the reserve course before SDR2 came out so they didn't come out of nowhere. Whether it's good depends on if you like LNs, it is written by Kodaka himself so there's that.

It means he's the SHSL God.

Basically he's another Izuru.


You want to know why I didn't give RL Chiaki closure? I didn't need to. Why I didn't need to? You never saw her ghost in the death theater with Junko and Chisa, right? It's not just because I ran out of money to pay HanaKana, but maybe because I kept her alive somehow. Maybe that's why you didn't see her ghost alongside her Hinata-kun. Maybe Izuru dropped off her comatose body at her parent house and went off being boring somewhere else in the world. Maybe she wasn't with the despairs because they didn't want to drag her down into fugitive status and let the world be her oyster and not just Jabberwock island. Maybe you should buy limited edition DRv3 with OAV to find out the rest.

Is very good.
It explains more about the first killing game and Junko.


No shit

Just don't reply, he still thinks baiting people is novel.

Nice headcanon

I love Keebo.


>Chiakifags wanting their waifu in hell


Typical kirigirifag.

Yes if it meant Juzo was alive and well. Bonus points for Munakata finally knowing the truth.

Would you watch a killer killer anime?

>No fucking DR1/2 cast interaction apart from Hajimeme nod, Mikan and Komemeda

Not even good at fanservice, fuck you!

I'd love a gag where they found Keebo's decapitated head and everyone freaks out with shaky cam and the weird music and Keebo's headless body just walks in and quietly puts his head back on

>implying she'd have him after that corpse business

It does seem unclear. Fukawa became a great writer because her life was so shitty that she only cared about books. Maybe you're born with potential for talent and what matters is where that potential is directed? I know it sounds weird, but talents are literal superpowers here...

If they reworked most of the story to cut all the filler of Killer Killer beating random jobbers yes.

You know why you know nothing.

It would get played out pretty quick though.

>Kodaka nervously rewriting plot


Nothing about me.

Tried something a little different for this one. I'll probably fix it later to get rid of some of the blank space.

I want to get locked in an airtight school and fix her with hope. She would try anything and everything to make me feel despair, but I would just laugh it off, because as long as I'm helping her, no despair is strong enough to enter my heart. I'd show her that no matter what she has done, I'd always forgive her. I'd make her food and clean her secret lair, and drag her out to bed if she stays up late. When the nights get so cold that we have no choice but to cuddle together at night for warmth, I'd feel her breath going from shallow to deep as her form relaxes and she falls asleep in my arms. I'd feel her cling to me in the night when she wakes up from a despair nightmare and feel her sob into my chest, first seeds of hope sprouting in her traumatized mind. I'd softly kiss her hair and tell her everything will be okay. I'd take care of her when she gets sick, read all the books from the library and hold her hand so that she can fall asleep. I'd make shitty homemade pizza for her and stay up late with her watching dumb movies, and feel her cuddle up to me when she can't stay awake anymore. I'd teach her retarded drinking games and show her how to play pool in the rec room.

One night, she silently sneaks over to the kitchen. A shining sliver of a blade extends from her clenched fist when she walks into my room. But her hand stops, centimeters away from my chest, and begins to shake violently. Something is wrong. One by one, her trembling fingers let go of the hilt, and with a soft thud, the knife falls onto the carpet. She throws herself on me and buries her face right where the knife should have gone, Clutching at the fabric of my clothes. Her whole body shakes feverishly and I scoop her body into my arms and tell her that everything will be okay, just like usual. Her silent sobbing turns to wailing that echoes out into the dimly lit corridors beyond the door.

She would finally be cured of despair. Because the only thing she can't analyze is love

He's not a slut.

isn't he actually human?

Yeah, that's why he would die for real later in that chapter

Kyoko Hopebook when?

Or my dual katanas.

All the cute boys in V3 will die.

Oh dear.
If he's a victim, he's gonna get decapitated.

>Nagito not creaming himself upon seeing Naegi

what a let down


He was said to be dude in a powersuit but with Ultimate Robot talent who knows really.

Yes, anything is better than the shit we got, even an it's all an anime ending

I hope you're a fan of lazy-eyed girls then

>In an open relationship
Kek. Or should I say... Cuck?

>next case people find his head again
>"geez Keebo, stop that already, that's not funny anymore"
>turns out he's dead for real

He got kidnapped before he had a chance.
I was disappointed too, though. He didn't even mention Makoto's hope, just his luck.

cybernetic extensions

Sides out

He is only for Munakata


Yeah, I didn't get this part.

>Talent isn't everything, but I got every one so it is fine.

What the fuck Hajimeme.

Hinata, Mikan, Nanami and Komaeda are the main cast and cover characters of DR2. It's easy enough to tell by the official books, artwork and fanart alone. What did you expect?

Chiaki's reaction.

Man, I sort of wish that Monaca was the antagonist in 1 and 2.

She's literally a better Junko in every sense.

>Keebo doesn't understand why everyone is freaking out because they don't know he's a robot yet

>implying he didn't
He was on the verge of whipping out his dick right there.

Nips believe that everybody goes to the same place in the afterlife though. So it wouldn't be surprising to have all 3 of them there. It would of been awesome actually.



He may be. He might be some nerd just dressed in a robot outfit while his talent pretending he's a robot yet built up whatever abilities his suit enables him to do.

Basically he's like Megaman.

>Mfw I saw the shoe kick a rock to fall onto a bigger rock to take out the soldiers

I wish I had a personal gay slut
Munakata sure is a lucky faggot

>In regards to the Robot Male Character, Kodaka had this to say “In Rough Drafts of this character, it was shown for him to have a power suit. It’s good if you saw him as a Robot though.

Since he has a one word dog name and the SHSL Robot talent I'm guessing they decided he'd be a full robot now.

What I'd like to know is why he doesn't have a last name like the others.

DRv3 twist: Everybody's talent is a lie and is swapped around.

Pale in comparison

We're talking about the Ultimate Hope here

Oh dear

You're so cute and perfect, don't cry.
I'll give you a hime-sama dakko.

Is the OVA going to explain why there was two Munakatas during the last episode? Was it an animation error?


That would make no sense with what we see of them.

Unless memory shenanigans have returned like the previous two games.

The easiest answer is that he doesn't have one because he is a robot, but he could also simply be lying about his name.

That would be fucking hilarious. Just imagining Kohacka doing that would make up for DR3.

Despair Mikan in SDR2 was wonderful. The moment her facade crumbled she went from 4/5 to a 10/5.

She was trash in the anime though, they kept her glowing admiration, love for Junko, and sluttiness, but got rid of her two-faced dupliciousness. She even fucking apologized to Chiaki, whereas SDR2's Mikan would be liable to follow that up with a fierce, towering glare and a 'serves you right'.

You know wide.

Maybe he was so good at impersonating robots that it just became his talent. He's probably a lab rat or something where they're slowly replacing his organic matter with cybernetic parts to see how different he acts as a bot. By the time he's in prison, Kiibo's body structure is probably all that's left of him.

would you Ruru?

But then how do you explain Amami? His talent is ??? so there's no lie there since we don't know his real talent.

It's possible either way. Him being a full on robot or him just being some delusional guy like Gundham who presented himself with a different name to fit his theme.

Only if she takes off her hat first.

Nigga, even when class 77 fell to despair they still though of wanting to see Chiaki again since they loved her very much.
Heck, they loved her more than Chisa.

So basically Izuru 2.0 but with robots?

Only if she keeps the hat on

>asks naegi for pictures of his feet

To be fair on Kodaka, Despair Mikan got brainwashed twice. She may have changed more after the second brainwashing, which is her DR2 Despair-self.

I'd take off her hat and put it on, nailing her prison style.

eww that's dirty f a m

The mastermind knows everybody's real talent, but warps everybody's memory. Which is why the them is Lies and Truths.

Kiibo is cute!

> kiibo is not really the SHSL robot

And he's got the AI built in instead of a tulpa.

It's mainly official FF things getting liked snd one cute photo of Naegi and her she accidentally uploaded.

I don't even mind that. What I don't like how her descent into despair was handle when she has variety of reasons to fall into it.

Imagine that Keebo, in his blind faith that he's a robot, goes out of his way to try to do things that would get a normal person killed. He goes off heroically only to get killed in the process. With lots of pink blood.

If Izuru doesn't discover the secrets to immortality, Hajime's probably going to watch tulpa Chiaki die again as he ages and his brain deteriorates.

>kiibo doesn't even look like a robot
>he and the others just see him as one because the shsl hypnotist fucked with them

Daily and/or threadly reminder that you were fucking retarded.

I liked the idea someone had in an earlier thread that Naegi keeps sending her cute baby animal videos.

Best one. My sides are in orbit.


She isnt lazy-eyed, she's funny-faced.

>Cap-kun has had his memories wiped and doesn't know what his talent is
>Believes that he's the SHSL Detective because he keeps getting hunches that turn out to be right (Victim and culprit, where evidence will be and what it relates to)
>Is actually the SHSL Clairvoyant
>Killed in the next trial

I want this. We all know he was gonna die anyways.

V3 twist: none of them have talents, they are normies who have had their memories wiped. The whole game was set up by Naegi to prove to the world that normies can be just as good as something as talented people

But Monokuma said that he was still the Headmaster.

How come the entire city around HPA is leveled with only flowers left?

> Kaede is actually SHSL hitler

What will replace despair and hope in V3? Lies and truth?

Memes and Kiibo

Is that Madoka inside the video?

I was pretty disappointed the whole scene wasn't in that style

Deep in the underground levels of Hopes Peak Academy, lies a room untouched since the days of the despairs. Mitarai btfo never allowed his full Keikaku come to fruition. 3 beeps echo across a capacious room with a lone pod in the center. The door opens up and a silent whisper echos through the room. "Geimu."

Order and Freedom.
I expect the new series antagonist to be Lawful Evil to contrast Junko's Chaotic Evil.

What's up with Keebo actually being the SHSL Robot? Wasn't there something previously that stated he wasn't actually just a robot, just a dork in cosplay?

He's just that good.

That's actually a twist I can see them using for V3. Assuming lies will be relevant outside of class trial gameplay.

I want to fill up all of Nanami's holes with Hope

Not exactly


Not all Future Foundation members are retarded.

Like Kirigiri, they would notice that some of the corpses have self-inflicted wounds as well.

This Lie is gonna blow up in Naegi's face one day, I guarantee you.

Lies/Truth or Order/Freedom or both.

He could just be that good at being a robot. We've had other talents that were just as retarded in the past.

The SHSL Robot means he is the best robot. He is either a human turned into a robot or the reverse.
Kodaka said he wants to do sci-fi so someone uploading themselves in a robot is possible.

IONO. DR universe is notorious for people's iq dropping by 100 when it becomes convenient for plot.

>their ultimate plan was to make Umaru real.
Now that's despair inducing.

>Tell them the truth, it was a despair video that made them to kill themselves
>Say that the Remnants of Despair kidnapped Ryota and forced him to make it

It was just a ghost of AI Chiaki, not even the real one, and then she said goodbye to him and disappeared.

What will his talent end up being? I doubt it's going to be Luck.

SHSL Mastermind

Better version.
>However in Hope's Peak Academy's basement there was a secret project in progress! A project to transform the deceased Luluka Ando into the ultimate weapon.


Why does he sit like that?

Reserve ward student

>Maki has Komaru's beta design

I bet she will turn out to be Komaru's daughter or from her family line. It would explain the different last name.

This. The fact he wants to move onto a more sci fi and futuristic background means we should expect some pretty retarded talents to emerge.

SHSL Reserve Prison Student

Both his design and second name point towards sailor or something sea related but in the end he's definitely the Ultimate liar

SHSL Thief, SHSL Actor, or SHSL God.

It would have been infinitely more interesting if the V3 talents were based off of whatever crime they were incarcerated for.

SHSL Sitter

SHSL Liar or, more subtle, Actor. A talent you don't want people to know you have in a killing court game.

>V3 chatacter is previous cast member child
stop with this meme

The kanji in his last name means "heaven" and "sea".

Will Aunt Komaru tell her nieces and nephews to call Touko "Aunt" too, or will she tell them Touko is her "special friend"?

Maybe his butt hurts.

>How the hell did Tengan get everyone moved

It's a massive building made exactly to his specifications I'm sure there's a reasonably boring explanation.

Such disrespect I have never seen towards a princess! You must say her correct title! It's Princess Boo-ko from Heretic Angel Mochi Mochi Princess.

Kirigiriboys, have you thanked her yet?


>Still thinking it is actually going to be unrelated to HPA
The fact they are still using SHSL with meta hints of Kyoko and Naegi with robotboy and detective boy and Monokuma who was designed by Junko in the first place.

I'll give you the children part.

>They stress over the fact that he pays attention to fashion and wears many accessories
>Has typical pretty boy look with eyelashes and a kind expression
He is the U. Actor.

>I bet she will turn out to be Komaru's daughter
Not unless there's an SHSL IPS Cell Expert that can help her and Fukawa

I want to sleep with this angel.

However, everybody who claimed it was Cure W or the fact that she wasn't asleep were wrong too.

I feel more inclined to say he carries the Wheel of Fortune as motif on his shirt.

>Kiibo's sprite
4000 hours in ms paint

From what?


It will be removed far enough that it won't be considered a direct sequel, but being the same world seems likely enough.


>Actors create a false identity full of lies to hide the real truth.
>Lies and Truth are themes for this new game.

Cmon guys it's pretty obvious.

>characters survive killing game
>just kill their children instead
fuck off kodaka

>STILL no SHSL Life/Death

Fuckin hell

can anyone tl ?

Csnr be a happy ending with out Junko

>Kill child in a killing game
>kill parent outside killing game
RIP Chihiro and Chihiropapa.

Because that's how edgy actors sit.


>all dead

what do they mean by this


Not only that people will believe FF has a RoD thanks to Twogami lol

Also no Twogami x Ibuki interactions was so lame, hope they add some in the OVA

Threadly reminder that Androids exist in universe and Nanami AI survived deletion but Izuru didn't put her AI in an android because all the talent in the world doesn't cure being a fucking dumbass.

>theme is psycho cool
>sitting down in chairs like that is supposed to give off a cool aura

"Talent doesn't matter as long as you have it!"


>there was no double sore wa chigau yo/zo

All that pandering and they miss the lowest hanging fruit

No now you're just making up headcanon.

>lets make an anime in the Danganronpa series, which is based around class trials and catching culprits, that doesn't have trials OR culprits

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

Komaru had to change her child's name so no one would find out she had an incest baby with her older brother.

It's because of that they didn't make it a game.

They even hinted at it in the promo logo.
Some "perfect ending" this trash turned out to be.

You do know that Naegi actually did try to stop Junko from killing herself, right?

So now that the series is over and the overall plot was rushed and disappointing can I say how much I loved Future 7?

Yeah, it didn't contribute to the overall plot, but now that we know it was just brainwashing shit I don't really care. The episode itself was fun and decent fan service, especially if you played UDG.

Maybe it's because I'm a huge UDG fag, but seeing Toko and Komaru star in their own episode made me grin like an idiot. Bonus points for Monaca the NEET.

(I know the UDG plotline in general was pretty much thrown in the trash but I blame the anime as a whole more than Future 7 itself)

I think they learned from the first anime that trials don't work in anime format at all.

Dumb Junkofag. He even tried to save HER in the first game, and she wasn't having any of that.

I actually appreciated that they didn't make Naegi save the day again.

Its going to be the same universe because it has DANGANRONPA in the title. Its simply going to happen 20 years later. It doesnt look like its a far away future. Keebo is a human like robot but we already had a sapient AI with Chiaki and a moving robot body with Gekkogahara. It woudnt be much of a stretch to combine two together.
And its really pointless to make this a reboot when so far Kodaka literaly only changed the setting from a univerisity to the prison. No matter how hard he tries, he will still have to build a universe outisde the prison and i doubt its a different world than the one terrorised by despair when they have "hope" robot build.

Why didn't they just make Monaca the mastermind really, she could have fit perfectly being the protege of both Junko and Nagito.

It's a soft reboot because this one is also made for the PS4 and I'm guessing they figured they couldn't get away with re-re-remaking DR1/2. Maybe it'll happen a few years down the line.

Because a sequel has to be standalone.

I think the main issue would be that it's too predictable, but I agree. I just honestly hate the brainwashing, it's fucking dumb and underwhelming as hell. Anything else would be better.

But its also for the Vita. Where the main audience is.

With how he sits and presents himself, it just makes sense for him to be the SHSL Actor. Acting means you're putting up with lies which is a theme for V3.

It fits. Meaning his actual talent lies beyond being the SHSL Actor. His last name means "heaven" and "sea" which relates to deities. It's why his last name was mistaken to be Tenkai because the kanji in his name could mean Tenkai which was the highest priest in a bad way.

Yes, but it's -also- for the PS4, which has never seen a Danganronpa game on it before.

She needed him to do it forcefully, and not just say half-arsed things

Yeah I'm not accepting that half assed attempt really trying.
Hopelet had just convinced the surviving members of 76 and then says a few words to Junko gets turned down and goes fuck it.

But Naegi was trying to stop her from killing herself. He didn't want her to die.

>has all the talent in the world
>knows his mind was fucked (and thus he has no real responsibility to shoulder)
>knows that the other remnants were forced into it against their will too
>"oh we have to atone and exile ourselves anyway lol"
What kind of stupid theme is this?

How much will the new game cost ?

I imagine Kodaka got bored of the hope v despair conflict too

It's a reboot. A soft one at best. Expect little to no references to the HPA stuff besides Monokuma and the SHSL titles which could easily be explained that another school got built up and adopted those titles.

Dumb junkoposter

defend this.

'bout 60 bucks, 120 if you want the LE.

Are you me?

>my pasta
>my exact response

Eh the atonement and exile thing is very Japanese culture IMO. I just find it stupid he was able to save everyone except the AI he literally fell in love with which should have been easier than saving the rest of them.

>And its really pointless to make this a reboot when so far Kodaka literaly only changed the setting from a univerisity to the prison. No matter how hard he tries, he will still have to build a universe outisde the prison and i doubt its a different world than the one terrorised by despair when they have "hope" robot build.

Except you're basing this on literally nothing.

I like how dr2 characters just ignore Chisa. Did Mitarai care about Chisa at all?

>junkofags literally twisting her character into something else to match their fantasy
Disgusting, you're a disgrace to your waifu.

>be same height as hajime/komaeda
>mfw how tall I am next to most of the DR cast

Wait why did Monokuma say third time is the charm? since when Tengan knew about Junko in dr2?

But it's moving to home consoles to grab a new and more broad audience. The Vita/handheld audience that have been with DR for the longest time are just along for the ride.

>yfw dictator rebuilt a country that got fucked over by despair jews from Sonia's
What's he doing in a prison in presumably another country?

Why has Nagito a robotic arm???
And has other Despair members not a other Junko body part? Was Nagito the only one who has a Junko body part?

Yeah, I get that it's an extremely Japanese thing but it's still stupid here because they had no culpability in it.

Well hey, he was also unable to see the ghost of the girl based off of her that he also fell in love with, maybe he really is just stupid like you said.

There's so much wrong that they didn't even get the class involved right.

We're trying to you, shut up!

Don't forget that they're mostly japs

Stop embarrassing the rest of us Junkobros.


Fuck boring hope


The world's most talented idiot.

Kamakura is literally SHSL Autistic Savant

>Kyoko towers over her manlet

>Imposter somehow goes from above 6' to 5'3" back to above 6' all in the same episode

How does he do it

Yeah pulling a double whammy of his upfront talent being SHSL Actor but his hidden and true talent is SHSL God.

Would make him pretty similar to Junko now that I think about it.

>height of Gundham
>weight of Sakura

You don't understand her like we do!
Great minds user, here have a Junko.

You know how

>Hagakure is shorter tham Togami

Guess the DR3 team wasn't told

Sonia is a big girl

I love Mikan~!
Some nice hentai artist do a Mikan hentai drawing for me.

Literally the entire cast is shorter than I am.

I could maybe cosplay Nidai if I got really ripped otherwise I will always be too big.



>both of his waifus are taller than him.

Naegi is pathetic.


>I'm shorter than Fuyuhiko
I need a noose.

>mfw taller than all the girls there

feels gud to not be a manlet

I think you were the same person telling me about it a couple weeks ago. Thanks so much for sharing it, it's fantastic!

This is my favorite pasta now.
along with

>Asahina "Shot In The Leg But At Least I'm Not Dead" Aoi
>Asahina "Can't Walk, Can Fuck" Aoi
>Asahina "Bullet in my Thigh, Naegi With The Creampie" Aoi
>Asahina "Immobilized But I'm Still Mesmerized" Aoi
>Asahina "Down And Out, He's Going To Knock My Womb About" Aoi
>Asahina "Stuck On My Butt, But At Least Naegi's Filling My Doughnut" Aoi
>Asahina "Hypnotized And Alive For His Prize" Aoi
>Asahina "Heart's Beating, He's Breathing, Kirigiri's No Longer Competing" Aoi
>Asahina "Togami's A Flea, No Fan Of Weedman, But At Least Makoto's Got My Photo" Aoi
>Asahina "I Need Crutches But At Least I'm Getting Touches" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Got Balls The Size of Grapefruit While Kirigiri's Food For The Roots" Aoi
>Asahina "I Bleed, We Succeed, And She Can't Plead" Aoi
>Asahina "Phones Make Me Groan, I Can't Fake My Moans" Aoi
>Asahina "Anime Was A Mistake But He Makes My Leg Shake" Aoi
>Asahina "Gunned Down For Being Brown And Naegi Takes Me Downtown" Aoi
>Asahina "Casualty in the Academy, Not That It Stops His Anatomy" Aoi
>Asahina "Patch Me Up And Smack Me Up, We Still Hooked Up" Aoi
>Asahina "White Walls, Red Blood, Naegi Ain't Small Or A Dud" Aoi
>Asahina "Give Me A Tourniquet, You Don't Have To Be Delicate" Aoi
>Asahina "Injured And Still In The Picture" Aoi
>Asahina "Kodaka's A Hack, But He Can't Keep Me Back" Aoi
>Asahina "Shoot Me In The Other Leg So I Can't Escape Your Third, Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "Comeback So He Can Come On Mine" Aoi
>Asahina "Togami Has A Micropenis, I'm Naegi's Venus" Aoi
>Asahina "Mitarai Almost Made Me Die, Kirigiri's Food For The Flies" Aoi

Maybe he just thinks having a dead girlfriend is more interesting and refuses to revive her for that reason alone, and so even if she actually would like to come back, she's got stockholm syndrome and puts up with his abuse because she literally cannot talk to anyone else so she tells him she's okay with not coming back as long as it means he'll keep talking to her.

Which means that he's an abusive boyfriend who I would frankly not want to wish him on anyone else.

Reminder that Chiaki AI is one with Hajime now.

Fucking how. What's it like being the most manlet manlet?

He's not actually fat, he's just compressed.

Donut would have been a better match

>I'm the exact same height as Fuyuhiko

No. She's a ghost. An AI Ghost. Who's not there. Also, she's an evil bitch who employs cognitive dissonance like saying "We're two different people but it was like they got to meet their classmate again which means it's okay, right?".

Man, Kodaka fucked up bad.

I refuse to believe Nanami's love is not the perfect cure for Izuru's boredom.



If Naegi seriously wanted to stop Junko, then Junko's execution button would have malfunctioned.

You say that like it isn't cute.

But Naegi and Kirigiri are basically hope Ying and Yang. They complement each other brilliantly.

Define 'Nanami'.

I'd pair her with Nidai, actually she's so pure I don't even know who could possibly be a good match for her.

mfw being the same like soda

The real one or the AI made from everyone's memories of her because both of them loved him.

Post ideas for SHSL talents


I'll bet despair did it.

Existence is pain.

Ultimate Actor is the same as being the Ultimate Liar anyways.

But besides that maybe he could be the Ultimate Thief. With the way he has so much jewelry and has the sea motif he looks like he could embody the pirate thing and pirates are thieves who steal and lie which the latter is one of the themes for the game.

Plus him being the Ultimate Thief would contrast pretty nicely with Shuuichi being the Ultimate Detective. Detectives seek the truth and thieves uses lies to get what they want. If both boys form some kind of rivalry assuming both live long enough, then the Ultimate Thief title could be more fitting. Shuuichi has this sense that Rantarou is sketchy and rubs him the wrong way. Would be like Detective Conan vs Lupin the III in a way.

Well, clearly he didn't like the real one that much considering she never showed up.

Komaru is a better Ultimate Hope than Kirigiri.

She even stopped Junko 2.0


She's dead. The AI isn't.

When will they reveal the seiyuu for the other V3 characters?

The writers are kodaka and the guy who wrote the yasuhiro novel though.

Not really.

Stop being so butthurt, she's inside Hajime mind since if she was a ghost Nagito would've saw her.

No? They're both dead(presumably, they use annoyingly vague language for real Chiaki after her execution). Thus, they're both ghosts. Yet he never talked to real Chiaki again.

Technically Komaeda stopped her with power of rape.

Koizumi is the writer, Kodaka gets writing credit for supervising.

Was weedman completely useless?

>Nagito would've saw her

No? He only saw his dog on the brink of death. Only Komaru can see ghosts.


>Spoiled the ending 6 weeks before it aired.
Not really.

The AI isn't dead. She was still alive at the end of the game. She has more reason to be alive than any of the executed 76th class members' personalities.

Female weight on this chart is fucked up.
I'm 3cm shorter than Akane and she's the same weight as me even though I'm not fit.

Is there a version of this with Danganronpa 3 instead?

He rescued Naegi from getting shot and continued his legacy of being best boy.

>letting in a known thief into the school

Then again HPA let in gang leaders, yakuzas, hitmen, soilders, serial killer etc so whatever.

How'd he do that?

He will always be the MC in my heart

I'm still waiting for that happy ending.


oh man it's the Junkofag, you slipped up yet again
not gonna bother with you

anime gamzee what the fuck

Holy fuck

Oh yeah I guess he did do that. Nagito is best boy followed by Kuzuryu

I want this to happen. Would be a pretty cool thing if done right.

You need to have SHSL Luck to apply.

I have never even posted about Junko nor do I like her

Good riddance.

I have the same height like Hopeman. Ok, very close... I am ONE cm taller than him. Nagito is 180cm, I am 181cm. The other characters are too tiny or fucking tall. I have also the same skinny body like Hopeman and I love salty food.

You're fucking embarrassing m8.

You fucking spic.

How wet was Junko when she saw this scene?


As wet as a decaying corpse can be

Considering she was nothing but a puddle of peptol bysmol, pretty fucking wet mate.


Deadly wet

Celeste confirmed chubber


The worst part is that Naegi had the gall to claim he had anything but SHSL Luck before.

He's the first one to die and we never discover his talent.

But you made the exact same error as the Junkofag earlier. I don't believe you.

>Juzo can be read as 13
Fuck, maybe he would have survived if his parents named him something else

Start lifting or I'll beat you up nerd

>Same height at Sonia

Thank you Nippon for the representation.

Suit yourself. You don't have enough HOPE for Nanami anyways so your opinion is meaningless.

They're both credited as the writers, not one or the other. They worked together on it.

Weedman seems to constantly be growing in his different incarnations. He's shorter than Togami in DR1 despite being 23, then he appears to be taller than Togami in the bad end having a slouch too. Then 2 years after DR1 in DR3, Weedman is taller than Togami again. He's probably well over 185cm now

On the hentai drawing is Mikan complete nude except her bandages and gets fucked by Hajime. He shoot all his cum in her pussy.

Well, you're right about that, I don't. Not after Junko was proven right. At this point I just feel empty when I see her.

When did this happen?

>they form a rivalry because detective vs thief
>fujoshis instantly hate Kaede for existing

>He's shorter than Togami in DR1 despite being 23
I always forgot that he was far older than the rest.



Seriously dude? Kuzuryu, his imouto and bodyguard.

We were given the miracle of Nanami AI after her death (timeline wise) and the miracle of that Nanami AI surviving her execution in the 2nd killing game. 2 miracles and you can't give Nanami your HOPE? Shame on you.

>anime gamzee
That's Komaeda though

Fuyuhiko, user.

Technically he was born on the 14th. Maybe mama Sakakura went into labor late at night.

Fuyuhiko, come on m8

Not exactly Yakuza, but Fuyuhiko's title is Gokudo, which is a Yakuza family heir. Also Mondo's is a mistranslation, he was let in for being an Outlaw Biker, it's just a coincidence that he was also leading a gang.

Do you think Mikan will get more confidence living on the island and stop being a doormat?

Oh, no I haven't seen that one, I'd like to. Is it finished?

She's not the real Chiaki, though. She was the one who needed a miracle the most.

She definitely shown a lot in the last episode

No slut is an island

>You're mic
w e w

Do you know what scenario means? Kodaka already had his hands full with v3 to the point that he could only write outlines for DR3, he sure as hell didn't go full-hog with the manga instead.

nobody gives a fuck about real chiaki lol
not even hinata

She's not Chiaki Nanami but she's still a Chiaki Nanami. She's the hope that existed in everyone's memories of her, a miraculous gift from the real Chiaki Nanami to save them all when they needed her most.

Even if she's not the real Nanami, she's the result of the real Nanami's love for her classmates. She's like her daughter.

If Mikan had more confidence, she would be calling Naegi, Naegikun, rather than Naegisan.

She completely forgot she was his upperclassmen, his senior in life.

DESPAIR please leave. Nanami gave us enough hope to not care about you.

He agreed to participate in the project because he wanted to be a man worthy of her friendship as one of the reasons.

wtf I love dick now

According to this he sure seems to have been planning it out for awhile. I'm not saying it had 100% of his focus since he worked with another writer for it, but he still wrote it.

I did.

I don't care. She's - or rather, it - is just an electronic gestalt who has no business speaking for her.

Fuck off.

You are garbage not worthy of either Nanami. Nothing but DESPAIR in your heart.

Entry level weeb here, kun and san surnames are like our Mr and Mrs right?

-user again.
OH SHIT! Even my weight is also very like Hopeman. I am 181cm and 66kg. Just one cm and one kg more than Hopeman. The other guys are too tall and too heavy. I am the second Hopeman?


I ordered a probably fake one from china

Why would you NOT take one of the few buildings in the world which takes care of your every need?

In fact, despite it being a killing game in DR1, Junko was literally their mommy maid, taking care of their every beck and need when she wasn't trying to make them kill each other

Thank you for this, user. It's beautiful and I am treasuring it.

You're damn well right about that. I got the despair, despair, despair down in my heart. Despair from Chiaki's dying wish to play games with her friends again that was never answered. Despair from her being totally ignored afterwards and given dodgy language about her death status. Despair from the thing known as AI Chiaki trying to claim that her stupid "fight for the future" message was anything at all like what real Chiaki wanted, yet also acknowledging that they aren't the same at all.

Fuck off with your worthless false flagging pretending to be a Chiakifag.

Killer Killer was a moneygrab spinoff

It didn't have anything to do with the series, really

and you read it

Love love

Hopeman's parameters are really close to the average young man even though he has health problems.

Yes, Koizumi has to consult with him while writing so that he doesn't contradict Kodaka's world and Kodaka also came up with the scenario if you remember SDR2, that's where his scenario credit comes in. He does not write the individual chapters.


Could've spent those 30 minutes masturbating but oh well.

Its just her being polite.

This would actually be a pretty interesting idea that makes sense.

Though it makes Kaede the third wheel

Nanami just wanted her friends to be happy. Sure, she wanted to be happy with them, but do you really think she's so one dimensional that she wouldn't want all the people she said she LOVED to be happy and look towards the future?

Shame on you, you're no Chiaki lover. You're an insult to Chiaki Nanami's memory.

I don't regret it

All Chiakis best Chiaki.


>those thighs
>that face
>those titties

Already done. Just check Hentai Foundry. Not yet uploaded it but soon.

Chiaki is too flab

Why did Chiaki have to die while Kirigiri got to cheat death?

It's not fair Kodaka

I have him and hinata and both of them are great, very nice scales in my opinion. If you preordered it then your taste is already excellent.

All threads are now Chiaki appreciation threads.

They're both getting the scenario credit. If you wanna say scenario credit is just the outline, then who's writing the manga? It sure isn't Mitamo, he's just fucking drawing everything.

Oh, I see how it is now. You're either a conman who pretends that the utter trauma of Chiaki's torture and misery meant nothing, or somebody who is so broken by it that you're trying desperately to ignore it. She also wanted to be happy, you clown. I cannot be satisfied with an ending that does not give her a miracle. Junko won. It was a bad ending, and now I have no further attachment to DR, as others have. Your pathetic pep-talk attempts mean nothing.

Chiaki was dead in DR2 and the rest of Class 77 lived, stop being entitled.

Chiaki is perfect. Go away Junko.

>height of Mondo
>weight of Sayaka

Knowing that the Chiakifags got fucked makes it a lot easier to be a Junkofag.

Thank you, gracious user.

>Everyone all hunky dorey

>Haha, sorry about smashing your face in
>Heh heh, no worries.

>Remember when I tried to get you all fucking killed LOL

They're honorifics. -san is close to Mr/Ms. in intent in most occasions.

-kun is mostly used for or between male youth or many times for subordinates/juniors of any age or gender so long as they're under you

You need to take a step back and recognize that this is a cartoon. I understand you can empathize with fictional characters but if it's really eating you up this much then you have taken it to an extreme that is unhealthy. You were told a story about a person who met a sad fate, but that person does not actually have the capacity to feel those emotions for real because she doesn't exist, the anguish is all in your head.

Well yeah, equality in nothingness and all that.

Appreciation for how she killed DR? Okay then.

Sakura even

Koizumi is because he's not the one completely swamped in other projects.

You need to step back and realize that even if it is fictional, that doesn't mean that you aren't intended to feel things. It doesn't mean that you can't look at the plot, analyze it, and come to your own conclusions about the scenario. Reducing it all to "It's just fiction" is stupid.

t. Junko

Fuck off.

I think I understand you now user. I know where you're coming from and I feel you. I wished for the same miracle you did and I still hold on hope that maybe the reason Izuru didn't stick the AI in an android body is because he has Nanami's damaged body somewhere, in some kind of stasis until he can fix it. You may call that pointless wishful thinking but that's my hope.

what's his name again?

>Remember when I strangled you to death? Wasn't that hilarious LMAO
>Haha yeah good times.

>high off of HOPE and want to start buyfaging
>missed the window to pre-order both the Hinata and Komaeda re-releases

Truly this is despair.

Got it, so either way, Kodaka's writing it too, so I'm just gonna go with that.

I don't care about this spin-off, I just hope it'll have more Juzo
Though for some reason I feel like it won't be the case

If killer killer is a spin off of DR3, why is the blood pink here but not in the actual anime? What was only future the only DR media to have real blood that wasn't dried up.

>Danganronpa and Zero Escape big wigs are close friends
>Both conclusions were dogshit

I like it though.

I think I understand you now as well, user. Perhaps I spoke too violently, but it appears that helped us reach an understanding so I don't really care. You, unlike I, continue to cling to whatever scraps of hope you can find in an attempt to stave off the despair that envelops you. I, unlike you, tossed aside the notion of pretending that those scraps meant anything and allowed myself to be cleansed in despair to purify myself and allow me the ability to move on.

Setsuna F Seiei

Do you think the Falconer shot and ate his eagle after his eagle NTRed him with Gundam?

>Remember when I stabbed you 200 times?
>It's 'coo

>2,5 kicks in
>77 slowly start to wake up
>Kuzuryu crying like a little baby when Peko opens her eyes
>Akane trying to hug Nidai as tight as she can
>Mahiru and Sayonji finally reuniting, tears everywhere
>Komaeda wakes up, begins to search for Hajime
>Walks towards the pier, there he is, glancing at the ocean with eyes full of regrets
>"Tadaima Hajime"
>"You fucker..."

>I'll never move on from Nanami. Nanami is love. Nanami is life. Nanami is HOPE.

This is pretty chuuni


Monaka is NOT for lewd

I fucking despise her.
Do you think she was aware of AI Junko or was that on the down low?

Gonna need an uncensored

I can only pity you. How long will you cling? How long will it take for the screams, sobs, and unheard pleas of the real Nanami to break you down? It will come, I am sure of that.


I feel sorry for you, user. Nanami wouldn't want you to feel that way. Nanami was a beacon of love and hope.

I hope this supposed rivalry isn't centered only around Kaede.


I already said you can empathize with fictional characters but if you're seriously in this much pain and mental anguish from this then you are engaging with it on a level that is bad for your mental health and need to remove yourself. You're outraged at the concept of suffering, but who's really suffering here? The image of a girl in your head? That's all you, you are the only one really being hurt, and your refusal to accept this is only hurting you more. You are indulging in self-destructive behavior when you don't need to be.

Shit thread, kill yourself

80% of DR3 was shit. There were some good moments but they didn't outweigh the awful pacing, lackluster characterization, wasted potential, nonsensical character actions, plot holes, insulting fan pandering, sloppy resolutions, QUALITY, etc.

Either they should have cut Despair out entirely and extended the length of Future, or scrapped the whole anime idea and just made it into a video game. You know, like DR1 and DR2. I understand that Kodaka is making V3 because he wants a fresh start (and I don't blame him), but he needed to properly clean up his mess first.

Maybe if a miracle had happened, things would be different. Now I only feel emptiness when I think of that character.

If you think writing an outline is the same thing as writing a script then okay. He's a writer on a technicality but not in the way that was relevant to the original comment chain.

Check out the draw thread on /h/.

Or even just not bother with it at all.

He still nods and gives the okay to things, but I think that a lot of people don't understand how easy it is for somebody who doesn't care to give the greenlight on absolutely everything.

>posts on Cred Forums
>talks about maintaining a healthy mind
Get fucked

Can someone create a less shitty thread?

I already said I stopped caring entirely. I don't think you understand what "despair" really is.

Yeah, I didn't mean he has no input, just that he doesn't do things like individual dialogue or names.

Teruteru x Hiyoko drawings and doujins! When? I want it!

I dunno, can you?

That's despair, user. You're letting Junko win.

You forgot sayatards

Yes? Just as Junko won when Chiaki died and never came back. I don't really care.

I want to touch Komaru's ahoge...

>the entire board is a hivemind
Been here since at least the Higurashi days, if you partake in such a large amount of fiction like that over the years then you need to learn when to separate yourself from it for your own sake. Otherwise you wind up like the people on tumblr who get mad at depictions of bad things in media because it doesn't mesh with your arbitrary moral code.

That's an insult to Chiaki's memory.

I'm perfectly capable of separating myself from it, thanks anyway.

Okay, keep being miserable and bogging down the threads with your repetitive spam then.

Okay buddy, you go ahead and let yourself run mental gymnastics around the fucked-up plot, but don't get in the way of people who understand it for what it really is, okay?

There's that word again.
There's -that- word again. At least a couple other people feel the same as I do and post about it, they ain't my problem.

You don't understand anything. You don't even understand Nanami. You're just a despairfag.

>Being this full of despair

You gotta move on man.


Okay? You're the one who thinks that abandoning a main heroine's character arc and not giving her any closure by the finale is acceptable writing.

You act as if I'm not allowed to vent the remainder of my emotions before these threads disappear from Cred Forums.

>character arc

You don't give a shit about Nanami, fake. Just another whiner. I'm done with you.

Ibuki's hair is so beautiful, I want to gently stroke it.

I knew it, you were just fucking around with me the whole time! Oh well, it was kinda funny. Much more fun than dealing with an actual obtuse idiot.

>i totally don't care guys, i'm just gonna post about it endlessly thread after thread. but i don't actually care

But I don't?
You're the one implying only a single person is dissatisfied with what they did to Chiaki.

Yes, dedicating hours of your life to repeating the same points across several threads and griping about how unfairly your waifu was treated and getting in arguments with anyone who disagrees is definitely what a person who doesn't care does.

Chiakifags truly are the worst.

Oh, I see, you're just going to keep ironically spamming that it's just one person who does it all. Maybe you should practice what you preach?

SHSL Male Gyaru
He is the true successor to Enoshima.

It's hilarious that you think your typing style isn't immediately recognizable. You're the same guy that insists Hajime and Izuru are separate and that he had no hand in Chiaki's death and that Chiaki was doomed no matter what. You're the one that got irrationally attached to real Chiaki despite how painfully obvious it was that she would die. You're the one constantly bitching about the line AI Chiaki said about real Chiaki on the boat. If you are actually going to try to deny this then you are even more of a retard than I thought because you think everyone but you is fucking blind.

No? I just think you're being stupid to act like I'm the only person saying that. I didn't even post in this thread until like, an hour or so ago. You need to chill out like I have, dude. Getting yourself all worked up in anger because somebody's actually trying to analyze and critique the series... that's not good, you know?

>ywn hot glue Hopeman
Why live?

Yeah, you're definitely just critiquing, no emotion involved at all. While you're at it maybe you could come up with some points that haven't been discussed to death instead of wasting everyone's time.

Yeah, looking back, I didn't post until so it was a couple of hours. Might seem like a big deal to you, since you're throwing such a massive fit about it, but I just check back and reply to people while I'm watching anime.

See above.
>discussed to death
I've barely talked about this. It's only been a couple days since the finale. Are you from Cred Forums or something? Is this sort of extreme transiency the norm in your land?

>still trying to pretend it's not obvious as shit that it's you
I'm just done, you're too pathetic to have a conversation with. You can't even be honest with yourself.

What? You seem a little slow. I never said it wasn't me. In fact, I "confessed" to the evil deed right there All I said was that I'm pretty sure there are at least a couple of other people who have said similar things.