Why is Rem so perfect?

Why is Rem so perfect?

Table-kun is so popular.

Is she retarded for not using hands?

Who is this seed summoner?

I feel like if she was really perfect she would have fucking won don't you think, user?

She literally has an IQ of a pig if she does that pose lmao

implying everything isn't going according to keikaku.

she just wants him to realise how shit emilia is, then comes rolling back on all fours.

how many times have you been horny where you did stuff you later regretted?

>he fell for the waifubait

Come on, it's 2016 guys

>implying that it works
>remfags being THIS delusional
>At the end of the day, no one's gonna remember who got second place in a contest.

Emilia A best. Rem a piece of shitty garbage.

emilia go to bed


Because she is 2D, the only dimension where perfection can exist.

Cause she perfect



>Implying Subaru literally hasn't told Emilia to her face that he loves a vegetable just as much as her
>Implying Subaru isn't trying to fix Rem personally just so he is the one to save her
>Implying Subaru isn't bending heaven and earth to fix her

Best girl never wins It's animu law. If anything it's evidence of her superiority.

NO NO WAIT. I want to see where this goes.

Continue on user, but you better be going somewhere nice with this. I would also spoil it at least.

Your not that lucky, RemFriend

>they have the wrong eye visible
delete this

>how do mirrors work


>commence brain trembling

>insisting any girl is better than Patrashce

Why are Re:Zero girls so overrated?

I need the other Pic of Rem getting butt blasted by the Blue wrx plz.


Subtle Insane clown posse joke?

>lmao remfags thinking Rem is better than Patrasche and Felix

Show already has a Juggalo

but is not that insane nor has a posse.

but he got a boi posse

nah senpai

Which one is Rem and which one is Ram? I'm in Japan for a bit and my friend wants something of Ram cause he likes her.

Ram is the pink one

Ram is the pink and good one

Demon clan, pls.

She just is

Enough with the RE:ddit zero threads

What does pinkshit even see in this metrosexual?

>It's more than five months since the author post the new chapter
Damn Subaru's Tower.

Big dick and good moves maybe? It's not even a dis. It is is puzzling otherwise.

Tell me about the car. Why is it humping the table?

Subaru does what Subaru wants.

I just want her to have a happy ending. No more death and memory loss bullshit. And I want off this ride.

>told Emilia to her face that he loves a vegetable just as much as her
but what does that mean, hououin kyouma could tell christina that he loves mayuri just as much as her and that would not be wrong yet scientist loves only celeb17 in a romantic way

Damned straight he is.

There are scenes where he wants to kiss Rem, and passages where he thinks about how he'd be willing to drink both Rem and Emilia's bodily fluids.

He is romantically and physically attracted to Rem.

>Dat Oni booty

>Brutally murder MC while he begs you to stop
>"No you smell like evil now I torture you"
>>>>>>>>>>best girl

wow, now that's greedy, i hope emilia rejects him

There are people with that smell who could kill everyone you ever knew and loved, and you wouldn't even notice it happening or remember anyone they erased. Witch Cultists are actually kill-on-sight in the country, and for good reason.

If anything, she should have killed him sooner and not bothered to try to interrogate him. It's not worth the risk if he did have an Authority to unleash.

Subaru is all the sins
He is Envy
He is Greed
He is Gluttony
He is Lust
He is Pride
He is Sloth
He is Wrath

At least make subaru blue with gold rims user.

Well, yeah. Subaru's that kind of guy. Unfortunately, Emilia literally has the mind of a sheltered child who doesn't understand anything about love, but is still desperate to be loved by anyone. She's outwardly claimed that she's fine with Subaru loving Rem, so long as it doesn't intrude on his love for her.

He's lucky his love interests are both such lonely, insecure, and desperate girls.

>best girl out of pity
actual best girl is Crusch, as far as anime is concerned

Horny anime boy wants to have sex, more news at 10.

Big talk coming from a literal demon. Subaru doesn't deserve to be treated like that after everything he did for her.

That's stupid. You're stupid.

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>Remfags continuing to prove how much of a cancerous fanbase they are.
Trips of absolute truth.

Is there a script to mute passposters like this faggot yet?

Type :stoppass:

A big theme of Re Zero is that Subaru doesn't do anything right the first time.

Why would his love interest be any different?

>Subaru doesn't deserve to be treated like that after everything he did for her.
But he isn't treated like that after everything he did for her, only before. After everything, Rem mostly expresses gratitude and support while blatantly trying to seduce him and make him her husband.

Is this better user? It's still a little bit of an ass job if you look closely.

Honestly, I just wanna see Rigel and Spica in the canon timeline.

It makes me happy to see my eyecolor correction still being passed around.

>after everything he did for her
which he wouldn't have because rem murdered him, i guess redo magic justifies murder

I'm just saying that from a purely pragmatic standpoint, killing him as soon as she detected the Witch Scent would make sense. Subaru is able to forgive her because he's able to understand her reasoning. That doesn't really make it right, but that's how it is.

Excellent hotdog-san.

they're from a memeshow

can you make subaru kun blush?