"Take off your pants"

"Take off your pants"

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>implying i wear pants in my house

What do you think you're doing at my house bitch? Get the fuck out before I unleash my dark side and attack your vagina-pussy.

>wearing socks instead of pantyhose


Not in the mood

I wanna go to bed

which amagami is best?

Bitch, you can't even see with that hat on

*unzips dick*

They're already off goddammit, my legs are just that hairy.

You know I don' t necessarily dislike femdom itself, it's just that most of the time it comes bundled together with other significantly shittier fetishes, like high-heels ball-busting sweat piss scat, and those awful looking latex dominatrix outfits.

I love the idea of girls who are dominant and take the lead but hate all the shit that goes with it. Feels weird

What if I don't ? Are you going to do something about it or what huh

And this is why nekos > doges.

I'm afraid that's a terminal case of good taste.

But they are off

Yeah this. Pegging too.

Whenever I see someone who likes pegging on here I wanna teleport to their house and slap them for having such shit taste.

Let's make a deal: I remove my pants, you remove this stupid hat.

Femdom is a patrician fetish, but also a really disappointing one. Most women prefer to be dominated, and almost all of them are turned off by submissive men, so you'll hardly get to find a genuine femdom girl irl.

Wow, no shit.

My headphone cable would like a word with you

Is futa pegging ok in your book?

>Not liking pegging.

This is an anime board you cross-boarding faggot.

aye gurl take dem panties off first

Good taste

I was prepared. Your move now.

Best SS

What's the best part of femdom? For me, it's the girl's reaction. It's no good if the girl isn't really having the time of her life while playing with you.

>Get down on your knees dog so I may walk on you and use you as a chair.


who is that semen demon on the right

no, fuck you slut.

thats a guy



Please don't use Type-G art to blog, user.


Well as gorilla dicks are fucking tiny, no.


Threadly reminder that femdom is literally a shit tier fetish.

If you actually want a girl to beat the shit out of you while spitting in your mouth and calling you worthless you're pathetic.

Abuse me more~

She ended up losing that eye.


No she didn't.

That's what I heard from some user a couple years ago.

I want to be her furniture

Anons tell lies

you take them off bitch

Bet she didn't even get rid of the cat. Cat owners are just too beta. They can't help but be slaves to a 15 pound glorified rodent who treats them like trash and wouldn't care if they died.

Can confirm, I was that user

Why would some do something like that? Go on the Internet and lie?

>3dpd blogging crossboarder thread
absolutely awful

>Hit marker

Fucking hilarious.

Seriously thought cats will fuck you up if they're mad about shit and they're the kind of breed that isn't friendly like tabbys. They also get in weird moods where they'll be really energetic and just want to play/fight and if you're the only person around then they might try it with you and then shit like that happens.

Because is fun

Yes ma'am.

That's an awful lot of buzzwords

Why would she call you pathetic if she's doing sexual things to you?

The woman bad mouthing you for liking femdom is part of the femdom itself.

If I say no how would she make me take them off?

that's the whole point

I've been horny all night and these posts are what finally made me jerk off. I hope you're happy, mistress.


futa pegging at least serves a purpose.

All strapon stuff is garbage.

Anyone got EX doijins or mangas that fit this user's preference here? I agree that femdom is diluted by niche, kinky shit and would like to read a manga that is femdom, but with just an aggressive/lead girl and not a sadistic perv.

Here's what I go from my faves:


>If you get on your knees, sure.

I recently finished the first season and I think I'm in love with Tsukasa. I got enjoyment and faps from all of the girls but Tsukasa was on another level. Holy shit. Does the VN say what she wrote in her planner?

This desu

She's so great

Who needs foreskin anyway?

Vanilla femdom?

>femdom doujin
>turns into vanilla after 2 pages
Fuck off.


Nice pits

the part where I physically overpower her

Tokiko-sama has a nice everything.

>You will never be treated like a fucktoy
It hurts so much brehs.

There's a lot of femdom with none of that. Not sure where you're getting that shit from.

Femdom is only good if she has a dick

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Please source.

I've seen a drop in Hibiki doujins. Why is such a crime going untended? I still have those UGC ones, but I need more.

Igumox. A Lady and her Toy. One of my favorites, femdom of the best kind, truly.


Thank you, good man

Daga Kotowaru

Is this the one that's behind a paywall on fakku?
Artist was same one as sexual urge wasn't it

Know the name of the artist?

What about girl on girl femdom?

Fine too.


I read that as "Take Off Your Penis." My pants will be off.

>Two dicks
>Anal sex
>Submissive male
About as gay as you, I think.


stop topping from the bottom you sick fuck


"Take off your pass"

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Stop making 2012 seem like a long time ago. That's still turbo-newfag territory.

There were no pass before that though.

It's the day pass was implemented. I can't prove that I was here before, dude. Just like you can't prove you were here before today.

what is she saying?

She's blankposting.

If I still had my compactflash card with my Cred Forums folder I could. 2006. Earliest image I have is from 2009.

Yes, but you can't prove that. Anyone can save an image and change the unix timestamp filename or simply save it from an archive.

Yeah but

>hey wheres the heel of her sh-


There is not really a lot of it