Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Animation, translation, manga adaptation?


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Why is Emilia so shit?

She ruined the entire series!

Is there anybody more alpha than Reinhard?


Alpha? He cries himself to sleep every night because he doesn't get Subaru's cock.


I would totally drink a tea cup of her piss

Nice try but Reinhard ALWAYS gets what he wants. It just so happens that right now he wants a 15 years old from the slums.

Rem a best. A BEST.

Emilia a shit. A SHIT.

Most alpha character of Re:Zero.

A real alpha man would never hit a girl.

Yes, and that's why Reinhard kicks.

Fourier passed out after a long party huh

Petra seems to be on much more relaxed terms with Subaru by arc 6, headbutting him in the stomach for insinuating she'd be troubled by traveling with Roswaal.

She will get killed brutally


Tappei wouldn't dare

He already has.
>Arc 3
>Implying he's not willing to do it again

The clown has no intention of doing anything to those around him, or Subaru.

He'll only do it if Subaru lets anyone he cares about die. It's like a threat of "if you don't go for the best possible scenario with your power, i'll make sure you try again".

She will get raped by Roswaal and Subaru's save point moves after that. Now she needs constant healing from Subaru.

Get voting boys

>If it’s physical wound or emotional wound, Ferris can heal you… But if you die it’s all over isn’t it!?

How would Ferri heal emotional wounds?

Actually, i'm talking to Lemon right now on Discord chat and he said he only placed the voting as a joke.

He's going to use "Master".

>Implying he won't take away all of Subaru's adoptive daughters

He is called the Tappeibutcher for a reason

By being there for the person in question? Helping then? It doesn't have to be magic you know.

He is so best my god. If someone would only heal his emotional wounds...

>[Petra: Why can’t someone other than Subaru-sama do it? Someone—another person… should just leave it up to someone stronger or something like that, like my master, since he has the time.]

>[Subaru: I…I understand. I understand just how much frustration you’ve had piled up because of how Roswaal wastes his time so often. Stop trying to add things on in attempts to drive Roswaal off to his death. It creates an intense amount of tension in the camp.]

Petra has the right ideas

>So best
>Literally does not want to help kill the cult to possibly cure Crusch completely
>Prefers to keep her comatose and slowly teach her what she knew as if that would make her like before

>It wouldn’t be a problem if it was just things like Roswaal not noticing how Petra put squeezed juice from cloth into his tea. However, it would obviously be bad if she started to show her hostility and malice clearly. Subaru let out a commanding voice before it would turn out like this, but Petra’ eyed Subaru with a serious look. It seemed like half-assed deception and insincere words wouldn’t be able to convince her. Also, above all, Petra was seriously worried about Subaru’s safety. Saying anything unnecessary and careless in this situation would be disrespectful to Petra’s feelings of anxiety.

I fucking love this kid


I swear one day she will poison Roswaal's tea

I knew Petra was great, but this made me like her even more.

>Juice from dirty cloth to give to Roswaal

Best daughteru

He doesn't want to endanger Crusch

>In actuality he really did not understand why he desired to do it like this. His audacious words would simply take form in this way. Whenever his audacious words took form, it would probably become something like such, maybe.
>[Subaru: ——Never mind. This is something I want to do myself after all. Even if there might be someone more suited for it out there, even though I know there’d be a higher chance of success that way, I still want to do it.]
>[Petra: Why?]
>[Subaru: It’s embarrassing but….it’s because I want to be the first one to see her when she wakes up.]
>He didn’t specify who. Even if he didn’t specify, Petra understood who it was. If a way to wake up that girl—the girl who continued to be in a state of deep slumber—was found at the sage’s tower, he wanted to be the one to seize it.
>Even if there might be someone else out there who’d be more suitable for the job, even if someone other than himself would have a higher chance of success, this was the sole thing he wouldn’t give up. He didn’t want to give it up. This was Subaru’s ego.
>[Subaru: If we were to disregard my feelings and think of it from a rational viewpoint…..anyone could be the one to wake her up. If something like a ridiculous disease of never being able to wake up were to spread, and if we were to only talk about saving them, I wouldn’t care about who’d be the one to develop a vaccine or a specific medicine for it. I wouldn’t care about the process, if it meant saving them.]
>[Petra: …..Yeah.]
>[Subaru: But if my feelings drive in, I want to do things my way. I want to be the one to save them. I want to be the the one to wake them up. I want to give it my all and save everything.]

My, how greedy.

Well that sucks

>Rem didn't take down White Whale, she particpate in battle but she was don't anything none of the named characters couldn't.

Not really. She was the 2nd strongest person there, maybe tied with Crusch, after Wilhelm. Subaru pretty much flat out says they would've lost if she wasn't there. That goes for Wilhelm and Crusch too, but you can't just replace Rem with Ricardo or the triplets and call it a day.

>Add things on in attempts to drive Roswaal off to his death

Petra is the daughteru we need

>Even if there might be someone else out there who’d be more suitable for the job, even if someone other than himself would have a higher chance of success, this was the sole thing he wouldn’t give up. He didn’t want to give it up. This was Subaru’s ego.
Nice pride

>[Subaru: Sorry for disappointing you with my selfishness.]
>[Petra: —–You really did disappoint me. Nothing you said changes my feelings.]
>[Petra: Hmm?]
>After her acknowledgement of Subaru’s shamefulness, Subaru petted Petra’s head while he was prepared for hatred. But after Petra let out an unclear voice, she lifted her head from Subaru’s arms. Subaru was surprised when her round, large eye became clouded by a giant teardrop.

Subaru you've changed, for the better.

Petra is truly the best.

If it wasn't for Emilia, we would never encounter the maid sisters at all?

That's a pretty poor excuse user.

Power rankings from last thread with some clarifications.
SSS: Satella, Reinhard
SS: Witches, Archshops, Great Spirits (Puck etc), Roswaal, Shaula
S: Wilhelm, Garfiel, Betty, maybe Emilia
A: Emilia, Julius, Elsa, Priscilia
B: Crusch, Rem, Al
C: Ricardo, Meili, Felt, the Triplets
D: Otto, Subaru (Arc 5), Felt, Felix, the 3 Stoorages
E: Anastasia

best part

Hello Melonpan

Except Rem only even exists because Emilia brought Subaru to manor where he met her.

That said waifuwars are stupid at this point, but it seems some Remfags are to retarded yo understand so their force fights and bullshit.

Pretty sure Subaru and Otto are higher up than that.

I think everyone is above the stooges, unless they come back stronger at some point. Subaru was able to take all three of them down himself in Arc 1 before they could really even do anything.

I wish Subaru would show this side of himself more often. He should talk to his daughterus and Rem more.

Where does he say that? Not to mention again unless she could beat the thing herself or had a longass one-to-one fight scene al'a there she really do anything the others weren't. Ricardo, the twins and much of artillery damaged it too. She just teamworked everyone else and that is it.

Bundling all the witches and bishops in the same rank is retarded.

Some witches are terrible fighters, and some bishops are not great for direct fights.

She fought off one of the clones solo for quite awhile in the show, and fought the whale itself for an extended period of time before finally getting erased.

They aren't on the level of Iron Fang guys yet though. B

Actually they did. Reinhard apparently trained them and Felt and they fought Archbishops with everyone else in arc 5.

>Actually they did. Reinhard apparently trained them and Felt and they fought Archbishops with everyone else in arc 5.
That's fucking hilarious.


Not him but she is still B grade in terms of strength user. Crusch did the same thing, that's why she is on par with her.

Besides her strength isn't what made her so important in the battle. Rather it was her contribution and how hard she fought despite not being powerful in terms of strength. But it was Wilhelm who was the MVP regardless.

Emilia is strong not because of how hard she works but because of her innate talent, she gets one of the longest ends of the stick compared to others.

Why is Echidna so gross?

The would be at least lower to mid C grade though. Considering Subaru beat a number of people who were stronger than him like Gaaf and Otto fought against Gluttony with Beatrice and didn't die.

I'm not arguing her power rank, I'm contesting the claim that she is easily replaced by any other character with a name in the whale fight.

I love emilia

Mouthbreathing retards I tell you. Not liking a character is one thing, but to ignore her feats because of a bias towards her character is another. Rem is easily A++ to S tier.

>Rem is easily A++ to S tier.
She's really not. She not weak, but she's almost certainly weaker than Wilhelm and Elsa and such.

Whatever, at least A tier then, and definitely one of the strongest females in the series next to Theresia and potential horned Ram.

Even weakest Witches are still stronger than most people in S rank everyone in A rank. Thisspeaking in just relative in terms of power.

She fought one clone who was weaker then the original was too busy trying digest Wilhelm half the time. When she battle the Whale it sounds she didn't last a few minutes at best.

Look Rem is a strong fighter, but she not her sister and development has nothing to surpass8ng her sister or getting stronger than she is. Until Tappei makes her care things that aren't loving Subaru or putting her she on pedestal she never going anywhere then she is. There no development path bulit for in that end becauae she has already accept her lot.

>I'm contesting the claim that she is easily replaced by any other character with a name in the whale fight

I see

Nice falseflagging

>When she battle the Whale it sounds she didn't last a few minutes at best.
She fought long enough for Subaru to have been knocked unconscious and wake up before she was defeated mid conversation with Otto. It took awhile.

But she is weak, is weak compared to a lot of other characters, its not her innate strength that makes her strong, since she doesn't have much of it, but her will and hard work to go through hell and back is what made her do things that were otherwise impossible for her.

She is a lot like Crusch and Subaru

>next to Theresia and potential horned Ram.

Not at all, Theresia was a fucking sword saint, To give you an idea, Theresia would have killed the whale had she not lost her power in the fight. She also could've went on and kill the Witch cult. Rem isn't anywhere near that.

Horned Ram is even stronger. The Author himself even said that she would be in the top 5 in the entire series if she still had her horn. Think stronger than Roswaal strong, she was a prodigy of prodigies

Horned Ram is SS tier

Actually, what is sort of hilarious is how strong Wilhelm is from just being a tryhard, and Rem does basically the same thing. I can't imagine how retarded she'd be if she did nothing but swing her morningstar all day.

I'm fully aware of their power levels and I still stand fully by my opinion.

I don't count those instances because their weren't one-to-one fights and had speical conditions tied to them. These rankings are base on each character indivdual ability in a head on fight.



>At least A tier then, and definitely one of the strongest females in the series next to Theresia and potential horned Ram.

You have got to be fucking kidding me right now.

What does this even me. It's not an opinion tho, she is objectively not as strong as either of those two even in fringe situations.

But whatever floats your autism


Yes, but you need remember Wilhelm was obessed with Strength and spent nearly his entire life to achieve. He tells Subaru he could do the same if applied himself to doing nothing but thatwhich is neither Subaru and Rem will be like him that aspect.

Basically anyone can do what Wilhelm did, but requires not much of a life beyond conflict and war.

Yeah, since she put her tryharding into other things in addition to fighting, like how she takes care of roughly 90% of all the mansion's chores by herself.

Why is Anastasia so low?

Because she's a spunky loli that makes mad dosh and very little else?

But user, Anastasia is best girl, and the one smile I want to protect

You know it's pretty sad how low Rem is with keeping her horn compared to what her sister could have been.

That's why Rem is so self-depricating all of the time. She believed that she should be the one who lost her horn instead.

Well you better, because she sure ain't doing it herself.

Subaru should let Petra influence his decisions more.

No fighting ablilty whatsoever and under normal circumstances she can't use magic because she was born with a defective mana gate. Now she is possessed by her artfical spirit she is quite powerful light magic user.

would be there even enough material for a second season?

Wrong, Subaru beats Garfiel, and Emilia can't beat Elsa.

That's true. Isn't Anastasia possesed by Echidna?

Not in the LN

Currently no, at least as far as LNs are concerned, which is what they're adapting. WNs are 3 arcs ahead.

That's the artificial spirit user.

Echidna is wandering around somewhere as a Lewes clone.


Technically yes, practically, not yet

Its so confusing because there are 3 Echidnas wandering around right now.

Subaru is not child and he knows needs Roswaal's help. Unnecessarily pissing off somebody who you already strained relationship with that can murder everyone in you group is bad idea.

Subaru 'beats' Garfiel.
If we're using that as a measurement, Subaru should be at least SS for beating two archbishops (one of which being The Strongest SS+++ Archbishop), whale, and rabbit.

Subaru beat a weaken Garfiel who couldn't use his Beastifed powers. Elsa beat Emilia at only half power as a Spirit User without Puck.

She ran Puck out of mana though, which was the plan.

Will they turn the EX novels into manga form? It would be pretty cool.

There is only one. The spirit that is with is just something Echidna made and named after herself.

It's weird there are so many artificial spirits running around. It's like how the apostles in Berserk masqueraded as the rarer angels and such. Has there been a legit great spirit shown in the series?


Puck didn't run out of mana, his time of activity was just up by as his and Emilia's contract dictated. It's not something Elsa ever planned for. She doesn't so7nd likr she knew Emilia was a Spirit User let alone the details of her contract.

He's artificial too.


They're just everywhere

So I've been out of the loop for a little while now, but from reading some of the recently translated stuff I'm guessing Subaru rejected her offer to help him?

Anyone mind explaining why he didn't want Best Girl's help?

I bet people find them from their basements and bathrooms

>It's not something Elsa ever planned for. She doesn't so7nd likr she knew Emilia was a Spirit User
Even fucking Rom mentioned that a battle of attrition is bad for Spirit Users, and you're trying to tell me Elsa doesn't know that nor can recognize she's dealing with a spirit user when her spirit is literally fucking out and introducing himself as a spirit?

Someone asked where I found this last thread, so here's Regulus's official design.

He's much taller than i expected.

Dumb cheese dress

Whose account is that?

I don't think you understand me. I'm saying that Elsa (nor Rom for that matter) knew Emilia' was a Spirit User before that battle. Even if she did all Sprit Users have different contracts and limitations. For example even though Subaru is Spirit User himself the terms of his contract are completely different than Emilia and Puck's. So would be the case with Julius.

Going by some google translate, I think it's one of the editors.

Hello Cred Forums I missed the ride but is Re:Zero worth watching? I heard there's time looping and an insane priest in this.

Just go watch it and tell us what you think.

Also it's a sin Bishop.

It does have those things. It's probably worth watching.

go watch it

>Also it's a sin Bishop.
Sin Bishop? So he's religious but sinful? That does seem pretty crazy there and based on that pic I think I'm going to enjoy his character a lot.

Okay. 1 more Question how tragic is this series?

Stop giving him more attention

While I'm sure you're merely asking out of curiosity, have you ever considered that asking such a question in a place dedicated to discussing a particular show is pointless? By assumption, a conversation being had would indicate interest in the base work. Yes? That would indicate a liking for the work. Yes? That would indicate worth. Yes? A dissenting opinion would not arise in a place dedicated to discussing the work. I'm sure you understand this. You understand this, and you still asked the question. Are you trying to stir discord? To interfere with the discussion? To skew matters off topic? You are free to do that. Personally, I don't mind at all that this is what you choose to do. But, you do understand, essentially, what you are doing? That you are ignoring the opinions of others? That you are interfering with their day? That you are belittling their honest desires for peace and regularity? That you are infringing their rights?
Well, I don't quite find that permissible.

It gets close to torture porn levels of suffering sometimes.

>Okay. 1 more Question how tragic is this series?
Too tragic for the anime, so it didn't bother covering the epilogue.

Well that's pretty gruesome then, I will try to prepare myself for those moments.

>it didn't bother covering the epilogue.
I-I see I won't pry any further as I don't want to spoil myself.

Okay well I'll go now and watch the first few episodes and see how it goes.

>That Aizen type of speech.

I presume you're RPing?

>I-I see I won't pry any further as I don't want to spoil myself.
Come back when you're done, and someone will probably pass you the translation links.
>I presume you're RPing?
He is. It's a character introduced in the aforementioned epilogue.

Can someone explain to me why people like Emilia? I'm an animeonlyfag, did the anime do a poor job of adapting her character or something?

Shut the fuck up Regulus.

>did the anime do a poor job of adapting her character or something?
Not as far as I'm aware. It's actually Rem who got some of her scenes gutted.

Okay thanks user.

I like Emilia, but that doesn't mean I like her best. I like how she's selfless and generally does the right thing, the thing is that she's missing during most of the show and her character hasn't really been developed.

No, they actually adapted her quite well, and despite that fact, she's still shit compared to the maid "side-character" who even got parts cut out.

Nah, there are two or three scenes for Emilia that weren't included in the anime.

Rem got around 6 and was gutted to try and have people appeal to Emilia a bit more or time constraints.

Even Subaru got scenes cut as well.


If Echidna was killed by Satella 400 years ago, how could she transfer her body into a living one?

I don't quite understand the witch area that appears when Subaru dies, where is it located?

I can't believe Rem fought the Witch Cult, Betelgeuse, The White Whale, Regulus, and Ley.


Stop false flagging you're pathetic.

Spirits don't need physical bodies

>Okay. 1 more Question how tragic is this series?
not really tragic

>falseflagging in 2016
How autistic are you

she is a nice and cute girl who would never wrong anyone and would be ready to sacrifice herself to save someone. as a queen, she is bound to be a benevolent ruler. also she has some fighting capabilities.

and unlike rem, she would never kill a weak co-worker who is begging to be spared, just for smelling bad.

That's because Subaru has her smell

Am I the only one who wishes that Subaru killed Pete like this?

At least Rem is actually competent enough to kill someone suspiciously related to the dangerous-as-fuck Witch Cult. It's totally understandable.

Meanwhile, Emilia is naive as fuck and would befriend a spirit that outright states it will destroy the world if she died in their contract.

I'm pretty sure he's saving that for Ley.

>Meanwhile, Emilia is naive as fuck and would befriend a spirit that outright states it will destroy the world if she died in their contract.

minor spoilers
when emilia dies, puck apparently gets some fucked up memories back, which lead to him becoming evil. emilia is not aware of this

>Implying big dick Reinhard would let that rat destroy he world

It's in sanctuary. Also that's just her soul he's talking to.

He destroyed half the country before Reinhardt stopped him.

That is still millions of lives.

You're missing the point. The problem is that she would even risk it anyways.
And that shows her incompetence even more. How conceited of her to think that she's actually strong enough to not die.

>Anime S2 NEVER
>Manga continuation SLOW AS FUCK
>Want more Re: Zero? Go read shoddily translated google documents or learn nip

What exactly is Sanctuary? I can only guess from how it's thrown around, but I presume it's Roswaal's estate for half breeds? There is some kind of magic barrier on it?

>think that she's actually strong enough to not die
she doesn't need to think this because she is not aware that puck will destroy the world when/if she dies.

I can't wait. I wonder how Subaru will actually react when he meets Ley.

You do realize arc 4 reveals that Rem's reasons for killing Subaru in that loop were just her own personal grudge against the cult speaking louder than her common sense right?

They ask why she did it and she says it was too late for him, and wanted to put him out of his misery, but Emilia says it's a lie and that there was no reason to fuck up his body that badly if that was the case. She didn't retort so it was true.

She is a cute assertive person who has solid amount of agency and doesn't hang on the MC's every word.

It's how Remfags like Rem for her devotion.

I think it was Echidna's old home and a refuge for demi humans? It's kinda like a graveyard, with homes.

God damn someone's really into furries.

Other than two screens from the White Whale's battle she didn't lose much.

>cute nose
>cute eyes
>cute smile
>cute elf ears
>platinum hair

Technically she was right, because of the mana drain the Ulgrams had.

What are the actual chances of Subaru killing Ley with his own hands, let alone crushing his skull?

Depends at what point they meet and what he has when they meet.

Yes, but she made him suffer on purpose, that's the entire point. If she really wanted to put him out of his misery she could have easily done it faster and in a less messy way.

Tearing half his body apart is not a painless death.

Nah, he's not going to do something as brutal as that until he becomes the Dark Lord.

There literal nothing special about Rem compared to Emilia honestly. It's just matter of presence at this point.

How are they supposed to know that when she's in a coma?

But that's where the personal grudge comes in. Not to mention protecting her family is kinda her shtick, and revenge is what she lived for.

> Torture porn
Ha! Bunch of bullshit, I've seen Tokyo Ghoul episode 11-12, Elfen Lied bullshit, Blood C bullshit and Another bullshit. THIS IS NOTHING. If I want gruesome shit, I would have not gone for this series for that.

Trial of the present has Subaru see what may have possibly happened every time he died. The book works off Subaru's memories, and the memories of others i think, to recreate these scenarios.

Emilia doesn't know about that part, that was in the contract Puck made with Echidna.

That's not torture porn, that's just edgy though.

To be fair Re:zero's emphasis more on emotional pain than physical.

No, that's stupid and pointless death/torture cycle. Re:Zero is nowhere near that. It does death and torture cycle all because one idiot decided to shove himself into that crap. He decided to have his life like that, then who am I to judge a man wanting to swim with sharks for some gain in life?

All because Subaru wants love, attention, and expectations from people. Which is quite understandable. But he's still an idiot.

>Your ability, Return by Death is great authority. You don't really understand its potential. You can never accept the undesired consequences and try again for anytime. That's the ultimate tool for any researcher. Originally, the consequence cannot be changed. You can make hypothesis for the result, but, when you really make a trial on it, you can have only one result from it. No one can make the exact same condition for re-trial. What could you gain from different condition before? That's just dream for us researchers. I definitely has the mean to know everything with 'World's Record'. But, I don't really like using it. I want to know, not just for knowledge itself, but I value the effort spent for knowledge. Because of that, it is ironically despicable for me. Our talk has derailed for the moment. To return to the main talk, yes, I am envious of your ability. You can have 'different result' in the 'exact same condition'. How could I pass that ability? How could I pass the opportunity to test everything with that? Of course, I don't want to force you into using it. You just have to use it for yourself. I will make every effort for the future you want, and fulfill my curiosity along the way. I won't get punished for this much, do I? You get the result. I fulfill my curiosity, our interests are matching here. I don't know everything and I can't intentionally take you to the worst consequence. You and I are equal that we don't have exact solution for everything. You could call me comrade for thinking solution on the same problem together. I am declaring this without shame. I will never prevent you from reaching solution, as I am favorable of you. Of course, on some problems, you could have difficulty getting through even with my knowledge, because I cannot directly interact with reality. If your obstacle needs physical strength, I cannot be any help of you. You can harm your body and mind for indefinite times.

> On those occasions, I would want to heal your mind with sincerity. I won't assure that there is no concern for my curiosity. But, it is real that I want to be your strength. So I don't want to be hated by you. Again, I can proudly declare that I am helpful for achieving your goal. As I use you for my greed on knowledge, you can freely use me to reach your desirable future. I am content to be a convenient girl and devote myself for you. I don't know if you would want this scanty and dead body. Oops. This must be a rude one for two girls you're determined to protect - Silver half-elf and Blue Oni-girl. I don't want to evaluate you for your thought on those two girls. But, obstacles blocking your way is beyond your imagination. Your determination to clear them all yourself is really valuable, but also miserable to see. I am not lying to you for becoming your strength. And you have to use me to. You must use everything at your disposal to reach your future and help those you think dear. That's what you're determined for. I will repeat it again. Path paved with your lives is proven by 2nd Trial. I even think 2nd Trial exists solely to make you accept your way. It was unbearable sight to your mind. However, I consider it is better to know even the most tragic truth and you have to reach the future, paying your lives to 'Return by Death' as you did till now. For that, you have to cherish your memory of those possible Parallel Worlds. Even if you become a person indifferent to any death, including your own or those precious, it is better than the future without you. There is nothing useless in this world. Everything is needed puzzle pieces. To understand that, you needed the Trial. If you need any meaning for your temporary stop here, think like this. And, I will agree on your thought. I will give you any words to keep you going. whispering of love, soothing, or wrath, I don't hesitate to use any words to keep your strength.

Anyone else gets the feeling that Subaru is slowly, but steadily becoming a villain?


He was doomed the second that satan claimed him as hubby.

> I am absolutely needed for your future struggle. If you're going to walk solitary path of hurt, you need the person who can walk along. And I, no other people but I can do that. I repeat this, and repeating this anytime - You need me, and I need you, your existence. I can't satisfy my curiosity without you. Only talking with you can fulfill my curiosity. You can be the only person who can satisfy my 'Greed'. I can't rule out your existence from this enclosed space of mine. If you want to be the hope of people you dearly think, can you share little bit of compassion to me? If you do that, I don't hesitate to give my body, soul, and knowledge to you. So, I eagerly want you to believe me. I haven't been hiding my true intention to deceive you. I was only looking for good timing. If I was telling this from the start, you wouldn't come closer to me. It would be unacceptable loss for me. Of course, it would be a loss for you, too. As the user of 'Return by Death', you will surely achieve your goal sometime. But, you have to reduce the price of reaching it. I can minimized that. I won't assure you I can refrain from not telling you the necessity for better future just to see the consequence. I admit that. But, I won't deceive you. If I did that, I will never hide it from you. I will reveal it and try to regain your trust doing whatever I can. I will take you to the future you want no matter what. So, won't you choose me? I told you everything I want. I am determined to pay any price. I told you my determination, and I want to hear yours. You should prove you have confidence to reach the future you want. You can have pride of passing 2nd trial only if you do that. Challenging 3rd Trial and liberating the Sanctuary. This is the Trial you must pass for people you dearly think. Show me you have strength and courage to overcome that. And obtain me and my knowledge to achieve your future.


I can read these words but I can't put together what they actually mean.

Why is Capella the hottest girl in the series and would make a fun and spontaneous psycho girlfriend?

DNA is basically waterfalling between the thighs at the possibilities Subaru's ability opens him to.

> Those are what I want from you, what I require from you, and what I can give to you. I revealed everything with sincerity. What's your decision? Teach me, fulfill my curiosity.

No, that's a red herring.

Subaru is much more interesting as a fundamentally good guy struggling against inner demons. If you make him evil, and make him powerful, you take away his two strongest character traits (struggling/being weak).

Ultimately I think Subaru is too weak to be a villain. I'd like to see an arc where he tries, fails, and goes through some awful trial and execution/public humiliation as a result of it.

Has there been any designs for the witches other than Teapisser?

user, don't think too hard here. No seriously. No man is capable of reading this shit without quitting half-way. The author is an asshole.

I kind of think that if Subaru became a villain, it'd be because he pretty much stopped being the Subaru we know. Maybe he'd reawaken as the version of himself Satella knew. Whatever the case, I think the risk should be there and that there should be a payoff for that risk.
>Ultimately I think Subaru is too weak to be a villain.
Is Regulus any less pathetic than Subaru? If Subaru were willing to give himself to his sins, he could probably be ridiculously powerful with just Sloth and Greed. However, if we ever did get a strong and villainous Subaru, I'd want there to be some way for his defeat to be at the hands of the weak and heroic Subaru.

>Subaru becomes Dark lord after helping Emilia become Satella

>Dies to Rigel

>best end.


Actually, I'm going off my hopes that Gluttony actually has a cloning/splitting power to it, based on my speculation that the Bishops of Gluttony are all actually split off from one original guy.
>Which is why definitely, definitely one day—
>[Subaru: I’ll have you two pull me until I split in a thousand pieces!]

Okay fine Rigel enlists Betty's help (Rigel has mysterious powers of charisma) to make a dimensional pocket like the forbidden archive, then he tosses Dark Lord Subaru in there (with Satellmelia) and seals the door. DLS is fine with this and doesn't try to destroy the world getting out because he gets to chill with his waifu forever. Happy end.

Sealed then.

>Okay fine Rigel
Rigel doesn't exist in this universe. But to expand on this silly thought here. It's rather common for villains to try to artificially excise weaknesses or aspects of their personality which prevent them from wholeheartedly committing to their goals. All we need is for Subaru's hidden persona to awaken, with all the Sins under his control, and have him decide that the remnants and weakness of the Natsuki Subaru he's been until then are a hindrance. Then just split them off as a separate person.

Most likely once Volume 10 comes out.


There's this misconception that has been going on for a bit that I want to nip in the bud
Satella is NOT evil, her split-personality the Witch of Envy is batshit. The other sin witches she killed with the exception of Greed don't hate her, but they do hate the Witch of Envy persona. When Satella took in the witch factor of envy, she was super incompatible with it causing the split personality.
Satella herself is a pretty nice girl.


>Satella herself is a pretty nice girl.
Satella killed the other witches and half the world, not the Witch of Envy. That's a "Griffith did nothing wrong" tier argument.

But Griffith DIDN'T do any anything wrong

I recently finished the 80,000 word summary. Is there any more available after that?

She was probably manipulated into it.The witch of Vainglory and the Warlock of Acedia are very suspicious. I mean, there must have been a reason she did that. One does not simply kill 6 friends and half the world for absolutely no reason, but if it's a superficial reason then to hell with both persona's

Slave morality. When you're that powerful you make the rules.

Eclipse wuz prank, Gattsusu.

Yes, a few more chapters here:!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

It's implied in Subaru's first trial that there was no reason. When Subaru's dad says something like, you'd have to kill off half the world for no reason at all for me to stop loving you.

Time for a theory
>Satella tells Flugel to stop loving her,
>Flugel says you'd have to kill off half the world for no reason at all for me to stop loving you
>She actually does it.

There has to be reason though, because otherwise the other witches would hold her in contempt. Unless they're just really that insane.

Shocking twist. Satella became a witch to try and get away from her crazy stalker who just wouldn't stop loving her.

>Mfw once they gather all sins they plit into two
>The strong Fugel for Emilia
>The weak Natsuki Subaru for Rem

Watch it happen boys

There's an "absolute madman" meme image here just dying to be shopped.

Plot Twist: emilia becomes so fed up with Toyota's obsession that she willingly volunteer's to be Satella's vessel to get away from him.

Which was the whole point of bringing him into this world in the first place.

Thank you good sir.

Emilia loves him though.


So, like Naraku?

Betel best girl

Best ending for everyone involved, especially if the weak Subaru gets to be the one who defeats the one who has the power of all the Sins combined.

Thats pretty good

Fuck if I know. I don't think the general idea is that uncommon.

Ok, this is pretty shitty, but.

>tfw even if season 2 lands we will never get STYX HELIX as the ED again.

This is gold XD

i too think it is possible for subaru to become a villain.
he shows a sin in his actions aswell, pride. especially at the moment where he stated that he wants to safe rem, even though there are better persons to do it.

The Archbishop of Wrath called
She wants her Betelgeuse back.

Fuckhing hell user

What the fuck Reinhard is so god damn strong. There is literally no weakness for him to have

was that in the actual manga ?

Comeon people, i'm still accepting suggestions for the final version

Petelgeuse best waifu Cred Forums pass confirms it

End yourself.

>willingly cucking himself

No. That's from a doujin artist.

Now, this is from the actual manga.

screw you, for screwing with me :/

I mean, you're doing fine user.

Anyone got a link to the translations from after where the anime leaves off?

Suggestions for what exactly?



satella a cute

Well thanks but since i'm also including the concept art, I guess I should also include the official coloured versions and maybe the regulus one too
I distinctly remember seeing !betaSubaru in colour

The link I posted, I need it to look as good as it can and i'm accepting suggestions on how to make it better

god bless that mangaka

It looks good as of right now, there are no complaints here.

>mfw he's no the one drawing arc 3

I'm still waiting for an Arc 4, 5, or 6 manga by him, the way he portrays Subaru is so good

Well thanks, I want to include more images while avoiding official illustrations since they could be out of place sometimes
Official Concept art illustrations are good though
I really don't know any other images to include

I don't think she killed them. In fact, I think Typhon died in a flood, Minerva died in a pitfall (?), Daphne starved to death in a desert, Sekhmet fell off the waterfall, Carmilla and Echidna I don't know.

Someone with good editing skills should make webms of the white whale fights except that they plaster Rihoko's face on top of the whale's head and replace whale noises with lines from Rihoko. So every time the whale screams when it sees Subaru, you'd get a "Junichi!". And when the whale splits into 3, put the faces of the other 2 tea club members on top of the 2 clones.

If Ram doesnt remember Rem, how does she explain herself that she only has one horn? Sorry for the dumb question

Same way she thought Subaru somehow killed half the dogs. She never thought about it long enough to realize how nonsensical that was.

Oh right. So Satella took their authorities, they died, and somehow Echidna absorbed their souls.

Hard to think with all that clown cock.

Well Subaru could do it now, it's not completely impossible that she mixed his current capability with his past.

They all say she killed then.

Satella probably made traps for then to die. She probably wasn't powerful enough to kill then on her own, so she had to rely on traps.

Envy is that kind of sin, it's one of the pettiest along with Greed.

So if Satella absorbed their Authorities, why do they still have them? Like when Satella got BTFO'd from the end of the first trial.

And is Subaru absorbing Archbishop souls, their Authorities, or both?

Since their bodies died and only their souls remained, we don't really know if they lost their powers completely, or if their souls retained it but their bodies lost it. Witch powers come from "witch genes" which seem to be able to be passed on. Plus we don't really have any idea of how she "absorbs" stuff, or what happens to it. The powers she got may not have been actual genes and what not.

As for Subaru's we also have no clue. Arc 6 implies he may have their souls trapped inside of him, when he halucinated about Betelgeuse and Regulus talking to him when he blacked out and went to the shadow realm.


She could just barely handle one authority, I actually believe Satella's authority of envy is something that copies abilities including authorities at 100% capacity, but the original user needs to die for it to be used. Also note authorities do often have secondary powers like Wrath and Greed (yes lion's heart) so when Minerva said Satella would direct her "netami" at her it could be the secondary power.

I'm still working on editing the subhuman faggot out, the results are pretty good thus far

Isn't this practically the same thing that Rem told Subaru? Ahhhhh

This is good, nice feet.

That's his thing. He uses a lot of Rem's words.

So are both Ram and Rem stronger than "normal" oni twins or did only Ram get that privilege?

Ram is a prodigy

Rem is just as of not as strong

Kind of a PITA to clone brush, probably have to vectorize it to really get rid of the degeneracy.

Ram was a lot stronger, but I think Rem was actually born weaker than the average Oni. However, we all know the whole thing about the Sword Saint and the Sword Demon. While Wilhelm would never be able to compare to Reinhardt, he was able to surpass Thearesia.

In short, Rem just works really fucking hard at everything she does. She's probably a better fighter than the average Oni used to be, despite only having one horn, but that's not because she was born with any special talent. Rem just had her obsession with trying to get good enough to replace her sister's lost horn.
>Rem is just as of not as strong
Rem is a lot weaker, but she's still pretty badass. She's probably someone who Wilhelm would admire.

Been working on it for a while and takes breaks once in a while but i'll be able to edit the degenerate out eventually
The results are pretty good for someone who is still somewhat new to image editing

It'd be better if TLchicken translated the LN arc 4 instead of the clusterfuck that is the WN's.

And we'll need to wait even longer to read the continuation of the anime for about 2 years while the LN is being heavily compressed to the point that good scenes need to be cut out
Your point being?

>to the point that good scenes need to be cut out
Wait really? I thought Tappei only fixed the sloppy and redundant storytelling.

Sure, the editing and pacing is better but scenes get cut out just so they can fit in the LN, some Satella scenes got cut out, even deaths, especially the one with Betelgeuse using his other ability "Taida"
Its not a matter of writing ability but more along the lines of storytelling that we want

The author better not cut this shit out. I wanna annoy all those contrarians who used the "Time resets have no tension!"



And I'm not an Emilia fag. Refer to this user's post as to why

Just finished watching the anime.
What now? How do I fill the void...

everyone's emilia's clone at this point

That explains some of the Rem Tentacle art.

And then her and Crusch get wrecked shortly after this.

Echidna rocks her style better though.

read the novels!0JNClS5S!-wVGed1684y8cwM8QomF3yeFCmohoXOZiU0mRff_aDI
And with that I pledge not to write a single word of summary for a week so that I can study for finals.

Isn't it going to be great to hear this line in Season 2?

Yup, even Regulus

Can you do mediafire please?

she seems more moe bloby, so not really

No, fuck you.

What line is it?

"Ram loves Roswaal-sama"



anticlownfags just jealous they'll never get to fuck a cute pink oni with a 12 inch cock.

I'm getting mad just thinking about it.

>fuck a cute pink oni with a 12 inch cock.
Futa is a terrible fetish.

>Season 2

>Endorsing that literal wifebeater

Its like you want her to nearly die

For him to be a literal wifebeater, he'd have had to actually marry his onihole.

Echidna is the best

Didn't season 1 sell well? I think it's rather inevitable.

>mfw the clown is my favorite character

Thats what they said about maou-sama (which sold more than reeeeeeeee;zero)

Ram please, stop doing this to yourself.

My hopes are on Petra to lethally poison the clown's tea.

Why is Roswaal doing what he's doing anyways? Is he like Orochimaru or some shit just trying to keep his life going?

He's into it.

>[Petra: It was rough with the demon beasts; it was rough with the witch cult; it was rough with the dirt spiders; it was rough with the goddess image; it was rough at the Elior forest; and it was rough cleaning the graves too. Despite all that, you still fought with the witch cult at Pristella, and then Otto and the others di……still fought.]

>[Subaru: Otto nearly killed us back then.]

>“Otto died too much”. Amazingly enough, Subaru was in complete agreement with this, but he wished that he wouldn’t simply die. If Otto were to die, Subaru could no longer let himself die—not to exaggerate it as a friendship that would continue through death or anything like that, though.

Petra knows about RbD?

Told you about these fucking generals

I fucking told you

Stop making this garbage

Man it must suck to live in this world.

where 12 year olds are expected to be able to clean and tend for a mansion that large with barely any supervision.

t, First-worlder

Just shop the words "I love Echidna" under his mouth there, and you'll know everything you need to.

The medieval world always sucked.

right then. thanks.

It's not the fact that they hired her that bothers me.

It's that they expect a 12 year old to clean that place by herself since Ram can't clean wotrth shit.

You'd think a margrave could afford more servants.

She's not the only maid working there.

Even though the place is big, most of it is probably unused most of the time. There's a total of six residents, after all, plus guests. Rooms that aren't used need at most a periodic dusting. And Ram may not be good at her job, but that doesn't mean she's totally useless.

Do spirits have bodily fluids in first place?


Beetlejuice is still alive inside Subaru's head, right? Is he still crazy?

Someday that clowncock will die, someday.

No idea. From what I've heard, Betelgeuse has only shown up once since he died. However, the implication seems to be that the reemergence might be a gradual process.

It'd be cool if Subaru could help Peter come to terms with what he's done (which wasn't even his fault in first place) and bring back his sanity.

Regulus of Greed (another archbishop Subaru managed to kill) is also within his head.
Subaru redeeming the archbishops...might be interesting actually, though Regulus is an irredeemable fuck

Basically, Ram is a prodigy and so is Roswall if they have a child the new child will be his most powerful body yet.

The author has stated already that they are not a "thing" and any moon reader knows, or animefag i guess, that he's only giving her mana now.

Their agreement is that Roswall takes care of Rem and Ram, gives Ram mana, and in exchange Ram will have his next kid

>Subaru felt what Petelgeuse constantly experienced, understanding why Petelgeuse acted like he did, earning him an emotionless response from Petelgeuse that he didn't expect anyone to understand him.

>though Regulus is an irredeemable fuck
He just needs to help Regulus become someone who isn't an irredeemable fuck.

Regulus is so fun to talk to though.

Petelgeuse can be redeemed because his killing of Fortuna was because of Pandora.

I'm sure someone who kills his family, the people who knew him and his entire city just because they looked down on him is redeemable.

Damn straight, those are the best kind of happy endings.

Simple, he saves two cities and treats other to use their greed as ambitions.

Ok...then tell me how gluttony is going to get redeemed? Lust is also an extreme case as she has turned many people into beasts just for her self satisfaction and interpretation of love just being "bestial sex" (might be wrong on this)

Lust will turn out to be a loli and get attracted by Subaru's intrinsic element affinity for little girls.

So you mean a daughteru in Subaru's mind?
You're an absolute madman and an absolute genius user!

Gluttony get redeemed by turning to flesh paste, then after maybe showing Subaru all of Rem's memories. Maybe also telling him how to restore her if she is corrupted?

Subaru saves Emilia with Rem's help.
Subaru now has to save Rem with Emilia's help.
All it's missing is Rem and Emilia having to help Subaru.

We already know how you redeem the white-haired edgelord who's killed 10,031 people ... you just tell him he's living his life wrong, beat his ass and give him a loli.

>Give him a loli

Now we're talking

Why is Wilhelm best character?

It was until that moment, that the strong will that hid one's true feelings burst through. The intense emotions that makes one feel as if they might loose control.
To go that far to hide one's true feelings from the young man, surely it was becauseーー、

「Subaru-dono, you..」

With a hoarse, almost whispering voice, the sword demon called out the young mans name,

「Are you perhaps, my...」

Saying that much, the sword demon closed his eyes as if trying to cut out the feelings of his own weak heart.

I don't get it.

Index is shit. Kamachi is one of the worst hacks. Only Accelerator ia redeeming some part of the series, but that's not much. In fact, he's the only reason why I'm slightly connected to the series.

I never understood why he didn't just make Accelerator and Misaka the MCs. Magic God Othinus arc is pretty close to Railgun's Sisters Arc though, if you suffer through all the LNs to get that far.

Regulus as an idol would be pretty quality too.



Make it happen Tappei

That's for when Subaru is about to turn into a villain.

EX novel manga announced to start in November.

Arc 4 manga to start in Spring 2017.

What artists?

Takihiro Arai for EX novel, no information on Arc 4.


You just like spreading lies don't you you little faggot

Lies or upcoming truths?

Deny all you want you little faggot, it'll never happen

Will happen, I believe with all my soul.

Good thing faggots don't have souls

Why must you play with my feelings like this?




>Arc 4 manga will get good art
>EX 1 manga will get shit art
>EX 2 will get good art
This is the only way

Why don't you use your superpowers to make monster girls real or something

I would flip my shit but good thing it won't go like that

Better yet they just don't give a fuck about EX 1 and just skip it altogether and do EX 2

Hahahaha fuck you

Stay mad faggot, it'll never come true but if it does its shitty

I trust the Japanese manga industry + Tappei + Kadokawa to make it true and make it glorious

Tappei probably wouldn't give a fuck about Subhuman Faggotry SoL and only cares about the tragedy that lies in the end
Kadokawa most of the time cares about sales and having a manga adaptation of EX 1 wouldn't really do much to the LN sales since the audience most of the time cares for the story rather than The Degenerate's Past
It won't happen

You'll eat your shit tasting words soon

Lets say it does happen, what next?
Will you stop circlejerking about Felix? Of course you won't. Its your sole purpose for posting in these threads
Your whole existence is to tell people that you want to suck a degenerate's dick all day everyday
Besides, it'll have shitty art, pacing, panelling, and a bunch of cut content

Like I said, I trust the people in charge with all my soul. And after it does happen, I will post 3 times more Ferri here.

Of course you would, You'd have a lot more pictures of Felix to post
But you don't seem to accept the possibility that some shit mangaka will take it up do you?
The art will be shit, Felix looks ugly as fuck, the pacing is all over the place, they cut a bunch of scenes, there'll be a ton of shit filler, the panelling is just the worst, and the execution is bad
Thats how I see your future

Everything will be perfect. Ferri will look perfect, paneling will be perfect, pacing will be perfect, etc.

I believe this.

And then they just condense the whole volume into 1 chapter by cutting all the SoL and show Fourier's tragic end. Next chapter starts, its EX2
It'll be glorious

You're a funny guy aren't you

Yare yare daze.

Of course I am, how else would I speak the truth but yet it brings laughter to everyone around me
Its the best type of laughter, the type of laugh you would do to someone who has realized all hope is gone and they sink into despair
Its great to make everyone laugh at your pathetic existence now isn't it

EX volume 2 is alot better. Stop the bullshit. A story of love, war, manly men shedding tears, sweat and blood to achieve victory in war is alot better than having a faggot prince and a pussy antics. Fuck you Ferrisposter.

Its the best

Thank god the Ferri novel is number 1, so they will adapt it first before the gay sweat war.

The only homosexual here is you.

I'm not wanting gay sweat wars

And we don't want degenerate subhuman faggotry circlejerking SoL Bullshit unlike you
The only good thing about EX 1 was Fourier's childhood with Crusch and his tragic end, anything involving Felix is automatically shit

I'm not wanting gay fagboi and pussy antics.

But that's not true. Everything involving Ferri is automatically perfect.

I hope they get an amazing artist (they will) for the EX1 manga and some Toei artist trying to start a manga career for EX2.

Daily reminder that Felix gets near-zero screentime after arc 3.

Wouldn't be surprised if Tappei killed him off as part of Crusch's character development. I mean, what else can Tappei do with him? Can't cure dragon AIDS, can't heal gluttony or lust authority effects, no combat ability.

I think we all know what happens to the catboy trap.

They'll get Yoshihiro Togashi as the EX1 artist with constant hiatuses while they'll get Yusuke Murata as the EX2 artist since he's somewhat a Toei animator
EX1 will be shit, EX2 will be good

Same can be said about Rem

Nah. People actually care about Rem.

But Tappei doesn't, otherwise he wouldn't have put her into coma and let Emilia win

Ferri will take Fourier's place and become Crusch's husband

No no, Felix's character has a disgusting personality that he himself doesn't know, when he's crying for Fourier its real but underneath that he was the one who killed the whole Royal Family because of MUH Crusch but he himself doesn't realize it
The whole thing with Crusch is true, he's sad for her but in truth, underneath he is SUPER Happy and will try to manipulate her into loving him

Once Crusch gets her memories back and finds out the truth, it'll create the greatest sense of despair to Felix and the greatest sense of pleasure to us and he'll go die somewhere in a ditch
It'll be great

Not him but that isn't true and you fucking know it.

No no, the Dragon activated the Dragon blood in their veins and that killed them

Gr8 b8. Actually no.

You mean Felix activated it

But it's true, Tappei loves Emilia and took care of the oni.

If he didn't give a fuck about Rem, he would've just killed her instead of put her in a coma
Theres a lot of mysteries regarding Rem as she is also somewhat of a confusing existence
Besides, a lot of Subaru's drive is for Rem and she is one of his only ways of emotional support

>Daily reminder that Felix gets near-zero screentime after arc 3.

About the same amount as in Arc 3 and Tappei felt bad about it so he wrote the EX novel. Entire novel for Ferris. Can you believe it? He didn't write entire novel for Rem.

If Tappei really wanted that he would have killed off Rem instead and have Subaru not gain feelings for her which are equal or possibly greater than Emilia's.

Sleeping princess plots always get resolved in literature without exception.

Felix has no such plot armor, though. I can't even think of a trap that got a good ending offhand.

If Crusch really is an expy of Erza from Fairy Tail as some claim, that probably fits.

But, that's just flat out wrong

>About the same amount as in Arc 3
Stop spouting lies, he only appears in one of the trials
>He didn't write entire novel for Rem
Let me direct you to the special Rem IF Volume that you get if you order all 9 BD volumes

He has a lot more screentime in Arc 5. The trial is in Arc 4.

And he'll eventually die in Arc 7-8
Besides, you'll be waiting for about 2+ years for any more Felix other than the Daisanshou manga

Daily reminder that Tappei cut Rem scenes from the LN9 and added a new FerrixCrusch scene

Are you trying to stir up a hornet's nest motherfucker?

>Felixfag can't defend his faggotry bias towards EX1 and starts targetting Remfags

EX manga will keep me happy. And the Arc 4 manga's beginning.

Daisanshou has good Ferri so it's all right

Good thing it'll never happen

>EX manga will keep me happy
Which doesn't actually exist in reality.
>And the Arc 4 manga's beginning.
Where he acts like an ass, embaresses Crusch and Wilhelm, and they apologize for him and ignore what he says? Better pre-order that shit.

>Where he acts like an ass, embaresses Crusch and Wilhelm, and they apologize for him and ignore what he says? Better pre-order that shit.

That's Arc 3's ending

I'm only one who think that Rem coma was a good idea? Because in the terms of development at the end of Arc 3 Emilia was not able to compete with Rem. I personally think it way better than lowering Rem to Emilia level and rolling them to stupid harem antics.


Well we certainly wouldn't get this much mystery and intrigue surrounding her is she wasn't in a coma. Not to mention tragedy.

So many speculations to be made, so little time.



Better pic




is this the vol 10 cover? or just another color page?


Fanarts > Official Art

I want to drink that fluids tea

Looks like user posted arc 4 chapter 26 btw:!VNdzDYYK!nK9fNU3LeprlZSbRAnlsRg

Where can I see each invidual LN and manga volume's total sales at the moment?

Thank you

Been digging through twitter for a while and found this


Re:Zero twitter said that there will be some news about the future soon.

I can feel it.

Its probably one of the worst/best decisions Tappei made. Worst considering well, Rem. Best because well, Rem.

Anyone else like Subaru's Halfway design?
I wish there was a bigger and clearer picture of this

Chained up and dressed up as a maid? That's some rape+mind break doujin material right there.

I want that cake

King's game?

Feels good to be a lifelong Ekidonafag guys.


The last time I was here there were only 2, including me.

I was Echidnafag until that very moment when I saw illustrations with her.

I want to comfort Ferri so he won't cry himself to sleep because of Crusch.

Does Tappei choose which scenes get illustrations in the LN?

Where do people get these higher res images? The images on the wiki are shit quality and image search just brings me back to Cred Forums.

Search image -> sizes

Already did. That just leads me back to Cred Forums.


I love Ferri so much

The idea of both of then together is kinda annoying to imagine, they would never stop talking.

Echidna sperging out at everything she likes to talk about, and Regulus complaining about his right to have some peace and quiet.

Ferris and Crusch deserve only happiness. Bloodthirsty Remu and witch loving Subaru do not deserve it.


>Regulus complaining about his right to have some peace and quiet.
Is that really all he talks about? I want to see some more of his chatter from Arc 5.
Beat me to it.

He complains about everything, if it related to his "rights", and talks nonsense about theories and such.

Worlds best mom.

>and talks nonsense about theories and such.
Yes. This is the part I'm interested in. What kind of theories? Could we just have Regulus and Echidna cheerfully blithering on about their theories together?

Actually, I do have a suggestion if you're still here.

Change "Borukanica" to "Volcanica", since that's what it's supposed to be. The chicken is just being dumb there.

I'll do that

In that case, I'll probably look more through it later to see if there's any other suggestions I could make.

It was just one word, it was pretty easy to change
Also, thanks for looking through

nah..ugly. too edgy and serious.

Atleast its not this one

I think that's the point. There's all this emphasis on how nasty his eyes and face looks, so it'd be nice if it were more apparent.

How strong would she had been if she had both horns? Has Tappei said anything about that?

>Anyone mind explaining why he didn't want Best Girl's help?
there is an IF chapter about this and in thar route everything was shit, nobody almost like subaru, emilia is like a doll and some other not very nice shit

Oh, shi-. Sauce?

I still appreciate it.

it doesn't sound that bad.

Emilia becomes his willing waifu and even cuts her hair short so she can serve as a replacement for his other waifu.
Elsa works for him
Reinhart works for him
Ram respects him


Why do people with the same face as Betty also have her butterfly eyes?

I think that is Betty wearing the other girl's dress.


Just read through, that route is pretty depressing.

I find it interesting how much Echidna hates Emilia though. Is that because of the doll like state she was in, or just because she hates Emilia?

She expresses her hate for her even before that in the main story.

OVAs when?


I want her to piss in my tea


>Betty's feet don't reach the ground
>Rem's barely do
Why is Rem such a womanlet?

I think it was fine. Its a bit weird, and sort of convenient, but that particular method might also end up being relevant to the Gluttonies personalities and such. Although keeping her out for so long sort of hurts.


I just marathoned it 2 days ago. Managed to avoid spoilers somehow.

Definitely worth watching although I feel it would've been even better if I watched it on a weekly basis.

I actually want to start reading the LN/WNs now but have no idea where to start =/

First read this

then continue here

I heard they took out some really good Rem scenes from the anime. Can somebody explain what they were?

>if I watched it on a weekly basis.

The cliffhangers were horrible even if you knew what was happening.

I'm glad they decided to stick with some of the early fanarts.

>Rem cheating an confession out of Subaru
>Rem and Crush getting rekt by two Archbishops

S I guess this is the Vol 10 cover, right?

>all those complaints from normies about not getting what was going on each episode
>because they didn't realize there were scenes after the credits
Good times.

>That outline of her legs and feet


best parts of the series

Mostly nice Slice of Life sort of events, but those were skipped for basically everyone. Some minor edits to other scenes to make them shorter, its sort of a lot of stuff so its hard to list all of the minor changes.

The biggest restructure is Rem pretending to be more injured/dead than she was after the whale fight and gets Subaru to confess to her. The scene we got instead was sort of nice, but the tone is pretty different. It also skips over his resolve that if he loses Rem he would reset because it would be pointless to continue without her.

This is a witch. It is not your waifu. Do not be fooled.

Best girl!

I will be really sad if there is not a doujin out after that volumes release.

>All these faggots thinking Echidna looks like that
Her real corpse is literally a mummy found in the deepest part of the Sanctuary you idiots.

>Piss drinking

for now i got only my original pasta to answer you

The sequel is in the books
and yes , even "Emilia in Wonderland"
until no one says it , nothing more than that we already had

>Ram is literally just a breeding station for Clown-sama should his keikaku not succed before his body dies.

Not anymore. She is already reborn.

Can anyone post a link to translated chapters of the tanpeshuu novel?

Also please post Crusch doujins

But she already has a new body right?

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any really. Maybe this eventually

Here's the only Crusch doujin that exists and it's actually not a doujin

I want lewd Echidna fanart!

The ones some anons are confusing, are actually extra chapters Tappei did after arc 3 was done, stuff like Mayonnaise scramble, and King's game.

Important stuff they skipped for her was basically her pretending to be dying to get Subaru to confess to her after the whale fight, which worked, and he even said he wouldn't allow anyone else to have her, and she does the lip touch "it's a promise ok?". Prior to that there was also a scene where she says she'd be fine with being his second wife.

She took the body of clone of her old assistant i believe, not her real body, since apparently it was dead, and Roswaal has to perform something to allow Echidna back in before she can get back to it.

Her real body was said to look different, but not THAT much different.

The characters that probably got shafted the hardest by cuts were Al and Priscilla. They don't even really go into why she would be a sort of reasonable candidate and you don't learn any of the interesting stuff about them at all.

Its weird, because Priscilla at one point still comments in English as if she knew Subaru was from another world, but its obviously never shown that she knows or why.

Say something nice about Emilia

Its not rape 'cuz she's an elf.

She looks very similar to best girl

Emilia is nice

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She's looks slightly less hot than Best Girl Echidna.

YES post that "Romchi is evil" thing! i want to hear Rem moans again on his "NEEE"