Girls und panzer and /ak/ thread


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fuck off circlejerk

Tell me the most sick, twisted, and depraved thing you would do to this little girl.

What if Anzio had money and students that care about tanks?

Hold hands with her

You'd have a decent team. Nothing crazy, but they'd have a shot to go far.


I would hold her hand

Nothing, she's not on Miho's list.
Better tell me the most sick, twisted, and depraved thing she would do to me.


I would sneak into her room and sew her Boko dolls so that they look like regular teddy bears and force her to watch.

Let her eat too much ice cream.

Look what you did, only talking about girls.


I would love to take a little Hetzer home. Too cute. I bet it lets out little mechanical barks too.





>erika dna miho kiss 3

Post the other ones

Yukari Status: KEKED

Sieg Reich


>mouse capture
Immersion ruined.

Did you make them?

>more than one tank model
Good show.

ugh fine

Holy fuck brb going to reinstall CM3D2

>uninstalling it in the first place

What do you guys think about Isetta's pilot?

turn into a neon haired sjw

Looks good.

I installed it once, literally emptied my balls 12 hours after.

What is the game?

Did you even read the thread?

muslim tanks in china 2020, the return of the mao neo-cyborgs

I wish my potato would run it properly, or it was translated. The interactions with your maids are the best thing about it.

I don't know how to decode CM3D2

Custom Maid 3D 2

What makes crossboarders forger they are in another entirely different board?

what? im not posting /gsg/ related stuff

dumb frogposter

rude 'dumb frogposter' poster

Even the tank doesn't want frogposts.

but it wasn't even a frog, it was a green girl resembling a frog

Is that an orc?

Would duce date an italian diaspora guy?

No it's a FAMAS


can anyone make a GuP mod for Liquoria 2?


where can i get this. and how do i install it?

please spoonfeed me

Reminder to ignore and report shitposting.

When did GuP threads became Kancolle level of cancer?

what are you talking about?
These are quality threads


>where can i get this.
The usual place
>and how do i install it?
Follow this word by word

Now fuck off and never come back

Come on Maho, you have her every nght.

Why are you so rude?

And what's the 'usual place' I don't play these kind of games

why is Rosehip so angry? it's because her mother dropped her on her head when she was a baby?

If you just read the link I posted, you'd know where. Pic not related.

Who did the renders? Can I have a render of this?

Please and sankyuu.

I monitored the last two threads and no it isn't.
There's not even the dedicated us army shitposter to bring in some /k/ in this place.

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!


I don't get that pic

is that a motherless code?

>Who did the renders?
Sawreehfag's been doing them almost every thread for a few days now.

A search term for sukebei probably.


Still the worst poster in this thread.

He sleeps every now and then. It's adorable. It's like he wake up from his little naps, does some renders, then goes back to sleep.

It's like that's his little way of seeing Saori. Through his dreams.

>there are people that don't like interracial

So when they say theatrical release in North America they mean...

Why do lolis like burg?

Why does Erika like burg?

The lack of Emi fanart is killing me.



I want to go on a camping trip with Yukari, where we will share a tent and sleeping bag together, using our bodies to keep each other warm, and have sweet vanilla sex with each other

What the fuck that's adorable.

Just go to /vg/, they have a whole pastebin teaching you everything, now go and never come back.


Because she's a tsundere loli trapped in the body of an aryan wehraboo

Oryou is so precious. She has the unkept nerd look down perfect
is this what im looking for?

I would love to fuck Duce with my 6 inches big white cock and having her screaming in pleasure

I'm guessing you mean the hentai games generals

I think that hell hole is now in /aco/

am I the only one that likes Hana?



Darjeeling is my wife!

Wouldn't Yukari want to get the legit WW2 experience and tough it out in the cold like a soldier? Or was spooning common back then?

who? wrong thread pal.

>Or was spooning common back then?

Nothings gay in the army.


What kind of loser would confess to Alina?

You think that's gay, we had to stank nut to butt in anlost every lines in basic. It got better afterwards, other than manlovethursday.


How do you think Duce's pussy feels like?
I'm sure is moisty and warm as fuck

Fuck I want to cum inside of Duce now

Ask the user that bought that Duce Fleshlight.

Onanon did cum inside her, I'm still jealous of that guy.

I'm glad unlike "Erwinfags", you post something fun i haven't seen before.

>some fag constantly shit post claiming Erwin as his
you would be pissed off to if some faggot would claim your crooked teeth anglo loving bitch you fucking cunt


Its okay Deus, we all know Erwin belongs to you and you alone.

She may be your wife but she'll never be best commander.

Rude, i'm not even a Darjfag.


Mika pls



Does someone have a screenshot of that lewd dream some user had last thread? I need it because reasons.

There is none more worthy.

My potato is thirteen years old and runs it, how fucking garbage is your potato?

It's not that i can't run it, it's just that it comes with so many glitches and broken stuff. I just gave after trying to fix it a few times, might try downloading it again in the future.

fuck man


Actually yes. In Afghanistan, soldiers would spoon for warmth.


>ywn see an embarrassed looking Naomi in a maid outfit

Why live?



one who has nothing to lose


yeah how do those work, can you just like put a rock on it?

and to answer your scenario

id tell her, its ok, robo legs are pretty hot



Why would you want that? All you need is Katyusha.

Mikko is so cool.


I'd move in and start kissing her in the neck and collarbones, forcng her to become embarrassed.


Is it me that you're looking for?

Is it me you're looking for?

The coolest

Shut the fuck up alright.

>d move in and start kissing her in the neck and collarbones, getting her sexually aroused.


I can see it in your eyes.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Hello?

I don't have any more Mapo pictures.

I can see it in your smile.

Hanafag reporting in, she is my waifu. Are you messing with me because I ask that question a lot.

I want to see Shiho's vertical smile

Strafe the Boko Museum with an A-10.

You're all that i ever wanted.


It's raining wine bottles!


Sorry, not sure where I can find the one with the A10 brrrrrrrrrt[/spoiler[

COD kids ruined airsoft

I always laugh at how everyone looks the camera and the boy at the same time.

Dude, what the heck?

I always lose at the "he burned my patch"

>are you rushing all the way around?

also forced meme video


>All those kids in tacticool gear standing around just looking back and forth

I don't know why it makes me angry. Fuck kids.


how does slav anons feel towards Klara?

Nice to finally see Mikko getting some love.

I want to set Mikko's leaf on fire

They must be happy to have a real slav girl, and not a fake one like Katyusha.

I still like Nonna better.

You mean perform cunnlingus on her and bring her to orgasm before fucking her and then cumming inside her?

It only actually starts at 6:25

Poor trees.

This is your daughter.

>This is your wife.


It's you daughter AND your wife.

thank God, I thought it was me

What if Maho was your mom___


>in this anime tank battles are considered feminine
Eat my ass tanks are for everyone!

i gotchu bruv

since we dont get audio here, gotta upload it somewhere else

Then I'd enter into a relationship with a Christmas Cake Erika.

But Erika is also your mom.

Modern tanks are BORING.

are you some kind of queer? tanks are girl shit

Jagdpanther-chan then.


Tanks are 50 tons of killing power for everyone and all!


Why is Alice so lewd?

>ywn use Tank-shell dildos to spice up your sex-life with Yukari

Feels bad man


I forgot to ask, if you're reading this Sawreehfag, could you do a render of Miho please?

The most /k/ sex.

Can we all agree that Katyusha is best girl.



Shhh Don't wake him up! He's with Saori right now!


Erika can't help being enamored by Miho's body.

>Erika's face when
Me on the bottom left.

I want Yukari to do war rapeplay with me.

I want duce to fart in my face after eating an extra cheese pizza and be able to smell those fresh spicy farts right from her asshole to my nose.

I love my little Anchovy so much.

Disgusting smellfag, all you deserve is an impromptu gas chamber created by Anzu, some bags of dried potatoes and the Turtle Team's Hetzer.

Anzu can gas me whenever she wants with her sweet potatoes farts


Cute boy


dead thread

Cutter boy

She must smell like car air freshener.

she smells like grease and lathe lubricant


>Nonna will never massage your balls as you cum deep inside Katyusha

Also good

aye aye aye


Why is it always dead at weekends. Maybe we should not do weekend threads.

The leopons are build for sex

Because normalfags don't stay at home on weekends.

is that an Cred Forumsnon capturing himself kissing another Cred Forumsnon, or kissing himself in 2 separate positions?

It's a game, you homo.

Tea tasting with Da-sama

post the Shiho one



holy shit i just now noticed miho's reflection

so, anyone know about Fan no Hitori's Anzio doujin?
I just find this on his twitter.

There are many girls in anime for sick and twisted perversion. She is not one of them.

>Wrong chat

Yeah, right.

Wait wat

kek I never noticed it till now

Anyone has the PotG scene with Alice in the Centurion?

Like so many doujins,
>scans never

>please forget this
>just forget this



>Let's not do threads because X

Not this shit again.


they still have to do the mocap somehow

>Japanese game
Oh user.

if you are here you are not a normalfag

Tsuneo is lucky man


I didn't say i was though, just that these threads are full of them.

Who is not a virgin? my guess I Klara

Goddamnit user, now I can't stop wondering where Arisu's hiding that dick

that's not how you're supposed to taste tea at all!

Also Momo because the funds

I want to plant my seven seeds inside of Shizuka!

based on what? /k/ommandos are autistic too


Also Chiyo.

Since these threads are dead on weekends, it means our usual posters are busy hanging out with friends or something people do on weekends.

Ceylon > Rosehip

The average age for Japs to lose their virginity is like 19 while for Russian girls its closer to 16 so statistically Klara is by far the likeliest candidate.

Otherwise Kay, Naomi (but only if fucking girls counts), at least two of the Rabbits and Momoga (but it was deeply unsatisfying)

Why is Alice so sexual?

Shimada genes

goddamn Breakfast

every time


Mika doesn't have to waste time taking her socks off for me.

Last time I check the average was 20 with 21 being the highest in any of the regions



But that's Ukerere

look at the text warping over the crease user


>skipping Breakfast




Well i'm a retard because i don't get it

You have your own "Momo-Bully" folder?

A 12 yo should not be that lewd

Reminder that Mika suck dicks for money.

Yeah, also Erika, Nina and other girls



Are they fighting for Miho's heart?

I guess I can't fault you that much. You're dedicated to Momo and the other girls as well, just in a different way.

Nice that you get it, i like every girl

I find it impossible to hate any of them. They're all nice girls.

Momo loves her fag unconditionally

Exactly, all the girls are so lovable, one thing is bullying for fun, but hating anyone is stupid

I like every girl, but i like Naomi a bit less than everyone else.

12 yo are the best~

Why do you always call Fukuda "Fakuda"?


I wonder who could be behind this post

I don't even care about her name. at least Rosehip have nice hips and Naomi is a fuckable Dyke.

There is something wrong with this finn

Yeah, and by the looks of it Erika is losing

I wonder which other fags have achieved true delusional love.

Really makes you think

I'd like to think there's a parallel universe out there in which Yukari loves me.

This meme is shit.

Some time I feel jealous on how Erika knows how to fly helicopters, zeppelins and drive tanks and trucks, but then I remember she's not real.

Worry not, user. If there is, I'm sure she would.

One of my minor gripes about the series. They already have so many nameless minor characters, it won't hurt to have nameless pilots and drivers as well.

right here, buddy

What do you mean, user? There a ton of nameless drivers/ pilots. Erika is only shown doing those things once.

>mfw showing my friend Der Film for the first time
>mfw he asks "who is that boy?" while referring to Naomi

It's still kind of silly that Maho and Erika fly their own shit at all desu.

It's also silly that Naomi can fly a Galaxy, but I choose to believe that none of the Saunders team is actually qualified to do so, and that Kay just took one without asking for the sake of the tanks.

Faceless old men

I guess you can say it's silly, but it's not like they're high ranking generals of an army. They're captains of a highschool sports team. I guess them being able to do these things show why they're captains in the first place.

The greatest weakness of all female (and sometimes male) anime/manga characters.

I mean, she looks like a huge bulldyke.

That makes it sillier actually. I would expect the captain of the tank team not to have spent time qualifying to operate completely unrelated vehicles, for the same reason I wouldn't expect the captain of the lacrosse team to be an expert fencer.

May 28th

Maybe the world of GuP has experience shown in what type of vehicles you have mastered. They have girls running the ship for crying out loud.

These threads are terrible.

No cranberry!

so what is gonna happen with alice now? is she gonna join a secondary school and fight miho eventually again?

She's not real user

Well, all it's shown is that they can pilot the things. It's not like they're performing expert aerial maneuvers or anything.

We've descended past the point of making strawpolls about thread regulars.

Don't try to kid yourself that these are anything but deeply cancerous.

As long as the CYOA isn't happening, I'm OK with these threads.

At least some of the fags create content. I'm glad the polls are gone now, I'd like to say it was one guy who loved statistics that made them all, but everyone's guilty of participating in the end.

Well she wants to fight Miho again so she'll probably end up joining the school that has the best chance at beating Ooarai.

She is going to join her sister's school

literal perfection

who's that?


>Elegant, like a flower
>Deadly as all hell with a tank cannon

It really is a shame her arc was somewhat the same as Miho's except flowers.

Except that it shows how Yuri is a better mother than Shiho, the same with Arisu and Chiyo.

At least Hana was brave enough to tell her mother to fuck off

Well Continuation did beat Ooarai in Little Army so maybe a reason she'd want to join them is because she saw their match.
>She signs up to transfer there
>First day of senshado practice
>Captain comes out

This is true.

However I also wish her battle with Naomi was a drawn out sniper duel. But they had a really cool conclusion to the fight so I can't complain too hard.

It would nice to see that battle

I would take them off with my teeth anyway.

The combination of footfag and smellfag, feel like i'll vomit my soul out.

I see what you did there.

I would pat her on the head until she becomes annoyed and starts pouting


I bet you have a very alluring odour.

You're catering to vomitfags.

Guess extermination is the only answer, i'll activate it.

If you could ask for one OVA be a fight, a "filler" type episode (beach) or whatever, what would it be?

I still want my parent-teacher conference.

EriMiho hijinks.

I still want to see the Keizoku vs Kuromorimine match

Something on the level of Erika and Miho getting lost from Motto Love Love Sakusen desu! would be fun.

I don't think I've ever seen a stronger pick-up-and-twirl fodder than Alice

Are those potatoes?

So long as it isn't a loader doing the pick-up part.

I believe those are steaks.

I want to smell Mika.

I want to cuddle with Mika

I want Mikafags to leave
Because she's mine

Fight me faggot, she is mine


Mika is everyones.


Not at all. I love Mika and so should everyone else.

Just a thought.. assumed that Erika is really gay for Maho (which is at least implied) and assumed Maho would be ok with it and returns the feelings.. what would Shiho do?
Cause that basically leaves Miho to give the Nishizumi line a heir.

For a price

>which is at least implied


>ywn have a cs:go slumber party after school in your club room with cute friends

Now that's rude.

Continuation Highschool

So then, before we begin today's senshado training

Let's all do the usual cheer!

The Russian's things are our things!

The Russian's things are our things!

If we have something that we lack then

We'll snatch it away!

Good! Then let's begin our training

What a cruel school...!

-In the middle of scouting


They have to eat somehow


>The Russian's things are our things!

My sides

Directly in the series, i mean.
I know that she's openly into Maho in Raburabu.

By any chance, any of you guys use GuP program icons? Been thinking about making some but not sure if any of them are already made.



Everybody is a joke in Raburabu anyway

Don't make them.

I don't use desktop icons and would get depressed I couldn't use the GuP icons.

I use Rocket Dock for icons. I hate desktop icons, they make my Love Live and SayaKyou wallpaper look dirty.

No, user, doesn't make it sillier. It actually makes sense. All those sporting martial arts teams are made of two kinds of participants. One is the "we're here just to get credits", "I kind of like this sport", "Mum insisted I took this elective", not REALLY into it, players. Then you got the others: the truly dedicated who want to master EVERY aspect of their martial art. Including how to ferry the tanks across seas. Which kind of player do you think wll rise to captain of the team?

15 minutes OVA explanation of how and why all the team did the Ankou dance all over Oarai city, told as a flashback before all the NEW team (including Leopons and Anteaters) does it again.

I think the better question is what is the sickest, twisted, most fucked up thing Mika is going to do to you when she finds out you bullied her younger sister

>what would Shiho do?
ISP cells, of course

In all honesty I would wanna see girls in a massive orgy.

But I guess story wise I wanna see Kay letting Yukari visit Saunders see their massive collection of tanks.

I'm actually afraid of an angry Mika. I have never actually seen her mad.

I really want to imagine that Mika is generally calm but harming or bullying Arisu is her berserk switch and will turn her into a killing machine.

Nobody disagrees with that.
The problem is, those jokes are canon.
And no, what you think about it is irrelevant - what matters is that Mizushima treats said jokes as canon. We'll have to deal with it.
It took me a while to deal, myself. When what I thought was a silly manga turned out to be THE spinoff I was shaken, as you are.
But think about it: it means that the Oarai vs Araippe movie is canon. WE CAN GET OUR HOPES ON HAVING IT ANIMATED!!!


Second in command of every team sitting together and talking what they really think about their leaders.

I hope she never tries to change her eyebrows.

Does this mean Saori dyed her hair orange? Is black her natural hair color?

Is shuunatsu no izetta a ak show?

It's possible she tried dying it orange for vanity reasons. Orange is an odd color for a Japanese girl to have in series with pretty grounded hair colors.

I'm looking at you, Rosehip.

No one will discuss it here, or anything really.

Will Saori slowly go back to a normal hair color when she becomes a homely housewife and mother of 3 beautiful children given to her by her husband.

Well, it has real, well-looking guns and vehicles.
What really surpsised me was the fact that they showed both Panzer III and Panzer IV. I still think that it'll be orbiting around magic, politics and characters, but we shall propably see some decent battle scenes aswell.

I'd be disappointed if that happens. maho's school is already stacked as fuck


what are the chances Shiho and Miho make up?

cause last we saw of Shiho she still wants Miho to get BTFO by her sister

that'd be the happiest ending.....r-right?

It'd be neat to see if we get a timeskip, that she has indeed natural black hair.

Bonus points if they don't even bring it up. She just has it. That would make for a neat little character build. The hair dye was for attempting to stand out amongst the dark haired Japanese girls.

code geass with nazis. i am in.

That's one of my biggest hopes for the Final Chapter. It's really heartbreaking that Maho has to pretend a friend is over to stop Shiho from finding out Miho came home even though it's implied Shiho knew anyway, and even then she didn't make an attempt to say hello to her daughter.

It doesn't have to big a crying hug fest. A handshake would do it.

I didn't get the vibe that Shiho knew it was Miho, but I can believe it.

Still though, I think it was kind of offset by the fact that Shiho stood up to the MEXT guy to try to give their school a chance.

By the 5th day she'll be an empty shell.

She'll subtley ask Sawreehfag his preference and match accordingly of course.

I think it's implied by her little 'Oh?' when Maho gives the excuse a friend came to visit.Erika aside, I don't think anyone is visiting Maho.

That, and pic related is a nuke of a message if Shiho didn't get it by then.

I was pretty mad that there was no followup to it.
Thank God there'll be a final chapter that I'm sure will give closure to everything.

How can Arisu sleep calmly knowing that her sister is out there, exiled from the Shimada household?

"He wants to do those things with me?

Perhaps I should pay him a visit....."

What if it's a worse situation than the Nishizumi family has going on?

What if she never even told Arisu about Mika?

i just come here to look at the pretty images

You mean Chiyo expelled Mika before Alice was born? What the fuck dude, Mika was like 4 back then.

yeah exactly. It was hinted at.

I want to fertilise Anzu's sweet potato field

Who out loud talks about wanting to do things to Alisa?

Not before she was born, but as we kind of get a small hint at in the movie, maybe direct contact with one another is a rare thing in the Shimada family. Arisu calls her mother up over the phone to ask about the Boko thing. Not in-person, like the Nishizumis.

So perhaps Mika and Arisu were just separated enough that they never even knew/ got to know eachother.

Aren't most indications that Chiyo was actually a really good mother? I'm guessing Mika just left the Shimada household of her own will and Chiyo just flows with it.

rosehip a brat

Nasty stinky neckbeard NEETs.

I'm guessing it's because Chiyo needs to travel a lot, not because they're all living in separate places.

Someone who knows that she's listening in...

Perhaps they're messing with us with a bit of reverse play?

We see Shiho be a bitch to her kids, but behind their backs she seems to be a caring mother (If not harsh)

We see Chiyo be a nice mother in the form of agreeing to sponsor the Boko museum, at the expense of not once does she see Arisu in person during the film, which may be why Arisu is so shy in the first place.

So we have strict presence mother vs. Absent but spoiling mother.

This is your new favourite football team.


Wish I could enjoy it. Just can't. I'm forever stuck watching baseball.

Why do the commanders get all the attention?

>not mentioning Chovy

Why should I?

Wigs can be any color!

Remember that the Duck team is Oorai's best team.

God I love her so much

Chovy doesn't wear any wigs.
There are multiple proofs.

I find it cute.

That's a cute dick though

Both pleb sports

Rosehip was the most entertaining girl in the movie

Aside from senshado, sports in general are the most pleb thing ever.

>Good at football

I want to pay Sheska for sex.

Naomi has had post-match sex with at least one girl from the opposing team since she started Senshado.
And with lots of the Saunders girls too of course.

Rosehip is best girl

What a horrible fanon. Please tie yourself to Kaydarfag when we throw him off a cliff.

Can we throw Nishizumisonfag off a cliff as well?

>Second in command of every team sitting together and talking what they really think about their leaders.

>Erika telling everyone about her fantasies involving Maho
>Carpacchio making notices for her next meeting with Taka-chan

I want to cuddle with Nekonya

Really, I like her and I think Shen underrated

Shouldn't the THAT-fags, Nishi-vomit-fags and some others come first?

I think that Nishizumisonfag should be given into hands of Mihofags.

This is a Chiha

I wonder what Rosehip's period blood tastes like?

Are any of these, beyond the main four, actually confirmed?

>Earl Grey coming back in her Cromwell making Dah-Dah going fangirl, fucking never

Can we toss this guy off a cliff too?

I think he was trying to reply to

Come now, it's hardly unlikely.

Smooth operator

English Breakfast is a fine tea.

Who's Ooarai's second? It seems to be Momo, but she's not even the commander of her tank, and the Turtles seems to be treated like an independent component in general.

That she is.

adopt her and raise her to be a decent and proper lady.

According to the last match, Momo. At least she is the one present when captain and vice captain are called.

Nonna isn't commanding IS-2, but she's Pravda second-in-command.
And you're right - Momo is Ooarai's vice.

It's Momo. Tank roles are not the same as team roles. Example, Caesar is her team's commander, but not her tank commander. Carpaccio (loader) is team sub-commander, but not tank commander. Ditto for Naomi (gunner) and Orange Pekoe (seems to be sub-commander, but has not even her own tank).

>shuunatsu no izetta
Isn't that the "let's do Strike Witches with GuP stuff" show? Will it go the Haifuri route and have the Germany leader be a hamster?

Her eyebrows are orange

also Pillows-Chan

I just got home, sorry about the absence! I'll get on these first thing tomorrow, it's 12:20am.

If anyone has anything they'd like done feel free to ask, I'll have plenty of time.

better example


What wrong with me?


I agree with that user, it looked orange.
If you look at the left eyebrow you can see it has same color with her hair.

Much better



Her dumb face. Fucking everytime.

Anyone got a .png of Darjeelings face?

Yeah it was just me. And yes I do love statistics.


>Mika as CB
>Nishi as FB
>Anzu as CM
>Katyusha as CF

This shit will never work

Why do Saunders have so many planes?



So who had the most fags? Better yet, which girls had only one?

Naomi pleases old women for planes

Duce, for the second, several girls, even Momo

How many votes did Erwin, Nonna, Shiho, Saori and Katyusha have? All one?

Well this kind of heartwarming.

Erwin and Katyusha had a lot, the others girls i don't remember


That is one hot Aki but what is going on in this picture?

Conclusion: We've got a lot of lurkers.

Better add one more for Mako then.


Finn doing finn things

>123 votes

Yeah, i was three of those Mika votes



>Continuation war.jpg

Can't help, i like her that much


War Thunder is getting Japanese shit boxes.



I have used a 25mm shell as a dildo on someone before.

How would you discipline her for disobeying orders?

Do you think the anteaters masturbate a lot?

will the japs get their own tank tree?

I feel like it's a thing that Shiho is giving Miho space to do her own thing, but as the head of the "traditional" Nishizumi school, she can't exactly give open and explicit support to a "heretic" off-shoot.
She supports Miho as a mother, and the head of the Sensha-do Federation/World Tournament Comittee, but not as the head of the Nishizumi School.
Also she's kind of scary, and I think she understands that. So it's entirely possible that she left her chop out somewhere that it was easy for Maho to find.

Only Nekonya

Let her listen to Darjeelings proverbs for some hours.

They should focus on boats and introduce the IJN



That can't work, the baka would lap it all up.

I want to see them in the new season.

Even better, a conversation between Mika and Darjeeling

Erwin is all me 2bh

The face of pure evil.

Can I keep Oryou?

Stupid sexy boats.

>the face of pure evil
>no miho

You will never bend Darjeeling over your bed in only her hoodie and fuck her.

Why even school of armour?

see in the part above right eye where they are not covered by the hair. Orange.

Ignore her while making sure she doesn't even know I exist.



I want to hold hands with Shizuka and have lovey-dovey vanilla sex with her.

I have achieved it.
Hana's face when I proposed to her

Is this translated anywhere?

Her breasts and shoulders remind me of Kyubey.

if the picture of potatoes on the bag wasnt a hint at where it came from already

Nowhere, maybe here if there's a TL is lurking around.

How much Nishizumi can one Erika handle?

Son, we've been talking, and we noticed that you spend a lot of your time lazing around here and not getting out or talking to people much, so talked to some neighbors and, well, we think it would be great if you spent some time with this boy who lives down the street. He's quite charming and has good manners, and I think you could learn a lot from him. And he likes tanks as much as you! Anyway, have fun, kiddo. I hope you two become fast friends.

>Hey there little girl, want to become a tank fairy?

>This shit again

While Kay is here, it's a Soccer team, thank you.


>Orange Pekoe

Are you sure that's the type of sex she'd want though?
She seems the pin you down, laughing maniacally and panting whilst riding every last drop of seed out of you type.

I would actually be so happy if this happened
Especially if Pekoe was a boy



Sort of like Darjeeling in that how despite the aura of elegance that she exerts, she loves being roughly fucked up the ass.