Hibike! Euphonium Season 2

Just a week until this man sends /u/ into death spiral.

Literally the only reason I'm going to watch this shit.

This will be a good thread.

Shoe is our lord and savior.

Ep 1: 3d 18h 28m

I hope so.

I want to hear them do Caravan.


delete this

This sexy man too.

So I haven't read the novel but when do Shuu and Kumiko hook up?

What do they mean by this?

>reina's expression
Holy shit is that really her?

About the time of week my weekend starts. I can come home each week to kumiko and funposting.


Fireworks are a good time to get nasty.

where are you getting these?

>pander this hard
>won't deliver
/u/ blown out once again.

prepare for anime original yuri bait and "yuri"
half of s1 was original as with most of modern adaptions

Why is he so based?

Based KyoAni improving the source.

Our sensei Taki will BTFO /u/ fag too.