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Gappy makes me happy

That was a weird transition.

Did you know that the VAs for DIO and Kira were in a gay hentai together?



xth for futa villains

The boss is Giorno

Narancia will become my wife one day.

To whoever was drawing DiU Anime styled JJL

Please draw Karera or a cute Hermes

R.E.M. Stand when?


What would you do if Rohan was straight with you?

Rohan SAS ver3 alts+accessories


would you watch this?

Why doesn't Josuke just ask him to turn into damaged notes and exchange him for real ones at the bank?

Is this Part 5?

Unload into his ass and then go about my day.

Fucking with Rohan is more fun.

I want to impregnate this fat assed wife!
>Takehito Koyasu as Jonathan Tyberius
>Toshiyuki Morikawa as Leonard Schteinberg

Because Rohan is an asshole

Considering on how well they animate birds, yeah.


Naranciafag, can I have that lewd wedding dress picture? Can't find it on any booru site.

Oh man, the art for the anime gets so bad at times, I can hardly stand it.


Is Kira our guy?

Thats a lot better.


As expected from the master.

Because some deliquent 16 year old showing up with tons of torn bills wouldn't be suspicious at all

>weird fetish
>probably just got laid once in his lifetime
totally our guy

You could have prevented this.


>dat navel
>dat sweatervest


>tfw you will never be so cool that you can wear three belts around your bicep and people dont make fun of you

So I've been hearing a lot of stuff about Viz re-dubbing JoJo for Toonami but I haven't seen any source on it. Anyone have a source or is it just a myth.

Opinions on new OP?

Is Araki sexually attracted to Rohan?

>asking stupid questions
Why aren't I surprised?


T-they're saving the budget for the important episodes, right?
They're going to fix the shit looking episodes in the BDs, r-right?

narcissism is a funny thing innit?

Visuals are great, but I'm not the fan of the song itself.
Chorus gives off the Rocky Horror Picture Show vibes, though, which is cool.

I like it

its not my favorite OP but I think its the most fitting for part 4

I liked Chase more
It's my favourite op too

>They're going to fix the shit looking episodes in the BDs, r-right?

The only thing I feel like that op did for me was just tease part 5 that's it...

>Weather Report died before he could cuck Anasui


But Stardust Crusaders hardly had any animation fixes aside from a couple of frames in the D'Arby and Dio's World episodes.

>he thinks theyre gonna reanimate the entire series for the BDs

>literally had Jolyne piss on his face
A fate worth dying for.

fuck, marry, kill?

Weather literally drank Jolyne's piss.

We need more Gyro's

Closer than Annasui tho...

What are you on about - even if it's far from all that do it, it's not like it's uncommon for BDs to fix shitty animation.

kill DIO
marry DIO
fuck DIO

Weather is a lucky man.

Childhood is when you idolize Stell Ball Run
Adulthood is when you realise that Vento Aureo makes more sense

Who that guy on lef supposed to be? Only Valentine aspect of him is shoes

Maybe but I always imagined a show with JoJo cats

>Jotaro cat quietly observes a fishbowl
>Josuke cat is constantly occupied with cleaning his fur and removing his scratchmarks on the ouch with crazy diamond
>Giorno cat turns his toys into real animals and tortures then
>Jolyne cat plays with a ball of yarn made of her body
>Johnny cat shoots his nail claws
>Gappy cat tries to cram himself underneath a matress

Pretty sure some scenes like this one are fully deserving of a redraw

Vento Auero is riddled with plotholes.

Rohan and straight don't belong in the same sentence.

Childhood is when you think SC is the best part
Teen years is when you shit on part 6 to look cool
Adulthood is when you realize all parts are good in their own way, and people have different tastes

cats are shit
dogs too
fuck animals


Is it bad that I felt bad for Magenta Magenta?
He didn't deserve that fate

But you're truly mature when you realize that Jorge Joestar is actually best part

No one in part 7 deserved what they got really

Magenta magenta talked like ass in jap
so he deserve

Except Diego and Valentine.

>fuck animals

he licked his own snot. he deserved worse

And 'President of US organizes a giant race to sercretly collect Jeebus skeleton' isn't?

That one isn't too bad, I'd rather have them fix the former shots where she looks completely off model.

At the end I like all the openings, I'm just fulfilling my autism

ponies are worst

you just descrived the plot
how does that connect to what he said?

>SP that low
nigga what the fuck are you on

lmao, Donut is really crying over Gyro's death

>Vento Aureo makes more sense
>Diavolo finding the arrows and giving up the unique-looking Beetle Arrow
>None of Giorno's new body parts healed with Gold Experience cause the enemies to feel pain when attacked
>Jotaro and Koichi disappearing from the story entirely
>Diavolo using King Crimson to try and steal Trish instead of waiting for Bruno to drop her off so he doesn't find anything suspicious

That last one is the worst offender since it completely ruins Diavolo's competence as a villain for a plot twist instead

The face and ankles are terrible. Her eyes need more emotion and the foot looks broken

They've redrawn eyes before like in Phantom Blood when Jonathan looked pretty fucked at times

I really like Stand proud though, it's just a comparison I did to realize what openings do I like the most

They did, but there's no telling how much they'll actually fix until those japs hurry up and rip those damn BDs.

What did Araki mean by this pic?

What did you mean by this post?

This looks like a hentai from 2003, or something.

What did you mean by this reply?

What did you mean by this reply?

They not fixed THE WORLD.


>Let's create some fat neckbeards to shitpost about a gay fashion cartoon on a Japanese image board
What did YHVH mean by this?

I said it was far from all.

Here's the official list from best to worst

>Bloody Stream
>Sono chi no Sadame

>Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
>Stand Proud

>Great days (I've only heard it once)

>Sono chi no Kioku

>Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town EDM.

This thread is boring. I'm posting this

Reply with what would happen if a JoJo was the protagonist of a Part different from their own

it was all meant to be.

>nose piercings
>body manipulation ability

What if Miki neither an alien nor human, but an amnesiac pillarman?

How is my question stupid? And if it is so stupid than I'm sure you can at least provide an answer.

Holy fuck that's cute
>Yes I am
My heart.

Can we get a GER bird?

What if first pillarmen were aliens from planet from which ore that was used to make arrows originates?

>strange plot = plot holes


Mista won the Trishbowl.

>A Bizarre Adventure is now a plothole

>Everyone draws Rule 63 Jotaro with the same delinquent uniform her male counterpart has
>Nobody draws her in a knee-length skirt and sukeban uniform, complete with a torn bow that melds into her hair

Absolutely disgusting

To be fair, I think Trish was drawn with all the boys like that

She also didn't have much in the way of options by the end of it

So to review:
Jonathan = Johnny
Caesar = Gyro
Josuke = Josefumi
Jotaro = Kira
Josefumi + Kira = Josuke


Holy shit
his hair is flipped the wrong way in the anime.

Birbs are important

You forgot Dio = Diego

I thought the ending implied that they became a thing.

why not just have him turn into actual bills, then deposit them into his account?

We may never understand what the big yellow head was thinking
But fuck him anyway.

Again, not much in the way of options

Actually I'm Diego

He can't perfectly copy the faces on the bills, which would give them away as being fake.

But you wouldn't know that unless you read the manga.

Mista touched her pussy so she had no choice

If you are diego then, who shot johnny?

I guess the Rock Humans are also somewhat inspired by the Pillar Men, although not as directly as these examples

>Jotaro replaces Johnny and instead of him crying over the loss of his legs he just says yare yare daze

I meant that I'm Diego's counterpart



>this fucking trailer
>those actually solid voices for Jonathan and Dio

Am I actually hype for a dub?

Okay, earnest question. This little baby is Heaven's Door and Rohan got him as a retcon during Reimi's arc and handwaved as him getting better with his Stand, right?

So does this mean every Stand has a humanoid representation of the user's powers that they need to unlock? Both Koichi and Johnny started off with little critters that eventually evolved into humanoid punch ghosts as well

So this is the power of Made In Heaven?

thats the warner bros dub lad

is there anything more bizarre than getting an alien with an allergy to sirens to transform into a pair of dice so that you can scam a manga artist in a crooked betting game?

Post similiar animeonly theories


I've never watched any of the dubs

I assume SC is getting dubbed by WB as well?

>Anime only
>Mention Johnny

Let me fix that
>Animeonly which read jojo wiki to see other jojos

For us filthy secondaries who only know anything beyond this week's episode thanks to All-Star Battle, Eyes of Heaven and spoilers, are "Josuke," Josefumi and Kira related to Johnny? Was there a generational jump between parts 7 and 8? Is Johnny still around? Far as I know he lived beyond part 7. What's going on with Dio and DIegO? They have some vampiric equivalent immortality thing like Dio did?

¡Era yo, Dio

even more birb

Is that Dan Green voicing Dio?

Based on the songs only.
>Stand Proud
>Bloody Stream
>Sono Chi no Kioku
>Sono Chi
>Grate Daze
>Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town

Why does Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town club mix get such hate?

So did they re-dub it or not? I'm very confused.

What's the most "OH SHIT" moment in JoJo - for me it's this


Sort of. Viz got the rights to do a new dub, but the Warner one is still being used on Toonami.

I was more irritated that faggot came back more than anything. Especially him being there ultimately doesn't have any consequence.

you wish user

Gee, Kira. How come you get to be five different birds?

Who drew this

Johnny got his head crushed by a giant rock

A good man.


>mfw that chapter
>mfw I have no face
Johnny didn't deserve it.

at least he didn't die of a cold

>Diavolo stealing Trish
Yeah that was so out of nowhere
Like, he was like one minute away from eliminating Trish by having Bruno leave her in a room before he goes back with the elevator, but he decides its a good idea to surprise attack. What if Bruno thought it was the last assassin and he goes after them to save Trish.
Diavolo is fucking TRASH

LITERALLY why is that sentence even there? Why did Araki feel the need to add that?

to make us think about the meaninglessness of life

To screw with us

Jonathans death

So we know same type of stand exist because The World and Star Plat. Are there any other same type of stands? Geb and Aqua Necklace? Little Feet and Goo Goo dolls? Or is Araki just re using similar powers?



He just reuses similar powers. Same Stand hasn't really been applied since Star Platinum and The World

The World and Star Platinum are quite literally the same in terms of powers.

The other Stands you mention have similar powers but different execution, plus there are numerous other Stands with their own unique abilities each part.

its araki's stand「ARC NULLIFICATION」

This is how people think of you

What powers would you like your stand to have? I'd like to have a humanoid stand. Same design as The World and Crazy Diamond. Slowing down or acelerating time would be fun. And not just the time, like i can touch a living object and age it or make it younger in the blink of an eye.



Bowie takes on many forms

>No SBR SAS besides the upcoming Gyro one
>No Part 8 ones besides Gappy and Soft & Wet
>Pretty much never rerelease the figures, and if they do it's the ones that were already cheap and in stock.

>Yet they make a 3rd Rohan

Nice to see they have their priorities straight.

>thinks stands are gay and questions what they are
>he knows what stands are in an earlier video

>but in reality an johnny jo jo was not kill
>he faked his death so jesus jo jo can let him keep his powers
>this was after comical holidays an killing
>was to keep american gov in line if comical holiday was an dead
>you cant kill man who is an kill of cold

Edgy OC tier. Pick something ultra specific and specialized if you make your own stands. Also fuck off to somewhere else for that shit.

he's trying to do satire so bad, but he sucks to much dick

He just hailed Hitler

>there is no Scary Monsters figurine
??? But I want to buy one

Why did the kid have to ruin this?


>Wanting a figure of the ugliest, worst stand

But why though?

Literally who?


I miss Bowie. I also miss Bowie Kira.

>Ugliest, worst stand

I want a Yo-Yo Ma figure

What do you mean by this? I really like the design.

>Implying Dinosaurs are aesthetically pleasing
>Implying turning shit into Dinosaurs is a good power

Tower of gray is a better stand, for shits sake

Should I?

Fuck no. People need to stop getting these stupid ass tattoos.

>Getting tatoos

>becoming an ancient and extinct lifeform that long predates your own species isn't cool
>it's not a punch ghost so it's a shit ability

Not unless you're tall, extremely ripped and handsome.
Otherwise, fucking no.

I don't like the blue goo effect they used for EW&F, it was better when it was just his body unravelling

Kira would be the perfect user for Tusk.
His nails grow really fast

I just draw mine with marker everyday and re-apply it an hour after I shower.

So now that a Part 5 anime has been confirmed, what are the chances that it will surpass the manga?


Does anyone else find the ending of part 6 and by extension, the ending of part 1-6 universe unsatisfying? It doesn't feel like all the loose ends were tied up

i'm aware this is a joke post but it legitimately exists.

not my favorite style of figure but i appreciate the fact that they do characters that otherwise get nothing.

Even then it's still fucking tacky.

Unless you have a Johnathan tier Chad body, forget it.


Not that vibrant. A skilled tattoo artist can make it look somewhat like an actual birth mark.

But in general, no, tattoos are a bad idea.


Fucking Infinite

What loose ends? I'll come to your house and punch you if you mention Josuke's saviour even once in your response.

>bottom right
>time to guess who!

Fucking this, release Gyro already. I love SAS but they need to speed the fuck up I want my no-homo cowboys.

Josuke's savior

I think it's Pucci-after dabbing.

You've gone too far this time, Bruno.


delet this

Post em

plz no bully


>love the world
>love wryyyyyyyy
>favorite death is dio brando and johnatan
>hate DIO

what did he mean by this

confirmed where?

Who had the hardest life?

The thought processes of an absolute madman.

In the opening

Yesterday's new OP



are you his retarded friend?
Cred Forums is for people above the age of 18+

The death of Pucci was supposed to be the final removal of dio from the world wasn't it? What about giorno? I always though part 5 was gonna get a sequel or something wrapping that up, also, I guess the arrows don't matter?
On another note, isn't what happened to 1-6 universe people essentially death? If there was another me with the same soul, but a different personality and different experiences, that's not me, alt-jolyne isn't the same jolyne as the first one at all,

Overall, the ending to part 6 might as well have been, "surprise, it was all a dream, furthermore all the things you have read up until now took place in that dream, however 1 person from the dream came into real life and was insignifigant"


Not that guy, but an important thing to remember is that Dio and DIO are basically 2 different people. DIO is a fucking mong, but his powers and what he used to do are pretty good.

All of your post is bullshit. The only people changed by MiH were the people that died when it was speeding up time.

And what about Part 5 needed wrapping up apart from what happened to Fugo? Giorno became head of Passione, with Mista and Polnareff as his subordinates.

>kira has 4 (FOUR) fucking stands



Gyro is Will + Caesar.
Josefumi is Josuke, Jotaro, and Kakyoin mashed into one person.
AU Kira is Jotaro.
Kyo is Jotaro.
I'm Jotaro.

Kosaku is Kira

"Later" can also mean "in about 40 years", you know.


He has Killer Queen and two sub-stands, Sheer Heart Attack and Bites the Dust

Doppio or Diavolo

its pat seitz

You must be getting a good workout moving all these goalposts.


Why even ask? We know who is going to win the poll: Carne

/out/ is a nice place, please don't redirect people there.

Reminder that Doppio is made for extreme suffering.


>reading JoJo
>expecting an optimistic outcome

Fat chance, buddy.


>the boss was a pink fairy
I really should have known better since
>part 5

Out is a shithole, those namby pamby faggots don't deserve protecting
t. /k/

>Thought Great Days was "Alright"-tier at first
>Watched the video of it backwards
>Instantly shot up to one of my favorite OPs, if not, my actual favorite if it gets a BtD variant
It couldn't have been unintentional at all how the OP backwards inadvertently spoils the end of part 4, holy shit.

He had his moments

>Watched the video of it backwards

What would Dio do?


SHA is his hand's stand, let's be fair here

Damn. I wasn't the biggest fan of him but that freakin sucks. I was genuinely looking forward to seeing him get to part 4 but I guess not.

>stop time
>take the boombox

>dio's harem

This looks like a Playboy cover, what the hell.

I just wished the Pillar Men and DIO had thicker arms

Sky is the limit

i wanna lick gyro's balls.

This is the power of Gold Experience Requiem...

Obviously he just spilled some Mozzarella on it and was licking it off.

Damn that's pretty cool

Friendly reminder the only thing that make DIO passable is his personality

Sounds better than the actual OP

I'm waiting for the fucking Josuke Statue Legend already. Pictures of it painted started circulating six months ago. What's taking so long? Doesn't that mean it's finished and time for production?

It never stops

not gonna lie if DP did this intentionally and there's going to be a BtD version of the OP where the OP's backwards and some shots are made darker with Kira replacing Josuke near the beginning it'd easily be the best OP we've had.

when it's time i hope they do this for the entire lenght of the OP

>Friendly reminder the only thing that makes a character passable is if they have character

Should've told that to Giorno

Yukako getting touched up and re-released?

son of a bitch, I'm a big part 5 fan and that got me

>only do evil because of the situation
He's been murdering women for 15 years, what are you talking about?


(You) #
Yukako getting touched up and re-released?

Forgot muh pic

is there a video like this but where the part where kira activates BtD is at the beginning? it would make more sense

you could try this one

Only good part of the opening

Okay, so in the new OP it shows all of Kira's abilities;

>Killer Queen
>Stray Cat

But can someone explain how Kosaku's head is meant to resemble Bite the Dust?

It kind of resembles Moody Blues from the bit at the top of the head, which has something to do with reversing time, but that's all I can really think of, any ideas?

It isn't meant to represent BtD, the entire OP backwards represents BtD.

It shows the parts Kira had Aya take from Kosaku's head to swap Kira's identity.

i mean a video where the "breakdown breakdown" part is still in its place, but the rest of the OP is reversed

Best dad

JoJo became shit after they switched to stands. Characters are still likeable, but the fighting is fucking boring.

>That Star Platinum


Take this and leave.

yo faggots

how many episodes until the bath scene with hot daddy and the ugly shota?

>Being ok with what was the most glorious season 1 and 2, to go to shitty stands that is 3 and onward and completely kills the thrill of watching a fight

Did people actually not like Great Days? I thought this was an awesome intro. That music was great and the animation was fantastic, it was so bright and cheery n shit.


oh i see what you mean, but haven't found that particular version yet if any

have you not collected enough (you)s?

>Season 1 and 2
Animated? Sure, but the fights had no fucking tension to them whatsoever. Hamon is nothing but a shitty asspull system that removes all tension from fights because the user can just win because yes.
At least from part 4 onwards Stands actually have limitations and the fights are more battles of the mind instead of asspulls. Part 4 alone to this point has shown that perfectly well, every one of Josuke's fights have been more thrilling than most of the fights from the first 3 parts.

I can't remember but I think CNBT is the most well-received OP. I may be remembering wrong but I'm too lazy to check the archives.

You do know JoJo's is a 30 year old manga, right?

I remember a shit ton of people complaining about it. It fitted the tone of early part-4 perfectly, Chase fits the 2nd cour and this new OP fits the entirety of the part. Not only that but played backwards it directly spoils the finale and gives off the tone of Kira's victory when he gains BtD, DP have outdone themselves.


I bet you're the type of person to type "I can't gp to sleep, I'm posing too much" in Youtube Comment sections.

>guy in a revealing outfit licking balls while pulling his pants down

What does it mean?

What's /jojo/ think of this piece? I love it but it breaks my heart it's a stand alone piece. No Dio, no Zepelli, no Joseph. I have two end tables damnit.

>Part 9 comes up
>Suddenly, british slums, set in the 60's
>New universe
>It's about Boxing, no supernatural stuff
>MC's name is revealed to be Joe Joestar
Araki pls make it happen

How come JJBA's Colored adventure did a massive jump in the Part 7 translation? last time I checked they where just about to do In a silent way part, but this was back in May, glad they've finished it.

How long do you think it'll be until part 5 is done?

SBR is complete in color scans.

What is next? Jojolion or finish VA? VA still needs to complete the translation so I guess JJL is the next one to go after a break or some shit?

Is there anywhere I can download the dubs for parts 1 and 2?

That doesn't sound bizarre at all. The supernatural elements are some of the best part of JoJo's

Part 7 translation has been complete in a while, I think you last looked a reaaaaally long time ago user.

If they fix the garbage Rohan Cheap Trick zoom and that Kawajiri turn then the visuals would be top notch.
As for the song it falls apart after about a minute for me.

Well, what about this
>Ashes are the new spin

>How long do you think it'll be until part 5 is done?
Fucking never. The guy translating it doesn't let anyone else on the team work on it.

Something like Hey Ya

What is lucky land?

I want part 9 in eastern europe, Poland or Russia. Happening in the 90s right in the middle of the colapsing USSR.


>Hamon is nothing but a shitty asspull system that removes all tension from fights because the user can just win because yes.

You mean like every main character ever? wooooow. Stands make even LESS sense and more of a shitty asspull system because suddenly the stand is behind you because fuck you, it's a stand.
>Making posts on youtube
Sounds like you have a problem

He's talking about the colored scans.

The land of luck.

>dressed like that

Next couple of episodes are gonna be so glorious...

I don't get why people even like Highway Star, I thought it was pretty dull in the manga.

It might in fact have started the "weirdo no powers explained stand" trend.

Well I tried helping at the end of april/may for A Silent Way part 4, completed that except maybes one page which I struggled to clean because it had loads of writing over Johnny, I sent it to them but I don't think they used it, never got responded too, maybes the had finished and where just waiting to post it.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, or JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken

What the hell you replying with reaction images for

>You mean like every main character ever? wooooow. Stands make even LESS sense and more of a shitty asspull system because suddenly the stand is behind you because fuck you, it's a stand.

You had me for a while, have another (You) to sate you.

Oh yeah, during the D4C arc it started coming out faster I guess. I'm just now re-reading it and loving it

Thinking of re-reading parts 1-0



if you're not going to call it JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, just call it JoJo, JoJo's sounds retarded.

dude strings lmao

JJL is going to be next. I asked one of the guys who worked on SBR colored about VA, both B&W and Colored.
He gave a response, although it didn't answer the question.

>referring to JoJo as JoJo's ever

Animation, fantastic. Might be one of best yet.

The music not so much.

Dragon's dream is so underrated

Song is good as CNBT and visuals are on par with Chase. It's fantastic, and will only look better when BtD starts and they change a few of the Kosaku scenes

The BREAKDOWN part always gives me an erection.

>having shit taste in music

It's JoJo. Not JoJo's.
Nips don't call it "ジョジョの", they call it "ジョジョ"
Plus "JoJo's" sounds retarded.

I need that Star Platinum

Excellent taste, except least favourite JoJo

It's "chase", not "Chase"

>except least favourite JoJo
Like you.

Giorno looks like he's a fucking 5 year old

Pretty unique taste whilst also not fucking up on the least favorite section. Jonathan's great but he really doesn't bring much to the table. 10/10

I don't get it.

What stops anyone from just translating and posting it? Not like he has copyright to it or exclusive access to the scans.

We are literally getting anime before this.

Pets don't count

>funky 80's music doesn't go good with Jojo


But that's no Jojo's

That's JoJo No and it makes no sense

It's hard to have a least favorite JoJo. I'd probably go with Jonathan too. I love him still, just he's less interesting than the rest

Dragon's Dream is the worst Stone Ocean fight by far.
Only fights in the series worse than it are Soft Machine, all of the one chapter fights in Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, and most pre-Egypt fights in Stardust Crusaders.

>set in 1999
>funky 80s music

That's why it's shit

A stand, a sub-stand, another stand that he fused with his stand, and an upgraded stand ability.

Just like your shit taste

Because Kira is guilty of murdering more than eighty people.

I mean it's also pretty depressing that a autistic serial killer is a better husband than the actual husband. I'd read something where he slowly becomes normal and just wants her hands with her attached. Then him sperging out whenever Josuke or Koichi is near.

>thinks every Jojo song is shit

Is it unusual or pretty common or what to like Diamond is Unbreakable more than Stardust Crusaders?

80s music didn't just stop existing in the late 90s, user.

Definitely, I still REALLY love Jonathan, and I don't know why but whenever Gio does something epic in part 5 I always feel thrilled so I really enjoy him too. I just enjoy all the other Jojos more.
Why though? I re-read it and didn't find it nearly as bad as people were saying, same with Yo-Yo-Ma! The only issue I had with it was it took a while, but it still had an abundance of great moments. The concept was fucking really bizarre, same with the user, the neutral stand idea was really unique and there were great moments like the electric chair and Anasui turning Kenzo into a human spring in the end.

unless you're a nostalgiafag Jap DiU is better in every way.

>set in 1800's
>rock and roll
wow wtf i hate sono chi no sadame now

I don't like the music. The visuals are pretty good though, aside from the reused animations.

How many weeks until Stray Catto?

Sono chi no Sadame is a ballad, not really rock and roll

Holy shit that's cool.


>Was there a generational jump between parts 7 and 8?

One is set in 1890, the other is in the 2010s, take a guess.

Yeah, Johnny lived beyond part 7 but he doesn't live for over a century you know.

Diego Brando is how "Dio" is called in part 7. Dio was originally called Dario Brando in Phantom Blood. He isn't a vampire, he has Dinosaur powers thanks to his stand "Scary Monsters".

We don't know how Josefumi is related, if he even is. Yoshikage Kira (sailor) is the son of Holly-Joestar though.

The Higashikata family and the Joestars are related in the SBR universe.


>Those last 3 boxes
What an absolutely brilliant way to ruin such great and unique taste, 6/10.

What are these?
Where can I get them

Why don't you like Steel Ball Run?

Great Days along with Sono Chi No Sadame feels the most 'Jojo' to me. Like, Bloody Stream feels like Joseph, Stand Proud feels like Jotaro, but both SCNS and Great Days get that cheesy, weird, stupid, energetic feel of the whole series down pat. land

If Highway Star is 2 episodes, then Stray Cat is after that so 3 weeks til it happens

>main villain almost gets killed by a household cat

DIO's hair looks like Giorno's in this pic

That's kinda why I don't like it. It's shitty as a ending, especially to earlier parts.

There was no Giorno. No Josuke. No invisible grown-up baby. Nothing got really done.

It was a universe reset just because.

At least we can say fuck that and enjoy SBR universe.
Reactions to this video are still the best part.

How slow it is starting off, how much of an asshole Johnny is, and Valentine just wasn't that compelling of a villain to me.

I don't hate it, its just my least favorite.

>doesn't like an overly long, shitty, 'deep' part
>doesn't like the faggiest twink of a jojo
>doesn't like the blandest 'DUDE LMAO EVIL' villain in the series
I don't see anything wrong here.

I think Stray Cat might be stuffed in Highway Star part 2 though.

*sniff* only in a perfect world user *sniff*

It's not. It's just a stand-in until BtD starts. All the Kosaku Kiras will be replaced with watermelon hair too, that's probably why they reused the head turn from episode 25 - they're going to change it later.

>Overly long, shitty, 'deep' part
Confirmed either speedreader or didn't read it, it's length doesn't make it bad, nor is it shitty and the messages behind it aren't so pretentiously deep that it grinds into your mind with every chapter.
>Doesn't like faggiest twink of a jojo
If you think that's literally there is to Johnny you probably should read SBR
He's not greatly-written but how in any way shape or form is Dio bland?

>no giorno, josuke, or shizuka
Literally fanfic tier ideas.

>nothing really got done
Except for the most hype death of any villain in the series and a very good, thematic end to it.

There's some stuff I admittedly don't like about 6's ending but it's better than, say, Part 2 or 7's

the ending of part 6 was rushed, so yeah its pretty shit. It was just a cheap way to get araki to end the series and start anew.

Araki describes Morioh as being a self-contained bottle he wasn't going to tap into again. Josuke's adventure began when he met Jotaro and ended when he beat Kira

As for Giorno, there's nothing more to his character. He got what he wanted, to be Passione's boss and became a GangStar. His shitty arc was done

Stone Ocean finishes Jotaro and Jolyne's arcs as well as eliminating the last bit of DIO's influence from the Joestar's lives, something that began in Phantom Blood and finally ended several generations later

He can be an asshole but at least he's has personality, unlike Giorno for fucks sake

I've noticed Part 4 intros, while not CG, are the most heavily edited intros in the entire series thus far. Outside of Sound Effects or adding DIO to End of the World, there wasn't really many alterations of previous OPs

But the Part 4 OPs just keep changing such as adding Echoes and Act 3 for CNBT and Chase. I really hope melonhead Kira props up to replace Kosaku with 200% smug

No one will ever convince me that Kyo is not the true SBR universe version of Jotaro

Kira being the son of Holly is just a weird temporal anomaly

there was a five on two sides, remember?

Every single fight was ass. When it wasn't outright shit like Tomb of the Boom or 11 nameless men it was shit like 'MUUUUH TRUE MANS WORLD, MUH REAL DUEL' or 'HAHA I RESURRECTED MYSELF THROUGH YOUR SINS', pseudointellectual garbage that clogged anything weird or creative through. Also has the worst and most drawn out final battles of any part imo.

Johnny is just an edgy fag with dad issues, there's a reason why the story is more focused on Gyro, it's because Johnny is barely interesting

Dio's bland because once again it's just pseudointellectual trash with no real direction. He's just evil because...he's evil. Nothing kind of interesting like valentine or thematically interesting like diavolo. Just straight up bad.

I know that, the point is that their locations change between shots

>How slow it is starting off
How was it slow? It began with the whole premise of the race which was interesting and showcased Johnny and Gyro really well. It had as much of a compelling opening that hooked you in just like Phantom Blood and strayed from the normal JoJo opening pretty damn nicely.

People keep saying Johnny's an asshole but he really only was an asshole in his backstory and that's what got him killed. He's selfish but that didn't make him an asshole, in fact, he grows the most out of any JoJo in the most realistic ways and becomes a damn good character in the end. You want an asshole? Look at Joseph.
>Valentine just wasn't that compelling of a villain to me.
More understandable than the rest of your points, but in the last 3rd he got some damn good characterization and put up a brilliant fight. Nowhere near as bad of a character as Kars or DIO was.
>Every single fight was ass
>Johnny is just an edgy fag with dad issues
You're either baiting or you genuinely haven't read the part or skim read it.

>>No one will ever convince me that Kyo is not the true SBR universe version of Jotaro
>>Kira being the son of Holly is just a weird temporal anomaly

There can be more than one Jotaro analogue. The more the merrier.

A shitty personality with barely any redeeming qualities.

Giorno is ruthless, cold, calculating, but beyond that is still has a conscience and good judgment. Johnny's just far off the deep end and instead of seeing someone charismatic like Giorno fight through baddies it's just this autistic selfish loser who hates everyone.

>JoJo would receive an animated adaptation that began in 2012 and would still be going strong with no signs of stopping as of 2016
>Phantom Blood, the arc that I always felt as if no one but me loved, would receive a pretty good reception from critics and a strong fanbase all things considered
>Battle Tendency would also receive a great anime adaptation
>the Stardust Crusaders, while having some problems here and there and having butchered DIO's World, was still a very solid adaptation
>the JoJo anime is made by a small studio that clearly loves the series
>Diamond Is Unbreakable has an anime adaptation
>there is an upcoming Part 4 live-action movie and it's directed by the perfect guy for the job, Takashi Miike
>there would be a way to buy actual, physical copies of Parts 1-3 that also had interviews from the author inside of them
>two videogames featuring a crossover between the cast of JoJo would be released
>Vento Aureo is finally getting good English scans
>the anime for Vento Aureo has been practically confirmed as well
>the JoJo anime has received a pretty decent dub and it's airing on Toonami of all places

If any of you had told me this stuff back in 2011 when I first got into the series I would have called you delusional and insane. It makes me really glad I'm still a part of this fanbase because now it feels like it's a great time to be a JoJo fan.

I understand that Araki was trying something different with Johnny, but the previous 6 JoJo's had a sort of 'nobility' to them, that underlying good. I'm not saying that should have remained the formula, but I just felt like Johnny was less of a good person who does crummy things, but instead was just a bad person.

Giorno doesn't have a lot of quirky tendencies like Josuke's hair, or Joseph's "your next line is" gimmick, but he has what Koichi describes as a serenity to him. I think the aim was to show what the peace of mind that DIO describes in part 3 through Giorno, he has his goals that he wants to overcome and keeps and calm in the face of all adversity because of that ambition. He was the first JoJo that had a goal that wasn't forced onto him because the circumstances he found himself in.

What a time to be alive.

How about you actually argue instead of calling me a speedreader and sperging out on that other guy? Tell me why any SBR fight is good. Hell, tell me why some shitty horse race is interesting, because SBR did not get fucking interesting until the Corpse Parts were introduced and the Scary Monsters fight, but then just lost a bunch of direction and cohesion anyway.

>the "Giorno doesn't have a personality" meme
Not this shit again

Why is Kyo so cute? She should have more plot significance.

Shame these threads have only gone downhill, at least it's a good time to be a JoJo fan.

isn't the red dot just facing josuke in the second picture?
maybe i'm retarded but it's making sense to me, i just can't figure out how to word it




i want her to stoically sit on my face

what will happen in part 9

Why hasn't Norisuke fucked the maido? Why hasn't Joshuu?

Bohemian Rhapsody Act 4 Requiem Over Heaven will merge the JoJo universe and our own

I can't say these threads have gone that much downhill because it's only been a few years since I started coming to Cred Forums, and we did get a huge influx of normies/redditors since the anime aired.
But it was very interesting to see how the fanbase changed (both for the good and for the bad)

Can someone explain how the fuck to actually do Killer Queen's pose?

It's impossible to do without looking retarded

JoJo twins from Gappy and Yasuho

Gappy's daughter in an italian prison.

>part 7 was a mix of 1 and 3
>8 is a mix of 2 and 4
9 will be Part 5 with a bit of Part 3 mixed in

I'm guessing journey through various universes


Start by delet


It's not funny. Valentine.

joshu couldn't, and i feel like norisuke is above something like that

i think you should be more concerned with your own post


I REALLY wanna play the part 5 ps2 game. I tried to emulate it but my computer can't run psx2 for shit. I'm gonna buy the game online but in order to play it I have to buy some equipment to mod my ps2. Is the game any good? Is it worth it?

Was it homosexuality?

You can't make twins with a dead person, user

>didn't like the new OP song the first time I heard it
>listen to it again a day later
>song is actually pretty good
How does David do it?

Also while watching it again it occurred to me how well this part will work in the Barkley edit, with everyone spinning basketballs on their fingertips.

In the first shot the fives are on the front and on the top

In the next you can see a five on the side and going frame by frame shows the one was on top

what will happen in part 10

It's not good, but it's fun for the first playthrough.

I think it's good fun if you really like Part 5.

You want something fun senpai? Watch the OP backwards and appreciate how DP've already planned the BtD variation of the OP.

New universe, new supernatural power that gets forgotten too because stands
Dio and JoJo finally fuck

Thej how did you find Jojo in the first place, oldfag ?

JoJolion: Darkness

they only did a test dub, but viz is keeping those voices.

>post yfw this is the ED when Polnareff shows up in the VA anime

sounds like my kind of part
i don't even need to know what happens in part 11 now

I'm surprised Crunchy didn't change Polnareff's name in the SDC anime

oh alright
i'll take your word for it
i thought it was a 3d model so it's weird that it still was fucked up

JoJo memes have been around for 10 years by now. They just exploded with the anime

Ok... I'll be paying at least $45 for everything I need. Is it still worth it?

2nd favorite, love the bright music and the visuals are great except for a few little parts.

blind box figures released in various past years. they usually release 2 sets per part, and i know they've done at least 1-6.
they're sold out but i think mandarake has a couple sets available

> implying that we get part 10 at all.

I was going home after work one day and I went to the local arcade, as usual, to spend quarters on some videogame there. The first thing I saw was the Heritage select screen with DIO and Hol Horse, and some kid playing in there. I started playing with the kid and I asked him and my friend who used to work there if he knew anything about the game, and if I remember the only thing my friend said was that the guy in yellow was a vampire and they fought with spirits.

I asked myself why the fuck would a vampire wear bright yellow Michael Jackson clothing, so I looked more into the game when I got home. And apparently, that same character had a religion centered around him in Erepublik, which I used to play. This got my interest so gradually I kept finding more JoJo related stuff until I became a fan.

>King Crimson's fucking face

we were very close to getting this game in the states but it got cancelled for some reason. i wonder how people would've responded to it if it got released.

regarding the question, there's a couple gameplay videos on youtube, i would check it out for myself if i were you. most of the good ones have japanese titles though.

i know there was at one point a mod floating around that let you play as la squadra so maybe look into that too.

The 1999 in Great Days would make a sexy wallpaper

>that hand

As much as I hope this happens, I doubt it will.

The shadows covering everyone is pretty convincing though

>it got cancelled for some reason
There are rumors online that state it was due to Prince threatening to sue Araki over Gold Experience, and Araki refused to let them change the name so the game simply didn't come to America.

This seems likely but, again, it's just a rumor, so I don't have any source or anything.

Dio's world got butchered? How?

There's a lot of parts that seem pretty intentional, like the clockhand of Justice going backwards to represent time going backwards, everyone fading into silhouettes or being erased, everyone's hands falling to show Kira escaping the 'hands' of justice, the bright sky turning dark when Reimi's hand is left alone pointing upwards. Even the part where Hayato is being held by KQ makes it look like KQ has planted a bomb on him, and Shinobu staring at a picture of Kosaku in the TV screen then falling backwards looked convincing as hell, sorta like in the end how she chose to wait for her husband to come home when he never would again.

during that part the wiki says the lyrics are "Crutching, crying night is your sole love"
But i'd swear it says "1999"

godlike. fits diu perfectly and is infinitely better than chase and even cnbt.

Any pass users here?

man that sucks if it's true. thanks user



fucking glorious
instantly fell in love

The checkered parts remind me of this cover

You can't just shop Koichi onto everything

Damn man I really fucking want a Dead Man's Questions OVA

I know we are getting a Rohan one, but still.

David can just rake in the cash if we get OVAs for DMQ, and all the Rohan one offs

So how do all of you feel about part 5 getting animated?

Unless you joined these threads recently you probably have already seen the several "quality DIO" memes people have made about DIO's World. But even then, quality is far, far from the only problem.

The anime tried to adapt a fight that, in honesty, is hard to properly replicate outside of the manga format. When you strip away Araki's paneling, composition, and the very detailed art style, you have to bring something to replace it. The OVA tried, and for the most part it was good. But the anime adaptation of DIO's World ignored or poorly adapted several key moments, and it failed to properly replicate DIO and his presence during the finale. I can post more examples if you want.

We'll finally have a proper explanation of King Crimson.

Hopefully it means there'll finally be an acceptable translation for part 5.

how was part 5 teased again
im retarded and v tired sorry

I just hope people will stop shitting on it when it gets faithfully adapted.

One arm bent ninety degrees down with devil horns

One arm bent ninety degrees up with index finger pointing

Knock your elbows together

Lean slightly back

Idk how to describe the leg work

How can I get as perfect as Josuke?
I'd kill to be as pretty and stylish as he is.
Please help.

I'm black btw

There's a sign in the opening that says "DU 1999" and the other direction of it says "GW 2001" implying next in line is 'Golden Wind' and that takes place in 2001. Don't have the image

Dolce and His Master was a really weird story. Execution Under Jailbreak was too

I'm glad we'll finally get a definitive version because what I read, even prior to the bad scanlations, really didn't hook me

If I still find it lame in animated form, then it's a testament that the themes that get praised so much really did get in the way of me enjoying it. If I do enjoy it, then I can just say I don't enjoy reading manga in general

Ah, thanks
Guess I'll finally have to read P5 so I can be caught up by the time the anime arrives.

It's alright, so's Josuke.

It means more Narancia porn

>tfw I can finally listen to his music on YouTube

Suck it

The one near Josuke has a sign that indicates Stardust Crusaders too (SC 1987)

My skin is light so maybe there's hope for me

jojo is gay lol

Killer Queen what are you doing?
Killer Queen stahp!

I hate the new OP

Why is david fucking up so badly with part 4 OPs?


I am offcially hating on JoJo now

Stay mad desu the Part 4 OP's are my favorites

Part 4 openings are great. Its just that the previous parts where god tier.

Why fall from greatness?

It means we'll finally figure out how It Works.


Nevermind I forgot Bloody stream existed forget I was here!

They've all been great though. CNBT was catchy as fuck but simple, Chase was amazing visually and song-wise in the end, Great Days if reversed eventually with the BtD variant could EASILY become the best OP in the series. the ridiculously creative foreshadowing and symbolism.

I appreciate it, but I'll probably wait for the creditless BD version so it will be larger and higher quality

It'll just be a hybrid of Za Warudo or Bites the Dust with more control and a smaller window.

What will the part 5 OP's be like? Will they make them sound italian? What does italian music sound like?

>David playing with superimposition in preparation for King Crimson

Do you think they'll use the same VAs from the games?

I pray they get Diggy-mo to finally do a fucking opening

and gangsters is perfect for it

The new OP doesn't have CGI... Living is suffering...
I love the music and all
I waited months to have a new opening with MOTHERFUCKING CGI
I mean
Why should the next OP (aka vento aureo opening 1) has CGI??!

Is this the cause of the rock curse that affects Jhonny's descendants in Part 8?

>What will the part 5 OP's be like? Will they make them sound italian? What does italian music sound like?

I hope to God they get a new Giorno

His seiyuu from the games is trash

Considering Diavolo's VA is voicing Kira right now, no I don't think so.

They surly will use Bruno and Narancia's voices. They are perfect. I like my Bruno with Sasuke's voice.

Post more.

I really hope they keep Bruno, Narancia, Mista and Trish.

Would you lick someone's mosquito bite?


Cred Forums Pass user since June 2013.

We've known for fucking months that there wouldn't be CGI OPs for part 4 because Kamikaze Douga has been busy with their own project, I swear to god you guys are fucking autists.

Maybe. It's always been in the Higashikata men even before he married in so there was no reason for Rina to get it.

>two videogames featuring a crossover between the cast of JoJo would be released
Title, please.

nice jew pass faggot :^)

Don't mind me, testing something

I need Shinobu


Did chase change anything from its showing to it's last? I don't remember anything being different.

What kind?

Part V will have CG? Source? I fucking hope not. Worst part doesn't deserve it.

Early Chase, Koichi had Echoes Act 2 during the final scene with Jotaro, Okuyasu and their Stands

It was changed to Act 3 later

I need lewd Shinobu

Look at the way he types, he's either ESL or just retarded.

i so wish i could draw lewds for /jojo/

Is that it?

That will decide if CNBT is better than it or not.

Goddamn I hate koichi

Which projet, user?

Unfortunately, I don't have Kira breaking the back of her top

Even more unfortunate, nobody ever draws lewds of her


>Wanting to draw picture porn
>I seriously can't understand how people can fap to that crap?

Why has no one done Kira and KQ edits in Garfield yet?

Allright. Look at how the part where Jotaro and DIO walk up to meet each other was adapted.

This is an iconic moment in the manga, and for very good reason: it's what Part 3 has been amounting to, the Jotaro vs DIO fight. After all that cocktease from Araki, after all that build-up of DIO as the ultimate villain and Jotaro as the strongest Stand user, the two are finally going at it.

Look at Araki's panel here, the perspective is made here so that it's not from the POV of either DIO or Jotaro, but someone below them. It's framing the two of them as giants going against each other. And while DIO seems larger, he is in the same size as Jotaro in reality. And you can't see Jotaro's face either, his eyes are obscured because that's how Araki shows a character's intensity/mystery, and Jotaro is supposed to be absolutely livid at DIO. This is one of the most iconic moments in a fight full of these.

And look at how the anime adapted the scene going agaisnt all of these ideas.

This might seem like I'm cherrypicking a single example but this is a symptom of the larger problem that was how the anime adapted DIO's World, this is just the one that comes easier to mind.

Whose the "9" supposed to represent? We got Atom Heart Father, Enigma and Highway Star.

It's suffering not being artistic for your general bros

They've been working on an unannounced project and aren't doing contract work for other companies until it's done or at least nearly finished and most of the team is freed up to do other stuff. So no CG openings until Kamikaze Douga finish whatever their mystery project is.

I'll have to watch all the intros again to study it myself

They're all 9, nerd
The middle one is RPS Kid

uh what?

another bites za dusto

Act 3 had a shadow over it until it first appeared.

>No one in these threads are Cred Forums pass users.

Wow, incredible! Post more, please.


Thats really sad

yeah, i'd like to help
but the one lewd i attempted came out shit
and i just don't have the time or patience to spend years learning to draw



That's where your wrong,

I couldn't find the exact screen shot, but look at the middle one at the very bottom.


uurgnn it's stuck in my head

You can't tell me this doesn't turn people on.
Don't mind the dick

The dick fucking ruins it


The dick makes it better


>Least favorite crew

JoJo's is already full of a shit ton of dicks. I don't need futa shit from a series barren of straight porn to begin with

Might as well fap to the Part 5 crew

How fucking amazing would it be to have the episode start with Hayato leaving the house in the morning after the OP and then when Bites za Dasuto happens the opening plays again


it's not fucking fair
DIO is so perfect in the anime but I just wish they didn't fuck his hair up
david made their own hair design for no damn reason
it even looked perfect in the OP so why is it like that?

Allright, here's another one.

My point still stands that the scene where Jotaro and DIO are walking up to meet each other was done poorly. If they were able to replicate the panel for Jotaro and DIO's fist rush, they could have done it for the part where they are walking up to meet each other like it was supposed to. They did the same thing in the first episode with Josuke.

The episode of DIO's World that deals with DIO vs Kakyoin and Joseph was actually done pretty well, it was the Jotaro fight that was turned into shit. I say this as someone who loves DIO's World: it was a terrible adaptation.

looking forward to see THIS adaptated to anime

jojo-fags confirmed as poor peasants

Horrible in every way. The song is even more generic and shitty than Chase and the visuals are recycled stills and punch rushes from previous episodes, it's even got blatant QUALITY.

It's by far the worst Jojo OP and one of the worst OPs I've seen in awhile. They simply didn't care. Only delusional part 4 niggers will pretend it's anything other than straight garbage.


>they use some of the sound effects in the song as part of the bomb going off

>meme grips
>gets satan trips

fitting as fuck my nigga

>satan calm down


eww shit opinion


Literally a fucking ship

Who is iDK?

>tfw it's called Great Days because GURATO DAZE

Like, seriously.

I'm getting hyped for badass Hayato more and more every week.


What about Pucci being in fact white?

The most upbeat song since CNBT

He's Sicilian, there are black Italians.

No, he is Shrek.

>his parents and sister are white
>his twin brother is said to look like white
>kkk-man doesn't have a single problem working for him
This confused me a lot while reading part 6.


his hair is normally so long flowing and perfect so how did they ruin it?


Sicilian heritage, a lot of Sicilians are dark skinned as fuck and Pucci just happened to inherit it. The KKK knew about this since Pucci's family were well known. The point was that even though Pucci looked darker the KKK are a bunch of idiots and condemned Weather on circumstantial evidence that wasn't even true because he was swapped at birth.