Why are loli vampires so great?

Why are loli vampires so great?

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They stay loli and smug forever.

Shamefur dispray
Have this as an apology

>MMF threesome
It's something, i guess.

Sexually smug lolis that never physically ages, but ages mentally.

there's your answer

That comic is so great
She's a total dom but she loves her sub and takes good care of him. You can tell she has experience and is willing to guide you a bit but still let you experiment on your own

Go to bed Jake

Thinking on it, I can't even remember the last time I saw a nip series where there was a busty vampire as a main character until this one.

>Why are loli vampires so great?
Eyebrows vamp is greater than other loli vamps though.

/vr/ when

Virtual reality will never be a thing within our life time bro

Just accept

>loves her sub

Yeah, if you manage to meet her requirements first so she doesn't kill you. That salaryman was spared in the last moment.

Singularity by 2045 bro,we'll make it. Kurzweil-sama wouldn't lie to us would he?

singularity is a lie. I work with cutting edge stuff and they are no closer to that "major" break through than 10 years ago

Pretty much every future prediction from the past has been ridiculously wrong and this one won't be an exception. Especially in the case of something so complex as artificial intelligence. We can always hope, though.

Real talk though, adult vampires are better.

Prove it.

You came in a loli thread just to say that?

What kind of tech and how cutting edge?

At least in this case it's a natural progression of existing stuff and developing it actually makes sense and benefits literally everyone unlike jetpacks and flying cars and waterproof living rooms that you can clean with a hose. But i won't deny that i'm just desperately clinging to the hope that it'll arrive before i'm dead. I suppose most Singularity fags are not that different from religious people.

>not even posting the best one

The thing is about the Singularity is that it's not that unrealistic, and that we could possibly reach it at some point in the future. But whenever you put down a specific date and expect it to happen, then it's most likely not going to. The thing about artificial intelligence is that we barely understand it, and claiming that we would solve the mystery by year 2045 or so seems very unlikely in my view.

I’m not saying that the singularity couldn’t happen at some point, just that the date seems overly optimistic.

Also, we could possibly replicate AI without understanding it, but the results would probably not be in our favor if we did so.