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So Do you guys think Ainz will bring gifts to the dwarfs or something?

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More waifus when to trigger the lovecraftfags

will we eventually run out of sasugas

Weirdly enough, the lovecraftfags didn't get triggered by Overlord's eldritch waifus. They even admitted they were pretty spot on.
They got mad because someone mentioned Demonbane and triggered them.
So yeah, let's ignore that subject. I don't want to shit up the thread.

I remember when these threads weren't filled to the brim with cancer.

Well Overlord's Eldritch waifus are only waifus for a little while and explicitly because the SBs fucked with Blender for long enough to make them waifus
Solution's form isn't actually what she looks like.

i dont really care
slimegirls and doppels are patrician tier
Too bad Solution and Nab are retarded

You mean you were here before the anime.

NEVER.I actually have some prepared...I will make a a unique one every day I promise you


Cred Forums was always shit. And these threads. As long as the bugposters

I want vol 15 and 16 to be about elves, muscle and rape happy king elf will join nazarick .
Also magic academy and elf version of climb.

Lizard Baby

>Cred Forums was always shit
No it fucking wasn't you incredible newfag
There was a time when Cred Forums was literally the only board on the site next to Cred Forums
>these threads
No they weren't. They were good before the anime, you could argue they were still good around the start. Yurifag No.3 and shit like that made it horrible.

Yeah well that's what we get when faggots make constant threads when there's no new content, dumb anons that can't ignore bait and a bunch of ESL's that won't fuck off.

I get the feeling The Elven King of Rape and Muscles will try to do shti to ZZ, get Ainz involved and finally trigger her flag.

i really dont wanna bring it back, but Overlords waifu aren't outer gods or some shit, just cute monster girls maid. Even if i my autism was infinite i'd have no reason to be triggered.

good luck i guess

The only good thing to come out was the buyfag.

Dullahan would be my race of choice in Yggdrasil.
I don't particularly like Yuri, though.

Was this Elf King one of the guys Jircniv wanted to convince to fiight against Ainz?

Razor Edge is made of the Awakened Elder Blood Lizardman's claws.

i'd make a mid-tier doppel+Dimensional magic+Illusion magic

Mindfuck debuff spam


>all the cast are ugly monsters instead of cute girls

Man, I can't wait for the scan of that blood-covered Shalltear pic.

you take that back immediately

I'd make a Farspawn Alienist for full eldritch fun.

>entoma not an ugly monster
>was also bullied by her creator for being nothing more than being used for junk gear

Worst meido. Even Narb is leagues above her.

I can't fucking remember lizard names, who is this nigga that's meeting Ainz

I would have to hope that illusions are buffed in Yggdrasil compared to D&D, where the entire goddamn school is trumped by a single spell (True Seeing) that comes baseline on most higher tier creatures.
Of course, it's only so nerfed because there were illusion spells that could cloak an entire army in silence and invisibility or instantly kill people with hallucinatory deaths.

It's the lizard that was wearing Armor of Stupidity in volume 4.

i think he was unnamed before, he's the guy that was retarded because of the cursed armor

the joke is that he's grandstanding and putting on airs because he's not a retard anymore

imagine the super tier spells with edgy asf names

[Garden Of Azathoth]
[Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil]

REMOVE KEBAB remove kebab

Can someone tell, why quagoa are attacking dwarves?

Because WDL told them to.

Look, you asked this last thread. You'll find out like everyone else when we get to that part.

>So Do you guys think Ainz will bring gifts to the dwarfs or something?

his presence.

I assume the Lizardmen won't be going with Ainz then? Since Albedo didn't mention him in the past volume

That guy won't, Zenberu will go with Ainz.
Albedo didn't mention him because he's not important to her.

poor retard

That's former retard to you user.

Probably. It's quite a businessman-like behavior.
He carries a lot of weapon in his pocket space, so he could gift some of it. Another possibility is booze, because lizard will tell him about dworf habits for sure.
However, considering all those problems with beasts, his help could work as his best possible gift.

He wasn't retard even with the armor.
>And normally, those who don the armor would lose all intelligence and appeared to be brain damaged. >But he was still able to think, proving how high his original intelligence was.

Can we assume that Elf King is the son of a player with a subpar fighter build that decided to remain low profile, but then his son went bananas because of all the power after he died?

post rare ainz

Isn't the Elf King ZZ's father? Doesn't that make him a godkin too?

here we have a humiefag competing in the 6th floor arena

He wasnt drooling retard tier, sure, but he was very dumb. I just reread the 4th volume, there he speaks only in short simple sentences or single words.

here is ainz about to cuck climb to death

He was still able to think and point out strategic/tactical issues.
Without that armor he's probably more of a genius than Renner. He's only problem is that he was born as "barbaric" demi-human.

I thought it was the woman who had the godkin bloodline.

He may be a player or just a godkin. We dont know.

Well, I still think that intellectual standards of lizards are lower than human ones, so he's not on the level of Renner, but at least on Jirniv's: "better than the most" at most.

So basically Renner, Eclair and that Lizard dude will collude against Nazarick? What will happen to them?

Ainz will bullshit his way out and make everyone orgasm.

Lizards are totally in Nazarick's pocket. Remember that Cocytus rules through love and loyalty, not fear.

When's the new PPP episode coming again?

Threadly Reminder: Do not ask for Translations. Do not ask for Links to Translations.

Here have a better version

>not rare nazaricks


I imagine he's going to help them clear out the mines of any dangers, ensuring their safety, while asking for mining rights.

That fucking spider slap

hahaha Lupus healing her was pretty good.

>Kotaewa doko

>Clem is getting revived to be a Maid Punching Bag

Anyone else see the first two episodes of the dub? They were good as hell.

poor clem

Pick one and only one




>Clementine losing to Yuri when she has MA
what the fuck, this is clearly not canon

What will be So-Bins reaction when he sees his waifu was brought back to be fodder again?
>Maruyama I ________

>thrusthing/piercing attacks on undeads

The Pleiades would not fuck around with her like Ainz did.

>that crime scene cleaning capability
Solution is literally the best choice for diplomatic visits.

what's that crunching sound at the end?

I hope it's not what I think it is

>Top tier black scripture operative
>Meido punching bag

Humies are canonically fucked.

So season 2 is pretty much confirmed right? I mean why would they make a compilation movie?

What does the frog say to CZ?

You can see Entoma eating Clem's arm.

I mean we already have [The Goal of All Life is Death] and [Dark Ritual of Shub-Niggurath] or whatever it's called.

I fucking love the edgy spell names, and the shit like supreme maximize magic.

Is there a way that Ainz can (corporeally) punish Shalltear without cattering to one of her fetishes?

tender loving in the missionary position in a dark room under the covers


for procreation WITH CONDOMS

>P A C H I N K O

fuck it's MGS3 all over again

What volume/chapter has Ainz called Lupus a failure?

volume 8

just ctrl+f disappointment

I wonder, did the elf king rape and torture Clem?


They're dragon lord tier in levels alone, user. With their min maxing and gear they're higher. It is no surprise they waste a scrub humie.

There's probably a magic knight class with built-in still/silent spells that excels at short fights where they can prep up ahead of time.

One day we'll get a cool not-D&D game/MMO with a billion fucking races, classes, subclasses, spells, skills, etc.

>been wishing with something that's at least old SWG-tier at least
>get nothing but WOW clones instead
Kill me.


Oh, the scene in the adventurer's guild about Enri right before that already shows Ainz reading the guildmaster like a book.
I didn't remember that, I thought he only started showing signs of being a great ruler in later volumes.

Is there not an intermission this time around? Really want to know what happened to those gobs.

Enri appears in epilogue with Lupus.

If it's not a dive vrmmo it's pointless.

>That OP

I just want a fantasy Star Citizen.

Now we have Clem bullying instead of Entoma

I've been wanting to play a god damn Illithid since I discovered them.

that EEEH tho

What, first person realtime MMORPG with a massive world to explore, absurd amounts of customization, as well as a living breathing world where the world treats you as a part of it, instead of this absurdly overpowered super deity? Where strength isn't solely based on your stats?

...yeah that would be pretty fucking awesome.

I'm up to date at cp1pt2 right?

Pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies was pretty close to that.


Fuck, I am so sick of all the generic MMO's out there. So many MMOs fail in part because they slack off, and assume developing an MMO is a cash cow.

In reality, making a MMO is the toughest gaming project there is, and it's not just enough to create a MMO. In order to pull people in, you absolutely NEED to have innovative designs. I guarantee that WoW wouldn't have lasted as long as it did if it had more creative competition, because despite how outdated the game is, only within the last few years are we seeing interesting MMO designs that change how the MMO is developed, and how it is played.

>Entoma ripping off Clems hand
fucking brutal

Yup. New translations come out at 3pm Greenwich Mean Time. I was actually really confused about the time until I noticed he wasn't using GMT, but instead GMT+8 for his release times.

Next one releases in 15 hours if I got that right.

Where's the full special?

When can we have better scan of vol11 pictures and translation of the character sheet?

When you scan them, user-kun.

Nowhere to be found ;___;

When is ch 19 of the manga coming out ? I

I was just asking a question. If you don't know the answer then don't reply user-kun.

Why is Clem's crying voice so cute?
Even if it is her saying it before getting raped by bug.

>Solution going full nuthing personell kid

Well look
At the time WoW literally was the only one of its kind

What's Clem saying at the end? Is she saying she doesn't want to do this anymore?

retarded dog

sasuga best boy-sama

literally what that volume means

The funny part is that we can just use this video when humiefag starts his nonsense views.
IT seens that this volume has everything we need to be happy

Always thought it was cute someone as calm and collected as him lost his cool over worrying about his Papa Bones.

hows the eng sub?

Not bad, there are some genuine funny moments.

It's true, though. You get them when you scan them.


Ainz sounds good.
Suzuki and Albedo sound like garbage.

You mean what we've been watching all this time?

I don't understand people who watch dubs AFTER they've watched the subs
What could you possibly gain?

is there a reason people keep shilling the dub on here?

I assume he means for PPP

I didn't even know the sub was out yet.

I wouldn't say I'm watching. More of a morbid curiosity as to what funi picked to represent the characters.

Because they're getting paid to
Notice how nobody talks about it for an entire thread and suddenly there's like a cluster of posts?

Doesn't make any sense to ask 'how [is] the ENG sub' for that

Some people will get it on the 3rd or 4th. High quality scans should come next week. RiskyAnon, you're scanning it right? Some nice Chairs will be made I bet

PPP sub won't be out for a few days at the earliest.

So, if the previous spoiler regarding the epilogue is true, does that idea belong to Ainz? I can't imagine Demiurge being capable of declaring to the NW that his alter ego did such an act to his master, even if it's false. Just saying, if Ainz came up with it, just goes to show how far he's come.

can someone please post that image of someone saying how beautiful albedo is while shes travelling with headphones on

then the shot shows her listening to the overlord OP


Sounded like "Kanpeki ni shinjauyo nee~"

"I'm totally/perfectly/completely dead," or something.

A fantasy SC would take longer to make though

thanks kind user

Guys Any spoiler of the Epilogue or any spoilers?


Only Ainz-sama could think of such a stratagem, sasuga. Use spoiler tags for non translated shit, you savage


Finally, some justice.

Huemeins must be happy right now, they should start a festival or something.

Did any group sub the ONA yet?

How will Jircniv take this hard blow?

>Ainz fakes his death to go adventuring as Momon
>Tells Jircniv because they're friends and he wants Jircniv to know he'll come back if anything happens
>Jircniv's stomach hurts more than Neuronist's torture

I used to read the light novels until I got to the lizard village part, does it get any better in the future? Does ainz have serious struggles or does the world continue to revolve around his undead dick like every other isekai under the sun?

Suzukis is meh, albedo is ok, shalltear is pretty good, mare is by far the worst with close up behind on cocutetus

The latter.

I hope Ainz uses Jircniv to "negotiate" with this elf King, he's he expert on honey traps.

That's a shame. Ainz is constantly carefully preparing so I had hope that some major catastrophe will hit and his dungeon base will get fucked up and half the NPCs will die.

Most people seem to agree that volume 4 was one of the weaker ones, but then again the usual complaint was that there's too little Ainz, not too much of him.

At this point you should probably drop the series because it's clearly not for you. I'm not even sure whant you're hoping for because you seem to be going in with the mindset of reading a powerlevel battle shounen and then get disappointed when it doesn't live up to your standards of a good powerlevel battle shounen and you seems kinda missing the point.

Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. For me the series is about a Japanese salaryman trying to raise a bunch of autistic children with abandonment issues, DnD references and worldbuilding. That's the stuff I'm here for.

>At this point you should probably drop the series because it's clearly not for you. I'm not even sure whant you're hoping for because you seem to be going in with the mindset of reading a powerlevel battle shounen and then get disappointed when it doesn't live up to your standards of a good powerlevel battle shounen and you seems kinda missing the point.
I would like you to tell me how my words imply that.

>I would like you to tell me how my words imply that.

>continue to revolve around his undead dick


But Entoma did fuck around with Gagaran and Tia/Tina. This video is clearly biased.

PDL has Wild Magic which surpasses WCI and access to an entire Top Level Guild's items and golems. Nazarick has no chance when everyone in there is a retard who gets by on being level 100. Even Albedo and Demi are idiots in comparison to Renner.

Gazef for instance almost killed Ainz in Volume 9 and he's only level ~30.

Do you always peg people as a certain imagined stereotype without information or did I just catch you in a bad day?

You gave plenty of information to him, you're just back pedaling because you couldn't restrain yourself while posting on the internet yet still feel entitled to not get shat on.

To be fair, Gagaran and Tia were far inferior to Clementine. I wouldn't say it's to the point where they would lose 1v2 but that is mainly due to the filthy richness of Blue Rose versus Clem who is for all intents and purposes barely richer than Brain who is the resident poorfag of the human roster.

I mean her armor is basically a joke, made up of trophies. She could go naked with just boots and she would end up performing better by virtue of her defense being purely based on evasion to begin with.

Even Clementine would have been able to toy with either of the two if they were alone.

The only one who couldn't restrain themselves was the one so eager to fight their favorite opponent that they didn't bother to check if my words match the profile.

i dont.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.


My sides.

Your words did match the profile. You denying it doesn't make it true. Considering the fact that people shit on isekai all day every day and yet not even one of them is standing up for you that's pretty telling of how wrong you are.

what is this sorcery

>Your words did match the profile. You denying it doesn't make it true
On the contrary, your asserting it doesn't make it true. I asked for an explanation a very poor one was given. You need to discipline yourself.

Hey, get a room.

People like Nazarick shenanigans. We only complain about vol 4, 5 and 7, the least focused on Ainz and his minions.

only the highest tier of magic.

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

>The series is about a Japanese salaryman trying to raise a bunch of autistic children with abandonment issues, DnD references and worldbuilding.

All while trying to keep his SASUGA facade. Brilliant.

Clementine had full gear, she just left it all behind when she deflected.

>SBs fucked with Blender for long enough to make them waifus
Ha, spot fucking on

Who do you think will be more to elf King's tastes, Shalltear, Albedo, Aura or Mare?

Isn't Elf King like level 80? He can probably have his way with most of Nazarick.

It's the effect of a cash shop item.

Someone post the power level chart.

>level 80
>have his way with most of Nazarick
I still don't think he could rape CZ.


You forget though, with autism comes retard strength.

>Isn't Elf King like level 80?
source: your ass

Does he have heterochromatic eyes? If yes then he is some kind of 1st generation God Kin and very close to level 100. I'm being generous by assuming it's only 80.

Thanks user. Rubik's cube seems a little strong.


source: your ass

Enri is currently much stronger than that, by the way.

I fucking need this

I need it

oh I get it, because he's a skeleton haha

Rubix Cube beats Enri though, so what does it matter?

My jimmies are rustled.
I want it.

We never got a level for Pestonya aside from her being level 100 in the WN right?

>Aken's Narb replacing everyone she can
Would you read an LN or watch an anime about a Guild of overpowered Narbs finding themselves in a fantasy world of Narbs who are mostly nowhere near the level of the Narbs, but now are facing a danger/blessing of being conquered by the infamous Narbarick because one of the Narbs misunderstood one of Narb's offhand comments and told other Narbs that Narb wants to conquer this Narb World?

As long as Cocytus is in it I would watch it, does that mean he's friends with everyone in that world.

Why isn't there a single photo of the author?

Maruyama is a girl (male)

Now this sounds even better.

Stupid sexy Aura

triple dubs confirms it

I'm the user who wrote Wasn't even trying to pick a fight or anything so I don't see how you got your feathers all ruffled.

Might be too late for you to see, but here's the point I was trying to make:
>Does ainz have serious struggles or does the world continue to revolve around his undead dick like every other isekai under the sun?
Clearly you have a specific expectation of what a "good" isekai series should be like. You're looking for a hero's journey and Overlord is not that series, which is fair because not everybody likes the same thing.

Basically what I'm saying is that it feels you're judging the series based on what you want it to be rather than what it is.

That's pretty much it.

>undead army growing by the day
>goblin, ogre, troll army
>adventurer force
>weapon and mining resources secured
>beastmen, elves, demi humans joining the army
>future divine magic division in ST
>navy and air force

There better be some non scrub players building their armies on the other side of the planet, I need to see mass army wars.

Nope. Narbe is one of the most bland and uninteresting characters in Overlord.

Demons Soul was so rad

Objectively the best OTP.

This. She manages to be worse than fucking alfredo.

There better be some Dominions-tier battles I swear to God.

>Best boy and worst girl

Pick one.

>yfw the closest things to Dominions Overlord is Ermor
>can't get even a quarter of the creatures in Nazarick
brb modding

that's not Cocytus x Entoma

You can always make a rainbow mage lich called Ainz to summon shit for you.


The two subterfuge artists put together, one is withdrawn and emotionless, the other is over the top and flamboyant. I need these two to infiltrate a nation and get into hijinks at least once goddamn.

Also would PA be considered the Prince of Nazarick? Considering he is the closest thing to a son Ainz has.

I'm pretty sure everyone else is mad jealous that Ainz made him but beyond that I think they follow whatever ranking was set for them.

Can all insectoids mate with each other? Cocytus won't live for ever and every strong warrior must sire children to follow in their steps.

>Subterfuge Artist
>Nabe, not Solution
>Not CZ for even more of a contrast

My sides ARE gone now! Damnit.

But aren't Pandora's Actor and Narb totally lacking as spies? Narb has only one form and PA is limited to Ainz's guildmates.

Just imagine her bullying him with her centipedes as they slowly creep and crawl all over Cocytus' hard cool exoskeleton, teasing him for being an exhibitionist pervert.

Then, when he least expects it, she pushes him down and straddles him while positioning her spinneret over Cocytus' mandibles.

Then she tells him to suck like a good little slave ant, and as Cocytus finishes she explodes all her fresh warm spiderweb; making him a sticky mess.

She did not even wait for her to finish her line.

What does PA have to do to make Papa Bones love him again?

PA at least has levels in actor so he can probably pull some shit with makeup. Plus PA can just copy one of the guildmates who was good at spying.

PA's build is fucking built around infiltrating, however I wonder whether he can turn his character off when in someone else's form. He's in deep undercover then he starts dropping mad Deutschland speak.

>I wonder whether he can turn his character off when in someone else's form
He ran around as Momon and nobody suspected anything, so I would assume he's actually good as an infiltrator.

Ok, What kind of D&D ability is this?

More like it's owned by the ST and she presumably figured that there was no way in hell ST wouldn't send an entire army to raze everything if she tried to take something good with her.
She could probably afford something better if she actually bothered to loot all those corpses she made too now that i think of it.

Just get a pretender with good astral (low rainbow optional but recommended for rsearch and crafting artefacts) and make a beeline for Wish, grab Gift of Reason and Divine Name while you're at it, then summon all the overpowered bullshit mages you need. Since you've got Alteration 9, might as well cast Utterdark too, that's enough to permanently cripple the AI and build your Nazarick for RP purposes.

I usually do that sort of thing with MA R'lyeh for various reasons.

>pffft nothing personal Clem

He's probably more Momon than Ainz


But Clem wants to be bullied!

Lore friendly Ainz-lite would have high conjuration, full death and good astral, top tier magic items. What else?

>PA acts like Kamen Rider whilst playing Momon
I live for Ainz/PA cringe

>Prince of Nazarick
It's unlikely he would ever hold that title openly as to the world he doesn't exist. To the denizens of Nazarick however, this would be an unspoken understanding. Ainz's creations are worth more than pop undead, guardians are worth the most after Ainz, and PA just so happens to be both. If Ainz said so, PA could very well be called prince, but since he is so ashamed of his "dark past", he will probably never do so.

>Entoma on Top
>Implying Cocytus wouldn't be smashing through her summons and ramming her while she is covered in insect guts
>Implying Cocytus would even be interested in someone who eats her own kin

Do something completely unexpected on his own with no direction from Ainz that greatly benefits everyone. Also maybe be a little more serious when the time calls for it.

>People want her back
>She comes back to get murdered
>Multiple Times

Have they been reading these threads?
>Levels in Actor
>Can't Play Ainz without making a dramatic cape scene

>Who is Momon

>He's in deep undercover then he starts dropping mad Deutschland speak.
I want this, though I wonder if anyone would understand him.

Shit we need this

At least a little bit of all the other elements, some evocation and high thaumaturgy maybe?.

It's not like that, you misunderstood her!

No, PA can take whatever form he wants. For example, he can imitate Momon even though Momon was a recent development by Ainz.

Nabe...yeah, she can shapeshift, but I agree that she would probably be terrible at intelligence gathering. Nabe can't bullshit her way out of a situation, so she would be limited solely to eavesdropping rather than actively seeking information like Solution did in the Kingdom.

Of course, PA is much too valuable for other jobs to have him doing gruntwork.

Cocytus is m

pls drawfag turn this into solution and clem

>clem comes back after months of pleading in the threads
>gets killed violently multiple times for scene change
Sasuga Ainz-sama

Who is best son?
Demiurge or PA?

That's about it actually, and exactly how I RP. After that it's up to you to make full use of your toolbox of high tier spells, artefacts and mages/SCs wearing hundreds of gems' worth of gear. I try to go for diversity instead of just putting vine shields and frost brands on everything.

You need Thaumaturgy for GoR/Divine Name anyway


What's ingame equivalent for the guardians?
Summoning vampires and demons is simple enough, but how do you get a Cocytus in Dominions?

Let's not get ahead ourselves here. Narb's stupidity can be quite amusing. I can only imagine the day her and Philip meet as her head is utterly confused by the gloriousness of his keikaku which is mistaken by everyone else in the country as her being tsundere for Phillip and jealous of Alfredo.

I love Phillip living on the same rules as Ainz.
Bullshitting until it works.

I go with one of those Indian chassis with 4 arms. Remember that you can even wish for pretender chassis and heroes, stuff like Earth Made Flesh or Dracolich are largely worth it.

Possibly use one of those Ice demon lords as a counts as.

Ainz kills Albedo when

>Entoma is the only Nazarikian to directly lose to NW-ers
>Coccuytus is the only Nazarikian to indirectly lose to NW-ers

Why does Maruyama hate bug-people so much?

Albedo = ?
Demiurge = Demon Lord
Victim = ? (Giving vengeance pendent could count)
Cocytus = Ice Demon
Aura = ?
Mare = ?
Shalltear = Vampire Queen
Albedo = ?
Gargantua = Giant with god-tier gear

Let's nut this out

Bugs are creepy and deserved to be squashed.

To be fair I rarely bother trying to recreate the specific characters but rather the concept of having an overwhelmingly powerful commander ruling over his themed army, bonus points if he or his lieutenants directly summoned them.
I also try to assign one fort to each, like "this is the city of death with the undead and plaguebearing demons, that over there is the forest city with animals and plant monsters, the city of golems and crafting" etc. Bonus points again if you build them on map chokepoints with your capital as the inner sanctum for a floor pattern.

Albedo would be some sort of stronger hell knight. Aura and mare could possibly be something from the Tuatha or Sidhe, sebas would be a dragon.

Cocytus is strong, but uh...his critical thinking skills are almost zero. I wouldn't say that he is stupid, but rather he is the least malleable of all of the guardians and learns the slowest. A direct fight is a fight he will win, but don't expect him to win outside of actual fighting.

Entoma is part of the Pleades so her level is only a little bit larger than some of the very strongest we've seen of NW so she can't take it if people gang up on her. It also didn't help her that she was cocky as fuck.

And EE had a spell tailored to fuck her up.

It also didn't help EE had a direct counter to her

You could argue that Shalltear getting irreversibly mind controlled counts as losing.

the biggest asspull of the series

>Gets mind Controlled
>Even with a cheap first shot they still can't do anything to her
>Use of an OP Trump card Item that isn't even meant for combat

Don't change the winning conditions.

Albedo = Annunaki of LOVE AND PASSION/WAR, she even has the wings (or a succubus type demon if you want to be boring)
I guess for her battle gear you'll have to go with th Monolith Armor.

>aura and mare
One of is a taskmaster elf casting buffs on nature summons, the other one is a nature and earth druid casting earthquake and other evocation/battlefield destructions.

Better one of those bigass golems, Crushers and shit.

I demand more babby Ainz and floor guardians fawning over said babby Ainz

I wouldn't say that Shalltear lost though. She killed the person who casted it, but it did show that despite her power, the lack of control makes her easy to outmaneuver...provided you have the strength to take on a level 100 that is.

Going by your logic, everything can be called asspull.

Might just be me not looking hard enough but does anyone have a link to the dubbed two episodes of Overlord?

Even the lore fits pretty well.

>Not wanting more baby floor gaurdians

I want to see Ainz watch PA as he performs hamlet while surrounded by the other SB who are clapping while Ainz just has his face in his hand the entire time.

Not sure if I should provide

Solid, what nations would be best suited? Ermor is obvious but what else?

She had to be killed to get rid of the mind control.
Since she managed to fuck up Kaire before it took complete effect she was basically rooted to the spot with no-one to give her orders. All she could do from then on was defend herself if attacked.

Even if BS didn't win Shalltear definitely lost.

>it just so happened to be Entoma on that mission
>in that specific area
>she just so happens to run into EE
>EE just so happened to have fought a bug demon 200 years ago and learned bugspray
all I'm saying is a lot went right for EE to get to use that bugspray

>Killed the person who mind controlled her
>No one can beat her in combat, even while mind controlled

The point was that Entoma and Cocytus were defeated in combat, directly and indirectly. She wasn't defeated, she just didn't win.

Maybe nations that don't have Ermor's cancer dominion would be more suited since it's harder to build up a lasting empire when everything is dying. Sceleria etc, think of it as Ainz taking over one of the humie nations

C'tis would be a obvious choice.
>Loves swamps
>Death and tombs
>Lizardmen heroes

As I said before, MA R'lyeh is one of the easiest nations with which to achieve the Wish + Utterdark strategy but it's not really Nazarick anymore. Well, it works if you want to try an AU sort of thing, especially since it's a FULL HETEROMORPH nation.



any number of random things. Traveler's Boots, Dimension Door, Shadow Step. Also could be some crazy MMO ability from a game. No real way of knowing...

You could play a disciples game to get C'tis working as the Lizard tribes.
It wouldn't be that hard to create an actual NW map and play on that.

Would you? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

what's happening here, are you guys making an Overlord doujin game?

>PA imagines Ainz's hero personality to be based off of Touch Me
>PA constantly acts like Touch Me as Momon

Demiurge went after the same targets that Kingdom guys were after and Entoma herself gave Evil Eye many opportunities to get to her by eating on her job, getting in a fight with Evil Eye's comrades and wasting so much time on them.

Google: just dubs online overlord

If Ainz didn't kill her she'd still be standing in the field like a statue doing absolutely nothing.
She wasn't killed by the NWers but she was permanently stuck there until someone did come along and kill her.

Agreed. While most of the enemies up to that point were weak, she shouldn't have dropped her guard to the degree that she did.

It also doesn't help that EE is a vampire, and has been able to live long enough to level up and learn more spells etc. In general within NW, NPCs are limited in level according to lifespan.

What's your point? It still doesn't change EE having bugspray being an asspull ability. Maruyama could have made the fight more interesting but got lazy and gave EE an ability that never comes into play again just so she can beat Entoma.

The win condition was she had to be killed or forced to retreat. She may be a statue, but she is an ukillable statue.

Sort of. We're brainstorming how to roleplay in Dominions, a game that bears many similarities to Overlord because they're both heavily inspired by D&D.
Which reminds me, we don't have GRASP HEART but we do have Frozen Heart and I guess Soul Slay would also works as the instakill resistable spell.

It wouldn't be that hard to mod either. We just need a sprite for Cocytus and co.

The more I see it, the more I see why Clementine gets killed.

She kept failing her Wis checks.

Does EE fight any other insect-type enemy in the Novel? No? Then why would she use it?

I don't see you saying what an asspull it is that Nazarick ended up in a fantasy world where the high Level of all its important denizens makes it pretty much impossible to be defeated.

I go for shadow step with a touch of illusion.

Hell just use this map and it'll work swell.

You guys remember there's a backstory reason for EE to have Bugspray, right?

Enri and Nfirea are married and early spring, Lupu tells Enri that Ainz is dead.

What's the deal with Dominions? I was curious so I looked into it. It seems like mechanically it has a lot of depth, but the graphics are straight out of year 2000.

>Does EE fight any other insect-type enemy in the Novel?

Fucking speed readers.

>Maruyama could have made the fight more interesting but got lazy and gave EE an ability that never comes into play again just so she can beat Entoma.
Yeah sure, it would have been a lot more interesting if Entoma had just steamrolled and eaten them right instead of giving Blue Rose a fighting chance
There's literally no way they could have beaten her without an asspull of similar magnitude.

Because if anyone BUT Entoma was in that fight then EE would be fucked unless she had

magic slime counter spell
magic doppelganger counter spell
magic duluhan counter spell

putting in a backstory doesn't make it less of an asspull

Idiot, that other one was 200 years ago and the very reason for her spell existing.

It's like Dwarf Fortress, a doujin game made by two guys that favors depth over visuals.

Graphics are secondary, only meant to tell you where everything else.

The endless replayability in the game spawns from the amazing amount of choices and strategies to try. Also a typical game has undead rome v irish mythology v japan mythology v cthulu v hall of the mountain king

There are plenty of more interesting ways to have Entoma lose than "I just so happen to have fought a bug demon before and have a spell that counters everything you use"

>EE having bugspray being an asspull ability.
We spent half a chapter being given puzzle pieces, why the hell cant you assemble them?

>putting in a backstory doesn't make it less of an asspull
So are you saying it's ridiculous that she researched a spell to defeat her most powerful enemy in the past or what? It's tied to her main backstory, not just "one day I encountered an insect monster..."

>There are plenty of more interesting ways to have Entoma lose
Come up with one.

>putting in a backstory doesn't make it less of an asspull

No, it definitely makes it not an asspull.

>B-But that's not how I wanted the story to go so it sucks

Literally you.

And anyone but Entoma wouldn't bother eating humans on their duty, and she is one of the only 2 Pleiades who are human eaters. Main reason for Gagaran starting a fight wasn't that she was a powerful monster, but that she was a HUMAN-EATING powerful monster in a major human settlement just finishing her snack.

backstory was revealed after she used the ability as a half-assed way of pretending Maruyama put thought into it.

Maybe your author isn't as great as you thought he was?

>Gagaran learns that Ainz/Satoru is still a cherry boy
>she instantly decides she needs to ride his bone and joins the harem

Where's your fanfic in which Blue Rose beats Entoma without asspulls?

See this:

Not my job to write a good story

>offend Nazarickfags precious overlord series
>they throw a huge tantrum and say you can't criticize bad writing
who's acting like a child again?

>magic slime counter spell

Solution isn't a front line warrior so EE will stand her ground easily.

>magic doppelganger counter spell

Nabe is momon's girl she wouldn't fight EE.

>magic duluhan counter spell

Dulahan is immune to magic now? EE destroys Yuri 1on1.

I agree honestly, EE can destroy most of the Pleiades

>tfw you turn Nazarickfags against themselves in support of humies
outplayed like Renner will outplay Ainz

Here we go again.

>Dulahan is immune to magic now? EE destroys Yuri 1on1.
Eh, not that I think she couldn't possibly win but Yuri is immune to EE's Earth Bind speciality and it sure seemed she would have given her a smackdown even without Shizu providing backup.

Saying something is a bad/asspull and not giving any logical alternate or advice for improvement is not criticism, it's just whining. Nice try, though.

>who's acting like a child again?
You are. And you call others Nazarickfags while being dissatisfied with Entoma getting wrecked.

Why don't you say how much of an asspull it is for Gazef to have a Six-Fold Flash of Light that allowed him to defeat six angels instantaneously and not die in Volume 1? That was such an asspull and in no way it was foreshadowed.

I am an EEfag but even i know 1vs1 EE would have lost against CZ and Yuri since she had no way of knowing that her negative attacks wouldnt work on them.
Unlike Entoma they are more serious and would have ended it before EE figured it out.

>Entoma loses to Blue Roses' superior teamwork which they acquired from years of working together
>the power of MA combined with EE in-combat experience helped them overcome the odds of the retarded bug
there easy, hire me Overlord

When will PA be introduced to someone as Ainz's child?

He just wants his father's love!

That's LITERALLY what happened except it wouldn't have been enough without EE's Bugspray.

Well, that's what happened then, more or less.

Gazef could have just beaten the angels with a different MA, EE could only use bugspray to win

>superior teamwork
This isn't shounen, mate.

Amazing, just remove bugspray and you'd have a better story. Really makes you think.

When Ainz no longer disowns him in all but name.

Remove bugspray and they fucking die.

>This isn't shounen, mate.
It is, just told from a different perspective.

Of course ultimately that means NW win win.

Not if the author decides they can win without it

I just joined but I'm a little confused about your point. Bug spray is an ass pull? I mean if you think having a back story doesn't justify having something doesn't the Slain having a WCI to mind control shaltaer an asspull too?

Whats not an ass pull?

He had an attack to kill six angels. Six! That's an asspull as hell.

Brain's bandit hideout CONVENIENTLY was equipped with an escape route and he CONVENIENTLY was buds enough with the bandit leader to know of it existing, what an asspull.

Ainz conveniently had a healing potion when masquerading as an adventurer. An asspull.

The Theocracy attacking a village that wasn't very far from Nazarick? An asspull.

>only shounen can have teamwork and the good guys winning

Wew, make sure you don't cut someone with that edge boy.

Ill go slow for all the slow people

>use WCI on someone else
>get same result

>EE uses bugspray on NOT Entoma
>get different result

the neurons are currently firing at unprecedented levels in the 'ol grey matter

The ST just RANDOMLY patrolling the area around Brian's hideout and them just RANDOMLY carrying a VERY IMPORTANT WCI was the probably the biggest asspull of them all.

Suprise, Maruyama is writing his own shitty fanfiction, if anyone was expecting high literature then they are in the wrong place. Overlord is just a guilty pleasure at best, like those trashy Warhammer novels.

Nah, this one was properly preceeded by some prophecy asspull and the Nazarick appearance in their world asspull.

The WCI is also the ONLY possibly way to mind control undead, and they just happened to be crossing over.

EE has more spells than just Bug Spray though, she has several dozen spells, she could have a spell that generates silver spears and makes them rain down killing Lupus too. The idea that because a character has a good counter against another character, that resulted in nothing much i might remind you, is not an ass pull.

A spell that causes bugs to take damage based on how many bugs are close together would be, that is too specific, but Bug spray in a world where Bug demons/monsters are common isn't really that bad.

I can tell now though that you are either trolling or stupid as fuck, so Ill just let you go back to trolling

Reminder that EE probably has magic against other types of monsters. She has travelled with the 13 heroes to defeat various demon gods, not only the bug one.

>the author decides they can without it

>don't use asspulls, just decide stuff on a whim

WCI are set up as rule breakers from the very beginning.

your only counter to bad writing is headcannon that EE has other counter spells

Cyclops forging lightning bolts for gods was an asspull.

Random Woodcutter out of nowhere in Red Hood was an asspull.

Dorian Gay stabbing his portrait and dying was a great asspull too.

Big Brother always watching was an asspull.

And Black Company was conveniently hired by Soultaker and not Bonecrasher, for example. An asspull.

this just in, author can change things as he wishes. Maybe he should have changed bugspray and written a better story.

Glad to see you finally admitted it.

>One person from Nazarick loses once ever due to being hardcountered by an NW individual who once terrorized entire continents
>Manages to kill two of the NW's very best while doing this
>You're having a hissy fit
Why? Who cares? You're almost as bad as humiefag.


No, WN has her having said she had more spells, but she also USED more spells if you remember in the LN she uses crystsal magic as well.

Plus as we know, there is a clear progression of spells in this world as it works on Tier magic, which you need to know more spells from lower tiers to know higher levels of spells.

She's also a 150 year old vampire magic caster

>a vampire that has lived for hundreds of years, that has shown to be able to make at the very least 2 new spells, and that fought against many kinds of monster in her life doesnt have any counter spell

everything you mention has a reason and payoff.

EE bugspray will never come into play again, it is the biggest asspull ability in existence.

Ichigo can learn a thing or two from EE

>author can change things as he wishes
yes, that's literally what asspulls are

>You're almost as bad as humiefag.
I am humiefag you moron I even admitted it a couple of posts ago, try reading before posting next time

no bearing on current canon, stopped reading right there

what's the point of reading then?

>ITT: People who don't know what an asspull is but are arguing anyway

little Ainz 2.0 is kinda cute

Olympians could defeat older titans some other way.

The only reason and payoff for Woodcutter is to teach children that it's okay to get fooled by Level 0 Acting as there always will be someone to save them even when it's logically impossible.

>I am humiefag you moron I even admitted it a couple of posts ago, try reading before posting next time

The lizard's magic dagger will never come into play again, Ainz hell flame will likely never come into play again, the necklace that allowed Ainz to fly will likely not come into play again, Climbs mythril armor? Nope, Brains' field ability, the octopus torturer? not him either

Even if it were not to come into play again, someone not using something again doesn't make it an ass pull.

As this point I'm sure you don't know the definition so here it is

An Asspull is a moment when the writers pull something out of thin air in a less-than-graceful narrative development, violating the Law of Conservation of Detail by dropping a plot-critical detail in the middle, or near the end of their narrative without Foreshadowing or dropping a detail.

You miss the main point, it is NOT plot critical. It WAS foreshadowed as even before the fight she talks about her experience dealing with many different types of demons (bugs are a common demon type to japs).

You are so far gone its just pathetic how stupid you are

>I am humiefag you moron I even admitted it a couple of posts ago, try reading before posting next time

>I am humiefag you moron I even admitted it a couple of posts ago, try reading before posting next time

oh that explains the autism, nvm

>(bugs are a common demon type to japs)
Not just to Japs, Western fantasy is pretty fond of Lord of the Flies type demons also, that's where they got it from.

>The lizard's magic dagger will never come into play again
Ainz uses a copy to fight Demi

>Ainz hell flame will likely never come into play again
generic dmg spell not specific counter magic

>the necklace that allowed Ainz to fly will likely not come into play again
who cares he can just fly without it, can't bugspray without bugspray

>Climbs mythril armor
protects him multiple times and set up as gift from blue Roses, this was good writing by Maru

> Brains' field ability
uses it again vs Chair and manages to progress as a char, good writing unlike bugspray

>the octopus torturer
are you just writing random shit?

Gear > Levels

>are you just writing random shit?

Yeah that was the point, but based on this:
>I am humiefag you moron I even admitted it a couple of posts ago, try reading before posting next time

You're just here to derail, and you have so congrats famio

I mean I get the point you guys are making, Bugspray is a good spell.

In fact, I believe we might see Maru prove me wrong on the asspull

What if this was all set up several Volumes ahead and Renner tries to sacrifice Blue Rose to take over Nazarick.

Then Blue rose is sent to the Black Capsule and are saved by EE. Blue Rose then escapes Nazarick and gives valuable intel to ST and PDL.

Fuck off.Literally kill yourself humiefag.

They're programmer graphics.

>That leadership
Seems legit

Which Dominion game is the best one? And which one you guys are discussing?

>next part is Ainz teaching Shalltear about PVP

>so this is how I outplayed you scrub
>Shalltear gets wet during training at how amazing Ainz is
im ready

There's no reason to play any of the older ones, so just get Dominions 4 as it's a clear improvement.

The same guys also developed Conquest of Elysium which is basically Dominions on a smaller scale but I can't recommend it, it's way too unpolished. Only try it if you enjoy roguelikes, it's about the same level of difficulty where you can be killed or irrecoverably crippled by the RNG early on.

CoE's not bad with mods that fix some of the shitty/clunkier classes. Unlocking Necro is a huge pain in the dick though.


As a doujin game connoisseur I rank it very highly for a game developed with low budget and manpower, but as I said it's not for everyone and many people would drop it on the very first turn, I keep playing it out of sheer autism.

Yeah I can see that. I unlocked all of the classes so needless to say I got some enjoyment out of it, but fuck if there wasn't some balance/design issues.

itsalmo.st/#moresasuga 7 hours left now

If no one else makes these threads before me of course. Ill try and put them 1 day ahead every time in OP post,

when is 11?

it's already 2am here you missed it

Chinese tl schedule.

Did the maid special come out yet?

Not entirely, all we have seen is the opening and Clem getting BTFO by maids

Not any translations though yet sorry. Remember to check I´ve no idea in a bit.

Anyone got new illustrations? Preferable in high-res

Yes.In a week at most we will get them.People should get their copu around 4th

Did anyone else notice Shrek?

Not until you mentioned it.

are MMDs meant to be taken unironically?

let's hope not that shit is furry tier

It's like Civilizations, but with magic.
You don't actually control your armies during combat. You just configure them as best as you can, then smash them into opposing armies


I've gotten the game but never managed to play much of it.

This is like asking when Narberal used Tier 7 lightning before the skele dragon fight.

>Best Meidos
>Best Video

Do you want to call the lovecrafthumiefaggot again?

im not a humie

On the rare chance that some translatorFag is lurkin´


I don't expect a hero's journey, I merely hoped for some sort of dramatic tension though, and since overlord isn't a romantic comedy, it means fights, or otherwise danger to the base. Maybe it's my fault for getting the genre wrong, but given the emphasis placed on survival and defense, I don't think I'm the only one. Nazarick is practically begging for raider dick.

Let me guess, they want to mate a bug and a rabbit?


Not sure but coctytus is cutetus.

>giving Cocytus hot water

IF there are threats to Nazarick, they are probably not physical combat threats.

In most stories, the enemy has overwhelming power, and the plucky good guys have to use wit and cunning to use their meagre forces to win.

In overlord, the "danger" to nazarick is the failure of Project Utopia. Ainz doesn't want to rule by fear, he wants to create a benevolent dictatorship, to enforce and imperial peace upon the NW, an exchange of Freedom for order and safety.

However, he is a spooky skelly and lots of people don't trust him, and will attempt to incite rebellion and turmoil against Papa Bones. In that case, he is forced to become the bad guy. He "wins" as no one can challenge him physically, but he loses in that his becomes king of the ashes.

Nips confirmed that caloric stone WCI and the ones dwarves have are the same(at least in name).
Basically those weasel like monsters get stronger by eating metals(fur and claws become harder) so they suggest giving the WCI caloric stones to them to massproduce strong soldiers

When will Albedo go full traitor against Ainz


I don't have the time to do you a full translation right now, but they're wondering what type of bug Cocytus is. He thought he was a Rhinoceros beetle, but it was apparently a giant isopod (or so they decided)

holy shit new overlord?
it's like christmas over here now



"This is bad, it's rape!"

Ainz, pls. Accept your fate and give her an heir.
Nice trips

>Wild Magic surpasses WCI
>Top Level Guild

Nice b8 m8

Nishiki: Isn't it weird? Rhinoceros beetles are supposed to have much shorter lifespans
Nishiki: Is that thing really a rhinoceros beetle?
Cocytus: [sweating intensifies]
Take: No way... then what have I been raising all this time?
Nishiki: Maybe... a giant isopode...

Ty Cheers user.

Since the Eight Greed Kings could allow themselves a big floating guild in a game where getting your equipment broken & stolen, your levels lost due to death and a guild base irreversibly destroyed is not a rare occurence, we can assume that yes, they were pretty high.

Take: Of course! I see! You've been a giant isopode all along!

Take: Then I need to give you some water, right
Nishiki: No, don't give it tap water...

Take: Hey Satoru, you said you wanted to see Cocytus right
Suzuki: Waah, I get to see it... WAIT, IT WAS IN YOUR POCKET?
Nishiki: It's fine it's fine, it's pretty tough.
Nishiki: hey.. wait.. sto- you little! [struggling to hold the giant isopode]

I dunno man, short-hair CZ a cute.

Where are your arguments?

If CZ can really move that fast, how the hell anyone in the NW gonna "Close the distance"?

She's working on it. She's going to nab the mind-control WCI from ST and try to use it on Ainz :^)

>we can assume that yes, they were pretty high
They likely didn't even hit the cap, as it took 8 of them to take down Surshana. They were probably not far off from the level 100 cap, though. Probably 80-90.

There's also that theory that the Evil Deities were left over NPCs from the Greed King's Guild, and they weren't very high level at all.

>even Takemikazuchi bullies Cocytus

Feels bad man.

Surshana was a necromancer and had a 100 years of advantage. See what Ainz did in 1 2 years.

>There's also that theory that the Evil Deities were left over NPCs from the Greed King's Guild
Evil Tree drama states that a bunch of monster just appeared out of the sky, so they were Ygg monsters. The Demon Gods and Heroes were in the same timeline the 8GKs are like 400 years before that.

Hi guys, slowpoke here. I'm reading the LN, currently on vol 5, and I've been wondering.
Is there a timeline or a list of all the potential players that appeared throughout history and influenced major world events? For example, the Eight Greed Kings appeared 500 years ago, then there are the Six Gods from Theocracy, 13 Heroes (of which there are more than 13) and perhaps some rarely mentioned entities like Demon gods, Dragon lords, a powerful vampire if I remember correctly... probably messed up some details.

>They likely didn't even hit the cap, as it took 8 of them to take down Surshana
The Theocracy oral traditions only state that Surshana was slain by them. For all we know(and we know very little), they could've made a very short work of him or it could even be only one of them.

Only 2 of 13 Heroes were confirmed players and Dragon Lords are natives of the NW. Not every legendary figure is a player, though being one sure helps to become legendary.

>"Hey look, it's another player! Back the flying fortress up, let's say hi!"
>"Okay, here we... oh shit, I think I just ran him over."
>"Seriously? What the fuck man, it's a flying fortress!"
>"Well, he's dead. Like Yen Press."
>"Nah, I think he was already dead. Like undead."
>"Well, that rules out rezzing him then."
>"Yeah, let's go fuck up the continent."

And so the Eight Greed Kings' reign of terror began...

Can you fuck all the Pleiades?

Yeah that's why I said potential players. I havent read far enough to the point where anyone was confirmed player.

600 years ago 6 Great Gods
500 years ago 8 Greed Kings (Killed last 6GG)
400 years ago
300 years ago
200 years ago 2 playersin the 13 heroes, Boastful Sage (Demon God period)
100 years ago
present Ainz

Thank you kind user, it helps me keep track of the backstory.

Isnt CD about 150 years old? Maybe there was an elf player either 300 either 200 years ago.300++ years ago.

>It's one day away from a 100 years anniversary of Ainz's arrival
>Yfw the whole Sorcerous Kingdom is filled with probabilistically distributed welcome parties in order to maximize chances that new PC arrivals are found immediately.

It is possible that 300-400 years ago an Elf player appeared when we get an Elf kingdom/CD/ZZ novel we will know.

Boastful Sage is mentioned in Vol 7 for reference.

Humiefags and Nazarickfags fighting each other again instead of praying to our lord and savior AINZ OOAL GOWN.

So theories on 100/300/400?

>Killed by 8GK before the GK fell into civil war
>300 might have been a small guild with Demon NPCs. The players of that guild chose to live in the relative luxury of their guildhall, and lived out their years there. When they died (after80/90 years) the Demon NPCs went crazy and started the Demon god period.
>Giant Tree that was sleeping in the Forest of Torb
>unexplored dungeons from Ygg and their pure NPC/mob rosters also coming, not just players
>No one

I have to admit, I'm sceptical on how much of those 100 year gaps are just NWers saying roughly that long ago, and that there is no distinct pattern to their arrival.

I also wonder about what happened in the period before the 6GG

Maybe when successfully saves NWers from Demi's keikakus.

>inb4 that's exactly what he did in Vol.10
That only made Demi lust for more brilliant keikakus.

humie being treat at live stock and shit by demi human race

It's possible it isn't precisely every 100 years, but it seems that some of the NWers "in-the-know" seem to think so. I mean, the Slane Theocracy seems to have been trying to prepare the Kingdom/Empire for the next set of Players.

It's also possible that a lot of players are simply unaccounted for if they fell on other continents, kept to themselves and lived off happily for the rest of their lives, etc.


Going to sleep now to dream of the next part being translated when I wake up.

Godspeed, Nigel-sama

Well, he's right. Humans literally weren't shit before GG showed up.

Just sleep longer than 3 hours and it'll be up.

It is confirmed there are other continents. Fluder is the most powerful outlier on THIS continent according to his info card. Those gaps are probably on these other land masses. Also there is a whole civilization to the east where the bunny men and i assume other "beast"men instead of being full on beastmen(humanoid beasts) are from.

>unexplored dungeons from Ygg and their pure NPC/mob rosters also coming, not just players
Evil Tree Drama pretty much confirms this. The tree is like a area boss for lowbies. Also the demon gods probably came with the tree 200~ years ago.

Ah, I understand what he's trying to say now.

I know they were livestock, but what about other players? were the 6GG the first players or simply the first to make a major impact?

Sweet meido and Kaiku dreams user

It's already done. Coming in 3 hours.

Can we expect aura and shalltear tonight?

>kept to themselves and lived off happily for the rest of their lives

>be level 20 newbie in Ygg
>wake up in New World
>need to sell my trash loot because I need to buy food
>some fag buys it for 20 gold
>live like a King for the rest of my life selling trash to NW scrubs

Yes, a lot .

she alone is enough to annihilate those scums

Climb chapter when

I want to see Ainz and Nazarick get wrecked.

Solution, retarded? Seriously? HOW.
It kinda is her true form, I mean she can probably turn into a lovecraftian shoggoth, but her default and main form is that of human-like beauty Solution.
It's like if you suddendly became able to turn into an Eldritch Abomination because one of the gods is fucking around.
You're able to turn into mind breaking abomination, but your true form is still that of a human.

No, her race is shogoth, with the shape of human

Not soon enough.

Climb is fine when he's not the PoV. I'd much rather see more from Vampire loli and maybe get some thoughts on past era's and players, rather than >muh renner.

I want to have a solution action sequence so badly. I reckon she would move/fight like Corvo from dishonoured

150 mins left. 40 replies left until autosage. Darn bad timing

Make a new one about half an hour before it drops.

Ill just post overlord shit I found on pixiv until we go to autosage then.Then new thread. Then ill go to sleep again I think






>best girls are all blonde
Sasuga elevens.

Im not sure entoma has an actual hair colour...

Also what´s with every fucking albedo having humongous cowtits?


I love this ones style though

Ill warn ya, this is the lewdest yet.

Humiefags wouldnt survive.




Nip nong chink chong to you too, my lady.





Thinking of using this as the next OP. Then circulating between ones that say OVERLORD in the image.

On the flip side. Im sure this will draw peoples heads atleast.

apologies, here is source.

plus caloric stone mines jesus christ

I wonder if there are new materials Ainz does not know of and are as strong.

i think that Ainz doesn't know much at all


Silly human, he knows. Satoru just didn't realize it yet


theres a bunch of cute entoma here. And more random drawings.

bone apple tit user

6GG were the first to make major impact by introducing tiered magic to their followers (shit-tier humans) and 8GK spread that shit with their that started from south of the continent, below Theocracy (if the capital is any indication to go with).

It's unknown when the other major impacts happened, like Ainz suspects the automatic translation being a "weird rule" of the world when it's pretty clear it could have been with a single-use Twenty.

13 Heroes were allowed to use "some" of the leftover gear from 8GK as noted by Fluder (who wasn't allowed to) but this was just PDL guarding the leftovers.

"Probably" giving crumbs (like the origin of Lakyu's sword) to them so they would have a better chance against the rampaging Demon Gods while he was on the journey with the remote controlled armor.

He never gave them too much since the war wasn't a cakewalk and the heroes were more than 13 in number but humans on recognize 13 of campaign as "Heroes".



So, fio lansa is basically moria?









Where are elves again?

Does anyone have that PA blitzing nabe's fertile lands pasta?


they are for lewd.


They appear in those religious faggots's intermission, they whine about rapist elves cucking them and kidnapping their waifus.

Oh yea now we´re saging. I got about 16 more images. Ill post the new thread then I guess.




>More than one character/npc in a popular MMO had the same class/build

gon post the rest on new thread.

Kill yourself.

Actually, they were talking about power of friendship but I guess "cuck" corrupted your mind too much to understand that.

Perhaps I missed it, but any news from Zuranon?

That's what I meant, she's a shoggoth, but her true form/appearance is that of a human-like blonde female, and not what art for Lovecraft shoggoth might be like. Hell she might be able to shape-shift into something alike, but nonetheless her true appearance is human-like.


>123 IPs
It's almost time guys

Kotae wa doko?


So next release gonna be Ainz forming team?

Incoming in 9 minutes

Here's the upgraded version.

praise nigel-sama